Thursday, February 28, 2013

One On One with Jim Rose Circus

Hey, blogspot readers, let's runaway and join the circus!
Though it's been SouthSide's lifelong dream to be part of the big top, she would like to caution you reader that this is NO ordinary circus with clowns and lion tamers. No ...the circus she's hinting at features skills of amazing (and sometimes) humanly impossible feats of magic and trickery that will either leave you astound or doubtful when it's over. Come meet, blogspot readers, sideshow performer, author, founder of Jim Rose Circus and weekly television show "Jim Rose Twisted Tour", Jim Rose himself who will be hosting the London Burlesque Festival, dubbed as "...the most prestigious festival of its kind..." happening May 16, 17, 18 & 19. X-Philes (fans of the Chris Carter series X-Files) will probably recognize his circus from the second season episode titled Humbug where he was featured as Dr. Blockhead (oh btw, Gillian Anderson actually did eat a live cricket as part of a dare during filming). Through the wonderful use of modern technology, SouthSide sent Jim a few inteview questions asking him why most of us are fascinated by the Cirque du Freak shows to if he's consider bringing his circus to American shore at a steampunk festival/show and much more.
SouthSide: Please describe the Jim Rose Circus performance in five (5) words or less. No penalties if it's more than five words.
Jim Rose: thrills chills and doctor bills
SouthSide: Care to explain why you chose those following words to describe your circus?
Jim Rose: You'll see the unexpected. A ticket's good for a seat but you'll only use the edge. It's over-the tope high-flying bone-jarring excitement. Not since Christians were fed to the lions has there been a show this hysterical.
SouthSide: Your resume includes performing at Lollapalooza of '92 and touring with Nine Inch Nails, have you considered traveling with another sideshow/freak troupe?
Jim Rose: [I] don't co-op anything..I rarely tour w/ bands and [I] am best known for starting my own circus called the Jim Rose Circus. That show has done 7 headlining world tours.
SouthSide: Briefly, share how the Jim Rose Circus got its start?
Jim Rose: I lived across the street from the fairgrounds and went to all the traditional circuses, monster truck shows, motorcycle daredevils, freak shows and legitimate theater that came to town. My first job was at the fairgrounds, doing odd jobs like going around selling soft drinks. I fetched soft drinks and cigarettes for the Lobster Boy, the Penguin Boy, the Frog Boy. I was doing that for awhile and then learned to do the human blockhead and learned how to be a motorcycle daredevil. That was my first real job, but I had a little motorcycle accident. I attempted to jump 27 cows and must have landed on some spent cud. I went a bit wobbly, I cleared the cows but still managed to crash. I hurt my back so that's why when I speak to you today I have the posture of a jumbo shrimp.

I kind of gave up on entertaining for a while: I attended the University of Arizona and studied political science, moved to Washington DC and dabbled in spoken word performances, played in punk bands and the like while working on fundraising events for social causes (as well as a stint in car sales). I used to perform at a place called D.C. Space that was back in the day of Henry Rollins and Fugazi, this was right about 1984-85. I was there when that happened, I didn't break because I was not very good at that time, I only got started.
At one of my shows I ran into a little French girl named Bebe who comes from a circus family in France. I began working with her family circus. She introduced me to the European tradition of circus spectacle, which inspired me to research it thoroughly. Her brother is the director of the Royal De Luxe, the largest circus in Europe; one sister and her German husband have the Randalini circus, and I used to travel with them, going around the Lake of Constance. So I learned a great deal about circus stuff and freak shows at that time, I didn't know too much about how to run a freak show. It was hard to find anything about it in the US because it had disappeared for about fifteen years. So I brought some of the American stunts over there and I picked up some Euro stunts, brought them back to the US. I then went to Venice beach where I worked as Jimmy the Geek Rubber Man, I got my presentation skills up doing seven shows a day, seven days a week as a street performer. That is how I made my money - fucking with tourists...

Then I started the Jim Rose Circus and reintroduced American audiences to freak-show attractions in Seattle and it seemed like likeminded monsters sat up in their crypts and started auditioning. Things went so well in Seattle that we went down to Portland,OR and that sold out, and soon we were asked to tour Canada. We became so well known in Canada that we started getting calls to do TV shows and then things exploded. It all happened in about a 6 month period.
SouthSide: So what were the "old fashion" methods you used to find your circus performers before the age of Facebook, Myspace, Craigslist, etc?
Jim Rose: There was a little click of people that were interested in it and there was no place really to perform this stuff. I would go around the clubs in Seattle and talk to the owners about it and they would look at me like I killed the Lindberg kid. I found this little Middle Eastern restaurant that was across the street from my housec alled Ali Baba's, which on Thursday nights they had belly dancers. So I talked to the owners Ali and Baba, whatever I don't remember their names, and I ended up doing a gig. I put up some posters and I thought that I would get about twenty of my friends; instead I got there two hours early and the place was packed with a line outside. Since everyone had gotten in early so they didn't have to pay, I had to start the show going around getting money from everyone. There was this group of people outside who refused to pay and pressed their faces against the window of the restaurant. I was just winging it at the time, didn't even know what my show was going to be since I thought no one was would show up; so I started the show off talking to those people staring through the window. In that melee of people were individuals like Kurt Cobain and a few other names that escape my mind, so I went outside with a plastic bat and told the people they had to pay a dollar or I would hit them over the head with the bat. The people on the inside who had already paid the 6 dollars to be inside got to watch. I turned the people outside INTO the show. Everyone inside was looking outside at me going around collecting those dollars, if they didn't have a dollar I would bop them on the head with the plastic bat. That is pretty much how the show got started, I got back in and did my shit, it was pretty punk. I guess that is why I get some kind of weird credibility, because before that show punk pretty much meant rock and roll, and I pretty much expanded it to include performance type art that wasn't musical.
SouthSide: Have you considered bringing your Circus to any of the steampunk/sideshow freak events on US shore this year?
Jim Rose: [I] love that movement and have been credited for helping to start it and would love too. I haven't been approached. It's a very youthful movement. I guess I've just run out of steam hahaha
SouthSide: I'm sure you have a "doubting Thomas" or two during your travels, how does one win over a non-believer with your feats of trickery and magic?
Jim Rose: life's too short for that energy.
SouthSide: Has there been one particular stunt that you have yet to attempt? Would you do it? Is there one you would never try because it might endanger your life?
Jim Rose: I'm seriously working on a way to put my foor in a running steam boat propeller without getting injured. If I can figure it out maybe I'll get a steam punk gig.
SouthSide: LOL. In your opinion, why is there such a human fascination and/or curiosity for sideshow or cirque de freak performances?
Jim Rose: we all have a pretty good understanding of the human body because we live in one. Any time we someone doing something that we can't it causes curiosity.
SouthSide: Care to share your thoughts about hosting the London Burlesque Festival this year?
Jim Rose: I'm honored. That festival has grown into the largest and most prestigious of its kind and being asked to host it is a real thrill. I can't wait.
SouthSide: Off the top of your head, could you share what you're most proud of?
Jim Rose: One day I had an epiphany "give punk a new tentacle it with sideshow ..the old ways weren't working for that genre anyways so force this stuff into rock clubs ...most of these stunts haven't been seen in 20 years ...there's a lost generation ...fuck it I'm going to try this ...sure beats a cubicle" decision I've ever made. Now there are 100s of troupes all over the world doing it ...every time I see new performers or shows I get a tingle ...half of them don't even know about my show ...that's cool too ...together we brough a slice of lost art back on our own youthful terms.
SouthSide: Any advice out there for anyone who's interested in venturing into this sort of lifestyle?
Jim Rose: be prepared to work harder than any real job and never lose sight of your love for the arts.
SouthSide: Any famous last words for the younger readers who might follow in your footsteps?
Jim Rose: Try to stay away from bear repellent.
SouthSide: Interesting...
For more infromation about Jim Rose Circus, visit his official site or you can find him on Facebook and YouTube. Also for more details about the London Burlesques Festival, go to
Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

