Tuesday, March 29, 2011

25 Mar 11

...we're ridin' UFOs... ~ Andy Metz

Hey, blogspot readers, it's finally Friday ...and that means a long night of partying for SouthSide! Tonight's fun festivities got off to a rockin' start at Elbo Room for Andy Metz and The Crooks on stage. Then afterwards, it was off to NEO to stop the lunatics from taking over the "asylum" at this themed party. SouthSide had a fun time at this nightclub ("hidden" behind a retail store in the Lincoln Park area)where the fashionable industrial/vamp scene hang out ...cool lights and effects ...vibin' industrial remixes (like David Bowie's Let's Dance and Eddie Murphy's Party All of the Time) by DJs which one has plenty of space to show off their best moves on the dance floor ... an eclectic atmosphere (as well as seating) that attracts a wonderful view people watching. If dancing to the latest industrial steps not your thing, then cozy up to the bar crowd and enjoy your favorite drink prepared by the staff. Tonight's main feature during this particular night was a steamy yet naughty burlesque show and photo opportunities with GlitterGuts. Visit http://www.neo-chicago.com/ for more details about this nightclub.

Well ...SouthSide would like to admit something - she lost a bet. More about that later in this review. Andy Metz along with The Crooks and special guests - in a nutshell, one unique rockin' performance! This singer/songwriter combined a little of everything (acoustic, alternative, rock and hiphop/rap) into his show which had this audience groovin' to the vibrant as well as energetic sound. After popping onto the stage with a BANG during the opening song, Andy got the night rolling by energizing the basement lounge to Ready To Roll in which SouthSide instantly felt the vibe of band's momentum. Also this was one of many moments this artist showed off his mad skils at the art of lyrical verse (rap) within a rockin' alternative sound, blogspot readers. In one particular song, Andy didn't miss a single beat with his lyrical rap skills while The Crooks performed a steady alternative rock groove. This reviewer was quite surprised how part of the rap/hiphop sound naturally fit so well within this music genre ...easily flowing to the melodic tempos and rhythmic guitar riffs. Andy and The Crooks even rocked the stage with a standard 4-count rap/hiphop beat but surprisingly done very well inside a lively alternative/rock rhythm at one point of this performance.

Yet, blogspot readers, Andy's performance didn't solely feature just him expressing his lyrical skills on the mic. During another song mid way thru this set, Brian (that loveable Elbo Room door guy) electrified the stage with not only his energy but also his phenominal skills at lyrical rap on the mic. Now this was where and when SouthSide lost her bet with him ...not expecting that he had mad skills (and more) while performing on stage with Andy. Another featured performer named Seth also rocked the stage with his mad lyrical skills as well as complimented Andy's lyrical style and music for a few songs. This performer had the audience feeling the vibrant yet fiery momentum of his voice that was full of expressive aggression and frustration. SouthSide rocked to Andy's songs like Just A Friend (that combined a downtempo pace with an acoustic tone and lyrical hiphop/rap) and the trippy space/psychedelic rock of UFOs (electric vibrations under an upbeat tempo).

As far as the bet goes (made with Brian), blogspot readers, SouthSide admits he can rap ...and she highly recommends checking out Andy Metz along with The Crooks at their next show. Fans will definitely enjoy the unique combination of alternative/rock with the lyrical energy of hiphop/rap rockin' their ears. Visit http://www.andymetz.com or on Facebook for more information.

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