Monday, October 31, 2011

28 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to SouthSide's On The Town Halloween weekend! This local party scene queen was rockin' the holiday spirit of ghouls and goblins while in disguise passing out treats (and some tricks) to other costumed revelers. Due to a sudden change of plans, she was unable to attend the hip Beat Kitchen going-away party for Super Happy Fun Club but did make a surprise appearance at Double Door for her other good friends, JC Brooks & The Upstown Sound for their record release show. The hot lineup also included DJ Sloppy White livening up the house music with his mix of classic and modern R&B/Soul/Funk tunes along with headliner White Mystery. Opening the show was Satan's Youth Ministers (yes, actual band from Alabama!) and this reviewer highly suggests attending the next congregation meeting wherever this metal-tastic band performs again. This was ONE wild and crazy fantastic of a rock performance ever witnessed by SouthSide so far this year that featured THE best stage attire word by any front man. She wished she had a camera to snap photos however the following description will just have to do, blogspot readers - kudos to Grand Magus Malister Sally who pranced around in a matching red bra, thong and nightie with flesh-tone fishnet stocking! Even this reviewer was sorely jealous that he could pull it off the ensemble better than she could. Fans will have a rockin' good time head banging to such hardcore guitar sounds of Xanax Love, Alright (a futuristic look of dying in a plane crash on the way to Japan) and the anti-love stalker ballad, I Don't Get Around. This reviewer highly suggests listening to an updated metal version of Divinyls' I Touch Myself called Jump Rope Fever - a song about those who use rope (and other implements) to ...well, you know. Plus check out Makin' Love to the T.V. Set (dedicated to those who need a little porn before having sex) and In The Court of the Crimson Tide (showing their love and devotion to Alabama football). For more information about this band, visit

And now, blogspot readers, come meet the next hardest working sould man on the local level - JC Brooks with The Uptown Sound! This R&B/Soul/Funk band is SO hot these days that they nearly sold out Double Door ...doubling the size of the crowd to see them than their last show (a month ago) at the Wicker Park venue. This was HUGE deal for them since they were celebrating the recent release of their debut album Want More. Legions of JC fans were ready to groove, shimmy and more with their favorite soul band which this time featured a hot horn rhythm section and lovely backup singers to liven up tonight's show. Opening with favorites like Can See Everything and Sister Ray Charles, JC and the band were totally fired up performing nothing like they did in September emitting more funkied beats and energetic momentum. The infecttious music was definitely had this dynamic front man rockin' out the stage when hitting those amazingly high falsetto notes in Beat, Baaad News and I Got High that he had the entire venue erupting into a crazed fan frenzy. There was plenty of Uptown sexiness to go along with JC's dashing looks and dapper attire (in a white jacket this time). Theresa and Whitney as backup singers added a bit of feminine sexiness and spice which complimented nicely JC's soulful vocals. However this reviewer does advised the ladies to added a little more vocal umph into their voices to project and match JC's dynamically powerful style especially when performing Tightrope and I Got High. There was enough to carry those two songs yet not enough to really melt hearts and ears. This reviewer highly suggests listening to the Wilco cover, I'm Trying To Break Your Heart which totally has thd their Uptown fans sweatily grooving to the hot soulfully funk hit and Art Sex (SouthSide's favorite to get into "the mood") that highlighted JC's ultra sexy cool voice under a steamy but erotic funk sound (think Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On - that's sizzlin hot it can get when adding a few lines of Fever into the song). And as usual, fans could not get enough of JC Brooks & The Uptown that they demanded one more ...more like one more set from this hard working performer after finishing Baltimore. After the show, JC commented to SouthSide saying he thought their last Double Door show was hot and she wholeheartedly agrees with that. HOWEVER, blogspot readers, tonight's performance was one of the HOTTEST she had ever seen them so far. For more information about this band, visit

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26 Oct 11

"...hi, I'm Nick Lynch and I just met these guys tonight..."

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's back on the beat at Martyrs' tonight. And this time, she's enjoying a relaxing evening of music by three local singer/songwriters performing on stage. A complete change from when she was there on Friday for Los Straitjackets' Rock-n-Burlesque show. Featured in the lineup was Xoe Wise and good friend Matt Ryd who recently returned from touring together with Nick Lynch opening for them. This reviewer highly suggests getting better acquainted with this dynamic yet soulfully heartfelt vocalist Nick Lynch ( Strongly reminding her of Bryan Adams, this singer/songwriter captivated SouthSide's attention with a lively but soulful acoustic sound and natural falsetto voice. Even while under a slight upbeat temp or bluesy-gospel feel, Nick made the lyrics pop to life with such a vibrant and vivid imagery. The highlight of his set was covering Marc Cohn's Walking In Memphis which had this reviewer liking the steady downtempo pace and raspy heartfelt soul on lyrics. Though staying for part of headliner Xoe Wise's ( performance, SouthSide also recommends checking out this contemporary singer/songwriter for her soft yet vocally dynamic style. This artist had a way of being energetically intense with her voice during certain moments of a song to pinpoint that mood and/or tone for vocal emphasis. For instance during the song, Dear Some Guy, amidst the pop/alternative vibe, Xoe's voice added more vocal strength to express the heartfelt sentiments wrapped inside the lyrics meanwhile during Home, she immediately popped each word to life with a distinct realistic picture under a laidback music groove. This particular song was meant to be leisurely enjoyed not rushed, blogspot readers as the lively downtempo rhythms captivated the ears. In another fine example, Your Love, Xoe showed off her coutnry twang in her vocals during this heartwarming love ballad.

"...we're Matt Ryd and The Awesomes..."

Fans of the hit television comedy series, Scrubs, might know of SouthSide's friend, Matt Ryd ...well, at least, have heard of him and one particular song, Healed that was featured in an episode. If not, she highly suggests getting better acquainted with this singer/songwriter at his next performance. As "Best Segue Artist of 2010", Matt Ryd is simply more than a singer and songwriter on guitar ...he's also a captivating storyteller with many humorous tales and interesting facts behind some of his songs like Nobody But Me (inspired after experiencing a drinking binge hangover) or the reason behind performing Misery Business at a youth center one day. Yet, this Matt Ryd performance wasn't like the last time SouthSide reviewed him. This set introduced the mid-week night audience to a different side of this artist in which the music was more on the contemporary pop/alternative genre. And this reviewer gave the new move two thumbsup because it allowed him to explore otehr pop-like songs that he and the band easily livened up the stage. It was light easy-listening wonderfully projecting a vibrant yet lively mix of tempos and rhythmic sounds such as Matt's cover of the J-pop song, Toxic. This artist captured the energetic feel of the original composition as well as the Asian pop vibe. Or slightly changing guitars (from acoutic to electric) will added a fun pop element to his own songs like Pieces and Wonderin though retaining that acoustic feel inside the violin notes. Within this style of music, Matt also became more vocally expressive especially when sharing the mic with Laura (also on keyboards) during certain songs. For example while singing Love & Quantum Physics (some things Matt will never understand) and For So Long, her strong dynamic vocals naturally complemented Matt's heartfelt side bringing out more emotional boldness in his falsetto voice. Laura's assistance in drawing out the tender sentiments and heartfelt emotions out of Matt made for a more dramatic and dynamic vocal presence, blogspot readers. For more information about Matt Ryd and his music, visit

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Friday, October 28, 2011

25 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers ...and welcome to one busy Halloweek! SouthSide's rockin' the holiday spirit by covering some of the hottest shows to hit local stages from now until November 1st. Her fantastical journey began at Schubas (in the Lakeview area) to see the Ten Buck Tour featuring honeyhoney (CA) along with Joshua James (NE) and Desert Noises (UT). This reviewr highly recommends feeling and grooving (besides hearing) the energetic tribal-inspired vibe of alternative folk sound by Desert Noises ( This lively group of musicians were the perfect opening act to get this weeknight crowd alive and kickin' amidst their fierce momentum and intense guitar riffs. Desert also rocked the stage with catchy rhythmic hooks that contained (sometimes) an electro-Western feel intricately woven during certain songs like You're A Wolf. Even while in a downtempo pace, this band still performed under some intensity and energy but with more thundering percussion as seen and heard in Desert's closing number. Meanwhile Joshua James ( had the same intensified energy level as Desert Noises however he added a much more serious tone and realism (within the lyrics) during his set. Through the dynamic power of his vocals, this singer/songwriter had this crowd appreciating as well as feeling the way he would personalize the realism of (i.e. pain or losing someone special) the words written inside his songs. Yet, Joshua wasn't "serious" all of the time but you could still hear it much clearer while performing in an upbeat tempo. This reviewer enjoyed the intense fire in which he played the acoustic guitar making it bleed (at times) with a fierce riff sound or while being very emotionally expressive with his voice. Overall, Joshua's seriousness spoke well with its intended audience that truly captured their mood and heartfelt sentiments and despite being too serious for SouthSide to enjoy his performance, she still highly recommends catching him while on tour with honeyhoney.

