Friday, August 26, 2011

22 Aug 11

"...we're THE queerest band ever..." ~ The Embraceables

It's day five, blogspot readers, and SouthSide's rockin' out this worldwind magical music scene tour at Beat Kitchen! There, she attended a Wine from the Moon presents show which featured an eclectic lineup of music performances such as ambient/melodic electronica (Another and Collages), punk rock (Bloum), modern neo-jazz/pop swing (The Embraceables) and music that cannot be named yet it rocks (The Fatty Acids). The next Wine from the Moon presents show moves to Empty Bottle on August 30 featuring Island of Misfit Toys and Please and Thank You's. For more information, visit

SouthSide highly suggests checking out the artists known as Another ( Collages ( and their amazingly melodic/ambient duet performance. What made these two singer/songwriters/composers so uniquely the same as well as different was the music they performed. Separately, they had their own sense of style and music opposing each other on the ambient/electonica genre scale - Another featured music that incorporated electric guitar riffs within his digital/keyboards rhythms giving his music a powerpop feel while Collages ranged somewhere on the orgainic side featuring a melodic flow off his digital/keyboards with drum percussion. However, collectively, SouthSide was blown away by the music's melodic/ambient vibe when joined together at the hip (well more like vocally), blogspot readers. She enjoyed the calming energy that wafted throughout the venue whenever their songs merged into the other without missing a single beat. At times, the music was awe-inspiring ...quite meditative and soothing to the ears.

This reviewer also highly suggests checking out the rockin' yet strangely eclectic music that truly had no defined category by The Fatty Acids (WI). She immediately loved the bands's carefree attitude as well as excitable energy coupled with upbeat tempos and vibe while crossing their music within so many genres. For example, you might hear a melodic powerpop before rockin' to Fatty's lively Motown R&B/funk groove (featuring a vocal combination of pseudo high falsetto and natural voice range by the band's front man) and a fast-paced anime sounding song. Though the bass was a little overpowering towards the end of the set, Fatty still rocked the stage with its intense momentum and fun presence that you couldn't help feel the urge to dance along with the band and its musical groove. SouthSide was disappointed that this rockin' group had a short set time but she hopes they'll return to Chicago again for another performance in the near future. For more information about The Fatty Acids, visit or

They're so here that they're queer with their rockin' modern take on the jazz/pop swing that the music had fans wanting more of The Embraceables. This lively group of musicians and vocalists not only rocked but also popped with a sound which will have you instantly moving to the rhythmic beat, blogspot readers. Throughout Embraceables' headlining set, they brought back the sexiness in pop music featuring hot sultry vocals by Maggie (with Dan and Emily backing her) especially during the songs Hey Man and Fool in which her dynamic vocals blew this reviewer away. Saying she was smokin' hot on the microphone would be an understatement ...she truly brought some intense emotional fire (and sometimes some venomous spite too) to the lyrics in which SouthSide had to fan herself to stay cool under the collar. She recommends checking out their Doubleback cover version of Everything Now at their next show - Maggie really shined on this song as she personalized every single word to make them mean something to her. And SouthSide doesn't want to forget the hot Embraceables band behind the vocalists. They had their moments during this performance too, blogspot readers especially when performing new song Long Hard Road (an upbeat jazzy-like music that swings with a sexy funkified beat), Panties in the Sink (a dramatic yet haunting intro that pops with fire and heat) and Wash (music was a sensual feel as the percussion rule this closing song). Also check out the song What The Hell?!. Plus she also enjoyed when The Embraceables "embraced" their R&B/Soul funkified side that totally had the crowd fired with a hip shakin' instrumental. Whoa what a show with her longtime friend, The Embraceables, and she highly suggests checking them out at their next show. Visit or

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  1. Just checking out the embraceables on their site. cool stuff - would be interested in seeing how it translates live

  2. Compared to the recorded version and live version of The Embraceables, the recorded music translates very well during their live shows ...more passion and vocal harmonies should check them out at their next show.


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