Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Aug 11 - Rockin' For Honor Flight

Hey, Grand Funk Railroad fans, the American band is making a return to IL for a very special concert/fundraiser at Woodstock Harley Davidson on September 11, 2011.

Here are the details given to SouthSide:

We are the Veterans Network Committee of Northern Illinois out of McHenry County. We are having a concert/fundraiser - Rockin' For Honor Flight at Woodstock Harley Davidson on September 11, 2011 for our World War II Veterans and also plan on having a tribute/moment of silence in honor of the 10 year anniversary of 9/11/2001.

Come welcome home 8 World War II Veterans from their trip back from Washington, D.C. The event begins at 11a and runs until 9p. Special music performances by The Screamin' End (11:30a) and Blonde On Board (3:00p) with featured special guests - Grand Funk Railroad at 6p!


Beer and Mixed Drinks(must be 21+ to drink with ID), Soft Drinks

Other vendors will be on hand at this event.

Woodstock Harley Davidson will provide an Honor Flight Bike Run
**Discount available for all riders that attend the ride**

Rain or shine - this event will go on
Tickets - $30 per person general admission

NO outside food or beverage will be allowed into this event
NO reentry

Tickets available now at most 5th Third Banks and Woodstock Harley Davidson
Also available at

For more information, contact:
Randy Granath,President
The Veterans Network Committee of Northern Illinois

also visit or on Facebook

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

27 Aug 11 - I AM Fest

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a single-day festival in which there's a focus on Chicago's thriving independent art and music scene. Held under one roof at the world famoust House of Blues, I AM Fest brought together varied musical performances from experimental/rock to folk-Americana and funk/soul/hiphop fusion with local artists/crafters as well as photographers and filmmakers for a third straight year. Yet this year's fest was quite special for all involved behind the scenes ...and for the record books. SouthSide will allow Brian Bender (co-founder/Elbo Room talent buyer, sound guy and more/front man of The Branded) comment on this. "...House of Blues' [maximum] capacity limit is 1300 ...we had 14000 in paid ticket sales..." However when factoring in the staff, techs and etc with that number, the grand total for this local fest was *drum roll* - 1492! That's an amazing feat for a 3 year old single-day independent festival, blogspot readers, to sellout the entire House of Blues.

Despite not being able to cover this year's extraordinary I AM Fest, SouthSide did survey those who did while rockin' at Elbo Room for the afterparty. First, she caught up with Tim Muldoon of Workout Music for his synopsis about the fest and his band's House of Blues' performance. Here's what he had to say " was unbelievable ...great acts..." plus Workout "...rocked it out with an encore..." Blogspot readers should be on the lookout for Workout Music to release a CD sometime in October. Singer/songwriter Ryan Powers (who performed last year's I AM Fest) said " was good ... a fun night..." Everyone else she spoke to had glowing remarks about I AM Fest which many included raves about Workout Music's performance as well as the other acts included in the lineup like JipJop, Board of Governors and Finley Knight. This reviewer asked Brian what was his personal highlight of the fest in which he responded with two answers. Besides saying it was "...awesome...", he briefly discussed about the pairing of a photographer (who snapped a facial photo displaying only half of the photo) with an artist (who painted the other half) while on stage. Then he talked about the facial reaction from the House of Blues' production manager upon seeing the silly string (and confetti) during Workout Music's performance.

SouthSide snagged a few (funny interruptive) moments with (Andrew) Coate, Art Director/etc of I AM Fest to get his insight about the day's event. First, he commedted by saying "...I AM Fest was brilliant ...having more and more momentum than the last two..." however stating that he didn't view this year's fest as "year three", blogspot readers. In his opinion, Coate felt this I AM Fest was the start of the next phase ...or "...climbing towards the plateau where I AM Fest was first envisioned's [definitely] going somewhere..." adding "...this year we put the focus on where it could go in the future..." He was happy that I AM had a sellout attendance at the House of Blues as well as seeing the many people inside the venue at all times, according to him, was "...fantastic..." When asked about his personal highlight of the day long Fest, he also picked the artist-photographer collaboration commenting that someone immediately brought the art piece once it left the stage. Coate gave another example to SouthSie about an artist who sold 20 pieces during I AM Fest though not knowing how small or large the pieces actually were. For him, this year's festival was more about showcasing the independent art scene but also showcasing the financial support and appreciation of the arts. Between Matt Elgeston (Elbo Room's famed door guy/bartender and groom-to-be) interrupting the interview to say "I love you, man...", Coate wanted SouthSide to mention he had a few celebratory shots courtesy of Dave Cooke (Elbo Room's owner/manager) "...we Irishmen stick together..."

So how does one top this year's I AM Fest ...or what's in store for next year's fest? That's was the main thought on SouthSide's mind after hearing how successful this year's event was. So she posed the question to Brian Bender for his opinion to which he mentioned House of Blues might consider giving I AM Fest a two-day (weekend) run instead of its current status - a single-day event. He understands that running a fest on that magnitude would mean double the work for him, the staff and bands, blogspot readers, yet for now ...he's taking it into consideration before making a final decision on the offer. According to Brian, "...I'm not saying 'no'..." The same question was asked to Coate who replied "...expanding it [I AM Fest] to two days would mean more flexibility for the artists and musicians to promote themselves as well as fans to explore more of Chicago's local scene ...that's what this fest is all about getting more people interested in the local scene and more..."

However Dave Cooke had a completely different prospective about expanding I AM Fest into a two-day festival. He said "'s a big deal to run it for two days ...but I do not want to dilute it..." adding his concerns about the caliber of the bands chosen to perform if I AM was two days instead of one day. Plus he added on more concern, blogspot readers, remarking that he didn't want to see I AM Fest turned into another MOB Fest or Lollapalooza. On that note, SouthSide asked Dave for his thoughts about I AM's record breaking sellout crowd of nearly 1500 in attendance. Dave had one word to say "...awesome..." commenting that the "...bands were thrilled about it ...and getting the chance to play at a venue like House of Blues which some may not get another chance like that again..." He also said they were all humbled but sincere about the experience. To truly sum up I AM Fest, this reveiewer turned to Matt for the last word and here's what he had to say "...after a culmination of months and months of hard word of wrapping up a [long] year of local music, it [I AM Fest] was another outstanding event by the Elbo Room music family ...and it showed Chicago's local scene is more than thriving..." adding "...a rousing 'thank you' to everyone involved..." and that he loves Andrew Coate. What a wonderful way to wrap up I AM Fest, blogspot readers, and now it was time to party!

RayIsDude is the shit! ~ Shawn & Coatswood

Both floors of Elbo Room were jammed pack with partying patrons and fans rockin' to vibrant high energy performances by Damon Dotson (acoustic lounge) and Prom Band with RayIsDude headlining (downstairs). Damon with special guest on percussion performed an excellent double set of covers (i.e. Black Crowes' She Talks To Angels and more) as well as a few of his original material. This dynamic singer/songerwriter had many (especially those near the front of the stage) dancing along to his intense acoustic sound and falsetto style including this reviewer after sharing a couple of turns on the floor with her mystery partner.

Meanwhile downstairs, Prom Band also had another crowd rockin' to their energized double performance of popular cover songs such as Stevie Nicks' Edge of Seventeen, Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer, Britney Spears' Hit Me, Baby, One More Time (in SouthSide's opinion was WAY better than the original version) and some hiphop like Limp Bizkit's Rollin' (which had this crowd totally fired up and movin' to the beat). However, blogspot readers, this band wasn't merely rockin' a show in front of their fans. They were also raising donations for Babes For Boobs in which 70% of their door entry fee/merch purchases were going to breast cancer research to find a cure. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' your next party or prom with Prom Band.

