Tuesday, December 15, 2015

12 Dec 15

"How do you know there's a drummer at the door? He doesn't know when to enter."

"I wanna polka all night ...and  eat pierogi every day..."
The Polkaholics

 Let's have some holiday fun, blogspot readers! It has been one heck out of year for this rock-n-roll gal now chef of a reviewer. And tonight, SouthSide is once again treating herself to a night on the town ...partying as well as polka-ing with her internationally famous friends - The Polkaholics!
SouthSide does polka? 

Of course, she does. Yet, blogspot readers, this is your ordinary, run of the mill polka band. No, this local trio is widely known for their unique polka fusion of punk, classic rock, even some reggae too and other things Don and his band can mix within the traditional polka sound. However, tonight's show was a little bit different. Toss in some twisted holiday and Christmas tunes and you definitely have one wild and crazy night of polka!

To help them kick off the fun festivities, another local band, Letterbomb, got the crowd inside Phyllis Musical Inn warmed up with their brand of angered punk rock style. It's not so much of the "anger" that really gets your head banging to the music, blogspot readers. It's the wicked electric riffs and the thumping bass rhythms which automatically gets the heart pumping to the boisterous beat fused inside Letterbomb's 70s classic punk style. And, believe SouthSide ...they truly honed in the spirits of classic Ramones and The Clash for their sound. Also she enjoyed how the band shared in the vocal duties though Mike (on guitar) was the rock-n-roll front man of this band. Loved the Che shirt he was wearing. Anyway, Letterbomb entertained us with such tunes as Key Party (that 70s swinging party game when couples would drop keys in bowl and then swop partners) and Riot in between a bit of comedic banter and jokes. They did make this beginning set rather interesting while performing The Band's classic song "The Weight" but done in a punk rock rhythm. This reviewer has to admit - it truly works within a faster tempo pace and hardcore guitar riff. Definitely not what she was expecting upon listening to Letterbomb's version.  Oh yeah, check out their version of Run, Run Rudolph too. It was a gas, blogspot readers!.  This reviewer highly suggests checking out this band in 2016 when they release their vinyl (yep, it's a record to played on a record player, blogspot readers, not hung on a wall) album soon. For more information about this band, visit them on Facebook or http://www.lettterbomb.net/.

 The Polkaholics....

...what can SouthSide say more about this polka-loving band? She has seen them so many times that another review isn't really necessary, blogspot readers. However since this is their annual polka holiday show ...and it's usually never the same like last year's, she'll give you the highlights of tonight's fun in you weren't there ...or if you were there, you missed a few things while dancing a jig near the front of the stage. In any case, what a crazy night it was. Don and the band were simply being Don and the band ...rockin' out Phyllis Musical Inn with a special double set of twisted holiday music and their classic The Polkaholics hits like Beer Garden, Old Style, and Who Stole the Kishka. Yet there were others such as The Polkaholics Are Coming To Town, Ten Drinks to the Floor and of course the fan favorite - The Chicken Dance. Now there wouldn't be a performance if The Polkaholics didn't play this song at all, blogspot readers, because it really gets the crowd dancing along with them. 

Still that's the command of the night - dance, dance and dance with
them! Besides the music, you even get some educational fun facts too! Here's something even SouthSide didn't know ...the Aussies have discovered a way to drink beer in space ...as in outer space ...to which the trio dedicated Space Polka to the people down under. (Also did you know they produce more beer than any other country in the world? Shocking isn't it?) For over 18 years, The Polkaholics have been spreading the polka love across the city of Chicago as well as across the pond ...and this reviewer doesn't see them slowing down anytime soon. Not when you have an energetic front man like Don who will climb a bar stool onto the bar counter and rock out your bar, blogspot readers! Hey check out other songs like Barfly Waltz Polka ...Sausages and Sauerkraut for Santa ...Kiss My Polka (in which this reviewer loved the reggae rhythms intertwining with the polka sound. Oh yeah, blogspot readers, catch that polka fever when seeing The Polkaholics at their next show. For more information about this band, visit them on Facebook or http://www.thepolkaholics.com/.

 Yes, blogspot readers, he's actually standing on the bar counter!

