Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Oct 10

...On Halloween ...we want the (root) beer...

Hey, blogspot reader, let's POLKA! SouthSide's latest Halloween-themed adventure took her to the Austin-Irving branch of Chicago Public Library for a special local performance. Capping off the final day of Polish-American month, The Polkaholics performed a family Halloween show - polka style.

Rockin' Chicago for over 13 years and seen on WGN (channel 9), The Polkaholics jazz up popular songs as well as known polka favorites to fit this trio's lively, energetic rock style. Yet since this was a holiday-themed performance, the guys (dressed in their finest vampire duds) gave some of their songs and covers Halloween titles and lyrics ...still keeping it fun and less scary for the kids in the audience. For example, they changed Baby Doll Polka to Voodoo Doll Polka while Who Stole The Kishka (by Walter Solek) was now Who Stole The Candy (in which The Polkaholics put the blame on Santa). SouthSide loved their polka version of the 60s hit - Monster Mash with the polka sound added to the song's original melody ...very interesting what polka can do to a song tune and tempo. Vampires grooved and twisted to Vampire Transylvannian Polka (originally Cleveland Polka) or do the Hokey Pokey Polka. And for the rock fans like SouthSide attending this show, there was Lust For Blood (Iggy Pop's Lust For Life) and Fanny Shake Polka which had the opening bars to an Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath song. The Polkaholics even mixed the traditional Jewish hora with polka for the scary monster song.

Yes, blogspot readers, rockin' to polka is fun for EVERYONE including a rock chick like SouthSide. Though The Polkaholics' core sound is polka, there's some hardcore guitar riffs woven inside the music which made their polka fun and very energized. Did you know it's not just German and Polish polka being played? There's also Native American Indian polka ...Slovenian as well as Mexican polka. SouthSide also learned that polka's an oral history passed down through the generations. The Polkaholics are doing their part in keeping that history alive for the generation growing up now. SouthSide highly suggests getting your polka groove on with this lively fun trio. Perhaps you too will be dancing the Chicken Dance (polka style).

For more information, visit The Polkaholics at http://www.thepolkaholics.com or http://www.myspace.com/thepolkaholics.

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