Friday, October 30, 2009

30 Oct 09

" anyone drunk yet?" - The Attraction

Trick or treat, my blogspot readers, it's Devil's Night and Dr. SouthSide's making rounds at two separate shows in one festive night. First stop was to examine the zombified bands at Subterranean before they rocked the stage in front of an all-ages crowd. The costumed kiddies were eager to see performances by The Delivery Boys, Love Me Electric and The Highlife. Unfortunately, this good doctor wasn't able to stay for the headliner, Silent Sirens. However she was able to interview Adrian and Jesse before they zomblied the stage. But first she spent one-on-one time examining Jimmy (vocals) and Corey (guitar) of The Highlife.

Dr. SouthSide asked the guys what The Highlife was all about. They replied the band was about enjoying what they do especially when writing good music. The band wanted blogspot readers to know they're not into following the scene thing because their music/songs are fresh unique and diverse. They're not into playing straight rock while on stage. There's a bit of everything from hiphop to metal within their sound. Another thing about The Highlife - their songs aren't the standards about love or being dumped. Oh there are love songs but also songs about friendship, good times and memories as well as personal beliefs. SouthSide did ask about the idea behind their latest hit, Mama Was Right. Jimmy wrote it as a homage to his own parents giving him sound advice when growing up. Yes, it's clearly true - Mom's are always right. The guys did share their favorite Halloween memories with the good doctor. Jimmy would plan costumes months in advance for Halloween but would never did anything when the holiday arrived. Meanwhile Corey was a party animal! Last year, he partied two days straight - what fun he had! The interview ened with a scoop on future plans for the upcoming year. The Highlife told SouthSide about an album coming out later this year and plans for a spring college town tour. Also, expect bigger shows and more radioplay. After a quick examination Dr. SouthSide gave The Highlife a clean bill of heath to perform on stage.

Next it was time to examine Adrain (vocals) and Jesse (guitar/keyboards) of Silent Sirens before getting their zombie make-up on. The guys stated the band was the everyone could relate to ...the one that loves hanging out with their fans. One special note you may not know about Adrian - he's a Morrissey fan. Silent Sirens is big on bouncing off ideas with each other yet as a whole, they're their own biggest critics which is not a bad thing, blogspot readers. It merely means they're very passionate making their music/songs the best they can for you, the fans. Also Silent is all about making the music accessible and free to everyone. Fans are encouraged to go to this site - - for any of their recorded songs. The band guarantees one of the songs on the site will be a favorite for at least a week. Sounds like a challenge to this reviewer. They did mention that Silent might sound familar to your ears however they're not like everyone else. There are plans of releasing several new singles every other month as oppose to one solid album with twelve tracks. A smart way in keeping the fans updated with new music as it happens with Silent Sirens. Before leaving, the doctor also asked them to share their favorite Halloween memory. Adrian one year made a homemade costume dressing up as a camera. Meanwhile, Jesse was grounded for getting bad grades however don't dispair, his friends did come over to cheer him up. If you want to see and hear Silent Sirens live, they will be rockin' the stage at Angels & Kings on Nov. 18th for the Q101 One Man(no) Show. For more information about this band, visit or
SouthSide highly recommends checking out the rock/pop/alternative music of The Delivery Boys ( or Fans will enjoy the energetic rhythm within their songs such as Believe that you can dance to. Meanwhile, Love Me Electric ( had an electrifying set that really impressed this reviewer. She enjoyed the tiny sample of their Halloween show slated for the Metro the next night. They rocked the stage with songs like Fast Track and Evolution. Expect full reviews on both bands in the near future.
SouthSide also highly recommends checking out her new friends, The Highlife, at their next performance. This band started their set with lots of energy and guitar sound which brought the crowd to life. She enjoyed how their ballad, Love You Down, didn't take the typical route for a "normal" ballad. It had this fresh rock/alternative with a bit of pop sound but The Highlife had more than that in their performance. The band at one point showed their serious side during Will You. SouthSide saw this song as one those anthems in which there's a crowd of Bic lighters waving in the air. Though it had a serious tone, the band still maintained the energy but it was more focused on the lyrics to highlight the vocals. The fun part of this set happened they performed a cool version of Monster Mash that had their manager, Shawn Kellner in costume, dancing wildly on stage. SouthSide totally enjoyed the upbeat performance that kept the crowd rockin' and screamin' for more. For more information about this band, visit or
Now the good doctor had to make a mad dash to the Elbo Room to examine The Attraction before they rocked the stage. The festive Halloween fun was in full swing when Dr. SouthSide arrived. There were a colorful array of costumed fans crowding the up and downstairs lounges. It was an exciting night to hear a great lineup of entertainment from such bands like Johnny Rev to keep everyone in the party mood.
Though the zombies were a bit restless for The Attraction to begin, the band didn't disappoint them. They certainly rocked out the Elbo Room yet there was one noticeable difference about this band, blogspot readers. It wasn't the same band reviewed last year at the House of Blues. This was a totally different The Attraction that thrilled the basement lounge with loud guitar riffs and energy never felt before. SouthSide enjoyed hearing the unconventional chords and rhythms this band tossed within its music even though the vibrant sound did overshadow the vocals a little from time to time. Despite that, this reviewer loved The Attraction and their desire to pump so much sound that the fans were feeling what the band was feeling on stage - the excitement ...the rush of performing on stage. SouthSide could literally see it during their band anthem, Closer, which had The Attraction releasing their inner rock demons. She also suggests listening to Welcome to the Party and Burn, a suedo-love ballad that makes you feel the frustration of a painful heartache. Overall it was one of the best comebacks ever reviewed. This reviewer liked the new cohesiveness of its members while on stage to the band's rockin' guitar sound. You can catch the new The Attraction rockin' the Cubby Bear on November 21st with Lucid Ground. For more information, visit
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29 Oct 09

