Saturday, March 28, 2015

Martyrs (2008)

Martyrdom... does one achieve it, the highest status of death that goes beyond death? Is it only when religiously persecuted …or suffering the final stages of an incurable disease …or could it be obtained through submission by intense sadomasochistic torture?

Interesting question based on a very terrifying, spellbinding French/English subtitled psychological horror movie – Martyrs (2008) written and directed by Pascal Laugier …starring Morjana Alaoui, Mylene Jampanoi with Catherine Begin as Mademoiselle. And believe SouthSide, this movie is NOTHING like you’ve ever seen or witnessed before, blogspot readers.

Its opening scenes will instantly grab the senses as you watch a bloodied young girl running out of an abandoned factory-type building screaming …after escaping whatever unspeakable horrors that was inflicted on her. Now jump ahead, fifteen years later, a family about to sit down and have breakfast when they are unexpectedly yet brutally murdered (via double barrel shotgun) by the victim as an act of revenge against the “mother” and “father” for torture they inflicted on her. Her companion, named Anna, doesn’t fully understand why her friend would want to kill this family but after being kidnapped and then told why by an even mysterious character only known as Mademoiselle – she begins her journey into the hellish weeks (perhaps months) of beatings and deprivation until having to face the final challenge…

SouthSide should pause for a moment to warn you, blogspot readers. If you have a weak stomach or can’t handle the graphic violence/horror in this movie so wonderful projects, then stop reading this review now.

Martyrs is definitely for the weak …it takes a very strong stomach and willing mind to handle the terrifying acts of violence and psychological reasoning of why this mysterious group of people are torturing, beating, et al these women into achieving that martyrdom status. Their sadomasochistic rituals of routinely brutal torture was somewhat tough to handle but also very much excitedly arousing. Getting one’s face slapped did bring out the fuzzy warm feelings in SouthSide yet in the final moments when facing the final test – WOW …never saw that coming but should have since after what Anna endured to achieve the status, this reviewer would have probably done the same. Sorry, blogspot readers, this reviewer won’t be revealing what Anna experienced at the moment when the “surgeon” removed her skin and…

OMG – what does she tell Mademoiselle upon achieving that bliss?

We will never know, blogspot readers, unless you’re an expert at reading lips.

Yep, SouthSide will stop here …again. Martyrs holds NOTHING back as far as the violence goes, blogspot readers. If you’re like her, your body will jump at each intense moment throughout …but will certainly enjoy the well-crafted plot that’s a brilliantly conceived nightmare brought to reality. Is it a horror masterpiece? In this reviewer’s opinion, yes it is. Take away the brutality and horror, you still have the macabre of a mysterious group’s morbid taste in torturing innocent women to the point of death and the psychological emotions running high during the 1 hour and 39 minute runtime. For example, a kidnapped-tortured victim that Anna discovers underneath the house is wearing a crude metal chastity belt and metal blindfold that’s nailed into her head. SouthSide dares you to try not sitting still when watching Anna prying the nails out of her skull to take off the blindfold. It’s one of MANY scenes that will have you gripping the edge of your seat for dear life. Besides the intensity of the horror and such, there’s a bit of lightheartedness that comes before the shocking end, blogspot readers. You really have to respect their sense of compassion and willingness to have a “funeral service” for Anna.

You won’t find Martyrs in the regular DVD section at your local library (that’s where SouthSide found this movie) …but do try the Foreign section because the movie is French-Canadian made. This reviewer doesn’t know if there’s a tamer “R” rated version of this particular movie however a true psychological horror fan would definitely enjoy viewing the unrated version.

It’s a SouthSide “triple A plus movie”…

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, March 6, 2015

Upcoming Events

Hey, blogspot readers, check out the following shows happening soon...

From 17-19 in July 2015 in Louisville, KY, it's FORECASTLE - a music, art and activism event that will feature live performances by Sam Smith, My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, Cage The Elephant, Tweedy, Portugal. The Man, Gaslight Anthem, Milo Greene, The Revivalists, Empires and many, many more.
For more information and tickets, visit

Guess what Chicago, MXPX and Five Iron Frenzy will be performing a show together at Concord Music Hall on May 8 along with Kristopher Roe from the Ataris! SouthSide hears this show is guarantee to sell out get your tickets now!
AA / 6p doors for tickets and information.

On May 10, the band will play but you have to sing, blogspot readers, during Punk Rock Karaoke at Cobra Lounge! From Social Distortion to Bad Religion to NOFX and more, this band (featuring Greg Hetson, Stan Lee, Ed Tater and Derek O'Brien) will be your background music while you stand on stage being the "rock star" ...if you dare. Tickets are on sale now.
Sorry, kids, this is a 21+ show.