Yet, honeyhoney (usually a duo but while on this tour - a full band) was a combination of both opening acts during their headlining set. It was electrifying and highly energizing (like Desert Noises) but also with a hint of seriousness when needed to be (like Joshua James). Mostly it was all around fun as Suzanne and Ben celebrated the release of their new album, Billy Jack, that dropped on Monday. honeyhoney instantly captured(as well as captivated) this reviewer's ears with its eclectic music vibe (for instance electro guitar-banjo riffs as heard in the opening song) and the dynamic diva-tude vocals that would switch between a Patsy Cline like feel (in Angel of Death) and a raspy Janis Joplin (in the acoustic duo performance of Sugar Cane). She enjoyed the different level of music intensity this group brought to the stage whether it was exciting the crowd with banjo rhythms (by Suzanne) or dramatically yet haunting violin notes (also Suzanne). It was a unique kind of alternative sound, blogspot readers, which kept this rather calm fan-frenzied crowd knee deep within honeyhoney's momentum. SouthSide highly suggests listening to I Don't Mind which featured the banjo amidst an upbeat swing adding a touch of hillbilly/country feel to the music as well as energetically livening up the stage. She especially recommends listening to the song about happiness and joy (despite its deathly title) - Angel of Death that brought out the Patsy Cline in Suzanne's voice while in a happily somber tone featuring the violin. Her diva-tude card truly expressed itself during the semi-acoustic performance of Don't Know How with Ben which easily spotlighted how dynamic she can be within an acoustic setting. Yet it also demonstrated how both musicians as vocalists nicely and naturally complemented each other when sharing vocal duties during this particular heartfelt, sensitive song. What really had this venue floored into complete silence (i.e. as in you could actually hear SouthSide scribbiling notes on her pad) was when Suzanne and Ben (as an acoustic duo) performed a stellar rendition of Hank Williams' Lost Highway. Words cannot begin to describe how wonderfully they captured the realism (and hidden meaning) behind the lyrics under a slight gospel tone. Plus Ben blew SouthSide away with a dynamic force of falsetto and vocal strength that she had to stop writing a moment to listen. Truly the highlight of the entire evening for this reviewer. SouthSide highly recommends catching honeyhoney while they're currently on tour. For more information, visit or

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

November 2011

Hey, blogspot readers, as 2011 slowly crawls to a close, SouthSide has a month full of shows and events for you to check out during November!

Nov 1 @ Reggie's Rock Club, Halloween's NOT over until SouthSide has eaten the last Kit Kat from her goodie bag. Come celebrate a post-Halloween show with SouthSide as she rocks with her friends, The Prep School Tragedy and Angel Spit with they open for Blood On The Dance Floor. PLUS she will be interviewing Blood On The Dance Floor before their headlining set.

Nov 2 @ Amundsen Park, it's Kraft Great Kids Family Night. This FREE family event includes a healthy dinner and fun activities from 6p to 8p. A parent and/or guadian must accompany children.

@ Empty Bottle - Omar Souleyman will be rockin' the stage. $15 adv / $18 door for this 21+ show with Altered Zones opening.

Nov 3 @ The Hideout, Thomas Comerford who teaches film and punk history at School of the Art Institute of Chicago will be hosting his Archives Spiral record release show.

@ The Abbey Pub, Zoogma will be rockin' the stage with the diversity and precision of a DJ coupled with the excitement and energy of a 5-piece rock band. SouthSide was told it's going to be an energetically rockin' performance and eye-pleasing show.

Nov 4 @ Favorite Records (1535 W. Division) Thomas Comerford will be performing an in-store set.

@ Kinetic Playground, SouthSide's friends Fifth World will be rockin' the stage there.

@ Martyrs', SouthSide will be returing to interview and rock with new friends Americana Roots rockers, Donna The Buffalo (NC). This group combines the soulful yet eclectic Americana with a lively combination of cajun/zydeco, folk, reggae and country meshed together. 10p / $20 / 21+

Nov 5 @ Reggie's, React and Wolf Ho presents the DJ duo, Designer Drugs with Black Matter, PLS DNT STP and friends Gemini Club doing a DJ set.

Nov 7 @ The Abbey Pub, it's The Chick Singer Night Anniversary show. $10 at door only / 7p / 7:30p show start / 21+

Nov 9 @ SPACE, Jann Klose returns to Chicago opening for jazz entertainer Michael Kaeshammar. Also while in Chicago, she will be on WGN-AM 720 during the Steve and Johnnie show. Fans can listen online at Tickets for the SPACE show are $15, $18, and $26/

Nov 10 @ The Empty Bottle, The Reptoids will be rockin' an opening performance for Mr. Gnome (OH) who's currently on tour supporting Madness In Minute album with Ornery Little Darlings in the lineup too. It's free by rsvp-ing (NOW) to or it's $8 at door / 9p show start / 21+

Nov 11 - 13 in Miami @ Bayfront Park, Rola Music Festival will be rockin' The Klipsch Ampitheatre. It's a celebration of Latin American music featuring performances by Diego Torres, Oscar d'Leon, Patafunk, Eduardo Osario and many more during this three-day fest event. Tickets are on sale now.

Nov 21 @ Ultra Lounge, Elxir's Long Halloween Tour rocks the stage featuring Jimmy at the Prom. $8 / 9p / 21+

@ Double Door, it's the 2011 Nightlife Awards featuring live performances and guest presenters during this FREE event. Perhaps SouthSide might win something.

@ Goose Island (Wrigleyville), friends Yellow Jacket will be rockin' the stage in which 20% of the band's proceeds will go to supporting a local charity. $8 / 9p / 21+ show

THIS JUST IN - V Is For Villains will be doing an all-ages show on this date too at Bottom Lounge with Hail The Horizon and Lords & Ladies of Steampunk doing DJ sets. Tickets are $10 ...more information to come.

Nov 13 @ Elbo Room, Adema (CA) will be performing a special show and Southside will be there review. $12 presale / 15 at door / 21+ show.

Nov 16 @ Double Door, friends I Lost Control along with Buried At Sea and The Beez Neez will be rockin' the stage at this FREE show. 21+

Nov 18 & 19 @ Elbo Room, check out the Chicago Roots Festival that will feature over 75 local artists/acts performing such as friends Andy Metz, Verona Red, Jess Godwin and Common Shiner - just to name a few. Singer/songwriters will perform upstairs on the acoustic stage while full bands will be rockin' the downstairs lounge. It's $10 per day OR save 5 bucks by getting the $15 Weekend Pass! 21+ shows

Nov 18 @ Double Door, after 10 years, 5 studio albums and over 1,000 shows, SouthSide's friends Backyard Tire Fire will be taking a well-deserved break from the stage. She highly recommends coming out to see this show to celebrate with them as they perform their final Chicago show with Chicago Farmer opening.

Nov 19 @ Empty Bottle, it's a special all-ages outting for SouthSide and her daughter when they attend A Very Socialist Saturday that features The Socialists. $5 (FREE parents with kids) / 7p show start

Nov 22 @ Double Door, friends Illusions Fate and Kazy along with Candy Machine Guns and Conflux will be rockin' the stage at this FREE 21+ show. 8:30p show start

Nov 23 & 24 - SouthSide's off

Nov 25 @ Elbo Room, friend Michael Laechel will be rockin' a post holiday show.

Nov 30 @ Double Door, longtime friends Eleven Dollar Life will be rockin' the stage along with Brown Bag Special, The Heroic Black, Kevin Lee & The Kings. $5 / 8:30p doors open / 9p show start / 21+

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

21 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' the wildest party ever! Yet, this was no ordinary party either. It was a rockin' burlesque party hosted by the masked Luchadores known as Los Straitjackets (TN)- live and in living color from the depths of Hell. Well, actually from the crowded Martyrs' (located in the heart of the Northcenter neighborhood). And this unique surfer rock-burlesque combination show featured the lovely World Famous Pontani Sisters (NY) with extra special guest Revolva (CA) and her hula hoops to tantilze and tease the imagination with their sexy moves on stage while on stage with Los Straitjackets. Also featured on tonight's lineup was the soulfully jazzed alternative sounds by friends Lake Street Dive (NY) and the local buzz of retro rock-n-roll with a big band swing The Honeybees.

Before entering Martyrs', SouthSide was instantly stung by the buzz of these rockin' bees and she highly recommends getting stung too by this quintet's retro homage to the early days of rock-n-roll jive and music. Local group, The Honeybees, warmed up the packed house with fun danceable tunes which included teaching everyone The Cool Jerk and Hippy Shake. However there was a moment when these Bees got all hot and sticky like heated honey under a downtempo tune that embodied a lot of sultry sexiness both in music and lyrics (sung by female vocalist Megan). What this reviewer enjoyed about The Honeybees was the electrifying momentum which kep many jumpin' and jivin' to their modern take on the old school rockabilly vibe. Plus the duo female vocalists (Barb and Megan) brought band a harmonizing two-part voice range that reminded her of classic radio singing ...something not heard in a long time. SouthSide says when seeing The Honeybees be prepared to get stung into dancing along with them and your honey. For more information about this band, visit or

The last time SouthSide her friends (six months ago at Elbo Room), she was literally blown away by their soulfully jazzed pop/alternative sound and vibe. They, Lake Street Dive, returned to Chicago bringing with them again that fresh, hip but electrifying vibe to the Martyrs' stage along with more soulful sexiness and a little hip action (by lead vocalist Rachel). Compared to Dive's Elbo Room appearance and now, Rachel and the band were knocking this crowd "dead" with its hot momentum and energy which continued where The Honeybees ended moments ago. Plus Rachel added more fierce vocal strength to each song making the lyrics vibrantly pop to life while displaying some diva-tude in her voice especially during Funny Not To Care and Got Me Fooled (in which she hit that high soprano note). Yet under the right music combination (i.e. for example - an upbeat, lively tempo with a jazzy spunk to their pop/alternative sound), Rachel's voice could emit an energetic vibe amidst the music as heard in the song Henriette. Or when behind the guitar (strumming a chord or two) while hot horn rhythms float amongst the downtempo pace for that cool breezy sound during one particular song, she dropped into an ultra sexy temptress-sounding siren. The magic moment of Lake Street's performance happened while performing The Drifters' classic - This Magic Moment. This reviewer liked the downtempo rhythm to highlight this band's music style but still popping energy and momentum in which the crowd easily responded by dancing to this popular cover tune. Closing with Hello? Goodbye!, Lake Street Dive definitely rocked out Martyrs' with an entertaining, high energy show and SouthSide highly suggests rockin' with them as they dress up for Halloween as Fleetwood Mac. Wherever they're rockin' again, be sure to have your dancing shoes on, blogspot readers but in the meantime visit or for more information about them.

