Sunday, September 8, 2013

04 Sept 13 - MACHINA

Let's dance, blogspot readers! 

Come to a mid-week dance party with SouthSide put on your favorite shoes and dance the blues away!

Tonight, SouthSide continued her exploration into Chicago's dance scene and this time she's deep inside the underbelly of Metro - Smartbar. This underground venue is where you can go clubbing without leaving the Metro building after seeing a show (but you must be 21 and older). It's a very cool ...dark bar/nightclub that attracts up and coming to industry famous DJs. However tonight, Smarbar serves as the weekly hump day meeting place for MACHINA. A mini version of Nocturna (a 18 and older dance event that happens once a month on Saturday night) yet this event features alternative, industrial, goth, new wave, techno and punk music from 80s and 90s that many (like SouthSide) still enjoy dancing today. However unlike Nocturna,  MACHINA features a different DJ (or two) each week spinning your favorite songs and/or remixes until 4am ...oh before SouthSide forgets - it's FREE to enter. And since this was the first Wednesday of the month, DJ Scary Lady Sarah was at the DJ booth along with her special guests Jim Marcus (of Die Warzau) and Jason Novak (of Acucrack) - both  from bands performing at the upcoming Cold Waves II event at Metro.

When SouthSide arrived, Jim and Jason were already deep within their DJ set spinning exclusive Cold Waves II artist material and Wax Trax tracks as well as new and retro classics until Sarah took over again at midnight. Their two sets featured plenty of hard-hitting techno and bass-line electronic remixes (and more) that kept dancers on the floor demonstrating some of their best moves. And for a mid-week event, there was a good size crowd forming inside Smartbar, blogspot readers, having fun on and off the dance floor. Plus as an added bonus during tonight's MACHINA event, she was also raffling off two pairs of tickets to a lucky winner to attend Cold Waves II. Besides dancing under the dazzling lights, there was showing of random Aeon Flux episodes to help aid in the mood and atmosphere of MACHINA, blogspot readers. Yet, if dancing isn't your ideal fun, be seen at Smartbar! There are plenty of comfy seating along the bar and near the dance floor to do some serious people watching and/or enjoying a bar special with your firends. Some of tonight's MACHINA attendees came fashionably dressed in their "finest" industrial and/or goth attire ...or something in between - originality was the theme that ruled this club scene. You didn't have to dress to impress anyone except your own self, blogspot readers. 

From a selected set list (as requested by MACHINA fans or Sarah), dancers crowded the floor to songs like The Smiths "How Soon Is Now?" to Skinny Puppy "Smothered Love" and Malcolm McLaren "Buffalo Gals". Other featured artists during her sets also included Ministry,  The Clash, Bow Wow Wow, Joy Division, Love and Rockets, Ultravox, Soft Cell and many, many more! With a list like this, DJ Scary Lady Sarah keeps the floor alive and dancing by mixing it up so there's a little something for everyone to enjoy all night long. Despite spending most of her night observing the happening scene around, SouthSide promises that on her next visit to MACHINA she would be hitting the dance floor more and writing notes less, blogspot readers. 

Overall, blogspot readers, MACHINA is a happening scene in which SouthSide highly recommends checking out this Wednesday. It's a cool fix to get away from the mid-week doldrums before the weekend comes. 

Until next time, support your local scene,

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  1. Thank you for coming out to MACHINA and for the discerning review, SouthSide!!! We <3 you!!! :)


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