"....give us more..."

"...what will you do to get it..." - Chester

Good evening, my blogspot ghosts and other things that bump in the night, welcome to the Halloween party of the year! It's Chester's Zombie Dance Party! And it was held in their honor recently at the Elbo Room ...of course this reviewer was there to capture all of the fun. This rockin' local band was celebrating the release of their latest CD under a festive holiday atmosphere. Also joining in on the monster mash was Busted Creek ( or from Bloomington, IN and Everelle ( Good friends, Arma ( and headlined the lineup with an opening acoustic set by Phil Lomac. Expect a full review on Arma when SouthSide's sees them on Nov 19th at Subterranean with Riot Inside and Inn Cinema.

SouthSide enjoyed the soothing guitar sounds of Phil's acoustic set, blogspot readers. The music had heart and soul wonderfully wrapped within the lyrics. There was passion in his vocals in which he made everyone feel what he was feeling ...and it wasn't contained only in the music but the words too. This reviewer liked how his voice kept the momentum going even while taking the tempo down a notch for ballads. Phil's songs had a personal touch telling the experiences of life from love to society. SouthSide recommends listening to his song, Fresh Paint, in which Phil's friend, Mike, performed with him on guitar. The extra acoustic guitar sound gave this song more depth and melodic rhythms. Plus his friend impressed the audience with some fancy picking during the instrumental. This reviewer recommends checking out this talented singer/songwriter at his next performance. For more information about Phil Lomac and his music, visit or

Yikes! The rockin' zombified members of Chester have taken over the Elbo Room dressed in their Halloween finest! They were ready to party the night away in style by opening their set with a loud thunderous intro. It was an exciting way to get Chester's metal fans to bang their heads to the hardcore guitar rhythms and riffs. Despite being months since their last review, SouthSide noted immediately how much this band has changed. Their guitar sound has evolved into something more than it was before when she first saw them. She liked that they don't stick to one rock genre while performing on stage. There's not only metal but some alternative, punk as well as screamin' zombie angst of frustration. Think of it as a variety mix of garage music that was heard at the Elbo Room driving their zombie fans wild. Don't let some of Chester's gentle intros fool you, blogspot readers. It's simply their way add suspense to the build up that's going to blow your ears away from the explosive guitar sound. Fans loved and enjoyed their 90s cover version of 3 Little Pigs complete with a guest appearance by the Big Bad Wolf! SouthSide had fun loving the eclectic rock energy that surrounded the basement lounge. Even while taking the momentum down for coolest song titled Tranquilicious. There was still enough excitement within this ballad rockin' out the audience. Then, Chester took everyone on a wild metal ride Home as they ended their dance party with a bang. If you're looking for a rock sound that's eclectic and not trapped in a box, Chester is the one for you. This reviewer guarantees you'll love the fun and antics (i.e. the impromptu handstand at the close of their set) this band brings to the stage.

