Friday, April 30, 2010

28 Apr 10

...let's get crazy - violence NOW... ~ Modern Day Rippers

Hey, blogspot readers, look up in the sky! It's not a bird ...not a plane's Super SouthSide to the rescue! She's the super reviewer of the local scene ...beloved by bands and fans everywhere. Tonight, donning the super double "SS" on her t-shirt, this heroine (not in tights) found wild and crazy happenings at Reggie's Rock Club. There she found other super heroes and heroines finely dressed in their costumes ready to party to rockin' garage/punk performances. The lineup featured The Rotten Fruits, The Hamburglars, Modern Day Rippers and Dr. Manhattan sharing the stage with J-Pop (Japanese Pop) rock sensation, Peelander-Z (from New York).

The craziness rockin' the stage was already in full swing when this reviewer arrived in time to see a bunch of Hamburglars performing. This punk set (complete with THE Hamburglar costumes and the famous "rubble rubble") immediately won SouthSide over. It had everything she enjoyed about the local scene - from the insane wackiness to music and witty "rubble rubble" or "cheeseburger" within the lyrics. Though not really having a clue as to whatever "rubble rubble rubble" meant in The Hamburglars' songs, this reviewer was having too much fun to care. Hm ...maybe that's probably why our super heroine was craving two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese etc when the performance was finished. Back to the show ...The Burglars rocked the stage performing songs about the green creaminess of Shamrock Shakes and their favorite food - cheeseburgers (of course). The hardest part for this reviewer was trying to decipher whether this band was doing a rock or ballad. Yet she ultimately decided to simply enjoy the variety of genres represented within their musical sound. Fans will definitely go nuts for The Burglars' rendition of AC/DC's Dirty Deeds about cheeseburgers with the "rubble rubble rubble" somewhere throughout the lyrics. SouthSide highly suggests blogspot readers practicing their best "rubble rubble rubble" before attending The Hamburglars' next show. Aldo rubble rubble rubble a copy of their new 7-inch vinyl album - now. For more information, visit or

Modern Day Rippers - The Fast The Furious meets Striptease (live) on stage in a nutshell. This performance literally tore up the stage from its furiously fast punk rock sound and wild stage antics which Super SouthSide will get to in a minute. The number one MDR rule of the night was everyone getting wild and crazy. Fans wasted no time in complying with their request as they began slam dancing and moshing around the main floor. Oh don't think the wild antics was solely contained to the fans, blogspot readers. MDR had their moments of craziness too. Let's just say, this show wasn't for the easily offended especially when MDR's bassist performs in the full monty (buff). Yes, ladies, he seriously let it all hang out for the entire world to see. Even the front man on the vocals bared his sexy chest for the screaming fans while performing a liquor store blues song. Such sadness felt during this song within a fast punk rock beat. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the insane madness as well as striptease delights of Modern Day Rippers. Guaranteed to be one of the rowdiest performances you'll ever spend in your life! For more information, visit

...we're Dr Manhattan and we're from 2012...

Are you ready for more showtime extravaganza, blogspot readers, with Dr. Manhattan? Too late ...the good doctors are ready for you! Ready for you to along with their fans to go crazy wild by slam dancing, moshing and whatnot in front of (or around) the stage. Dressed in their unique super costumes, these MDs of the punk sound exploded onto the stage while performing a retro oldie Yakkity Yakkity Yak (Don't Talk Back). This energetic cover instantly had the crowd going nutters before moving into a hiphop/rock fusion number. This reviewer enjoyed the feel of Dr's music which certainly made her at times want to join in the moshing pits below. Yet this band can perform under a downtempo pace just to slow things down a bit but don't expect that to last long. These rockin' doctors perform with high intensity music during their performances. Tonight, there was a new song to excite their fans to its thundering roar off the guitars and keyboards. This reviewer had chills running down her spine from the animalistic screaming mixed with the trippy spaced-out sound. She highly recommends checking out the pseudo-disco song that kept the crowd groovin' to the latest dance craze called Noodles. It was a rockin' blast, blogspot readers. And SouthSide highly recommends scheduling your appointment to see Dr Manhattan at their next performance. For more information, visit or

...Chicago, we're not crazy are...

Alright, super blogspot readers, now it's time to party with a live action anime comic/punk band. Say "hello" to Yellow, Red, Green and the fabulous Pink of Peelander-Z! Currently on tour, this band totally had the look of anime characters rockin' the stage with loud J-Pop sound. This show had the feel of an anime cartoon without the dazzling special effects as they roused the crowd into a frenzy to Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name. This band wasted no time exploding into their set with another bang in which wild craziness on and off stage instantly erupted especially during Mad Tiger. Besides slam dancing one another, lucky fans banged tin pots with drumsticks while prompted to shout either "Mad Tiger" or "Mad Squid". Yes, there was HUGE red squid running amuck around the venue. And the fun didn't end there - we also had limbo time happening in the middle of the main floor. That was just merely a sample of what occurred during this Peelander-Z show. The crowd also rocked to other J-Pop/punk songs such as Handsome (Yellow says he's the handsomest man on his planet), Ninja High School (learn to be a ninja and speak Japanese) and So Many Mike (everyone's name was Mike tonight). SouthSide wishes she could reveal every single detail about this Peelander-Z show in the review. However, she cannot - sworn to secrecy plus it would ruin all of the surprising fun and craziness of your own Peelander-Z experience. Instead this reviewer highly recommends attending this live action anime band's next show. Also coming in September, they will release a new CD with DVD - SouthSide's definitely going add that to her growing CD collection. For tour information, visit or

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Monday, April 26, 2010

24 Apr 10's your birthday ...happy birthday to you...

Hey, blogspot readers, it's fun turning 21 ...again! On Friday, SouthSide took the night off for her annual birthday bash held at the Elbo Room. The lineup rockin' the stage featured hip jazzy rock by Keith & The Complications, psychedelic angst rock by Oui Si Only You, wild crazy rock by Strange Ranger, riot sexy rock by Riot Inside and classic guitar rock by 6 Degrees of Separation. Thanks to all bands, fans and friends for making this birthday celebration extra special.