John Cooper Clarke, infamous for his combinations of custom crafted poetry, sharp satirical wit, melancholic language and hilarious political puns, will be making his way back to North America in over 35 years with a 10 city tour kicking off in Las Vegas and ending in Toronto. This poet, movie star, rock star and comedian who collaborated and toured with such legendary bands and artists like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello and Alan Ginsberg will be performing here in Chicago on May 5 at Lincoln Hall.

Delicate Steve will be releasing a new album "Live In Las Vegas" as well as touring North America with stops scheduled in Baltimore, MD, Austin, TX (for SXSW), Los Angeles and Claremont, CA. Chicago fans catch see this songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Marion at the Beat Kitchen on April 1. For more information and tickets, visit

Last Rites presents Covenant sharing the stage on Saturday April 11 at Abbey Pub with The Labrynth and DJ Scary Lady Sarah!
7p / $16 adv / $20 dos / 17+
For tickets, visit

Get your tickets now before the show/event sells out!

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, February 27, 2015

March 2015

March ….this month usually roars in like lion and ends like a lamb. However, in Chicago, it’s really hard to predict what kind of weather we’ll have day to day. From unseasonable low temps, deep freeze and snow, it doesn’t stop local music scene from rockin’ the stage near and far, blogspot readers, even if spring arrives a little later than usual.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out the following events/shows rockin’ this month …unless noted otherwise are listed as 21+.

Ongoing until May 3:
Chopin Theater - check out The Hammer Trinity, an epic fantasy trilogy of young Casper Kent as he recovers the lost Hammer and takes the crown while defending it against pirates, dragons and crownless factions!
For tickets, visit

March 1:
Door No.3 – Door No.3 and Housebroken presents Sunday School Lessons: Preaching to the soul of Chicago through house music featuring Reverend Gene Farris and his Deacons Mathis Rousseau and Jame$ Dean. It’s a weekly event during the month of March.
9p / FREE before 10p / $10 after 10p

Slippery Slope - there may be snow on the ground and it's bitterly cold but enjoy an outdoor (protected and warm from the harsh winter weather) movie at this Logan Square venue ..."The Burbs" will be showing.
FREE ...bring a date and picnic basket - Slippery Slope will provide the drinks and fun.

Phyllis' Musical Inn - it's the American Troubadour showcase featuring Cally Raduenzel, Andrew D. Huber and Jason Benefield

March 2:
GRANDBAR - White Mystery with Perfume and Gnar Wave Rangers featuring DJs Eddie Gobbo and Patrick Tsotsos!

March 3:
Act One Pub (Mayne Stage) - join Chicago Acoustic Underground's monthly series "Singing For Your Supper" songwriter showcase featuring Don Pedigo!
AA / FREE / 8p

Reggie's Rock Club - Two Columbia College classes, the Reggis Practicum class (CCC Reggies Takeover) and AEMMP Records, the student-run label, will come together to put on a concert before AEMMP Records' students and musicians head out on their adventure to Austin, TX for SXSW 2015! Artists from both the Rock and Hip Hop sections of the label will be performing include AyOH, Zaramela, The Lucky Dutch, Kalo (formerly known as Sidewalk Kal) Cae Jones, and more with special quest - Thelonious Martin!
Free with Columbia ID / $5 for public

March 4:
Double Door – check out Ultimate Painting!
$10 adv / $15 dos

Smart Bar Chicago – DAPHNE: A Woman’s Movement in Dance Music welcomes [synthetic] featuring special guest DJ Scary Lady Sarah along with regulars Boy Alberto and Eeks Laroo.
10p / FREE

Underground Wonder Bar – it’s an extra special whitewolfsonicprincess performance featuring a bit of acoustic and electric music.

March 5:
Hideout – Chicago’s very own singer-songwriter Laura Joy will be celebrating the release of her sophomoric EP Between Our Worlds. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the video Takes a While on her YouTube page.

Dutch Inn West (Elgin, IL) – rock out with this lineup featuring The Queers, Rapids, and SouthSide’s friend The Usuals. Due to the limitation of space within this venue, it’s first come first served rock-n-roll, blogspot readers. So get there early.

Underground Wonder Bar – Lauren Wolf will be headlining CAUDog Records Showcase & More performance in the “Roots Room” of this venue with Jeff Brown, Matthew Morgan, Anita Chase and more with special guest John Til!

Quenchers - Empire State Express will the sharing the stage with Conrad Richards, Kali Anderson and the Pickups (WI), and Gar Clemens
8p doors

March 6:
Thalia Hall – 93XRT welcomes North Mississippi Allstars and Anders Osborne presenting N.M.O.
6:30p (doors) / Tickets are $26 / $36 / $400

March 7:
PBS-WYCC – view Linda Marie Smith’s Mearra Selkie from the Sea that was filmed and performed live at Chicago’s Irish American Heritage Center recently.
For more information, visit

Bottom Lounge – hey, rock fans come out and give SouthSide’s friends The Future Laureates an awesome send-off before they head to SXSW 2015 at this rockin’ party featuring her other friends – Molehill, Vintage Blue and Steve Stone.

