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28 Apr 10

...let's get crazy - violence NOW... ~ Modern Day Rippers

Hey, blogspot readers, look up in the sky! It's not a bird ...not a plane's Super SouthSide to the rescue! She's the super reviewer of the local scene ...beloved by bands and fans everywhere. Tonight, donning the super double "SS" on her t-shirt, this heroine (not in tights) found wild and crazy happenings at Reggie's Rock Club. There she found other super heroes and heroines finely dressed in their costumes ready to party to rockin' garage/punk performances. The lineup featured The Rotten Fruits, The Hamburglars, Modern Day Rippers and Dr. Manhattan sharing the stage with J-Pop (Japanese Pop) rock sensation, Peelander-Z (from New York).

The craziness rockin' the stage was already in full swing when this reviewer arrived in time to see a bunch of Hamburglars performing. This punk set (complete with THE Hamburglar costumes and the famous "rubble rubble") immediately won SouthSide over. It had everything she enjoyed about the local scene - from the insane wackiness to music and witty "rubble rubble" or "cheeseburger" within the lyrics. Though not really having a clue as to whatever "rubble rubble rubble" meant in The Hamburglars' songs, this reviewer was having too much fun to care. Hm ...maybe that's probably why our super heroine was craving two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese etc when the performance was finished. Back to the show ...The Burglars rocked the stage performing songs about the green creaminess of Shamrock Shakes and their favorite food - cheeseburgers (of course). The hardest part for this reviewer was trying to decipher whether this band was doing a rock or ballad. Yet she ultimately decided to simply enjoy the variety of genres represented within their musical sound. Fans will definitely go nuts for The Burglars' rendition of AC/DC's Dirty Deeds about cheeseburgers with the "rubble rubble rubble" somewhere throughout the lyrics. SouthSide highly suggests blogspot readers practicing their best "rubble rubble rubble" before attending The Hamburglars' next show. Aldo rubble rubble rubble a copy of their new 7-inch vinyl album - now. For more information, visit or

Modern Day Rippers - The Fast The Furious meets Striptease (live) on stage in a nutshell. This performance literally tore up the stage from its furiously fast punk rock sound and wild stage antics which Super SouthSide will get to in a minute. The number one MDR rule of the night was everyone getting wild and crazy. Fans wasted no time in complying with their request as they began slam dancing and moshing around the main floor. Oh don't think the wild antics was solely contained to the fans, blogspot readers. MDR had their moments of craziness too. Let's just say, this show wasn't for the easily offended especially when MDR's bassist performs in the full monty (buff). Yes, ladies, he seriously let it all hang out for the entire world to see. Even the front man on the vocals bared his sexy chest for the screaming fans while performing a liquor store blues song. Such sadness felt during this song within a fast punk rock beat. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the insane madness as well as striptease delights of Modern Day Rippers. Guaranteed to be one of the rowdiest performances you'll ever spend in your life! For more information, visit

...we're Dr Manhattan and we're from 2012...

Are you ready for more showtime extravaganza, blogspot readers, with Dr. Manhattan? Too late ...the good doctors are ready for you! Ready for you to along with their fans to go crazy wild by slam dancing, moshing and whatnot in front of (or around) the stage. Dressed in their unique super costumes, these MDs of the punk sound exploded onto the stage while performing a retro oldie Yakkity Yakkity Yak (Don't Talk Back). This energetic cover instantly had the crowd going nutters before moving into a hiphop/rock fusion number. This reviewer enjoyed the feel of Dr's music which certainly made her at times want to join in the moshing pits below. Yet this band can perform under a downtempo pace just to slow things down a bit but don't expect that to last long. These rockin' doctors perform with high intensity music during their performances. Tonight, there was a new song to excite their fans to its thundering roar off the guitars and keyboards. This reviewer had chills running down her spine from the animalistic screaming mixed with the trippy spaced-out sound. She highly recommends checking out the pseudo-disco song that kept the crowd groovin' to the latest dance craze called Noodles. It was a rockin' blast, blogspot readers. And SouthSide highly recommends scheduling your appointment to see Dr Manhattan at their next performance. For more information, visit or

...Chicago, we're not crazy are...

Alright, super blogspot readers, now it's time to party with a live action anime comic/punk band. Say "hello" to Yellow, Red, Green and the fabulous Pink of Peelander-Z! Currently on tour, this band totally had the look of anime characters rockin' the stage with loud J-Pop sound. This show had the feel of an anime cartoon without the dazzling special effects as they roused the crowd into a frenzy to Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name. This band wasted no time exploding into their set with another bang in which wild craziness on and off stage instantly erupted especially during Mad Tiger. Besides slam dancing one another, lucky fans banged tin pots with drumsticks while prompted to shout either "Mad Tiger" or "Mad Squid". Yes, there was HUGE red squid running amuck around the venue. And the fun didn't end there - we also had limbo time happening in the middle of the main floor. That was just merely a sample of what occurred during this Peelander-Z show. The crowd also rocked to other J-Pop/punk songs such as Handsome (Yellow says he's the handsomest man on his planet), Ninja High School (learn to be a ninja and speak Japanese) and So Many Mike (everyone's name was Mike tonight). SouthSide wishes she could reveal every single detail about this Peelander-Z show in the review. However, she cannot - sworn to secrecy plus it would ruin all of the surprising fun and craziness of your own Peelander-Z experience. Instead this reviewer highly recommends attending this live action anime band's next show. Also coming in September, they will release a new CD with DVD - SouthSide's definitely going add that to her growing CD collection. For tour information, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

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