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24 Sept 13 - The Grahams

Hey, blogspot readers,  come take a slow, adventurous ride down the river with SouthSide.

Tonight, this reviewer enjoyed listening to the tales of life, love, heartache and more wonderfully presented by the husband-wife troubadour duo known as The Grahams. This storytelling pair, traveling across America, brought their characters from their latest release Riverman's Daughter to Chicago for a special one-night only performance. They were part of a lineup which also featured performances by Zigterbra and Woodrow Hart & The Haymaker at Logan Square's Township.

This wasn't your ordinary, folk singer's performance tonight, blogspot readers. This was rather an intimate set in which story's from the river weren't the only stories being told to a select few in attendance. The Grahams also shared a brief backstory or two about the songs and/or about themselves to make us feel less of an audience but more like family. What caught this reviewer's immediate attention was The Grahams' harmonizing vocals that brought each tale to life throughout their headlining set, blogspot readers. Alyssa Graham had this unique vocal style that combined the compassionate storytelling voice like Judy Collins and the heartfelt soul like Linda Ronstadt while Doug Graham had this deep yet soft soulful sound like Kenny Rogers. Yet, when together singing songs such as Carrying The Touch and A Good Man, you could instantly feel the words bursting to life not only from the characters of Riverman's Daughter but from the way they passionately shared their love for the songs. They made the characters seem so real in your head ...and they are - from the people this musician duo have met up and down the Mississippi River. 

For example, listen to the country tune You Made Me Love You to which hones in a bit of Hank Williams, Sr. but this was the moment when not only Alyssa's voice shined but also when she expressed her love towards Doug. The song tenderly spotlighted how much this married duo loved each other through the many years of good and bad times, blgospot readers ...weathering all types of storms together. Or listen to A Good Man - another moment where you can clearly see the love sparkling in her eyes whenever she glanced at Doug while singing this upbeat contemporary Americana song. Yet there's also a dark side to the river and love like the haunting song about a woman named Annabelle and the river that dragged her man down to his death or love can be remembrance of someone special like in the song dedicated in the memory of Momma Graham. Besides love, blogspot readers, there was joy expressed within The Grahams' music too. Feel the uplifting spirit of an evangelical tent revival during the song Revival where the audience experienced that toe-tappin' upbeat rhythm and sound. It was a rousing song which was meant to feel some sort of celebration of life and being alive. Or feel the bustling big city life during another toe-tappin' rockabilly song If You're In New York. Both offered a swinging jamboree-style sound that could you dance to, blogspot readers, as the images of New York vividly pop into your head from the lyrics. 

SouthSide highly recommends blogspot readers checking out The Grahams while they're currently on tour as well as snagging a copy of Riverman's Daughter for their collection in where there's a CD booklet that's included. Read snippets of what inspired the duo to write the songs as well as view the photos of them on the river to heighten your river experience. You can hear the song You Made Me Love You on Grand Ole Opry Station and A Good Man on Americana radio across the US.

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Serbian American Museum St. Sava

***Iskreno izvinjenje za Nobi urbanistički ovog blog***


Pazdrav svi blogspot čitaoci iz Srbije!
(Hello, to all blogspot readers from Serbia!)

In honor of World Music Festival that was happening in Chicago, SouthSide spent a unique Friday night not only enjoying classic jazz standards but also learning a little history and culture at a local museum, blogspot readers. The Serbian American Museum St. Sava opened its doors welcoming all to its Art Month - a music-art event that features performances by new or established Chicago artists of Serbian and non-Serbian descent like tonight's performer Jesse Charbonier ( inside a stunning mansion. Located within the Lakeview neighborhood, this hidden gem also has a theatre for theatrical and musical performance (on the 3rd floor), library and exhibits on Serbian culture including rooms dedicated to Nikola Tesla (the famous physicist who invented alternate current and wireless signal transmission) and famous Serbian American athletes (on the 2nd floor) and a basement area (known as Cave) for movie/music and fashion shows. Believe it or not, there's no other Serbian American institution like this museum, blogspot readers, and it gained well-known visibility by a recent visited from the Crown Prince and Princess of Serbia.

It was a friendly, welcoming atmosphere inside the Serbian American Museum St Sava, blogspot readers. Instantly, SouthSide went from guest to honored friend amongst the few in attendance for  tonight's event. She was greeted with smiles and warm hugs and handshakes ...happy to see that she was there documenting the night. Before tonight's jazz performance by local vocalist, Jesse Charbonier, SouthSide spent the early part of the night browsing over the lovely jewelry pieces on display by designers Dobrila Pintar and Milicas. Both artisans showed off handcrafted neck pieces to earrings (all available for purchase) in such blue, blue-green, red and amber tones that would bedazzled fashion style from casual to elegant, blogspot readers. Though designer Dobrila Pintar was unable to be here herself, her friend advised in signing up for one of her jewelry classes and/or workshops as a way to appreciate the artistry that goes into her metal or beaded pieces. She also has a glass ornament workshop and open studio (for up 2 hours) where you can work on your craft at your own time. For more information about Dobrila Pintar and her workshops, email at To view jewelry designed by Milicas, you can email her at And next it was time to try some Serbian smoked meat (in which had this reviewer fooled she was snacking on smoked ham) and cheese. Yum.

After more had arrived and Jesse and the musicians had finished setting up, it was time to serenade the audience with his repertoire of jazz favorites (and some rarities) from the 40s to 60s as he dedicated the opening song Love Is Here To Stay (by Ella Fitzgerald) to old and new friends with an toe-tappin' rhythmic beat. There's love and magic in air whenever Jesse Charbonier shares his love for jazz greats like Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole and many more to the world whether he's performing at the legendary Coq d'Or (located inside the famous Drake Hotel) or a place like this museum. And due to that love and attention he places on each song like Time After Time (from the 1947 movie It Happens In Brooklyn) and Unforgettable (1951 by Irving Gordon), his audience feel that urge to dance and/or fall in love with that special someone all over again, blogspot readers.

It's not the first time this reviewer has seen this happen during a Jesse Charbonier performance ...with confidence she can say it happens every time this vocalist croons a ballad (Chet Baker's Let's Get Lost) or lively tune (Frank Sinatra's The Lady Is A Tramp).  For example, while performing Elvis Costello's Almost Blue (originally by Chet Baker before his death), SouthSide noticed the way Jesse's eyes lit up the room almost brighter than his smile as he sang this contemporary jazz song. It's all in the eyes especially when he focuses on the audience. And with his gentle falsetto voice  on the lyrics, he sang it to make you feel the heartfelt sentiments behind each word which may give you some spine-tingling shivers upon feeling that emotion tugging on your heart. You may even shed a tear or two without even knowing it, blogspot readers. Let's not forget the band behind Jesse Charbonier - professional musician who bring to the life the songs with such vibrant gusto or a slow downtempo rhythm to allow the senses to bask in the music glow of each song performed. They do have their moments to shine throughout Jesse's performances whether it's Adrian's lively piano rhythms or Nils' toe-tappin' drumming ...each one adds a touch of their own style during the instrumental bridges and/or solos, blogspot readers.

During the break, blogspot readers, SouthSide took a private tour of the 2nd floor of the Serbian American Museum St. Sava where she learned some interesting
facts about Serbian history from religion to Tesla and famous athletes many of whom she didn't know were of Serbian descent or Serbian American. Upon reaching the 2nd floor, turn to your left and enter the room that houses the exhibit about the last Serbian King and other artifacts. Besides Polish immigrants making Chicago the place to emigrate, did you know there are approximately 200,000 (probably more) Serbians living either in the city and elsewhere? She also learned about King Peter II who was the last reigning monarch of Yugoslavia who lived in exile after Hitler invaded his country during World War II and his parents who were King Alexander I (who was assassinated in 1934 in France) and Queen Maria (Princess of Romania).  Originally the only royal to be buried in 1972, King Peter II was buried in Libertyville IL. However, a state funeral was held at St George's Church (near Belgrade) where his remains were reburied along with his wife, Queen Alexandria, his mother, Queen Maria and his brother, Prince Andrew in May.  Almost diagonal from this room,  there's an exhibit dedicated to the Serbian Orthodox Church and St Sava who laid the foundation for the Serbian religion, blogspot readers. It also has interesting artifacts such as the bishop's and priest's attire, ceremonial cups for communion and displays about Serbian religious holidays and customs.

