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One On One with Gemini Syndrome

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide with another exclusive one on one feature with a hot band from Los Angeles currently touring with Mushroomhead! Since being unable to personally review and interview members of the band when they performed at Mojoes recently, this reviewer via email sent her interview questions which were answered by Brian Steele Medina - drummer of Gemini Syndrome. She would like to thank Brian for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer them and their management for setting this up.

SouthSide: Describe Gemini Syndrome's music in five (5) words or less and please explain why you chose those following words to describe your music.

Brian: Illuminating - Heavy - Intense - Melodic - Introspective. Illuminating: Music has the power to awaken us all from with in. Using this as a tool, sonically and lyrically, we try to bring light to ideas that may be in the dark, and focus to things that may not be very clear. Heavy: Sonically, and lyrically, our music channels a depth of emotion and understanding. Intense: Pushing our selves to extremes. Pleasure - Pain… It's how we know we are alive. In our music we create highs, lows, and in-betweens to sonically show the spectrum of life. Melodic: In all music there must be great melody and we keep this in perspective in everything we write. The melody or dissonance of a song is parallel to the harmony or disharmony of existence. Introspective: The finding, is always in the seeking. Our music is easily understood on the surface but also contains depth. The byproduct of this union is the ability to look deeper and come to realizations that wouldn't be possible on just the surface level.

SouthSide: What would you say influences the band's music and/or songwriting style?

Brian: Art inspires life, and life inspires art. Music, art, life experiences all inspire our creative process.

SouthSide: In your opinion, whom would you compare the band to and why?

Brian: We wouldn't really compare Gemini Syndrome to any specific band. Rather we'd compare it to the musical movements of the 90's and early 2000's. There was a diverse selection of sounds with a subtle, underlying themes that bound the bands together. We have taken our appreciation for these movements and the previous influences of these movements and made an effort to evolve from them.

SouthSide: Besides your current release, Pain and Pleasure, which other song(s) would Gemini Syndrome recommend listening? And why?

Brian: Every one of our songs fits a different emotion, so it's hard to say, but we have always gotten great feedback from the songs "Basement", "Resurrection", and "Take This". These songs just seem to resonate with listeners in a way that is unexplainable.

SouthSide: If given the opportunity, which artist (living or dead) would Gemini Syndrome like to collaborate or cover. Why this particular person or band?

Brian: It's hard to answer a question like this with various members having such varying musical interests and tastes. It seems a better fit to let time progress and see what opportunities become available and seize the moment with an influential collaborator than to pigeon hole and limit to just one collaboration.

SouthSide: Currently touring with Mushroomhead, is there a band or artist Gemini Syndrome would like to share the bill with and why?

Brian: Gemini Syndrome would be very pleased to share the stage with label mates Deftones and our friends Five Finger Death Punch.

SouthSide: Does the band have any plans of performing at any music fests like SXSW or something more local during 2013?

Brian: We are currently confirmed for Rock on the Range and Welcome to Rockville. We are in the process of confirming other festivals and will be sure to inform everyone as the details come along.

SouthSide: What's the one thing do you attribute your fans coming back for more Gemini Syndrome?

Brian: Synners (our fans) come back for Gemini Syndrome because our energy asks them to. We welcome them and appreciate their belief in us and always hope to give to them as much as they give to us. This unspoken understanding is what draws not only them to us, but us to them.

SouthSide: I'm curious about what the local scene is like in Hollywood, CA. How would you describe the music that's rockin' the stages? Which genre; is mostly grabbing the music fans attention these days?

Brian: The Los Angeles music scene has always been a melting pot of talent from all over the country and the world. There is definitely an inertia that is constantly pushing. The bands there are all diverse and cooperative with each other. The sounds are varied but cohesive with one another.The energetic and accessible sounds always grab fan attention.

SouthSide: Within the band community, is there strong support and involvement with each other?

Brian: There is definitely a scene living in Los Angeles. There is a community of bands that support each other on and off stage.

SouthSide: Is there any particular band SouthSide should be made aware of?

Brian: There is a long list of bands that we've played with in LA and support. Currently the most active bands are: Thrown Into Exile (, All Hail The Yeti (, Butcher Babies (, 9 Electric (, Before The Mourning (, and Consume The Fire (

SouthSide: Any last words, advice, shameless plugs that Gemini Syndrome would like to leave with the readers of this blog?

Brian: There should be no shame for anything you whole heartedly endorse. Take what you appreciate and put it on a pedestal. Remove yourself from any quicksand of negativity that keeps you in place. Always move forward and be the best you can be to yourself and others.

SouthSide highly suggests checking out Gemini Syndrome's current single, "Pain and Pleasure" on the band's YouTube website and the song also is free to download at The band will be rockin' out Scout Bar (located in Houston, TX) tonight and then it's off to Trees (located in Dallas) on Sunday. For the full tour schedule and where they will be rockin' at a venue near you, visit their official website or go to and click on Tour Dates.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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