March 2013

Hey, blogspot readers, are you feeling a little Irish yet?  Ready to "spring forward" with the Easter Bunny? Well, get ready because March is definitely roaring in like a lion for this busy reviewer with a month full of fun events and shows rockin' the local scene around town.
She highly recommends checking out the following dates listed below. Also there are special SXSW events happening in which this reviewer suggests checking out - The Audio Wall Invasion from March 11 to March 17 at Sixth Street. Plus JivedWire will have two featured (non-sactioned) SXSW FREE shows at the Rooftop on Sixth and 311 Club March 13.

Please, remember all events/shows are 21+ unless duly noted.

March 1:
High Noon Saloon (Madison, WI) - SouthSide hits the road! She will be doing her first (ever) On The Town review at this venue along with a bus load of fans to cheer Vintage Blue as the band competes for a spot at Summer Music Festival 2013!

Lilly's - it's Forbidden Knowledge with an after set following the show with special friends

Fizz Bar & Grill - Mayo The Guitarist will be performing at his Dance Guitar show

Ace Bar - Blue Eyed Jesus, Listen, Natalia, and Original Mechanical Mouse will be performing here

Bottom Lounge (upstairs in the Volcano Room) - it's NOCTRONICA, the all EBM, aggrotech, industrial party featuring resident DJ Scary Lady Sarah, C-LOS!, Jesse Restriction and Sarah B with special guest DJ Alpha-Omega (aka Jean Luc)
Sorry this is a 21+ event

Red Line Tap - Scony Mack featuring Dastardly Bastards, Crook County and the MMMs on stage

Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville) - We Killed The Lion headlines featuring Bullet Called Life Uh Huh Baby Yeah and Kazy
$6 adv / $10 door

March 2:
Quenchers - it's a rockin' send off party for The Future Laureates who have two Red Gorilla Fest shows during the week of SXSW in Austin, TX. This show will also have live performances by The Big Deep, River Rising and Kate Quimby

Township - Patrick Krief (of The Dears) will be performing along with Cobalt and The Hired Guns and Darling

Ace Bar - Digeometric will be rockin' the stage along with Apetrio and J.J. & Dre

Congress Theater - Major Lazer with Dragonette and other special guests will be appearing on stage for tickets

Double Door - Eat That Plastic, Red Jr, Platform 29 and High Street will be rockin' the stage
$8 adv / $10 door

Fuller's Pub - Mike Felten will be rockin' the stage

Ye Olde Town Inn (Mount Prospect, IL) - Calling Zion, Genus, and Apocrypha will be rockin' the stage

March 5:
LiveWire Lounge - Help say "Go Away, Cancer, No One Likes You!" featuring live music by Crusader, Mikey Classic & His Lonesome Spur, Voice of Addiction and Crosstown Collision. Doors will open at 7- for the Blackhawks v Wild game.
Show starts at 8p

March 6 - 10:
Logan Theater - it's the 20th Annual Chicago Underground Film Fest. for more details and ticket information

March 7:
SpyBar - SouthSide will be hitting the red carpet again for this Music Industry Workshop event as she attends the Official Ableton Live 9 & Push Launch Party

Reggies - Dot to Dot Management presents Gifts from Enola, The End of the Ocean and Sioum to the stage

March 8:
The Gallery Cabaret - it's the Flabby Hoffman Trio Paints The Town show

Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville location) - it's a 90s Tribute show featuring Our Name Is Jonas (Weezer) performing the blue album along with Kid A (Radiohead) and Don't Speak (No Doubt)

Congress Theater - React presents Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus to the stage
Get tickets at

NEO - it's TRANSMISSION Friday featuring synth, post punk, industrial, disco noir and more music

Stonefly (Milwaukee, WI) - check out Esh the Singer as she performs at the "Looking Back, Moving Forward" show

Bells Brewery - The Twin Cats will be scratching as well as rockin' the stage

Chris' Northland Tavern & Grill - a monthly evening meeting where you can glow and shine at SHIMMER featuring the best of Shoegaze and Dreampop with DJ Scary Lady Sarah and Philly Peroxide
$2 before 10p / $5

Touche - Riot Bear Productions presents: Get A Little Irish In You featuring Germ T Ripper spinning pre-punk to post hardcore Oi to powerpop and more. Plus there will be a raffle benefitting K 9 4 Keeps, a non-profit organization that helps dogs find their forever homes.

March 9 - 17:
Navy Pier - It's the annual Chicago Flower & Garden show and " the Art of Gardening by fertilizing your mind..."
All-Ages for more details

March 9:
House of Blues (Chicago) - House of Blues and React team up to bring one of the wildest electronic acts to the stage - the Israeli duo Infected Mushroom!