Until next time, support your local scene,

07 Nov 15 JBTV - The March Violets

Last month, SouthSide treated herself to a night on the town with a very special guest - her teen daughter! Together, they attended another live taping at the world famous JBTV studio and saw The March Violets rock the stage once again. 

Here are some photos from that taping...

Until next time,support your local scene,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ich Seh Ich Seh [Goodnight Mommy] (2015)

*****Contains no spoilers*****

Are you my mother?

Besides it being the title of a famous Dr. Seuss book, it's the question that was floating around SouthSide's head when viewing this creepy, psychological haunt of a ghost story titled Ich Seh Ich Seh aka Goodnight Mommy. This Austrian film, with English subtitles, offers the cinema enthusiast over 90 minutes of intriguing, intense, nail-biting moments amidst a heavy cloud of mystery surrounding two twin boys (Lukas and Elias Schwarz) and their mother (Susanne Wuest), who spends majority of the film shrouded behind a face mask due to recent surgery. 

Yet the question remains when the boys notice huge difference about their "mother" - is she really their mother?

Goodnight Mommy opens with scenes of Lukas and Elias romping through the corn field and forest, swimming in the lake and exploring a dark tunnel (a very suspenseful scene as you're gradually led inside without ever knowing why or what's awaiting for you) until the next scenes finds them back home where their mother has returned from surgery. Isolated in the middle nowhere in Austria (miles and miles away from Vienna, SouthSide suppose), they're given a cold, unloving welcome from her who immediately complains about their dirty clothes. 

It was strange to watch a woman shower love and attention on Elias rather than equally with both boys to have this reviewer scratching her head ...wondering why a mother has so much animosity towards Lukas. She's definitely won the "Joan 'Mommy Dearest' Crawford" award, blogspot readers. Her changed personality sparks intrigue and their quest to determine if she's really their mother. And do they ever go through lengths torturing this woman who's recovering from facial reconstructive surgery in their efforts to find out who (or what) she is. From monstrous-sized beetles to super gluing her lips shut, the boys inflict sadistic methods and acts of torture which had SouthSide's skin crawling during certain moments until the bitter yet shocking, fiery end.

So was she their mother? What really happened to her which she needed facial surgery? What did Elias do to cause the "accident"? And why are the Austrian Red Cross volunteers (collecting donations) so nosey
and pushy?

Those questions and many more that will never be answered, blogspot readers.

SouthSide loves movies like Goodnight Mommy that have her scratching her head and analyzing the plot as well as conclusion. Yep, this psycho-horror movie will force you to think, analyze, discuss while deeply submerged amidst the mysterious plot-line from beginning to end. 

Writers/directors Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz gives you all the clues needed throughout the movie to support the arguments for and against ...leaving your mind twisted to either convince you that she IS or NOT their mother, blogspot readers. And believe SouthSide, she was siding with Lukas and Elias. That's the beauty about this movie. The subtle plot twists and fiery surprise at the end (which will have you discussing with other movie patrons) are just some of the things this movie that kept this reviewer (as well as her daughter) glued to her seat ...or sometimes gripping it. However, that same question was also the distraction to real plot of the movie which revolves around the boys, Lukas and Elias, besides their mother. One of them is not what he appears to be.

Sorry, blogspot readers, SouthSide will not reveal which twin it pertains to or the many hints dropped throughout the movie. 

It was shot beautifully. She loved how they lived in this modern (mostly glass) house in the middle of nowhere that's surrounded by a corn field and forest. What a strange place and way to live where your nearest neighbor could be thity or more away for help. Though it's never explained why a mother would choose such a place to raise her sons, it's the crucial crux of the Ich Seh Ich Seh's story to which easily immerses you into the daily activities of Elias' and Lukas' isolated life while their mother also stays isolated in her room recovering from surgery. Isolation can be so creepy and very unnerving, blogspot readers. It can slowly turn child's thoughts towards a path of becoming twisted and crazy. And that happens so quickly during the scene where they're playing "Who Am I?" with their mother and she doesn't get the hint the person she guessing is herself.

SouthSide's teen daughter only had this to say "...what a messed up, creepy movie..."