Tonight the rockin' fun and celebration continued at the Cubby Bear for Model Stranger's Dreams & Bones CD Release show. And to help them celebrate this momentous occasion, they invited 20 Mark Helga, The Flavor Savers, Verona Red and Calvary to perform. Plus many representing the Who's Who of the local scene - 72 Hours, Machinegun Mojo, The Branded, Red City (to name a few) were in attendance as well as family and friends. SouthSide highly recommends checking each band at their next show for totally rocking out this popular northside venue with their unique sound and music.

20 Mark Helga kicked off the lineup with a performance full of thundering guitar rock sound. Throughout this band's set, there was energy and fire not only within the music but also in the songs. Though it was a rockin' show, this reviewer noticed how the vocals didn't really compliment the amongst the trio of vocalists (Phineas on guitar, Joe on drums, and Steve on guitar) during certain songs. When paired with the lead guitarist, it seemed to be slightly off key and at one point throw off a song's keyboard rhythms. Yet each vocalist (while singing solo) displayed a unique voice style to their respective song. Meanwhile 20 Mark Helga's rock sound thundered and roared until the end when closing with Red Rover. SouthSide suggests listening Something To Hold, the title track of their current six-song EP. For more information, visit or

Verona Red was a band that this reviewer hasn't seen live on stage a very long time. And tonight she's had the unique chance to see them again. Compared to the older version of this band in which she remembers, SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed the "newer" version and its energetic burst of sound. They had the type of music that you immediately felt the vibin' groove coming from Verona especially during their new songs. One particular song featured a modern twist of jazz rhythms mixed with lyrical hiphop kept this crowd dancing along with the band. This band definitely had evolved into something bigger and better in music which was livelier and energetic with the tech/keyboard beats woven into their sound. This reviewer also noticed how much fun Verona was having on stage with this type of music. Even the ballad under a downtempo pace had enough spark to set the stage ablaze with rockin' music. She highly suggests listening to new song, No Way Home featuring a semi-acoustic sound with a conga drum, keyboard rhythms and lots of energy. This song totally rocked down the house just like their cover of David Bowie's Let's Dance. For more information, visit or

It was time for the honored guests, Model Stranger, to rock the stage to officially debut their album, Dreams & Bones. Sporting either full mustaches and/or beards, this band after a long 18-day tour still had enough energy to rock the stage for the home crowd! Opening with Where Do We Go From Here? (track 7), the fans instantly felt what this band was vibin' off the music and guitar riffs. Blogspot readers should take notice the way Stephen's (front man on guitar) vocals clearly projected the angst and frustration of love/relationships gone bad in certain songs. SouthSide suggests listening to She Don't (track 1), Carousel (track 5 - also SouthSide's favorite song), and What Are You Looking For (track 8 - which is also available on a limited special edition vinyl copy). They're fine examples of retaing that rock energy felt in Model's other songs (i.e. Fire!Fire!) despite having a downtempo sound of heartache. This reviewer also suggests listening to Vyolet's (SouthSide's daughter) favorite song by them, Monster, for its representation of modern teenage angst. Everyone has a little monster inside of them waiting to appear without a moment's notice. Closing with Sound of Silence, silence was definitely not the word of how this rockin' performance ended with an explosive BANG! SouthSide highly recommends snagging your own copy of Model Stranger's Dreams & Bones CD. For more information, visit or

...careful - some of you may be pregnant after that song...
The Flavor Savers

Dubbed as the hottest gents around town, these wild party animals known as The Flavor Savers bursted onto the stage ready to party. Using the (Chicago) Bulls theme to introduce themselves, this reviewer instantly loved the retro gym class uniform look complete with sweatbands and 80s sunglasses. Fans will have a fun time enjoying Flavor's unique mix of lyrical hiphop mixed with pseudo disco/rock sound which kept this crowd shaking their booty throughout the set. Seriously, blogspot readers, this band was all about having a good time ...even the songs performed stayed true to that effect. One thing this reviewer can say they certainly were ready to rock our faces all night long. And believe it or not, Flavor was barely out of their opening song though it felt like the middle of the performance. These guys performed cover songs such as Salt-n-Pepper's Push It (with a Flavor twist) and Billie Ocean's Caribbean Queen as well as originals People (simply a song about people) and Let's Go Disco (with lots of retro disco dance steps on stage). This was more than an ordinary review of a rock band on stage was more like watching an old VHS Jazzercise tape. Nonstop movement with lots of sexual energy until the very last song done in The Flavor Savers style. For more information, visit or

...can you turn up the girl screaming on my monitor... ~ Calvary

Whew, blogspot readers, after that high impact energy workout with The Flavor Savers, SouthSide's surprised she had any stamina left for Calvary. This was another band she was excited to see performing on stage. During their headlining set, there was explosive guitar rock featuring hardcore riffs and music you could bang your head to. Even with a tight time constraint, these guys were determined to rock out the Cubby Bear. The audience enjoyed Calvary's thundering guitar sound while listening to songs off their current EP. SouthSide like one particular song in which it had the sound and feel of a ballad by taking the hardcore rhythm down a notch. This song truly highlighted the lead guitarist's vocals while still retaining that certain umph inside the music. This reviewer also recommends listening to songs - Lesson in Lies and Welcome Home. Better yet, check out these rockers live at their next show. For more information, visit

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

20 Apr 10 goal is to win you over... ~ Reed Turner

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide had so much fun last night that she returned to the Elbo Room for another exciting show. Tonight she's rockin' the upstairs lounge for Reed Turner's acoustic performance as well as rockin' the downstairs to Jason Shannon and his band's set. This reviewer highly recommends getting to know this energetic bunch of musicians who lit ups the stage with their vibrant mix of R&B/Soul/Americana rock sound. Their music was so smokin' hot that this reviewer felt orgasmic vibes rockin' straight down to her soul. And that, blogspot readers, was merely a tiny sample of what she heard - just imagine what an entire performance could have done to her. SouthSide dug the wicked organ rhythms off the keyboards to the thundering guitar riffs as well as listening to Jason's (the energetic front guy of the band) fiery yet raspy vocals. She recommends rockin' to songs such as Shake Me Good (a touch of the island/ska sound within this rock song), Sleepless Nights (literally blew up the stage with lots of vibrant guitar rock) and Feelin' Fine (the hottest crescendo of guitar riffs ending with an explosive BANG!). Jason Shannon and the band will return to Chicago next month when they rock the stage at US Beer Co. For more information, visit or

