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16 Apr 10

...Chicago, I'm taking you to church - the Church of Neon Trees...
Neon Trees

Hey, blogspot readers, ready for a rockin' out of this world experience with Mars in thirty seconds? Ready or not, tonight's adventure blasted SouthSide off to the historic Aragon Ballroom for the sold-out Thirty Seconds To Mars' Into The Wild Tour (wild doesn't begin to describe this concert - more on that later in this review). The tour also featured MuteMath (from New Orleans) with Neon Trees opening the lineup of this all-ages show. If you're ever lucky enough to attend a concert at the Aragon, this reviewer highly suggests doing one thing before staking a claim near the stage. She wants you to admire the original decorative features inside this venue. From the marbled grand staircase to balcony viewing areas and an elevator built in 1926 that's still in use, this place is one of the many examples of Chicago theatre history. Also don't forget to gaze at the ceiling above you. Yes, the detailed artwork does depict our galaxy with twinkling stars and planets - simply breathtaking.

SouthSide's wild and out of this world rock experience began with Neon Trees' energetic techno/pop performance. Don't be fooled by this band erronously labeling itself alternative (as seen on its Myspace page) since it was more than that. Most of Neon's core rock sound fell under retro with a slight modern twist which made it so enjoyable for SouthSide. She absolutely adored Tyler (the animated front man on vocals/keyboards) and his charismatic antics on stage. Watch out, ladies, he's on combustible fireball of sexual energy - lots and lots of sexual energy. Even while pelvic thrusting on his back, he kept this crowd in a constant frantic frenzy throughout set especially during the steamy zoot suit sounding with a modern jazz-like song. SouthSide suggests listening to Neon's Animals (her favorite song for its retro guitar riff sound with a poppy twist) and Calling My Name (a harder thundering guitar sound that pulsed with a steady bass rhythm). Though ending with a rockin' bang, this reviewer was totally in the mood for more. She highly recommends checking out this hot, sexually charged rock band wherever they're performing next. Guaranteed fun and excitement, blogspot readers. For more information, visit or

Though just a touch harder in sound compared to Neon Trees, MuteMath kept that energetic spirit alive during their set. SouthSide noticed right away this band had more than a techno/pop rock music. There was also a funky bass rhythm and other random instruments incorporated in their sound. This type of explosive music pumped the screaming crowd with excitement and a rockin' groove especially during Armistice. Though taking the vibe down for this song, that energetic spark felt in their earlier songs still remained off the keyboards until ending with a bang of strobe lighting and music. SouthSide liked Mute's new song, Fight, for its ballad and downtempo beat which allowed the band charismatic front man's vocals to shine. Also she loved the rockin' instrumental that had this techno/New Orleans jazz/trippy psychedelic guitar riffs thing going on, blogspot readers. Once again exploding SouthSide's ears with incredible sound, she was extremely glad this piece had no lyrics or it would have definitely killed the mood. Oh speaking of of Mute's front man, just like Tyler (of Neon Trees) his dancing and other wild antics (i.e. back flipping over the keyboard) really lit up the stage with his bouncy energy. And it wasn't solely contained just to him either - the rest of the band felt the same momentum as well. Those poor hardworking stage guys had their hands full re-setting fallen instruments to re-micing the drum kit area. Mute rocked out their performance with a unique percussive jam session (breaking the drum kit in the process) that had his crowd wanting more. This reviewer highly recommends seeing this energetic rock band wherever they're performing next. She guarantees you'll have loads of fun groovin' along with them. For more information, visit or

Now, we've come to the main attraction of the night but before they begin, Vyolet (SouthSide's daughter) would like to say "hi" and that she's one your biggest fans., that's a lot of [30 Seconds To Mars] virgins to take care of...
Thirty Seconds To Mars

Though being one of many virgins attending their headlining concert, SouthSide finally understood what Pink Floyd's opening lyrics to In The Flesh meant. She certainly did feel that warm thrill of confusion ...that space cadet glow of a Thirty Seconds To Mars rock show. It wasn't simply their show, blogspot readers, it was our show and Jared (front guy on vocals/guitar) wanted everyone to get f-ing crazy. And what a rock-n-roll show it was for this reviewer. Under a spectacle of strobe lighting (too much for the eyes while performing the song War), Mars fans literally felt their favorite band's vibe as they opened with Hunter (off current album, This Is War). The entire Aragon Ballroom erupted into a screaming frenzy for the bight pink mowhawked hair Jared and the guys as well as singing along to each song performed. From where SouthSide sat in the balcony area, she saw a massive sea of bodies jumping, moshing, and crowd surfing etc on the main floor. It was totally wild (though it still doesn't really begin to describe this show) and crazy, blogspot readers, something in which Jared wanted from this crowd. And the wild and craziness wasn't contained in the crowd either. There was plenty of that seen on and off stage as well while Mars performed a mixture of songs from albums, A Beautiful Lie and This Is War. It wasn't all epic singing (as presumably reported in Friday's RedEye) during this rockin' headlining show. There was an acoustic moment by Jared as he stood in the sound/lighting fx area on the main floor. For this reviewer, that truly was the highlight of the entire show - to hear the power and emotion of his voice while acoustically singing songs like The Kill. Sorry, blogspot readers, though there were requests heard for Bad Romance and the ever popular Freebird, he opted to keep the acoustic portion of this show to Mars songs. Surprisingly fans didn't rip off his clothes or drop him as he made his way back to the stage for Closer To The Edge. Mars performed other chart-topping hits such as Attack, From Yesterday, and A Beautiful Lie (SouthSide's favorite eco-friendly song). Her other favorite, The Fantasy, closed out the show before truly ending with an encore when the crowd demanded one more from this band.

What can SouthSide honestly tell you about her first Thirty Seconds To Mars experience? Un-expect the unexpected from Jared and the guys ...meaning it'll be hard to predict what will happen next at the Mars concert you attend compared to what happened tonight in Chicago. Just be prepared to rock along with the fans around you and have a fun time doing it. Also watch out for flying half-sipped water bottles over your head from the stage. This band really loved Chicago and tacos from Zaco Taco (a friend of a friend close to the band told this reviewer that little scoop). HOWEVER, SouthSide will have to convert them into the ways of her Southside (world championship) ball team. Who know - Jared might move here someday.

SouthSide highly recommends snagging a copy of This Is War - though epic sounding than A Beautiful Lie, she had the distinct feeling Mars is ready to start (music) revolution through its bigger rock anthems (War, Hunter) and hard guitar sound. Or instead attend their Into The Wild concert while they're currently on tour. For more information, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

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