Though not as hardcore as Eminem or any other underground rapper from South or Westside, Nortwestsider RayIsDude rocked the stage with his one-man act of lively rap/hiphop tunes that included City Girl and more. This reviewer recently saw this artist during the I AM Fest Finale in which she really didn't like his style or rap however she did give him a second chance enjoying what she heard this time. And now she could understand why fans flock to each of his performances, blogspot readers. Ray is quite "positive" in his own special way meaning he doesn't drop the F-bombs or call women "bitches" or "whores". What he did feature within his set was "old school" (think LL Cool J, Run DMC, Will Smith) when hiphop/rap was still in its infancy yet with his own rhythms and beats (to which he disclosed to SouthSide his difficulty in coming up with fresh music for his songs). RayIsDude will be rockin' the scene with a mix tape coming out soon but in the meantime, this reviewer highly suggests checking out this rap/hiphop artist at his next show.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, August 26, 2011

22 Aug 11

"...we're THE queerest band ever..." ~ The Embraceables

It's day five, blogspot readers, and SouthSide's rockin' out this worldwind magical music scene tour at Beat Kitchen! There, she attended a Wine from the Moon presents show which featured an eclectic lineup of music performances such as ambient/melodic electronica (Another and Collages), punk rock (Bloum), modern neo-jazz/pop swing (The Embraceables) and music that cannot be named yet it rocks (The Fatty Acids). The next Wine from the Moon presents show moves to Empty Bottle on August 30 featuring Island of Misfit Toys and Please and Thank You's. For more information, visit

SouthSide highly suggests checking out the artists known as Another ( Collages ( and their amazingly melodic/ambient duet performance. What made these two singer/songwriters/composers so uniquely the same as well as different was the music they performed. Separately, they had their own sense of style and music opposing each other on the ambient/electonica genre scale - Another featured music that incorporated electric guitar riffs within his digital/keyboards rhythms giving his music a powerpop feel while Collages ranged somewhere on the orgainic side featuring a melodic flow off his digital/keyboards with drum percussion. However, collectively, SouthSide was blown away by the music's melodic/ambient vibe when joined together at the hip (well more like vocally), blogspot readers. She enjoyed the calming energy that wafted throughout the venue whenever their songs merged into the other without missing a single beat. At times, the music was awe-inspiring ...quite meditative and soothing to the ears.

This reviewer also highly suggests checking out the rockin' yet strangely eclectic music that truly had no defined category by The Fatty Acids (WI). She immediately loved the bands's carefree attitude as well as excitable energy coupled with upbeat tempos and vibe while crossing their music within so many genres. For example, you might hear a melodic powerpop before rockin' to Fatty's lively Motown R&B/funk groove (featuring a vocal combination of pseudo high falsetto and natural voice range by the band's front man) and a fast-paced anime sounding song. Though the bass was a little overpowering towards the end of the set, Fatty still rocked the stage with its intense momentum and fun presence that you couldn't help feel the urge to dance along with the band and its musical groove. SouthSide was disappointed that this rockin' group had a short set time but she hopes they'll return to Chicago again for another performance in the near future. For more information about The Fatty Acids, visit or

They're so here that they're queer with their rockin' modern take on the jazz/pop swing that the music had fans wanting more of The Embraceables. This lively group of musicians and vocalists not only rocked but also popped with a sound which will have you instantly moving to the rhythmic beat, blogspot readers. Throughout Embraceables' headlining set, they brought back the sexiness in pop music featuring hot sultry vocals by Maggie (with Dan and Emily backing her) especially during the songs Hey Man and Fool in which her dynamic vocals blew this reviewer away. Saying she was smokin' hot on the microphone would be an understatement ...she truly brought some intense emotional fire (and sometimes some venomous spite too) to the lyrics in which SouthSide had to fan herself to stay cool under the collar. She recommends checking out their Doubleback cover version of Everything Now at their next show - Maggie really shined on this song as she personalized every single word to make them mean something to her. And SouthSide doesn't want to forget the hot Embraceables band behind the vocalists. They had their moments during this performance too, blogspot readers especially when performing new song Long Hard Road (an upbeat jazzy-like music that swings with a sexy funkified beat), Panties in the Sink (a dramatic yet haunting intro that pops with fire and heat) and Wash (music was a sensual feel as the percussion rule this closing song). Also check out the song What The Hell?!. Plus she also enjoyed when The Embraceables "embraced" their R&B/Soul funkified side that totally had the crowd fired with a hip shakin' instrumental. Whoa what a show with her longtime friend, The Embraceables, and she highly suggests checking them out at their next show. Visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

September 2011

Hey, blogspot readers, though fall makes its annual debut on Sept 23rd, there's plenty of summertime fun left happening around town to be enjoyed! SouthSide highly recommends spending your September days and nights rockin' at the following shows and events:

Sept 2 - SouthSide's gal pal, Mia LeBlon will be headlining at Beat Kitchen.

Meanwhile at Double Door, her hip friends, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound will be rockin' the North Coast Music Festival after-party show. This show will also feature Soul Summit DJs Dave Mata, Duke Grip and Sloppy White.

Meanwhile at Logan Auditorium, The Square Affair will feature SouthSide's friend, Chaperone and their "Raised By Wolves" 7" vinyl record release in which only a limited number will be on hand at the show. The lineup also includes friends, The Shams Band and Jonny Rumble along with Go Long Mule.

Sept 3 - SouthSide gets villanized ...again! Her good friends V Is For Villains will be headlining Metro with friend, Kazy and Sheriff Scabs opening. PLUS special DJ sets by The Lords and Ladies of Steampunk Chicago. All Ages show.

Sept 4 - Neo celebrates 32 years, blogspot readers, as Chicago's place for the hottest industrial/metal/steampunk and more music. This celebration will feature a special DJ set by Paul Barker (of Ministry and Revolting Cocks) with resident DJs Bud Sweet, Jeff Moyer and S@int spinning too. 10p doors / 21+ / $5

Sept 7 - SouthSide friend, I:Scintilla will be performing a special stripped down performance at the Foundation Room (House of Blues' VIP area). It's a FREE show but 21+ only.

Sept 9 - Friend Black Bridge will be rockin' the Ultra Lounge (located at 2169 N. Milwaukee).

Sept 10 - Check out Well's Street Fall Fest (between North and Shiller) in which the lineup will feature performances by Red Glare Rockets (12:30p), Super Happy Fun Club (3:30p), Tyrone Wells (5:15p), longtime friend Swizzle Tree (6:45p) and The Get Up Kids (8:30p).

Then head to Elbo Room and say "Happy Birthday" to the cute "jack of all trades"/sound guy/talent buyer - Brian Bender!

Sept 11 - SouthSide celebrates 5 HOT rockin' years covering the local scene (and more), blogspot readers with an extra special Elbo Room event! Two floors of local music all night long drink specials too ...and perhaps more too. Nate Z, Andy Metz and Echoson (unplugged) will be rockin' the Acoustic Lounge (upstairs) while 6 Degreees of Separation, Gidgets Ga Ga (the original Gagas) unplugged, Gag Order and Monk 9 will be rockin' the downstairs lounge. SouthSide's resident stalker and stripper guitarist friend, Ryan Reilly of Sutured Pysche will be hosting and roasting this event. 8p showtime / 21+

Sept 15 - SouthSide will be attending an extra special birthday bash at Double Door. Local rockers Local H, AM Taxi, The Last Vegas and other special guests will be celebrating Otis Redding's and Dee Dee Ramone's birthdays at this FREE 21+ show.