For more information, visit Chester at or on Facebook at

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

22 Oct 09

SouthSide's all about supporting local artists and music scene in Chicago and worldwide. However, she took a well-deserved break from rocking with bands to show her love and support at a recent charity event. This reviewer joined other costumed revelers as vampires to Britney Spears wannabes for some pre-Halloween fun. The Elbo Room was decorated for the festive holiday season and Project Exploration's Masquerade - Change Your Face for Science event. Live entertainment was provided by Rick and Ryan to keep everyone in the party spirit. There were also prizes from Sox baseball package to guitar lessons with Tony Green raffled off to the lucky ticket holders. The goal of the night was to raise awareness (besides money) of the many science-related education programs this organization promotes and supports.
Since 1999, Project Exploration's goal has been to make science more accessible to the public and impact the lives of minority groups and girls each year. Today, they continue onward with this mission striving to bring more diversity and interest in all fields of science ...not just medical but archeology to tracking wild coyotes. Project Exploration offers all participants a hands-on science educational experience. They work with over 100 youth within 15 Chicago Public Schools ...and the best thing about this program - it's FREE. Many within Project's programs graduate hight school and attend colleges/universities pursuing science-related careers. During this event, there was a video display of random images showing pictures of the kids who recently participated in the summer camp program in which this organization also sponsors.
SouthSide encourages all of her friends and blogspot readers to help support this wonderful organization going by keeping their science programs accessible for and to all. For more information about Project Exploration, visit or join their group on Facebook at
Until next time, support local music
as well as non-profit organizations,

17 Oct 09

"...enough of this love bullsh*t ...let's talk about suicide..." Sinister Fate

*insert lycans howling and witches cackling here*

It was a dark and unseasonably chilly night. And SouthSide took a long walk (alone) in a creepy graveyard. There she partied under the blackened skies with the ghouls, goblins, and vampires of all kinds....

Halloween came early this year, blogspot readers, which brought plenty of tricks and treats for all. Horror fans gathered recently at the Viaduct Theater for the 1st Annual 1st Jason Feast of Flesh Freak Show (try saying that 3x's fast). This was designed to have music and theater under one convention ...a cool concept that this reviewer liked. However she hopes more horror vendors participate next year. The sexy ladies of Hot and Heavy Burlesque provided an array of enticing Halloween themed set between band performances. Sinister Fate and 1st Jason thrilled the audience with their dark gothic rock music on a stage decorated for the holiday season. For more information about Viaduct Theater, visit

Don't be frightened by their creepiness ...yes, they sometimes do scare but actually they're quite friendly for a group of rockin' dead guys. SouthSide was first introduced to Sinister Fate when they opened a Metro lineup over the summer. This time, the band brought the dark theactric music to the Viaduct to thrill and chill all with their devilish sound. Their show combined the look of Alice Copper and the feel of Ozzie without the biting the bat's head under the atmosphere of The Crow (original) movie. It's hard to imagine from that description alone unless you venture into their graveyard soon to see them live. However, this reviewer has to warn you - Sinister's stage antics can get very intense. It's definitely not for the squeamish. Sometimes the performance can involve murder, suicide and self-mutilation ...there's also a couple of fetishes. Plus they add pain, anguish and frustration into their songs as well. That's what happens when you combine love with death and vice versa. This is what Sinister Fate is all about.

With their demonic forces running loose on stage, this band's personality was not only hardcore in the music but also with the lyrics. For example, their favorite word, the reknown F-word, has its own song which appears every other word within the lyrics. Their fetish for having sex with the dead was hauntingly revealed (and relished) in Fairy Tale Love. Told you, blogspot readers, this show is not for the weak at heart or the kiddies. Other songs performed during the performance included The Hunger (a perfect song for those vampires who must "sparkle" in the daylight) and Last Dance (one hot energetic power ballad that doesn't sound like a ballad at all). It's amazing how they can be hardcore and mushy with the love emotion at the same time. But they rather be hardcore to the bone. Though not wanting to be known as a metal band, Sinister does pack their gothic sound with plenty of riffs and rhythms to hang your head to.