Abbey Pub - The Heard headlines a Summer Camp Musical Festival tour event

Cobra Lounge - KOMMANDANT with special guests Against The Plagues, Wormreich, and Atrum Inritus will be rockin' the stage

Fitz's Spare Keys - it's St Patrick's Day Parade after party featuring Too White Crew

J.J. Kelley's (Lansing, IL) - Denial Machine will be rockin' here

The Savemore Lounge - check out The Fed Up with Winter and Food Donation for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. It's a FREE event but do bring a canned food donation while enjoying music by Moddy Zuma, Bremer & The No Goods and Crazee Heart

Lincoln Tap - Taboo Tabu and The Alley Chicago presents Cirque de la Femme Peep show / Freak show featuring Hannah and David from "Movements of Magic", Dollface, Feli Fury and Shana Von Gabor along with returning guest Shannara Bathery.
Hosted by Jenna Dalgety
DJ - Peter Propaganda

March 10:
In US - spring ahead your clocks ONE hour

Reggies - Wrecking Ball Productions presents a punk show featuring Doghouse Swine, The Tromatons, Cenobites and Deyv Dee

Double Door - it's a Brit (Tribute) Invasion featuring Deep Purple, Cream, Robin Trowers and Pink Floyd!

Q Bar & Grill - it's a REBELMANN jam session

March 11:
Uncommon Ground (Devon location) - whitewolfsonicprincess headlines featuring The Slowbots
reserve a table for the show at 773 465 9801

March 13:
Old Town Music of Folk Music (at Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall) - The Creole Choir of Cuba will be performing

March 15 & 16:
House of Blues (Chicago) - It's a double pre-St Paddy's shot of Gaelic Storm during their Above The Roses tour!
March 15:
Double Door - Black Bridge will be rockin' the stage along with Goodbye Good Sense, Halfmoon Mad, Eleven Dollar Bills and Girls On Bicycles
$10 - $12

The Mid - the legendary Kevin Saunderson along with Magda and rising stars Dusky take over MAYHEM featuring also the regular MID Friday night resident DJ Zebo
FREE with rsvp at

WLUW (88.7 FM) - at 2p, Nate Zaremba of Jack Rabbit will be on air

The Spot (on Broadway - Bradley, IL) - Digeometric, The Schiavos and Todd Hazelrigg will be performing here

Arcada Theatre (St. Charles, IL) - Sons of Cream will be performing featuring Kofi Baker, Malcolm Bruce and Godfrey Townsend

Three One One - it's Rogue, An Electroswing Cabaret event. Experience an electroswing cabaret like no other featuring electroswing  and Frenchy House by DJs Vourteque and Mr. Automatic with live music by The Ford Theatre Reunion (Lexington, KY) and Environmental Encroachment, live sideshow performances by The Squidling Brothers (Philadelphia, PA) and Pain Solutions (Oslo, Norway), Burlesque, Fire and Dancing by Adela Arson and Lady Lenux. There's a hosted bar featuring cocktails from Grey Goose Vodka (from 9:30p - 10:30p) with guest cocktail artisan and bartender - Chris Heilgeist. Also complimentary massages by French Angels
$10 adv / $15 with password at door / $20 without password
for door location and password -

Goose Island Wrigleyville - 72 Hrs returns to the stage with John Burrows Project and Jet Black Comedy

March 16:
Congress Theater - React and Silver Wrapper welcomes 1320 Records owners Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) to the stage!

Ace Bar - The Buddies will be rockin' the stage. SouthSide highly recommends checking out videos "All The Beer Is Gone" (her favorite song) and "A Lifetime At Best" on their YouTube page.

Cobra Lounge - The Pietasters, The Crombies, The Vallures and On Your Marx will be rockin' the stage

End Zone Tap - The Schiavos will be rockin' the stage at this FREE show

Red Line Tap - TVR Universal Artists welcome A Memory Down and Screaming For Silence with Another Black Hour and Ament
$5 adv / $7 door

Empty Bottle - The Socialists will be taking family fun to new heights during this all-ages show

Underground Lounge - it's Lair's QFA (Queer Fest America) Birthday Showcase featuring comedians Marcos, Kate Cullan, Darren Marshall and Thomas Bottoms and music with an aftershoz from Tony Jones, Evil Twin Sister, The Katie Hibben Band, Evil Twin and Count Rugen. Come wish hin a "Happy Birthdaze" as well as donate so QFA can keep bringing you everything queer.

March 17:
Double Door - spend your St Paddy's Day at this annual show with The Beer Nuts

March 18:
Double Door - Local Motive will be rockin' the stage with their bluesy rock-n-soul sounds

March 20:
It's the first day of spring!

Double Door - it's a post SXSW/Music Industry showcase featuring Super Happy Fun Club, The Secret State (Baltimore, MA), The Ivorys and Mighty Fox with DJ Miranda Wright

March 22:
Beat Kitchen - Mason's Case kicks off its Cut Our Loses tour featuring A Friend Called Fire, Bambi Raptor and Michael Chorvat

SubT - Shoeshine Boy Production presents Women Who Rock Chicago featuring four of the HOTTEST female-fronted bands - Jess Godwin, Janelle Kroll, Diana Lawrence (with Joe Chellman) and Lady Laura
$10 adv / $12 at door

March 23:
Double Door - Camera's The Panic & The Permanence LP release show featuring Golden State, Cassettes On Tape and Audiences
$10 door / $8 pre-sale

Tiger O'Stylies (Berwyn, IL) - Hot Lips Messiah, Mandatory Abortions, Lunatic Click and AggroControl will be rockin' the stage

March 27:
Tonic Room - React and Silver Wrapper welcomes Lucy Rose featuring local artists Jennifer Hall and Anna Soltys to the stage

March 29:
Metro - The Future Laureates return to the local stage by headlining this show!

Mackey's Hideout - Check out Dead Larry and Digeometric on stage.

March 30:
Bottom Lounge - DVS* with Basic Physics and Kobrakai will be performing here

March 31:
Easter Sunday

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, February 22, 2013

16 Feb 13 - A Birdsong Valentine


"...I love the sound of my voice..." ~ Brian Bender of ABV during sound check

Warning ...warning ...danger ...danger, Will Robinson! They are back!

Who's back, blogspot readers? The wild, gut-bustin', belly achin' screamin', heavy-hittin' rock sound of A Birdsong Valentine! Yes, ABV fans, the boys are back in town after a long absence from Chicago's local music scene ...and this time Brian and the band are taking NO prisoners either. Believe it or not, it has been nearly 5 years since these party dudes have been on stage performing together yet this time SouthSide won't be in any danger of flying wireless guitar packs. The faces are still the same featuring Chris "Masta" Shen on bass and backing vocals, Oscar Diaz on guitar and backing vocals, Jay of The Branded rockin' on the drums and of course, the mouth screamin' the lyrics Brian commanding the microphone. This was a reunion shows, blogspot readers, to rival all reunion shows as it was held at a packed basement lounge of Elbo Room where long-time (and few newbies) ABV fans were ready to rock out with their favorite band. Moments before the show, SouthSide was lucky enough to snag another exclusive interview with front man, Brian to gain some insight on what brought the guys back and what's on the agenda for ABV in the future.