Absolutely a "must see" type of movie if you want to know the haunting plot twist and abruptly strange conclusion that will leave you dazed and confused for hours ...discussing it with others.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Green Inferno (2015)


SouthSide has a simple request.

She wants a t-shirt ...a "I just saw Eli Roth's The Green Inferno and survived" t-shirt ...autographed by the director of Hostel and Cabin Fever himself.

Only because she saw this movie alone as in no one else was in the movie theatre (for the first showing) with her. Just SouthSide and her root beer soda and popcorn ...alone in the semi-darkness viewing one of the most terrifying sadistic Eli Roth films to date. In a nutshell, blogspot readers, The Green Inferno makes Hostel look like a pacifying cakewalk. It will take raw nerves of steel, a strong stomach and a weird fascination for cannibalism to behold the intense scenes when our stranded bunch of good-doing, "Don't think, act!" activists from a New York City university find themselves on the other side of the dinner menu.

So don't expect any "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", blogspot readers. Yet, do expect plenty of "who's going to be next" on the menu moments throughout the second half of the movie.

Basically, The Green Inferno opens with two strong socio-political messages. First, the greed of modern civilization to find new sources of natural energy is destroying indigenous native tribes and their way of life. Second, many of the millennial generation could care less about socio-political issues OR fake their concern. Just remember, blogspot readers, not all of the world's problems can be solved by hiring an army of lawyers and attorneys.

At the beginning of Eli's movie, we meet a wide-eyed and very impressionable freshman named Justine (Lorenza Izzo), whose father just happens to be a lawyer for the United Nations, who joins the local activist group in hopes of saving an indigenous tribe from being bulldozed out of the rain forest by a greedy corporation for the abundant supply of hidden natural resources in that particular area of the jungle. Everything seems to go according to the group leader's (Alejandro played by Ariel Levy) plan upon their arrival to Peru. He has their course of action of how to stop the bulldozers and armed militia down to a science ...or so Justine thought when used as a pawn during terrifying confrontation with militia leader and his 9 mm pointed directly at her head.

Hooray, for the good guy activists! They "win" making their point to save the rain forest by blasting their mobile cam films on social media. However since this is an Eli Roth film ...there will be no real happy ending. Not in The Green Inferno because disaster unexpectedly strikes which strands a few of the activists deep within the heart of the Peruvian rain forest ...where they "meet" an indigenous tribe they're trying to save from the greedy corporation and the bulldozers. Their rescuers from an impending doom of large insects, wild creatures and such these carefully clothed (to hide female and male anatomy body parts) are not. And if what's seen as they are welcome into the tribe's village was any indication of the activists' fate ...well, let's just say, it doesn't look good for any of them surviving beyond the night, blogspot readers.

Who will outwit, outlast, and survive Eli Roth's sadistic menu plan? SouthSide would say but of course won't.

Oh, do stay for the credits ...a couple if interesting surprises come at the end of the movie.

The Green Inferno is Eli Roth's homage to not only another infamous cannibal movie - Cannibal Holocaust, but to others like Cannibal Apocalypse, White Slave, Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (SouthSide remembers viewing that movie ...oops porn before), Faces of Death, Eaten Alive and many more. Yet, in this reviewer's opinion, Eli was mostly inspired by the Italian film - Cannibal Holocaust especially during the intense horrifying cannibalistic scenes of beheading and disembowelment. Talk about SouthSide hiding behind her notebook when watching an activist named Jonah (Aaron Burns) become unlucky dinner victim number one as he's gouged and then hacked to pieces while alive and screaming. 

And good call to use an actual Peruvian indio tribe (especially the woman leader of the tribe and the bald head hunter - creepy as you know what) as part of the movie. They truly portrayed their cannibalistic roles with such expertise and believable personas, blogspot readers. Though it's said there aren't any cannibalistic tribes in the Amazon rain forest, just watching them dine on their hapless victims made this reviewer believe wholeheartedly there were. Found an interesting about this tribe. They thought Cannibal Holocaust was funny after Eli showed them the movie ...they had never seen one (a movie) before. 

