Tuesday, November 30, 2010

27 Nov 10

Hey, blogspot readers, rockin' fun after a long break! SouthSide's back on the beat to kick off the final weeks of her 2010 Around Town calendar. She's ready to get into the music groove of the holiday spirit within the local scene and tonight, it began at Elbo Room. This popular Lakeview lounge featured an eclectic lineup on its downstairs stage which included Kali Ma and On Your Marx.

*no hearts were sacrificed in the writing of this review*

Compared to what SouthSide heard off their CD, she liked the energy felt from Kali Ma's heart-pumping rock music. This band thrived on twittering the audience's mind (and ears) with hard hitting guitar riffs that quickly would change a song's dimension as well as tempo in a blink of an eye. It's quite breathtaking for this reviewer to watch how fast certain hooks and/or chords would switch within Kali's music taking her on a fantastical journey throughout their performance. The music itself doesn't truly need lyrics (yet there are lyrics) to enhance the fire and passion heard (as well as felt) inside the notes. Plenty of rising crescendos and downtempo movements (think of this as riding a rollercoaster with Kali Ma) which SouthSide advises not to count the many changes since some will come unexpected and unnoticed unless you're familiar with this band's music. Performing songs like Zaidi's On Fire and The Candidate (both can be found on their current self-titled CD), Kali Ma touched a wide range of genres from psychedelic to heavy metal and classic/retro rock with a bit of everything else in between. This reviewer highly suggests listening to Kali's tribute to rock legend Jimi Hendrix (one of her favorites songs off the 10-track CD) for its wicked instrumental bridge and a very Hendrix-esque style off the lead guitar solo. Also off the CD, she suggests listening to track 8 - Complicated Jam (the only thing that's complicated is the energetic instrumental riffs blowing your ears away) and track 9 - Programmer God (a rockin' tune questioning the validity of religion and dogma teachings). Kali Ma rocked out their opening set with a rousing hardcore metal head-banging song leaving their fans wanting more. SouthSide highly recommends joining the music cult movement sweeping the local scene known as Kali Ma whenever this band's rockin' the stage again. She says sit back and enjoy the guitar ride of tempo/chord changes that's full of energetic passion and heart-pounding sound. Fans can find them on Facebook.

This headlining band may love Jamaican music however they certainly perform it with a lively kick, blogspot readers! On Your Marx was in a celebratory mood tonight - rockin' out the Elbo Room lounge for the release of their new album, Resound. This party had energy ...vibin' island music and the wildest audience ever seen dancing to this band's reggae/ska/dub sound. SouthSide enjoyed OYM's unique take on the island groove which featured a rockin' rhythm section (trumpet, saxophone and keyboard) to add some spicy heat to the stage throughout this performance. This genre's making a strong resurgence within the indie music scene especially here in Chicago (with bands like The Embraceables) and elsewhere - on the East Coast (North Carolina and Georgia) yet she noticed, in her opinion, that OYM was playing their reggae/ska music "safe" ...there's so much they could have done within this genre than just play straight reggae/ska/dub. For example, she has heard a mix of reggae with lyrical hip hop, rock and alternative. Though this reviewer felt a bit disconnected with the band during the middle of their show, the band still had everyone jumpin' and jivin' to their vibe while performing songs like Make For Mind, Friends and Don't Lemme Go Solo. SouthSide liked OYM's take on old school reggae with its fast tempo and kickin' sound as well as keeping the audience in the swing of the theme song (track 14), On Your Marx. Off the CD, SouthSide suggests listening to track 3 - 2010, track 5 - Nolan's Dub and track 12 - Lazzire Fair. Actually, the entire album was a pleasure to listen and it's highly recommend to you snag yourself a copy. On Your Marx will be bringing their island fun to Martyrs' on Decemeber 16 ...be prepared to dance all night long! For more information, visit http://www.onyourmarxchicago.com and on Facebook.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

December 2010

***Update - another show added to calendar*** 13 Dec 10

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide rocks out a busy (as well as record-breaking) 2010 with the following events and shows happening in December.

Dec 1 - Meet a dino of a music-saurus kind! Dubasaurus will be rockin' the Double Door stage!

Also happening on the same night, good friends Keith & The Complications will be jazzing it up at Angels & Kings (FREE admission).

Also ...the masked man of the local scene, Flabby Hoffman and his traveling cavalcade of bands and comics will take over The Exit (taped live for television) FREE admission.

Dec 2 - The masked man of the local scene, Flabby Hoffman, and his musical traveling caravan invades The Abbey again.

Dec 3 thru 5 - It's the Bluegrass Blues Festival! Three exciting nights rockin' three different stage locations. Friday - it's at Double Door featuring Great Divide and good friends, How Far To Austin. It's also the release of HFTA's new CD, Goodnight Madison. Sat (Dec 4), the festival moves to Congress Theatre and on Sun (Dec 5) the festival concludes at Lincoln Hall.

Dec 4 - Beneath The Stares and Sutured Psyche are set to rock out Metal Shaker (located on N. Milwaukee Avenue).

Also happening on this night, Alice Sweet Alice (from Kansas City) and their electropostpunkadelic sound will be taking over the Elbo Room stage. Show's scheduled to start at 1am. Visit http://www.alicesweetalice.com for more details.

Dec 5 - Hail The Black Dragons' CD Release show - more epic space guitar music to rock your ears and brains out! Plain Ole Delicious and Spyderbone will open.

Dec 8 - Coles Whalen (from Denver, CO) will be performing at Elbo Room with bassist/percussionist Kim O'Hara. Expect a new record by this artist to be released in March 2011.

Then head to Angels & Kings for A Beautiful Nightmare's performance.

Dec 9 - Celebrate with Dastardly on its release of May You Never at Schuba's.

Also ...rockin' the stage are no "bad" apples - check out Good Apples at Elbo Room with SouthSide.

Dec 10 - Head to Elbo Room to support a really good cause! Chords For A Cure will featured hot local bands such as Riot Inside and Lucid Ground on stage. The proceeds of this event will be split between Leukemia Research Foundation (http://www.leukemia-research.org) and the medical bills of Pat Powers.

Dec 11 - Two rockin' shows under one Reggie's roof. At Reggie's Rock Club, The Queers will be performing an all-ages show in support of new album, Back To The Basement. According to their press release, this band since 1982 has paved to the way for other The Ramones-like pop/punk bands around the world. For more info, visit http://www.myspace.com/thequeers. At the Music Joint side, songtress France Jean-Baptiste along with her Sexy Menz will be steaming up the stage.