Leaving that room, SouthSide's next stop was to the room dedicated to Serbian descent and/or Serbian American athletes - from baseball to racing cars to basketball and more, blogspot readers, this culture has made its mark in the world of sports. Featured in this room are jerseys, displays on more notable and famous Serbians like Gregg Popovich (current head coach of the San Antonio Spurs basketball team), Rhonda Rajsich (two time racquetball World Champion) and Vlade Divac (retired basketball player who played for LA Lakers and Kings).
The museum even has an autographed display from the Serbian Olympic football (soccer ) team and Olympic tennis player - Novak Djokovic. The piece de resistance within this museum is the room dedicated to Nikola Tesla. History buffs will definitely enjoy spending time within this particular space learning about how his Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing company illuminated Chicago's 1893  World's Columbian Exposition with his alternating current invention and did it cheaper than what Edison was going to charge the city. Also, he was the first to investigate the "invisible" kinds of radiant energy (i.e. X-ray),  had theories on the possibility of transmission by radio waves in which lead to a patent for the radio 4 years before Marconi (it's known that Tesla held 17 patents) and experimented with high-voltage, high-frequency tests inside a lab located at Colorado Springs. Upon his death, this Serbian American inventor was given a state funeral at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York but currently his ashes are now located in the third room of Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.

Jesse was already into the second half of his set when SouthSide returned to the main floor. Songs performed during this set included Chances Are, What A Difference A Day Makes, All Or Nothing At All and Billie Holiday's Don't Explain, blogspot readers. Dancing and music until midnight as Jesse and the band winded down with the song I Wish You Love. It was a lovely evening ...everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves.

SouthSide highly recommends visiting this unique museum dedicated to the Serbian American culture and heritage. For more information, email

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One On One With A Band Of Orcs


Somewhere in Santa Cruz, CA ...deep inside a hidden underground lair, SouthSide's being held captive by a group of fierce war-like mercenaries known as A Band of Orcs who demand of a hefty ransom for her safe return back to Chicago's local scene, blogspot readers. So while waiting for a knight in shining armor to come to her rescue, this reviewer was granted an in depth interview with this thrash metal band in hopes of discovering their plans for the mortal human race, their tour, what does on in Orc daily life and much more...

SouthSide: How would you describe A Band Of Orcs in five (5) words or less? And why did you choose those particular words to describe the band?

Gronk!: A Band of Orcs, 'nuff said.

Gogog: Cuz it's true ungreen human. Unlike human scum politicians, I, Gogog Leeeedeeeeeeder would never lie to you, ahahahhahaha.

SouthSide: Care to dispel critics' comments that A Band of Orcs is a "gimmick: band?

Cretos: Not exist anymore. We destroy Gimmik tribe long ago in Himtodia. Now them ashes and dust on the Plains of Chuuurl, hehehehe.

All: Laughter

Gogog: Yes, we destroyed Gimmik Tribe, took all their water and gold and fed the survivors to the flames of Gozoroth.

Gronk!: Hall Gzoroth!!!

All: Hail Gzoroth

Hulg: Gimmik Tribe braiiiins taste bad. Give Hulg indignation.

SouthSide: How is the human known as Jed doing these days? And does he assist The Orcs with songwriting skills? If he's not assisting with songwriting, who pens the tales about The Orcs' albums?

Gronk!: Jed never assist song writing, only teaches orcses instrument playing. Him spread and set free oRc Tower now into humie world for proselytize the wicked on orc behalf. All ussess assist in tale-telling and hymn-making.

SouthSide: Is there any particular song or group of songs in which people not familiar with A Band of Orcs should listen to? In your opinion, do they clearly represent who and/or what The Orcs are about?

Gronk!: All oRc song represent Tribe or would not be song by A Band of Orcs ...even cover songs. Listen all, be spared!

Gogog: No! All humans must listen to "I, Gogog," my favorite song.

SouthSide: If possible (one day) is there a metal band (indie or mainstream) The Orcs would like to collaborate with and why?

Hulg: No.

Cretos: Hulg kidding, of course we spare any band want to wORC with oRc so long as they not suck.

Gogog: There's a not-metal band we'd like to craft songs of victory and doom with, the Midnight Syndicate.

Gronk! Yes, yes, them scary and usses scary too, so perfect scary alchemy to melt your brain.

SouthSide: Briefly, could you describe what life if is like as a member of The Gore Stained Axe Tribe.

Hulg: We slaughter everything. Add heads to piles after I finish crunching their brains.

Cretos: Pretty much

Gogog: Yes, we add many heads to the pile, daily.

Gronk!: Hail Gzoroth!

All: Hail Gzoroth!!!

SouthSide: Heard you're a hired mercenary force, care to boast about the victories won? On the flipside, have The Orcs lost any battles against marauding Giants and minions?

Gogog: there's that one time when I beheaded the Firelord, yes. Here's a verse from that tale, "Fall of the Firelord":
On we've pushed through earth and ice
Grim with determined strength
To break the geas and free our cursed fate
To clash against the Giant King
The Lord of Fire and Stone
In magma hails burning red with hate
Armored in black, with sword of flames
He sits on an Onyx throne
In Obsidian halls we battle to our fate
I spit upon your iron crown
I challenge you to fight!
This paragon of rage you can't defeat.

SouthSide: When not plundering defenseless lands and/or recruiting new slave girls, what else do The Orcs do for fun?

Gronk! Same, same. Orc fun and orc business the same.

SouthSide: What do The Orcs like to eat? Favorite beer?

Hulg: Brains and about to be dead things. Rockstar energy drinks. Taste closest to Hulg favorite ale fermented brainz

Gogog: Water is Gogog's favorite beer, ahahahhaha, fluoridated water...we don't have that in Himtodia. Your human water messes Gogog up good.

Gronk!: Filet o'Unicorn, ahahhaha, prepared in Himtodian BBQ style by Oog.

Cretos: Yea!

SouthSide: During your journey at Mojoes, what kind of show should metal fans expect from The Orcs?

Gogog: Fans should ask not what to expect of oRcs, but what oRcs should expect of their fans, ahhahahhaah!!!!

All: *laughter*

Gogog: We expect to see circle pits, little maelstroms.

Gronk!: Yes, create the Vortex lead to great Gzoroth.

All: Hail Gzoroth!!!!

SouthSide: Besides the music, in your opinion what is the main reason you can attribute the horde of fans returning for more of The Orcs?

Cretos: Fan return cuz Ugly is Sexy, Cretos sexiest orc, ehehhehehehhe!!! Take all your soulos, ahahahahha!

SouthSide: BTW how is the horde's response to your net fundraising efforts for your tour? What is some of the booty can they receive for contributing to your tour war chest?

Gogog: The first phase went well enough to get our merch for the road ordered, we have launched phase 2 of the war plans to fund our Battle Wagon. Humans here can be spared by pledging to support HERE:

SouthSide: Now that The Orcs have mastered metal music, is there anything else you want to conquer in this mortal world?

Hulg: Hulg want to devour more brains and make hot smart. Make new weapons for orcs for playing metal music. Guitars and amps. Hulg want to master amps, the things that kill Hulg originally.

Gogog: I, Gogog, will master the human race, ahahahhaah!!!!

Gronk!: One day you all call usses master and kneel before Gronk!

Cretos: Cretos conquer all unfukable solos, hail Gzoroth!!!

All: Hail Gzoroth!!!!

Oog: Oog smash now?

SouthSide: Is it true the mortal world is closer to the day of the glorious and prophesied Domination? At any point during your shows, have your ever awaken your unholy god Great Gzoroth the Dragon of Fire and Chaos?

Gronk!: Yes, true true, Domination just a heart beat away...but no, Gzoroth not wake up yet. Him sleep very heavy.

Gogog: You see, we have not created a stadium-sized maelstrom, a spinning vortex if you will, large enough to awaken great Gzoroth. He has a case of cosmic narcolepsy, ahahhahah.