LiveWire Lounge – Mojo In The Evening and presents March Into Metal Madness featuring live performances by SouthSide’s friend Armored Assault along with Scars of Armageddon, Depremacy and Warmouth.

Fizz Bar & Grill – rock with Blind William Tell, Double Feature and SouthSide’s friend Control.
$5 adv / $7 dos

Red Line Tap – it’s a rockin’ night featuring The Mound builders, The Pale Horsemen, Sacred Monster and Knife of Simpson.
$7 adv / $10 dos

Royal Skate Apparel (Lansing, IL) – attend The Black Death Metal Society’s event featuring Naughty-Delicious-Creepy Fun of Frights with Sinister Fate, Delicious Bitch, Radio Creeps and Fun of Frights.
AA / 7p / $5
There will be a concession stand selling beverages, candy and snacks.

Throne Room – there will a haunting symphonic sounds rockin’ the stage by The Walking Shadows, All Changes Apply and The Citizens.

Elbo Room - rock out with Bumpus Hounds with guests Death & Memphis, Highball and The Mudville Sounds.
$5 adv / $10 dos

March 8:
Concord Music Hall – it’s Travis Scott and Young Thug Rodeo Tour!
Get your tickets now before it sells out.

March 9:
Liar’s Club – hey rock/ska fans check out this lineup featuring Still Alive, D.C.’s Kill Lincoln, Butchered and While Knight Satellite.

March 10:
Elbo Room - calling all poets and spoken word artists ...attend the next Wormwood Collective Spoken Word series here at this Lakeview venue with some of Chicago most dedicated poets rockin' the open mic.
8p (doors and sign up) / FREE

March 11:
Door No.3 – FABITAT featuring DJ sets by Adam El and Ldy Prblms with drag performances by Lucy Stoole, Curlene Ribbon and Jean Waters ...also a special live performance by SouthSide's buds, Private Instigators!
FREE / 9p

Uncommon Ground (Clark St location) – check out SouthSide’s friend Jesse W. Johnson performing solo which will feature some songs off his new album Primal Scream along with The Tinder Box (Sioux Falls, SD) on the bill.
It’s reservations are recommended. 773 – 929 – 3680

The Abbey Pub – Y-Not and Last Rites present – The Real McKenzies rockin’ the stage live with SouthSide’s friend – RedRebel Country!
$17 - $20

Schuba’s Tavern – Mr. Russia is back, blogspot readers, and they have a new video “Bang Bang Romance” off the band’s upcoming single Bang Bang Romance/Princess Harming
8p / FREE

Mojoe’s (Joliet, IL) – it’s John 5 with With Our Arms To The Sky and Sinister Fate.
AA show / 21+ to drink

March 12 - 21:
The Pentagon Theater (located in the Flat Iron Arts Building) - Cube Ensemble presents ...Faces of Eurydice, a retelling of the myth of Orpheus through the point of view of Eurydice, his legendary lover.
For tickets, visit

March 12:
Location tba – The Hamalieghs, an indie folk duo from Nashville, TN will be performing at a secret location (those who buy tickets will be told where before the show) in support of their album Pretty Picture, Dirty Bush.

March 13 - April 14:
Den Theatre (1313 N. Milwaukee) - Tympanic Theater Company presents ...Today We Escape, plays inspired by Ok Computer
$20 (Fridays to Sundays)  / $10 Industry performance on Wed March 25 at 7:30p

March 13 & 14:
New Orleans, LA - it's BUKU and art project featuring live performances by Bassnectar, A$AP Rocky, Passion Pit, Empire of the Sun, TV on the Radio, STS9, Big Freedia, Flosstradamus, Gramatik, Die Antwoord and many, many more.
For tickets, visit

March 13:
Double Door – HELMET’s “Betty “ 20 th  Anniversary show (playing the entire album from start to finish).
8:30p (doors) / $20 adv / $40 VIP / $25 dos

Penny Road Pub (Barrington Hills, IL) – rock with the thunderin’ sound of Thunder Driver sharing the stage with two other awesome bands to be announced.

Red Line Tap – rock with Wussy and SouthSide’s friend Aktar Aktar at this venue.
$7 adv / $10 dos / 8p (doors)

Debonair Social Club – SouthSide’s friend HEMI will be sharing the stage with HYPNOCHRON and Sun God Ra.
18+ / $10

Jerry's - Get It On presents ...Chicago Americana Fest featuring live performances by B. Forrest, The Lost Brigade and Medicine Bear & the Herbal Remedies!

The Endzone Bar & Grill (Aurora, IL) - rock out this Friday 13th and Bday celebration with live performances by Nocturnal Uprising (debut show!), ShiftWrekk, Leper, JILT and Radio Creeps!