Dec 12 - Join SouthSide and local artists for a fun Sunday afternoon at Urban Folk Circuit: December Market. Browse through homemade crafts and goods. Plus there will be live music performances by Rachel Katzman, Sleepy Lou, Steve Sebby and The James Friddleband. Free to the public. For more details, visit http://www.urbanfolkcircuit.com.

Dec 17 - Besides the opening of Tron: Legacy in theatres, Blue Eyed Jesus will be rockin' the stage at Elbo Room.

At Reggie's Rock Club, friends Papa Jupiter and Jack In Space will be performing.

At US Beer Co, Sutured Psyche will be rockin' the stage there.

Dec 18 - Head to The Abbey to see Strange Arrangement and Land Of Atlantis. Also as a special late night treat, UV Hippo will be performing!

Dec 21 - Your fate is sealed with this band - check out Sinister Fate performing at Double Door.

Dec 22 - It's Window Licker Records' Holiday show happening at Double Door! This free rock show features Paragon, Ready The Destroyer, Bruiser and They Face Reaction on stage.

Dec 28 - Rock at Double Door to see one hot industrial lineup featuring Fashion Bomb, Skinwalker and Illusions Fate. Free admission.

Dec 30 - SouthSide closes out 2010 with her last review at The Abbey. The lineup featuring tribute bands - The Handsome Devilz (Smiths/Morrissey), Echo Nine (Depeche Mode) and Kid A (Radiohead).

Also happening this same night, check out the rockin' loud alternative band which combines Husker Du and Neil Young known as JET W LEE. They will be sharing the stage with Keefe Klug & Frosting. Check out JET's music at http://www.myspace.com/jetwlee.

Dec 31 - SouthSide's breaking her traditional "stay at home hiding under the covers from the crazies with guns" New Year Eve by spending it at Chicago Sound Studio at their rockin' NYE party ...and nope she's not drinking - designated driver for all attendees!

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

20 & 21 Nov 10 - Rock-N-Roll Fantasy Camp

"...took me 20 years to master this instrument (tambourine)..."
Mitch Ryder

Hey, blogspot readers, live out your rock-n-roll fantasies at this camp!

A group of ordinary individuals from different walks of life - an airline pilot (from Atlanta) to CEO of a distribution company as well as Moms and teenagers ...some from across the pond and Canada while others locally from Chicago and surrounding suburbs - attended a Weekend Warrior session of Rock-N-Roll Fantasy Camp. Held at Chicago's legendary House of Blues, these campers spent a fabulous two days living out their rock star dreams. They got to experience a chance of a lifetime to jam with such famous music artists Dickey Betts (Allman Brothers), Teddy Andreatis (Guns-N-Roses/Alice Cooper), Joey Mollard (Bad Finger), Kip Winger (Winger) and the legend himself, Mitch Ryder (Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels). Campers also had fun yet intense rehearsals with their respective camp counselors learning how to work cohesively together as a band as well as practicing two or three-song sets for Sunday's big finale. Plus as special yet rare treat, they had an opportunity to watch the counselors practice for their jam session which happens during the second half of the concert.

On Sunday, there was excitement in the air as campers spent part of the day rehearsing on the House of Blues' stage ...to get a little taste of what they'll sound when performing in front of a crowd consisting their family and friends. Later before the show, there was a meet and greet session in which specially invited guests (campers' family and friends) were able to chat and take photos with the counselors. SouthSide introduced her daughters to Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Oyster Cult) whom this reviewer was lucky enough to interview two months ago. Then they met Teddy Andreatis, Mark Hudson (producer/songwriter - Aerosmith ...nice colorful beard too), Joey Mollard and Kip Winger. Also this gave SouthSide a chance to interview a couple of campers like Tim Jenkins who said "...[Rock-N-Roll Fantasy Camp] was a blast ...a lot of fun and work..." Also next time he attends, he promises to bring his camera and learn the artists' songs before coming to camp. Don Yonkers (Lisle, IL) shared the same sentiment about his Fantasy Camp experience. He said "...it was awesome ...completely awesome ...[an] experience of a lifetime..." He also added that "...Mark Hudson was a riot to work with..."

Now it was time to rock, blogspot readers! The big finale was divided into two halves in which featured nine bands consisting counselors with their campers jamming on stage. First, Mark Hudson warmed up the crowd with an energetic version of Stuck In The Middle With You before covering Paul McCartney's Drive My Car that featured a special guest, Fox Channel 32's own Anna Davlantes on drums. Afterwards, the packed venus was rocked by a variety of performances such as classic rock (by The Amazing Jack Wagons - Teddy Andreatis' group and Harry Schnitzel - Kip Winger's group) and modern rock (Jack Cooper Mellencampers - Ty Dennis' group) as well as organic alternative/rock by Kelly & Her Northern Caravan Days - Mitch Ryder's group. And since this show took place in Chicago, there was some sound of Blues/Rock by Designated Passengers - Mark Farmer's (formally of Grand Funk Railroad) group and Cherry Pickers (Dickey Betts' group). The bands rocked the stage with a wide range of vocal talent especially some with female power but SouthSide noted a couple of standouts that deserved mention. For example, Paul Yuk (front man for The Amazing Jack Wagons) who totally had the crowd captivated by his energetic, charismatic stage presence ...17 year old Shawn from Canada on guitar (front man of Not Dead Yet - Rudy Sarzo's group) who absolutely fueled not only the crowd but the band with his vocals, enthusiasm and energy especially during original song, The Addiction ...and the female lead vocalist for Cherry Pickers who showed her vocal chops during the original song Fantasy Blues.

Now it was time for the counselors to have their fun and rock out House of Blues! What a blast it was, blogspot readers, seeing these legendary musicians on stage together. The all-star band appropriately named Fist of Love kicked off their performance with a montage of classic songs ending with a rockin' variation of The Beatles' Oh! Darling that had Mark Hudson on vocals. His energy totally sparked not only the band but the crowd throughout the venue to rock along with them. This opening number featured hot solos by Rudy (on bass), Teddy (on piano/keyboard) and Ty (on drums). SouthSide had fun singing to her favorite Bad Finger song, No Matter What as well as rockin' to Mitch Ryder singing his classic hit, Devil In A Blue Dress. This classic rocker still has the chops and vibin' spunk to keep the momentum of excitement waifing amongst the rock fans. And yes, Fist of Love performed every rock student's anthem - Alice Cooper's School's Out - a traditional song sung by the counselors to officially end Fantasy Camp. These rock musicians were in fine shape to rock all night long.