All: Hail Gzoroth!!!!

SouthSide: What other ambitious plans do A Band of Orcs have in store for us mere mortals as 2013 comes to rapid close? Or is that a secret?

Hulg: Does any army discuss their plans with possible enemies. Must keep plans secret.

Gogog: True, Hulg, we will not discuss our battle plans, but you can bet your double-bladed Axe that we'll be working on new material for our next collection of metal tales and planning the next assault for 2014.

SouthSide: Lastly, any final words A Band of Orcs would like to bestow upon their horde fans?

Gogog: Come see the most epic auditory raid of your lifetime when we slay with Gwar, White Chapel and Iron Reagan on the Madness at the Core of Time Tour, October 2 - November 17th. We'll also be performing some headlining raids on the way to meeting up with the tour, on some offdates, and on the way back to our Lair in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Gronk!: Hail Gzoroth!!!

All: Hail Gzoroth!!!

Oog: Smash now?

Gogog: Yes, Oog now...smash now!

For any information about A Band or Orcs and tour information, visit

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18 Sept 13

Even a sudden torrential storm (and then street flooding) can't stop the local scene from rockin' the night away, blogspot readers. Tonight, SouthSide's getting industrialized with a touch of Hollywood at Livewire Lounge. This popular venue for metal/punk acts featured local trio JILT opening for touring bands Dawn of Ashes and Psyclon Nine (both from CA) to near-packed crowd of fashionably dressed industrial fans. Besides the intense energy of music and aggressive theatrics dominating the stage, there was also seductive burlesque and DJ music to keep the atmosphere going in between sets, blogspot readers. Hope you have your earplugs handy's about get EXTREMELY loud in this review!

Every band can't have a perfect show ...and this was one of those nights for local band JILT. With certain streets and viaducts flooded and having to end the closing number earlier than expected (due to a fuse blown), this trio lead by Peter "Ming" Propaganda thoroughly warmed up the crowd by terrorizing the venue with a ferocious  blend of industrial/metal rock. And only given a short time for their set, they wasted no time in giving them lots of thrilling guitar riffs coupled with programmed industrial tracks to balance out the razor-sharp rock sound. Underneath the creepy red lighting, blogspot readers, the fiery hue was quite powerfully effective in adding to Peter's mysterious stage persona as he pumped vocal aggression into the lyrics especially during the band's opening song. He sent waves of chills down SouthSide's spine since it was meant to feel the spite ...the angst ...and more while capturing the frustrated mood of the generation from each word spewed over the microphone. Giving the ears a touch of raw screamo from time to time amidst the electrifying thrill of the riffs, this reviewer could see some head banging action amongst the crowd, blogspot readers. Yet, it wouldn't be a JILT show without being surrounded by the sparkly glow of grinders lighting up the stage and front area to which SouthSide experienced up close and personal until suddenly ...blackout on stage. Oops! Sad to say, they weren't able to continue due to time constraint. However that shouldn't dissuade you from checking out JILT at their next live performance, blogspot readers. For more information about this band, visit

Before rockin' out their Livewire performance, SouthSide was lucky enough to spend some time with Kristof, lead vocalist/songwriter/producer and more of Dawn of Ashes within Livewire's underground lair. He described the band as an "...industrial act [evolving] into a metal horror..." show adding the band name itself means "...beginning of the end ...end times ...end of happiness [with] hints of shock rock..." Definitely sounded like a show SouthSide could easily get into, blogspot readers. And he wasn't lying when telling her that DoA's shows featured "...lots of energy ...aggression..." and that he channels " much psychotic energy on stage..." as he possibly can. When Kris and the band stepped on stage, he certainly didn't waste any time spewing upon the crowd that intense energy and aggression (off his raw, animalistic styled vocals). Yet, DoA also added one more element to their Chicago performance to which SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed - the dramatic theatrics and terrifying persona. Kris confided to her that he feels his soul is somewhere else while performing ...and it does feel that way when he's channeling such rage and frustration  towards the crowd especially those closest to the stage. Watching him work the stage was mesmerizing, blogspot readers. Each arm movement and/or stance seemed carefully choreographed (despite obviously trying not to appear that way) to further heightened Kris' intense anger making you feel it dripping off his lips. *shivers*

Though the crowd may have appeared somewhat subdued, there were visible signs of agitation and random head-banging as a response to DoA's thunderous guitar  riffs and boisterous programmed sound thoroughly added to the band's heavy use of dramatics. However this reviewer was wise to stay a few feet away from the angry moshers blowing off steam in front of the stage. According to Kris, it's the main reason why their fans keep coming back for more Dawn of Ashes, blogspot readers. "...we put a lot of aggression and theatrics..." into the band's shows as well as mentioning that the new album contains "...topics fans can relate to ...[that] fans can connect to their music..." For this lead vocalist, he feels that's important since there are a lot of kids who have emotional disorders. Believe it or not, a lot of musicians have the same problem too. He also commented that " has negativity as well as positivity..." side. Speaking of songs, Kris personally recommends listening to DoA's new release Anathema especially the Poisoning the Steps of Babel (features Nero of Psyclon Nine), Sex, Blood & Black Magic and Insidious of the Judas Breed but one song he told this reviewer is a "...personal track about me ...about a kid with depression and emotional..." problems. That particular song, blogspot readers, is titled Scars on Scars to which Glitch of Psyclon Nine joined the band to rock it out with them. " speaks for itself ...[can] feel the energy..." And it honestly does. Scars on Scars was the band's most emotionally intense  song performed during the entire set that this reviewer did feel a connection not only to the music but to the lyrics. It was a haunting yet a dramatic way to end their performance, blogspot readers.

So when the tour is over, what will Dawn of Ashes be doing next? "...getting back in the studio to record new album Entering the Vortex.." says Kris but also mentioning there's no real set date for its release, blogspot readers. But look for Dawn of Ashes to invade Europe with a few dates, a music video and another possible tour. Yep, he's certainly staying busy, isn't he? "...[I'm] always going to be busy ...this is what I do..." About touring, he did comment it's not "...simply party and fun.." as people may think that's all a band does while on the road. "'s harder than most would realize..." From driving for hours and getting to the venue on time to lack of sleeping and eating (he almost fainted once on stage due to exhaustion), it's tough being on the road especially if you have a girlfriend or fiancee (like he does) who may raise an eyebrow or two when fans tag photos of them on Facebook. According to DoA's lead vocalist, "'s worth it..." And to their fans, the band wishes to express their appreciation for sticking with them for 12 years (something SouthSide couldn't believe). "...honestly, it's just the beginning for us..." As DoA keeps bringing new material, they only request you "...keep supporting us..."

For more information about Dawn of Ashes, visit

Headlining tonight's awesome lineup was Psyclon Nine, blogspot readers, but before performing a rather dramatically intense show of theatrics and music, this reviewer was granted an exclusive sit dow with Nero (and bandmates). Sitting comfortably on the leather couch, this charismatic lead vocalist gave SouthSide her first ever Haiku when describing the band. "...If I did no do / Psyclon Nine / I would probably / be dead..." quoted Nero the poet before stating how the band is "...bringing rock music back to when it was exciting glam..." He also commented that after glam and 80s pop had died, there was the grunge movement and that was "...boring..." Psyclon Nine according to him is a glam band of "...sewer rats from Los Angeles with feathers..." "...we make brutality look pretty..." quipped another band member. And Nero agreed. "...that's what we are ...a bunch of glitter punks putting rock back [in music]..." It was certainly the case, blogspot readers when Nero and the guys took over the stage in such of a glamorous yet thunderous fashion.  It was fun seeing him glam up the stage in his fine costumery to which the crowd instantly went wild in response especially while performing their new song Shadows Unveiled (of new album Order of the Shadows: Act 1 coming out November 1st). SouthSide enjoyed how Psyclon Nine's stage presence could be not only powerfully intense but also commanded your attention that you didn't want to miss a single moment of Nero's antics. Whether he's interacting amongst the band members or with those standing in front of the stage, there's something always happening, blogspot readers. For example, besides the occasional head-banging, beware of bouts of rough moshing and/or wild dancing ...fist pumping and more that may occur during a Psyclon Nine show. These fans were feeling what Nero and the band was feeling the raw angst and spite off the lyrics. 

