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17 Apr 12 - Capelle

Capelle 1

Chicago, you're like a hot girl on the dance floor

Hey, blogspot readers, Chicago was hit with another British invasion! After destroying Elbo Room Sunday night, this rockin' band of redcoats (led by an Aussie guitarist/vocalist) returned to capture Chicago - this time they seized Double Door. Wicker Park's hippest rock venue featured another free music showcase in which SouthSide's friend, Capelle shared the stage with locals Cheer Up Mooncat, The Ex-bomber and Maris Maeve who performed a solid acoustic opener.

Capelle 3

Last summer, SouthSide spent two magical back to back nights rockin' and partyin' with Nick and the original guys of Capelle. Tonight, he returned with a whole new band lineup ready to show the Yanks how they rock the stage especially during the last show of their US tour. This reviewer highly suggests checking out the hot rockin' muscle mix of guitar/dance/pop rock music by Capelle at their next performance, blogspot readers. Believe it or not, this band had a little of something to please the ears as well as getting you move to the intense rhythmic pop beat that's sweeping the UK radio stations across the pond. Sometimes all at the same time will you feel such boisterious sound. Capelle not only showed the Double Door audience that they're capable to rock a stage as a Brit guitar rock band amidst thrilling riffs and fiery momentum but also soulfully groove as an electro pop/dance band. In other words, blogpot readers, Capelle doubled the audience's rock pleasure and experience by performing two separate and distinct genres within one show.

Capelle 7

After exploding the ears with an intense fury of energetic sound and dynamic falsettos (by front man Nick) during Memory, Capelle led a nonstop charge of excitable rock music (especially with a trio of guitars pumping waves of twitterpating riffs during Give It All Away) until surprising the audience (not SouthSide) with some funky soul/dubstep fusion - UK style during Juxtapose (track 6 off Capelle's Crooked Deluxe CD). This reviewer enjoyed this particular song as well as personal favorite Louder (these two songs are currently getting plenty of airplay on her iPod)for the electro dubstep mixed within the band's hardcore guitar riffs which will definitely get your feet dancing to the fast rhythms and tempo. Yet what really surprised SouthSide this time was the addition of Natalie and her dynamic female vocals to compliment Nick's emotional but heartfelt falsetto voice sound during Walk Away. With her voice, blogspot readers, there was plenty of spite and energy which popped the lyrics to life thus not only electrifying the song but also the band on stage within a sultry atmosphere. Capelle also wowed their Chicago audience with a show-stopping cover of Lana Del Rey's Videogames (nicely done from a male vocal perspective) and a rockin' Brit funk/Stax sound and electro pop in Muscle Car (SouthSide also recommends snagging a copy of Capelle's CD to hear the groovy Beefcake Remix [Dubstep remix] featured as track 13).

Capelle 9

For more information about Capelle, visit http://www.capelle.co.uk.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, April 20, 2012

14 Apr 12 - Gearbox Fantastique II

WARNING: ABSOLUTELY do not try to attempt and/or re-creat any of the mentioned sideshow feats/acts featured within this review! All were executed by professional artistic performers, blogspot readers.
Also portions of this review may offend and/or upset the mind as well as stomach - so read at your own risk ...you have been thoroughly warned ~ SouthSide

"...come to the circus ...the greatest show on earth..."
Cecil B. DeMille's The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)

Psst ...hey, kid, wanna see something so freakishly amazing ...something so grossly fascinating that it will make your hair stand up from excitemet or fright? Something that will astound the mind and senses ...perhaps make you lose your cotton candy too? Wanna meet an array of colorful sideshow characters like a human lunchbox who eats anything ...a sword swallowing beauty (no touching either, sonny) ...a strong man built like a Titan and more? You do? Cool! Then, come this way, kid, inside the Reggie's Rock Club big top where the Victorian Age of vaudeville/carnival sideshow acts are re-created once again during this performance of Gearbox Fantastique II. Presented by Steampunk Chicago and The Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow and hosted by Jellyboy T. Clown, join a crowd of fashionably stylished and costumed people wearing the best attire to impress from steampunk to Victorian and swing era to be dazzled as well as shocked by feats of unbelievably incredible acts from sideshow performers of Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow and Deadmans Carnival. Not to be outdone by the sideshow acts, the music entertainment for your listening pleasure consists of intense industrial/electro-steampunk by a local villainous gang known as V Is For Villains and a lively but sad funeral march band from North Carolina, Hellblinki. And making a rare appearance after sailing the seven seas, matey, meet the one and only pancake obsessive pirate, Thee Bluebeard who will entertain the lovely wenches and lads with some charismatic charm during his comedy talk show (which featured an in depth interview with Chicago's very own Washer Woman and Luna). Between these amazing acts, there will be music by DJs like Shawn Gaston and Inspector General as well as others from Lords and Ladies DJs to keep your feet dancing to their steampunk/industrial/swing/remixes. Plus ...visit the many vendors participating or get your fortunes told upstairs in the balcony. Hurry ...hurry ...step inside and your imagination run wild ...if you dare, kid. The human oddities and bands of Gearbox Fantastique II are waiting for you...