Luchadores in black suits playing California surfer rock? Interesting band gimmick, blogspot readers? HOWEVER, luchadores in black suits playing California surfer rock while women perform burlesque acts? NOW - that's a rockin' show! And basically it sums up part of Los Straitjackets' headlining set featuring The World Famous Pontani Sisters ( and extra special guest, Revolva . Martyrs' suddenly swelled to full capacity near and around the stage as people fought to get a good view of the band when the masked group in their early Beatles-esque attire (suits and ties) finally appeared amidst the fan frenzied commotion of cheers and whistles. It took the band mere seconds to enrapture the entire venue underneath its surfer rock music (think Annette, Frank, and Beach Blanket Bingo ...or Beach Boys if they only performed instrumentally) with a single stroke of the guitars. Los Straitjackets played surfed to a melodically electric California vibe and sound that instantly had this crowd partying as if it was still summertime in Chicago at North Avenue or Oak Street beaches. Speaking solely in Spanish throughout their performance (luckily SouthSide could translate for those around her who couldn't understand), these masked luchadores performed a wide variety mix of tunes featuring classic covers and their own originals. The room immediately jumped to life when they covered favorites classic surfer rock tunes like The Munsters theme song and a (sort of) holiday themed favorite of this reviewer - Spooky (by Classic IV and The Zombies). Though not her ideal choice to turn into a romantic surfer ballad, SouthSide did find their version of Celine Dion's Titantic theme song (My Heart Will Go On) more enjoyable without the lyrics being sung before performing another one for the romantic couples in the audience You Send Me by Sam Cooke to which you could hear many voice singing the lyrics. This reviewer highly recommends rockin' to Los Straitjackets' new original Space Mosquito that featured a buzzing flurry of twitterpating guitar riffs (like a mosquito buzzing at your ears). It kept everyone jiving to the energetic wave,

Now as SouthSide mentioned earlier, there were some tantalizing burlesque acts incorporated along with this headlining show. That was also when the crowd was at their wildest, blogspot readers. Such acts included non burlesque dance numbers with The World Famous Pontani Sisters like Kitty Kat song (featuring Ritz Carlton on vocals) and The Brooklyn Slide while individual burlesque numbers had each Pontani Sister tempting our surfer-themed fantasies like doing The Madison to Los Straitjackets surf rock. The highlight of this performance was when guest Revolva hula hooped not with just one (too easy for her) but with four during her highly energizing segment. As you can imagine, blogspot readers, the crowd went totally wild with fan fervor for more. There was also some Los Straitjackets fun moments like when guitarist Eddie tickled the ears with an extra long bluesy solo at the end of one particular song but to only be upstaged by drummer Jason. Thus it turned into a guitar-drum surf challenge between the two which fans decided on who won the bout. Eddie challenged him with wild, distorted metal riffs yet in between you heard chords from Moon River to Stairway To Heaven while Jason countered with his own percussion medley that included Girl From Ipanema in the mix. Overall they were both winners in SouthSide's eyes.

Well, SouthSide would like to tell you about the other Los Straitjackets happenings however as usual, you have to experience this beach party for yourself. Next time, she's bringing her Moondoggie (a Sally Field as Gidget reference) along to surf with the waves together with this rockin' band again. It was a blast the first time! For more information, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween 2011

*in her best Alfred Hitchcock voice*

Good evening, boys and ghouls, and welcome to your On The Town guide to Halloween 2011. This year it's full of tricks as well as treats galore ...without breaking your wallet. So be hip like this ghostly SouthSide and don your festive gear to partake in the many holiday celebrations rockin' around town next week.

Oct 25 - Oct 31 @ The Exit, it's Halloween Hell Week 2011! It will feature Halloweenies & Bikinis part 7 with MANBQUE who will be spinnin' and grillin' FREE food on Oct 30 and on Oct 31 celebrate the holiday by chanting "to chivalry and honor" with SouthSide's longtime friends, Mortal Death, Sir Sarsicus, Scott, Maurice (on the large guitar) and many other colorful characters of Cealed Kasket.
All events (unless listed on The Exit's website) are FREE / 21+

Oct 28 & 29 @ The Abbey Pub, it's Halloweeekend 2011! This two day event of shows will feature local bands representing such rock legends like Rolling Stones (John Aselin), Alice Cooper (Bon Mots), ZZ Top (Joel Paterson) and Bachman Turner Overdrive - BTO to its fans (Grooved Surface) just to name a few.
Doors open at 8p / shows begin at 8:30p / $10 advcance ($12 at door) / 21+

Oct 29 @ Austin-Irving Chicago Public Library, SouthSide's friends, The Polkaholics will be performing a special kid-friendly of their annual holiday show (there's an adult version later that same night) featuring a lively combination of polka and rock with your favorite Halloween songs.
Show starts at 2p / FREE

Also rockin' on Oct 29 - the "phantoms of the orchestra" will be haunting Chicago's Orchestra Hall again in which the maestro and his assistant will try to harness the power of the baton to control this ghoulish company of undead orchestral musicians. This family event (recommend for age 5 and up)will feature a twist on the classic tale - The Sorcerer's Apprentice and fun activities inside the "Haunted Ballroom" happening between 1:30 to 2:30p. It's also recommended that you don your festive costumes too.
Visit for more ticket information.

At The Ultra Lounge, Wine From The Moon presents its "Dead Rockstars" show featuring performances by Paper Thick Walls, The Damn Choir, Briar Rabbit, The Embraceables and Sandman Viper Command rocking the stage.
21+ show
Visit for more details.

At Elbo Room, SouthSide will be in her festive hip gear while attending this annual Halloween rockin' bash! It will feature rock star performances by The Who (The Plastic Boots), Sly and The Family Stone (Bullet Called Life), Nirvana (Model Stranger), Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Lucid Ground) and Beastie Boys with Limp Bizkit (Hot Sauce Committee).
$10 / 8p show start / 21+

At Double Door, it's their annual Halloween bash! The rockin' lineup will feature The Clash (AM Taxi), The Runaways (The Last Vegas), Stone Temple Pilots (Blackbox), Bob Dylan (Dorian Taj) and Judas Priest (Hessler). Hope blogspot readers going to that show can handle such a lineup like this!
$12 / 9p show start / 21+

At Nite Cap, it's their Halloween party featuring Sinister Fate, Skinwalker, and Devil At My Doorstep rockin' their stage.
21+ show

At Bottom Lounge, the fashionable goth and industrial who's who will be celebrating at the Annual Nocturna All Hallow's Eve Ball with good friend DJ Scary Lady Sarah. Dressing up in your finest holiday gear is advisable.
17+ event
Visit for more details.

At Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville), Sixteen Candles will be hosting their annual Halloween Bash featuring Rod Tuffcurls and The Bench Press rockin' the lineup.
Visit for more details.

Oct 31 at Reggie's Rock Club, good friends The Dead Superheroes and The Handcuffs will be opening for punk legend and lead singer of The Stranglers - Hugh Cornwell! There will be a costume contest so dress up, blogspot readers.
Doors 8p / 8:30p show start / $15 adv ($18 at door) / 17+

Until next time, support your local scene,

18 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers, after viewing the first episode of Starz's drama series, Boss, it was time to unwind and rock! No mad CTA dash this time ...just a relaxing bus ride to reach Angels & Kings (now located inside the Hard Rock Hotel) to see the dynamically powerful singer/songwriter Mia LeBlon. When this reviewer last saw her, she was literally blown away by her vocal strength and soulful style. Also rocking the stage was Jon Allegretto (front man of A Friend Called Fire) performing an acoustic solo act.

SouthSide has seen her friends, A Friend Called Fire rock the stages around town however tonight she was deeply moved by front man, Jon Allegretto's solo performance. He simply wowed this weeknight gathering with such display of his vocal strength and dynamic expressiveness amidst the intense guitar chords. Performing songs like Riddle (off his solo EP - Dancing With Forces) and New Shadow (off AFCF's An American Daydream CD) with drummer JB on shaker (and other sound effects), Jon easily brought out the heartfelt emotions behind the lyrics while presenting them with intense as well as fierce high energy. The highligt of his performance was an acoustic version of Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun in which this reviewer never heard done so wonderfully before until now. Jon's acoustic version was dramatically moving that featured falsetto powress and intensity while taking the song to a much steadier downtempo pace (than its original tempo composition) to spotlight each word sung. Truly discovered the deeper meaning within Soundgarden's lyrics, blogspot readers. This rare acoustic performance also featured songs like Once (another AFCF song in which he personalized the words to mean something so heartfelt and emotional that his voice melted the mic under such dynamic power) and Morning Circus (a little upbeat in tempo in which JB assists Jon on vocals and more). Both songs are also found on A Friend Called Fire's current An American Daydream album. SouthSide also recommends listening to the haunting yet heartfelt emotions felt from the song, Disgraced, where Jon vocally and musically popped with fierce fervor, blogspot readers. Heads up East coasters, Jon and the guys of A Friend Called Fire will be heading your way for a three week tour that will included three solid nights rockin' as the Jimi Hendrix Experience during Halloween weekend. Visit or on Facebook for more tour details.