During the course of the interview, Nero suggested to SouthSide (as well as those not very familiar with this band) to listen to  other songs like Suicide Note Lullaby and the title track off the album We The Fallen and Parasitic (from Crwn Thy Frnicatr) ...just to name a few, blogspot readers. This reviewer was told they create a combination abrasive electronic/metal rock music which she definitely felt within the hardcore riffs and the rising crescendos tucked inside the instrumental bridges before smacking your face with more edgy sound. Sometimes you might get the feeling the abrasive side to Psyclon Nine will tend to get too chaotic for your ears (or music taste) but that's just what this band wants you to feel, blogspot readers. It's that chaos which fuels their theatrical drama while on stage. And it's the same chaos in which fans to respond and react wildly out of control to the music when listening to Nero's raw angst spewing over the microphone amidst the gritty guitars or edgy synths rhythms. By the time it was mid-way of the performance, Nero was already baring his chest strutting around owning the stage while basking in the glam glow of his fans enjoying themselves. Sorry, ladies, he's taken but very hot to look at. Even though experiencing minor technical problems (involving their tracks not coming through clearly), these fans were enjoying every minute of edgy glam rock music eve n while given a taste of what the new album sounds like live. However Nero did state earlier to SouthSide the band " always evolving ...constantly changing..." stating they're like a "...dirty petrie dish ...growing like mold..." and how " expects us to be different each time they see us..." So in other words, don't expect the same show like the one witnessed in Chicago happening when Psyclon Nine comes to your town, blogspot readers.

So when the tour is over, what's next for this band? Besides a new album coming out soon, Psyclon Nine has a few appearances scheduled that will included tours for late 2013 and/or early 2014. "'s one of our DIY [Do It Yourself] tours..." says Nero where the band will be rockin' out smaller venues like Livewire Lounge. Yet this isn't their first Chicago appearance either, blogspot readers. This glam band has played at other venues around town like Double Door and The Abbey to which he told this reviewer about an incident when some of their fans lit a garbage can on fire because Psyclon could only performed a shortened set. He doesn't cite the venue as being at fault was more of "...a miscommunication with the promoter..." And like what Kristoff mentioned to SouthSide about touring, he also agreed "'s worth it..." despite the long hours traveling and lack of sleep. This reviewer could tell each member of Psyclon Nine enjoys doing what they do so well ...rocking out venues and interacting with their fans. And to that, Nero wanted to say to Chicago fans " should be here..." but if you couldn't, it was probably because of a flash flood.

For more information about Psyclon Nine, visit

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Chicago Music Summit 2013

"...Chicago is a global music powerhouse - activated by musicians working across multiple genres at the highest level of artistry..."

Blogspot readers, on September 20, the City of Chicago's Commission of Cultural Affairs & Special Events held a unique one-day music conference at the historic Cultural Center. Chicago Music Summit 2013 was designed to spotlight on this city's vibrant and thriving local scene. It attracted not only SouthSide but many other likeminded individuals within the vast musical aspects of the music industry ...producers, engineers, managers, vocalists, musicians, bloggers,  publicists, venue owners, talent buyers, et al to attend. All converging under one roof to network and to share ideas as well as learn new tricks of the trade or how to improve their chosen craft. Sponsored by Google, this was a conference like no other, blogspot readers, where attendees could meet and get professional advice from panelists/speakers such as Casey Meehan and Eddie Seslowsky (of Chicago Mixtape), Kenneth Olsen, Cellist of CSO (Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Martin Atkins (author of Welcome to the Music Industry: You're F***ed), Kevin Browning (Umphrey's McGee Management, Strategy & Development), Joe Shanahan (owner of Metro/Double Door), Malik Yusef Jones "The Wordsmyth" (Grammy-winning songwriter, actor, poet, film producer, spoken word artist and philanthropist), Nan Warshaw (co-owner and co-founder of Bloodshot Records), Mark Messing (band leader of Mucca Pazza) - just to name a few.

Before attending the sessions, there was a special appearance and opening remarks by Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. aka Common, hip hop artist and actor to welcome everyone to this music conference, blogspot readers. He stated that he's proud to be from Chicago ...being from a town that has a rich culture in the arts, civil rights, and more. According to Common, it was an honor to open this conference because this musician could tell there was greatness in the room and talent to be achieved as well. "...when you want to achieve greatness, you have to find your path ...your voice..." says Common. Believe it or not, music wasn't his first choice. Guess what he wanted to be, blogspot readers NBA star. Yet after penning his first rap song, he suddenly found his voice. It was a path which took him to many places around the world. "...and when you find your voice, it's not work's your love ...your passion which becomes your work..." he told us before adding, " may have to work another job until your dream is able to support you ...[but] only you know your voice..." And that's the first step towards the path of reaching your greatness, blogspot readers - finding your voice. The second step is wearing your greatness ...or embracing who you are. When you believe in yourself, then others will believe in you. The third step is living your path which also means living through the challenges you're going to face while on the road to greatness. According to Common, these challenges can be turned into possibles. "...there will be dark days ...whether the obstacles are social, economic, health, etc ...[just] know there's a mountain top to reach..." He told us we should appreciate how far we've come as well as how far we have yet to reach that top. "...the right situation will be there for you matter where you're headed towards the destination, your eyes are on the prize..." Common appreciates his team of supporters because without them, blogspot readers, he wouldn't be where he's at today to which he also advised "...always surround yourself with great people..." He ended his opening remarks by reminding everyone that "...greatness is in each and every one..." of us and "...don't play small big ...believe your path is within you..." Wonderful words of wisdom to bestow upon the conference attendees before heading to their desired day-long sessions.

SouthSide began her day with The Science of Networking Strategies for Leveraging Opportunities, a session that featured Brian Zisk (executive producer of San Francisco MusicTech Summit), Michael Dorf (entrepreneur, producer, philanthropist, City Winery NY/Chicago), Jen Richards (managing director of eighth blackbird ensemble) and Alex Fruchter (of Closed Sessions) with Scott Fetters (oc serving as moderator. During this session, blogspot readers, attendees were given solid pieces of advice of how to improve their networking skills within the music industry from basic networking tips to standing out from crowd and social media do's and don'ts. Tips on how one should  do their research before the person you want to network with and know what they want to get out of that networking relationship ...the best networkers are those who want to help not who are "what can I get from you" or "what I can get for myself" types of people ...and show respect towards people you want to network with. The panelist advised that if you want to be successful with your networking skills you have to stand out from the rest, blogspot readers. And the way to do that is perhaps - think outside of the box like being creative or having something that will distinguishes you from someone else. Other advice on this subject included being persistent but knowing the lines between persistence and annoyance, finding a way of having a polite and interesting persistence and not being too over eager or overwhelming but having a real positive influence.

Now that you've started a networking dialogue, how do you maintain it? Well, blogspot readers, you follow up and follow through (at least 2 to 3 days after meeting) and be contact sensitive by being direct, productive and brief - always leave them wanting more. Even though you don't want to swing with a big pitch on the person you're networking with, you should open with a brief dialogue first. Also flattery does work too. Remember - never ever assume Facebook is the primary source of communication since there are so many other platforms on the net like myspace, soundcloud, reverbnation, et al. Definitely engage people on Twitter but don't spam. Lastly, take your time patient and find your common ground with others in your field. The session with tips on where to look for networking opportunities before taking questions, blogspot readers. The panelists advised that we should be a connector ourselves by going out the shows and being seen as well as owning our failures because there will be a lot of failures. Yet don't get discouraged. Failure is a good thing means you're trying, blogspot readers.