March 14:
Uncommond Ground (Clark ST location) – it’s a fantastic lineup featuring SouthSide’s friends Nate Z (of Jack Rabbit) and Andy Metz (of Hero Monster Zero/8090) sharing the stage.
Reservations for this special show are encouraged. 773 – 929 -3680

Quenchers Saloon – rock out with The Holy Alimonies with SouthSide’s friend Wally Dogger, Uncle Larry and Villa Coola.
10p show time / $7

Elbo Room - celebramos El Dia de Santo Patrick's en Espanol con Sin Anetesia (celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Spanish with Sin Anetesia)!

NiteCap - LYNCH will be celebrating St. Paddy's Day with Veilside and Saence (from St. Louis, MO) ..."Teanga an anama is ea an ceol" - Gaelic for "Music is the language of the soul"

Alley 64-Palatine (Palatine, IL) - check out the AC/DC tribute band "TNT" with SouthSide's favorite Cream tribute band "Badge".

March 16:
Door No.3 – it’s an evening of Bebop Jazz from 7p to 11p on Thelonious Monday with DJ RB Green featuring craft cocktails by Gavin and Thomas of Honey Butter Fried Chicken.
FREE / 7p (doors)

The Empty Bottle - check out Touched By Ghoul rockin' the stage along with As Hell and SouthSide's fried Bully in the Hallway.
FREE / 9p

March 17:
St. Patrick’s Day – there’s a party rockin’ this Irish town somewhere all day and night.

Bottom Lounge - Hollywood Undead with From Ashes To New
AA / 6:30show

March 18:
Door No.3 – Door No.3 and Dead 2 Me Records presents Rouge! Chicago’s premiere night of Electro swing featuring your dapper DJs Vourteque and Mr. Automatic …resident performer Lady Lenux will tantalize the stage with her dance.

March 19:
Red Line Tap – rock out with Mobile Deathcamp Armored Assault and Wrath at this Rogers Park venue.
$7 adv / $10 dos

March 20 & 21:
Hyatt Regency Chicago – it’s the 2nd annual LGBT Equality Institute …this very informative event brings together IL’s LGBT community and allies, advocates, civic leaders and groups to discuss issues such as transgender equality, safe schools, homelessness, health care access and more.

March 20:
Double Door – Shoeshine Boy presents Train Co sharing the stage with Mason’s Case, Murley and North by North.
7:30p (doors) / $10 adv / $12 dos

The Frame Shop (3520 S. Morgan #Unit-LD) – SouthSide’s friend Allen Vandever gets framed …see this one of a kind Chicago artist and his serious works of art on display at this event.
“…the difference between a good frame makes a work of art is like the difference between a BMW and a Honda…”

Nite Cap – it’s The 2015 Indie Music of Horror …a two day music festival and after parties featuring performances by Metamorphis, Sinister Fate and more to be announced for Friday and Saturday.

Beat Kitchen – rock with BIG Something and Digeometric at this Roscoe Village venue.
8:30p (doors) / $10 adv / $10 dos

Original Mother's - Saved By The Belvedere ...Episode III! featuring performances by JuiceBox and Rory Tyer Band!

Hard Rock Cafe - Joe Taylor and His Full Band will be rockin' the stage with special guests - Frank Lucas on piano, T.D. Clark on electric guitar, Tony Mac on rhythm guitar, Barry Klieber on bass, and Tony Mellon on drums.
11p doors

March 21:
Wire (Berwyn, IL) – check out Kofi Baker and Friends performance featuring Rich Dahl and DD Dierking (of 6DOS / Badge) and Jack Mazzengas Space Time Trio.

Hideout –  a trio of SouthSide’s friends will be sharing the stage – Model Stranger, We Killed The Lion and Rocket Cathedral along with Outer Vibe during this Record Release Extravaganza show.
$10 adv / $12 dos

Underground Lounge – it’s A Cause For PAWS night 1 …come out for a rock show while supporting our furry friends (benefiting various “no kill” shelters around Chicagoland) featuring performances by Trials, Scientist, Testimony and Escapist.

Phyllis' Musical Inn - it's a Trashy Rock n Roll night featuring the following bands rockin' the stage Celtic Bikini, Some Velvet Evening, and The Butterfields.

Reggie's Rock Club - check out this lineup rockin' the stage here The Slackers, On Your Marx, LVDP Sound System and DJ Chuck Wren.
18+ / $15 adv / $18 dos / 8p doors

March 22:
Double Door – it’s Japan Night within the heart of Wicker Park featuring performances by TsuShiMaMiRe, Quorum, The Fin Zarigani$, Bo-Peep and Samurai Dynamites.
7:30p (doors) / $10 adv / $15 dos / $20 VIP

Schubas Tavern – check out this rising band Moon sharing the stage along with The Living Statues and Pool Holograph as part of Schubas 100% off Bands series.
FREE show

March 25:
Empty Bottle - check out Filter Free Rodeo rockin' this stage along with Jollys, The Rashita Joneses, The Gnar Wave Rangers.