After that hot performance, it was time to enjoy a cool relaxing acoustic set by Reed Turner. This singer/songwriter from Nashville performed an intimate show in the main lounge which featured the dynamic power of his voice behind the soothing guitar rhythms. With songs about life, relationships and etc, there was plenty of vocal emotions to be heard ranging from sadness to heartache. This singer blew away SouthSide's ears when reaching that high falsetto range during one song. Opening his performance with Torches, Reed instantly had this reviewer feeling the fire and passion of what this song was about. Yet while Lover Lay Down (track 2 off his debut album), he showed off the tender side to his voice during this ballad. She enjoyed the subtleness of the downtempo pace from the acoustic guitar which was accompanied by a few harmonic notes at the instrumental. Those few notes added the right amount of energy to the song for the audience to enjoy. On the flipside, the same harmonic sound during one of Reed's "fast" songs rocked it with an acoustic/country tone. The music was more vibrant that you could heard it as well as in his voice. Southside recommends listening to On My Own for the way Reed conveyed the feeling of being without a home through the power of his voice. She also enjoyed the few stanzas of The Cars' Just What I Needed tucked inside the middle of another song. Closing with a cover version of R. Kelly's I Believe I Can Fly, this reviewer highly recommends checking out this singer/songwriter while he's currently on tour. Besides liking his dynamic voice, fans will also enjoy the rockin' acoustic sound that has a mixture of alternative to country and Americana. For more information, visit

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19 Apr 10

...we don't spam except for porn - occasionally... ~ Lelia Broussard

Hey, blogspot readers, after spending an out of this world trip with (Thirty Seconds To) Mars, it was time to crash back to the local scene beat. Tonight, SouthSide's at the Elbo Room for a special acoustic performance by Lelia Broussard opening for Bess Rogers.

From LA and currently on tour, this singer/songwriter thoroughly impressed SouthSide with her heartwarming acoustic set. She enjoyed the vibrant power of Lelia's voice rockin' the mic ...making the audience each lyrical note in her songs. Under this intimate setting, this reviewer heard passion, energy and at certain times soft tone like a gentle lullaby singing. And with the help of another musician on horn and keyboards, Lelia's songs had spicy heated rhythms that added a touch of a sultry vibe to her chanteuse-like vocals. The extra rhythms accompanying the acoustic sound stayed basically hidden until needed for that burst of momentum within the song. For example, there was one particular song in which it featured an electronic flute turning this acoustic/alternative sound into something a little more pop/easy listening.

Yet, still it's the dynamic power of Lelia's voice that will certainly grab your attention. She clearly conveyed her thoughts as well as feelings to the audience off the lyrics. Even while taking a couple of songs to a slower downtempo pace, this artist still maintained that spark though hearing tenderness or sadness in her voice. SouthSide also noticed that the extra rhythms (whether horn or keyboard) didn't try to overwhelm and/or overpower Lelia's vocals throughout this set. She was allowed to take center stage letting the music do most of the "talking". This reviewer highly recommends listening to Hipster Bitch - one lively number with witty lyrics that rocked the stage. Plus also listen to Grass Is Greener, Dancing In The Dark and Waiting On The 9.

SouthSide highly recommends catching this singer/songwriter while she's currently on tour. Visit or for tour dates and cities.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

16 Apr 10

...Chicago, I'm taking you to church - the Church of Neon Trees...
Neon Trees

Hey, blogspot readers, ready for a rockin' out of this world experience with Mars in thirty seconds? Ready or not, tonight's adventure blasted SouthSide off to the historic Aragon Ballroom for the sold-out Thirty Seconds To Mars' Into The Wild Tour (wild doesn't begin to describe this concert - more on that later in this review). The tour also featured MuteMath (from New Orleans) with Neon Trees opening the lineup of this all-ages show. If you're ever lucky enough to attend a concert at the Aragon, this reviewer highly suggests doing one thing before staking a claim near the stage. She wants you to admire the original decorative features inside this venue. From the marbled grand staircase to balcony viewing areas and an elevator built in 1926 that's still in use, this place is one of the many examples of Chicago theatre history. Also don't forget to gaze at the ceiling above you. Yes, the detailed artwork does depict our galaxy with twinkling stars and planets - simply breathtaking.

SouthSide's wild and out of this world rock experience began with Neon Trees' energetic techno/pop performance. Don't be fooled by this band erronously labeling itself alternative (as seen on its Myspace page) since it was more than that. Most of Neon's core rock sound fell under retro with a slight modern twist which made it so enjoyable for SouthSide. She absolutely adored Tyler (the animated front man on vocals/keyboards) and his charismatic antics on stage. Watch out, ladies, he's on combustible fireball of sexual energy - lots and lots of sexual energy. Even while pelvic thrusting on his back, he kept this crowd in a constant frantic frenzy throughout set especially during the steamy zoot suit sounding with a modern jazz-like song. SouthSide suggests listening to Neon's Animals (her favorite song for its retro guitar riff sound with a poppy twist) and Calling My Name (a harder thundering guitar sound that pulsed with a steady bass rhythm). Though ending with a rockin' bang, this reviewer was totally in the mood for more. She highly recommends checking out this hot, sexually charged rock band wherever they're performing next. Guaranteed fun and excitement, blogspot readers. For more information, visit or