So, during this festive holiday season, embrace the darkness and accept your doomed fate with Sinisiter Fate at a creepy cemetery near you. Fore more information about this band, visit them at or

Happy Halloween, blogspot ghouls and goblins!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 Oct 09

"...we're going to make this quick - we have to pee...." Machinegun Mojo
It was hot fun and cool rock music flowing throughout the Elbo Room, blogspotters! And SouthSide was ready to party all night long. Her good friends, Konniption Fit (from Detroit, MI), were celebrating the debut of their newest CD, Balistic. Helping with this momentous event, bands like Riot Inside, Machinegun Mojo, and Innerfall were invited to put everyone in a party mood. Also included in this packed lineup was Jinx Never Sticks and the female duo, Level 5.
Unfortunately, SouthSide missed Level opening the lineup however she was lucky enough to receive a copy of their 2-track EP. She thoroughly enjoyed the duo's unique yet haunting vocals behind the acoustic/pop rock sound. One small note, the Elbo Room was their first live show and the audience was very receptive to their set. This reviewer's planning a full review soon. For more information about Level 5, visit Mel and Joanna at or Also SouthSide highly recommends checking out Jinx Never Sticks ( Besides rockin' the stage with a phenomenal Hendrix cover, guitar fans will love the rhythms and riffs which thrilled and amazed this reviewer. Definitely expect a full review on this band soon. Also be on the lookout for a new EP by Jinx coming in the Spring 2010.
Time to party, my blogspotters, Detroit style with Konniption Fit. This Michigan trio brought back their energized punk/hardcore rock back to the Windy City for their CD release of Ballistic. There were lots of guitar rock and energy on stage to get the audience moving. Jason (guitar/vocals) and Amber (bass/vocals) thrilled the room with their unique guitar style and performances. SouthSide loved their song Rush Hour that had her feeling the frustration of being stuck in downtown traffic. Konniption even brought along some of the funk rock solely for this Chicago show. Want to feel sexy and dirty at the same time? Listen to their song, Ego Trip, and watch out for the many fast and slow tempo riff changes. Such a combination made it one hot number, blogspotters. The highlight of this set was Jason's smokin' guitar solo which led into the next song, Erase. This reviewer suggests snagging a copy of their latest CD and cranking up the volume to feel (as well as hear) that crazy Detroit rock sound. Fore more information, visit Konniption Fit at, or
Now it was for SouthSide to get her mojo going with her good friends, Machinegun Mojo. And the secret to their rockin' mojo is (drum roll) chorizo tacos, according to Doc Popz. Well on Saturday night, this band was mucho caliente (very hot) and spicey while on stage with their wild guitar rock sound. Seriously, blogspotters, you will enjoy the variety of mojo's rock flavor during their performances. From southern and blues to a bit of honky tonk, these guys bring a little of something and everything to keep your mojo flowin' all night long. They even had Konniption Fit experiencing the wondrous power of Machinegun's mojo magic (try saying that 3 times) during their set. Performing songs off their Fundraising For the Devil CD, SouthSide was already rockin' to her favorites, Nobody's Hero and Devil on the Radio. There was so much mojo going, it got the band hungry again for more (what else) chorizo tacos at the end of the show. Even closing with Hot Damn wasn't enough for the mojo fans in the audience. SouthSide highly recommends everyone getting their mojo checked with Machinegun Mojo soon. For more information, visit these hot guys at
Being a little different may have been the understatement of the night for Innerfall. However, SouthSide had a difficult time comprehending the gist of their rock sound. In her honest opinion, the difficulty lay within the band itself. Front man Jon had vocals which too soft to be taken seriously as a part of a hardcore guitar rock band. He needed to project more emphasis in to the lyrics ...more screamin' agnst ...more something to pump life into Inner's songs. SouthSide suggests releasing those inner rock demons. And she also noticed his vocals were going at different tempo than the rest of the band. At times they had to play catch-up to his speed and singing style. This made the guitars out of sync with the drummer as well as the lead out of sync with everyone. This reviewer advises Innerfall in revamping either their rock sound and/or image. The audience needs to feel and believe that they're hardcore guitar rock band with the right sound and look. Sadly this band neither to make SouthSide believe in their music. For more information, visit Innerfall at ro
The riot wasn't inside the Metro or Congress Theatre Saturday night but it was definitely at the Elbo Room. Good friends, Riot Inside, closed out the rockin' lineup and they were ready to pump life back in the basement lounge. Technically speaking, they were ready to begin a revolution that wouldn't be televised, blogspotters. And it's always live ...loud whenever this band performs. Nothing was skimmed from Riot's loud rock performance. This band pumped the basement with so much energy and music that you actually felt it curdling inside you. Yes, you could say it was very intense especially during Suffer and King. Riot's currently working on a new 4-track EP and expect this song, Wicked Games to be included. SouthSide loved the angst and metal tone that had her head banging. She highly recommends everyone joining the revolution that is Riot Inside. For more information, visit or
Support local music, blogspotters

