Friday, January 16, 2009

10 Jan 09

“…wanna start a revolution…” Makeshift Prodigy

Hey, Fearless fans, you missed another spectacular all-ages show at the famous Metro. However this wasn’t your ordinary show either. It was live and in 3D color! The first five hundred in attendance were given special 3D glasses to see the cool images on a screen. Fearless bands such as A Birdsong Valentine and Simplistic Urge rocked the stage in front of a near sold-out crowd. Also included in the lineup were Minus the Girl and Makeshift Prodigy with Moxxy headlining.

Though it wasn’t a CD Release set as billed for Minus the Girl, this band opened the show with a strong performance. Fans were enjoying the images of space and underwater seas on the screen while jamming to the music. Meanwhile, Eric of Heavy the Fall was an excellent replacement filling in Oscar’s guitarist role for A Birdsong Valentine’s set. Dan, lead vocalist also of Heavy the Fall, sang backup vocals with Brian during Sink or Swim and Rest in Peace. Chris, lead vocalist of Moxxy, joined Simplistic Urge during their final number which totally rocked down the Metro. Despite having some minor technical difficulties, Moxxy proved they had star power to headline the Metro stage. Overall, each band performing Saturday certainly didn’t disappoint their fans. However the highlight of this all-ages show was the awesome performance by Makeshift Prodigy.

Stating that SouthSide was impressed by their set would be a gross understatement. She was absolutely blown away by Makeshift Prodigy’s performance at the Metro. Think of them as the indie version of Coldplay in the local scene. Their songs criss-crossed all music genres that quickly won this reviewer over. It had a unique combination of experimental sounds and powerpop rhythms fused with some hiphop/lyrical rap and rock too. It was the type of music that touched your senses and sparked the imagination. Fans instantly felt that energetic vibe after the opening song, Sirens. Performing other songs off their new EP, Welcome to the World, Makeshift Prodigy not only in fused the listener with music but also with a timely message. They could have started a revolution the way the crowd responded one song nicely titled Revolution. Never had SouthSide seen a band energize its audience in the way they did. Fearless fans, it was a totally incredible show from start to finish. Even their new song, This Is the End, fired up the fan momentum for more when the set was over. SouthSide highly recommends experiencing the sights and sounds of Makeshift Prodigy at their next performance. For more information about this band and their music, visit them at or

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

09 Jan 09

“…Who likes songs about divorce…” Chapters

Hey, Fearless fans, not even a few snow flurries could keep SouthSide away from the coolest place on the Southside. The Friday night crowd packed Reggie’s Music Joint for another exciting evening of good food, fun and music. Bands like Across State Lines, Arctic Fox and Tennis Courts rocked the house with indie pop music.

SouthSide recommends Fearless fans catching Chapters during their Midwest Tour. She can best describe them as the “angry man’s views on love, marriage and relationship after a bitter divorce” type of band. Promoting the new EP, Wife, their songs provided a more realistic look at modern romance in the new millennium. And it’s not all fairy “they live happily ever after” tale kind of love either, Fearless fans. You’re going to feel that aggressiveness and angst from a frustrated male point of view in Consensual and Cheater. Those in the St. Louis area are encouraged to see Chapters’ next live performance on Jan 31 at Cruisin’ Route 66 with RadioRadio. For more information about this band and music, visit them at or

After firing up the crowd with New Plan, SouthSide had a hard time enjoying Arctic Fox’s performance. She enjoyed the pop rhythms off the keyboards and sound effects and the alternative rock off the guitars. This combination did have a great energizing vibe in getting the fan momentum going especially during the intros. However, that fire didn’t last since their songs took a slow tempo than it did in the opening. This reviewer expected more pop than fizzle within the set and music. The dark moody songs outweighed a couple of others which had more excitement and energy this reviewer enjoyed. She also noticed that sudden lackluster tone in their performance brought down the audience interest. For example, during Possible, there was no passion while echoing “possible” near the end of song. The vocals needed to vent more emotion into the lyrics to convey the tone to their audience. In SouthSide’s opinion, the final two songs certainly did bring the momentum back that was lost. She does suggest including more songs with energy and rock for Arctic Fox’s next performance. Fearless fans looking for something dark and moody in their pop/rock music should give Arctic Fox a listen. For more information about this band and their music, visit them at

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

08 Jan 09

“…I give you seven…” 6 Degrees of Seperation

Hey, Fearless fans, 2009 is off to a rockin’ start for SouthSide. On Thursday night, she was out and about in Lakeview to see new friends, 6 Degrees of Separation, performing at Elbo Room. Also sharing the stage was The Merging, Inn Cinema and Mellow Free. SouthSide recommends listening to Sam West and his acoustic version of I Put a Spell on You. This song fired up the audience for the next band when closing out his set.