After a mini break, it was time to head outside and across the street to the Storefront Theater to visit an old friend Martin Atkins and learn how to realistically survive within the music business as a band. As a musician for such bands like Nine Inch Nails, Public Image, Ltd. and Ministry, this speaker has a unique yet fun approach to his lectures that featured sound advice on what to do as well as not to do, blogspot readers, with his powerpoint slide show. He advised attendees on certain things like using social media with Japanese table manners, don't use the "I have a penis" approach as a pick-up line to introduce your band and YouTube rule but you only have 13 seconds to make that impression. It's always a great time Martin especially when he telling his stories about life on the road or about what other bands did to survive (as well as thrive) in this business especially on how to tour smart. He used phrases like "small is the new huge!" or asks thought-provoking questions like "why do band always pick the 500 people room?" to which he said "...if you have to play the phone booth, then play the phone booth..." He also advised being nice to everyone " the nicest to the people with the least reason for you to be nice to them..." because you never know what opportunity it lead you to. Always " the opposite ...gets better results..." and " consistent with your font size..." Before ending his lecture, he told us a couple more don'ts such as "...don't forget the power of music...", "...don't be a douche when trying to be everything to everyone..." and "...don't be afraid to throw blueberry muffins..." Yes, Martin did actually toss a few blueberry muffins into the audience at the beginning of his session. SouthSide highly recommends all bands/artists snagging a couple of his book Welcome to the Music Business: You're F***ed! as a handy yet helpful guide while navigating your way around and through the industry.

Concluding her day-long attendance at the Chicago Music Summit, SouthSide attended Breaking Out Regional: National and International Touring Opportunities that featured panelists Robert Singerman (of LyricFind, Brasil Music Exchange,, Michael Yeke (president of House of Blues at Live Nation), Howard Greynolds (owner of Overcoat Management), Bill Bragin (Director of Programs, Lincoln Center) and Miss Alex White (of White Mystery) with Martin Atkins serving as moderator. Though mainly tailored for bands/artists and managers and/or publicists wishing to get their artists touring beyond the local scene, there were engineers and press (SouthSide) as well as interested parties learning firsthand knowledge on what to do and not to do. Before planning that worldwide tour across the pond or somewhere exotic, blogspot readers, you first have to know what it takes to succeed in the local market. Well, it takes great music, hard work and getting a fanbase ...but you already knew that, didn't you? But didn't you know it also takes being part of a band team, the ability to connect with other people, knowing your audience and know which venue you want to play. Despite not ever being a part of a band, blogspot readers, SouthSide already knows that once a show is booked, it takes a lot to get butts through the doors. This is where your networking skills come in handy as well as knowing who is the talent buyer. Within the band, delegate positions (i.e. merch, social media, booking shows, et al) to whom does what so it isn't just one person handling everything because working as a team is very important especially if you want to branch out beyond your local scene. And while at the venue, again - be nice to everyone (i.e. the bar staff, manager, sound guy) since no one likes a band that's an asshole, blogspot readers.

The panelists offered some advice in how to make your tour successful such as "...sometimes YouTube sensations doesn't translate to ticket sales...", " ...make the tour manageable ...make it enjoyable then profitable...", "...sometimes you have to take risks to find your fanbase..." and "...find opportunities that are out there to fund your tour..." in which that's how White Mystery funded their European tour. They found sponsors to fund their airfare to car rental.  Also, perform at different events i.e. charity functions to house parties and/or private clubs. But there's a downside to touring too, blogspot readers, in which it can be a pain in the ass. Be sure to have a strong team to handle crisis as they arise and remember, the foreign justice system is different than the US system. Miss Alex White (of White Mystery) advised in getting equipment protection to get covered for loss, stolen and/or replacement to be covered wherever you are and having plenty of band merch to sell. She also stated that if traveling outside the US to be prepared to pay taxes and border crossing and have your work permits in order (especially if touring the UK) because incomplete work permits will have you missing your tour. Lastly, be advised on the type of music that dominates your foreign market. For example, in Germany it's EDM while Brazil it's heavy metal and Japan is known for international acts. One more thing from Miss Alex White "...when overseas, have everything in writing ...a contract stating when, where, the date, band lineup, etc ...[just] in case they cancel on you..." before adding "...share equipment for quick band change over and soundcheck..." Oh yeah, know your foreign currency too, blogspot readers.

After a day of sessions, blogspot readers, it was time to relax, socialize and network with other attendees over delicious hor d'oeuvres and drinks (provided by City Winery) amidst lively DJ music. Then there were free music showcases featuring rock to contemporary/classical and hip hop as well as Jazz and Blues by local acts The Claudettes, Suns, Psalm One and more throughout the Cultural Center. Chicago Music Summit attendees were also invited to visit one of the many sponsoring neighborhood venues like Double Door, Reggie's Dragonfly, Martyrs' and Mayne Stage to sample more live local music as a part of World Music Festival Chicago. In SouthSide's opinion, this type of conference was a success and hopes everyone who did learned something new and/or better for their musical craft. She can't wait to attend next year's summit...

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

October 2013

Hey, blogspot readers, autumn is in full swing with witches, ghouls and goblins roaming over frost ridden pumpkins. Even though the weather may turn colder, it's not time to hibernate away from your local music scene until spring. No, this is the season when many indie bands/artists tour before winter. SouthSide highly recommends checking out one (or more) of the following events listed locally and/or elsewhere near you in this calendar...

Please note - all shows are 21+ unless duly noted...

Oct 1:
Double Door - check out Magicks opening for Electric Six and My Jerusalem

Oct 2:
The Alley - Asking Alexandria (currently on tour with Korn) will be here for an in-store signing before their show at the Riviera

Grandbar - check out Human Factors Lab with Radio Creep rockin' the stage

Smart Bar - it's the mid-week dance party MACHINA with DJ Scary Lady Sarah (and guests TBA)

Schubas Tavern - check out Lucy Rose performing with a full band featuring Jennifer Hall and Meagan Hickman
for tickets -

Oct 3:
Metro - rock with Verona Red with Parallels and Lies, Quiet Out Loud, Underfire and Vida Sky
$7 adv / $10 dos / All Ages / 5:30p

Cameo Music-Gallery - check out Sky White Tiger with Pegasus Warning and Northern Bells

Oct 4 & 5:
Mac's Bar (Lansing, MI) - it's Mac's Mitten Jam 3 featuring live performances by The Coop, Digeometric, Spankalicious and more as well as live art by Cody Norman of Dreaded Designs and vending by Eric Jacobson
For more information, visit
$10 / $15 (weekend pass) / 18+

Oct 4 - 6:
The Den Theatre - check out Edward Albee's production of Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
for show and ticket info, visit

Oct 4:
The Bowery (Knoxville, TN) - it's Skytown Riot's [Soul] & [System] CD Release show featuring Divided We Stand and Far Far Away
$5 ($3 surcharge for under 21) / 18+
**note - please bring a valid state issued ID to enter**

Wise Fools Pub - rock with Andy Metz's 8090 along with Jackpot Donnie, KF Jacques, Brad Brubaker & the Crowd Goes Wild and Laura Glyda at this Lincoln Park venue
8p / $8

The Mutiny - go hippity hoppity with Jack Rabbit!

Martyrs' - rock with Jet W Lee, Josh Catalano & the Dirty Thoughts, Hemmingbirds and Coaster

UIC Pavilion - React presents Steve Aoki's AOkify America Tour featuring Waka Flocka and Borgore with special guest Pharrell Williams
All Ages

Quencher's Saloon - come rock and celebrate with 40oz Sidekicks at their CD Release show featuring Light The Fuse, The Shidiots (Omaha, NE) and The Pervert Preachers

Elbo Room (acoustic lounge) - The Real Jane Martin will be performing live at this Lakeview venue

The Acoustic Cafe (Eau Claire, WI) - local guys The Future Laureates will be kicking off their "Everything at Once" Midwest Fall tour begins here. They will be at Double Door on Oct 25

27 Live (Evanston, IL) - check out The Handcuffs with Tomorrow The Moon and I Lost Control rockin' the stage here
$10 adv / $12 door

Ultra Lounge - give Mr. Russia / Ivan a good travel vibes as he begins touring with Sheriff Scabs and Moseley (an all female garage-rock trio from Nashville, TN).
visit for more tour info.