There's still time left, blogspot readers, to be a part of a weekend version of Rock-N-Roll Fantasy Camp. In January, Rudy Sarzo along with other camp counselors including The Who's Roger Daltrey will be in New York City! Visit http://www.rockcamp.com/ for all of the exciting details and how to register. Sign up now ...before someone else lives out your rock fantasy!

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, November 19, 2010

19 Nov 10 - Tangled

*SouthSide usually doesn't cover movies however she (along with the test audience - Vyolet and Sunday) attended the Tangled movie premiere this week.*

Disney has done it ...again and this time, it's in 3D!

It's latest addition to the princess lineup - Rapunzel - clearly shows how un-imaginative this archaic animation/movie company has recently become and it has its new movie sucked into the 3D fad too instead of the traditional use of 2D.

Tangled is a loosely-based story of Grimm Brothers' fairy tale, Rapunzel. And SouthSide literally means "loosely based" ...watered down to the point that Disney only kept the bare basics to this story (the girl with long hair, tower and a witch, affectionately named Mother Gothel) before adding filler which was never part of the original fairy tale. SouthSide won't reveal much about the plot - let's just say Rapunzel uses her lovely locks for more than pulling a full grown witch up the tower however she doesn't remember reading about Rapunzel's hair having healing powers (reference to Disney's Atlantis movie) or an outlaw named Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi) ...or a kingdom that lights lanterns every year on the missing princess' birthday. Somehow the legendary Grimm Brothers missed that part in their fairy tale version.

Now toss in a horse named Maximus (a Russell Crowe Gladiator reference?) that "acts" like a trained dog (Hunchback of Notre Dame reference) during the film and a chameleon named Pascal with a Robert DeNiro "I'm watching you" complex. SouthSide found the animals (as well as the gang of ruffian bandits) far more interesting in Tangled than the main characters, Rapunzel (Mandy Moore), Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy) and Flynn (Levi). There's plenty of Disney action, adventure in which binds Rapunzel and Flynn together, romance (of course - think Little Mermaid during the boat scene when Moore and Levi sing the duet I See The Light) and lame Disney humor (most of the funny moments are shown in the Tangled commercials). Sadly none of the humor didn't attract a single guffaw from SouthSide's eight year old daughter - take it as a bad sign when a movie doesn't generate any excitement from a tween girl who's loves dressing up as a princess.

Usually Disney movies are filled with ear-popping, memorable songs such as Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lion King), Pink Elephants (Dumbo) or A Girl Worth Fighting For (Mulan). However Tangled fails miserably in the song category. The songs are mostly big production, Broadway sounding pieces like Mother Gothel's Mamma Knows Best - SouthSide liked the Shadow Man's song Friends On The Other Side (from The Princess and The Frog) better. It was darker, creepier and scarier unlike Mother Gothel's in which this reviewer had to stop herself from laughing out of her seat from lack of scariness (even in 3D it wasn't scary). Yet Tangled does have one memorable (but not Oscar worthy) song - I Got A Dream that had the feel and fun of Gaston from Beauty and The Beast. Alan Menken is at the helm for Tangled's original score and songs (with Glenn Slater on lyrics) but this reviewer noticed the recycled themes from his past films and lack of creativity on lyrics.

Yes, Tangled will generate the usual Disney money numbers amongst families during this upcoming holiday season however it's not truly a Disney hit or best. It won't ever rank up there with Beatty and The Beast, Cinderella or its first cinematic classic Snow White.

Tangled is simply too tangled up to believe its own hype for this reviewer to like ...even in 3D.

Save your money...

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

18 Nov 10

...rather be a poor boy than a rich idiot...

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's ears are rockin' to the unique hardcore/alternative rock mix of Athel! Thanks to Shawn Kellner, this reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the Rush-Green Day homage and combination found in this band's newest CD, To Society Part 2.

This album features hot twittering guitar solos with unexpected chord/tempo changes (sometimes out of nowhere leading you blindly to the next change) and realistic rock-n-roll lyrics (SouthSide highly suggests listening to track 3 - Poor Jada). The high powered energy within the hardcore guitar instrumental of Radio kicks off Athel's album before moving into Paranormal. SouthSide felt the emotional as well as the physical damage done to an innocent child by her step-father in Poor Jada (based on actual events yet told from Jada's point of view). Mondays (track 4) features a fabolous pop/alternative upbeat tempo by this band ...somewhat "happy" with its fun guitar groove. Something one wouldn't expect after listening to the harsh reality of being abused in track 3. This reviewer can see it as the breakout song for Athel since the song sounds radio-ready for immediate airplay. Time Gets Older (track 5) cloess this CD with some resolution but leaving it open on a cliffhanger after getting a realistic view how we age in time (think of this song as Athel's homage to Pink Floyd's Time).

Athel will be rockin' Crown Point, IN this weekend for its CD release of To Society Part 2 before embarking on a select-city tour which includes two shows at the Whiskey A Go Go during NAMM in January! SouthSide's looking forward to their Chicago debut in which there will be a full review, blogspot readers. In the meantime, visit http://www.myspace.com/athelmusic for all the music and tour details of where they'll be rockin' a venue near you.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

13 Nov 10

...SouthSide's here - now it's a party... ~ Mike, The Branded

...thank you, Dimitri, I'll give you a massage after the show...
Brian, The Branded

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a wee taste of Emerald Isle and then getting branded in the arse in one night! Tonight's adventure took SouthSide back to Elbo Room for a rockin' performance by Cu-Roi as part of Brad Cole's Acoustic Circus lineup and then downstairs from another viewing of The Branded TV. SouthSide suggests checking out The Energy Commission (from IN) which headlined the downstairs lounge lineup. She liked the band's eclectic combination from R&B/Soul to lyrical hip hop/rock and pop/alternative. It's a smorgasbord of music happening on stage, blogspot readers, featuring a unique array of instruments such as an ukulele and garbage can lid with drumstick. Visit http://www.theenergycommission.com or http://www.myspace.com/energycommission.