March 26 - 29:
Frontier Ranch (20 miles east of Columbus, OH) - it's Hoopla in the Hills! An art and music festival campout featuring live performances by Papadosio, The Werks, EOTO (& friends set each night), Zoogma, Ott., Ghost Owl, Any Colour (a Pink Floyd tribute band) and many, many more.
For tickets, visit

March 26:
Steppenwolf Theater – there will be a special performance of this unique yet modern twist to the play Marie Antoinette sponsored by Equality Illinois featuring a pre-show reception of French inspired macaroons and champagne at 6p. Tickets are limited and is expected to sellout.

The Abbey Pub – feel the vibrations with Seabound along with Architect and SouthSide’s friend Peter Propaganda!
$15 adv / $22 dos

Mojoe's (Joliet, IL) - it's Doyle (featuring the legendary ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein with Mushroomhead and DOPE rockin' the stage.

March 27:
Underground Lounge – A Cause For PAWS night 2 …the lineup will feature live performances by Alder Kings, Skull Fogger, Magatha Trysty and Polarizer.

Penny Road Pub (Barrington Hills, IL) – it’s No Clear Way with Kips rockin the stage.
6p (doors) / $8

Debonair Social Club - it's Chicago HeavyFest featuring live performances by TanZen, The Audio Dead and Sun God Ra
18+ / 21+ to drink with ID / $10

Fizz Bar & Grill - check out this band currently on tour (from Northampton, MA) And The Kids in support of their new album "Turn to Each Other" featuring the notable track No Countries, a song expressing the struggles of having band members in different countries and the difficulties it brings yet it holds an even stronger meaning after a recent turn of events for the band.

March 28: Concord Music Hall - Simon Posford presents the new SHPONGLETRON 3.1 with special guest Phuturempimitive and visuals by Zebbler
18+ / doors 8p
For tickets, visit

March 29:
Red Line Tap - spend a fun Sunday afternoon with SouthSide's friends whitewolfsonicprincess when they perform a rare early show also featuring The Revelettes, stand-up comedy by Elizabeth Gomez, The Darkroom Men (Pat Uber-Critic McDonald and Nick Allen) and Gunnelpumpers!

Until next time, support your local scene,

50 Shades Of Grey

Actually the title of this movie (as well as the book series) should say:

Fifty Shades of Misconceptions

SouthSide saw this movie (against my will and better judgment – long story), blogspot readers, days before its theatrical release. Now that the initial hype has greatly subsided, she felt it was time to post her thoughts about Fifty Shades of Grey.


"Gawd ...what a beepin' awful movie ...horrible acting ...NO sexual tension and or edginess anywhere ...the main characters acted as if they were forced to touch each other throughout this crap of a movie ...definitely next year's Razzie's worst picture..." ~ actual SouthSide quote after when the credits were rolling ...truth be told - the audience booed the credits at this particular screening.

What a lot of misconceptions in which Hollywood over glorifies as well as glamorizes in what they (including the author of this poorly scripted …badly written mess of a book series) perceive the BDSM life and concept is and consists of. How does SouthSide know this? Basically, because she's a switch – meaning she exhibits both dominant and submissive personalities within this lifestyle.

However what pissed her off about this movie was how it assumes everyone who’s into BDSM was abused at one or another in their life. She doesn’t claim to speak for the entire community …only for herself so she would like to set the record straight. She was never abused. She simply enjoys a little spice and pain with her sexual life in which SouthSide finds there’s pleasure in pain and pain in pleasure. What we do is not abuse (as what the many so-called psychological “experts” will tell you). To vanilla (those not into BDSM) eyes, it is in which was erroneously displayed by the “punk kid playing dominant who gets off abusing women” Christian Grey character (Note: she always thought the male character role should have been a little older). Yes, there is “control” but solely depending the couple’s BDSM dynamic and needs please ignore what you saw on the movie screen. She cannot image her Daddy storming to her mother's place in anger shouting "You are mine!" unless he wants to get his butt kicked by her. Actually, getting spanked …whipped …caned  (it's just a tiny part of what goes on behind closed doors) et al is consensual between two adults where they play under safe and sane conditions. 

Keywords – consensual …safe and sane – please try to remember that.

Oh another thing – there’s no “official” contract to sign as it was poorly portrayed in this movie. Again, the keyword “consensual” comes to mind. Some of us like SouthSide are “collared” and “owned” by the one we lovingly and affectionately call “Sir”, “Daddy”, “Master” etc. It’s neither controlling or abusive …we do have a wonderful public/private life within the BDSM realm. It can be loving …protective …and fun not being “normal” and everyone else in the bedroom …to experiment new things – you know to spice it up between the sheets. As she mentioned before, she doesn’t speak for or represent the entire community – only herself since each dynamic differs from the other. However, she will tell you one more thing - get the facts first and avoid the Hollywood misconceptions.