Oct 5:
Martyrs' - come celebrate with Model Stranger at their record release party featuring Molehill and another band TBA
$10 / there are multiple ticket packages with some super amenities
For more information, visit

Subterranean - check out Paver's "Trust" EP Release show with Mares of Thrace and Wrekmeister Harmonies

Concord Music Hall - Destroid with special guests TBA

Mayne Stage - it's the Goodbyehome and Ellis Clark Double Album Release show

Exit - enjoy Paradise with DJs Tim Pogo/Arturo of 'Panic', Gil G, Mark Matras and Gno!

Taners Bar and Grill (Kimberly, WI) - check out Rebelmann will be performing at a Make-A-Wish for an awesome Fox Cities child

Chalk (Forest Park, IL) - go robble robble with Hamburglars sharing the stage with Psycho Sister and Black 4

Oct 7:
The Hotel Foster (Milwaukee, WI) - check out Kyle Feerick sharing the stage with Vitrolum Republic and Ivy Spokes
$5 (or FREE with Festival Pass or same-day ticket stub)

Oct 9:
Double Door - Door No 3 presents FABITAT featuring DJ Adam El (of 16 Candles / Berlin)

Oct 10 - 24:
AMC River East 21 - 49th Annual Chicago International Film Festival

Oct 10:
Double Door - it's another RAW Natural Born Artist Showcase series
$10 adv / $15 dos

Chicago Theatre - it's opening night of Chicago International Film Fest featuring the James Gray movie - The Immigrant (starring Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Renner and Joaquin Phoenix)

Oct 11:
Touche Chicago (6412 N. Clark) - Riot Bear Production presents Night of the Living Man Bear Pig's a night of everything punk rock with DJ Germ of Modern Day Rippers/Sexy Baby Records/Rotten Fruits

Wise Fools Pub - rock with Digeometric sharing the stage with Manhattan Project and Business As Usual

Concord Music Hall - it's Wolfgang Gartner and Tommy Trash with special guests TBA performing two shows
All Ages - 5:30p / 18+ - 11p

Martyrs' - attend Old Shoe's "Family" Album Release show with Tauk and EGi

Oct 12:
Patio Theater - horror movies take over this Portage Park theater during the Movieside Massacre 2013! This event will feature classic films like Edison's Frankenstein, Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman, The Tomb of Ligeia (starring Vincent Price), Martin, April Fool's Day, Hellraiser II (one of SouthSide's favorites), Army of Darkness (another SouthSide favorite) and many more.
$24 (Sept 24 - Oct 11) / $28 dos

Underground Lounge - get banged with Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs!

Phyllis' Musical Inn - check on JD3 Live on stage

Township - it's the Dead On TV Video Release show featuring Dead Town Revival, The Jetbirds and Criminal Kids

Oct 13:
Mojoes - Red Novella opens for Eye Empire

Reggie's - rock out with Driven at this All Ages show!
3p / $10

Oct 14 - 20:
Various Locations around Chicago - Chicago Ideas Week
visit for more information

Oct 15:
Double Door - Chicago Music Magazine presents its Monthly Music Industry Showcase featuring Weight of the World with Oceanborn and special guests TBA. PLUS a special appearance by the Windy City Ghostbusters!

Oct 16:
Merkin Concert Hall (Goodman House - NY) - choose your sides now for what will be certainly a heated Intelligence Squared U.S. debate - Breaking Up Big Banks
FOR the motion - Richard Fisher, President.CEO Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; Simon Johnson, Professor of Entrepreneurship
AGAINST the motion - Douglas Elliott, Fellow in Economic Studies, Brookings Institution; Paul Saltzman, President of The Clearing House Association

Wise Fools Pub - Rouge! Chicago's Electro Swing Night rocks this Lincoln Park venue

Oct 17:
Reggie's - check out this show featuring Martin Rev (Suicide) and Vince Clarke (Erasure/Depeche Mode) with Otto Von Schirah
17+ / $25 adv / $30 dos / $55 VIP

Oct 18:
Cobra Lounge - Kastasyde opens for metal legends Obituary featuring Weekend Nachos, Strong Intention and Jar D'Loose

Reggie's Rock Club - attend the Vaudevillian circus extravaganza during the Carnivale Delirium IV featuring Eric Stern of Vagabond Opera!
$20 adv / $25 dos / 18+ to attend / 21+ to drink

Oct 19:
Double Door - dance the night away at the Soul Summit Free Dance Party featuring DJs Sloppy White, Dave Mata and Duke Grip with guest DJs TBA
Free / $10 VIP

Elbo Room - come celebrate with Mason's Case at their EP Release show night #2 (night #1 will be at Mac's Bar on Friday night). Fans are to expect an evening of music and surprises!

Riviera (Chicago) - St Lucia's When The Night tour rolls into town with 2 Door Cinema Club. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the song "Too Close"

Montrose Harbor - join the this team as they spread the word about colon cancer awareness at the 2nd Annual Fundraiser in Memory of Eric Oleksy

DuSable Museum of African-American History (located in Washington Park) - Red and Reckless invades Chicago's Fashion Week

JD Muggs - Cream fans can rock out to their favorite songs with Badge shares the stage with Rockus

Logan Square Auditorium - look your best while attending Fall Ball 2013 featuring Mucca Pazza with Kokumo, Christa Creeps (of Man Is Man), Tom Musick and Swaguerrilla

Primary Nightclub - it's the official Two Door Cinema Club after party! This event will feature local support by Hey Champ and Gun Love (of Ghosthouse) as well as a special DJ set by Two Door Cinema Club

Oct 20:
Star Plaza Theatre (Merrilville, IN) - Ian Anderson brings Thick As A Brick 1 & 2 concert / stage production to this venue

Oct 21:
Reggie's - it's Nik Turner's Space Ritual with Killer Moon

Oct 24:
Double Door - check out Sidewalk Chalk, Reels Green (CD release) and Nonpronto

Double Door (Door No 3) - Akaska presents Simmer Down Sound
FREE show

House of Blues - Disclosure with T Williams performing on stage
**sadly, this show is SOLD OUT**

Oct 25:
Double Door - celebrate with The Future Laureates at their 45/Digital EP Release show with Vintage Blue, Milktooth and Anthony & the Tramps
$10 adv / $15 dos

The Abbey - celebrate Halloween early at the Halloween Retro Costume Party featuring Red Rebel County

Aragon Ballroom - it's a Freaky Deaky V Halloween Costume Party (night 1) featuring music by Griz, Danny Brown, Tokimonsta and more
for tickets -

Oct 26:
NiteCap - SSE and NiteCap presents Halloween Havoc! Hosted by Mr. Willy, this pre-Halloween event will feature live performances by Royal, Vulgar, Phantom 13 (OH) and Sinister Fate with sultry burlesque by The Misfit Dolls (Jezzibel and Cherries Juballe) pizza (while supplies last) and prizes for the best male and female costumes zombie bomb shots

Metro - be fashionably seen and dressed at the Annual Nocturna's All Hallow's Eve Ball

Downtown Elgin, IL - minions and villains unite as Mr. Agitator, Fallon Flynn, Veronica Jade, The Pulse and the sultry Vex return to the stage during Nightmare on Chicago Street

Aragon Ballroom - it's Freaky Deaky V Halloween Costume Party (night 2) featuring Dada & Life with Clockwork and Craze
for tickets -

Oct 27:
Subterranean - Jars of Clay will be performing live

Reggie's Music Joint - check out Dumpster Hunter sharing the stage with Blow Wind Blow, Blackfoot Gypsies and Sam Wahl
$10 adv / 12 dos

Oct 28 & 29:
Washington D.C. - Future Of Music Summit
For more information and registration, visit

Oct 30:
Grandbar - get your Halloween off to a scary start at Thrill Ya 6 featuring DJ Godfather, Keith MacKenzie, Pumpin Pete, Dance Floor Destroyers, Winnie Accardo, Eddie Riot and more
for tickets -

Oct 31:
Tricks and Treats around town!

Underground Wonder Bar - have some treats with Room 11: The Residency

Watch for updates as SouthSide's receives them, blogspot readers!

Until next time, support your local scene,

17 Sept 13 - Don Jon

**this review may contain sexually explicit wording and/or situations**

His daily life consists of porn, apartment, ride, friends, women, faith, family, gym and porn. Oh, SouthSide did mention porn? He certainly loves his porn, blogspot readers. So much that hearing the intro Windows theme (after powering up the computer) gives him an instant hard-on.