Sept 16 - Sick of Sarah will be headlining the lineup at The Abbey Pub.

Sept 17 - The Urban Folk Circuit presents Crafts, Drafts and Local Music when its monthly market caravan sets up shop at Elbo Room. FREE Admission / all ages (must be 21+ to drink) from Noon to 5p. Visit for more details.

Also SouthSide's longtime friend, The Lifeline will be sharing the Metro stage with Madina Lake (headliner), Greek Fire and So Many Ways. All Ages show.

Sept 19 - Post punk rockers The Raincoats (UK) will be headlining Double Door with Grass Widow and Brain Idea opening. Doors 8p / show 9p / 21+.

Also M.E.C.H. Live Industrial in Chicago presents Lunar Light II at Ace Bar (1505 W. Fullerton). It's an eclectic mix of live music (by Leelos Lavey and Ceres Chronicles [MI]), DJs (Lolly Gagger, Peter Propaganda, Alpha Omega) and fire dancers (Shanora Bathery).

Sept 22 - Chicago Horror Film Fest presents Music of Horror with its open ceremony held at Nite Cap featuring Art of Flesh and Skinwalker performing at this 21+ show. Hosted by Monica Rae Autumn.

Sept 23 - SouthSide's friend, Bambi Raptor will be rockin' an All Ages show at Hard Rock Cafe with The Larroquettes. $5

Sept 24 - SouthSide's newest buds, The Buddies will host their record release show at Double Door.

Meanwhile, her other friend, Modern Day Rippers will be rockin' the stage at Ultra Lounge.

Also Chris Greene Quartet will be at PJs Restaurant (located 1046 N. Milwaukee).

Sept 25 - The closing ceremony to Chicago Horror Film Film presents Music of Horror at Live Wire (3394 N. Milwaukee) featuring performances by SouthSide's friends Dies Mali and Sinister Fate. 21+ show.

Sept 28 - They're back ...and will be rioting at Reggie's Rock Club! Atari Teenage Riot (Germany) will be rockin' the stage at this 17+ show.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

21 Aug 11

It's day four of SouthSide's magical music scene tour, blogspot readers! And though she's a little tired from Saturday's late night excursions at Bottom Lounge with a brief appearance at The Exit for The Dwarves' afterparty, she opted for a relaxing soulful evening in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. There, she's hanging out at Lincoln Hall to groove with her friends, Dance Floor Plans who had the extreme pleasure of opening for the sensational Nikka Costa. Setting the mood and tone of the night was DJRC and his extensive collection of soul/R&B/funk classic and modern music. Before and between sets, the audience was treated to the sounds of retro backwater Southern blues/R&B to Philly funk and Motown R&B as well as west coast swing and a few remixes. Once again, DJRC had the right music combination to get the night off to a rockin' start.

SouthSide highly suggests giving your dance shoes a steppers try when checking out her funk/soul friends, Dance Floor Plans. Throughout their first live performance, they showed the crowd to get down and funky with their bad self, blogspot readers. This group kept the entire main floor of Lincoln Hall rockin', groovin' and dancing to their upbeat, vibrant as well as rhythmic soulful sounds and dynamic vocals by James (also on guitar) and Tina. SouthSide instantly loved how Dance brought such life to their music that truly had the feet feeling that urge to dance to songs like Don't Worry and Keep Standing Up. This music, in a nutshell, blogspot readers, is contagious. If the hot heat of Dance's horns don't instantly grab you, then fire from the organ and guitars will certainly immerse you into their funkified world. She enjoyed how the band behind the vocalists pumped fun and excitement into each song even while in a slow downtempo groove. For example, already knee-deep into their third song, Dance totally brought out the funk within a slow soulful rhythm in which they encouraged everyone to get their two-step groove on. With James' ultra smooth falsetto vocals on the lyrics bringing out the sexiness, the other members of the band adding a bit of sultry heat to the flames until it was dripping heavily with funk and little soul. And SouthSide has to give mad props to her girl, Tina for truly wowing not only this reviewer but the entire venue with her soulfully dynamic vocals. She was totally the diva of the night while on stage emotionally popping her fiery voice to James' vocals style during many of Dance's song including the closer that brought down the house. What an opening set by Dance Floor Plans ...a perfect segue for the Nikka Costa concert. SouthSide promises more dancing than writing the next time she sees Dance Floor Plans.

For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

20 Aug 11

*warning - please be advised content might offend some readers*

It's day three of the worldwind magical music scene tour, blogspot readers, and SouthSide's at Bottom Lounge ready to release her inner punk rock monster free. On Saturday night, a mixed age crowd packed this popular West Loop venue to rock out with The Dwarves at their 25th Anniversary tour show. Sharing the stage with this legendary band was local acts Mickey and The Fuckers as well as Dick Delicious & The Tasty Testicles and Nashville Pussy (both from GA). However before attending the show, SouthSide highly suggests sampling Bottom Lounge's menu items like the Bottom Lounge Burger (cooked to perfection as this reviewer ordered it) and Schnitzelwich (SouthSide's friend's order ...he loved the kraut and horseradish sauce) with HUGE onion rings on the side. And oh, ask for Jenna - she was an awesome server.

While waiting for The Dwarves to perform, SouthSide did check out some of the opening acts like Dick Delicious & The Tasty Testicles who had the best quote of the night "'s not rape but surprise sex!" Yes, blogspot readers, this hardcore raunchy, offensively crude and rude punk band is all about sex ...particularly the vagina. And this reviewer highly suggests checking them out at their next scheduled performance. Fans will definitely enjoy the fast-paced tempo, the gritty punk sound and the sex-themed lyrics that emphatically state their adoration for a certain female body part. If this type of punk music offends, then avoid listening to Dick Delicious post haste because this band will definitely taint the ears with their rockin' pervertedness especially when singing about how they love to have sex with retarded girls. Check out their other songs like Nothing Smells Lovin' Like A Used Dutch Oven and Fish Stinky Pussy. Visit for more obscene yet thundering guitar rock punk sound by Dick Delicious & The Tasty Testicles. Meanwhile SouthSide also highly recommends checking out the raw thundering guitar sound of Nashville Pussy that gets the blood boiling in your veins, blogspot readers. This reviewer liked the energizing fast-paced, "melt your face off" intense punk music as heard in songs like Keep On Funkin', Hate and Whiskey and From Hell To Texas. And just like Dick Delicious, they will offend the virgin-est of all ears yet do know how to rock down a stage with head-banging metal/punk. Visit for more information and music by this band.