Again, skip this movie as well as the book series. If you’re curious, read The Story of O or the works by Marquis de Sade. Better yet, if you truly want to feel sexual tension in an office setting, rent The Secretary. Trust SouthSide, this classic James Spader with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jeremy Davies movie is WAY better that Fifty Shades of Whatever hands down.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, February 6, 2015


Hey, blogspot readers, get your tickets NOW for this event rockin' the scene on Friday March 13 and Saturday March 14 at Thalia Hall...


Check out the line up that will be appearing - Noveller (Friday), Mind Over Mirrors (Friday), The Pop Group (Friday), Atlas Sound (Saturday), Vision Fortune (Saturday), Gateway Drugs (Saturday) and many, many more.

Two-day or single day passes are on sale now!

For the entire lineup and tickets, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Very Special Message To...

 Emily Eavis

From: Mann Friday

SouthSide's friend -Mann Friday is aiming for that one last hurrah as a group and are trying to grab your attention for a slot at this year's Glastonbury with their new single Say Yeah. This band has headlined shows at Shepherds Bush Empire, The Forum and recently at the Islington Academy in London. 

However instead of SouthSide trying to convince you, she'll let the band state their case with the following appeal and video:

To coin a phrase like Alternative Afro-Folk-Rock is pretty difficult – and quite a mouthful, but it seems Mann Friday might have done so.

Hailing from South Africa, Italy and ...wait for it ...Zimbabwe(!), and bound together by a decade on the London rock scene, Mann Friday have forged a triumphant alloy of Brit grit and African optimism.

The self-propelled rockers boast a litany of achievements including five studio albums, near sell-out performances at premiere venues such as The O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, The Forum and Islington Academy – all supported savagely by an army of loyalist fanns.

One scalp they haven’t taken though, is a lifelong dream to play at the hallowed Glastonbury Festival. Their new single Say Yeah!, out January 15th 2015 is a stirring call to action and the accompanying video an explosive appeal to you, the Glastonbury organizer Emily Eavis, to book the band at this year’s festival.

Say Yeah! is the perfect combination of rock and folk that is full of energy.  It’s a blinder, combining percussion and guitar riffs into a richly layered mid-tempo melody that features a folk friendly drumbeat and rock undertones. The key is the vocal line, and not just melodically…

C’mon, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious.

Twitter – @mannfriday

Until next time, support your local scene

Friday, January 30, 2015

February 2015

Ah ...there's love in the air, blogspot readers, as well as Mardi Gras fun ...Super Bowl Sunday and so much more rockin' the month of February!

Whether you have a special date or not, there's no excuse for not missing some of these live music shows happening around town (or elsewhere).

As always, most shows listed are 21+ (ID is required to drink) unless noted otherwise...

Every Monday during this month at Elbo Room, check out their Haute & Ready Food Truck event from 6:30p to 9:00p where local food vendors will be selling sandwiches, salads and more outside this popular Lakeview venue!

February 1:
Elbo Room – Spend your Super Bowl Sunday at this Lakeview bar/venue as well as enter in it’s Super Bowl Sunday Chili Cook Off contest!
Winner of the cook off will receive a 2 year passes to Elbo Room and a $50 bar tab.
FREE admission / $20 bar package

GMan Tavern (3740 N. Clark) – Get some Guilty Pleasures (A La Carte) featuring music by Brittany!
9p / No Cover

February 4:
Berlin Night Club – Check out Chicago’s indie band Homer Marrs & The Excellent Adventure when the band debuts the video for their newest single, “It’s Amazing” featuring Gia Gunn (from RuPaul’s Drag Race) and local queens Lucy Stoole, Sofia Saffire, Tippi Marie Peppermint and Valley Dolls.
No Cover

February 5:
SPACE (Evanston, IL) – It will be New Orleans Suspects performing live here!
$17 - $32 / 8p

Red Line Tap – Check out Cancerslug, Sleeze and Will of Man rockin’ the stage here
$7 adv / $10 dos
Beat Kitchen – Rock wilh Calabrese, The Horrids, The C-Sides and The Audio Dead at this Roscoe Village venue.

February 6:
Hideout – Chicago’s very own singer/songwriter Pearls Mahone will be celebrating the release of her solo debut album “Echoes from the Prairie”.
Jump The Shark (Fort Lauderdale, FL) – Attend Art Fuzz: Session 1 Release Party …join Pocket of Lollipops and friends as they celebrate their compilation CD release with live performances by the bands such as Milk Spot, Grey 8s, Wasteland and of course Pocket of Lollipops and others featured in the CD.