The "he" is Don Jon Jr. of the funny sexual comedic movie Don Jon starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who also wrote and directed. Don moves through life watching his porn even though he "enjoys" having sex with the women he picks up from the club. However, the sex is nothing like what he views on his laptop 17 ...18 ...30 plus times a day, blogspot readers. With that much viewing, it might make you think he's a porn addict. Don would never believe he is. Every Sunday, he confesses to the priest his sins - the number of the times he has sex out of wedlock and how many times he viewed his porn. A few Hail Marys and Our Fathers and his sins are absolved. Then it's dinner with his family - Don Sr (Tony Danza) where he gets most of the New Jersey Italian machismo from, Angela (Glenne Headly) who wants to see her son settle down with a nice woman and give her some grandkids, and sister Monica (Brie Larson) who spends most of the movie forever texting on her mobile phone.

So, on goes his daily life until he meets the woman of his dreams one night at a club (Barbara Sugarman played by Scarlett Johansson) who escapes his advances (and cheesy lines) after meeting the first time. After finding her on Facebook and setting up a lunch meeting with her, she still manages to keep him at bay (i.e. withholding sex) until she meets his friends and family ...likewise, he meets her friends and family. Yeah, what a tease! Unbeknown to Don, blogspot readers, this woman has a hidden agenda to gradually force him from a player to a respectable Italian man. And yes, they do finally have sex but now it changes everything about his daily life ...including his porn viewing because Barbara views porn watching as a perverted act done by desperate, sick men. Lying and "cheating" his way around to view his porn, Don unexpectedly meets Esther (Julianna Moore), a down-to-earth, free spirit, pot-smoking classmate who seems to accept the fact he's a porn junkie. No big deal to her since it's hinted she watches porn too, blogspot readers, and he's then slowly gravitating towards the older woman while at the same time, his relationship with Barbara becomes toxic.

It takes his sister Monica and her one brief moment of speech (and to be honest, blogspot readers, it's a shocker when she does speak) for Don to realize the contrasting differences between Barbara and Esther. Does he choose to go back to the woman who was planning their entire future which would mean giving up porn forever or the woman who shows him how to love ...not be or fall in love but have a human connection with another without it being one-sided?

You have to see Don Jon to found out the answer, blogspot readers.

Overall, this reviewer recommends checking out Don Jon when it opens in theaters this Friday. SouthSide found this movie to be quite funny and serious (with some provoking thoughts) without it becoming too over the top funny or raunchy like a bro-com and too serious that the movie loses its comedic side, blogspot readers. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a writer allows the movie to flow with the simplistic of ease over complex dialogue to bog down the scenes over saturation of useless subplots and sub subplots to make this raunchy sex comedy into another goofy comedy about sex and porn. No, blogspot readers, Joseph uses a mixture of his character voice-overs to mildly clarify things to the audience in between certain scenes. Plus his characters (for example Tony Danza's character) were perfectly scripted as real people you may already know or seen in public. There's nothing phony or unrealistic about them throughout this movie. As a director, Hollywood should at least take him more seriously than the teen from 3rd Rock From The Sun. It seems Joseph has studied well at the Woody Allen Film School for First Time Directors because this reviewer sees a little of Woody and his comedic movie style in Don Jon. Though the movie is solely about him, he doesn't overshadow the minor characters when they share scenes with him. The movie can be a bit one-sided since it features a man who enjoys porn. Yet when will there be a movie about a woman who enjoys porn? Or is that taboo these days?

Until next time, support your local scene,

One On One With Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide got banged!

Not that kind of "banged" get your heads out of the gutter! Nope, she was unofficially glitterized by the Dallas glam punk band, Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs before leaving town for their tour which will make a stop in Chicago on Oct 12 at Underground Lounge. Speaking with Scary Cherry herself and Minx the Jinx (not their real names), SouthSide got an in depth view about the band, the local scene in Dallas, giving "birth" to an album, pizza and SouthSide joining the band on stage - not in that particular order. It was a very, very interesting interview, blogspot readers...

Usually SouthSide's first interview question stumps people. Not this time, blogspot readers. Little did she know that Minx the Jinx was a psychic mind reader even over mobile phone when he already had the answer to her question. So, how would Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs describe themselves in five words or less? "This is glitter punk," says Minx with Scary mentally counting the words. "We try to take what we think is the best elements of 70s glitter rock and punk..." thus combining the two together. Scary added "'s raw performance and emotions of what women go through's happy, angry, dangerous, bitchy [especially] when on stage's organic ...honest and real..." The type of show SouthSide should expect from them when they're performing on stage. Minx jokingly commented "...that's how you can describe Scary Cherry at [band] rehearsal..." And the gloves are off!  However, SouthSide doesn't think Minx would stand a chance against Scary Cherry because she has experience as a roller derby girl, blgospot readers. She disclosed to this reviewer that the Scary Cherry persona was born out of that scene in which she did for 5 years. The first Scary Cherry song, Slaughter (now a roller derby anthem) is about not being afraid to show your emotions. "...very empowering..." says Scary. Oh yeah, blogspot readers, be on the look out for Minx the Jinx doing psychic readings and band demonology at the merch booth for a $5.

So what's in store for SouthSide when she attends her first Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs show?  "...expect the unexpected..." says Scary after telling this reviewer it's going to be wild and explosive meanwhile Minx chimed with "...we're about having a good time ...strap yourself in, we're coming for your children..." He's only joking, blogspot readers ...she thinks. Basically, a Scary Cherry show isn't for the weak. And if you're the shy type, the band stated you'll get over that quickly. There's even a bit of audience participation during their shows in which you might find yourself on stage performing with the band. "Our shows are mayhem ...nothing is planned like a circus..." SouthSide was told, " may get broken [but] we're not violent to others ...only to ourselves..." Oh be on the lookout for this reviewer to join Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs when they perform Cherry Bomb during their October 12 show at Underground Lounge. Yep, better film this for YouTube, blogspot readers! But, what is it about Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs that brings their Glitter Punks (i.e. fans of Scary Cherry) back for more, you might wonder, blogspot readers. Well, perhaps it might be the feeling they have experienced an exciting rock show or they get it after seeing this particular band live. "'s sort of a community ...we try to incorporate the crowd ...then they join out cult - Glitter Punks..." That's what the band hopes for after a show. No matter how near or far you may live, they like to keep in contact with you, blogspot readers. For Scary, this concept is more like having an extended family since she doesn't have one. " I try to treat everyone as family..." " we're learning more about Scary Cherry's maternal instincts..." comments Minx. While learning more about Scary Cherry, this reviewer was also told Minx has a great nose almost like Al Pacino's. How did Minx the Jinx get his name? He got the "minx" part from his mom and "the jinx" part - because he's known to break guitars to which he promises not to do during this tour, blogspot readers.

Recently. Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs debuted their LP simply titled Girl, blogspot readers and SouthSide wondered which songs should she listen to first. And this was the moment when this reviewer finally stumped Scary Cherry and Minx. "...that's a tough one ...depends on which mood you're in..." Scary answered but did suggest a few songs. For example, if you're happy, listen to Glitter a melancholy mood, try Cut Off Your Head (Scary Cherry's take on the 20s / Betty Boop) love, try Face - just to get your started. Both did agree on listening to the song Don't Wanna if you want to experience Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs on harmonies and rawness. Somewhat a dichotomy you might say but according to Scary, "...we're a walking dichotomy..." Minx the Jinx added that in his music life he has listened to all sort of crap yet he has an eclectic taste. "...proud to say we have a great sound ...glad [songs] are not the same..." Scary added "....have to write honest ...when writing the album ...OMG's like giving birth in a painful way..." to which she said it was "...a very scary painful process..." In the end, blogspot readers, Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs are proud of their "baby", the album. It even has Minx's nose as well as Scary Cherry's ten fingers and toes!  Now, if they could collaborate with anyone (living or dead ...mainstream or indie), the possibilities would be endless between Scary Cherry and Jinx the Minx, blogspot readers. For Scary Cherry, she would like to collaborate with  Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails), Iggy Pop and David Bowie ("...because he's god...) meanwhile Minx said Patti Smith ("...such a powerhouse on lyrics ...speak volumes..."), Florence (of Florence and the Machine) ...and the list could go on forever. " would be awesome to work with anyone..."

