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29 Mar 12

Hey, blogspot readers, let's go clubbin'! Tonight, SouthSide's hitting the club circuit within the fashionable River North area to check out three rockin' band at Vision Nightclub. Located inside Excalibur (oh what fond and fun memories dancing there), this club hosted another Live In The Dome showcase which features local music every Thursday night with drink specials. This week's Dome lineup included locals The Lucky Dutch and Apollo House with Sons of the West (Ohio) opening. Contact Phil Rizzo at phil@visionnightclub.com if you would like to get your band featured during the next Live In The Dome showcase.

SouthSide recommends checking The Lucky Dutch at their next performance that featured a smokin' hot mix of soulful R&B and Blues sound amidst an electrifying guitar rock and energetic keyboard rhtyhms. This reviewer liked the contrasting vocals demonstrated by guitarist Nathan (deep soulful falsettos that melted the microphone) and keyboardist Claire (fiery spirit and expressive body language). However, SouthSide noted that Claire's vocals could have used more dynamic volume to be vividly heard about the band's momentous sound especially while also doing backing vocals to Nathan. Still, Dutch had this cool floetry persona going whenever amidst their eclectic music mesh that sometimes truly brought upon the electrified guitar riff power during an upbeat tempo. But on the flipside, they turned Vision into a smoky Blues club when creating that steamy atmosphere to wrap the audience inside the intense sound while in the instrumental bridge, blogspot readers. This band gave its audience plenty of chills and thrills from start to finish full of riveting energy which rocked the club til the very last note. For more information about The Lucky Dutch, visit the band on its Facebook page.

SouthSide also recommends getting to know her new friend, Apollo House at their next show (happening April 7 at Tonic Room), blogspot readers, for the band's electrifying, heart-pounding rush of guitar rock music and sound. It was pure a hardcore rush and homage of 70s guitar rock bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin (as heard during the opening song - Medicine Head), Guess Who and a little Grand Funk Railroad meshed somewhere inside the bluesy riffs. Apollo totally captured and honed into their influence vibe quite well to get your head banging to the music's intensity (Heartbreaker) ...and the bridge - that's where the music actually does all of the speaking for the band. There were bursts of energy everywhere amidst the twitterpating riffs especially when chords began zig zagging (during Not Afraid) to which one could literally feel the electrified vibrations coursing in the veins as Apollo pulls you deeper into that psychedelia rock groove (Stray). And besides boosting hot rockin' music, Joe (front man on guitars) fired up the audience with his strong dynamic falsetto voice to vividly match his band's electrified sound. There wasn't a moment when you didn't feel that emotional angst being poured over the microphone, blogspot readers, or that heartache especially during Sweet Deceit when he hit that high falsetto note. Even though the band doesn't often play this song live (and SouthSide says they should), Apollo's electric blues truly spotlighted how deep Joe's vocal emotion range could go throughout even while the riffs match his tone inside a downtempo rhythm. For more information about Apollo House, visit the band at http://www.apollohouse.bandcamp.com or on their Facebook page.

This band opened this edition of Live In The Dome with what bassist Nick called "...gut-punching whiskey teardrop rock...", blogspot readers, amidst some "...Blues, soul..." (front man Anthony) and "...hard pop..." (drummer Gregg). SouthSide recommends getting to know her new friend Sons Of The West at their next performance (with a couple happening in May at Lincoln Hall and in St. Charles). What attracted this reviewer to the band was the trio's electric energy which set the stage ablazed with rockin' twitterpating riffs and upswing rhythmic sound. At times there was an intense rush of highly charged music wafting throughout the club. On the flipside, Sons also had this mellow side to their electric blues in which brought out just more than the romanticism heard within the lyrics and a soulful sound but also emotional fury deep inside front man Anthony's falsetto. During the Sons' cover of the Bill Withers classice Ain't No Sunshine, SouthSide was deeply moved by Anthony's emotional angst vividly heard as he sung especially while doing the famous "I know I know" line where he truly poured out the heartache. Anthony suggested listening to the band's earliest songs - Tennesse Dirt or Black Blood because "...I feel they show how the band came to be and ...can hear the direction we are going..." SouthSide enjoyed Black Blood's heart-pounding blues/rock sound in which Anthony rocked the mic with his unique combination of raw heartfelt vocals and the band had the energy to match him note for note. This trio definitely produced momentous sound of electrifying rock music with very little effort, blogspot readers. According to Anthony as he revealed the secret to what brings fans back to their show, "...[we're] always putting everything we have into every show and making sure that the performance can connect with people..." Bassist Nick agreed adding "...it has to do with stuff we do off stage too. Just making connections and friendships with everyone you can and generally being good, reliable, consistent person makes doing promotional stuff way easier..." Coming to Chicago via Columbus, Ohio, SouthSide asked the band for their thoughts about the local scene there. Anthony replied saying "...the music scene in Columbus feels more cohesive..." compared to Chicago's "...and it's a lot friendlier to underage people with more underage show...There's a lot more networking and there's a strong connection between bands..." Meanwhile Nick said the scene in Columbus is smaller but here in Chicago "...[the] amount of venues and musicians out there are really provides a lot more opportunities to play and meet people...it's easier to carve out your own individual identity as a band in Chicago..." For more information about Sons Of The West, visit them at http://www.sonsofthewest.bandcamp.com or on their Facebook page.

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