" love me ...I guess it's the smile..." ~ Brian after another fan says "hi" to him


After repeatedly spelling his name, SouthSide asked ABV's charismatic vocalist to describe the "new" A Birdsong Valentine compared to what it was years ago to he answered "...rejuvenated party dudes to destroy..." and then adding "...we're going to destroy the stage and Jesse [Elbo Room's bartender/venue's heavy metal decorator] will have to build a new stage..." This reviewer heard the whispered rumors that the band was working on or might be working on a reunion show but she did ask Brian what was the real story about their decision to return to the music scene. According to Brian, the guys were having dinner and drinks at Lockdown Bar (located near Thomas and Western) when Lockdown's owner - PJ "Gunshow" Zonis commented to the guys particurally Brian that his "...cover band was nice but it's no ABV..." And that, blogspot readers, got the wheels rolling for ABV however there's a bit of a problem. After calling Adam Powers, Elbo Room's talent buyer, to book the show, Brian and the band had a week to promote it. So, what's a band to do when you don't have Facebook and most people are using it these days for everything? Well, they did the next best thing - the old fashion way. ABV called, texted, tweeted, emailed, etc everyone they knew about the reunion show. Funny thing is A Birdsong Valentine has about 40 friends on Facebook yet has plenty on Myspace (remember that site, blogspot readers?) they used their Linkedin to promote the show. Brian mentioned it's nice because "...[we're] playing rejuvenated songs written 5 years ago ...and [many] are not recorded ...also we had to look at old videos too..." to prepare for tonight's show.


Though fearing only 3 people would show up, to SouthSide Brian optimistic as he glanced at the door sheet noticing how many had arrived for ABV's set thus far. Still, according to Brian, nothing about the band has changed except drummer Jay from The Branded is now with them. And true to ABV style, Brian already had pissed off Elbo Room management for bringing their own drum kit when the venue supplies a kit for bands to perform on during their sets. " has the original ABV logo and drum head..." says Brian. Then, this reviewer asked what could fans expect from A Birdsong Valentine after tonight's show to which he said "...might be doing more shows ...might be recording new songs [like the one Oscar recently wrote] ...might even work on [building their] Facebook fanbase..." He also disclosed to SouthSide that he has found out some people are "sweatin" to ABV oldies (for exampple, the song Sink or Swim) to lose weight. All this done by word of mouth, blogspot readers, to come see their show since he doesn't work at Elbo Room anymore that Brian remarked "'s refreshing to everyone again..." plus he added "...I can still hit the notes 4 years later..." while saying he won't be on guitar just vocals. To those fans who missed out on tonight's show, here's what Brian had to say " snooze you lose ...and you can take that to the bank..." Oh yeah, one more thing, "...I am woman and hear me roar..." Now, it was time to go downstairs and rock out the show with A Birdsong Valentine, blogspot readers.

"'re the only band I would sleep..." ~ an ABV fan to Brian


"...I'll replace the mic stand..." ~ Brian to Dave Cook, Elbo Room owner

Down there, it was a local star-studded event of other bands like Lucid Ground, We Kill The Lion, Black Bridge, Mason's Case and A Friend Called Fire, lending their support to the headliner, A Birdsong Valentine, along with the many ABV diehards packed in the basement lounge. After a tearful welcome and warming up the ears with a blood-rushing crescendo of hard-hitting guitar riffs and clashing percussions, ABV was back, blogspot readers, and ready to get down to the business of rockin' out this eagerly excited crowd as they opened with Who Lie. And POW! Here's where Brian's ultra cool vocals on the lyrics meets the pent up rage of his gut-busting screamin' that instantly drives the fans wild head banging action. SouthSide hopes the band realized at this moment how much we missed hearing the belly aching screamo amidst the highly intense guitar riffs and drum rhythms while many joined in singing along with the band before moving quickly into one of SouthSide's favorite song, Sink Or Swim - another intense moment where Brian shows off more emotional gut-busting screaming (with some bird calls during the instrumental bridge).  It was truly refreshing to hear those and other ABV songs like Mamma, RIP with You and I Am again rockin' the stage and re-igniting fun memories about this band. This reunion show also featured Lockdown's owner, PJ Zonis performing with the band during Kill Ur Idol where the band grabbed their fans by the balls with lots of screaming and gritty guitar riffs. Fans throughout the show were either singing or head banging to each song soaking up every intense second until the very end ...and still wanting  more after rockin' them with The End. Before officially ending their reunion show, ABV gave them a rockin' version of Shinobi Dragon Ninja, blogspot readers. Overall, it was a hot show seen and reviewed of this local band. Not only were they a rejuvenated rock band but they definitely left their fans wanting more. Hopefully, we'll see more of them throughout 2013 around town.


For more information about A Birdsong Valentine, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

15 Feb 13 - Mister 312

"...come in tight ...leave alright..." ~ Karen, Mister 312's massage therapist


Hey, male blogspot readers, SouthSide has found a place specifically tailored for you! This place features the upscale atmosphere of beauty salon within walking distance from your office (if located Downtown Chicago) but without the upscale attitude or price. She highly recommends exploring all the comforts and luxuries offered at Mister 312, "...Chicago's premier barber, beauty, spa..." just for men, during your lunch or after work hours where you can get a "The Michigan Avenue" service - $52 (it includes Shampoo/Condition, Hot Towel, Scalp Massage, Haircut/Style, Paraffin Treatment and Beverage) or "The Rush Street" - $47 (it includes Mister 312's no frills basic Shampoo/Condition, Haircut and Style to keep you on your busy schedule). Plus for young gents ages 13 - 17, Mister 312 offers same service as "The Rush Street" called "The Hancock" for a slightly lower price of $40 ...something to think about when prom season comes around.

Stephen Charles-Kendall with Serena Patrick

This unique place has it all! Besides being a full-scale hair salon, it also features a hot towel shaves (inside a relaxation-type room) to manicures, pedicures, facials and body waxing as well as massage therapy under one roof. And for those celebrity clients who want to be undisturbed while at Mister 312, they offer the same services inside both of their VIP rooms. What truly makes this place totally cool, gents - each oversize Porsche chair (and yes, SouthSide did say "Porsche" leather designed chairs) comes with its own mini TV at each salon station! That's including the VIP rooms too. So you can watch the game and/or check out the latest stock market report while getting expertly groomed by your barber/stylist. With Mister 312, this reviewer, while attending it's Friday night taste party, was told "'s all about personal service...". Yet, it's not only about taking care of your outward appearance, men. Mister 312 also would like to help you take care of the inside as well with personal training with Serena Patrick (of NBCs Chicago Fire). Serena also played hostess during the event by serving a fantastic lemonade-champagne mimosa mix and Basil Chicken Salad - they were to die for as well as a yummy assorted arrange of fresh fruit with chocolate drizzle.