Though just a touch harder in sound compared to Neon Trees, MuteMath kept that energetic spirit alive during their set. SouthSide noticed right away this band had more than a techno/pop rock music. There was also a funky bass rhythm and other random instruments incorporated in their sound. This type of explosive music pumped the screaming crowd with excitement and a rockin' groove especially during Armistice. Though taking the vibe down for this song, that energetic spark felt in their earlier songs still remained off the keyboards until ending with a bang of strobe lighting and music. SouthSide liked Mute's new song, Fight, for its ballad and downtempo beat which allowed the band charismatic front man's vocals to shine. Also she loved the rockin' instrumental that had this techno/New Orleans jazz/trippy psychedelic guitar riffs thing going on, blogspot readers. Once again exploding SouthSide's ears with incredible sound, she was extremely glad this piece had no lyrics or it would have definitely killed the mood. Oh speaking of of Mute's front man, just like Tyler (of Neon Trees) his dancing and other wild antics (i.e. back flipping over the keyboard) really lit up the stage with his bouncy energy. And it wasn't solely contained just to him either - the rest of the band felt the same momentum as well. Those poor hardworking stage guys had their hands full re-setting fallen instruments to re-micing the drum kit area. Mute rocked out their performance with a unique percussive jam session (breaking the drum kit in the process) that had his crowd wanting more. This reviewer highly recommends seeing this energetic rock band wherever they're performing next. She guarantees you'll have loads of fun groovin' along with them. For more information, visit or

Now, we've come to the main attraction of the night but before they begin, Vyolet (SouthSide's daughter) would like to say "hi" and that she's one your biggest fans., that's a lot of [30 Seconds To Mars] virgins to take care of...
Thirty Seconds To Mars

Though being one of many virgins attending their headlining concert, SouthSide finally understood what Pink Floyd's opening lyrics to In The Flesh meant. She certainly did feel that warm thrill of confusion ...that space cadet glow of a Thirty Seconds To Mars rock show. It wasn't simply their show, blogspot readers, it was our show and Jared (front guy on vocals/guitar) wanted everyone to get f-ing crazy. And what a rock-n-roll show it was for this reviewer. Under a spectacle of strobe lighting (too much for the eyes while performing the song War), Mars fans literally felt their favorite band's vibe as they opened with Hunter (off current album, This Is War). The entire Aragon Ballroom erupted into a screaming frenzy for the bight pink mowhawked hair Jared and the guys as well as singing along to each song performed. From where SouthSide sat in the balcony area, she saw a massive sea of bodies jumping, moshing, and crowd surfing etc on the main floor. It was totally wild (though it still doesn't really begin to describe this show) and crazy, blogspot readers, something in which Jared wanted from this crowd. And the wild and craziness wasn't contained in the crowd either. There was plenty of that seen on and off stage as well while Mars performed a mixture of songs from albums, A Beautiful Lie and This Is War. It wasn't all epic singing (as presumably reported in Friday's RedEye) during this rockin' headlining show. There was an acoustic moment by Jared as he stood in the sound/lighting fx area on the main floor. For this reviewer, that truly was the highlight of the entire show - to hear the power and emotion of his voice while acoustically singing songs like The Kill. Sorry, blogspot readers, though there were requests heard for Bad Romance and the ever popular Freebird, he opted to keep the acoustic portion of this show to Mars songs. Surprisingly fans didn't rip off his clothes or drop him as he made his way back to the stage for Closer To The Edge. Mars performed other chart-topping hits such as Attack, From Yesterday, and A Beautiful Lie (SouthSide's favorite eco-friendly song). Her other favorite, The Fantasy, closed out the show before truly ending with an encore when the crowd demanded one more from this band.

What can SouthSide honestly tell you about her first Thirty Seconds To Mars experience? Un-expect the unexpected from Jared and the guys ...meaning it'll be hard to predict what will happen next at the Mars concert you attend compared to what happened tonight in Chicago. Just be prepared to rock along with the fans around you and have a fun time doing it. Also watch out for flying half-sipped water bottles over your head from the stage. This band really loved Chicago and tacos from Zaco Taco (a friend of a friend close to the band told this reviewer that little scoop). HOWEVER, SouthSide will have to convert them into the ways of her Southside (world championship) ball team. Who know - Jared might move here someday.

SouthSide highly recommends snagging a copy of This Is War - though epic sounding than A Beautiful Lie, she had the distinct feeling Mars is ready to start (music) revolution through its bigger rock anthems (War, Hunter) and hard guitar sound. Or instead attend their Into The Wild concert while they're currently on tour. For more information, visit or

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

13 Apr 10

Hey, blogspot readers, the fun continues with another round of live music. Tonight, SouthSide's back at the Elbo Room to get her medically prescribed injection of love. Nope, it wasn't as painful as it might sound ...not with this band, The Love Shots, rockin' the stage. However first this reviewer recommends checking out the Spencer Mulder band from Grand Rapids, MI. She enjoyed the energetic Americana/alternative songs about the heartland, life and love (not necessarily in that order). One could heard the rawness of the vocals matching the vibrant sound pulsing from the guitar riffs - very emotional and heartfelt. The cover of a rare Stones b-side added a touch of ambiance to the performance under the cool lighting effect and downtempo pace. It was simply awe-inspiring, blogspot readers. For more information, visit or

Now, blogspot readers, with a name like this band's, approximately 99.99% of their songs were about love and relationships. That's not a bad thing - most rock songs were (and still are) about that subject matter. What might surprise you about The Love Shots will be their music and sound. This local band really reached way back into time when rock-n-roll was young and very sinful for the soul. Yet, they paired this sound with a slight twist of garage/punk feel in the music. And yes this combination certainly rocked the stage! This reviewer enjoyed the thundering roar of the guitars and the energetic tempo of a basic rock beat from the drums (btw The Love Shots' drummer was totally rad behind the kit, my friends). This band had the feel and sound of the rock's early days ...maybe perhaps they will think about adding that cool retro look to their performance too. The stage was swingin' during Banshee (think early 60s Beatles when they ruled the charts with danceable sock-hop type beats before moving into their psychedelic phase), Husband Undercover (a pseudo love/breakup song depending on how you perceive the lyrics in a downtempo pace) and Pure Pleasure (an adult erotica in lyrics, steamy than their earlier songs and heavy on the guitars riffs - *fans self*).

