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30 Jan 13

"...we can solve this problem ...we can solve it now..."
Timothy Scott, newly elected Chairman of Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence

Tonight, they're rockin' the stage to bring a very important issue to light. In case you haven't noticed the recent news, blogspot readers, handguns and handgun violence has suddenly been the forefront on every politicians' and activists' (for and against) as well as re-elected Barack Obama's mind lately. Ever since the Sandy Hook, CT tragedy to the recent death of Hadiya Pendleton, the issue of gun control has been given national spotlight and top priority amongst many concerned citizens and activist groups. At Empty Bottle, SouthSide joined many others on this brisk winter's night at a charity event to help rock and raise money benefiting the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

Found in 1975 by four (4) Chicago suburban women, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence is the oldest and largest statewide organization in the US that has been working to prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook and Aurora (CO) caused by firearms. According to Timothy Scott, who was recently elected as chairman of this non-profit organization, this benefit's goal is " educate, advocate and pass common sense gun law..." which is designed to reduce deaths and injuries. "...1,000 lives [the number of Illinois residents killed each year by guns] ...1,000 reasons..." says Timothy during a short interview with this reviewer. He continued saying "...firearms are dangerous products ...they need to be regulated..." like any other dangerous product, blogspot readers. However, this doesn't mean his organization is out to do away with the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution - "...A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed..." What the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence is advocating " coalitions to enact change in laws and behavior..." meaning they're not looking at bits or pieces of this amendment but the entire sentence. And did you know that Illinois is the only state that doesn't allow concealed handguns?

While discussing how SouthSide lives in one of two Chicago's high crime areas, she asked how he felt about this issue being in the forefront of political minds these days. Timothy responded "'s fantastic on what's being done in D.C." then adding "...shame on [the] politicians..." SouthSide did agree with him that it shouldn't have taken innocent children getting killed for them to take action. " wasn't bad enough when it was happening to adults in offices, shopping malls, movie theatres takes violence happening at grade schools ...shame on them..." He continued by stating "...we could do much better ...we demand better..." SouthSide asked him for his views about Chicago's rising violence which peaked at 506 deaths (in 2012) and so far 44 (as of January 30th). He found it to be pathetic and also said that Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence not only represents Chicago but the entire state of IL, blogpsot readers. "'s a historic moment to effect change..." says Timothy "...speak up now..." He also added that if you ever wanted to get politically involved, this is the right cause to do it. Besides going to Springfield to lobby for common sense gun laws (that includes tougher background checks) on April 10th, he also suggested blogspot readers nationwide to contact their US senators and congressmen and President Obama .as well as their local politicians to join the campaign. There are other ways of letting your voice be head like contacting local school boards and telling them "...I do not support training and or authorizing teachers to be armed with guns..." But please remember, blogspot readers, be respectful of all opinions yet have conviction for your own. For more information, visit or and

In between informing the audience on how they could get involved with the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, blogspot readers, there were musical entertainment as well as lovely raffle prizes to be won and yummy treats to be eaten (the apple crumb was the bomb!). All proceeds from the door entry, raffles and bake sale with the ICHV and the bands, out of the goodness of their hearts, performed on stage for free. The lineup of night featured Redgrave, Sunken Ships, TAFKA (The Artist Formerly Known As) Vince Band and Viceroy with The Pirate Twins (the DJ team of Scary Lady Sarah and Willaim Faith). Upon her arrival, Viceroy ( was already in full swing rockin' the stage with loud thunderous punk guitar rock that vibrated boisterous sound and intense rhythms to headbang to. SouthSide enjoyed the raw vocals (by front man and guitarist Derek) amidst the twitterpating riffs that brought instant cheering reaction from the few near the stage especially during the heated instrumental bridges. It was the kind of sound that got the heart pumping wild on this frosty night. This band definitely blew some ears away when performing Dreamboy. Meanwhile, TAFKAVince Band ( was beyond wild and crazy during their Empty Bottle performance, blogspot readers ...and that's not a bad thing. This montage of musicians were intense (with the rock sound), excitable (like Energizer bunnies hopping all the stage), chaotic (as punk rock should be) and so much more that she had a difficult keeping up this band while reviewing them.  Loud intense punk rock was their thing and at times the noise volume did exceed the legal limit on the ears. Yet that's what made TAFKAVince Band's act so entertaining as well as enjoyable. Each member made it fun besides it being totally insane and frantic throughout each song. SouthSide must say that she has never reviewed someone who could outshine any woman in a pair of metallic shorts, fishnets and boots and strut around the stage like she own it like Vince did tonight, blogspot readers. This reviewer loved his flamboyant style and stage presence which was wonderfully paired with his female partner - Lauren who popped the lyrics to life with her raw vocal power. And the band behind this rockin' duo truly rocked out Empty Bottle with some wicked space punk wizardry (off the keyboards) one minute then to "in your face" rebel rock the next. It was intense momentum from beginning to end ...SouthSide can't wait for the next "workout" with this band.

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