"...your style IS our expertise..." ~ Mister 312's website

Nora (on the left), Master Sylist and Mr 312's Owner

During this event, gents, a couple of men were enjoying some of the services (for free) that Mister 312 has to offer. SouthSide met Stephen Charles-Kendall of Premier Working Capital Inc who was getting another haircut to which the stylist did a fantastic job of correcting a prior mistake. He was handsomely styled and readied  for any weekend activities he had planned. Another also enjoyed his haircut and though he stated that he didn't have plans for the weekend, this reviewer is probably certain his wife loved the hair grooming he received that night. Then there was Octavio Lopez of Video Productions/Digital Designs partook in the massage therapy by Karen in one of the back massage rooms. SouthSide got an opportunity to chat with this massage therapist before the tasting was over. She asked Karen how she tailors the massages for Mister 312's client to which she replied "...[it] depends on what the client needs and condition's customized to the customer's particular preference..." SouthSide then asked her how does she focus on client's needs. "...I try to keep myself centered..." By doing this, gents, she's prepared to listen with her ears and hands to what you and your body needs during the massage therapy. "...massages kinda set the balance from the imbalance..." she stated to this reviewer. And though it might be a male salon, SouthSide will be returning to try out one of Karen's Swedish massages.


Overall, male blogspot readers, SouthSide found this upscale salon to be more relaxing and friendlier compared to other places she has been and tried. The staff, Serena, senor hosts and stylists present for this particular event, always had a smile on their faces and were ready to assist in anything possible that this reviewer and others needed. This reviewer is definitely bringing her world traveling guy (and other male friends) to Mister 312 as soon as he's able to visit Chicago again.

For more information about Mister 312 and its services including memberships as well as taking a virtual web tour, visit You can even find and "like" Mister 312 on Facebook or follow them for upcoming events like this tasting SouthSide attended on Twitter.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

One On One with Gemini Syndrome

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide with another exclusive one on one feature with a hot band from Los Angeles currently touring with Mushroomhead! Since being unable to personally review and interview members of the band when they performed at Mojoes recently, this reviewer via email sent her interview questions which were answered by Brian Steele Medina - drummer of Gemini Syndrome. She would like to thank Brian for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer them and their management for setting this up.

SouthSide: Describe Gemini Syndrome's music in five (5) words or less and please explain why you chose those following words to describe your music.

Brian: Illuminating - Heavy - Intense - Melodic - Introspective. Illuminating: Music has the power to awaken us all from with in. Using this as a tool, sonically and lyrically, we try to bring light to ideas that may be in the dark, and focus to things that may not be very clear. Heavy: Sonically, and lyrically, our music channels a depth of emotion and understanding. Intense: Pushing our selves to extremes. Pleasure - Pain… It's how we know we are alive. In our music we create highs, lows, and in-betweens to sonically show the spectrum of life. Melodic: In all music there must be great melody and we keep this in perspective in everything we write. The melody or dissonance of a song is parallel to the harmony or disharmony of existence. Introspective: The finding, is always in the seeking. Our music is easily understood on the surface but also contains depth. The byproduct of this union is the ability to look deeper and come to realizations that wouldn't be possible on just the surface level.

SouthSide: What would you say influences the band's music and/or songwriting style?

Brian: Art inspires life, and life inspires art. Music, art, life experiences all inspire our creative process.

SouthSide: In your opinion, whom would you compare the band to and why?

Brian: We wouldn't really compare Gemini Syndrome to any specific band. Rather we'd compare it to the musical movements of the 90's and early 2000's. There was a diverse selection of sounds with a subtle, underlying themes that bound the bands together. We have taken our appreciation for these movements and the previous influences of these movements and made an effort to evolve from them.

SouthSide: Besides your current release, Pain and Pleasure, which other song(s) would Gemini Syndrome recommend listening? And why?

Brian: Every one of our songs fits a different emotion, so it's hard to say, but we have always gotten great feedback from the songs "Basement", "Resurrection", and "Take This". These songs just seem to resonate with listeners in a way that is unexplainable.

SouthSide: If given the opportunity, which artist (living or dead) would Gemini Syndrome like to collaborate or cover. Why this particular person or band?

Brian: It's hard to answer a question like this with various members having such varying musical interests and tastes. It seems a better fit to let time progress and see what opportunities become available and seize the moment with an influential collaborator than to pigeon hole and limit to just one collaboration.

SouthSide: Currently touring with Mushroomhead, is there a band or artist Gemini Syndrome would like to share the bill with and why?

Brian: Gemini Syndrome would be very pleased to share the stage with label mates Deftones and our friends Five Finger Death Punch.

SouthSide: Does the band have any plans of performing at any music fests like SXSW or something more local during 2013?

Brian: We are currently confirmed for Rock on the Range and Welcome to Rockville. We are in the process of confirming other festivals and will be sure to inform everyone as the details come along.

SouthSide: What's the one thing do you attribute your fans coming back for more Gemini Syndrome?

Brian: Synners (our fans) come back for Gemini Syndrome because our energy asks them to. We welcome them and appreciate their belief in us and always hope to give to them as much as they give to us. This unspoken understanding is what draws not only them to us, but us to them.

SouthSide: I'm curious about what the local scene is like in Hollywood, CA. How would you describe the music that's rockin' the stages? Which genre; is mostly grabbing the music fans attention these days?

Brian: The Los Angeles music scene has always been a melting pot of talent from all over the country and the world. There is definitely an inertia that is constantly pushing. The bands there are all diverse and cooperative with each other. The sounds are varied but cohesive with one another.The energetic and accessible sounds always grab fan attention.

SouthSide: Within the band community, is there strong support and involvement with each other?

Brian: There is definitely a scene living in Los Angeles. There is a community of bands that support each other on and off stage.

SouthSide: Is there any particular band SouthSide should be made aware of?

Brian: There is a long list of bands that we've played with in LA and support. Currently the most active bands are: Thrown Into Exile (, All Hail The Yeti (, Butcher Babies (, 9 Electric (, Before The Mourning (, and Consume The Fire (

SouthSide: Any last words, advice, shameless plugs that Gemini Syndrome would like to leave with the readers of this blog?