06 Oct 09

Interested in forming a band but don't have a clue where to begin? Then attend a New Music Business Seminar. One was recently held in Chicago on October 6th at the Park West. This day long event was the "only conference dedicated to the business of music" according to co-founder, Tom Silverman. He also reminded all participants during his opening speech that "...all of us [in the music business] are here to service the artists." Gone are the old ways of power and control in this business. Instead, it's all about collaboration, creativity, networking and making connections. Today, a band's success depends upon its members' willingness to make it happen. Technically speaking, it's the age of the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) bands.

Keynote speaker, Michael Spiegelman (Yahoo! Music), briefly spoke about how a band can attract traffic to its site and how a new artist buys attention without spending any money. He gave very good advice as well as ways of differeniating one's self from the many other bands. Mr. Spiegelman recommended artists to treat their passion as a business but still enjoying and doing what they love.

This conference was divided into four very informative sessions as a guide for any band/artist to follow in becoming successful. Session One featured a quick run-down of the new music business and what it entails for today's artists. Interesting topics such as how to make a unique impression and advice about creating an effective band webpage were discussed. Session Two dealt with band exposure, marketing and promotions. Panelists advised using fans, family and friends in getting the word out about your music. And remember - there are no shortcuts in this business either. It takes dedication and hard work to succeed.

Session Three was about the creativity within the new music business. It's all about being creative and having something unique ...originality is good too. This reviewer wholeheartedly agrees with that one hundred percent. Other topics briefly discussed were image, branding, and the show. Bands/Artists were encouraged to take risks while maintaining a good personality. Session Four's Reaching That Magical 300 Mark concluded the conference with tips from Tour: Smart author, Martin Atkins. He offered unique and fun strategies to participants such as effective ways of selling merch stuff to expanding your fanbase. More importantly he advised in the end "...make cool stuff..."

Well, it may have been a long day however it was very enlightening experience for this reviewer. A lot of ideas, information and advice was shared giving everyone the ins and outs on how to be a successful (independent) band/artist. She highly recommends attending this seminar and/or one similar to this in your area.

Support your local music scene


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

30 Sept 09

In these tough economic times, it's hard to find good entertainment at a fair and reasonable price. Check out the Double Door's solution the next time you're in Chicago - FREE shows! Yes, that's right - you can still can get a free show without breaking your budget. Here's how it works - certain shows on their monthly schedule are reserved as Rock-n-Roll Bailout performances. It's a fun way to relieve that stress your wallet is experiencing while enjoying the best of what's out there in local music. Many of SouthSide's friends have graced the stage during one of these shows. Bands such as Mr. Russia, 7 Day Sonnet, Meqqa and Inn Cinema ...just to name a few. And believe it or not, this reviewer never turns down a free show. Free is the new black today. Recently her good pals, Everyday Celebrity, were the latest addition to perform on a Bailout lineup. For more information and/or when the next Rock-n-Roll Bailout show will be happening, visit the Double Door site at
Want to meet a celebrity? Say hello and meet SouthSide's good pals simply known as Everyday Celebrity. However make no mistake - their rock sound isn't everyday ordinary either. Promoting their new CD, Something's Missing, this band wasted no time opening the lineup by blasting the audience with thunderous guitar rhythms. Boy, did it ever get SouthSide's heart going as their music surprised her with sudden chord and riff changes. Taking this reviewer from one extreme to the next at times. Fans enjoyed the energy in which these Celebrities performed even while taking the momentum down a notch for a couple of songs. For example, listen to their song wonderfully titled Beautiful. With a name like that, don't expect it to be a rock ballad - no it was the direct opposite. Instead this song pumped a lot of guitar rock sound with a fast-paced tempo. Yet when it was time for a ballad, the energy still remained in tact yet it allowed Ryan's vocals to shine despite being a bit under the weather. During certain songs, he was able to make you feel the emotions off the lyrics especially in songs, While I Wait and I'm Through. This reviewer highly suggests her blogspot readers in giving this local band a listen. Snag a copy of their Something's Missing CD and tune into track 1 ( I Believe in Me ) and track 5 ( Scream ). For more information about Everyday Celebrity, visit them at or
Support local music and artists wherever you are....