Yep, he spares no expense on the blood and intensity of each cannibalistic scene, blogspot readers. At one point, he makes you want to root for the cannibal tribe to pick Alejandro as the next dinner item after he tells the remaining survivors what really happened after their social media stunt against the corporation. Actually, SouthSide knew there was something quite suspicious about Alejandro's friend, Carlos (Matias Lopez) when introduced to the other naive activists. 

Besides cannibalism and the modern world's destruction of the rain forests and indigenous tribes, Eli also touches briefly on female genitalia mutilation and how it's not just done in certain African tribes but also within the Muslim religion and this particular native Peruvian indio tribe.The subject might make you a little squeamish but it's a known fact that when done on young girls (as young as 12 or younger ...depending on the age of getting the first menstrual cycle) that they're crudely cut and bound to allow the wounds to heal.

The Green Inferno - see it ...definitely worth the price of the ticket...

Until next time, support your local scene, blogspot readers,

Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Music Review

Hey, blogspotr readers, more new music poised and ready to heat up your summertime fun with inspiration, dance/club. shoegaze and more.

She highly recommends checking out the following artists mentioned below...

Femme Fatality (Los Angeles)

“…I’m the pleasure to you pain…” such chilling words that will give goosebumps , blogspot readers. SouthSide’s friends from LA recently released their 5-track album – Stranger and she must say she got spine-tingling chills from the dark electronic pop tone throughout the entire album. The sound has the feel of Marilyn Manson yet it’s all Femme as this band takes the ears into the mysterious world of a creepiness with a “stranger” especially while listening to the opening title track. This particular song sets the mood and pace before giving you some dance electronica during “Old Fashioned and being haunted by Femme’s “Ghost” (loved the slink, sexiness and vibin’ sound.). Word of caution, be careful while venturing into the “One Man Town”.

“Let Go!” (single)
Structure (Boston)

Even though not really a big fan of House Jam genre, this reviewer recommends checking out this latest single by DJ Structure. She enjoyed the rhythms flowing within this track. Plus, she liked the NOLA-inspired bounce style combined with the crowd-pleasing bass drops and rises that will get your club/party clientele excitedly bouncing to the digital twists and turns throughout the electronic beats. Expect to find this single at a club this summer near you, blogspot readers.

“My Favourite” (single)
Danny Darko (Italy) ft Jova Radevska

Here’s another club/party dance track in which SouthSide liked, blogspot readers. Danny’s latest single – “My Favourite” featuring the soft pop vocals from Macedonian singer Jova Radevska (UK). Awesome combination of her voice breathing life to the words against Danny’s unique techno style …a funky beat that will get the party jumping even though it’s somewhat laidback. More like a cool down track in between a fast, lively and more bass.

“Get Higher” (single)
Palaye Royale (Nevada)

If you haven’t heard about this band (like SouthSide first did), you’ll probably hear more about them soon, blogspot readers. Perhaps, you might recognize the name as the first unsigned band to win an MTV award or heard this single in a Samsung commercial. What this reviewer liked about this band (after watching the video to this song) was their unique fashion art rock style and sound. They’re definitely NOT trying to imitate or be like anyone. SouthSide liked the rousing yet intense energy felt throughout this track from beginning to end. Hopefully as this band embarks on a national tour, they make a stop in Chicago before returning to the studio to work on a full length album.

“No Ringer” (single)
Grounders (Canada)

When you want to something to mellow out within a dreamy yet a drenched reverb sound, SouthSide suggests checking out Grounders’ latest single – “No Ringer”. She thoroughly enjoyed floating this band’s melodic, meditative-like soundwave, blogspot readers, amidst the gritty synth and psychedelic, space age guitar work. There are moments when the sound shimmers with an homage to The Velvet Underground and The Zombies however it’s not wise to compare them to the two. Grounders reinvents the best of the two and incorporates it especially for this particular track (featuring front man Andrew on vocals). He has a haunting and quite mysterious way of lulling you into the band’s dreamy trance-like rhythmic vibe.

Note – if you’re in Chicago, Grounders will be performing live at Fizz Bar & Grill on June 20.