Brian: There should be no shame for anything you whole heartedly endorse. Take what you appreciate and put it on a pedestal. Remove yourself from any quicksand of negativity that keeps you in place. Always move forward and be the best you can be to yourself and others.

SouthSide highly suggests checking out Gemini Syndrome's current single, "Pain and Pleasure" on the band's YouTube website and the song also is free to download at The band will be rockin' out Scout Bar (located in Houston, TX) tonight and then it's off to Trees (located in Dallas) on Sunday. For the full tour schedule and where they will be rockin' at a venue near you, visit their official website or go to and click on Tour Dates.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, February 15, 2013

One One One with Jason Magicks

Jason Magicks

He's mysterious like the haunting whisper of the wind softly blowing against your ear while excitedly pumping an eclectic rhythmic sounds of hip hop, percussions and more amongst his church followers at his "magick" shows. Hey, blogspot readers, come meet the man and artist behind the persona Magicks - Jason Magicks. Recently, SouthSide was lucky enough to be granted intimate access with this local artist behind the sacred counter of Record Breakers (located upstairs inside Reggie's Music Joint) where she learned more about what's it like being dubbed the High Minister of the Church of What's Happening Now, his appreciation for The Beatles and role model - his father, what turns on the "magick" within his music and much more. Be prepared to be dazzled and amazed by his slight of trickery as this reviewer opens you to his world of Magicks.

After being honored with the privilege of sitting behind the sacred counter of Record Breakers, SouthSide opened by asking Jason to describe himself in five words or less to which she not stumped him but he had to sit and write the words down to envision as he sees himself. In the end, he chose the following words, blogspot readers: "...imbalanced ...obsessed ...passionate ...out-spoken ...reclusive..."  Now, you may be wondering why Jason would use such words to describe himself. "...I don't [like] dealing with people who aren't passionate [especially] the more time I spend with them..." also adding "...I'm learning more about myself..." He stated that his songwriting process helps him thing about his experiences to which he draws from them and it's a well-thought out process as he puts together an album. "...all songs are personal..." to him, blogspot readers, so don't expect him to do a rush job by slapping together songs or tracks. Each song/track, according this artist, has a special meaning that connects him to the sender of the music that he bestows to his followers. When asking him about being the High Minister of the Church of What's Happening Now, Jason gave credit to the publicist in New York for writing his Magicks bio and it seems that gospel of Magick has been spreading because he has seen his symbols at other venues and place around town. According to the artist, "'s a strange scene..." now that he's witnessing the revival of the underground "cult fever" and its presence is even making waves within the pop/rock scene too. And Chicago isn't immune from this "fever" either, blogspot readers. Jason feels he has started the return of the goth scene but not to its original dark and dreary scene that SouthSide grew up to back in the 80s. This goth revival "'s more spiritual now than before..." says Jason, "...people are looking for something to connect..." Believe it or not, this is not only effecting the music but the fashion as well to where the original goth fashion is toned down and brought out of its dark moodiness for a bit of color.

So how does one who's the High Minister of the Church of What's Happening Now gain new followers to join his "magick" movement? Well, don't this minister to use the usually tactics of handing out flyers or posting posters around town, blogspot readers. No ...Jason goes for the unusual route with offbeat marking techniques to attract the curiosity in people to come talk to him. For example, he walked around Pitchfork carrying a box that read "Free Kittens" which seemed to work because people were curious and approached him about the "free kittens" to end up learning more about him, his music and upcoming shows. "...personally I would like to say my music is good [but] rather would do something different..." to attract people to me also adding "...most [people] are desensitized to that [ie posters and flyers] ...I watch what people are doing to know what not to do ...there are other options out there ...ways of getting people to come to your shows..."  Jason likes it better when curious people come talk to him instead of him going to them. Now, blogspot readers, SouthSide would like to add a special interesting note about this interview. Throughout the time she was chatting with Jason Magicks, the phone keep ringing in between questions and or anwers of people callling for food orders. There were some hungry people out there not wanting to venture outside on the slippery pavement that Jason suggested Reggie's start delivering but with sexy barechested delivery guys. What a way to not only spice up food revenues but an "out of the box" type of venue promotion as well.


So what makes Magicks music pop? You need to check out Jason influences, blogspot readers, from where he draws some magickal inspiration like Nine Inch Nails (his favorite group), My Bloody Valentine (for the band's sound texture and influence) and 90s Hip Hop as well as other rhythms and percussions. Yet, he also an eclectic and appreciation for other genres and music groups for example like TLC that he will listen to  for a couple of hours if writing a track with some 90s rhythms in it. His appreciation for The Beatles stems from his father because, according to Jason, it's his dad's favorite band and he (Jason) likes their pop structure. SouthSide and Jason spent a good deal of time appreciating how The Beatles created a wide range of music that may have seemed meshed together or incohesive but magically made it sound very listenable especially when they got very psychedelic. That's when music changed and music history was made because it laid the ground work for other bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and others after them to start experimenting with sounds, texture and rhythms. SouthSide then asked him what he has heard from others about his music and he replied stating some have compared him to MGMT while others have found him to be Animal Collective-ish (from their early years when the music was a little "weird" and sounds were slapped together) sometimes. And sometimes he has fooled people into thinking it's his music playing when they enter Record Breakers. Sadly, it's not but for the moment, he'll take the credit. Jason does have a goal in which he shares with every local/indie artist - to make money with his Magicks persona. He can see himself on the Billboard Top 40 making revenue but still remain independent. "...there are ways of marketing yourself compared to how it was done 10 to 20 years ago ...[you have] YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, etc can connect with others around the world..."

But there's one personal reason why Jason wants to make a profit off his persona, blgospot readers. He wants to buy his father a house. This artist shared how his father raised him and his two brothers on his own after the death of his mother teaching his sons important values like being self-reliant. "...he's a really good father ...learned a lot from him..." that Jason now see how he was raised has an impact on him and would like to pay him back for all that his father did for him. Recently, this artist began looking into and researching information about licensing and ASCAP (which he never thought of doing before) while mentioning that (record) labels are also learning and researching more about indie/local music and how to tap into the indie music market. Plus he noted that independent artists are learning how to take more creative and originiality control of their music when under a label. Jason did mention to SouthSide that his next album will be centered around nature yet cautioned it would be for people ...but centered on the theme of oneness to whatever we believe in or connect to. "...I believe there are energies ...forces that drive and inspire us..." stating that he's simply the receiver of the message coming from something around him. He said "...imagine a star busting in the key of G or F millions of years ago..." and it's brought to life today, blogspot readers. Perhaps (and it could be a possiblity) that Bach's compositions were thought of and/or written by someone else a thousand of years ago. "...can't say you created the melody when it was probably created or heard before you penned it to paper..." to paraphrase Jason. In the meantime, Jason highly suggests listening to his current release Solstice Lullaby, a follow up to his Equinox but he may or not do tracks about the summer solstice and spring equinox since he's not really into doing what's typical.