SouthSide also loved Good Girl Gone Insane - a chilly number with a ska/reggae feel to it in which was rockin' However this reviewer enjoyed the harsh lyrics that did make this a break up song (i.e. no one wants you and nobody cares...). She recommends listening to The Love Shots' new one, Wolfhound, for its suspenseful guitar buildup that explodes into a rockin' tempo. This closing song literally set the stage ablaze with hard riffs and rhythms before finally ending in a haunting guitar sound. Yet the highlight of the night was their cover of Rick Nelson's Last Kiss though they're actually covering Pearl Jam's 2007 version - full of angst and frustration in a garage/punk tone.

SouthSide recommends getting your own dosage of The Love Shots wherever they're rockin' the stage again. For more information, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

12 Apr 10

Ola, leitores do blogspot, deixe-nos ir international para esta revisao! SouthSide esta dancando a noite afastado a musica rock de Brazillian no quarto de Elbo.

Sorry about that, blogspot readers, SouthSide's having fun learning Portuguese's the translation:

Hello, blogspot readers, let's go international for this review! SouthSide's dancing the night away to Brazilian rock music at the Elbo Room. This reviewer highly suggests getting to know the Diafanes (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) while they're currently on a short US tour. She enjoyed the hot, steamy Latin sound mixed with the spiciness of world influences (currently the tend these days) in their music. There was also a lot of homegrown flavors heard within Diafanes' songs like bossa nova and samba rhythms.

After kicking off their performance with Love In (1), SouthSide thought Lorena's vocals (guitar and other instruments) were too soft and chanteuse-like for the Diafanes' music. Was SouthSide totally wrong. The voice she brought to the lyrics perfectly matched the breath and fire felt in each song performed. The audience heard lots of passion and emotions as well as sultry erotica coming from this exceptional singer. A fine example of this would be listening to Unity (2) where Lorena mesmerized the ears with her voice under a slow-paced tempo.

Yet what truly had this reviewer dancing in her seat was the Diafanes' rockin' hardcore Brazilian guitars. Oh the Spanish/Portuguese flare in the rhythms dazzled and amazed with spiraling riffs and chords throughout their music. Plus the world influences added the right amount of spice and seasoning to the music. For example, Inside Me (1) besides hearing the Latin chords off the guitars, there was a moment when the castanets turned this song into one sultry vibrant Flamenco dance number. Or want to hear a bit of Asian flavor with this type of rock sound? Listen to Out There(2) which literally blew everyone's ears way. There were trippy psychedelic riffs combined with a samba rhythmic tempo (during the instrumental) in W.G.Y.U. (2).

The highlight of the night was Diafanes' cover of Deus Lhe Pague (Never Give Up!). Originally done by Chico Buargue in 1971, this band flipped it into a rockin' number where the guitars dominated with lots of fiery passion. Yes, blogspot readers, passion was the spice of life from Diafanes tonight ...and they performed it very well. You could literally feel the sultry heat from the rhythms while listening to the lyrics sung in Portuguese by Lorena. Another hot moment was when Shrub (1) ended their performance - an erotic Arabic influence not only from the guitars but also from the bells softly played between her (Lorena's) fingers. Let's just say, blogspot readers, it really put SouthSide in the mood for more music by this band!

Most of the songs featured during the Diafanes' performance were from their latest CDs - See Through (1) and Obviously Clear (2). SouthSide highly suggests snagging both for your collection however it's WAY better seeing this band perform live on stage. This is one performance one should experience up close and personal ...immersing your ears into the hot, spicy flavor of Brazilian rock by the Diafanes. This reviewer hopes they return to Chicago for another show soon. For more information visit, or

One final note, Lorena and the band want everyone in Chicago to know they love this town the Smashing Pumpkin!

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 Apr 10

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's in the mood to party ...again! Now, seriously when is she not? Tonight's adventure took her back to the Elbo Room for a dual birthday celebration as well as rockin' performance by Absinthe & The Dirty Floors.

SouthSide first met this up and coming alternative/rock band during a snowy local showcase at the Cubby Bear two months ago. Though it was a very short set, what impressed this reviewer was the way Absinthe would incorporate a light touch of the psychedelic sound into their music. However, blogspot readers, for their EP release show, this performance was completely different. Not for the worst, au contrarie ...but for the better! You could say this band's continuously evolving (as well as expanding) with their alternative music. After opening with a catchy tune (Identify off Absinthe's 4-song EP - Side 1), this band rocked the stage with an awesome electric jam during Desert (also off the EP).

This reviewer enjoyed the variety of other genres woven within Absinthe's alternative sound. For example, there was some modern jazz/pop in the tempo along with some psychedelic rhythms from the keyboards. Creative ideas like this kept their songs uniquely fresh and pleasurable for the audience to groove to the energetic beat. Even Absinthe's acoustic numbers had everyone feeling that lively rhythm as the other members assisted Jess (vocals/guitars) with vocals and other non-electric sounds (i.e. tambourine and hand clapping). Then there was something new added to this band's already expanding experimentation with alternative music. SouthSide enjoyed the haunting echo of the techno pop sound before the guitars exploded into hardcore riffs literally setting the stage on fire. Yet, the highlight of Absinthe's set was their cover of The Zombie's She's Not There (one of many SouthSide's favorite retro classic 60s songs). This reviewer liked how Jess' voice flipped the sort of poppy lyrical sound of the original turning them into a more of sultry groove though keeping the psychedelic sound in tact. Yes, it was that good to this reviewer's ears.

What SouthSide enjoyed most about Absinthe's performance this time was savoring more of the "slow" songs on the playlist. Not saying, she didn't like the "fast" one, blogspot readers. This gave her an opportunity to enjoy the haunting vocals while listening to the meaningful words behind the lyrics. Though the momentum during this time was taken down a notch, the songs still retained that energetic spark like their "fast" songs. Yet it was more concentrated in Jess' voice, keyboards and percussions. SouthSide suggests listening to Sunshy and Misery.