Opening the latest edition of Brad Cole's Acoustic Circus was the passionate and energetic sounds of traditional Irish folk music by Cu-Roi. SouthSide was instantly enthralled by the enchanting music from this lively group of musicians. Though non-lyrical, this reviewer appreciated the beauty as well as the historical sentiment felt and heard inside the upsoken poetic words. The audience certainly heard the tense fiery mood within the band's tempo and rhythm found in each song performed. Despite this being a short performance, SouthSide was ready to hear more ...hopefully Dave (Elbo Room's owner/bartender) invites Cu-Roi back for anotehr show. SouthSide suggests visiting http://www.curoiband.com for more details and where this band's rockin' the stage again. Also as an added bonus, the lead cellist of Cu-Roi shared the opening song with Brad Cole covering an emotional acoustic version of Eric Clapton's Can't Find My Way Home.

Tonight's programming on The Branded channel was brought to you by the following sponsors - Sweet Tarts, Cherry Tootsie Pop, Schlitz 6-pack and 312unes.

It was a packed house for this rockin' band's performance which had the Who's Who of the local scene in attendance ie Simplistic Urge (they're back and will be hitting the stage again in 2011), 7 Day Sonnet (catch this hot band while on tour with SALIVA), Wags of Red City, Erik of Beneath The Stares - to name a few. The Branded took this crowd on a cinematic adventure that featured sight (video running in sync with its song playlist) and sound (hardcore guitar rock with some Brian screamo vocals). Plus the band debut five spankin' brand new songs. as well as lead vocalist Brian Bender sporting an asymetrical Justin Bieber haircut for the special occasion. The Branded got things off with a religious BAM opening their performance with new song, Jesus Christ. SouthSide must warn you this is not your average or traditional Sunday hymn, blogspot readers. This song full of twittering guitar riffs, thumping bass rhythms and thunderous drum rocked every ear listening. It's another super hot single by The Branded which automatically had the crowd fired up for more after Brian forgave each and every of our sins committed.

Other new songs included Vanity (looking at yourself in the mirror can be a bad thing ...SouthSide loved how The Branded timed it with the Diva/Leeloo clips from The Fifth Element), Running Away (definitely can feel the emotional power of Brian's vocals on lyrics for this song with a bit of screamo at the end ...video featured clips of Men In Black and Labyrinth), Grand Tune (good use of clips from the movie Falling Down for this Branded ballad of sorts as the band took the tempo down a notch but left plenty of sound for everyone to rock) and Let's Get Down (the meaning of the title was left to our imagination but we certainly banged our heads to the fast tempo and Brian's screams). Despite missing the commercial breaks in between songs, SouthSide loved the nonstop action rock show with only one intermission for The Branded merch table. From home pregnancy kits (their music will get you pregnant afterwards) to weird novelty items as well as their own drink - The Branded bomb, this band has everything!

SouthSide highly suggests snagging a free copy of this band's debut CD featuring hits like First Move, Too Kool (the official douchebag song ...was dedicated to Jersey Shore) and the ever popular fan favorite Drug Pizza (seriously who ordered the Chicken Dance with this pizza?!). This had to be The Branded's best outting on stage thus far and this reviewer expects more shows like this one to come. This concludes tonight's The Branded broadcast however visit http://www.thebrandedmusic.com or http://www.myspace.com/thebrandedmusic for when and where they'll be re-broadcast at a venue near you!

Until next time, support your local scene,

12 Nov 10

...let's get weird... ~ Dastardly

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another action packed weekend! SouthSide's latest adventure has her covering the hippest and hottest local acts rockin' this town. Tonight, she's sitting in the crow's nest at Metro to see Aktar Aktar and Jon Drake & The Shakes with Dastardly opening. This reviewer highly suggests checking out the lively Americana pop/alternative sound of Chaperone. The energetic as well as unique music combination kept the crowd rockin' along with the band throughout their set. There was plenty of soulful passion and emotion heard in the vocals within Chaperone's toe-tappin', feel good rock groove. Also they had some of the yummiest cookies at their merch table. For more information, visit http://www.chaperonemusic.wordpress.com or http://www.myspace.com/chaperonemusic.

SouthSide enjoyed the folksy-Americana sound that rocked the Metro stage during Dastardly's opening act. This group of lively musicians bursted with a thrilling bang of music featuring an array of instruments from three guitars to an accordion and banjo. Simply imagine your ears immersed within this eclectic rock explosion, blogspot readers, while listening to All the Rag and Lovin' Jeebus, Villian and new song, The Middle Ground (off Dastardly's upcoming album due December 9th). The energy projected from this local band blew this reviewer away especially when adding Bluegrass/hillbilly to their rock sound. Even their "naughty" song featured a haunting accordion chords and gypsy folk music too. Besides the rockin' Americana sound, Dastardly also impressed SouthSide with their vibrant vocal harmonies complimenting each other while in acappella finishes for a couple of songs. Though this was a relatively short set, this group packed a lot of music and fun into their performance for the crowd. This reviewer highly suggests visiting http://www.dastardlytheband.com or http://www.myspace.com/dastardlytheband for more details and where this band's rockin' the stage again.

...buckle up, kids...

Though recently involved in an accident, Jon Drake along with his organic orchestra-like band, The Shakes, rocked down the Metro stage with a BANG! This lively group can cover an eclectic range of genres which at times can reflect the individual tastes of each member. From Blues and Bluegrass to Folk as well as pop/alternative, fans can expect to hear plenty of energy and catchy guitar hooks. Even while taking the momentum down a notch, there's still sparks of life and energy from Jon's string section (cello and violin) which defined the song's mood and rhythm. One can definitely say his music kept the crowd in a dancing frenzy throughout the performance upon feeling the vibe found in songs like Rattles N Shakes and EJ. SouthSide also recommends listening to Fisherman's Blues, Margie and Mary that highlights the soulful passion and falsettos found in Jon's voice. For more details and where this band's rockin' the stage again, visit http://www.jondrakeandtheshakes.bandcamp.com or http://www.myspace.com/jondrake.

...we f-in' made it...

Yes, they did, blogspot readers! A year ago, this newest member to the Chicago Noise Machine was the opening act. However tonight Aktar Aktar was poised and ready to rock the Metro crowd and stage as the headliner! And what a difference a year has made for this local band. Retaining their original Americana/alternative sound, Aktar also added a bit of pop rock (off the keyboard) into rhythm thus sparking MORE energy. SouthSide noticed this quartet rocked their fans with more sound than the last time she reviewed them ...mixing the rock music with some of the classic and modern together. This had the crowd grooving to favorites like Ghost of a Man, Evolution and Lost In Transit (SouthSide's favorite) with its fun, upbeat tempo. Even while slowing things down a bit, Aktar's guitars pumped life and momentum into the songs keeping their fans in a frenzy until the end. Visit http://www.myspace.com/aktaraktar for more details and where this premiere rock band's performing again.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Nov 10

...our job is getting you excited for GRO... ~ Miggs

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide invaded SPACE ...again! This reviewer's back for another rockin' adventure at this popular suburban venue to see Miggs and Green River Ordinance (TX) on stage.