26 Sept 09

"....monogamy is dead..."
Hey, my blogspot readers, this Chicago machine was makin' some serious noise recently at the legendary Cubby Bear. Now into its second year, Chicago Noise Machine inducted six new members expanding the current list of nine to a proud fifteen. It was already a party atmosphere when SouthSide arrived. Each band was ready to rock the stage to a possible sellout crowd like it predecessor did last year. And just to be clear, the Chicago Noise Machine does not consider itself to be an elitist group. They have an open door policy promoting as well as supporting other local bands who work hard in the music scene. In other words, anyone is welcome to join. For more information about Chicago Noise Machine, visit them at or
Newest inductee, Aktar Aktar ( opened this nine band lineup with a rockin' bang! SouthSide recently saw them a week before at Reggie's Rock Club performing in front of a packed crowd. The audience enjoyed this band's unique flavor of rock/alternative jammed with a touch of country and blues. Meanwhile, Visionaire ( literally blew away the crowd with its twist of neo-soul/R&B/funk fusion. There was an eclectic mixture of groove, rock and lyrical hip hop smashed within their music too. This had the crowd including SouthSide dancing during their performance. Camera ( or is no stranger to the CNM scene after having rocked the Congress Theatre during the I AM Fest earlier this summer. Rock fans will enjoy their intense performance especially watching the bassist move about and across the stage. There's no way to contain the energy pumping from this band. It can get very wicked with its heart-pounding psychedelic/emo/dark rock sound.
Here's another band that's no stranger to the CNM either. However in SouthSide's opinion, Phat Cats ( brought the show to a gradual crawl. This reviewer noticed they performed the exact playlist as they did for the CNM band battles and I AM Fest. She highly suggests its time to spice up the list by adding a few surprises not heard before. Current CNM members, Bullet Called Life ( or, 72 Hours ( or, and Echo Son ( or held down the middle of the lineup. Members, Karl (of front man for Lucid Ground) and Stephen (front man/guitarist of Reverie) had rousing performances when joined with Bullet Called Life on stage. The audience went wild when many current and new CNM members joined this band for the closing song. Meanwhile 72 Hours was celebrating a CD release as well as saying "goodbye" to their long-time drummer, Ben. He certainly deserved the rousing applause at the close of this set when he took his final bow on stage. And let's not forget the sexiness that rocked the Cubby Bear either. Echo Son and Brian Bender (front man of A Birdsong Valentine) jammed together with lots of sexy moves and gut-busting screams to tear down Clark and Addison.
In between sets, good friends, JaGoFF ( or were on tap to remind the audience about the serious impact the Chicago Promoter's Ordinance would have on the local music scene. This duo, with a new EP coming out soon, encouraged everyone to continue supporting the scene and help join the fight of keeping the ordinance off the books. Closing out the night's fantastic lineup was A Friend Called Fire ( and Along The Parallel ( AFCF literally set the Cubby Bear stage on fire by their awesome guitar rock sound. Their song, ironically titled Untitled, definitely impressed the avid guitar rock fans with hardcore riffs and sudden chord changes. ATP, meanwhile, introduced new bassist member, Nemo, and guitarist member, Pep (Elbo Room's cutie on lights) to the audience. As always, this band jammed extremely hard from beginning to end in the early morning hours.
Overall, it was an induction of diverse members to the CNM community and SouthSide highly recommends her blogspot readers giving each one a listen. She encourages one and all to support their local bands - lots of local talent doing it for themselves without MTV, or any recognizable big name company.