Overall, blogspot readers, SouthSide highly suggests checking out Absinthe & The Dirty Floors wherever they're rockin' the stage next. She guarantees they'll musically evolve into something that will certainly rock your ears. For more information, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

08 Apr 10 that got the blood flowing... ~ Floor Thirteen

Hey, blogspot readers, how about a joining SouthSide for a cold one? It's Micro Brew Week at her home turf, Reggie's Music Joint in which served exclusive brews. Who knows you might see a new summer ale or larger coming soon to your favorite watering hole. Besides sampling new brews, dining on sandwich specials and watching the games, there was also live performances rockin' the stage. Tonight's lineup featured a wide range of music from punk to death/metal and psychedelic instrumental. Fans grooved to sets by Floor Thirteen, Admiral Of Black and Killer Moon with The Reptoids headlining.

There's a sane method to this opening act's maddening rock sound, blogspot readers. It was wild and crazy well as seriously kicking major arse on stage. Floor Thirteen was one fireball of rock-n-roll energy yet that's hardly not the correct adjective to describe their performance overall. This reviewer enjoyed the explosive sound of fast guitar riffs which dazzled the ears. Though hypnotized by Floor's use of video screens, you could totally feel what this band was vibin' from their songs. SouthSide highly suggests listening to Let It Go (rip-roaring thunderbolt of rock which gets your blood boiling), Dance Tonight (plenty of guitars that will have you dancing along with the band) and Shut Em Out (rocked down the Music Joint with a bang!). The highlight of the night was the rockin' punk version of Zombie by The Cranberries. Instead of the slow martyred route like the original, fans will enjoy their energetic hardcore version with Floor's guitar riffs twisting out of control during the instrumental. Like SouthSide mentioned earlier, there's a sane method to this band's maddening rock-n-roll. She highly recommends checking out Floor Thirteen wherever they're rockin' the stage again. For more information, visit or's a race and I'm in it to win it... ~ Admiral Of Black

Though it took her a few songs to get into the groove with Admiral Of Black, SouthSide highly suggests checking out this rockin' death/metal band's sound. She enjoyed the head banging, hardcore guitar rock which was coupled by raw, raspy vocals full of angst and frustration off the lyrics. Metal fans, this definitely was your type of band performing on the Music Joint stage! You didn't just hear Admiral's heart-pounding riffs and rhythms actually felt the chords curdling inside your veins. SouthSide liked the epic-sounding music which this band seems to be famous for during the instrumentals - so you can savor each note pulsating at you. In one particular song, the intro was filled with a crescendo of guitar chords/rhythms each going a half octave until it thundered (more like roared) throughout the venue. This reviewer could simply close her eyes while listening to this song and feel the vibrating soundwave from the instruments. It absolutely rocked til the very last note had ended. In most of Admiral's playlist, there will be sudden chord changes to get you fully rockin' with them before ending with an explosive bang. She highly recommends listening to Fold In and The Storm well as other songs off Admiral's The Hand Of Chaos CD. For more information, visit or

The mesh of clashing rhythms were simply too much for SouthSide's ears even though instrumentally Killer Moon's set was okay. The volume on the monitors (for the electric) were up too high to be bearable for any ear to hear this performance. Thank goodness there was barely any lyrics to most of Killer's songs because certainly there was no possible way of hearing them over the loud noise. Yet somehow SouthSide was able to enjoy a small part of this psychedelic instrumental rock show despite feeling the electric and bass were out of sync with each other. Then again, she couldn't figure out if this band was re-creating the (Jimi) Hendrix experience or some new generation version of it, blogspot readers. This reviewer did enjoy the psychedelic style Killer brought to the Music Joint however (even while wearing her earplugs) it was simply unbearable to hear the trippy riffs and rhythms. Sadly, it's a mixed reaction from this reviewer in which she cannot honestly recommend Killer Moon. That, faithful readers of this blog, she shall leave that decision to you. Perhaps you'll have better luck at a future show than SouthSide did tonight. For more information, visit

...I'm deaf ...more deaf than you... ~ The Reptoids

It has been years since SouthSide has reviewed this rockin' local punk/hardcore band. This wasn't the same The Reptoids she first met at Kinetic Playground either ...not with their new sound and songs. These gals (and the cute lone guy on drums) can certainly rock the stage, blogspot readers, You'll notice about The Reptoids' hardcore were their guitar riffs and rhythms. It has a solid head banging feel within their music which immediately grabs you by the man-balls (hey, chicks have man-balls too, ya know). There was plenty of energy and momentum especially during the opening song, Fire. It was a very hot, spicey firecracker of a song that took the Music Joint by storm. The fast-paced tempo and moving quickly from one to the next kept the audience glued to the music as well as rockin' along with the band. SouthSide highly suggests listening to the instrumental number titled New One which kicked major arse. Lots of rockin' guitar riffs and sound that had her head bangin' to the crescendo chords surrounding her ears. This song really didn't need any lyrics at all - or that would totally spoiled the vibe felt from the stage. With the new explosive Reptoids sound, there was angst and frustration ...screamo vocals mixed in there too. Also this reviewer suggest checking out the four exceptional versions of The Reptoids' Kitty songs. Each one quite different from the other yet all equally rockin' with hardcore guitar sound. SouthSide highly recommends catching this band wherever they rock the stage again. For more information, visit

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

03 Apr 10 - Rock-N-Roll For The Cure

"...Blake's offering free breast exams..." ~ Band Called Catch

Hey, blogspot readers, we united for a common cause to put an end to a deadly disease. SouthSide joined with other local musicians and fans attending the Rock-N-Roll For The Cure at the Elbo Room. All proceeds from Saturday's event benefited the Susan G. Komen Foundation via the Passionately Pink program. The lineup featured five up and coming bands varying in music from alternative/pop to southern rock and Americana. The audience rocked to performances by Jess Godwin, Band Called Catch, Machinegun Mojo and Surrender Dorothy with the Bears of Blue River headlining.

