Thursday, August 11, 2011

07 Aug 11

Hey, blogspot readers, rain and wild in the dark for this vacationing reviewer. Tonight, SouthSide's rockin' the Ukrainian Village to partake the classic red atmosphere inside the popular Darkroom. While there she enjoyed the upbeat mix of new wave to punk as well as some industrial and retro powerpop DJ music by The Pirate Twins before special guest The Prids took the stage.

SouthSide highly recommends checking the haunting mystique of The Prids while on tour in support of their latest album - Chronosynclastic. This Oregon band rocked SouthSide's ears with the vibrant sounds of hardcore guitar sound intertwined with the melodic rhythms especially during the opening song that featured a beautiful instrumental aria crescendo to get the blood pumping. This reviewer liked the energy flowing throughout the music that was captured within the eclectic ambient/punk combination yet there's plenty of metal-tastic rock sound to give each Prids' song a sharp edge. The song introductions instantly grabbed her attention with catchy pop-like hooks laced inside the keyboard rhythms while on the flipside the symphonic-rock song finishes left her breathlessly wanting more. For example, one particular song had an upbeat tempo rockin' the stage hard with vibrant elements of industrial/punk combined though there was a melodic epic feel at the middle which had some dancing to the song. Meanwhile when performing a new song, SouthSide enjoyed the fast paced punk feel which featured constant dramatic buildups adding to its epic sound. And amidst this vibrant punk/industrial music, this reviewer like how duo Mistina (on bass) and David (on guitar) made The Prids' poetic lyrics pop to life with their unique yet complimenting vocal style. Whethere singing together or (at times) solo, their voices adding the haunting mystique to certain songs like Love Zero, Before We Are and I'll Wait in which kept this late Sunday night audience grooving until having to end their set early. SouthSide would like to commend the drummer for his toughness - though feeling sick, he still rocked out the kit, blogspot readers.

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