24 Sept 09

"...we're from IN..." - Philpot
"...Yeah - corn!"
Hey, my blogspotters, it's a double shot of the Elbo Room for more fun and music! SouthSide's on tap once again rockin' with Losing Scarlet and old friends from IN, Philpot. Included in this lineup was Paper Thick Walls and Westbury.
Feeling a bit under the weather couldn't stop Jodi and Losing Scarlet from kicking off their mini tour with a bang. This reviewer once again enjoyed the haunting mystique of Jodi's vocals. At times, she made us feel the angst and frustration as well as a soul pining for a love that was never there from the lyrics. Yet to hear the lyrics like that, my readers, you also needed to feel the music too. That's where the heart and soul of Losing Scarlet connect so nicely. A good example of this would be their Blondie cover Call Me in which this band gave the song an edgier metal tone than the 80's disco sound. SouthSide loved the metal feel and take of this cover version making it quite popular among their fans during Scarlet's performances. Besides performing other songs off their current self-titled CD, they debut two new tracks from their upcoming EP due soon. In With This We Fight, SouthSide found her new rock anthem to bang her head to. It was a little rough around the edges but it will get better the more they include this song as part of their playlist. In Shameless Prayer, the gradual build up in the intro led the audience towards a hardcore metal rock that they could sink their teeth into. And trust SouthSide, this didn't satisfy them ...they wanted more of this rockin' band. Losing Scarlet fed their hunger with another new song, Learning to Bleed which had many heads banging to the music. This reviewer highly suggests snagging a copy of their current CD and recommends listening to Philiphobia as well as Foresaken. Seeing them live is even better, my readers. For more information about Losing Scarlet, visit them at
Plenty has changed since SouthSide's first review of Philpot ...and wow, what a stage presence and new rock sound! This reviewer was literally blown away by the band's guitar rhythms and riffs pounding her ears. You could feel the excitement and electricity surging from this band's unique country/alternative/rock combination that will get your feet moving. She suggests that you think of John Cougar during his Mellencamp days when it rocked the music scene. The highlight of Philpot's set was when they performed The Absence of Color. This ballad never once lost its energy with the guitar sound taking the momentum and tempo down a notch. It was an excellent way for the audience to feel the pain and heartache off the lyrics. Yet Philpot impressed this reviewer with Foglights, a song that tapped into some serious Fogerty guitar themes. Their rock demons were certainly let loose to run wild and free throughout this performance especially during the song, Jesus On a Chain. It became an instant audience favorite that made everyone feeling the anguish and pain before they closed with Stolen Time. Rock fans in are encouraged to snag a copy of their CD, Hate Writes Better Than Love or better yet, see this band live. SouthSide guarantees you won't be disappointed. For more information about Philpot, visit them at or
Support the local music scene, my blogspotters,

23 Sept 09

Energized for guitar rock ...razor sharp and loud - that's how SouthSide describes this performance by her best bud's, Sister Switchblade.
Recently they rocked the Elbo Room as part of a band battles. Performing a few songs off their new EP, plenty of ears were blown away by their fast paced guitar rhythms and sound. SouthSide enjoyed the thunderous momentum this music created which at times left her breathless begging for more. This was some serious "man balls" rock music here, my blogspot readers, which has to be performed loud, fast and down right dirty ...slashing you like a switchblade. Listen to songs Run Like Hell and Little Miss Cocaine (Pts 1 & 2 as listed on the 4-track EP). These were two good examples of Sister's sound that literally set the basement lounge ablaze with fiery music. You not only heard it but felt each rip-roaring riff note by note. If you like your rock a bit raw and stinkin' dirty, then you should listen to Dead Man's City ...simply some hot and heavy sweaty music to get your hips swaying. The only disappointing note about Sister's performance was that it ended too soon. Don't fret, my readers, Sister Switchblade's rockin' somewhere at a venue near you. Demand it if you have to. SouthSide highly suggests snagging a copy of their A Dirty Mind & A Mouth To Match CD. She also advises that you set the volume at the highest setting possible - you need to feel each rockin' guitar riff and percussion rhythm to truly enjoy this EP. It's not wuss rock ...this is how true Southsiders rock. Loud. fast and extremely hard.
For more information about Sister Switchblade, visit or
Support the local music scene, my readers.