Monday, August 15, 2011

13 Aug 11 - pt 2

Hey, blogspot readers, the night is still young and fresh for SouthSide to handle another show after rocking with Zoe!

Meanwhile at Gallery Cababret, the infamous Flabby Hoffman Caravan show was rockin' this packed bar with lively performances by Arlum, Chameleon World and headliner the masked mysterious man and his band - Flabby Hoffman Trio featuring the obsecure ladies-man Sid Yiddish. SouthSide highly suggests rockin' to the eclectic swing pop world of Chameleon World at this group's next show. Fans will instantly enjoy the way Chameleon incorporates a lively upbeat retro sound within their songs such as Bubbleland (it's more than some ordinary laundry place to wash your clothes, folks) and The Entire World Minus Batman (SouthSide's favorite song about a world where the criminals control Gotham City because Batman does not exist). Be prepared to have a fun time rockin' your socks off whle dancing to Chameleon's contagious swing groove music or funky disco vibe (as heard in the song Let's Pretend's a fun imagination game brought to you by Chameleon World). For more information about this jazzy group, visit

Never performing as a "Trio" but as a headliner sex-tuplet band tonight, Flabby Hoffman Trio rocked out another venue with a spine-tingling psychedelia groove full of wicked guitar riffs and keyboard rhythms as well as a bit of Pop Culture Haiku by Sid Yiddish on the side. What makes this group uniquely eclectic is the way Flabby and his Trio musicians intensely perform on stage to epic-sounding jams or (in this instance) creating one out of thin air as seen during their sound check. It's simply amazing what they can create with a few notes and riffs/rhythms ...mesh them together in a manner of seconds - the basic philosophy of Flabby Hoffman Trio. They neither follow nor conform to the established norm of the music society, blogspot readers. They're your basic free-spirits of the modern electric psychedelia. Rockin' the Cababret with epic tunes like Mechanical Sex with An Insensitive Lover and Coming & Going, there's a serious message or political statement to be heard behind the seemingly funny titles. Adding more fun and entertainment, Sid Yiddish recited some of his well-famous Haikus such as Ball Meat, Nightmare on Elm Street and Customer Service. SouthSide highly suggests riding on the Flabby Hoffman Trio's rockin' soundwave blend of electric/psychedelia at their next scheduled show. Visit or for more information.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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