“Black Swan” (single)
Astrid’s Tea Party (UK)

SouthSide would like to invite everyone to check out this post-punk, electric shock single by the British band, Astrid’s Tea Party. Their “Black Swan” immediately grabs your attention with an intense blast of electronic punk rhythms before soothing the ears to cool femme fatale vocals in front of a vibrant electro-punk sound. It’s a rockin’ mix of vocals and electricity …a funky combination of piano synth and guitar rock to provide that “shock” of music, blogspot readers, that will have you dancing to the beat. Plus Astrid’s lead vocalist does add plenty of “wow” factor towards the end of the track when pumping some soulful power of vocal angst into the chorus – Adele has nothing on her in this department.

“Feel Alive” (single)
Aleks Grey (UK)

Need some inspiration in your life? Need to feel alive? SouthSide suggests take a listen to this new single by Aleks Grey (Aleksander Raftevold) and his latest single “Feel Alive”. This song bursts with such vibrant inspirational lyrics (“…clap your hand and sing the words you like / it doesn’t matter now / nothing matters now / you’re born to feel alive…”) and energy that makes you feel alive (no pun intended) with Aleks and his band. Having a catchy tune full of melodic rhythms and vocal harmonies, this particular song was designed and written to help lift up your spirit …to give you hope …to make you appreciate each and every day you’re living on this earth. On a personal note, this reviewer’s daughter gave this song her own thumbs up after taking a listen while having a bad day, blogspot readers.

“Don’t Fool Yourself” (single)
Pop Noir (UK / Los Angeles)

Within this particular single, SouthSide can hear a bit of her favorite electronic/dance duo, The Pet Shop Boys (maybe a bit of Depeche Mode too), in this duo’s “Don’t Fool Yourself”, blogspot readers. Yet, she’s not comparing Pop Noir to them because with this track, this reviewer was dancing along to their unique rhythmic club/techno beat especially at the bridge (where you’ll hear a bit of PSB homage). Expect to hear this track at a club near you all summer long …it’s a fun track to be suave, sexy within Pop Noir’s tight club scene rhythms that’s sure to keep you dancing all night.

“Voices” (single)
Lights That Change (UK)

SouthSide has found a new song to be played at the next Nocturna / Shimmer event, blogspot readers. Shoegaze / dreampop / ethereal wave fans, this reviewer highly suggests checking out this single “Voices” by Lights That Change. Though finding herself slowly moving along to the haunting yet mysterious vocals by Mandy, it was mainly the music behind the hypnotic siren that truly caught SouthSide’s immediate attention. Think The Cure mixed with a dash of Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins when listening to this particular song – it’s an homage to the three not imitating them. The dreampop sound with a touch of ethereal wave punk will definitely keep you flowing within the mystic melodic rhythms.

Until next time, support your local scene,


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Music review

Hey, blogspot readers - SouthSide's up to her ears with new music ...locally and nationally as well as internationally with more arriving into her inbox every single day! There's something for everyone to enjoy this spring / summer of 2015. 

She highly recommends checking out the following artists/bands...

“Poison the Well” – single
Movement I
Textures of Lions
Local band rockin’ the stage with their brand of hard-hitting, guitar experimental/progressive rock, blogspot readers to which had this reviewer liking its gritty sound (especially during track 1 – “The Golden Age”) …plenty of wicked riffs to keep the head banging to the intense yet raw rhythms …basically, this band lets its music do most of the talking for them in between lyrics (sung by front man Chris Pacific) …SouthSide recommends listening to “Pyramid Sky” for that dreamy electric pop feel as well as the featured single “Poison the Well”.

“Beneath the Sun” (ft Elisa Coia) – single
Creature In The Woods
Creature In The Woods
Check out this single by Brooklyn, NY producer (name withheld) who combines an interesting music flavor of psychedelic, dance, hip hop, downtempo and electronic with guest vocalists in this EP release. What SouthSide enjoyed about this artist retains a rhythmic floetry that’s not heavy relied upon the bass, blogspot readers. Sometimes, the tracks contain a light and airy feel as heard in the featured single “Beneath the Sun”…or take a dreamy cosmic trip around the universe in “In My Spaceship” (ft Elisa Coia and Stan Ipcus on vocals) …truly loved the bounce and rhythmic style …perfect for a club/dance scene.