That's right ...enter this way, kid ...don't be afraid of that chill crawling down your back. That's just Deadmans Carnival taking center ring as this traveling troupe from Milwaukee, WI, officially welcomes you to Gearbox Fantastique II. According to Professor Pinkerton Xyloma (no relation to that other Pinkerton fella and his detectives, kid), his vaudevillian gang started from scratch as street performers since "...no one [was] doing vaudeville or burlesque up there ...finding what's entertaining and what's not..." Deadmans Carnival during Gearbox amazed the crowd with two separate acts of daring feats of acrobatic skill by Travis Green and human strength (and more) by Titano. First, give this man some room folks as Travis will astound you by descending down the steps from Reggie's balcony towards the stage. Easy, you say, kid? How about doing this while in an upside down, hand stand position ...not so easy now, huh? Oh yeah, forgot to mention one thing about this amazing person you're watching as he slowly descends towards the stage - our performer has spina bifida. Yet that doesn't stop him from lifting his young daughter (Zoe) on his back, kid. Besides amazing you with his walking across a ladder suspended high between two barstools, Travis will do a patriotic salute to the American flag by becoming a human flag! Moving onward, kid, meet Deadmans Carnival's strongman Titano who will astound you with his feats of incredible human strength. For example, take this ordinary license plate and watch the amazing Titano rip it apart as if he's ripping a flimsy sheet of paper! WOW ...he'll even turn your 10inch frying pan into a burrito of steel, ma'am! Now watch him stake that nail into a piece of board with his bare hand ...but you probably think that's too easy, huh, sir? Well, try staking that same board with frying pan of rubbing alcohol lit on fire ...and yes, it will be accomplished WITHOUT any injury and/or scarring to the hand. How amazing is that, folks? Lastly he will stun you how strong his body strength can be by lifting a chained ball (about the size and weight of 5lb to 10lb bowling ball) with his nose ...and then lift Travis Green off the floor with his teeth! Want to see more of Deadmans Carnival, folks? Go to Mirmar Theather (located in Milwaukee, WI) where there will be magic, burlesque, fire and more every first Friday of the month starting May 4 until Nov 2. For more information, visit http://www.deadmanscarnival.com.

"...Fallon Flynn is rubbish..." ~ Fallon Flynn of V Is For Villains

Now move this way, folks, to meet the REAL "super" heroes of tonight's circus sideshow extravaganza as they villainize you with their fusion of steampunk/electro-industrial sound. This show can get very intense yet that's what you can expect from this local band - V Is For Villains. Resistance if futile as the villainous gang of masked musicians will assault the ears with a loud electrifying crescendo build-up (featuring electric cello rhythms) led by Mr. Agitator, the band's ringmaster. Be prepared to feel the hot sensuality of V's steampunk sound amidst the electric momentum of the hardcored industrial guitar music that will have you banging your head to songs like Broken Doll, Everybody Hates Me and Evolve or Die. Villainy does run rampant amongst our heroes especially while the band's fearless leader emphatically vocalizes a fierce voice of raw emotion over the microphone. For example, during Rise Above, you shall feel the venomous heat from the words of this Villains' anthem course throughout your veins, folks. Once you start singing the pledge heard in the chorus, there's no turning back. Yet there's also a "softer" side to the villainous sound whenever female member Veronica Jade (on keyboards) and her voice seductively woos and coos countering Mr. Agitator's fierceness as heard during Just A Man. And don't forget, folks, with featured vocals like that, you can definitely be sure the music will be equally as momentous and intense amidst the band's dazzling electronica vibe. No ...you're not seeing things. Yes, those were Pink Elephants (one evilly demented Disney cover with a hauntingly creepy electronica/industrial sound) floating by in their bubble parade. Want to be a part of this villainous gang? Visit http://www.visforvillains.com for more recruitment details.

Okay, folks, moving right along ...there's so much left to see and do at Gearbox Fantastique II yet our time together grows incredibly short. Towards your left of the V Is For Villains sideshow stage, you will encounter the next troupe of sideshow performers eagerly waiting to astound and entertain with their amazing feats of human strength, oddities and more. Watch Matterz Squidling as he lays on top of a bed of real spikes, folks, that will soon be turned into a human see-saw featuring the lovely Betty Bloomerz and Jellyboy T. Clown riding it. Don't worry, ma'am, he won't feel a thing or have any puncture wounds on his back. Now watch him climb up these short flight of steps but they're not just any ordinary flight of steps, kid. Yes, folks, those are actually razor sharp machete blades under his bare feet ...now observe him playing a little carnival tune on his trombone before snapping this mouse trap on his tongue ALL while standing precariously on these blades! Look at that - not a single scratch or mark on the soles of his feet. Next, meet Lunchbox, Squidling's only artist whose performance that can be defined as "...distrubing and silly..." at the same time, folks. You're probably wondering what makes his Squidling show disturbing and silly ...caution if you have a weak stomach, stop reading now and move onto the next paragraph. Well, this performer lifts stuff with his scrotum, lays on a bed of barbed wire and eats really, REALLY gross stuff. Please, remember, kid, DO NOT attempt at home especially when re-create the human sandwich featuring Lunchbox on the bottom while laying on his astroturf of terror, in the middle - some burlesque rubber chickens flown just in time for tonight's show from Las Vegas, then Matterz Squidling on top with his bed of nails and finally, Penquin Man topping the sandwish. Not a single scratch to eithr performer, folks, isn't that amazing?! After getting a cider block (that was on top of his scrotum)whacked by a sledge hammer, watch Lunchbox rest so peacefully on his barbed wire bed (wire that was cut from a school fence near his Long Island home) as Jellyboy chops a vegan sausage (a cucumber, your dirty prudes) in half on his stomach. Please, don't faint, ma'am or you'll miss the mellon being cut in half as well - yes, that was real food being chopped in half on his stomach without causing any harm or injury to him. Okay, folks, who's hungry? Does anyone want to share a can of Alpo Dog food with our Lunchbox here? Or how about a cookie dipped in steak sauce after being rubbed against his balls? Anyone? Aw, sorry, Lunchbox, no wants to share your dinner with you. Or would you like to try a protein cocktail, sir? Oops, should have warned you that it's his own protein (ie semen) you're drinking from that cup ...clean up in the front row!

