Friday, October 21, 2011

18 Oct 11

Hey, blogspot readers, after viewing the first episode of Starz's drama series, Boss, it was time to unwind and rock! No mad CTA dash this time ...just a relaxing bus ride to reach Angels & Kings (now located inside the Hard Rock Hotel) to see the dynamically powerful singer/songwriter Mia LeBlon. When this reviewer last saw her, she was literally blown away by her vocal strength and soulful style. Also rocking the stage was Jon Allegretto (front man of A Friend Called Fire) performing an acoustic solo act.

SouthSide has seen her friends, A Friend Called Fire rock the stages around town however tonight she was deeply moved by front man, Jon Allegretto's solo performance. He simply wowed this weeknight gathering with such display of his vocal strength and dynamic expressiveness amidst the intense guitar chords. Performing songs like Riddle (off his solo EP - Dancing With Forces) and New Shadow (off AFCF's An American Daydream CD) with drummer JB on shaker (and other sound effects), Jon easily brought out the heartfelt emotions behind the lyrics while presenting them with intense as well as fierce high energy. The highligt of his performance was an acoustic version of Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun in which this reviewer never heard done so wonderfully before until now. Jon's acoustic version was dramatically moving that featured falsetto powress and intensity while taking the song to a much steadier downtempo pace (than its original tempo composition) to spotlight each word sung. Truly discovered the deeper meaning within Soundgarden's lyrics, blogspot readers. This rare acoustic performance also featured songs like Once (another AFCF song in which he personalized the words to mean something so heartfelt and emotional that his voice melted the mic under such dynamic power) and Morning Circus (a little upbeat in tempo in which JB assists Jon on vocals and more). Both songs are also found on A Friend Called Fire's current An American Daydream album. SouthSide also recommends listening to the haunting yet heartfelt emotions felt from the song, Disgraced, where Jon vocally and musically popped with fierce fervor, blogspot readers. Heads up East coasters, Jon and the guys of A Friend Called Fire will be heading your way for a three week tour that will included three solid nights rockin' as the Jimi Hendrix Experience during Halloween weekend. Visit or on Facebook for more tour details.

Mia LeBlon - singer ...songwriter ...musician ...soulful ...the woman with some of the fiercest diva-tude in her vocal attitude. That's how SouthSide would accurately describe her friend after witnessing another spectacular live performance at Angels & Kings. This artist put on an acoustic set featuring a unique instrument set up than the last time SouthSide saw her. This reviewer liked the fact Mia added more of an organic percussion rhythm (Mike on conga drums and more) than a standard drum kit. This switch in percussion sound provided an upbeat tempo (as heard in opening song Love Strikes Twice off her Looking Glass CD) as well as jazzy accompaniment (as heard in the song Black-n-Gold, a Mia religious point of view about God and evolution with some lyrical freestyle to lighten up the "serious" subject matter). Yet fans should watch out ...when that diva-tude in Mia's voice pops to life, it certainly does command your undivided attention. Throughout her headlining show, she pumped waves after waves of strong vocal power coupled with soulfully heartfelt emotions into each song lyrics. For instance, in Blush, Mia electrified the bar room with a clear projection of her fierceness - no microphone was truly needed. During the title track, Looking Glass that featured a wonderful ukelele (Ben, also on guitar)-bass (Joe) combination, this vocalist truly showed off her vocal range ability even while dipping her voice into a deep baritone range. Other fine examples inclued Mia's new song, Insomnia Eyes (plenty of fiery spunk inside her diva-tude within a lively upbeat tempo) and Woman (where she shined within her "not going to take your shit anymore" diva-tude ...and she definitely means it) before ending with ending with a soulful Stand By Me-Sha Na Na-Pumped medley for this attentive crowd. Visit or for more details and music however SouthSide highly recommends experiencing this artist's vocals live, up close and personal.

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