SouthSide wholeheartedly regrets missing a huge chunk of Miggs' Park West performance in Sept. Like that one, this rockin' band from FL swept away the audience with its vocal harmonies and energetic pop/alternative music. After opening the set in a calming lull which immediately bursted into ear-popping music of fiery momentum, Miggs performed a playlist featuring Sincerity (almost tribal-like with the steady drum rhythm while taking the momentum and tempo down a notch) and Incredibly Close (a switch in tempo with a lively rhythm that had everyone feeling the vibe). During this song as well as others, Don, (frontman on vocals and guitar) needed a wireless mic attached to him so he could be heard in the back where SouthSide was standing. Yet, she enjoyed hearing personal favorites such as Nothing (full of catchy guitar hooks with a bit of Rolling Stones' You Can't Always Get What You Want towards the end but the acappella close was an audience pleaser), Superhero (song has Miggs stepping out of their "comfort zone" with hardcore rock chords though keeping the tempo in a pop groove) and Fire (a somewhat sad ballad yet strangely it has a lively rhtyhm to keep the song from getting over depressing within its pop/alternative sound). For this reviewer, she feels the highlight of the night was when Miggs performed an acoustic version of Summer Takes The Fall. The trio sharing one microphone demonstrated how powerful as well as emotional their voices can be sans the amplified sound backing them. With only an acoustic in hand, they breathed more sentimental and soulful feelings into the lyrics of this particular song. SouthSide wouldn't mind reviewing a Miggs acoustic performance now that she has fully heard them amplified. Rounding out their show with Let The Games Begin and Girls & Boys (hit single off current album - Wide Awake), the audience was thoroughly warmed up and ready for Green River Ordinance's headlining show. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this rockin' alternative band while they're currently on tour. Visit http://www.miggsmusic.com or http://www.myspace.com/miggs for details when and where they'll be next.

Recently reviewed this band's current EP, The Morning Passengers, SouthSide was excited to see Green River Ordinance's live stage performance. The audience instantly felt the vibe and burst of momentum fromt he band upon hearing the intro to their opening song. There's plenty of fire and passion in GRO's pop/alternative rock sound off 3 to 4 guitars on stage as well as deep, soulful falsettos heard from Josh's (frontman on vocals, guitar and piano) voice. He truly poured out a lot of himself emotionally in his vocal performance while on lyrics in which his energy not got the rest of the band feeling the vibe but the audience too. GRO wasted no time hitting the ground rockin' their headlining set with Goodbye, LA (a lively alternative song with toe-tappin' guitar hooks), Come On (a powerful acappella beginning before GRO's burst of music and improvisation on lyrics using the topic of the night "ice cream man" towards the end), and Dancing Shoes (track 1 off current EP in which SouthSide equally enjoyed both acoustic and live version of this ballad). Though taking the momentum down for two ballads (one being Uncertainly Certain, track 2 off The Morning Passengers EP), this reviewer thoroughly enjoyed hearing a bit of the acoustic side to GRO. However there were moments in which too much reverb (off the bass monitor) was painful to the ears. Yet, the acoustic tone of this band spotlighted how versatile the vocal range Josh's voice can get while performing a serenade or ballad. For example, Learning (a song about making mistakes when hurting the ones we love and learning from them), his voice was quite passionate and full of emotion during the acoustic beginning before adding the rest of the band. This reviewer, in her opinion, would have preferred an acoustic version since it drew out the sentiment felt and heard inside the lyrics. This was also the moment when the bass reverb was too overpowering for her to hear which overshadowed the vocals and song. Another highlight of the night was when GRO covered a rockin' version of Fleetwood Mac's 70s hit Go Your Own Way (adding more energy intot he tempo and rhythm making it seem less of a breakup song and more a pop/rock alternative groove) and The Band's The Weight (which featured Miggs on vocals and a bit of the gospel song This Little Light Of Mine as the audience waved their mobile phones in the air). Besides their The Morning Passengers EP, GRO also released an EP of their favorite cover songs (before they were born). SouthSide highly recommends checking out their inspirational song, Rise Up, as well as suggests checking them out live while currently on tour. Visit http://www.greenriverordinance.com or http://www.myspace.com/gro for more details in when and where they're rockin' next with Miggs.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 Nov 10 - CD Review

Hey, blogspot readers, check out the following CDs currently spinning on SouthSide's stereo player.

Safe Return to Earth
The Jefferson (Australia)

SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed this debut 13-track album by The Jefferson (from Sydney,Australia) which had a flowing melodic rock sound from beginning to end. Listening closely to the lyrics, this reviewer noticed the words were quite personal ...straight from the heart (probably based on past experiences and/or life changing events). Jefferson's music did have a feel reminiscent of The Beatles in the title track, Safe Return to Earth (the 4-part harmony wonderfully done) but the rest of the album wasn't overcomplicated or over dramatic with extra hooks and rhythms. It's clean rock ...lively beats and plenty of energy vibin' through the speakers especially during track 8 - Tell Me Your Name. SouthSide highly suggests listening to the inspirational song It Can Be (track 2), a rockin' equivalent to Twisted Sister's We're Gonna Take It heard within Final Call (track 4), the political references and tone in Outta My Mind (track 5) and her favorite Superstar (track 10). Track 13, Lay Me Down, deserves a special mention in this review for its acoustic sound and music which highlights the emotions heard in the vocals before the album ends with a reprise of an instrumental version of the title track.

The Morning Passengers
Green River Ordinance (MN)

Celebrating their tenth year as a band, Green River Ordinance recently released a 6-song acoustic CD, The Morning Passenger. SouthSide enjoyed the calm soothing acoustic guitar rock sound (featuring other instruments - organ, piano and harmonica) which also highlighted Josh's (frontman on guitar/piano) natural vocals. There's plenty of heartfelt emotions heard within the lyrics throughout the EP however this reviewer highly suggests listening to Dancing Shoes (track 1), Undertow (track 3) and Inward Tide (track 4) which featured a rich folksy sound and serenades. Tonight, she'll get a chance to review Green River Ordinance performing live on stage at SPACE (in Evanston) with The Miggs (FL).


