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13 Aug 11 - pt1

Hola, lectores blogspot, SouthSide se ha ido al sur de la frontera de este muy especial sobre la revisión de la ciudad. La noche del sábado, se unió a un estadio lleno a la experiencia de una muestra de lo que está Rockin 'la escena de la música dentro de la cultura latina / hispana. Ir al cine legendario palacio famoso ahora se conoce como el congreso de teatro, este lugar aparece un asombroso concierto de calor sensacional la música powerpop punk de la Nebular y Crather con Zoe (de México) como cabeza de cartel.

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has gone south of the border for this extra special On The Town review. On Saturday night, she joined a sold-out crowd to experience a sample of what's rockin' the music scene within the Latino/Hispanic culture. Going to the legendary famous cinema palace now known as Congress Theatre, this venue featured on amazing concert of hot sensional powerpop/punk music by Nebular and Crather with Zoe (from Mexico) headlining.

Upon her arrival in time to see Crather's performance, there was a mini ance scene happening in the front lobby as DJ Resistol 5000 spun an upbeat mix of modern Tejano/disco music while enterants walked towards the inside of the main floor. That area itself as well as parts of the balcony was packed with excited concertgoers awaiting patiently to see Zoe rock the stage. In between sets, they were entertained with eye-catching video images displayed on screen and a variety mix of Latino steampunk/industrial and retro classics like Nirvana, Joan Jett, The Cure(Just LIke Heaven - received the most rousing cheers from the main floor) and Depeche Mode (Master and Servant remixed). This reviewer highly recommends checking out the intensely energizing non-space oddity of Crather and its rockin' combination of powerpop/industrial rock music. This band featured a lively, fast paced (though brief) peformance with eye-popping videos and bikini-clad dancing girls amidst the vibrant techno pop sound. SouthSie loved Crather's opening song which humorously poked fun as some pop culture icons and politicals (i.e. George W. Bush, The Clintons - Bill and Hillary, President Obama) as if they were space aliens. Yet the highlight of this set came when performing the live version of their hit song Celos featuring a powerful display of heartfelt falsetto vocals by front man Neto. For more information about Crather, visit or

Instense excitement was in the air, blogspot readers, as voices everywhere chanted "Zoe!" as soon as the stage lights dimmed to blackness. It was standing room capacity inside Congress Theatre when Zoe walked on stage amidst a rousing welcome of screams and flashing cameras. This reviewer instantly rocked to this band's electronica melodies and upbeat guitar rhythms while being bedazzled by the pulsating neon lighting that ran in sync throughout the headlining concert. She hadn't seen such fiery intensity felt from a single rock performance in which the crowd automatically reacted like Zoe's since her review of 30 Seconds To Mars last year. Zoe's lightning energy, fast-paced powerpop/punk combined sound was fantastically riveting, blogspot readers ...not once did this Latino rock group disappoint their hardcore fans with their first Chicago show. Each Zoe song ignited instant crowd reaction not just only cherring screams but also fan frezied dancing ...some moshing as well as singing along note for note.

Performing popular songs like Sone, Nada and Poli, Zoe thoroughly impressed this reviewer with an intricately woven melodic vive (off the synths/keyboards and digital programming) inside the vibrant guitar rock sound at times featured with a modern Latin punk twist. Yet, amidst this excitable music, blogspot readers, SouthSide was also impressed by the dynamic vocals by Leon (front man/guitarist) with Sergio (guitarist) on backing vocals (sometimes) that demonstrated a powerful display of strength and abilities. During one particular song, Leon wowed the adoring fans with an intense range of melodic falsettos while rockin' the stage along with the other Zoe members under a syth-driven powerpop sound. Even while in a downtempo acoustic rhythm featured in a native Indio/Latin guitar sound, his vocals popped the lyrics to with such fierce yet heartfelt emotions ever heard in this ballad. This wonderfully spotlighted the sense of tenderness felt though retaining enough energized momentum to keep the entire venue fired up during the chorus.

SouthSide highly suggests checking out Zoe while on their first American tour as they rock the stage in Washington D.C. and New York before heading out west again. Visit for more tour information and YouTube videos.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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