Like all good things, the interview had to come an end, blogspot readers, but not before leaving SouthSide with his final thoughts: "...I thought I could do this entitrely on my own ...I can't ...I need people to want it as much as I do could be as small as sharing [my] music with your friends ...expose it if you like only takes three seconds to share on Facebook..." He's not asking for donations since he knows everyone is broke but all he's asking for is a little love for his magick music. Also, Jason would like to add that he has started a live video series where he has bands performing behind the Record Breakers counter. You can find the action and fun here at
For more information about this artist, visit Magicks at or

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

05 Feb 13


Hey, blogspot readers, come walk the red carpet with the rock star of the local scene! Besides rockin' the carpet, SouthSide's networking and mingling with other Chicagoan industry and professionals at this extra special event held inside the legendary Alhambra Palace Restaurant (located within the heart of the West Loop neighborhood).  It was an honor to be standing in the same room with professionals from the fashion, TV, film, music, dance, sports et al industry while attending the Pre-Grammy Awards Music Entertainment Networking  party sponsored in part by Germaine Moody Events. The fabulous ...glitzy event brought out many to interact, connect and re-connect as well as get acquainted with new faces. Usually this type of event is reserved for those in Beverly Hills, CA however the wonderful people at Germaine Moody decided to bring the all of fun, glamour and featured local music talent to Chicago.

Robbie Gold performing

SouthSide had a fun time mingling and meeting others in the local music industry like Lo Rene of D Vision II  Entertainment and Oscar Warren, Jr. (talk show host, music teacher, singer/songwriter) of D'Luvv Records who was promoting another artist, Loretta Lee, and her Billie Holiday show. This reviewer hopes to interview as well as review this artist soon for a future On The Town feature. During the height of the event, SouthSide was able to snag an exclusive with the teen band, RebelMann who won the Chicago Music Award in 2012 and also recently performed at Rock-n-Roll Fantasy Camp Las Vegas in October. The band, brothers Clayton (front man on vocals), Johnathon (guitar/back vocals) and Bryce (drums/back vocals) along with their mom and manager, Julie, were excited and quite humbled to be nominated again in 2013 stating " felt really good..." How they got to be at Rock-N-Roll Fantasy Camp was a stroke of luck, blogspot readers. They had nearly completed a tight 9 show (amazingly within 4 days) in Nashville when a represent of R-n-R Fantasy Camp asked mom if they would like to be a part of the weekend adventure. To hear it from the young lads of RebelMann, they were still excited about staying at the fab MGM Grand Hotel by saying " was mindblowing..." to this reviewer. They loved the buffet and met rock legends like Rudy Sarzo (whom SouthSide hears is teaching Miles Schuman who wants to join the band as their bassist), Gene Simmons (who according to RebelMann was blown away by the talented young group), David Fishoff (who highly endorses them) and many others.


The biggest honor for this band came when they were invited to open at the legendary Whiskey A Go Go for LA Guns and was asked to return on New Year's Eve to open for the same band again. According to mom, Julie, "...[it seems] I've birthed a band..." yet did add "'s crazy..." since she's learning firsthand with some back up support from friend Rudy Sarzo and Bruce Kulick (of Grand Funk Railroad) what really does into making a band successful especially in today's social media universe. She's learning how to handle web design to legality issue while being grateful for having such support. SouthSide asked the guys where would they like to perform next to broaden their fanbase. They said they would like to play at Metro, Taste of Chicago and of course the big dance - Lollapalooza as well as the neighborhood festivals like North Halsted Market Days ...anywhere they could be heard as a band.  "...any gig is a good gig..." says RebelMann after describing their shows to this reviewer as "...powerful loud exhilerating entertaining and engaging..." For now, the band is focused working on a debut album that will feature 5 to 6 of the band's best songs after deciding which ones to record out of 12 to 13 songs. SouthSide is looking forward to seeing the lads rock the stage soon at an all-ages event (hopefully) at Metro or Reggie's Rock Club sometime soon but in the meanwhile, she urges blogspot readers to get acquainted with this rising teen rock band by visiting them at


After the exclusive interview, SouthSide also checked some of the local talent featured for the night's festivities and highly suggests checking out the upbeat rhtyhmic, alternative/pop rock (and sometimes soulful R&B) music style of Robbie Gold, blogspot readers. This trio really impressed not only this reviewer with their lively smooth sound but also the Pre-Grammy attendees to which they enjoyed the energy and momentum felt throughout the band's performance. After opening with an R Kelly cover (that featured strong vocal falsettos), Robbie and the band quiekly moved into the title track off his current release - Impact where they totally spiced up the stage with more intense momentum and heartfelt emotions heard during this touching song. Though missing rest of their first performance while interviewing RebelMann, SouthSide didn't have to wait long to catch Robbie's solid second performance which included hot R&B covers of Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On (boy, was that cover ever SO hot and steamy as well as sexually sizzling on stage) with bits of The Temptations' My Girl tossed in the mix and Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are to which this reviewer enjoyed this artist's version instead of the original since Robbie took the words and meaning to heart by personalizing the entire song to fit his music and vocal style. Then he truly brought down the house when he sololy performed Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror where he turned the pop hit into something more meaningful besides personal to him for the audience before moving into another song, Over Complicated, also off the Impact CD with the other members of the band. SouthSide really enjoyed the energy and pop felt within Robbie's alternative/rock sound. It had a vibrant as well as lively beat to keep you dancing and grooving to the rhythmic music.  To hear more by this artist, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, February 4, 2013

31 Jan 13 - Beauty Bar Chicago


Hey, blogspot readers, what do you get when you combine the ambience of a hair salon with the atmosphere of a River North nightclub in West Town? Well, you get one of the coolest places to hang out with your friends known as Beauty Bar. This unique place has been in full swing for a couple of years featuring live music and manicures 7 nights a week ...and SouthSide (finally) has ventured through its doors to see what the hub hub was all about.