Excitement immediately swelled amongst the eager diehard fans as they patiently waited for the main attraction of the night to hit the stage. Each person was ready to celebrate 25 years (and still going strong) of The Dwarves and the band's permanent mark on the hardcore punk rock scene. She highly suggests clicking on the link ( to their "25 Things You Don't Know About The Dwarves" before reading the rest of this review, blogspot readers, if you're not familiar with this infamous indie band. SouthSide found it very amusing that this band opened with the theme song to Mighty Mouse cartoon before rousing everyone with the intense metal fire of guitars and electrifying sound of their opening song. The Dwarves are certainly the greatest rock band of all time now that SouthSide has witnessed firsthand how they tore down the stage (not rocked down) throughout this incredibly, fast-paced wild and crazy rock show. And it wasn't just the band going mentally insane but their diehard fans as well though under the watchful eye of Bottom Lounge's security team. Despite one lucky fan being able to stage dive into the crowd, surprisingly this crowd was rather "calm" while rocking out to their favorite Dwarves' tunes like Working Class (Ass)Hole, We Only Came To Get High and I Masturbate Me as well as F(UK) (all songs and more can be found off their The Dwarves Are Born Again album). Never had SouthSide seen or experienced a punk rock show like The Dwarves before ... this band didn't disappoint their fans either with nonstop, hard-hitting gritty rock music with thundering percussion rhythmic sound and venomous vocal angst that could have incited a riot. Don't worry, blogspot readers, SouthSide was completely safe where she was (by the sound/lighting area) to review the show. SouthSide highly suggests blogspot readers checking out The Dwarves while they're currently on tour (along with Nashville Pussy) with stops in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Oregon. Visit for tour details, music and more.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, August 22, 2011

19 Aug 11

Hey, blogspot readers, it's day two of the worldwind magical music scene tour! After a rockin' night of perfecting her nerdy polka/hiphop self at The Abbey, she now headed deep into enemy (baseball) territory - Wrigleyville to rock out two venues. First, she's at the popular Goose Island Brew Pub to hear a collection of horror stories and love songs by The Walking Shadows at their Not Pretty Poetry CD release show. Then a few blocks up North Clark Street, this reviewer ended her night rockin' out Metro with her longtime friends, Comasoft at their 10 Volt Video release show. Oh, what a night!

At Goose Island...
SouthSide highly suggests checking out the lovely but very personable singer/songwriter Lady Laura (also seen performing with friend, Matt Ryd) at her next performance. This reviewer enjoyed hearing the delightful personal tales behind each of her songs performed during the short set. True life experiences turned into song like Cobalt Blue (about the time when she tried to dye her wedding dress the color), Uh Oh, The Bully Song (written while having a stressful day at work but also incorporating bully stories received off her Twitter account) and The Day After Yesterday (finding strength and dignity after a life takes an unexpected turn). Despite saying she was sick, that didn't hinder Laura's vocals from dynamically popping throughout the set especially when covering her rendition of the Ottis Redding classic, Sittin' On The Dock of The Bay. It was one of the best covers SouthSide has ever heard as this artist made each word mean something personal to her. With Matt Ryd's production assistance on production, Lady Laura will be releasing her EP titled Jezebel in four parts (i.e. think fall, winter, spring and summer) which will feature the song July 9th (the date of what would have been her first wedding anniversary). For more information, you can find her on Facebook as Lady Laura Music.

Here's some math for you, blgospot readers. What's the sum when adding "horror stories" and "love songs" together? It equaled a dark symphonic-toned performance by the metal/rock band known as The Walking Shadows. Goth/Industrial fans will enjoy the moody orchestral tone off the epic-sounding synths/keyboards by Mark Winston (also lead guitarist/vocalist of Dead Superheroes Orchestra) while Metal fans will enjoy the hardcore tone from the guitar-side of Shadows. However when together, this reviewer was blown away by the haunting poetic drama of love, pain and horror wrapped inside the energized melodies and rhythmic tempos heard in songs like I Don't Know, Bullet Holes In Our Hearts, The Devil You Never Name (heard on their Facebook page) and Crusader. Yes, at times, blogspot readers, this band "screamed" such intense passion that the words inside the lyrics made the heart weep from fear and pain ...definitely not pretty poetry written by William Shakespeare . Also, SouthSide was wowed by the dynamic yet powerful vocal style of Craig Winston (guitarist/front man) in which during the set he emitted strength of emotionally raw falsettos (with his brother Mark on backing vocals). Even though staying briefly for The Walking Shadows' performance, you can count on SouthSide going back for more dark realistic horror-love songs by this local band at their next show. Darker than its brotherly companion, Dead Superheroes Orchestra, yet so dramatically beautiful within its symphonic-toned metal rock sound. For more information, visit or

After a short walk from Goose Island Brew Pub to Metro, SouthSide arrived in time to rock out the final minutes of Panther Style's set in which she liked this band's hard-hitting guitar rock and raw feminine vocal power by guitarists Melissa and Jeanne. Blogspot readers, expect a full review on this local metal/rock band by SouthSide in the near future but in the meantime she highly suggests sinking your fangs into songs like Fingers Crossed, Seeing Not Just Believing and their Posies' cover of Blind Eyes Open. For more information, visit

Before truly rockin' out Metro with their headlining set, Comasoft premiered the video to their newest hit, 10 Volt which will be featured in their upcoming album, Burn To Shine set for release in October. Fans can expect the video to be on the band's YouTube page some time this week. After energizing the audience with the video version of the song (which was performed later within the show), Jay and the band wowed and thrilled their fans with pop rock music, dazzling lighting effect and video images displayed on the screen to enhance everyone's Comasoft experience. SouthSide, though not seeing her friends in a long time, instantly such intense guitar energy from the band especially during their popular song about zombies. They popped all over the stage with such exuberant momentum even while rockin' some techno/synths sound within the band's modern twist of the 80s retro pop sound that featured (at times) guitar rock wonderfully matching Jay's angsty type vocals. Performing songs like One To One, All I Wanted and Lovesong (SouthSide's favorite), Comasoft pulled out a retro classic song by Sly Fox - Let's Go All The Way in which this reviewer enjoyed the tone and guitar rock sound than it's original carnation took the audience down a darker path of no return. Yet it wasn't all dark and moody with Comasoft, blogspot readers. They even channeled some retro 50s rock sound when performing another new song off the upcoming album (about living today during these apocalpytic times) - this reviewer liked how it was out of the band's "norm" popping the stage with an upbeat tempo and lively rock vibe before closing with a live version of 10 Volt. Make plans, New York blogspot readers, for October (date to be determined) when SouthSide's friend Comasoft invades your town. In the meanwhile check out the video for 10 Volt on YouTube and visit or for more information.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, August 19, 2011

18 Aug 11

Hey, blogspot readers, it's an all-star five day weekend for this local reviewer. SouthSide's embarking on another worldwind tour of Chicago's hottest music scene by visiting six different venues from now until Monday. Her first stop was at The Abbey Pub for half priced chicken wings (thumbsup on the delicious Guinness sauce), friendly (and cute) door guys and nerd-tastic music. It was "release your inner nerd self" night where fans packed this venue to see the founder of nerdcore hiphop, MC Frontalot rock the stage. The lineup also featured SouthSide's nerdy polka friends, The Polkaholics with Brandon Patton (aka Black Lotus, MC Frontalot's bassist) opening.