Mia LeBlon - singer ...songwriter ...musician ...soulful ...the woman with some of the fiercest diva-tude in her vocal attitude. That's how SouthSide would accurately describe her friend after witnessing another spectacular live performance at Angels & Kings. This artist put on an acoustic set featuring a unique instrument set up than the last time SouthSide saw her. This reviewer liked the fact Mia added more of an organic percussion rhythm (Mike on conga drums and more) than a standard drum kit. This switch in percussion sound provided an upbeat tempo (as heard in opening song Love Strikes Twice off her Looking Glass CD) as well as jazzy accompaniment (as heard in the song Black-n-Gold, a Mia religious point of view about God and evolution with some lyrical freestyle to lighten up the "serious" subject matter). Yet fans should watch out ...when that diva-tude in Mia's voice pops to life, it certainly does command your undivided attention. Throughout her headlining show, she pumped waves after waves of strong vocal power coupled with soulfully heartfelt emotions into each song lyrics. For instance, in Blush, Mia electrified the bar room with a clear projection of her fierceness - no microphone was truly needed. During the title track, Looking Glass that featured a wonderful ukelele (Ben, also on guitar)-bass (Joe) combination, this vocalist truly showed off her vocal range ability even while dipping her voice into a deep baritone range. Other fine examples inclued Mia's new song, Insomnia Eyes (plenty of fiery spunk inside her diva-tude within a lively upbeat tempo) and Woman (where she shined within her "not going to take your shit anymore" diva-tude ...and she definitely means it) before ending with ending with a soulful Stand By Me-Sha Na Na-Pumped medley for this attentive crowd. Visit or for more details and music however SouthSide highly recommends experiencing this artist's vocals live, up close and personal.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

18 Oct 11 - Boss

"...betrayal starts from within..."

SouthSide would like to make it very clear - she's withdrawing her candidacy for Mayor of Chicago.

After watching an advanced screening of the premiere episode of the new Starz drama - Boss, she came to realize having that kind of power makes the job of being a Chicago mayor very strenuous because you have have to watch you back at all times. The ever famous "...keep your friends close and your enemies closer..." applies yet also add those closest to your inner circle - family and top mayoral staff to the mix. This should give you some idea of what this wonderfully written drama called Boss, starring Kelsey Grammer and Connie Nielsen, is about.

It's about the life - political and private of fictional Chicago Mayor Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammer) who has this powerful God-like appearance and control whether it be over his staff, city council members, businessmen, etc. Yet that domineering control and power has flaws - a disconnection with his own wife, Meredith (Connie Nielsen) and his estranged daughter, Emma (Hannah Ware). However, there's one thing both his wife and daughter don't know (yet), Mayor Kane is dying from a degenerative disease that will slowly but certainly detiorate the senses, bodily functions, motor skills - basic brain functions as well as it will cause hallucinations as so diagnosed by his private doctor in the opening scenes of Boss. Taking medication might prolong his life (and probably his political career) but eventually he'll require 24 elder care when that stage of the disease worsens. However, life must go on ...he had a city to run and control even though anguishing over the tough news delivered about his health.

Also in this episode we meet the other major players connected to Mayor Tom Kane's tangled web which include Meredith (Connie Nielsen), his wife ...tough and power-hungry like her husband but they're both estranged to each other in private (i.e. sleeping in separate in bedrooms); Emma (Hannah Ware), an Espicopal minister who runs a health clinic on the Westside but also has a secret of her own; Kitty O'Neil (Kathleen Robertson), Mayor Tom Kane's personal aide and advisor who's all businees during the day but becomes something else when she's "off the clock"; Ezra Stone (Martin Donovan), Mayor Tom Kane's "eyes and ears" of what's happening within City Hall and his private life as the political advisor; IL Governor McCall Cullen (Franis Guinan) who's running for re-election but knows Mayor Kane well enough to realize the man is the Devil is disguise and wants him out of office; Ben Zajac (Jeff Hephner) Mayor Kane's choice to run against Governor Cullen during the primary election and Kitty's hot stairwell tryst; Sam Miller (Troy Garity) a reporter for the fictional Chicago Sentinel newspaper who could expose Mayor Tom Kane's flaws especially his health with a stroke of a pen and Darius Morrison (Rotomi Akinosho) a gangbanger/drug dealer who knows Emma's little secret. Chicago White Sox fans should be on the lookout for a familiar face in this primiere episode ...and no, it's not former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.

Be forewarned, Kelsey Grammer's Mayor Tom Kane character isn't suppose to be loveable like his comedic side as Frasier Crane on the hit series Frasier. This chararcter is meant to be feared as well as revered ...he can be downright prime evil (if needed) towards his friends, staff, and enemies yet a God rewarding those who play by his rules. And it's a given that you better play by his rules or suffer dire consequences. Kelsey Grammer deliciously embodies the essence of two former Chicago Mayors (Richard J and Richard M Daley) and current Mayor Rahm Emanuel into his Mayor Tom Kane character. For example, there's a scene during the premiere episode in which Mayor Tom Kane viciously berates an elder Hispanic community leader for after what his nephew Mucco did - acting too prematurely to the press/media over the discovery of an acient Native American burial ground at construction site (O'Hare expansion project - a Richard M Daley reference). Grammer delivers this one particular scene with such venomous fervor that this reviewer literally felt every ounce of his anger that forced the man to humbly cower before his feet (in front of the Hispanic man's son) while gripping him by the ear. If that scene alone doesn't garner Kelsey Grammer a Golden Globe nomination, then SouthSide will personally create one just for him. There are other powerful scenes in which he welds his domineering control over people from convincing character Ben Zajac to run as a gubernatorial candidate against Governor McCall Cullen after telling Cullen he had Cook County in the bag to sending a tiny "reminder" to his private doctor about her oath after it's known Chicago Sentinel reporter Sam Miller paid her a visit trying to dig up something about Mayor Kane's health. SouthSide had an awesome "happy" moment when Grammer's character ordered all 50 ward alderpersons to hand over their electronic devices (i.e. iPhones, iPads, mobile phones, blackberries, etc) telling them there will be NO Facebooking, Twittering, text in or out until they all agree on the proposed city ordinance. Now that's a Chicago mayor and power in action ...hypothetically of course.

SouthSide hadn't forgotten the true star of this drama series - the City of Chicago, itself. The Boss doesn't utilize one central city location ...the production team encompasses ALL areas of Chicago from an empty hog butching warehouse (on the Southside) to a recognizable Episopal Church on the Westside and other familiar places such as Millennium Park and The Palmer House. This reviewer gives kudos to the director and producers for not making up Chicago places or changing anything from the face of SouthSide's beloved hometown - that's the real dipictions of the mayor's 5th floor office (with pictures of former Mayor Daleys on the wall), the real city council room, rooftop garden on City Hall ...and even Noble Square School - where SouthSide attended when she was a kid. Also more kudos for doing an extensive research on Chicago and its mayoral history which is at one point incorporated into the premiere episode when Mayor Kane convinces (in a subtle way) Ben Zajac to run in the primary. SouthSide found it quite interesting how the hispanic community leader precisely explains how ethnic groups can come together and work for the same common goal - political recognition under Mayor Kane's administration - as one except the Blacks. As he puts it "'s like ice dancing..." Can't get much clearer than that about the Black community and politics in Chicago.

Even though the first episode of Boss has a slow start - just to get you familiarized with the main players of this series, SouthSide has a good feeling the storyline will definitely heat up and keep you returning every Friday for episodes 2 thru 8 with a cliffhanger (she's told) will usher in the second seaons of Boss. Lots of plots and subplots as you're taken deeper into the tangled web that Mayor Tom Kane weaves around those close (and not so close) to him.

Tune into your Starz cable channel starting Oct 21 at 9p (CST)/ 10p (EST) for Kelsey Grammer as Boss.

Until next time, support your local scene,

16 Oct 11

Question, blogspot readers - what do you get when meshing together the music essence of David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Prince, (Morris Day and) The Time and Peter Schilling (Major Tom song fame) alongwith sounds of hunchback whales? How about music that represents "...deep space doom funk..." by Phantom Tails (MN). It's not how SouthSide's would describe it but that's how the members Sergio, Orion, Logan and Dave did during a recent interview at Elbo Room Sunday night. They were in town performing an one-night only opening set before heading off to New York for CMJ, the "...the SXSW of the Northeast..." according to them. This reviewer must admist something profound about this rockin' band. Phantom Tails was the first band to literally stump SouthSide with their confusing yet eclectic mixture of electro/powerpop/funk (and more) while dazzle her with such an interesting range of sounds at the same time. And believe her, blogspot readers, that's a good thing to which the guys took her comment as a complement.

To understand Phantom Tails' music might pose a challenge to many (SouthSide included) when hearing them for the first time because this band doesn't really follow a set formula especially as seen on Sunday night. And forget about boxing the music into one solid category ...that will not work either. From SouthSide's observation, Phantom covered a wide variety of genres at once or (sometimes) meshing an eclectic mix of different music sounds together thus creating a wondrous vibe and energy so hard to describe in plain words. Sorry, blogspot readers, you have to partake in this experience (and it is truly an experience) in person yourself which perhaps might include recordings of hunchback whales singing. During Phantom's Elbo Room set, this four-membered band rocked the stage with danceable rhythms quite melodic and vibrant channelling an 80s pop vibe at times. Even while taking the music momentum down a notch or two, there was plenty of techno wizardry to deeply immerse the ears.

Speaking of "techno wizardry", each Phantom Tails song performed had its own personality and distinctive sound. For example, one particular song opened with a videogame-like rhythm paired to guitar rock riffs. Or in the crowd pleaser song Real Savage, there's a bit of dubstep (think The Time) intertwining with the rock on a downtempo beat. Fans wanting to hear the recordings of whales songs within a Phantom song should check out Within the Belly of the Whale which is the first track of their current album - Songs of the Hunchback Whale. During the interview, SouthSide asked the band what inspired them to use recorded hunchback whale sounds for the album. They replied "...[we] all have an interest in animals..." to which one of them found the album Songs of Hunchback Whales. They went on to tell her a little something about the hunchback that she never knew like how these amazing creatures can sing a song up to 1 1/2 days. And their song Within the Belly of the Whale though being about inside a belly of a whale had each member feeling some sort of spiritual connection with their animal brethern. However, Phantom Tails wanted to make it clear - they're NOT usint this song and/or the album as the main focus to shed light that these whales (and other sea creatures) are endangered species. "...we're not sponsored by PETA or Greenpeace ...though pocket pitas are delicious with hummus..." What a yummy endorsement for hummus.