Terribly sorry for grossing you out, folks, but now feast your eyes on the lovely beauty stepping onto stage as she eats steel and contorts her body into bending positions. Betty Bloomerz, the woman born with rubber bones, can easily swallow things from a wire hanger to razor sharp swords with ease down her throat ...wow, look at that - not a single drop of blood on the blades! She can also eat two swords at the same time as well as swallow a double-edge blade ...still NO blood when pulled out. Cast your eyes ons the Chinese excution box of death where our Betty will be laying inside. Notice there are NO secret compartments or traps to aid her in this next act, folks, when the blades of death are randomly placed around our lovely beauty. And, she has NO clue beforehand where the next blade will be placed next as they trap her inside. Step right up on stage and view Betty Bloomerz twisted in so many different directions inside this box (and yes, she was actually inside the box and contorted to the many blade positions). After escaping this death-defying trap, she will now amaze you with her taste for the hot flames on a stick. She certainly enjoys her fire diet, doesn't she? Question - who is stronger ...Lunchbox or Penquin Man? Watch the following act to discover the answer, everyone, as Penquin Man attaches heavy weights to his ears while Lunchbox attaches his weights to his balls (that's right, ma'am, I said balls ...testicles). Hm, it looks to be a tie ...and the only way to break it is to have a tug-o-war - ears versus scrotum! Ah, the suspense is murder. Who will win this round as both men pull and tug until... Well, it seems both are equally strong as well as demented, folks. Before Penquin Man leaves us, he will now demonstrate what's it like being a human blockhead. Of course, sir, he's all about being safe during this Squidling show ...see that latex condom covering the nail as he pounds it into the center of his skull. Tah dah - (can't reveal how it's done) but he does chew out the condom and more importantly, the nail doesn't have a single drop of blood on it. Our last Squidling performance involves more amazing human oddity featuring Jellyboy T. Clown drinking soda not with his mouth but through a straw up his nose, folks, which further reinforces his motto - "waste not want not". Still this sidewhow performer has other unique talents like doing a "reverse abortion" where he'll show you what he had for breakfast this morning ...and one of you lucky audience members gets to eat it! Aw, you made our clown cry since no one wants what he had that you have made him shove the barrel of gun down his throat before bending over to take his stage bow. Now for his final act, we invite you back on stage to staple the clown ...yes, folks, I said staple the clown. For a small donation to help keep this circus sideshow running, you can use this real stapler containing real staples to attach one dollar or any dollar amount to this clown. Observe Titano stapling his money onto Jellyboy's chest while Jelly holds the microphone so you can hear the sound of the staple punching into his bare skin. That's right, sir, staple his armpit ...ah, welcome, m'lord Baron - yes, you can staple that onto his hip ...he won't feel a thing. Plenty of skin, folks, that's begging to be stapled ...for a crisp $100 dollar bill, our clown will let you staple it to his balls (note - actually that did happen live on stage when a woman stapled a $20 dollar bill onto his balls upon reaching the totaled amount of $100 dollars). Someone get this woman some smelling salts - quick! If ya want to see more of Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow (from PA), visit http://www.myspace.com/squidlingbrothers.

Move along quickly, folks, time inside Gearbox Fantastique II is fading fast ...on your right, you'll see a lively trio of musicians dressed in drab vaudevillian funeral attire. Say "hello" to Hellblinki as they entertain the ears with upbeat tempos amidst an eclectic gypsy/folk alternative rock sound though having a sad and/or haunting disposition within their songs. Yet this rockin' band refuses to take themselves (or life) seriously, folks, now when they're Rising A Rukus Tonight. And they definitely will as that creepy carnival/gypsy rhythms grab a hold of you (as heard in the opening song - Breaking Everything) or taht quick-pace tempo inside a two-step beat which gets your feel swept into a jig (during Julian's Junk). There's nothing like Hellblinki's use of simplisitic, artisan tone and whimsical lyrics throughout the performance to have you immediately enjoying the comedic vibe. Why don't you join this band in a Zombie Slow Dance, folks, where you, the audience, get to dance like zombies within a waltz-like tempo as the lovely female vocalist regal the ears with her Disney princess (sounding almost like Ariel) voice. Doesn't it sem rather odd that they should be quite "happy" for a funeral march band especially when performing the song Doing It All For You (off Hellblinki's 7 inch vinyl record)? Stil this trio is all about fun ...or are they while warning you youngsters - Don't Go Down To The Woods Tonight? What's in the woods, you ask, can't tell you but listen very closely to the lyrics and heed their advice unlike that Johnson kid who didn't and... Well, that's enough scaring the britches off your keister, folks, for the night after enjoying this gypsy/rock band. For more information about Hellblinki, visit http://www.hellblinki.com.