Opening with a non-explosive acoustic rendition of Paula Abdul's hit, Straight Up (less poppy but more hauntingly creepy within a male falsetto), Black Lotus aka Brandon Patton rocked the stage with some of his tales about traveling around the world and his family from the new CD - "How I Allegedly Bit A Man In Gloucestershire" (it's an "allegedly" true story because he doesn't remember after too much boxswine ...yes, he's that deft). SouthSide enjoyed the wit and descriptive humor (especially within the particular song about his dysfunctional family) laced throughout the lyrics. For example, Brandon sung about his travels in Japan where the girls loved his retro hippie wear thinking he was Brad Pitt in his long flowing blonde hair. Or in Mixed Up Modern Family, he delightfully dishes to the audience all of the juiciest dirt about his parents, stepmother and other relatives. If you thought you have a screwed up family, wait until you meet his. And also hang out with a chick named Patti in Patti Likes Guys ...though she dresses and punches like a guy doesn't mean she's a lesbian ...she does in fact, blogspot readers, like guys. There was a moment when Brandon truly shined on stage as a singer/songwriter when performing the heartwarming song titled Coelacanth (off his "Underhill Downs" album) in which he wonderfully expressed his emotions disguised in a song about unique type of fish found off the coast of Mozambique within an acoustic downtempo rhythm. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the singer/songwriter side to MC Frontalot's Black Lotus aka Brandon Patton. For more information about this artist and his music, visit

Who's here for a polka party? SouthSide was as she released her inner polka nerd when her friends, The Polkaholics performed. This local trio are not only the world's most rockin' polka band but they also make the traditional polka sound so much fun and enjoyable. And you don't have to even like polka to rock out with them, blogspot readers, due to the lively energetic upbeat music which will instantly grab you. How can their polka be this rockin' enjoyable? The Polkaholics combine the basic elements of the polka sound and rhythms with other music genres such as rock, pop and even Chicago blues it some polka flavor. Trust SouthSide when she tells you - no genre is spared from their music twist ...even a gospel hymn this reviewer remembers singing as a youth got polk-dized by The Polkaholics in Hallelujah (I'm Drunk). After opening with their Polkaholic Theme, The Polkaholics were definitely ready to party as well as roll out the Beer Barrel along with this dance-happy crowd. This rockin' set featured plenty of homages to classic rock turned polka songs like the first material girl (no, not Madonna, blogspot readers) but Sharona (Julida), Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop and Iggy Pop's Lust for Life (Lust for Beer). Oh there's no escaping the polka-dized version of the Chicken Dance especially if The Polkaholics add one extra dance move - drinking a beer while flapping your wings. SouthSide highly recommends all blogspot readers getting their polka groove on with her friends and be prepared to consume a lot of Old Style (the official Polkaholic beverage of choice). They'll be rockin' Toyota Park during Labor Day weekend for the Southside Oktoberfest. Visit for more information including about their pre-Halloween show for the kids at the Austin-Irving Public Library and music.

Nerd alert! Watch your Grammar, blogspot readers or face the "tut tut" mouthing from the head Grammar Policeman himself, MC Frontalot and his crew. However he does slip on his own grammar mistakes too so in fact you can return the "tut tut" mouthing back to him. And thus began the opening to this rockin' rap/hiphop performance by the legendary founder of the nerdcore genre. SouthSide has admitted before that she's not a huge fan of the rap/hiphop genre ...she's mostly "old school" (i.e. classic L.L. Cool Jay, Run DMC, The Sugarhill Gang). However she found MC Frontalot's rap/hiphop (as well as performance) far more enjoyable than most rap/hiphop shows she has reviewed in the past. What made this artist and the show so unique in SouthSide's opinion was the use of live music (i.e. keyboards, guitars [acoustic and electric] and drums) instead of all pre-recorded programmed 2-4 count beats and rhythms. She found the use of grand theatrically epic-sounding music (as heard in the encore "secret" song) to wicked robotic/space effects (as heard in Internet Porn and Colonel Panic) and acoustic/country/gospel rock (heard in Orgin of Species) wonderfully enhancing MC's music as well as his fast-paced lyrical rap. Plus this reviewer enjoyed not having to constantly hear about gang banging, shooting, etc within the lyrics. Nope, blogspot readers, MC Frontalot is a bonafide nerd and what he raps about is what mostly interest nerds - Internet, porn, unbelievable folklore/mythical animals, Star Wars and of course sex. Throughout the show, MC Frontalot kept the crowd of nerdcore fans grooving to the hiphop beat especially during First World Problem (which come with hand jive movements for the chorus) and It's Pitch Dark (a hauntingly creepy yet rockin' song). SouthSide particularly liked the song Goth Girls as MC humorously describes them as "...the girls who wear too much eye makeup..." plus the Phantom of Opera-like thunderous feel off the organ combining with the electric riffs were the best ever heard to rock a stage, blogspot readers. MC Frontalot is currently touring the nation nerdcore fashion in support of his new CD - "Solved" and this reviewer highly suggests all blogspot readers releasing their inner hiphop nerd at his next scheduled performance. Visit for tour details and music.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

17 Aug 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has news that you can truly use if looking for shows to see happening this weekend.

On Friday Aug 19, she will be cruising the Lakeview/Wrigleyville area for two hot shows. First, this reviewer will be rockin' Goose Island Brew Pub for The Walking Shadows CD release of "This Is Not Poetry" - a collection of horror stories and love songs. According to their press release, "...these songs are a knife in your heart; irrational revolution leaving crumbling ruins..." It's Gothic-art rock rebels from neo-depression era Chicago, blogspot readers, from The Walking Shadows, a band obsessed with Shakespeare, Ovid, and ex-lovers. They will scream their abashed poetics with a dark mythos that shall haunt the ears like doomy guitars and your favorite demons.

Then she's off to Metro for her longtime friends Comasoft and their video release of 10 Volt show. Also sharing the stage with them is Panther Style, Arma and Blacklight Saints. This show is 18+ / $8.

Also happening that same night is a benefit show for Streetwise at Beat Kitchen featuring friends, The Future Laureates headlining with special guests - SouthSide's friends, Bassel and the Supernaturals, The Hand Grenades and Tree. Half of the $8 door entry proceeds of this 21+ show will go to Streetwise.

On Saturday Aug 20 - SouthSide will be rockin' Bottom Lounge for The Dwarves' 25th Anniversary tour show. Meanwhile, she recommends Weezer fans checking out her friends, Our Name Is Jonas, Chicago's local Weezer tribute band as they rock Goose Island Brew Pub (the Wrigleyville location) with their rendition of Pinkerton & the Blue albums back to back its entirity ...note for note - her friends promise, blogspot readers. They say "...[it's] a perfect way to get pumped for Weezer's upcoming performance on 10/9 at the Congress...". Also sharing the stage with them will be Shelter Line (Rage Against the Machine tribute) at 11 pm - 12 am and The Mike Renick Band at 10 pm - 10:45 pm. Doors: 9 pm / Show: 10 pm / 21+ / $8 or FREE with Blink 182 / My Chemical Romance ticket stub.

The fun doesn't stop there for SouthSide, she's also rockin' Lincoln Hall for Dance Floor Plans opening for Nikka Costa featuring soulful remixes by DJRC on Sunday Aug 21.

Then on Monday Aug 22, she's rockin' the Beat Kitchen for The Embraceables and their upbeat reggae/ska/jazz fusion show.

PLUS SouthSide highly recommends Chicago blogspot readers checking out this site - This will be your place for FREE concert ticket giveaways.

And it's totally simple to join.

Just enter you email address and name. That's it! You can enter as many free concert ticket giveaways as you want.

Though the site hasn't officially launched, she's been told that the first 300 sign-ups will get the chance for 2 free ticket giveaways.

"Like" On The List Chicago on Facebook.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

13 Aug 11 - pt 2

Hey, blogspot readers, the night is still young and fresh for SouthSide to handle another show after rocking with Zoe!