Before wrapping up the interview, SouthSide noticed that Phantom Tails was the fourth band from Minneapolis she has reviewed this year, blogspot readers, and wanted to know what's the music scene like up there. "...lots of music of going on ...everyone is friendly and supportive..." with Sergio adding two main things about the Minneapolis music scene "'s experimentive and very communal there..." They know her friends The Poor Nobodys and The Big Strong Men (who will be returing to Chicago during Halloween weekend) and this isn't Phantom Tails first time in Chicago either. They have graced the stages of Ronny's and Darkroom ...and now Elbo Room. This band likes the mini Midwest tour stops (i.e. Milwaukee, Chicago and Indiana before heading back to the Minneapolis) which has garnered then a growing Chicago fanbase. And not to worry if you've missed this show, Phantom Tails promises to return to Chicago soon. Since they're currently on tour heading to New York for CMJ, SouthSide asked the guys what they hoped to achieve while attending this music conference. They replied " have many hear us as possible..." With over 800 bands performing at various venues, they're being very realistic about a record company (or two) coming to see them peform. In other words, they're not looking for that record deal, blogspot readers. But what they're looking for is "...gain more new fans and establish new music connections..." with other bands as well as with those inside the industry. Meanwhile, Sergio has one goal in mind for himself while there - to go to Chinatown to eat.

Lastly, Phantom Tails wants you to know about their new album coming out soon - Armageddon of Experience with the question to you fans - are you armageddon the experience? Well, SouthSide highly recommends getting the experience with this band, Phantom Tails while they're in New York or wherever they rock the stage with whale songs. Visit or for more information and details.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

15 Oct 11

"...welcome to the City of Red ...and there's no turning back..."

Hey, blogspot readers, let's party! SouthSide's rockin' the hottests wildest party ever to happen in the Lakeview neighborhood area that featured the returned of a local band. At Elbo Room, fans packed the basement lounge to welcome back the one and only Wags and the guys of Red City with new bassist, Tim to the stage after a long year absence. Also rockin' the Room with them was SouthSide's other friends, Always The Villain who were having a little surprise party for birthday boy, Brian (drummer) before their set.

SouthSide recommends getting your "Villain" card stamped by this band's diverse sound of intense guitar rock coupled with some pop rhythms within its music. Always The Villain wowed their loyal fans with their villainy style of rock in which front man, Billy (guitar/synth) projected high dosage of raw expressiveness of emotions in his vocals. This dynamic vocalist truly was putting a lot of himself into each word throughout every ATV song especially during opening song, Way Out. It was so vocally intense that he had to take off his glasses, blogspot readers, just to continue singing in that momentous range. Fans were definitely feeling this electric charge of energy and fervor from both Billy and the band even while in a downtempo pace to spotlight how dynamic Billy's voice could get. Though the distortion (not from one instrument but from all side on stage) was a minor headache during ATV's rockin' set, the band premiered a few new songs which clearly demonstrated its gradual progression of various music directions. Yet one thing remained - ATV's desire to give their fans the best possible whether it was full guitar energy (but not as intense) as heard in Self Esteem Balloon or hardcore intensity of metal guitar rock (sans the pop rhythms) that had many experiencing fan frenzy as heard in The 4th Estate. SouthSide does recommend listening to the "serious" side to ATV (to a few fan's dismay who didn't get the subject matter) during Always The Same. This was the one song that had Billy emotionally pumping the raw feeling of hurt and frustration into the lyrics while the band had fun rockin' out the stage. To hear the funkified side of ATV, this reviewer suggests listening to My Complex Mind which featured a soulful vocal style on lyrics (projecting intense frustration) and high energy but on a slight downtempo pace. Visit or to hear other songs like Back To Here and Hard Princess.

"...I love Wags..." ~ Andrew Coate

They're back, blogspot readers! After a long absence from the local scene to record an album and search for a new bassist, Red City made a triumphant return to the stage yet sounding even better and wilder than ever before. Fans immediately lit up the basement lounge with frenzied screams as front man Wags and band welcomed everyone back to the City of Red during the infamous Intro song. Wasting no time, to keep the high energy and momentum going, this band moved quickly straight into rockin' the stage with fan favorites like Hollow Man and Tightrope. What truly made this show different from other past Red City shows - Wags was more animated ...jazzed up as front man while feeling that intense Zeppelin-esque sound of classic rock-n-roll wafting throughout the lounge. Nothing could contain the excitement he exhibited song after Red City song as he shimmied and shook ...and stood on top of stage monitors fueling more energy to the fans who responded back with more frenzy. How could one not feel such a thing? This band wonderfully honed in that era where twitterpating guitar riffs (especially Jimmy Page's Zeppelin riffs) drove people absolutely wild ...sometimes SouthSide sees a little of Robert Plant in Wags when he sings especially during her favorite song Crimson Exlir. Like Zeppelin's Kashmir, this song while in a bluesy downtempo pace gets very hot and steamy though the guitars are still pumping a steady flow of energy into the riffs (but needing to tone down the bass so Wags' vocals can pop more). This is where Red City's front man shined under the spotlight pumping such fierce sexiness (with some hip action for the ladies) over the mic that it was literally melting when releasing his raspy falsetto at the chorus. Ah, blogspot readers, it was the band at its best "get down and dirty" side as fans grooved and swayed to the electrifying vibrant music. The frenziness didn't stop there. Oh no was simply the beginning with Red City. The entire front stage (and somewhere beyond that point) came to life during Are You Gonna Be My Girl? to which many wanted to be his "girl" all night long before wowing them with The Dead of Night (another chance for Wags to shine as front man amidst the gritty guitar sound but need to tone down bass a little here too). Wags and the band were certainly putting on a rock show no one will ever forget. And thanks to Brian (on sound) and lighting fx, everyone was basking under that rock "space cadet glow" experience especially during fan favorite Sandstorm. Overall, Red City's return to the local did thrill, excite, chill and a whole lot more that fans cried for one more song fact they would rather have one more set with this rockin' band, blogspot readers. Check out Red's new website to find out when and where this hot revitalized band will be tearing up the stage again.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, October 17, 2011

12 Oct 11

After a hot and steamy debate, blogspot readers, there's nothing like a cool refreshing "sip" with a band. And that's what SouthSide did as she headed to the hip Wicker Park area for The Southern Moonshine Art Festival at The Southern. This one-night only fest featured local artists and crafters displaying air-brushed portraits to custom-made jewelry pieces upstairs. Downstairs in the bar, SouthSide's friends, I Can Hear Myself Levitate were on tap for a rare acoustic performance. This reviewer hihgly recommends checking out this bi-level restaurant/bar (with open air terrace seating, weather permitting). She enjoyed the intimate yet friendly atmosphere and hopes to return soon (with a bunch of friends) to sample a few delicious items off their menu.

It was a rare yet unconventional acoustic set by local rockers, I Can Hear Myself Levitate, blogspot readers. Rare - because it gave the guys a chance to step away from their amplified selves for one night to demonstrate vocal and talent abilities (as well as break-in their new drummer to hear ICHML songs at a live performance). Unconventional (and this isn't a band thing) - because the set was performed without any microphone or amplified acoustic guitar sound ...raw natural sound here - no electronic equipment. To say, SouthSide was impressed would be an understatement. She was thoroughly blown away by ICHML's powerful display of vocal and performance talent under an acoustic setting. This reviewer liked how front man, Chris, expressed his natural vocal powress withi his falsetto voice amidst the calming but sometimes intense guitar sound. You simply had to be at The Southern to hear the clear projection without any microphone usage wowing the ears of vibrant emotions that popped the lyrics to life. It was the kind of intensity in which you were made to feel what Chris was feeling while he sang not just hear the words even while in a downtempo acoustic rhythm. SouthSide plans on a future review on I Can Hear Myself Levitate's amplified side but in the meantime visit or for more information about thie band and upcoming shows.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

12 Oct 11 - Chicago Ideas Week

" is a verb - do something..."

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to a week of celebrating ideas and innovations being thought up! In Chicago, it's Ideas Week (until Oct 16) - an annual event desigened " ignite, inspire, connect and catalyze..." communities around great ideas and people. Started by Groupon founder, Brad Keywell after being "inspired" himself by attending other ideas-like conferences such as The Aspen Ideas Festival, Chicago Ideas Week 2011 features over 160 guest speakers (Fran Drescher, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Joan Cusack, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and many more) discussing a wide range of topics from Architecture to Sports and Global Community Development as well as Social Entrepreneurship and Tech & Web. Other Ideas Week event also include exclusive Lab visits/tours inside some of Chicago's notable business infrastructures like Argo Tea, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, The Boeing Company, Project Exploration, Chicago Transit Authority and more. For more information about events for the rest of the week, visit

On this particular day, Southside has the extreme pleasure to join other Ideas Week attendees at Venue 610 of The Spertus Center for a thought-provoking yet highly spirited debate. As part of Chicago's Week events, Intelligence Squared US Debates featured a hot topic for the first time outside its usual New York City setting. The topic of the night posed a very interesting motion - Too Many Kids Go To College in which there were two speakers each representing FOR and AGAINST the motion. Before attending the debate, this reviewer had some considerable time to reflect about the motion questioning whether or not a college education is truly worth its weight these days ...especially within the current state of the US economy and umployment situation. Attendees of this debate were asked to consider the following points: is it time for young people to skip college and go straight into the workforce OR is higher education still necessary as a stepping-stone towards success? To have a BA (Bachelors of Arts) of not - that's the REAL question, blogspot readers. Though recent statistics have shown a college education is economically beneficial despite those with jobs that don't require it, how can one discount the extraordinary success of business entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs who have proven it's possible without it. Hm...looks to be a heated topic with Peter Thiel (PayPal co-founder) and Charles Murrary (author of AEI article - Are Too Many People Going To College?) supporting the motion while Henry Bienen (President Emeritus of Northwestern University) and Vivek Wadhwa (Washington Post and Bloomberg Business Week columnist) speaking against the motion.