Arrgh, you need to walk up the gang plank, folks, to meet our last and final Gearbox sideshow character for the night. Not to worry, he won't make you walk the plank over some hungry sea creatures or plunder your town for booty ...this pirate is quite harmless and has a mad obsession for pancakes. The one and only comedic swashbuckler of the seven seas - Thee Bluebeard who does "...improve comedy talk show..." Why a talk show? Well, it seems he's "...interested in what people have to say..." no matter if it's boring, he'll make it seem interesting to the rest of us. And about those pancakes he loves so much - he doesn't get them at the local iHop or Denny's (according to him - they are not real pancakes) ...the best only come from his galley (kitchen) where his fair Lady G makes them for him. Fashionably dressed as you see in his blue kilt, fine blue peacock plummage and other pirate things, Bluebeard will be chatting briefly with Professor and Reverend Captain Flint about mustaches and who's the strongest man between them. Before inviting some of you fromt he audience to join him on stage, our resident pirate is a strong literacy advocate, folks, and highly suggests you read one of his favorite books - Where The Wild Things Are. Ah, it appears he has chosen two lovely wenches to join him on stage tonight - Luna and VVasher VVoman but sadly there's not enought time to spend and really get better acquainted with the beauties. Our time here definitely sailed fast when having pirate fun with Thee Bluebeard. He wants you to know that he's a regular at Renassiance Faires as well as travels the country for shows ...you might even catch him a ship around Navy Pier too. Want to learn more about Bluebeard, visit him at http://www.theebluebeard.com, matey. As you move about the sideshow area, folks, be sure to stop and visit our local craftsmen and vendors like A Mouse For Tea (whimsical taxidermy featuring real stuffed mice) who are a visible part and support Steampunk Chicago. There's a best attire contest happening right now in which you can win unique, one of a kind prizes. Also meet one other person who's a part of Steampunk scene - Inspector General whose DJ music involves a "...electro swing gypsy house dance..." sound. Dressed in his grandfather's pant and with a "Occupy Japan" pin on his lapel, this Dj will be releasing a mixed tape featuring electro-swing/steampunk/dance music as well as another project he collaborated coming out by the end of summer on the Grand Central label. You'll be able to find it iTunes and more.

Our journey through this Gearbox Fantastique II has come to an end ...but don't despair, folks, there's always some form or fashion of a Gearbox happening around town again soon. Visit http://www.steampunkchicago.com for more information and where another version of this will be happening soon.

Until next time, support your local scene and circus sideshow performers,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

13 Apr 12

"...Come on, House of Blues, get rowdy..."

Hey, blogspot readers, no superstitious happenings around town on this rockin' Friday the 13th! SouthSide's feeling very lucky as she kicks off a long party weekend at the legendary House of Blues to see her long time friend, How Far To Austin perform. But first, she was getting her neo-soul/R&B/funk groove on with her other friend Animate Objects (http://www.animate-objects.com) during the last few songs of their opening set. This reviewer highly suggests checking out this local band's funkified smooth sound and lively tempo of their modernized throwback soul groove. Though they wouldn't say more in detail, be on the lookout for something BIG and rockin' to happen in the future by this band, blogspot readers.

If you haven't experienced the rockin' soulful blues/alternative rock of How Far To Austin, SouthSide highly suggests checking out her friend at their next performance. Blogspot readers, this local band didn't simply rock the legendary venue's stage on Friday night ...each member revitalized the crowd with such electrifying momentum of hot bluesy rock and strong female vocals that it brought the roof down. Despite not being the HFTA band this reviewer remembers seeing a couple of years ago, she thoroughly enjoyed the "new" band set up and rockin' sound. After popping the stage with a firecracker of a song which featured Katie fronting the bnad within a dynmaic vocal stance amidst the band's energetic pop/alternative rock, HTFA displayed a wide variety of music genres to easily please the ears. From a downtempo melody of a soulful sound to upbeat dance/pop tempo, the band offered the crowd a little of something for every particular music taste to enjoy as well as dance to. For example during the 3rd song of the performance, HFTA had this crowd jammin' to the twitterpating riffs at the bridge with a few bars of Madonna's Material Girl in five-part harmony towards the end of the song. Or get your funk groove on amidst a blues/rock sound during another song which kept the crowd basking in the glow of more five-part harmony after Katie wowed the ears with her soulfully dynamic voice. SouthSide couldn't get enough of how Katie's voice and HFTA's music wonderfully complimented each other, blogspot readers. This reviewer was awestruck as well as getting warm shivers when Katie not only dynamically wowed but also emitted some heartfelt emotions and chateneuse-like soul to pop the lyrics to life. This vocalist was truly breaking hearts with her voice especially while in a downtempo blues/rock sound as heard in songs like Little Too Late and Morn' After Blues. SouthSide does suggests listening to other songs like Tonight, Goodnight Madison and Dry Gin yet the real highlight of the night was Katie's powerful vocals on the band's cover version of Proud Mary - HFTA took the beginning of the song nice and slow (so reminiscient of the Ike and Tina version) before exploding with a hot fast upbeat blues tempo. What a fantastic way to end their set on one electrifying jam, blogspot readers.

For more information about How Far To Austin, visit http://www.howfartoaustin.com and check out their videos on YouTube.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

10 Apr 12

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide recently experienced a unique performance which combined her love for the classics and rock-n-roll at Double Door. Inside this hipster venue (located in the heart of Wicker Park), fans crowded the main floor for the best spot to see Rasputina (NY) rock the stage after a lively opening set by Daniel Knox.