Meanwhile at Gallery Cababret, the infamous Flabby Hoffman Caravan show was rockin' this packed bar with lively performances by Arlum, Chameleon World and headliner the masked mysterious man and his band - Flabby Hoffman Trio featuring the obsecure ladies-man Sid Yiddish. SouthSide highly suggests rockin' to the eclectic swing pop world of Chameleon World at this group's next show. Fans will instantly enjoy the way Chameleon incorporates a lively upbeat retro sound within their songs such as Bubbleland (it's more than some ordinary laundry place to wash your clothes, folks) and The Entire World Minus Batman (SouthSide's favorite song about a world where the criminals control Gotham City because Batman does not exist). Be prepared to have a fun time rockin' your socks off whle dancing to Chameleon's contagious swing groove music or funky disco vibe (as heard in the song Let's Pretend's a fun imagination game brought to you by Chameleon World). For more information about this jazzy group, visit

Never performing as a "Trio" but as a headliner sex-tuplet band tonight, Flabby Hoffman Trio rocked out another venue with a spine-tingling psychedelia groove full of wicked guitar riffs and keyboard rhythms as well as a bit of Pop Culture Haiku by Sid Yiddish on the side. What makes this group uniquely eclectic is the way Flabby and his Trio musicians intensely perform on stage to epic-sounding jams or (in this instance) creating one out of thin air as seen during their sound check. It's simply amazing what they can create with a few notes and riffs/rhythms ...mesh them together in a manner of seconds - the basic philosophy of Flabby Hoffman Trio. They neither follow nor conform to the established norm of the music society, blogspot readers. They're your basic free-spirits of the modern electric psychedelia. Rockin' the Cababret with epic tunes like Mechanical Sex with An Insensitive Lover and Coming & Going, there's a serious message or political statement to be heard behind the seemingly funny titles. Adding more fun and entertainment, Sid Yiddish recited some of his well-famous Haikus such as Ball Meat, Nightmare on Elm Street and Customer Service. SouthSide highly suggests riding on the Flabby Hoffman Trio's rockin' soundwave blend of electric/psychedelia at their next scheduled show. Visit or for more information.

Until next time, support your local scene,

13 Aug 11 - pt1

Hola, lectores blogspot, SouthSide se ha ido al sur de la frontera de este muy especial sobre la revisión de la ciudad. La noche del sábado, se unió a un estadio lleno a la experiencia de una muestra de lo que está Rockin 'la escena de la música dentro de la cultura latina / hispana. Ir al cine legendario palacio famoso ahora se conoce como el congreso de teatro, este lugar aparece un asombroso concierto de calor sensacional la música powerpop punk de la Nebular y Crather con Zoe (de México) como cabeza de cartel.

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has gone south of the border for this extra special On The Town review. On Saturday night, she joined a sold-out crowd to experience a sample of what's rockin' the music scene within the Latino/Hispanic culture. Going to the legendary famous cinema palace now known as Congress Theatre, this venue featured on amazing concert of hot sensional powerpop/punk music by Nebular and Crather with Zoe (from Mexico) headlining.

Upon her arrival in time to see Crather's performance, there was a mini ance scene happening in the front lobby as DJ Resistol 5000 spun an upbeat mix of modern Tejano/disco music while enterants walked towards the inside of the main floor. That area itself as well as parts of the balcony was packed with excited concertgoers awaiting patiently to see Zoe rock the stage. In between sets, they were entertained with eye-catching video images displayed on screen and a variety mix of Latino steampunk/industrial and retro classics like Nirvana, Joan Jett, The Cure(Just LIke Heaven - received the most rousing cheers from the main floor) and Depeche Mode (Master and Servant remixed). This reviewer highly recommends checking out the intensely energizing non-space oddity of Crather and its rockin' combination of powerpop/industrial rock music. This band featured a lively, fast paced (though brief) peformance with eye-popping videos and bikini-clad dancing girls amidst the vibrant techno pop sound. SouthSie loved Crather's opening song which humorously poked fun as some pop culture icons and politicals (i.e. George W. Bush, The Clintons - Bill and Hillary, President Obama) as if they were space aliens. Yet the highlight of this set came when performing the live version of their hit song Celos featuring a powerful display of heartfelt falsetto vocals by front man Neto. For more information about Crather, visit or

Instense excitement was in the air, blogspot readers, as voices everywhere chanted "Zoe!" as soon as the stage lights dimmed to blackness. It was standing room capacity inside Congress Theatre when Zoe walked on stage amidst a rousing welcome of screams and flashing cameras. This reviewer instantly rocked to this band's electronica melodies and upbeat guitar rhythms while being bedazzled by the pulsating neon lighting that ran in sync throughout the headlining concert. She hadn't seen such fiery intensity felt from a single rock performance in which the crowd automatically reacted like Zoe's since her review of 30 Seconds To Mars last year. Zoe's lightning energy, fast-paced powerpop/punk combined sound was fantastically riveting, blogspot readers ...not once did this Latino rock group disappoint their hardcore fans with their first Chicago show. Each Zoe song ignited instant crowd reaction not just only cherring screams but also fan frezied dancing ...some moshing as well as singing along note for note.

Performing popular songs like Sone, Nada and Poli, Zoe thoroughly impressed this reviewer with an intricately woven melodic vive (off the synths/keyboards and digital programming) inside the vibrant guitar rock sound at times featured with a modern Latin punk twist. Yet, amidst this excitable music, blogspot readers, SouthSide was also impressed by the dynamic vocals by Leon (front man/guitarist) with Sergio (guitarist) on backing vocals (sometimes) that demonstrated a powerful display of strength and abilities. During one particular song, Leon wowed the adoring fans with an intense range of melodic falsettos while rockin' the stage along with the other Zoe members under a syth-driven powerpop sound. Even while in a downtempo acoustic rhythm featured in a native Indio/Latin guitar sound, his vocals popped the lyrics to with such fierce yet heartfelt emotions ever heard in this ballad. This wonderfully spotlighted the sense of tenderness felt though retaining enough energized momentum to keep the entire venue fired up during the chorus.

SouthSide highly suggests checking out Zoe while on their first American tour as they rock the stage in Washington D.C. and New York before heading out west again. Visit for more tour information and YouTube videos.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

07 Aug 11

Hey, blogspot readers, rain and wild in the dark for this vacationing reviewer. Tonight, SouthSide's rockin' the Ukrainian Village to partake the classic red atmosphere inside the popular Darkroom. While there she enjoyed the upbeat mix of new wave to punk as well as some industrial and retro powerpop DJ music by The Pirate Twins before special guest The Prids took the stage.

SouthSide highly recommends checking the haunting mystique of The Prids while on tour in support of their latest album - Chronosynclastic. This Oregon band rocked SouthSide's ears with the vibrant sounds of hardcore guitar sound intertwined with the melodic rhythms especially during the opening song that featured a beautiful instrumental aria crescendo to get the blood pumping. This reviewer liked the energy flowing throughout the music that was captured within the eclectic ambient/punk combination yet there's plenty of metal-tastic rock sound to give each Prids' song a sharp edge. The song introductions instantly grabbed her attention with catchy pop-like hooks laced inside the keyboard rhythms while on the flipside the symphonic-rock song finishes left her breathlessly wanting more. For example, one particular song had an upbeat tempo rockin' the stage hard with vibrant elements of industrial/punk combined though there was a melodic epic feel at the middle which had some dancing to the song. Meanwhile when performing a new song, SouthSide enjoyed the fast paced punk feel which featured constant dramatic buildups adding to its epic sound. And amidst this vibrant punk/industrial music, this reviewer like how duo Mistina (on bass) and David (on guitar) made The Prids' poetic lyrics pop to life with their unique yet complimenting vocal style. Whethere singing together or (at times) solo, their voices adding the haunting mystique to certain songs like Love Zero, Before We Are and I'll Wait in which kept this late Sunday night audience grooving until having to end their set early. SouthSide would like to commend the drummer for his toughness - though feeling sick, he still rocked out the kit, blogspot readers.