Blogspot readers, rock your minds instrumentally to this local band's experimental/psychedelic (and everything else in between) rock groove. Though it's a 3-track CD, Aetiology packed plenty of music into each song ready to take your ears on a magical journey of sound. There's fire ...energy and passion as you hear and "feel" the lyrics off the guitars especially during track 2, Strange Hieroglyphs. The guitar hooks inside this track will blow you away into a spectrum beyond this known universe. SouthSide highly suggests checking out this rockin' band live on stage to experience the full effect of Aetiology and its music.

Looking For Home
Matt Ryd

SouthSide recently reviewed Matt Ryd during his amazing Looking For Home record release show at Schuba's. Compared to the live version of this album, the recorded version was just as lively and energetic as it was seen on stage. Matt's CD featured a wide range of music from Americana to a poppy alternative sound heard off a variety of instrument combinations ...a vibrant orchestra rockin' this 11-track CD, blogspot readers. And just like the live performance, his father, Steve Ryd (on trumpet) truly spiced up the song Lie To Me (track 6) within the semi-acoustic sound. It's hard picking which songs to listen first so SouthSide suggests taking a random route with this CD - playing the tracks out of order. There's added bonus for Scrubs fans, track 2 - Healed - was featured in an episode of the hit television series last season. Check out Matt's sites for upcoming dates when he and/or the band will be rockin' the stage.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

06 Nov 10

Hey, blogspot readers, after viewing rock art, it was time to rock! It was night two of the Chicago Roots Collective Festival held at Elbo Room. This local fest featured over 75 artists/bands rockin' both stages upstairs and downstairs at the same time. Saturday's lineup featured the lively rock pop/alternative (and more) groove by Cobalt & The Hired Guns. Opening the lineup was a rare acoustic performance by How Far To Austin. Slimming down from the usual full band to a trio (featuring Derek and Katie on vocals) this band performed lively acoustic versions of originals and covers (Proud Mary and Signed, Sealed, Delivered) as well as a rockin' cover of Cobalt's Of Summer. The highlight of HFTA's set was hearing an acoustic version of the title track, Goodnight Madison, off the upcoming CD. Though not hearing this song behind the full band, SouthSide enjoyed the soulful sound with the gentle yet energetic hooks ...plus there was depth and emotion heard within the vocals. This reviewer highly suggests rockin' out with this local band on December 3rd at Double Door during the Bluegrass and Blues Festival. For more information, visit http://www.howfartoaustin.com or http://www.myspace.com/howfartoaustin.

Cobalt and a lively stage of Hired Guns rocked the Elbo Room with a bang of energetic music. However it's not fair or wise to box this group of musicians as well as their music into one solid genre, blogspot readers. There was too much going on with Cobalt's rock sound from pop/alternative to a hint of bluegrass (off the steel guitar and harmonica) as well as an accordion and saxophone. This lively mix kept Cobalt's songs fun for this crowd to dance along with the band ...even though the band claims they're not having fun on stage. In actuality, they were especially while rockin' to their vibin' music. Performing hit favorites like You Left Your Sweater (a song about two favorite activities - drinking and sex ...plus sweaters), Of Summer and Rome, SouthSide enjoyed the heartwarming song about Tomlison's parents titled Ghost of the Road and the rockin', spicy cover version of How Far To Austin's Catalina which featured Derek (of HFTA) on vocals while Cobalt played backup band. This reviewer highly suggests checking out the lively rock performance of Cobalt & The Hired Guns when they rock The Hideout on Nov 27th. Not only will your ears have a blast but so will your feet groovin' to the energetic rhythm of the music. For more information, visit http://www.cobaltandthehiredguns.com or http://www.myspace.com/cobaltandthehireguns.

Until next time, support your local scene,

06 Nov 10 - Rock N Roll Art Show

Hey, blogspot readers, it's an art collection of music history. SouthSide spent part of her Saturday evening perusing a vast collection of photos and original artwork as well as other memorabilia of the 97.4 WLS Rock-N-Roll Art Show. This special art show featured a wide range of photographs from The Beatles to Pink Floyd (taken at Capitol Records in LA) and U2 and first showings by reknown artist Al Hirschfeld of "John Lennon". Plus this collection had original artwork by such rock celebrities Robby Krieger (Doors) - "She Lives On Love Street" (a beautiful artistic depiction of The Doors' song), Jimi Hendrix - "The Prayer" and "Gensis", and Tico Torres (Bon Jovi) - "Quiet City". Also part of this art showing was originals painted by Tony Bennett and samples of celebrity cheque autographs.

What truly got SouthSide's mojo rising while examining the many classic rock concert handbills for The Strokes and Grateful Dead was the vast poster collection. Being a poster collector herself, she enjoyed viewing visual artwork ...some dating back to 60s/70s to those recently dated as of this year. There were Jerry Garcia drawings (some done by magic markers and/or watercolor). SouthSide also highly suggests flipping throuh the photographs by famed rock photo-journalist Mark Weiss. Many of the memorabilia (as well as art) were priced for purchase during the showing like The Who Discography Gold Record and The Doors' LA Woman handwritten lyrics-Gold Record set (which included autographs). As an added bonus, Ron Campbell made a rare appearance with his original artwork and drawings. His name should have a special meaning with any die-hard Beatles fan - he's the animator for the Beatles' film, Yellow Submarine and director of the ABC Saturday morning Beatles Cartoon series from 1965 to 1969. Also he was involved with other beloved cartoons such as The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Ed, Edd & Eddy, Rugrats and many more.

This reviewer was in awe and inspired with many ideas on what to do with her own vast collection of rock history and memorabilia from her adventures around town ...especially how to display her posters. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this fascinating artshow. For more details, visit http://www.rockartshow.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, November 5, 2010

04 Nov 10

Hey, blogspot readers, it's an extra special On The Town review just for you! Tonight, SouthSide's latest adventure took her to a rockin' sports/music bar, Joe's (On Weed St) for Molehill's performance. This local band was the lucky opening act for rock/reality celebrity, Brett Michaels, during his Custom Built tour show in Chicago.