Besides the fun and music downstairs, there was fun and music upstairs too. The main lounge was treated to vaudeville comedy and songs by The Slomski Brothers. Opening with their witty theme song, SouthSide immediately took notice of the Brothers' musical setup. It was this reviewer's first time experiencing an island-theme show with a ukulele and steel kettle drum. This unique combination ever heard at the Elbo Room provided the listener's ears whimsical songs such as I Like To Get High (not SouthSide but apparently they do ...a lot). During this song, the Brothers basically made up lyrics about boozing, snorting (cocaine) and of course getting high. Also check out another one about getting pulled over by the cops - not a fun experience for this duo or their funny Chocolate Cake song. Besides their originals and comedic banter, they performed an interesting version of Bill Withers' 70s R&B classic, Ain't No Sunshine. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this brotherly vaudeville/comedic act. For more information, visit or

Meanwhile downstairs, female chanteuse, Jess Godwin (from Atlanta, GA), and her band kicked off the Rock-N-Roll For The Cure lineup. She rocked the stage with plenty of heart and soulful emotion in her voice which blew the roof when hitting the lyrical high notes. Her music was energetic and lively that SouthSide shared a few dance moves with Rooster (of Machinegun Mojo). This reviewer recommends listening to Over The Moon and Too Late - a show closer that finished her set with a rockin' bang. For information, visit or

According to Rooster, Band Called Catch is his favorite local band and it's the main reason why he personally asked them to rock the lineup for this event. And SouthSide also likes this band as well. They're known for their energetic performances and witty song titles like Girl Gone Wild (about the dad's pov after seeing his little girl on the Girls Gone Wild video infomercial). BBC's music consisted of rockin' alternative sound with a bit of brass rhythm in the mix. It's the type of music which had this audience groovin' to the beat. Also during their performances, you can win fabulous prizes if you're lucky enough to catch a collectible BBC frisbee! The highlight of their set happened when they performed a rockin' cover of Paul Simon's 70s hit 50 Ways (To Leave Your Lover). For more information, visit or

"...a couple more then we're going to cure breast cancer with more music..."
Machingun Mojo

After opening with a jam of crescendo guitar riffs in their intro, SouthSide at first couldn't get into Machinegun Mojo's "new" sound. However, that's the beauty of this band - they keep evolving and surprising their fans (including this reviewer) with their music. Giving the norm of hardcore guitar rock a break, Rooster and the guys mojo-fied the stage with a touch of blues (and sometimes country) rock. Fans can expect lots of guitar chords and rhythms dominating the Mojo music during the instrumentals. Do not expect each song performed to be the same in sound and music. For example, Rooster played an electrified violin for songs Woman (in which it had a country tone and charm) and Irish Jig - both were the highlight of this rockin' performance. Also there were other Mojo favorites performed like Devil On The Radio (SouthSide's favorite song to get her mojo going) and Like A Storm. SouthSide enjoyed the "new" Mojo sound and does expect something uniquely different for their next show. Yet tonight it was one of the better Machinegun Mojo shows this reviewer has ever seen, blogspot readers. For more information, visit

In a flash, the music quickly moved from blues to southern rock with Surrender Dorothy. SouthSide finally had her chance to review this popular local band. They rocked the Elbo Room stage with an electrified bang! Fans will enjoy the energetic feel in their music and the raspy, raw voice in the lyrics. Each of Dorothy's songs were performed with momentum that didn't know when to quit until the last note ended. Even while slowing it down for ballads, there was still too much rockin' guitar riffs and rhythms to know you're actually listening to a ballad. To sum it up, blogspot readers, it was a wham-bam fast southern fried rock set ...smokin' hot and extra crispy - just the way SouthSide likes it. She recommends listening to Little Lies and James Younger Gang (also there's a video shot from the House of Blues for this song). For more information, visit or

Closing out the Rock-N-Roll For The Cure was the Bears of Blue River and their lively performance of alternative/Americana music. Sometimes you might hear a bit of bluegrass and country woven within their songs too. This reviewer enjoyed the fun and carefree tone from this band especially when they used different ways and types of musical sounds (vocal or instrumental). BOBR's songs were witty as well as whimsical observations of life, love and the somewhat obscure. For example, new song, On Your Knees, was a very lively and happy tune about watching porn. SouthSide liked the wit found in the lyrics - "...on my knees ...I've learned to please..." She also recommends listening to The Joke (poking fun at one's self thinking he/she is a joke) and Tickle Pink (off the Bear's current EP). The late-night audience was treated to a double encore performance. The first one featured a song called Good Spark with Gavin (BOBR's front man on vocals and guitar) singing solo. The other, Dead Skunk, finally closed out their show with an energetic bang. For more information, visit or

All bands mentioned in this review, SouthSide highly recommends blogspot readers checking them out wherever they're rockin' the stage next!

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, April 2, 2010

01 Apr 10

"...I feel like a Vince Vaughn movie - get up here..." ~ The Ruse

Hey, blogspot readers, the Easter Bunny hopped into town early! He delivered a rockin' basket of awesome eggs of live indie acts for SouthSide. And that's no April Fool's prank either. This was one of the best one-night only touring lineups to ever be reviewed. Each band rocked the Elbo Room stage with a solid good performance. This reviewer highly recommends checking out this dynamic trio - Luna Halo, Honor By August and The Ruse - they're currently on tour together. Chicago was lucky to be the first stop on their long tour schedule ...and this reviewer guarantees you will have a fun time rockin' the night away with these bands. Here's why: each brought to the stage lots of energy and momentum as well as guitar sound. There was vibrant music for the audience to not only hear but feel though each having their own unique style.