This reviewer highly suggests checking out the classically infused, cello-driven music amidst a Victorian Age tone and essence presented by the trio known as Rasputina. And, blogspot readers, you don't have to be a fan of classical music (i.e. Bach, Shubert, Mozart, et al) to enjoy the electrifying intense sound created by the duo cellos (accompanied with a mini drum kit to add some percussion rhythms when needed). Despite having that classical sound, it was still rock music due to the electified cello riffs which added an aggressive, razor-sharp edge to the soothing clips and staccatos heard throughout Rasputina's headlining set. Besides the lovely rockin' music, Rasputina also boasted a trio of the harmonizing vocals on lyrics which had this reviewer thinking she was at the Lyric (Opera House) or Symphony Center rather than Double Door. The angelic tone popped the Victorian style verses to life emitting such heartfelt emotions whether within a calming yet intense classical rhythm, a haunting ballad or dark semi-apocalyptic tone. You would be amazed, blogspot readers, how this classical-infused rock music kept this crowd energetically hyped (especially one fan who constantly requested a particular song until Rasputina obliged) when performing songs such as Holocaust of Giants, Cage in a Cave, and Saline the Salt Lake Queen. This reviewer enjoyed the sweeping melodies (with a moment of bluegrass or organic/Native sound) intertwining with the electric rhythms with some thunderous percussion sound woven inside time to time ...it was too beautiful that she had to stop wrting in order to bask in the awe-inspiring glow. There was passion and fire not only heard but felt, blogspot readers. Though there was classical essence deep inside this special recital performance, Rasputina did excite the crowd with their rockin' cover of Cheap Trick's I Want You To Want Me. SouthSide has heard rock covers of this particular song before but never done with classical tone and gritty electric cello riffs that had many singing along with the ladies.

For more information about upcoming shows and music, visit http://www.rasputina.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

06 Apr 12

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide spotted the Easter Bunny! That mysterious white rabbit was getting an early jump on the holiday weekend in the Lakeview area where he left baskets of eggs-cellent treats and music goodies for all at Elbo Room. There the Friday night patrons crowded this popular hang out for local music to see and hear bands like friends Labirinto (from Brazil) and Beneath The Stares rock the stage in the downstairs lounge.

Labirinto 2 Labirinto 4
Opening with a gradual symphonic crescendo rise to draw your attention inward to the eclectic sound, this band thoroughly impressed this reviewer with their vibrant experiemental rock music. SouthSide highly suggests getting to know her new friends from Brazil - Labirinto, for the rockin' epic instrumentals that containe bursts of electrifying guitar riffs amidst flowing electro melodies and thundering percussion rhythms. You simply had to be there, blogspot readers, to hear how breathtaking but vividly complex and complicated Labirinto's music was to the ears. Yet while immersed within the experimental rock sound, SouthSide felt her imagination soar along with the band throughout this energizing performance. It was an incredible journey via the music mind of Labirinto's composer(s) in which had the essence of being passionately alive with its combined electric-percussion floetry. Each member of this quintet band vigorously performed the set list thus exciting the listening audience no matter if the sound contained a gentle calming lull or an intense session of clashing guitars and percussions. SouthSide enjoyed the intensified momentum as heard in the epic song Cairo and Turin (both songs and more are featured on Labirinto's latest CD - Kadjwynh). Sadly this was the last appearance of the US tour but do not fret, blogspot readers, Labirinto promises to return next year ...especially to Chicago. Besides performing at Elbo Room, they also rocked the stage at Bottom Lounge. For more information and music, visit the band at http://www.labirinto.bandcamp.com.

Headlining tonight's lineup, SouthSide's friend took the audience to the other end of the music spectrum immersing the ears into extreme melodic guitar rock and emotionally dynamic female vocals. This reviewer hihgly suggests feeling the pain and heartache while head banging to the epically intense guitar metal rock of Beneath The Stares. Don't let the band's name fool you, blogspot readers, into thinking the music has a calming lull due to its melodic sound and rhythms. However beneath that lull, there's fire and spirit of intense energy off the band's guitar rock in which electrified the stage throughout each epic song. Yet while head banging to that same hardcore metal vibe, you'll also hear the intense poetic feelings of a woman scorned or in pain as the dynamic fervor within her voice pops the lyrics to life. That, blogspot readers, is BTS' secret weapon. With Lisa fronting the band, this vocalist (sometimes accompanied with guitarist Erik on backing) made the ears as well as hearts bleed from the power of her emotional angst heard over the mic. And, that is how emotionally damaged love can be or feel the fury of what it can do to your mood. Check out song Mood Swings - this is where Lisa truly shined giving the audience a wide range of emotional fire and spite heard within her vocals amidst the hardcore riffs to match her voice. Also check out the soon-to-be triology known as Tropic of Cancer (parts 1 and 2) ...same song title but two totally different songs where one has a melodic downtempo guitar riff until the chorus that you feel the intense heat of the music meanwhile the other pumps hardcore fury from both music and vocals ...always performed back to back, one can hear the 'night' and 'day' between the two of this epic song. Plus SouthSide recommends new song - Thought Ammunition for the fierce female vocals which came attached to this melodic metal song. For more information about upcoming shows and music, visit http://www.beneaththestares.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

01 Apr 12 - part 2

After another SouthSide mad dash using CTA transit and bus from Rogers Park to Wicker Park, this reviewer arrived in time to party (again) duringthe April Fool's Day Fan Appreciation show. Held at Double Door, this $1 show featured a variety of music performances by friends Paragon and The Walking Shadows along with Chinese Professionals, Still Searching, I Attack and Persistence of Memory.

Chinese Pro 1 Chinese Pro 3
SouthSide highly suggests checking out the awesome drum kit setup while rockin' to the intense, electrifying combination of percussion and electric guitar instrumental epic rock by the duo known as Chinese Professionals. These two musicians (drummer Victor and guitarist Peter also part of the band Big Electric) not only vibrantly warmed up the auidence and tonight's lineup, blogspot readers, but also wowed everyone including SouthSide with a hot energizing sound of percusssion rhythms and electric riffs. How amazing was Victor's drum kit - the best place to view him working it was at the balcony where he was literally surrounded by many different cymbals, tom drums and more. And believe it or not, he used every single piece of equipment attached throughout Professionals' performance. This reviewer enjoyed the duo's rock intensity felt as well as heard via the boisterious sound in which the musicians fed off each other's electrifying vibe amidst the epic instrumental music. Visit http://www.gigity.tv/ChineseProfessionals or VicsDrumShop Facebook page for when and where Chinese Professionals will be performing again.

