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One On One With Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide got banged!

Not that kind of "banged" get your heads out of the gutter! Nope, she was unofficially glitterized by the Dallas glam punk band, Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs before leaving town for their tour which will make a stop in Chicago on Oct 12 at Underground Lounge. Speaking with Scary Cherry herself and Minx the Jinx (not their real names), SouthSide got an in depth view about the band, the local scene in Dallas, giving "birth" to an album, pizza and SouthSide joining the band on stage - not in that particular order. It was a very, very interesting interview, blogspot readers...

Usually SouthSide's first interview question stumps people. Not this time, blogspot readers. Little did she know that Minx the Jinx was a psychic mind reader even over mobile phone when he already had the answer to her question. So, how would Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs describe themselves in five words or less? "This is glitter punk," says Minx with Scary mentally counting the words. "We try to take what we think is the best elements of 70s glitter rock and punk..." thus combining the two together. Scary added "'s raw performance and emotions of what women go through's happy, angry, dangerous, bitchy [especially] when on stage's organic ...honest and real..." The type of show SouthSide should expect from them when they're performing on stage. Minx jokingly commented "...that's how you can describe Scary Cherry at [band] rehearsal..." And the gloves are off!  However, SouthSide doesn't think Minx would stand a chance against Scary Cherry because she has experience as a roller derby girl, blgospot readers. She disclosed to this reviewer that the Scary Cherry persona was born out of that scene in which she did for 5 years. The first Scary Cherry song, Slaughter (now a roller derby anthem) is about not being afraid to show your emotions. "...very empowering..." says Scary. Oh yeah, blogspot readers, be on the look out for Minx the Jinx doing psychic readings and band demonology at the merch booth for a $5.

So what's in store for SouthSide when she attends her first Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs show?  "...expect the unexpected..." says Scary after telling this reviewer it's going to be wild and explosive meanwhile Minx chimed with "...we're about having a good time ...strap yourself in, we're coming for your children..." He's only joking, blogspot readers ...she thinks. Basically, a Scary Cherry show isn't for the weak. And if you're the shy type, the band stated you'll get over that quickly. There's even a bit of audience participation during their shows in which you might find yourself on stage performing with the band. "Our shows are mayhem ...nothing is planned like a circus..." SouthSide was told, " may get broken [but] we're not violent to others ...only to ourselves..." Oh be on the lookout for this reviewer to join Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs when they perform Cherry Bomb during their October 12 show at Underground Lounge. Yep, better film this for YouTube, blogspot readers! But, what is it about Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs that brings their Glitter Punks (i.e. fans of Scary Cherry) back for more, you might wonder, blogspot readers. Well, perhaps it might be the feeling they have experienced an exciting rock show or they get it after seeing this particular band live. "'s sort of a community ...we try to incorporate the crowd ...then they join out cult - Glitter Punks..." That's what the band hopes for after a show. No matter how near or far you may live, they like to keep in contact with you, blogspot readers. For Scary, this concept is more like having an extended family since she doesn't have one. " I try to treat everyone as family..." " we're learning more about Scary Cherry's maternal instincts..." comments Minx. While learning more about Scary Cherry, this reviewer was also told Minx has a great nose almost like Al Pacino's. How did Minx the Jinx get his name? He got the "minx" part from his mom and "the jinx" part - because he's known to break guitars to which he promises not to do during this tour, blogspot readers.

Recently. Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs debuted their LP simply titled Girl, blogspot readers and SouthSide wondered which songs should she listen to first. And this was the moment when this reviewer finally stumped Scary Cherry and Minx. "...that's a tough one ...depends on which mood you're in..." Scary answered but did suggest a few songs. For example, if you're happy, listen to Glitter a melancholy mood, try Cut Off Your Head (Scary Cherry's take on the 20s / Betty Boop) love, try Face - just to get your started. Both did agree on listening to the song Don't Wanna if you want to experience Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs on harmonies and rawness. Somewhat a dichotomy you might say but according to Scary, "...we're a walking dichotomy..." Minx the Jinx added that in his music life he has listened to all sort of crap yet he has an eclectic taste. "...proud to say we have a great sound ...glad [songs] are not the same..." Scary added "....have to write honest ...when writing the album ...OMG's like giving birth in a painful way..." to which she said it was "...a very scary painful process..." In the end, blogspot readers, Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs are proud of their "baby", the album. It even has Minx's nose as well as Scary Cherry's ten fingers and toes!  Now, if they could collaborate with anyone (living or dead ...mainstream or indie), the possibilities would be endless between Scary Cherry and Jinx the Minx, blogspot readers. For Scary Cherry, she would like to collaborate with  Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails), Iggy Pop and David Bowie ("...because he's god...) meanwhile Minx said Patti Smith ("...such a powerhouse on lyrics ...speak volumes..."), Florence (of Florence and the Machine) ...and the list could go on forever. " would be awesome to work with anyone..."

Before wrapping up this fun interview with Scary Cherry and Minx the Jinx, blogspot readers, SouthSide asked the duo what's the music scene like in their hometown of Dallas to which they said, "....[it's] awesome..." According to the band, they recommend SouthSide checking out the electro shock metal band, Razorblade Dolls and the punk rock band Ten Can Riot - just to name a couple good bands rockin' the Dallas local scene. "...we got punk, hard rock, electronic ...[the scene] is getting back to dangerous rock ...and the element of danger sticks within people's blood..." And this is the sort of perfect thing for a band like Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs. Scary Cherry was once told (by a fan) that midway through the show they want to "...beat the shit out of someone..." You see, blogspot readers, it's all about sex and violence when attending a Scary Cherry show. "...[then] you go home and finish yourself off..." Scary Cherry told SouthSide that the Dallas scene is really great "...pushing each other to be better..." but not in a competitive way, blogspot readers. What she meant is pushing the bar with each performance. Think of this as healthy competition. "...the bands are very supportive of each other..." before Minx added a special challenge to Razorblade Dolls, "...we're coming after you..." Bands like Razorblade Dolls and Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs need your support especially when touring. Scary Cherry are funding this tour themselves ...traveling 27 dates about 11,000 miles (give or take) yet they are excited about coming to Chicago since it's one of many places they haven't played before. And they can't wait to eat real Chicago deep dish pizza and (perhaps) ribs.  Oh yeah , if ordering a hot dog here - must remember do not ask for ketchup on it.

After finishing the Get Banged! tour (around mid-November), the band will try to push an EP by March or sometime during the beginning of spring 2014. There are other things in the works but sadly, they couldn't disclose what that might be because they didn't want to jinx it. However, Scary Cherry promised "...something will happen while on the road..." but they might have something special planned for Halloween a musical. In closing, blogspot readers, Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs would like to wish everyone "...peace on Earth and goodwill towards men..." Actually, they would like to encourage people to come out and meet them. They don't bite. SouthSide can't wait to meet Scary Cherry and the entire Bang Bangs when they arrive in Chicago next month.

Currently the band is out west and will be rockin' the stage at the legendary Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles soon! For more information and tour dates happening near you, visit and/or "like" them on Facebook.

SouthSide would like to thank Scary Cherry and Jinx the Minx for taking time out for this interview...

Until next time, support your local scene,

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