Molehill was already in full swing rockin' the stage when SouthSide arrived. This band's rock sound is quite hard to pin down because it fused a lively mix of pop/alternative with a hint of the Brit blues rock (off the keyboards) which kept this audience groovin' to the rhythmic beat and thunderous crescendos of guitar riffs. That wicked organ rhythms was what immediately had this reviewer hooked onto Mole's music. She enjoyed how this band's sound inspired passion and fire ...at times epic sounding within the song intros. For example, one particular song featured heart-pounding thunder off the guitars with lightning clashing off keyboards. The instrumental combination had plenty of fire and sound before even adding the lyrics. Molehill's music can have this gentle calming tempo while on the hand, it can hit you this loud boisterious effect at the right moment for that burst of explosive emphasis. Yet, this band's music wasn't "serious" all of the time. They're all about having fun too, blogspot readers. With catchy guitar hooks and energetic organ rhythms, Molehill exploded to life rockin' out their performance. SouthSide highly recommends grooving your way to their next show happening tonight at Elbo Room peforming as part of the Chicago Roots Collective Festival. Plus they will be travelling to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. before heading to Madison in December. For more information and tour details, visit http://www.molehillmusic.com or http://www.myspace.com/enterthemolehill.

In all fairness and honesty, blogspot readers, SouthSide's not a fan of Brett Michaels, his music or his reality television shows. That being said, this reviewer was somewhat not enthused by this rock/reality celebrity's performance at Joe's. After spending forty-five minutes waiting for his show to start, Brett certainly gave what his die-hard fans were excitedly anticipating. However, for SouthSide, she wasn't sold ...not feeling him or his music within the first hour spent listening to old Poison songs and covers. She was looking forward to hearing his new stuff before having to leave for the evening. Opening with old favorites like Talk Dirty To Me, Look At What The Cat Dragged In and Unskinny Bop, there were moments in which this reviewer enjoyed his set - when Brett was singing acoustically for Something To Believe In and Every Rose Has Its Thorns but in SouthSide's opinion totally lost the heartfelt meaning of the lyrics when adding the rock side of the band to each song. With acoustic guitar in hand, the music brought out the natural vocal range of his voice though sounding a little hoarse and winded between songs. Still Brett rocked the stage with energy and showmanship for this crowd reminiscing with old cover standards like Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama, Sublime's What I Got and Loggins & Messina's Your Mama Don't Dance (which was the highlight for this reviewer featuring cool harmonics and an awesome audience participation in a round style near the end). Fans of Brett Michaels should check out http://www.bretmichaels.com/ for more tour dates and information.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

01 Nov 10

...Welcome to the Church of The Rodeo...

Howdy, pardners! After a long Halloween weekend of shows and parties, SouthSide still had enough energy (and party stamina) for one more on Monday night. She saddled up at the Elbo Room Ranch for a rockin' rodeo band known as Brent Amaker and The Rodeo blowin' into town from Seattle, WA. Now, this little filly reviewer does admit she had her doubts about Brent and band stirring more than dry tumbleweeds with their music despite what Dave (saloon owner/bartender) saying she would have a fun time with their whiskey-country sound. Was this little filly totally wrong, blogspot readers. Brent Amaker and The Rodeo will certainly rock your Stetons off.

Currently on tour promoting new CD, Please Stand By, this energetic quintet rocked the stage with its Texas country/western sound but it's not like any ordinary country you might be use to. It definitely didn't sound slow ...or contain sadness about lonely broken hearts. No - Brent and the boys kept their music very lively and fun for this cowpoke audience. There was plently of wit and humor to be found in songs about hillbilly gals making him weak at the knees or how girls are made for a lot of things (except for one). Besides the modern country sound with some hardcore guitar twang, SouthSide was weak at knees from Brent's deep vocal falsettos which added depth and emotion the songs especially one about breaking his heart. The highlight of the night was when the band opened its sacred doors to the Church of The Rodeo during a lively whiskey song. Lucky participants were formally baptized (with the holy whiskey water) by "Preacher" Brent as he fed "communion" shots to them. This reviewer would have partaken in the act but she already had her fill of the "good word" over the weekend.

SouthSide recommends saddling up to the nearest ranch for the next hoedown featuring the energetic country/western rock of Brent Amaker and The Rodeo. She's guarantees a rockin' time doing the two-step to this band's swinging' beat. For more information, visit http://www.brentamaker.com or http://www.myspace.com/brentamakerandtherodeo.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Oct 10

Hey, trick-o-treaters, give SouthSide somthing good to eat (Nestle Crunch)! After her 1st polka experience with The Polkaholics, it was time for Dr. SouthSide do some serious partying at Elbo Room for more rockin' Halloween-themed fun! Fans dressed in their best costumes as Brett Farve (yes he was showing his "package") to Hamburger Helper hand and Captain Hook (Wags of Red City) ...Jesus (Matt at the door), Priest (Leonard of Lucid Ground) and devils were in good company (sounds like a joke opening line, huh?). Plenty of nerds were in attendance ...and the one and only ultimate playboy Hugh Hefner (Mike of The Branded) was seen with his current playmate bunny too. Rockin' the stage were three legends of rock, Pink Floyd (Bullet Called Life), The Doors (The Plastic Boots) and David Bowie (Model Stranger)- all performing their greatest hits. Also sharing the stage with them were The Fireship, Bambi Raptor and Digital Mindy performing a special electronica set.

He's the Lizard King ...and he can do anything! The essence and spirit of Jim Morrison was alive and well inside The Plastic Boots covering (as well as dressed) The Doors, blogspot readers. This local band did a fantastic job re-creating the lizard king experience for the crowd downstairs. Plastic rocked out the stage with popular hits such as Roadhouse Blues, Backdoor Man, People Are Strange and the poetic epic (and one of SouthSide's favorites) Riders Of The Storm. The Doors closed out their amazing show with Break On Through which had the audience exploding into a wild dance frenzy. Check out The Plastic Boots as themselves on stage by visiting http://www.myspace.com/theplasticbootsband. Meanwhile dressed in Star Wars themed costumes (including Jabba The Hut with slave girl Leia chained to the drum kit), Bullet Called Life rocked out the lounge as the experimental rock band - Pink Floyd. Floyd fans take notice - this local did an EXCELLENT job rockin' the stage with a few favorites. SouthSide was in pure heaven listening to Pigs (which led straight into a rockin' burst of Into The Flesh), Shine On You Crazy Diamond (BCL didn't water down this epic 17-part song), and Echoes (the BEST cover excellently done but rarely heard). Yet no Floyd experience wouldn't be complete without the infamous song duo Brain Damage and Eclipse. WOW, what a performance, blogspot readers! Check out Bullet Called Life as themselves on stage by visiting http://www.bulletcalledlife.com or http://www.myspace.com/bclrock. Closing out the legends of rock was the one and only David Bowie by Model Stranger. 1973 David Bowie (in the height of his glam days as Ziggy Stardust) made a rare appearance performing his greatest hits like Modern Love, Ziggy Stardust, Rebel Rebel, Oh Pretty Things and Suffragette City. He even performed the popular rock anthem All The Young Dudes written for Mott The Hoople. Then David zipped into the future to rock out this crowd with two smashing hits by Model Stranger - Monster and Dreams & Bones. Check out Model Stranger as themselves by visiting http://www.modelstranger.com or http://www.myspace.com/modelstranger.