Whoever said “Boomers don’t know how to rock in the new millennium” haven’t seen this band perform. Fearless fans, if you’re looking for a taste of that classic psychedelic sound mixed with some blues or glam/punk, then check out 6 Degrees of Separation. They’re “young” enough to bring back to life what was old for a new generation. After opening with Memphis Walk, the audience was completely blown away by their stage presence. Southside was simply impressed by their energy and style which rocked down the Elbo Room. She enjoyed the variety of genres woven throughout their songs. From psychedelic and powerpop in Just Wake Up to classic electric rock in Seven, there was something for everyone. This unique yet interesting combination of genres within 6 Degrees’ sound gave each song a different personality.

For example in Seven, not only you could distinctly hear the angst in the lyrics but also feel it in the electric riffs. The classic rock sound was a perfect match for the mood and tempo for this song. If you ever want to experience raw anger in music, SouthSide suggests listening to Seven. Another fine example would be Cruel Nation. The electrifying riffs instrumentally conveyed the mood and feel of the song to the audience which had them cheering. SouthSide felt the heavy metal rhythm during the intro to Face in the Crowd that got her head banging to the beat. Everyone in the audience was feeling the 6 Degrees’ rock sensation especially at the end. The closing song to this set had some dancing and grooving around the basement lounge. It was definitely a solid performance for 6 Degrees of Separation at Elbo Room, Fearless fans.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

3 January 2009

SouthSide On The Town

“…we dig that you (Fearless Radio & fans) dig us…” The Lifeline

Happy 2009, Fearless fans! SouthSide kicked the year off with a bang at the famous Metro. It was the first all-ages show for 2009 which had bands like Made Available, Kidnap In Color and Janus performing on stage. Also on the lineup was The Lifeline with Inept headlining in a CD Release set. Before joining the fun upstairs, SouthSide was lucky enough to hang out backstage with Ryan and Rebecca for a brief interview.

Fresh from their appearance on WGN-TV Morning News on Friday, January 2nd, The Lifeline was set to rock out the Metro crowd. They described their music as a mixed of classical and rock which is sometimes hard to truly classify them in the local scene. However, for this band, it works to their advantage. You could attribute their unique rock sound as part of The Lifeline’s success with its many fans. This band continuously sets the bar high producing awesome music in which it mixes different genres. Some of their songs, for example their latest hit Romeo & Juliet, had the feel of a classical tone from Rebecca on violin. Yet, it stays within that rock tempo with Ryan and Eddie on guitars, Lonni on drums and Berto on bass. According to Ryan, “We don’t take the actual classical piece like Tchaikovsky’s Romeo & Juliet. We just take the mood of the piece flipping it around.”

In the end, it’s all presentation with The Lifeline too. For example, their Trilogy was not only a huge success with fans but it was also recognized at film festivals such as West Hollywood Film Festival and Independent Film Festival. This recognition gave the band good feedback on how the general public responds to their type of music. When asked if there will be a follow-up to Trilogy, The Lifeline said Chris Folkens, the director, would like to one for Push and Pull however the band prefers to wait until they’re signed. Right now, The Lifeline is aggressively working hard to be a part of Taste of Chaos Ernie Ball Battle of Bands show. They’re encouraging fans to vote early and often in hopes that The Lifeline can perform with other bands in Detroit, Chicago and Milwaukee. Besides the Taste of Chaos, The Lifeline has other plans in the works for 2009 such as a new album, a tour and more songs on the Q101 rotation. Currently fans can see their video, Not for Nothing, on Fuse On Demand this month. The interview ended on a light note with SouthSide asking Ryan and Rebecca if they’ve broken their new year’s resolutions yet. Ryan admitted he had broken his which was to keep a cool head however Rebecca mentioned she hopes to be more organized. Finally, The Lifeline would like Fearless fans to know they love independent anything and support what Fearless Radio does for you and bands like The Lifeline.

If you haven’t heard The Lifeline live before, you missed an excellent opportunity to hear Chicago’s most unique rock band. Unique may not be the correct word when it comes to describing this band and their music. However they’re certainly different with their own distinctive style and sound which is blowing critics and fans away. Their songs cross all boundaries of music genres from classical to alternative rock that will instantly win over a first time listener. And you don’t have to be fan of classical or rock music to enjoy either. It’s an exclusive twist on classical with rock or vice versa only The Lifeline can provide. At times Rebecca on violin can act like the missing fourth guitar during songs like Push and Pull. Other times, it gave that classical mood and tempo needed to balance the rock like in Romeo and Juliet. It certainly did command the mood and tempo of The Lifeline’s rock sound especially during one called Why So Serious. SouthSide could feel the Heath Ledger’s character The Joker from The Dark Knight as the inspiration for this dark piece. There was angst off the guitar riffs mixed with passion off the violin’s rhythms. They’re definitely not your ordinary rock band yet that’s how The Lifeline likes it. SouthSide highly recommends fans attending their next performance or watching their Not for Nothing video on Fuse On Demand this month. For more information about The Lifeline and its music, visit them at or

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