It's a totally awesome place, blogspot readers, while attending one of it's R. Kelly tribute nights - a Bump & Grindcore Rock-n-Roll McDonald's theme. Yes, there were Happy Meals of free burgers and fries to go around for attendees while featured DJ sets by Moneyworth, Swaguerilla, ALL THE WAY and Danny Leroy got the crowd dancing and grooving to beat all night long. The music was totally hip and bumpin' to do your sexy, best grindcore moves to ward off the chill from your body. This reviewer enjoyed the variety of R & B artists and hits heard during her stay there - from a one-hit wonder by Color Me Bad to R.Kelly's Bump N' Grind and many more. Not many were dancing but once the hip hop/rap DJ set began many were starting to take to the floor around the bar area. Plus GlitterGuts was on hand to snap lovely shots of the attendees and in the shampoo area- video craziness by Hey! Cliche Video Club that featured a classic McDonald's commercial from the 70s!

SouthSide's dinner at Beauty Bar Chicago

Throughout the Beauty Bar, blogspot readers, there's plenty of places to sit and do some serious people watching or chat with your group of friends. SouthSide liked how the owners used old hair dryers booths (don't know they actually work) as seating inside the club. Plus, they had some of the classic hair style wall advertisements decorating the walls to keep that beauty shop ambience and touch. There are drink specials and deals like the martini-manicure special that was running all night long which feature manicurists waiting to spruce up your nails. What SouthSide really liked about this nightclub was how each attendee had their own comfortable style and friendly personality. No one was trying to outdo the other in the fashion department. This reviewer found this scene quite relaxing and didn't have feel she wasn't properly dressed to impress anyone around her.


This reviewer highly suggests checking out Beauty Bar Chicago with friends after work (it opens 5p) or during the weekend where it closes 2a on weeknights and 3a on Saturdays.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

30 Jan 13

"...we can solve this problem ...we can solve it now..."
Timothy Scott, newly elected Chairman of Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence

Tonight, they're rockin' the stage to bring a very important issue to light. In case you haven't noticed the recent news, blogspot readers, handguns and handgun violence has suddenly been the forefront on every politicians' and activists' (for and against) as well as re-elected Barack Obama's mind lately. Ever since the Sandy Hook, CT tragedy to the recent death of Hadiya Pendleton, the issue of gun control has been given national spotlight and top priority amongst many concerned citizens and activist groups. At Empty Bottle, SouthSide joined many others on this brisk winter's night at a charity event to help rock and raise money benefiting the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

Found in 1975 by four (4) Chicago suburban women, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence is the oldest and largest statewide organization in the US that has been working to prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook and Aurora (CO) caused by firearms. According to Timothy Scott, who was recently elected as chairman of this non-profit organization, this benefit's goal is " educate, advocate and pass common sense gun law..." which is designed to reduce deaths and injuries. "...1,000 lives [the number of Illinois residents killed each year by guns] ...1,000 reasons..." says Timothy during a short interview with this reviewer. He continued saying "...firearms are dangerous products ...they need to be regulated..." like any other dangerous product, blogspot readers. However, this doesn't mean his organization is out to do away with the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution - "...A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed..." What the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence is advocating " coalitions to enact change in laws and behavior..." meaning they're not looking at bits or pieces of this amendment but the entire sentence. And did you know that Illinois is the only state that doesn't allow concealed handguns?

While discussing how SouthSide lives in one of two Chicago's high crime areas, she asked how he felt about this issue being in the forefront of political minds these days. Timothy responded "'s fantastic on what's being done in D.C." then adding "...shame on [the] politicians..." SouthSide did agree with him that it shouldn't have taken innocent children getting killed for them to take action. " wasn't bad enough when it was happening to adults in offices, shopping malls, movie theatres takes violence happening at grade schools ...shame on them..." He continued by stating "...we could do much better ...we demand better..." SouthSide asked him for his views about Chicago's rising violence which peaked at 506 deaths (in 2012) and so far 44 (as of January 30th). He found it to be pathetic and also said that Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence not only represents Chicago but the entire state of IL, blogpsot readers. "'s a historic moment to effect change..." says Timothy "...speak up now..." He also added that if you ever wanted to get politically involved, this is the right cause to do it. Besides going to Springfield to lobby for common sense gun laws (that includes tougher background checks) on April 10th, he also suggested blogspot readers nationwide to contact their US senators and congressmen and President Obama .as well as their local politicians to join the campaign. There are other ways of letting your voice be head like contacting local school boards and telling them "...I do not support training and or authorizing teachers to be armed with guns..." But please remember, blogspot readers, be respectful of all opinions yet have conviction for your own. For more information, visit or and

In between informing the audience on how they could get involved with the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, blogspot readers, there were musical entertainment as well as lovely raffle prizes to be won and yummy treats to be eaten (the apple crumb was the bomb!). All proceeds from the door entry, raffles and bake sale with the ICHV and the bands, out of the goodness of their hearts, performed on stage for free. The lineup of night featured Redgrave, Sunken Ships, TAFKA (The Artist Formerly Known As) Vince Band and Viceroy with The Pirate Twins (the DJ team of Scary Lady Sarah and Willaim Faith). Upon her arrival, Viceroy ( was already in full swing rockin' the stage with loud thunderous punk guitar rock that vibrated boisterous sound and intense rhythms to headbang to. SouthSide enjoyed the raw vocals (by front man and guitarist Derek) amidst the twitterpating riffs that brought instant cheering reaction from the few near the stage especially during the heated instrumental bridges. It was the kind of sound that got the heart pumping wild on this frosty night. This band definitely blew some ears away when performing Dreamboy. Meanwhile, TAFKAVince Band ( was beyond wild and crazy during their Empty Bottle performance, blogspot readers ...and that's not a bad thing. This montage of musicians were intense (with the rock sound), excitable (like Energizer bunnies hopping all the stage), chaotic (as punk rock should be) and so much more that she had a difficult keeping up this band while reviewing them.  Loud intense punk rock was their thing and at times the noise volume did exceed the legal limit on the ears. Yet that's what made TAFKAVince Band's act so entertaining as well as enjoyable. Each member made it fun besides it being totally insane and frantic throughout each song. SouthSide must say that she has never reviewed someone who could outshine any woman in a pair of metallic shorts, fishnets and boots and strut around the stage like she own it like Vince did tonight, blogspot readers. This reviewer loved his flamboyant style and stage presence which was wonderfully paired with his female partner - Lauren who popped the lyrics to life with her raw vocal power. And the band behind this rockin' duo truly rocked out Empty Bottle with some wicked space punk wizardry (off the keyboards) one minute then to "in your face" rebel rock the next. It was intense momentum from beginning to end ...SouthSide can't wait for the next "workout" with this band.

Until next time, support your local scene,