Rockin' the Elbo Room after performing a show in Milwaukee, The Fireship (http://www.thefireship.com or http://www.myspace.com/thefireship) had plenty of fire and energy left to entertain this costumed crowd. SouthSide was impressed by the band's wicked guitar hooks/riffs as well as the subtle crescendo and bursts of sound strategically placed for those moments of thunderous wow effect. Plus with Nicholas on vocals full of fiery emotion and passion, The Fireship certainly blew this reviewer away. Meanwhile the nerdy tri-Lambdas (quick name that movie reference and win a cool SouthSide prize) from Bambi Raptor University took the stage next. The crowd enjoyed the split personality of calm Roger (on vocals) and screamo/anger Kenneth (bass/vocals) heard in songs like Griffin and Gunslinger. From bits of reggae/ska (Greenology) and to pop/alternative (Cosplay), this Bambi will keep you rockin' along with them. The guys will be celebrating their 2nd CD release show on Nov 26th at House of Blues. Go to http://www.officialbambiraptor.com or http://www.myspace.com/bambiraptor for all the details. The original known as Digital Mindy closed out this rockin' Halloween party with a fun, creepy themed show. SouthSide loved their haunting version of Pink Elephants On Parade (quick name the Disney which features this song and win a cool SouthSide prize) that featured Nick (dressed as The Joker - BEST villian costume of the night) and his laughter. Along with Jon (dressed as a stormtrooper) on guitar, they performed other Digital hits like Pretty Pretentious Drama Queen, The Switch and Mr. Agitator. As a special treat for the late-night audience, they performed a haunting cover of Nine Inch Nail's Closer before closing out the set with a Digital version of Nightmare On Elm St movie theme music. Visit Digital Mindy at http://www.digitalmindy.com or http://www.myspace.com/digitalmindy.

Until next time, support your local scene,

30 Oct 10

...On Halloween ...we want the (root) beer...

Hey, blogspot reader, let's POLKA! SouthSide's latest Halloween-themed adventure took her to the Austin-Irving branch of Chicago Public Library for a special local performance. Capping off the final day of Polish-American month, The Polkaholics performed a family Halloween show - polka style.

Rockin' Chicago for over 13 years and seen on WGN (channel 9), The Polkaholics jazz up popular songs as well as known polka favorites to fit this trio's lively, energetic rock style. Yet since this was a holiday-themed performance, the guys (dressed in their finest vampire duds) gave some of their songs and covers Halloween titles and lyrics ...still keeping it fun and less scary for the kids in the audience. For example, they changed Baby Doll Polka to Voodoo Doll Polka while Who Stole The Kishka (by Walter Solek) was now Who Stole The Candy (in which The Polkaholics put the blame on Santa). SouthSide loved their polka version of the 60s hit - Monster Mash with the polka sound added to the song's original melody ...very interesting what polka can do to a song tune and tempo. Vampires grooved and twisted to Vampire Transylvannian Polka (originally Cleveland Polka) or do the Hokey Pokey Polka. And for the rock fans like SouthSide attending this show, there was Lust For Blood (Iggy Pop's Lust For Life) and Fanny Shake Polka which had the opening bars to an Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath song. The Polkaholics even mixed the traditional Jewish hora with polka for the scary monster song.

Yes, blogspot readers, rockin' to polka is fun for EVERYONE including a rock chick like SouthSide. Though The Polkaholics' core sound is polka, there's some hardcore guitar riffs woven inside the music which made their polka fun and very energized. Did you know it's not just German and Polish polka being played? There's also Native American Indian polka ...Slovenian as well as Mexican polka. SouthSide also learned that polka's an oral history passed down through the generations. The Polkaholics are doing their part in keeping that history alive for the generation growing up now. SouthSide highly suggests getting your polka groove on with this lively fun trio. Perhaps you too will be dancing the Chicken Dance (polka style).

For more information, visit The Polkaholics at http://www.thepolkaholics.com or http://www.myspace.com/thepolkaholics.

Until next time, support your local scene,

29 Oct 10

Hey, blogspot readers, the treats got off to a rockin' start without any tricks! This Halloween weekend, Dr. SouthSide's making her rounds at various shows around town checking out the hottest local acts burning the stage. Tonight her patient was the super rockin' group known as Dot Dot Dot headlining at Bottom Lounge.

Dressed in their finest glam costumes, Dot Dot Dot was ready to rock out this Lower Westside venue for their excited fans. SouthSide immediately liked the energy and vibe felt from this band's pop/electronica rock sound. Music like Dot's instantly had this 17+ audience dancing to the lively rhythmic groove found in songs like Walking in a Straight Line and Around the World And Back. Even while in a downtempo pace, there was still bursts of energy found in the guitar riffs and percussions. These were the moments that the keyboard/piano rhythms didn't overpower the heartfelt mood heard during Take That Away From Me. This reviewer highly suggests listening to new song, Smile, off Dot's upcoming album (currently being recorded). She liked how the band allowed the rock side to itself shine thus dropping the electronica a little. The tone of lyrics and tempo will definitely put a smile on your face.

Besides performing their originals, Dot did rock the stage with a few cover versions of popular hits from bands like Aha! and Ting Tings. SouthSide enjoyed the playfullness between Rose (guitar/vocals) and Lisa (bass/vocals) during the cover of Not My Name. Michael (keyboards/piano with the coolest scrolling marquee as his belt) showed off his lyrical rap chops for Cake's Going The Distance in which the band jammed under a hardcore sound. SouthSide also liked Dot's homage to Adam Ant (Goody Two Shoes - her favorite Adam song) and Naked Eyes (Always Something There To Remind Me). And to really close out this fun party , Dot did a rockin' encore cover of House of Pain's Jump Around.

On Saturday, Dot Dot Dot had the honour of opening for Common at President Obama's rally for the upcoming elections.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out this super hot rock-pop band at their next scheduled performance. For more information, visit Dot Dot Dot at http://www.dotdotdotonline.com or http://www.myspace.com/dotdotdotonline.

Until next time, support your local scene,