Before commencing with the opening arguments for and against the topic, moderator and host John Donovan (from ABC News Nightline) briefly welcomed all invited guests (which included Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the audience) and explained our role during the IQ2US (Intelligence Squared US) debate including voting procedures. Since this would be a live recorded NPR (National Public Radio) program, we were encouraged to applaud during whichever argument and/or point appealed to us. After a couple of minutes, the debate was underway with a short synopsis containing a few alarming facts that included how manufacturing jobs today are almost non-existent a number of high school graduates are not properly prepared for a four year college/university degree. Yet what about those who didn't graduate college and made success of themselves? That's what the topic - Too Many Kids Go To College would try to sway the "undecided" minds throughout the debate. At the end of this article, SouthSide will reveal the results of the final vote tally ...and which side won the debate.

Peter Thiel opened his argument FOR the motion by stating he once had the belief that a college education was important. However that mindset changed approximately five years ago upon realizing with technology continuously expanding, people were choosing to forgo college education for other forms of employment that didn't require a college degree (BA). Another reason - the rising cost of a college education has reached the point which many simply cannot afford it. Then, Peter Thiel went on to explain how in the 1990s, the US experienced a tech bubble 2000, a housing bubble and today, we're experiencing an education bubble. "...we cannot afford to have a third bubble..." stated Thiel especially as student debt is currently over a trillion dollars. Yes, blogspot readers, you read correctly - a Trillion dollars ...with a capital T. He gave a startling example to the audience that every year there are 50,000 Law school graduates but only 30,000 legal jobs available. In conclusion, he's not saying - no one shouldn't go to college or that it's a bad thing. He preferred people shouldn't think education is the automatic ticket to their success ...try thinking of what they want to do with their life.

Henry Bienen opened his statements AGAINST the motion stating that attending college is about the achieving the American Dream. He did admit some dropouts do "make it big" however not everyone is a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs ...or smart like them. Plus he added "...more years of school are correlative with one's income and employment..." He stated there are two preminiums involved when one has obtained a college education (i.e. BA) and they are wage (the higher the education the more wages will increase) and social (with a BA and beyond, the person will be more productive in our society). "...we need more college graduates ...not less..." Bienen emphatically told the debate audience he admits many high school graduates are not ready for college but only because their school and/or education didn't prepare them. He then disputed Thiel's doubts by saying that the latest trend showing now - people do in fact need a secondary and post-secondary degrees. Bienen is not against the alternatives (i.e. vocational schooling and education) like Germany and Switzerland has however in the US there aren't many alternatives being offered. "...can't give up on the American dream..."

Charles Murrary offered a second point of view in favor of the the motion - Too Many Kids Go To College by first advocating the abolishment of the SATs (Standardized Achievement Testing). At first, he thought the debate was about exclusively four year college/university institutions not the inclusion of community colleges as well. Then he went on to say which drew some laughter "...the BA is the work of the Devil..." that it's a fraud because "'s suppose to represent you're educated ...wrong..." According to him, a BA actually means " don't know anything..." Murrary could have related to the debate audience the countless stories of grade switching on tests/exams scores (from Ds and Fs to Cs and Bs all because the universities/colleges are about retaining the student not losing the money from the student) and of employers complaining how many BA job applicants who cannot write a comprehensible sentence. The ONLY thing a BA can do according to Murrary is tell people where you were educated despite needing one just to get a job interview. He emphatically stated to the audience that we're creating a mindset in which not having a BA means the person is dumb or lazy ...and it's subsequently enstilled onto kids today. That in turn leads them to take "bird" (easy) courses within their major while attending college "...they're not there for the education but for a worthless piece of paper..." Murrary concluded that a 4 year college/university institution is obsolete since the information system (i.e. web/internet) has given a new way so students in getting an education.

Vivek Wadhwa opened his rebuttal remarks against the motion by stating that dropping out of college didn't make any sense to him. According to him, "...these people in America are out of touch aobut not going to college ...US education is by far the best in the world ...foreign education is trying to be like the US..." In the US, he stated during his statements that our schools have ways of making you think, be creative, compete etc. And he also reiterated - community colleges are colleges too ...and they rank up there with the best of the best 4 year university/college but that is, blogspot readers, a matter of his own opinion. Meanwhile in foreign countries like India and China, they are learning "...our tricks [about college education] why have these stupid debates..." (yes, he actually did say that). "...we're losing by debating this..." Wadhwa said that it didn't matter which school you graduated from ...either Harvard or a city college like Harold Washington or Daley, you can still make it as an entrepreneur. He also added that "...we will have to constantly re-educate our workforce with basic education..." because of jobs moving offshore to China and India. Wadhwa concluded that everyone should have a BA or even a Masters since those who have one do better financially than those who don't. In SouthSide's honest opinion, she found that last statement be very elitest and took some offense to it.

With opening statements concluded, the debate gradually became heated between the four speakers rebutting and counter-rebutting each one's opening remarks. Peter Thiel pointed out that going to college was essentially NOT the "American Dream" especially during the 1920s and 30s when only a small percentage attended. And he said most jobs today don't require a college degree. Thiel concluded that going to college has become a nightmare as more and more people go into debt. However Henry Bienen refuted Thiel's theory by saying colleges is not a nightmare but a "blossoming" experience "...people feel better when attending a 4 year college..." And frankly, he didn't see it as a 4 year party atmosphere as Thiel joked saying "...who knows what impact the [college] experience will have on people..." Bienen concluded that even the late Steve Jobs took a college course before his death - a calligraphy class. Meanwhile, Charles Murrary addressed the fact that during the 1960s only 8% had a college degree while the 92% didn't have one but were successful. Back then, no one looked down on you if you didn't go to college or have a BA as it is happening today. Now, according to Murrary, it's a caste system. If a person is a high school graduate only, he/she is looked down upon than if they were a college graduate. Vivek Wadhwa stated that the US is re-inventing itself "...anyone can re-invent themselves ...anyone can obtain the American Dream..." According to Wadhwa, the US is the only superpower in the world and Chinese as well as other foreign students want what we have.

as the air during the debate began simmering to a boil with the debators arguing their points and statistics amongst themselves, SouthSide had drawn her own conclusions in which side she supported. Charles Murrary did receive applause from her as well as others when pointing out craft/manufacturer skills are now considered demeaning. He then mentioned the popular cable program, Dirty Jobs, in which Murrary stated "...there are ways of making a living without having a 4 year degree..." That is certainly true in SouthSide's case since she holds two certifications - one for Paralegal and the other for Business Systems/LAN Administration. Though host John Donovan didn't believe Thiel or Murrary about there being a caste system, both said repeatedly the system is real while Henry Bienen was quoted again " can be transformative ...a blossoming experience..." Charles Murrary had the last word in which he painted a picture of his perfect world to the debate audience. In his world, for example, if someone wanted a Business/Marketing degree, then it would only take that person 1 1/2 years to complete the necessary course work sand the filler (unnecessary electives and minors). There would be a certification exam - not something in which you blacken bubble dots but demonstrating work samples that one could show to employers during an interview.

Blogspot readers, you had to be inside the auditorium to feel as well as witness how heated this debate was getting. And its effect wasn't contained to the stage. It was definitely felt amongst the many hands raised to ask the panelists questions. There was a question about the quality of social networks to which Peter Thiel replied it was valuable bu mostly on an elite college level. However Vivek Wadhwa disagreed and stated that it (social networking) isn't at the elite college level but even within the lessor colleges too. There's, according to him, interaction at all levels and those who dropout don't get that social interaction needed. Another audience member questioned fundamental reforms to which Charles Murrary stated he saw certifications as replacements for a BA and employers are now taking notice to that fact. According to him, certifications will level the playing field and boost college attendance not lower it but it would also not lock people into a "...BA straitjacket..." Henry Bienen said he's not against the on-the-job training or certifications but did defend those who major in Humanities/Social Sciences when Peter Thiel commented that he recommends people study engineering. Another wanted the panelists to comment about a 4 year college tier versus a 3 year tier (in which is used in European universities) even though it wasn't pertaining to the topic at hand. Other questions included "...are colleges (2/4/etc) hurting people... clarify what are colleges good for (from Gabrielle Lyon of Project Exploration) ...what steps are needed for academic institutions to eliminate family, etc influence and revert back to open competition..."

There were many more questions wanting to be asked yet not enough time allotted to answer them all as round two concluded. Host John Donovan gave each debator their final two minutes to sway the audience before casting votes on which side presented the better argument. Henry Bienen felt there was some confusion about college and its purpose yet sees going to a 4 year college as a way of getting people to be more independent. He also added that the key in getting more kids ready for college is improving the K-12 education level so colleges would be viewed as a 4 year remedial experience. "'s not about the cost or college - it's aobut the answer is wrong..." Peter Thiel asked the other side "...where would the accountability be if people get hurt by the cost?" According to him there is none and since there's a lack of accountability, buyer beware! "...the way it ends is when people start thinking for themselves the cost worth the benefit..." He preferred less of a caste system and social pressure as well as the need of going to college. Meanwhile Vivek Wadhwa challenged Peter Thiel "...why don't we jointly improve the education level so more people can go to college..." Charles Murrary questioned the other side with " about the goal of education for all kids's about eduction not the worthless piece of paper (i.e. BA)..." He advocated for fundamental reforms, certifications instead of BAs, and the end of the employment class system (i.e. white collar, blue collar, service, et al) envisioning everyone starting at the beginning as Apprentices moving up as Journeymen striving to be Master Craftsmen.