Paragon 3 Paragon 4
Looking for a band with that unique hardcore metal sound that features intense melodies and fierce heartfelt vocals? SouthSide highly suggests rockin' with her friends Paragon at their next performance, blogspot readers. This local band combined two unseemingly complicated though compatiable pairs into one hot metallic vibe that had the audience feeling the energized music and voice (by front man/guitarist Nate) besides hearing it. Paragon enjoys immersing their audience deep within realistic as well as emotional metal rock like especially during the instrumental bridges to songs like The Fire Inside. Nate with his heartfelt angst popped the lyrics to life between blood curdling guitar intros and momentous finishes for your headbanging enjoyment, blogspot readers. Off Paragon's self-titled CD, SouthSide recommends listening to tracks 5 (Stray Love) and 6 (Bitch Girl) where this band's version of love ballads take on a whole new meaning - it's not pretty yet very difficult to obtain and maintain amigst that metal intensity. Also recommended for listening - tracks 2 (The One Bridge I'll Burn), 8 (Leaving) and 11 (Pancake) even though every song on this CD is worthy ...so crank the volume up. For more information, visit Paragon at http://www.musicbyparagon.com.

There are two kinds of poetry, blogspot readers. The kind that spouts flowery prose of love and adoration like a Shakespearean sonnet. Then there's the other kind that's not so flowery or pretty with its words of love because they can cut like a sharp knife to the heart. Meet SouthSide's dark poetic masters of the Goth/rock kind - The Walking Shadows. Unlike its musically dramatic twin, The Dead Superheroes Orchestra, Walking featured more a darker, hardcore Goth/industrial tone within its music while poetically spewing vicious verses about love, hate and death. It's still dramatic but not the pretty kind ...not one bit, blogspot readers. Still there's plenty of haunting mystery laid deep within the band's moody synth-guitar combination in which one can feel the double edge sword of crescendo rhythms and riffs piercing the soul. You'll definitely bleed from the heart when listening to songs like Crusader (electrifying guitar riffs that rip amidst the "beautiful" rhythms yet that can be deceiving when meshed together), Bullet Holes In Our Hearts (beware of the one who loves you the most ...and last) and The Devil You Never Name (some of us have a passion which needs to be kept a secret). SouthSide highly suggests ditching Shakespeare for a moment and try The Walking Shadows' This It Not Poetry music - you might discover how ugly, dark and deceiving love really can be. For more information, visit the band at http://www.thewalkingshadows.com.

SS 2 SS 3
SouthSide also highly suggests rockin' to the energetic pop/rock sounds of her new friend, Still Searching at the band's next performance. This reviewer enjoyed the highly intense energy Still brought to their audience the moment each member stepped onto the stage. With three guitars rockin' the venue, this band's brand of music had the lively "get up and dance" attitude and pop sound in which kept them hoppin' like Energizer bunnies after having way too many Monster Energy drinks, blogspot readers. It was wild, crazy unstoppable fun (even for a Sunday night) that not one inch of the stage space was left untouched while performin songs like All Over and Dance. Though within a downtempo love ballad, Closer, Still Searching continued to exhibit that their intense energy had never left the building amdist fierce twitterpating riffs as front man Chris shined on the mic with his heartfelt vocals. SouthSide says be prepared to shake that booty while listening to this band's contagious pop vibe - perfect for any Saturday night dance crowd. Visit http://www.wearestillsearching.com for more information on when and where this band is performing again.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

01 Apr 12 - part 1

"...All you need is Lon..."

SouthSide would like to announce the she's retiring from the position as Chicago's local scene queen...

April Fools, blogspot readers! However, there's no foolin' about today's exciting adventure around town. SouthSide kicked off her April calendar with not one but two parties, one in Rogers Park and the other in Wicker Park. Within the Glenwood Arts District, she attended a very special CD release party featuring more than just the guest of honor on stage but delicious pizza and yummy cake and other guest performances too. The Red Line Tap was the fitting place to hold whitewolfsonicprincess' 10 + 1 CD release party where invited family, friends, and fans had the pleasure of hearing select songs off the new album live. Also special guests Chris Bock and Lon Lennon entertained the audience with lively acoustic sets before whitewolfsonicprincess took the stage.

C Bock Chris Bock

SouthSide recommends checking out this singer/songwriter who opened the music portion of whitewolfsonicprincess' party with an acoustic performance full of heartfelt falsetto amidst an electric/folk sound. This reviweer liked how his voice vividly popped the lyrics to life even while in a downtempo ballad where the vocals deeply conveyed such tender emotions inside his falsetto range. Though the electric was a little overpowering, the riffs combined with the harmonica rhythms added the right amount of energy without losing the heartfelt tone during the few songs performed like My City's In Ruin and Percy Sledge's Dark End of the Street. Also, this reviewer suggests rockin' your love foor the Fab Four to the ukelele with Lon Lennon (John's long-lost cousin from Liverpool). His short set entertained the audience with his renditions of Strawberry Fields and Bobby Darin's Beyond The Sea (sung in French and English) before ending with The Marcels' Blue Moon.