For more information about The Prids, visit, or

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

05 Aug 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's getting sedated! Tonight, her inner punk self was alive and well when she took a break from her "vacation" to rock out The Abbey with special guest and number one fan, Joe. Both of us were excited to see and hear legendary bassist/vocalist C.J. Ramone of Ramones performing a headlining tribute set. The lineup also featured local punk/metal bands such as Kobanes, Johnny Vomit, Spare Change and Vortis. This reviewer highly recommends banding your head to Spare Change's Toxic Avenger and I Hate The CTA (best rant ever about taking public trans in Chicago) songs as well as checking out punk's loud and wonderfully crude Johnny Vomit which rocked the stage with one awesome Ramones' cover of Teenage Lobotomy and Vortis for its fast, furious "wham bam thank you ma'am" hitting your face punk rock music which totally generated high excitable energy amongst the crowd before C.J. and the band took the stage.

Hearing songs like I Wanna Be Sedated or Blitzkrieg Bop ...especially I Don't Want To Grow Up and Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) will bring back special teenage rebellion memories for this reviewer. However to hear some of her favorite Ramones' songs live on Friday night - now that simply left SouthSide awestruck and excited like the rest of the hardcore fans moshing and slam dancing on the main floor. It was, blogspot readers, one of those chances of the lifetime for SouthSide see C.J. Ramone and producer Daniel Rey rock the stage with some of the best from Ramones' discography. It was as if all of the original members were performing this tribute show because of the energized momentum felt song after song. This trio kept fans moshing as well as singing along with the band to other favorites like Beat On the Brat, Endless Vacation (dedicated to Dee Dee) and My Back Pages.

Throughout the show, blogspot readers, SouthSide heard fans shouting their personal favorite Ramones songs for C.J. and the band to play like Rock-n-Roll High School and The KKK Toke My Baby Away. Yet, fans came to life each time with such frezied momentum inciting a few riotous moments (and one fan jumping on stage in an attempt to sing with C.J.) especially when Daniel (singing Joey's parts) did Pet Semetary (featured in the Stephen King novel-based movie of the same title) and Poison Heart (in which he co-wrote with Joey). C.J. in SouthSide's opinion shined when showing his falsetto voice during I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend within the ballad's downtempo punk melody meanwhile during Strength To Endure his vocals truly energized this crowd into a fierce display of fist pumping action high in the air. And the hits kept on rolling with Listen To My Heart, Wart Hog, Swallow My Pride, a sing-along moment during I Wanna Be Sedated and Commando. As an added bonus, blogspot readers, C.J. premiered the first single off his upcoming album in which he dedicated the song Eagles On My Shoulders to his brothers, Dee Dee, Joey and Johnny. SouthSide enjoyed the modern punk vibe that had a hint of the classic Ramones sound in the guitars. In her opinion, it's destined to be another Ramones hit. Still there was more fun to be had with Ramones classic California Sun and Do You Wanna Dance before having to it a night for this busy reviewer.

What a night to remember, blogspot readers. One this certain Ramones fan will never forget. For more information about C.J. Ramone, visit his site

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Jul 11 - I AM Fest Battle of the Bands Finale

It began with 108 local bands battling in fierce competition for the chance to perform at House of Blues for the last spots of I AM Fest 2011 ...a chance to rock the stage along with other acts like Wayland, On Your Marx and Gunnar & The Grizzly Boys. After two months of drama-filled instense battles and too close to call wild card online voting, blogspot readers, it was down to the top five finalists. And believe SouthSide when she says this was one tough finals competition ever witnessed. Plus in all fairness, this reviewer did not vote in this or any of the prior battles because she has seen and/or reviewed many of the bands that entered the competition. She also doesn't like being accused of using her influence. Performances featured a variety of music acts by Sunshine and The Feel Good Nation, Board of Governors, Stoop Goodnoise and Rayisdude with good friends Social Focus opening.

Social Focus laid down the challenge gauntlet to the other bands when they bursted onto the Elbo Room stage like gangbusters rockin' it fierce and hard with their melodic psychedelic/rock sound. SouthSide has seen them perform before but never so intense as they did on Saturday night, blogspot readers. Besides performing As You Like It, Safe Word, and Telephones, Social totally shocked SouthSide with their live vocal performance of her favorite song, Merry Go Down instead performing it as an instrumental break. This band truly brough their "game" face tonight challenging the four others to match the intensity and fierceness they played. Meanwhile Rayisdude brought his one man-band act to the stage next that included a little acoustic and lyrical hiphop/rap. It was a lively mix of pre-recorded rhythms and beats well as good demonstration of his lyrical verse skills. However, this reviewer wasn't truly impressed with this artist and his unique use of "white suburban" rap "...because every white dude think they can rap like Kayne (West)..." according to SouthSide's resident stalker/guitarist of Sutured Psyche, Ryan. Rayisdude had a good performance but for this competition it wasn't enough to meet Social's level of challenge in this reviewer's opinion.

Stoop Goodnoise brought the crowded basement lounge back to life during its performance of instense guitar energy and sound. And like Social Focus, this band definitely had their "game" face on, blogspot readers. Stoop brought to the stage its head-banging, vibrant rock music that included dynamic vocals and instrumentals to soak the ears within the thunderous riffs. SouthSide enjoyed the funky/dance side of Stoop that featured a super-charged energizer bunny groove in Point. Also she recommends listening to You Live, Cloud and Spartacus. Next Board of Governors also stepped up the playing field by rockin' out the Elbo Room basement lounge with some of their hip shakin' and head-banging sound. SouthSide enjoyed the dazzling guitar riffs - so bold and vibrant as well as the raspy falsetto vocals in which her good friend, Matthew Alfano of Mason's Case screamed "...give me Thor..." - the new word for more, blogspot readers, for this year's I AM Fest. This reviewer highly recommends checking out Board of Governors' energized Southern rock vibe even while in a downtempo rhythm. Lastly but not least, Sunshine and The Feel Good Nation rocked out the I AM Fest Battles Finale. Performing such songs like Backyard Song (ska-like sound), Samba (Carlos Santana-like guitar riffs) and Gone Tomorrow (featuring Steve Miller Band's The Joker teaser), SouthSide liked the upbeat rhythms, funky R&B groove and soulful raspy vocals. Yet, it was the instrumental bridges that kept many in a happy place throughout this finale performance, blogspot readers, in many asked for an encore. In this reviewer's opinion, that wasn't truly fair since the other bands weren't given the same opportunity to perform an encore like Sunshine.