On that note, the debate concluded with the audience given the task to vote which side presented a better case for or against the motion. Before the debate, this is how the audience voted: 39% FOR, 40% AGAINST and 21% UNDECIDED. This is how the audience voted after the debate: 47% FOR, 46% AGAINST and 7% UNDECIDED. By a slim percentage, those FOR the motion presented a stronger case.

Intelligence Squared US has future debates scheduled in New York City but can be heard live on over 220 NPR stations (including WBEZ in Chicago) or seen on WNET/Thirteen, WLIW or NJTV. SouthSide highly recommends attending the next two upcoming debates - on October 25th - Congress Should Approve Obama's Job Plan (For: Cecilia Rouse and Mark Zandi; Against: Richard Epstein and Daniel Mitchell) and on November 15th - The World Would Be Better Off Without Religion (For: Matthew Chapman and A.C. Grayling; Against: Dinesh D'Sauzo and Rabbi David Wolpe). She has a feeling those two would be extremely heated and should not be missed if you live in the New York area. For tickets and more information about Intelligence Squared US, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

09 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers, the busy weekend ends with a special On The Town review. Back at Elbo Room, SouthSide's there to welcome Swallows (MN) to Chicago and checking out their headlining debut performance. Also, sharing the stage with this organic rock/alternative band was Dr. Dolphin, Mama Dempsey and Yellow Jacket. This reviewer caught the end of this local band's performance and recommends rockin' along to its energizing yet vibrant guitar rock. She enjoyed Yellow's music that contained a classic rock-n-roll sound with a hint of blues (think Cream during its heyday) but with a modern twist to which the momentum will make you groove to the righteous beat. Carlo, front man on guitar and vocal duties, truly rocked the room vocally when performing Desert Light (written while serving in Iraq and was dedicated to the troops still serving) and a Hendrix classic (a rockin' soulful rendition that melted the mic). Besides putting on an awesome show, Yellow Jacket was also raising money for Play For Life Internationl ( in which the band was donating 20% of their earnings to this organization. For more information about Yellow Jacket and where they'll be performing again, visit

Dramatically haunting yet vibrantly melodic ...soulfully organic rock alternative sounds from Minneapolis - that's basically how SouthSide would describe Swallows after seeing their Chicago debut performance. This quintet of musicians captivated the audience with elements combining a sense of mystery and realism heard in the lyrics, harmonzing rhythms and intense momentum whether the tone was dark and moody or not. The organic side to this band's music came from the usage of ordinary household items as instruments like a small garbage can, a metal pipe and a kitchen strainer. These items used simply enhanced the percussion side the bass cello rhythms further deepens Swallows' haunting mystery during certain songs like The Devil's Hate and Come To Me. And the organ - at times added some soulful blues as heard in Medusa. A good example of all instruments working wonderfully together yet on somewhat opposing ends of melodies and/or rhythms would be Long Long Shadow that had a certain steady Native American tribal feel (off the cello and drums performing together). SouthSide does want to mention how front man Jeff (vocals/guitar) emotionally moved her with his intense vocal performance throughout this set. Looking over her notes, it was hard picking a moment when he didn't project a realistic tone or emotional expressiveness off the lyrics. His simplistic mantra-like chant "'ll come to me..." (during Come To Me) or the forceful "...I won't back down..." (during Medusa) were almost hypnotically enticing to the ears under his raspy falsetto voice. This reviewer recommends listening to the earnest plea of longing to go home in Home and the emotionally yet powerfully heartfelt falsetto of " over me..." in Eventide. Visit for tour details and more about this band.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

08 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to the hottest party of the next millennium ...happening now! Tonight, at The Abbey Pub, SouthSide rocked a very late yet special show that featured psychedelic, jazz-fused, trippy organic electronica/experimental music. Continuously flowing ..always edgy and fresh ...energizing ...vibrantly spontaneous which kept this crowd dancing under its magic spell until the wee hours of Sunday morning. And when it was over, everyone wasn't chanting "one more song" but "one more set". The band this reviewer is speaking of - her good friends, Papadosio (NC). If you haven't seen this world-class act, SouthSide highly suggests you do as well as the jazz-fused/experimental (and more) band that opened for them, The Coop.

The funkadelic sounds of jazz, electronica and dubstep/techno meshed into one free-flowing grove that kept this packed venue vibin' to the music until the end. That's pretty much a good description, blogspot readers, of The Coop's opening performance without giving too much away. This reviewer immediately liked the vibrant sound wafting throughout ...very energizing yet (at times) calming at the same time. You not only heard the electronica, guitar riffs or the bluesy saxophone rhythms - you felt each and every note which had many (including SouthSide) dancing to the ambient sounds and melodic groove. The Coop tightly wrapped everyone within this type of momentum song after song like Space Cakes I, It's All Here and The Quest (these songs and more are featured on The Coop's Internalize CD). This reviewer highly suggests rockin' your ears to this local band's new song, Cosmic Blanket. Featuring digital playback for the song's vocals and lyrics, many shining happy people (those closest to the stage) were instantly groovin' to the intense melodic electronica beat ...very spacy with plenty of digital wizardry to rock your body. In a nutshell, this song was a cosmic snuggie blanket of warm electronic sound and music. The Coop is touring in support of Papadosio for a few dates and this reviewer highly suggests checking them out at their next show. Visit or for more music and details.

With this crowd thoroughly warmed up, good friends Papadosio rocked out the night with the best electronica-music party scene ever, blogspot readers! Under the spectacular glow of The Abbey's stage lighting and this band's groovelicious music, everyone (those who were lucky enough to get inside to see this band - many more were waiting to get in) was immediately captivated by the organic wizardry of this band's electronic melodies and rock (guitar riffs and percussion) rhythms. Very hypnotizing as well as ambient in which everyone reacted to Papadosio's vibrantly energizing momentum in their own special way. Some danced ...others body rocked with swinging lights (sometimes there are hula hoopers in the crowd) ...the rest just swayed underneath the mesmerizing sound. No one, blogspot readers, not even SouthSide could escape the contagious sound. Can't explain how this reviewer felt while amidst the nonstop flow of music but she was definitely lost within the other shining happy people dancing to the music. Think of a rollercoaster while listening to Papadosio's music. It contained many dramatically climbing crescendos melodic crashes and beats ...twists and turns as your ears ride the cosmic soundwave. The lighting sequence (wonderfully provided by The Abbey Pub) truly helped in keeping everyone deeply immersed inside that technowave club scene vibe song after song. Besides dazzling the crowd with such favorites - Smile and Nod and By The Bright Lights Of The Stars, Papadosio rocked a robotic groove with their The Bionic Man Meets His Past that featured a downtempo lull at first then added gradually rising melodies and rhythms. This soundwave still kept everyone energized while feeling that steadily crescendo rise until (there was an actual pause here to this song, blogspot readers) POW - an explosion of electronica music to which the crowd erupted into cheers and more frenzy dancing. SouthSide would like to reveal the rest of Papadosio's spectacular headlining performance however it would simply ruin your own experience with this band when you attend their next show. She will give you some piece of advice - arrive to the show early. Papadosio's known to sell out and/or pack a venue with loyal fans wherever they perform. So if you want to experience what the other shining happy people are experiencing, then get to the show EARLY. For more information about this band and tour details, visit or (for free music).

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07 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another star-studded, action packed adventure around town for SouthSide! From Friday to Sunday, your fearless local reviewr was rockin' and partying at two major venues while covering the hottest touring acts to hit their stages. On Saturday, she'll be at The Abbey Pub to see her friends Papadosio (OH) again and on Sunday, it'll be Swallows (MN) for their debut at Elbo Room. However, tonight, she's rockin' Elbo Room to see two of LA's rising metal acts currently on tour - Clandestine and Spineshank.

Though missing part of Clandestine's performance, this reviewer recommends checking out the temptress of the siren-like melodic voice and the band of hardcore guitar metal rock. She enjoyed the interesting yet unique mesh of this style of female vocals immersed within this dark and intense genre. Despite noticing female singer, June, had to scream sometimes to be heard, her voice did pack a solid punk to which many felt her pain and frustration while banging their heads to the raw sound. Clandestine certainly presented its audience a powerfully emotional ...very dark with such fierce intensity type of rock show, blogspot readers, until the last guitar riff slowly died into eternity. For more information about this band, visit

It may have been years since this band had rocked a Chicago stage but they definitely rocked the Elbo Room stage like a young twentysomthing metal band. And if the stage was a little bit larger and wider, they would have definitely tore it down to the ground. Long time rockers, Spineshank, returned to the stage - first time in years - giving their diehard fans a headlining show they'll never forget. This metal Grammy-nominated band and its dynamic leader, Jonny, had head's banging to the intense guitar riffs and animalistic screamo/raspy falsetto vocals as well as to a hardcore metal rock sound that made the blood boil with excitement. This band literally knocked the wind out of SouthSide, blogspot readers, throughout their intense performance. With the aid of digitalized playback, certain Spineshank songs and its metal sound were enhanced to add more depth and emotions as heard in Asthmatic and Beginning of the End. Both songs were excellent examples of one's emotions powerfully poured into the lyrics by Jonny especially during Beginning of the End. You were meade to feel the angered sentiments behind the words just listen to them. This performance also featured new songs off Spineshank's upcoming album - Anger, Denial, Acceptance (to be released soon) such as Murder Suicide (fierce animalistic within a raw tone in which the metal-tastic music matched note for note) and single Nothing Left For Me (not as intense or hardcore as the other new songs but full of energy and Jonny's emotional falsetto style pops the song with lots of head banging momentum). SouthSide suggests immersing the ears into the heavy intensity of Spineshank's other new song - Damage in which she literally felt the hardcore guitar riffs. While regaling the fans with classic Spineshank tunes like Detached and Dead to Me, Spineshank wowed this reviewer with their version of George Harrison's classic - While My Guitar Gently Weeps. She has heard other versions that try to imitate the original Beatles tune however this band up the stakes by turning it into the darkest hardcore metal ballad ever with such vocal intensity and emotion. The guitars were certainly weeping within that metal sound, blogspot readers. Before closing with HOC, Spineshank promised its fans that this performance was simply the beginning of a new era ...starting with this tour. For more tour details, music and information about this band, visit or

sidenote: SouthSide also highly recommends rockin' while singing along with her friends, A Thousand Julys. This local group once again entertained the upstairs audience at Elbo Room's acoustic lounge with their lively cover renditions of popular songs like Michael Jackson's Rock With You and Cee Lo Green's Fuck You (which is always a fan highlight during their performances). SouthSide promises to do a full review on A Thousand Julys soon but in the meantime, visit for more information about them.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

7 Oct 11 - October Calendar Update

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has more exciting shows and events happening soon that you should be aware of.