L Lennon Lon Lennon

WWSP 4 whitewolfsonicprincess

Before premiering live selections off the new CD, 10 + 1, whitewolfsonicprincess founding members, Carla and James opened with an emotional (and teary) speech thanking those who made the album possible. SouthSide highly suggests honing into your organic side to this band's psychedelia groove amidst the modern folk/rock sound and music at their next performance. whitewolfsonicprincess (one word, blogspot readers) rocked the stage with a lively version of the new album that featured energizing momentum and spirit reminiscent of the late 60s/early70s folk scene as heard in opening song, Inner Light (listen closely to the lyrics and hear the personal mantra). The live version also featured guitarist Victor Sanders and saxophonist Nick performing with the band on the songs in which they recorded with them. For example, SouthSide's favorite Spanish flamenco-inspired song, Lady in the Sand, was vividly brought to life with Victor's electric riffs inter-tangoing James' Latin rhythm. The unique combination of the two guitars created the mysterious yet dreamy vibe felt within this particular folk song that did more than capture the fiery spirit of a flamenco dance but had fan Charles doing a passionate interpretive dance for the audience. Meanwhile, during Radio Man, whitewolfsonicprincess' organic folk/rock music easily merged with the cool rhythms of Nick's saxophone thus changing it into a lively contemporary sound. Under this newly blended music, Carla became quite dramatic with her expressive body language and vibrantly dynamic within her chantenuese-like vocals. SouthSide had a hard time picking other songs to suggest, blogspot readers, since each one during this show was equally worth your time to listen. Yet this reviewer does recommend Black, Black Wings (for its calm sound one minute then fiery momentum the next under a folk-driven sound) and Fallen (for the intense melodic guitar rhythms and tempo which rocked out the set). Blogspot readers can expect a review on whitewolfsonicprincess' 10 + 1 CD soon but in the meantime, visit http://www.whitewolfsonicprincess.com for music and information on when and where they will be rockin' the stage again.


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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

31 Mar 12

Burlesque, furiously rockin' music, brass band, Latin punk rock and MEDS? Oh my!

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to SouthSide's itinerary for her fun Saturday night On The Town adventure this weekend. This time she's perched on the balcony inside Wicker Park's legendary Subterranean attending one wild and furious CD release party hosted by friend, Furious Frank. Headlining the show, Furious Frank invited a few friends - Descarga and Four Star Brass Band to help celebrate the release of their CD - the Map & the Territory (review coming soon). And as an added special bonus, MEDS performed a rare acoustic set which was followed by Lady Jack teasing the audience with her sultry burlesque moves.

SouthSide recommends rockin' your ears to the hardcore Latin mix of electro pop/punk sound and lyrical angst and frustration sung in Spanish by her new friend Descarga (http://www.reverbnation.com/descarga). Despite hearing too much reverb feedback off the monitors, this reviewer enjoyed the "furious" tone set by this band in which was paired with the fierce intensity of front man Hector's vocals especially when he's singing the words in Spanish. Plenty of spitfire and raw rage here, blogspot readers, while he's rockin' the stage amidst a tense stage presence of expressive body language easily conveying what he's feeling. Thus inspiring the rest of the band to feel that same energy too, Descarga pumped the audience with hardhitting electric riffs and drums when performing songs like Funeral, Party Girl, Chemtrails (cool song about the planes spraying the skies) and Dejame Sabor. Meanwhile, Four Star Brass Band (http://www.myspace.com/fourstarbrassband) continued with the party atmosphere with an intense brass and percussion sound of New Orleans-style Jazz/swing music. Though overshadowing the vocals throughout the set because of the music's boisterious momentum and energy, SouthSide did enjoy how this band approached each song such as Goin' Down to New Orleans and Radio with a fiery spirit and tone before getting everyone in the mood for a little sexual groovin' with the Marvin Gaye classic Let's Get It On. Still this reviewer would have preferred to hear more of Four Star's New Orleans' Jazz which had definitely had the crowd dancing to the lively music rather than hearing over covers like the theme to Sanford and Son or Jackson Five's I'll Be There.

Don't let the band name fool you into thinking they rock with a metal or hardcore guitar rock sound, blogspot readers, they could but don't. Actually it's the direct opposite. Furious Frank operates within the realm of eclectic eccentricities when it comes to their core rock music and sound which at times has the band going in different genre directions ...meshing one or two at the same time thus creating a "new" unique music for each song. This was no surprise for SouthSide when reviewing Frank's CD release set which featured a few songs off their the Map & the Territory album since she was expecting nothing but fun ecelectic rock music to highlight the whimsical tall tales heard in the lyrics. After opening with an intense "furious" intro to prepare the crowd for a highly charged show, Frank in the mood to party all night long wasted no time in hitting the ears with upbeat tempo amidst a fast-paced rush of sound to get your feat groovin' to band's music. This reviewer doesn't know any other band that can rock a stage with an electrified Americana folk and Latin tango rhythms (as heard in Undercover - loved the crescendo rises with a carnivale tone to it) or Irish folk rock (as heard in Whiskey Row) as well as Czech folk music for Frank's Czech Xmas in Texas (which features Czech lyrics) and gyspy (as heard in Lament). SouthSide warned you - this band's eccentricities is what keeps them not being boxed into a single genre or music category. Furious Frank produced the type of music that's meant for standing and listening ...it did inspire a few on the main floor (and balcony) to dance long to the whimsical vibe during Whiskey Row and their Doors' cover of Alabama Song (which had this eclectic mesh of Irish/gypsy sound). If you think that's a little off, listen to the story about Giles Corey which was performed amidst a bluegrass/rockabilly sound before getting furiously rocked by the band's intensity in Trust Yer Rifle. SouthSide highly recommends letting your own eccentricity shine while rockin' with her friend, Furious Frank, at their next performance. For more information about this band, visit http://www.furiousfrank.net or on their Facebook page.