For instance, Luna Halo's (from Nashville, TN)alternative (and sometimes country) rock sound had this raw natural yet razor-sharp tone in the guitar riffs. This reviewer recommends listening to new songs, Pressure and Kings & Queens off their self-titled album. Also she advises you to skip that Taylor Swift version of Luna's original Untouchable. The country/pop (love) song doesn't even come close to the original hardcore rock sound which literally rocked down the house to end Luna's set. For more information, visit or

Honor By August (from Washington D.C.) also impressed this reviewer with music that had lots of fire in their power rock sound. She enjoyed the crescendo into explosive riffs and rhythms music weaving throughout their songs. This reviewer suggests rockin' to new song Sleepwalker (off HBA's new EP due out soon) and Unbreakable. SouthSide apologizes for not knowing the title of this song but the Peter Frampton-esque song complete with amazing guitar sound was the highlight of their set. The intro alone was worthy to be its own song, blogspot readers. For more information, visit or

And now get ready for the seductive charm, charismatic stage presence and steamy hot rock music by The Ruse (from Los Angeles, CA). The most dynamic of the trio literally set the stage ablaze with a firecracker bang when performing Dance On Your Grave (off their newly released CD - Love S ex Confusion) to open the set. The music - infectious only because there was plenty of vibrant guitar riffs vibin' within The Ruse's sound. Listen to their iTunes hit, Beautiful Is Gone, and SouthSide instantly saw why it was chosen to be last summer's song of the week. The pulsing energy to hot riffs and explosive rhythms surrounded this song that you couldn't help feel that beat with the band. And this reviewer must touch briefly on John(The Ruse's sexy front man in the leather jacket) on vocals. He wowed SouthSide ...mesmerizing her (and the other ladies in the audience) with his raw emotions in the voice as well as seducing us with that devilish charm ...all at the same time while rockin' out with the band. SouthSide highly recommends listening to Down In A Hole (a voice of angst while pouring out raw emotions off the lyrics) and Perfect World (a pseudo-love song about sex in which his charismatic charm really shines teasing and drawing you into the lyrics - a very steamy moment here). Also check out the YouTube video for SouthSide's favorite heartstopping song, I Can't Stop (the first track off the new album). No, you couldn't stop The Ruse now since it was the highlight of night for them. The Sweetness added the icing to this performance as the band rocked out the Elbo Room with another spectacular bang. SouthSide highly suggests snagging a copy of The Ruse's Love S ex Confusion. The hardworking "test audience says it's another worthy addition to SouthSide's growing collection) featuring other songs performed live Glitter Not Gold, Glow, and Apache. For more information, visit or

Heads up, St. Louis blogspot readers! The dynamic trio will invade your area with a show scheduled at Cicero's tomorrow night. Have a good rockin' time them as SouthSide did last night!

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

27 Mar 10

"'s a fun show for us ...hopt you had a good time..."

Makeshift Prodigy

And the fun and good times were on a rockin' roll again, blogspot readers. Tonight, SouthSide's hanging out with Model Stranger and many guests for the Dreams & Bones CD Listening party. Then she's taking a quick "L" train ride to the Cubby Bear for the Chicago Roots Collective show to see How Far To Austin and Makeshift Prodigy.

It was the Who's Who of the local scene packing the Elbo Room on Saturday evening. From Brian Bender and Masta Shen to Wags (of Red City) and 72 Hours in attendance as well as friends and fans, many came out to preview Model Stranger's new CD - Dreams & Bones. It was the prefect opportunity to hear it before their release show scheduled for April 24 at the Cubby Bear. Also there was a behind-the-scenes video about Model's new sound and music which featured songs Fire Fire and You Only. From what SouthSide heard, she's ready to see and hear them rock the songs live on stage. For more information, visit or

After the Model Stranger party, it was time to rock out at the Cubby Bear! SouthSide arrived to see How Far To Austin's energetic performance of alternative rock and cool R&B sound. This popular indie band had one infectious music vibe which instantly had the crowd throughout the venue groovin' to the beat. Fans will definitely enjoy the burst of sound that accompanied each song performed. Hot guitar riffs and keyboard rhythms to soulful vocals were vibrant and full of life. Even their "slow" songs contained the same rockin' energy like their "fast" ones. Besides performing original favorites No Good Reason and Catalina, HFTA's selected covers literally blew the roof off. SouthSide enjoyed female vocalist Katie pouring every ounce of emotion and heart into Heart's classic hit. Alone. Stevie Wonder's classic hit, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, fired up the crowd with plenty of smokin' hot R&B/Soul. The show stopper of the night came when they closed their set with Queen's Somebody To Love. HFTA fans erupted with fervor upon hearing the famous intro as well as sang along with the band. This reviewer says How Far To Austin isn't that far if you know where they're rockin' the stage next. She highly recommends checking out this band live up close and personal prepared to party too! For more information about this band, visit or

Makeshift Prodigy - what else can SouthSide say about this up and coming band exploding by leaps and bounds in the local scene here? Though this reviewer has seen them at different stages of their career, each show, in her opinion, is quite unique and very different from the last. Tonight was the first time seeing MSP since their awe-inspiring Angels & Kings performance. And she was excited to see what new surprises awaited her at this performance. Like many of their fans packing the Cubby Bear, she was prepared to be swept away in an instant by the music ...ready to experience what the band feels when they rock the stage. In other words, this reviewer was ready to take that mind-bending journey via spiritually and inspirationally of the mind into MSP's experimental/rock sound. Yet sometimes it's wise not to be too prepared takes away the fun you're bound to have with this highly energized rock band. For instance listen to SouthSide's favorite song (well, actually one of many favorites by them), Revolution. This socio-political conscience number reminded everyone that we're the revolution waiting to happen. It will always begin and end with us. And no - it will be televised either. There's something quite magical when you hear other MSP fans singing along to their own favorite songs.

Also check out another song titled Alive in which everyone (and SouthSide means everyone - from the band to fans) literally exploded to life. It was a wild scene that we were all coming together in celebration being alive. You simply had to be there Saturday night witnessing this moment first hand. Plus MSP also performed new songs (off their upcoming album Mathematica due out in early April) such as Sirens and Mathematica (listen to this song first) in which they slightly move out of the experimental sound for something more of a rock vibe. Still that explosive momentum you feel and hear remains ...and sometimes shaking the venue wherever they perform too. Sadly like all MSP shows, it had to come to an end with the appropriately titled song, The End. The band rocked out the stage - very animated (see Anthony hop over the piano in a single bound ..amazing huh?) ...energetic and wild finish of sound. Now it's your turn, blogspot readers! SouthSide highly recommends checking out Makeshift Prodigy live - it's the only way to experience this band's phenomena yourself (SouthSide's opinion, of course). For more information about them and where they're rockin' the stage next, visit or

For more information about Chicago Roots Collective, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,