Before wrapping up this fun interview with Scary Cherry and Minx the Jinx, blogspot readers, SouthSide asked the duo what's the music scene like in their hometown of Dallas to which they said, "....[it's] awesome..." According to the band, they recommend SouthSide checking out the electro shock metal band, Razorblade Dolls and the punk rock band Ten Can Riot - just to name a couple good bands rockin' the Dallas local scene. "...we got punk, hard rock, electronic ...[the scene] is getting back to dangerous rock ...and the element of danger sticks within people's blood..." And this is the sort of perfect thing for a band like Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs. Scary Cherry was once told (by a fan) that midway through the show they want to "...beat the shit out of someone..." You see, blogspot readers, it's all about sex and violence when attending a Scary Cherry show. "...[then] you go home and finish yourself off..." Scary Cherry told SouthSide that the Dallas scene is really great "...pushing each other to be better..." but not in a competitive way, blogspot readers. What she meant is pushing the bar with each performance. Think of this as healthy competition. "...the bands are very supportive of each other..." before Minx added a special challenge to Razorblade Dolls, "...we're coming after you..." Bands like Razorblade Dolls and Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs need your support especially when touring. Scary Cherry are funding this tour themselves ...traveling 27 dates about 11,000 miles (give or take) yet they are excited about coming to Chicago since it's one of many places they haven't played before. And they can't wait to eat real Chicago deep dish pizza and (perhaps) ribs.  Oh yeah , if ordering a hot dog here - must remember do not ask for ketchup on it.

After finishing the Get Banged! tour (around mid-November), the band will try to push an EP by March or sometime during the beginning of spring 2014. There are other things in the works but sadly, they couldn't disclose what that might be because they didn't want to jinx it. However, Scary Cherry promised "...something will happen while on the road..." but they might have something special planned for Halloween a musical. In closing, blogspot readers, Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs would like to wish everyone "...peace on Earth and goodwill towards men..." Actually, they would like to encourage people to come out and meet them. They don't bite. SouthSide can't wait to meet Scary Cherry and the entire Bang Bangs when they arrive in Chicago next month.

Currently the band is out west and will be rockin' the stage at the legendary Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles soon! For more information and tour dates happening near you, visit and/or "like" them on Facebook.

SouthSide would like to thank Scary Cherry and Jinx the Minx for taking time out for this interview...

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, September 23, 2013

One On One With Ian Anderson

To SouthSide, he's a magician ...the pied piper of a British progressive rock band that would ultimately shape music for over 40 years, blogspot readers. During the summer, this reviewer had fun attending his Ravinia performance of Thick As A Brick 1 & 2. Yet that latter one could not compare when she  recently had the extreme pleasure of interviewing this poetic rock troubadour over the phone. Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull) was kind enough to give part of his time for this extra special One On One blog entry with SouthSide after being honored with the Prog God Award at the Progressive Music Awards held in London the night before. Despite being unable to spend a longer time with this classic rock legend, he did have a lot to say by bestowing upon this reviewer his comments about progressive rock music to what fans can expect to see and/or hear during a live performance of Thick As A Brick and US's proposed plan to bomb Syria.

As this reviewer mentioned earlier, Ian Anderson is a pied piper especially when she saw him on stage performing Thick As A Brick 1 & 2. Here's what Ian sees himself as an "...old bloke having fun...", blogspot readers. Believe it or not, he's very conscious about his age if he feels the sands of time running through the hour glass. He told SouthSide that he's at "...the age where I have few uninterrupted moments..." like going fishing or spending time with his grandkids. And now, he's Prog God 2013. SouthSide asked him for his opinion why Jethro Tull had a lasting presence in the music industry to which Ian replied that he tried to define what progressive music was at the awards ceremony. " music is fun ...not serious..." according to Ian who finds this type of rock genre rather "...uplifting ...whether it was in 70s or today, progressive music can have a sense of humor..." He also noted that progressive rock musicians are not serious people before giving some important advice about performing on stage. "...we're not there to provide a service..." Ian stated, "'s important for artists to please themselves..." He wanted all to know "...I'm important ...I'm there to please myself ...not others..."

So what about those who don't get who or what Jethro Tull is all about? Well, Ian takes a different approach to that situation than most other musicians SouthSide has met over the years, blogspot readers. He doesn't want to be known as "...a pushy salesperson..." when it comes people not understanding the band and/or its music. "...there's plenty of good stuff out there..." said Ian. For him, it's all about the use of friendly persuasion in winning fans over. He recommends giving "...Jethro Tull a listen..." and if you don't like it, not to worry, blogspot readers, he won't be offended. "...I would not be remotely offended if you don't Jethro Tull..." before adding "...go check out Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd ...there's a lot of good music out there..." And speaking of Jethro Tull music, this reviewer wondered if there was a particular song or group of songs that would define what the band is about. Ian suggested listening to the Very Best of Jethro Tull saying this is "...why we do compilation albums..." even though "...not necessarily by favorite songs but songs that will define what Jethro Tull is to a newcomer..." He did tell her that the albums aren't put together by the record company but by him. Tull fans should be on the lookout in the next few years for an ultimate best of Jethro Tull album. SouthSide is looking forward to hearing which songs are chosen for this one.

When Ian Anderson and his band returns the Chicagoland area in October, they will be performing Thick As A Brick 1 & 2 in their entirety, blogspot readers, in which part 1 is about Gerald Bostock as a boy who's faced with the daunting decision to choose whether to be a poet or soldier meanwhile part 2 answers the question - what happened to Gerald now reaching adulthood. For those wondering what to expect when attending the Star Plaza Theatre performance, Ian said it will be a theatrical concert experience and hopes the audience will be entertained like SouthSide was when attending his Ravinia concert over the summer. From her experience, Ian will try to engage you to take the journey along with him through Gerald as a child and as an adult while performing songs like Tales of Your Life, Childhood Heroes, Power and Spirit/Give Till It Hurts and Kismet in Suburbia. "...if the audience enjoys it, then we did our job..." So what made Ian decide to perform both albums on stage? "...As you know it's a complex piece of music [and] can be a challenge to play for anyone..." he answered before adding "...I played it before back in the 70s but with no success..." Fast forward 40 years later, it was completing a bit of unfinished business and he wanted to perform both albums for the fans. However, don't expect a Thick As A Brick 3 album from him, blogspot readers. Ian told SouthSide that the next album is already written and is ready to record in December. "...Gerald Bostock had a hand with the lyrics..." but it's not about Gerald or Thick As A Brick type of album either since that would "...guessing into the future and about the subject of death..."

Sadly, blogspot readers, SouthSide's time with Ian Anderson was quickly winding down fast and she only had time for one last question for the musician. She asked him if he had any thoughts to share with his Tull fans before having to leave for his next interview. Ian shares plenty of words with his fans online through journals and social media "...sometimes I'm asked to quote something..." On the day of this interview, he shared a quote from JFK to equate why he does what he do "...we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other things ...not because they're easy but because they're hard..." He's not a musician because it's easy, blospot readers but because it's hard. And since there was a little time left, Ian did express his opinions about US plans for air strikes over Syria stating he's not a fan of going to war against this Middle Eastern nation. "...going to war without any support from other countries or NATO, it's on your head..." wondering where was "...US when Saddam Hussein did far worse than what's happening in Syria? Remember Truman when he bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki ...blood on his hands..." Ian's solution - "...we should be sending them food, prayers and humanitarian aid ...not Cruz missiles ...those are 'big boy' toys that should be left under the bed..." What a profound philosophical way to end an interview, blogspot readers.

SouthSide highly recommends heading to Merrillville, IN on Oct 20 to see Ian Anderson and this band performing Thick As A Brick 1 & 2 at the Star Plaza Theatre.  For more information, visit or for tickets.

Huge thanks to Ian Anderson for granting this Tull fan the interview opportunity and Anne Leighton of Leighton Media for setting it up.

Until next time, support your local scene,