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29 Mar 12

Hey, blogspot readers, let's go clubbin'! Tonight, SouthSide's hitting the club circuit within the fashionable River North area to check out three rockin' band at Vision Nightclub. Located inside Excalibur (oh what fond and fun memories dancing there), this club hosted another Live In The Dome showcase which features local music every Thursday night with drink specials. This week's Dome lineup included locals The Lucky Dutch and Apollo House with Sons of the West (Ohio) opening. Contact Phil Rizzo at phil@visionnightclub.com if you would like to get your band featured during the next Live In The Dome showcase.

SouthSide recommends checking The Lucky Dutch at their next performance that featured a smokin' hot mix of soulful R&B and Blues sound amidst an electrifying guitar rock and energetic keyboard rhtyhms. This reviewer liked the contrasting vocals demonstrated by guitarist Nathan (deep soulful falsettos that melted the microphone) and keyboardist Claire (fiery spirit and expressive body language). However, SouthSide noted that Claire's vocals could have used more dynamic volume to be vividly heard about the band's momentous sound especially while also doing backing vocals to Nathan. Still, Dutch had this cool floetry persona going whenever amidst their eclectic music mesh that sometimes truly brought upon the electrified guitar riff power during an upbeat tempo. But on the flipside, they turned Vision into a smoky Blues club when creating that steamy atmosphere to wrap the audience inside the intense sound while in the instrumental bridge, blogspot readers. This band gave its audience plenty of chills and thrills from start to finish full of riveting energy which rocked the club til the very last note. For more information about The Lucky Dutch, visit the band on its Facebook page.

SouthSide also recommends getting to know her new friend, Apollo House at their next show (happening April 7 at Tonic Room), blogspot readers, for the band's electrifying, heart-pounding rush of guitar rock music and sound. It was pure a hardcore rush and homage of 70s guitar rock bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin (as heard during the opening song - Medicine Head), Guess Who and a little Grand Funk Railroad meshed somewhere inside the bluesy riffs. Apollo totally captured and honed into their influence vibe quite well to get your head banging to the music's intensity (Heartbreaker) ...and the bridge - that's where the music actually does all of the speaking for the band. There were bursts of energy everywhere amidst the twitterpating riffs especially when chords began zig zagging (during Not Afraid) to which one could literally feel the electrified vibrations coursing in the veins as Apollo pulls you deeper into that psychedelia rock groove (Stray). And besides boosting hot rockin' music, Joe (front man on guitars) fired up the audience with his strong dynamic falsetto voice to vividly match his band's electrified sound. There wasn't a moment when you didn't feel that emotional angst being poured over the microphone, blogspot readers, or that heartache especially during Sweet Deceit when he hit that high falsetto note. Even though the band doesn't often play this song live (and SouthSide says they should), Apollo's electric blues truly spotlighted how deep Joe's vocal emotion range could go throughout even while the riffs match his tone inside a downtempo rhythm. For more information about Apollo House, visit the band at http://www.apollohouse.bandcamp.com or on their Facebook page.

This band opened this edition of Live In The Dome with what bassist Nick called "...gut-punching whiskey teardrop rock...", blogspot readers, amidst some "...Blues, soul..." (front man Anthony) and "...hard pop..." (drummer Gregg). SouthSide recommends getting to know her new friend Sons Of The West at their next performance (with a couple happening in May at Lincoln Hall and in St. Charles). What attracted this reviewer to the band was the trio's electric energy which set the stage ablazed with rockin' twitterpating riffs and upswing rhythmic sound. At times there was an intense rush of highly charged music wafting throughout the club. On the flipside, Sons also had this mellow side to their electric blues in which brought out just more than the romanticism heard within the lyrics and a soulful sound but also emotional fury deep inside front man Anthony's falsetto. During the Sons' cover of the Bill Withers classice Ain't No Sunshine, SouthSide was deeply moved by Anthony's emotional angst vividly heard as he sung especially while doing the famous "I know I know" line where he truly poured out the heartache. Anthony suggested listening to the band's earliest songs - Tennesse Dirt or Black Blood because "...I feel they show how the band came to be and ...can hear the direction we are going..." SouthSide enjoyed Black Blood's heart-pounding blues/rock sound in which Anthony rocked the mic with his unique combination of raw heartfelt vocals and the band had the energy to match him note for note. This trio definitely produced momentous sound of electrifying rock music with very little effort, blogspot readers. According to Anthony as he revealed the secret to what brings fans back to their show, "...[we're] always putting everything we have into every show and making sure that the performance can connect with people..." Bassist Nick agreed adding "...it has to do with stuff we do off stage too. Just making connections and friendships with everyone you can and generally being good, reliable, consistent person makes doing promotional stuff way easier..." Coming to Chicago via Columbus, Ohio, SouthSide asked the band for their thoughts about the local scene there. Anthony replied saying "...the music scene in Columbus feels more cohesive..." compared to Chicago's "...and it's a lot friendlier to underage people with more underage show...There's a lot more networking and there's a strong connection between bands..." Meanwhile Nick said the scene in Columbus is smaller but here in Chicago "...[the] amount of venues and musicians out there are really provides a lot more opportunities to play and meet people...it's easier to carve out your own individual identity as a band in Chicago..." For more information about Sons Of The West, visit them at http://www.sonsofthewest.bandcamp.com or on their Facebook page.

Until next time, support your local scene,