Reggie’s Music Joint – One Season will be performing live with their new bassist Scot Tooredman …and maybe new songs too with The Lucky Dutch and The Dirty Creeps.

Lincoln Hall - Come say "farewell" to an awesome band Ariada as they head to LA (as in California) during their "Farewell to Chicago" performance.
$10 adv / $12 dos

February 7:
Double Door – it’s Bickhamstock 7! This event will feature Little Boy Jr, Coyote Riot, Twiga, American Grizzly and many more.
7p doors / $10 GA / $20 VIP  Miles Over Mountains and special guest Fareed Hague.
18+ / $15 adv / $20 dos

Cole’s Bar – It’s Panoramic and True with Bad Bad Meow and Emily Jane Powers performing live here!
FREE show / 10p

Reggie’s Music Joint – Eat pancakes and drink while viewing art at this fun event, Pancakes & Booze Art Show …featuring over 75 emerging artists, ALL the pancakes you can eat, art battles and more!

Uncommon Ground (Devon location) – It’s an evening intimate live music performances by David Hawkins, Christina Trulio and whitewolfsonicprincess.
$5 / for reservations – 773 465 9801

February 8:
Slippery Slope - Enjoy an outdoor cinema ...yes, even in winter underneath shelter from the winter's bitter cold and snow, watch Repo Man with your date or bring a group of friends ...don't forget the picnic basket, blankets, pillows etc for your night at the movies. Booze will be available and stay afterwards from some booty bouncing music by the resident DJs.

February 10:
Elbo Room – Get your poetry on at The Wormwood Collective Poetry Night …a night of open mic spoken word with some of Chicago’s most dedicated poets featuring DJ sets
by Peter Propaganda.
Sign in at 7p (sign in before 7:30p to participate in the first round)
No Cover

Double Door – The Trap House Showcase will feature Zebo, Howie Doin and MindGamez
$10 / 10p

Moe’s Tavern – Rock with Spence featuring Razorwire Halo and A War Within.

Februrary 11:
Door No.3 – It’s “No Pants Romance” FABITAT featuring DJ sets by Adam El and Ldy Prblms with performances by Lucy Stoole, Curlene Ribbon, Mister Junior Don Pardonne and more.
FREE show / 9p

Thalia Hall – Check out Asaf Avidan and local Quinn Tsan sharing the stage here.

February 12
Red Line Tap – Rock with Karma To Burn, Sierra, Sun God Ra, Hypnochron and DJ Bashert.
$7 adv / $10 dos

February 13:
Beverly Arts Center – Check out 10,000 Maniacs when this legendary band performs live
Tickets - $36 ($33 for BAC members) GA / $50 ($47 BAC members) VIP (VIP ticket includes pre-show cocktail party)

Double Door – Check out The My Tys with Markit 8, The Central Standard and Steady Echo performing live here.
$10 GA / $20 VIP

Reggie’s Rock Club – Hey, bring the kids to see Leather Corduroy’s with D.R.A.M.!
AA / 7p doors / $10 adv / $15 dos

27 Live (Evanston, IL) - It's the Black Heart Fetish Ball hosted by Lady Lupe and this time she's taking NO prisoners at this event featuring live performances by Amazing Heeby Jeebies, The Black Laces and The Remember Knots with bondage art exhibition by Kate Tillman and DJ Propaganda sets.

Cubby Bear - It will be two awesome bands rockin' this stage - RATM & Tool! It just might get very intense so you have been warned, blogspot readers!

February 14:
Prop Thtr (3502 – 04 N. Elston) – Get romantic with Sid Yiddish …or simply spontaneously combust with him at Rhinofest …either way it should be a fun time with Denmark’s  famous “native son” as  he spouts themes of love, death, depression and more.
$15 (or pay-what-you-want) / BYOB

Double Door – Check out Basel & The Supernaturals sharing the stage with Bone Lang, Big City Hustle and Willy Dynomite.
$7 adv /$10 dos

Door No.3 – Akasha presents: Simmer Down Sound with live performances by Akasha and family
FREE / 10p

Mike and Denises Aurora (Aurora, IL) – Spend a romantic evening with WHO’s Who tribute band and Badge (Cream tribute band with that special someone.
The EndZone Bar & Grill – Take your sweetheart out and rock with Aircobra, Thunder Driver, Convoy and Dissention here.

LiveWire Lounge – It’s PriMary: The Cure Live Tribute show with The Unknown Pleasure (Joy Division tribute) and The Better Boobie Bureau performing some tantalizing burlesque too . The official after party will be at Late Bar

Arcada Theater (St. Charles, IL) – Relive fond memories with Loverboy and The Romantics with that special someone in your life.

Thalia Hall – Don’t have a sweetie or date for Valentine’s night? Then, check out Windy City Social Club’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Party featuring a hosted bar by Goose Island (from  8p – 9p) and a gift bag from The Pleasure Chest for the first 200 people at the door!