On Sunday, Oct 16, SouthSide will be rockin' and interviewing an official CMJ band from Minneapolis - Phantom Tails! They will be making their one-night only Chicago debut performing off their current album Sounds of The Hunchback Whale. She's been told this band wielded "...analog synthesizers, fuzz bass, and surf guitar while brandishing electronic drum beats sampled from vintage 808 machines, and sonar whale recordings..." - sounds interesting, blogspot readers. Voted as City Pages Best New Band 2011, they will be joining other bands in New York for CMJ Oct 18 thru 23 with other dates around the Big Apple. Visit or follow them on Twitter at for more info.

On Oct 20th - SouthSide highly suggests heading to the Hideout to rock, jam and party with her buddies, The Buddies! This jamboree-like rock band comprised of members from Welcome To Ashley and Pale Blue Dot recently rocked out the crowd at Double Door during their record release show. This show had everything and they promise to bring the same fun and atmosphere to The Hideout as they share the stage with Star Anna & The Laughing Dogs.
Visit or on their Facebook page for more information.

Then on Oct 21 - The Real Jane Martin is having their BIGgest show ever, blogspot readers. Instead of performing at the acoustic lounge, they will be joined with special guests rockin' the basement lounge of Elbo Room. It's a HUGE deal for this duo and they invite everyone (21+) to come out to see them. They will feature Joe on bass, Corrin on vocals and Kirk on drums they promise you'll have a swell time jamming with them. The show begins at 9p with The Real Jane Martin hitting the stage at 10p get there early! Visit for more details.

Happening that same weekend, Change Your Age Workshop will be at Loyola University Campus. Frank Wildman GCFT, Ph.D. and author of Change Your Age (DaCapo Press) will host his first public workshop in the Chicago area at Loyola University Campus’s Simpson Living Learning Center which will introduce attendees to a series of simple, but powerful exercises that will help change the way participants move. These exercises, based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, actually will train the brain to send the correct signals to the body so it begins to move in healthier, stronger, more coordinated, and even more graceful ways. According to the press release, And, blogspot readers, no previous experience is necessary this workshop is suitable for people at all levels of fitness.

The cost for the two-day workshop is $200(there's a discount for group registrations) / Saturday and Sunday, October 22-23, 2011, 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM.
For more information and registration which is available online, go to

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4 Oct 11 - Upcoming Events

Hey, blogspot readers, just because the weather is getting a bit cooler outside doesn't mean the music and fun has to end. This is the perfect season to enjoy the local scene more ...especially bands are on tour! Her friends, Verona Red and Strange Arrangement has kicked off their Autumn 2011 tour, blogspot readers. First, Verona Red will be traveling the road starting at Bloomington, IN on Oct 7 and visiting places such as Nashville, TN, Columbus, OH, Pittsburgh, PA and a couple of nights in the Big Apple! Visit or for more tour details. Next, her other friends, Strange Arrangement will be hitting the road starting tomorrow Oct 5 visiting Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI to kick off their Side Project: Digital Tape Machine tour w/OHMPHREY. They will be making a couple stops around town in Chicago but will also visit Cincinnati, OH, Kankakee, IL, Knoxville, TN, and The Hard Rock Cafe at Las Vegas, NV! For the full tour schedule and info, blogspot readers should visit or the band's Facebook page. SouthSide highly suggests supporting her friends and make them feel welcome as they visit venues near you.

Back here in Chicago, on Oct 15 there's event in which SouthSide highly recommends supporting that will be rockin' Goose Island Brewery. Alpha Clef Project (ACP) will embark on a noble quest in partnership with SwizzleSteve (another good friend of SouthSide's) to present “A Night of Sweet Relief” for handicapped and aged artists. Alpha Clef Project is a multi-genre band, playing different styles such as Funk, Soul, and Reggae and will be playing a set that mixes original material with covers from artists such as Bill Withers to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Plus this event will also feature Yaw Agyeman and Khari Lemuel who make up one of Chicago’s finest soul duos known as The Ones. ACP and The Ones are currently working on their first collaboration album which should be available in spring 2012. Blogspot readers should know the last time Alpha Clef visited Goose Island, they genereated a packed house and it's expected “A Night of Sweet Relief” will draw an even bigger crowd. So, SouthSide says - get there early if you don't want to miss out on the fun. For more information, visit

Lastly - it's not too early to start making your New Year's Eve plans, blogspot readers. Usually, SouthSide takes that night off however she just might make appearances around town and probably at this show in which tickets will go on sale NOON Friday 7 Oct! Her friends, Last Rites present Material Re-issue performing their last show ever rockin' the stage at Reggie's Rock Club on Sat Dec 31, 2011. Advance tickets for this show are priced at $30 until Nov 30. Then the ticket prices will jump to $35 from Dec 1 to Dec 29. Tickets will be $40 afterwards (and day of show). Visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, October 3, 2011

30 Sept - 2 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers, what a weekend! SouthSide's calendar was packed from Friday to Sunday with events, parties and of course, bands rockin' the stage around town. On Friday (30 Sept), she was at Ultra Lounge for some adult fun during the Taboo Magazine party! Fashionably hip kinsters and voyuers were there to celebrate Mara Mayhem's pictorial debut in the magazine's October issue. It was two floors of music sets by Lolly Gagger and Peter Propaganda (of JILT) and naughty demonstrations and delights with ropes, whipped cream and candles featuring Mara Mayhem and others in the downstairs playroom. Lucky party participants took home a free copy of Taboo (if wanted, personally autographed by Mara herself) and other deliciously fun goodies to spice up the bedroom, blogspot readers.

Saturday (1 Oct) was an action packed day and night for SouthSide, blogspot readers, First it was roasting a pig while browsing the many records (LPs, 45s, CDs and cassettes ...and more) and posters at Schuba's. It was the venues first Pig, Swig and Record Dig event. This free all-ages event allowed music lovers and enthusiasts to snag great finds and deals from local record retailers like Dusty Groove America, Laurie's Planet of Sound, Bloodshot Records and Permanent Records to name a few. Plus inside in the stage area of the venue, Schuba's unloaded its private stock of vintage and limited edition posters for cheap, blogspot readers. SouthSide snagged three for framing to add to her growing poster population. Then it was off to browse art and more during the first day of the 10th Annual Ravenswood Artwalk. This annual tour which has brought awareness of Art and Industry of Ravenswood Corridor since 2001 featured over 15 city blocks of open studios and industry spaces free to the public. Plus there was fun art activities for kids of all ages, panel discussions, book signings and music performances by local bands like I Lost Control and The Shams band.

After a bit of rest and dinner, it was time to start the nightlife portion of SouthSide's Saturday. Now she's at House of Blues to party until dawn upstairs in the famed Foundation Room like a true VIP celebrity during the official Chromeo afterparty! This party, blogspot readers, featured DJ sets by Midnight Conspiracy and the guest of honor, Chromeo (after rockin' two straight sold out nights). This was the hottests party of the season in which the Foundation was packed with wall to wall fashionably dressed clubster crowd who danced and grooved to the best of House/dubstep/electro remixes around. Each of the opening DJ sets kept this constant flow of VIPers in the party mood until it was time greet the coming sunrise. SouthSide highly suggests rockin' your next party with the electro/House sounds and remixes by Midnight Conspiracy. This local duo (despite reports of being kidnapped by the Illumanit) has recently rocked out fests such as this year's Lolla and North Coast ...and soon will be opening for Deadmau5 at Aragon Ballroom (Oct 23). It has been a long time since SouthSide has partied so hard (though that what is she mostly does best every weekend) like this to duo that spun fast-paced remixes and electro beats at blinding speed ...even at after 2a in the morning! They kept the crowd everywhere bumpin' the to sweetly fresh rhythmic beats within an energizing vibe, blogspot readers. This reviewer recommends checking out their remixed version of her friends Gemini Club's Ghost and Innerpartysystem's And Together. Plus to the Chromeo remix of Night by Night and Crystal Castles' Crimewave. Yet, what truly had the room rockin' (in SouthSide's opinion) was Midnight's original mix Discord as well as the At Dawn We Rage remixed version. Heads up, blogspot readers in Florida, Texas and Costa Rica, her new friends will be traveling your way soon and she suggests you party your night away at their upcoming shows. Visit or for more information and music.

Sunday (2 Oct), SouthSide's surprised after getting home at sunrise that she had enough strength to walk around one last time at Ravenswood Artwalk. This time she hung out the the RAW street fair to say "hi" to her friends from CHIRP radio (Congrats to them for achieving their fundraising goal and more) and check out more local artists before heading to Margie's Candies for some delicious ice cream with her daughter. Before leaving she did check out part of Scarlet Monk and Her Orchestra's performance which entertained the audience with haunting yet melodically acoustic music and chanteuse-like vocals. Then next up it was Minneapolis Henrys to rock the stage with their vibrant folk/Americana sound.

Until next time, support your local scene,