Declaring a solid winner was so hard to do, blogspot readers, yet as Brian Bender mentioned - "...everyone in my book are winners tonight...". So who gets the last two spots on the I AM Fest 2011's lineup roster a two-song inclusion on the I AM Fest compilation CD as well as studio time - first place went to Board of Governors and second place went to Sunshine and The Feel Good Nation, who will be opening the Fest.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, August 1, 2011

29 Jul 11

Hey, blogspot readers, the weekend's about to get super hot around town! SouthSide's back at The Abbey Pub for another exciting featuring superheroes and a Russian folk choir. In between acts, DJs William Faith and good friend Scary Lady Sarah rocked the house music with a mix of what's shaking the industrial/steampunk/nocturna world. This reviwer recommends checking out opening acts We Are Hex ( and Indiana and My Cold Dead Head ( at their next scheduled performances. Despite missing majority of Hex's set, SouthSide did arrive in time to rock out to this band's energized, chaotic hardcore sound and vibrant metal-tastic rhythms as well as head banging dirty guitar riffs. She loved Hex's distored yet disturbed metal music that left the audience wanting more meanwhile My Cold Dead Hand combined the elements of metal music with the funky rhythms of saxophone and organ and melodic tones for their set. It was dark, very haunting as well as wickedly emotional amidst its song themes other words, blogspot readers, the confusing mesh was simply breathtaking within the epic and gritty guitar sound. SouthSide highly recommends listening to Jack Daddy (for its air of orchestral movement which vividly brought out the powerfully dynamic and emotionally raw vocals by front man Patrick) and My Love (reverently performed song with energizing momentum felt as well as heard off the vocals especially when Jilly female vocalist of We Are Hex joined the band at the chorus). Plus listen to Sonny (melodic downtempo groove) and Wait (ultra-cool electric Jazz/metal sound).

An open letter to Broadway...

This local act has the look and feel of a full scale philharmonic orchestra yet with a slight genre twist while having the ambience of a Lloyd Webber musical production but on an indie budget featuring a Russian choir, Golosa. This, blogspot readers, was the basic description of the Gothic Rock orchestra known as The Dead Superheroes Orchestra which its awesome musical sound turned the ordinary Abbey Pub into a Broadway theatre. TDSO during its headlining performance, performed its full length musical "The Last Superhero", a gripping tale about love and death between an angel and a superhero (featuring some songs from the next musical project) written, composed and arranged by Mark Winston (also principle vocalist and guitarist). With the orchestra carefully situated on the stage, the Russian choir, Golosa, was perched on the balcony where their voices could be acoustically heard throughout the venue times even without the microphone.

After opening with a Russian aria, Ach Ti Step' Sheirokaya, the curtain rose and "'s dusk ...a boy with a guitar sits alone in the graveyard..." set the mood and storyline as Mark powerfully wows the crowd with his classically trained vocals to Dear People of Planet Earth. SouthSide, after meeting and hearing the part of Dead Superheroes during practice earlier in the week, was totally awestruck by the haunting stringed melodies and rock rhythms of Mark's musical composition. She loved how this Orchestra intermixed both genres classical and metal together thus creating such thunderous overtures with its many clips and staccatos cleverly written in each song. TDSO's musical (almost told in three acts) rocked the crowd about a story where a superhero questions why he should save the world (Mark's thoughful poking at religion like Webber did with Jesus Christ Superstar when Jesus questions why he should die in Gethsemane) and an angel who's ready to change the world after locking herself in her room for 10 years.

The story drew attention to the subjects of death, dying and grief ...trying to find comfort where none can be found. Blogspot readers will notice there are moments when Mark will be singing in third person (for example in The Year Before I Turned Thirteen and The Dream) or he will be singing in character form (for example That Sunday and Vexed). And any Broadway show, there were huge memorable musical song numbers such as Forgotten Town, The Last Superhero, Someday and Spend My Nights in the Graveyard that featured Golosa singing chorus with TDSO. And speaking of the choir, this group added to the haunting mystesique of Mark's production espceally when singing Chorny Voron during the intermission-like middle of the program. Plus there was an acoustic moment in which Mark premiered the plot for his next musical project - a Frankenstein-like story about a father trying to rebuild his daughter after losing her to a tragic fire when singing Beyond the Farthest Star.

How does one end this incredible rock musical experience? With a huge show stopping finish like covering Billy Idol's Rebel Yell featuring both Orchestra and choir. Wow, blogspot readers, it was an experience to behold ...and the crowd wanted more when it was over. SouthSide highly suggests checking out The Dead Superheroes Orchestra and the musical, "The Last Superhero", at its next show. As well as picking up two CDs now available - The Last Superhero (the red CD) and I'll Spend My Nights in the Graveyard (the grey CD) to enjoy the musical at home. For more information, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

28 Jul 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's closing out her busy July calendar with a couple of hot shows. It's another exciting weekend around town at The Abbey Pub and Elbo Room for this reviewer. Friday, she's hanging out at The Abbey for to see The Dead Superheroes Orchestra featuring Russian folk choir, Golosa while on Saturday she's at Elbo Room for the I AM Fest Battle of the Bands Finals. However, tonight she's at The Abbey to see Jesse W. Johnson and his band featuring The Single Helix.

There's a rockin' air of haunting mystery surrounding this local band's unique mix of melodic Latin-flavored guitar rock. The Single Helix impressed SouthSide with a performance featuring an eclectic sound and music that truly didn't need to be defined or catagorized into a single genre. No, blogspot readers, it wouldn't be fair since this band combined genres creating an ambient groove to its rock sound besides combining English and Spanish within the lyrics. For example, one might hear a melodic echoing fade out effect within a trippy/meditative feel inside a song like igo (off new album, Odd Czar) meanwhile in another, you might hear that saxophone rhythms livening up a Latin-flavored alternative/rock which also featured electrifying Stax guitar groove during the instrumental piece title dia de nacimiento (roughly translated Day of Nativity off their Diario de un Robot Emocional [Journal of an Emotional Robot]). SouthSide also enjoyed Helix's take on the neo-jazz/rock fusion during the muneca (track 3 off Odd Cza) and the tiny tribute to Amy Winehouse in their cover of I'm No Good teaser (Armando's vocals adding a bit of sadness within his falsetto tone) before moving into another instrumetal jam not as lively as nacimiento but more of a steady rhythmic flow in quinto dia la vida (translated from Portuguese - fifth day of life off Un Diario de un Robot Emocional). This reviewer highly suggests experiencing the eclectic yet calming melodic feel and sound of The Single Helix and its rock music. For more information and music, visit or

Moving from the haunting mysteries of sound to the haunting realities of life, this artist rocked the stage with his headlining performance, blogspot readers. Jesse W Johnson and his band showed the audience the dark realistic world of life through his stories (songs) like Strawman (track 1) and Coyote Scream (track 2) - both off his new album, Home to Roast. However, this performance also featured more new songs that highlighted his ability lyrically and musically as a storytelling singer/songwriter. Jesse performed a chilling moment where he questioned his role in the world while singing "..who am I suppose to be..." meanwhile in another song, he wonderfully expressed the emotion of having an nervous breakdown from the way his voice sung the lyrics. Besides harsh and scary, life can also be teneder as well as shown in his acoustic song, Night Begins To Fade (beautiful floetry of words and vivid images) and Miles In Your Eyes (downtempo ballad of a private love letter to someone near and dear to Jesse's heart). Between his acoustic/folk rock and alternative/rock with some harmonica notes in between, Jesse and this band were a dark contrast to his other incarnation, Jet W Lee however there were moments (especially when there was intensely fierce guitar riffs) when both bands almost sound alike during With All Your Might. This particular song, though in a downtempo rhythm, featured a harder rock sound and some intense dirty chords throughout. This reviewer highly suggests experiencing life - the good, bad and scary through Jesse W Johnson band's eyes'll definitely like what you see and hear. For more information, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,