Tuesday, April 10, 2012

01 Apr 12 - part 2

After another SouthSide mad dash using CTA transit and bus from Rogers Park to Wicker Park, this reviewer arrived in time to party (again) duringthe April Fool's Day Fan Appreciation show. Held at Double Door, this $1 show featured a variety of music performances by friends Paragon and The Walking Shadows along with Chinese Professionals, Still Searching, I Attack and Persistence of Memory.

Chinese Pro 1 Chinese Pro 3
SouthSide highly suggests checking out the awesome drum kit setup while rockin' to the intense, electrifying combination of percussion and electric guitar instrumental epic rock by the duo known as Chinese Professionals. These two musicians (drummer Victor and guitarist Peter also part of the band Big Electric) not only vibrantly warmed up the auidence and tonight's lineup, blogspot readers, but also wowed everyone including SouthSide with a hot energizing sound of percusssion rhythms and electric riffs. How amazing was Victor's drum kit - the best place to view him working it was at the balcony where he was literally surrounded by many different cymbals, tom drums and more. And believe it or not, he used every single piece of equipment attached throughout Professionals' performance. This reviewer enjoyed the duo's rock intensity felt as well as heard via the boisterious sound in which the musicians fed off each other's electrifying vibe amidst the epic instrumental music. Visit http://www.gigity.tv/ChineseProfessionals or VicsDrumShop Facebook page for when and where Chinese Professionals will be performing again.

Paragon 3 Paragon 4
Looking for a band with that unique hardcore metal sound that features intense melodies and fierce heartfelt vocals? SouthSide highly suggests rockin' with her friends Paragon at their next performance, blogspot readers. This local band combined two unseemingly complicated though compatiable pairs into one hot metallic vibe that had the audience feeling the energized music and voice (by front man/guitarist Nate) besides hearing it. Paragon enjoys immersing their audience deep within realistic as well as emotional metal rock like especially during the instrumental bridges to songs like The Fire Inside. Nate with his heartfelt angst popped the lyrics to life between blood curdling guitar intros and momentous finishes for your headbanging enjoyment, blogspot readers. Off Paragon's self-titled CD, SouthSide recommends listening to tracks 5 (Stray Love) and 6 (Bitch Girl) where this band's version of love ballads take on a whole new meaning - it's not pretty yet very difficult to obtain and maintain amigst that metal intensity. Also recommended for listening - tracks 2 (The One Bridge I'll Burn), 8 (Leaving) and 11 (Pancake) even though every song on this CD is worthy ...so crank the volume up. For more information, visit Paragon at http://www.musicbyparagon.com.

There are two kinds of poetry, blogspot readers. The kind that spouts flowery prose of love and adoration like a Shakespearean sonnet. Then there's the other kind that's not so flowery or pretty with its words of love because they can cut like a sharp knife to the heart. Meet SouthSide's dark poetic masters of the Goth/rock kind - The Walking Shadows. Unlike its musically dramatic twin, The Dead Superheroes Orchestra, Walking featured more a darker, hardcore Goth/industrial tone within its music while poetically spewing vicious verses about love, hate and death. It's still dramatic but not the pretty kind ...not one bit, blogspot readers. Still there's plenty of haunting mystery laid deep within the band's moody synth-guitar combination in which one can feel the double edge sword of crescendo rhythms and riffs piercing the soul. You'll definitely bleed from the heart when listening to songs like Crusader (electrifying guitar riffs that rip amidst the "beautiful" rhythms yet that can be deceiving when meshed together), Bullet Holes In Our Hearts (beware of the one who loves you the most ...and last) and The Devil You Never Name (some of us have a passion which needs to be kept a secret). SouthSide highly suggests ditching Shakespeare for a moment and try The Walking Shadows' This It Not Poetry music - you might discover how ugly, dark and deceiving love really can be. For more information, visit the band at http://www.thewalkingshadows.com.

SS 2 SS 3
SouthSide also highly suggests rockin' to the energetic pop/rock sounds of her new friend, Still Searching at the band's next performance. This reviewer enjoyed the highly intense energy Still brought to their audience the moment each member stepped onto the stage. With three guitars rockin' the venue, this band's brand of music had the lively "get up and dance" attitude and pop sound in which kept them hoppin' like Energizer bunnies after having way too many Monster Energy drinks, blogspot readers. It was wild, crazy unstoppable fun (even for a Sunday night) that not one inch of the stage space was left untouched while performin songs like All Over and Dance. Though within a downtempo love ballad, Closer, Still Searching continued to exhibit that their intense energy had never left the building amdist fierce twitterpating riffs as front man Chris shined on the mic with his heartfelt vocals. SouthSide says be prepared to shake that booty while listening to this band's contagious pop vibe - perfect for any Saturday night dance crowd. Visit http://www.wearestillsearching.com for more information on when and where this band is performing again.

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