Quencher's - Yes, Punk does do Valentine's at this popular night spot, blogspot readers, featuring live performances by The Demerits, Silver Abuse and Modern Advances.
10p show / $7 

Empty Bottle – Romance will be in the air when The Mary Onettes, Alex Calder and DJ Peroxide perform live here.

Ditka's (Arlington Heights, IL) - Spell L-O-V-E with Chicago's premiere Jazz crooner Jesse Charbonier and his Trio ...SouthSide advises you make your reservations now at 847-496-3800.

Exit - After your long evening of Valentine's romps, head to this venue for Citizens ...past, present and future wave featuring DJs Frankie Vega, Luis Segura , Flowzilla , Akira Smith.
2nd Floor / FREE

February 16:
Door No.3 – It’s an evening of Behop Jazz and Cold Fried Chicken …Thelonious Monday with DJ RB Green with cocktails by guest bartenders Gavin and Thomas (of Honey Butter Fried Chicken).
FREE show / 6p

February 17: Mardi Gras
Elbo Room - It's Bark and Bingo! Bring your best pal and play bingo ...$5 suggested donation (gets you 5 cards to play bingo)

February 18:
Door No.3 – It’s another edition of Rouge! Chicago’s Premiere Night of Electroswing with DJs Vourteque and Mr. Automatic with resident performer Lady Lenux celebrating Mercredi Gras.
FREE / 9p

Red Line Tap – Check out Anvil with Lord Dying, Sun Lord, Wrath and DJ Bashert performing live here.
$15 adv / $18 dos

February 20:
Churchill’s Pub (Miami, FL) – Check out this hot lineup featuring Montage, Gulf Shore and Ghost Foot (both from Louisiana) and Pocket of Lollipops rockin’ the stage along with Free Pizza and The Unknowns.

Double Door – Attend DRE DAY 2015 presented by Ground Lift Media and and Burlesque North America …featuring Lowdown Brass Band (with special guest MCs tba), a Nate Dogg tribute by J. Arthur (of WHOevers with Rich Jones and special performance by Altered Tapes.
$10 early bird pre-sale / $12 adv / $15 dos

Old Mt Happy – Cenobites along with Van Morphine, Crude Humor, Bruised and Gnar Wave Ranger with Aggro Control

The Original Mother's - Check out Episode II - Saved By The Belvedere featuring special guests JuiceBox and My So-Called Band

February 21:
Red Line Tap – It’s Trouble with special guests Cold Bearded Killers and Enforcer rockin’ the stage here.
$12 adv / $15 dos

Empty Bottle – This venue will be hosting its Farmer’s Market featuring a great line-up of vendors selling cold-weather-hardy vegetables, honey, tea, yarn, and more! Bar will be open (those under 21 must be accompanied) ID is required to drink.
12p – 5 / FREE

February 26:
Door No.3 – It’s Deep Turnt with Studio Casual (Stripped & Chewed) and special guest Savile (Argot / Smart Bar) performing here.
9p / FREE show

Double Door – It’s THROWBACK THURSDAY featuring members of Software Giant, The Kick Back Down As I Go as Faith No More, Eric Chial Group (of The Bon Mots) as The Byrds, The Lucky Dutch as Led Zeppelin and Geoff Dolce Group as The Pixies.
$8 / 7:30p

Lincoln Hall – Red Bull presents Cam’Ron with Show You Suck and SD performing live here

February 27:
Double Door – Check out Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts rockin’ this venue’s stage.
$25 GA / $150 VIP
VIP Meet n Greet package includes 1 (one) GA ticket, personal photo op with Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts, a pre-signed Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts poster and a Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts Meet n Greet laminate

The Mutiny – Get your punk on with Modern Day Rippers, Ghost Sector, Butchered and tba …FREE pizza (while supplies last)!

Liar’s Club – Get your “robble robble” on at Punk Rocks Night! Featuring The Hamburglars , Vortis and 13 Monsters

Mayne Stage - CAU present World Music Showcase featuring Alfonso Ponticelli with Nino Arobelidze, Goran Ivanoic Trio and Sandra Antongiorgi

February 28:
The Wayfarer (Costa Mesa, CA) – Robert Jon and The Wreck will be celebrating their latest CD “Glory Bound” at this festive party featuring Big Monsta and Sir Madam.
$8 adv / $10 dos

The Mutiny - Punk Night at this venue featuring Solution Unsatisfactory, Psycho Fight, Muggsy Bogues, and Beat The Smart Kids.
No Cover

Empty Bottle - Check out this FREE  outdoor winter block party, Music Frozen Dancing Party 2015 featuring live performances by Perfect Pussy, Protomartyr, Oozing Wound and Ne-hi!
Gates open at 1p / FREE / All Ages

Until next time, support your local scene,