“Trial and Error” – single
From the land of down under, comes this recent  EP release by Calais in which had SouthSide and test audience rockin’ to the band’s rock alternative sound …the reviewer enjoyed the vibrant guitar rhythms while the teen liked the danceable beat …says it’s what kids today like listening to especially during Calais’ featured single “Trial and Error”.

“White Dress” (ft Deutsch Duke)
Set Mo
From the Aussie duo, Nick and Stu, Set Mo has brought a refreshing sound as well as revival to House music, blogspot readers, with this single. Wow …that’s all this reviewer can say about the featured single “White Dress” (featuring vocalist Deutsch Duke) …it has a vibrant floetry yet rhythmic tone that’s perfect as a cool down effect at the club (also another club track that’s not heavy on the bass but will keep your club attendees glued to the floor).

“Frighteners” – video single
Check out this heavy metal from McAllen, TX that’s rockin’ YouTube with their latest singe – “Frighteners”, blogspot readers …the video has all of the right amount of creepiness as well as head banging, raw screamo rock to smack your face with …this reviewer suggests turning up the volume on the highest setting just to feel every ounce of intensity from front man Chris’ vocals and guitars.

“Legend” – single
From Ale Maria, Spain, it’s Anglo-Spanish rock that has this raw edgy yet gritty music appeal and feel that had this reviewer’s head banging to the band’s featured track – “Legend” …she was totally digging the retro sound …so fast and furious and sometimes quite dirty – that’s how she likes her rock-n-roll, blogspot readers.

“Liquidator” –single
The Dead Heavys
This reviewer is no stranger to rock music from the Emerald Isle however she was blown away (again) by what’s rockin’ across the pond by The Dead Heavys. Their latest single “Liquidator” immediately had SouthSide addicted to its psycho rock pop sound …featuring Aisling Browne of Cut Once (as guest vocalist – adding some intense yet soulful tone to this song), this single features plenty of excitable energy that builds up to “in your face” blast of music and vocals to get you groovin’ to the rhythms …now, she’s ready to hear the rest of the album.

Electric Brain Activity
Maniac du Jour
Lots of brain activity coming from this Italian band that includes a healthy dosage of heartfelt ballads and head banging grit of rock-n-roll, blogspot readers. SouthSide had a fun time rockin’ her ears to the electric soundwave vibin’ throughout this album due Maniac’s use of various genres represented. She recommends checking out the acoustic ballad “Red Butterfly” before getting smacked in the ears with tons of anger and guitar grit of “My Personal War” …this is where front man Paride makes you feel the frustration within his raspy vocals. She also recommends riding the electric dreamwave with Maniac in “Desert River” that will definitely float your brain activity away as you enjoy the calming, soothing effect of the guitar rhythms at the end of the album.

“On The Right Side” – single
By The Ocean By The Sea
Buffalo Sunn
Another band from the Emerald Isle rockin’ the local airwaves with their brand of alternative / cosmic rock sound. Buffalo Sunn had this reviewer (as well as the test audience) instantly grooving to the rhythmic vibe in which the featured single garnered a HUGE “thumbs up” from the teen …it’s something she’s currently into with other notable bands like Artic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, Foster The People. SouthSide is looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

New Politicians
Post-punk / alternative fans, SouthSide has found the “perfect” band for you! She suggests checking out New Politicians (from NJ) and their latest album– Remission just released last week. Seven tracks to which this reviewer found herself immediately submersed into the dark, moodiness (featuring plenty of electric post-punk rock) heard in featured songs like “Cut A Hole” and “Killer on the Mend”. Taking their cue and sound from the legendary post-punk band, The March Violets, blogspot readers, shouldn’t expect these guys to imitate and/or re-create …nope – they have elevate it their own style and electric soundwave. Though it was SO hard to choose which to spotlight, she was instantly hooked with “Revelator” and the dark poetry of “Images” …even “The Idealist” left her thinking but wanting more.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

May 2015

Hey, blogspot readers ...April showers have left a bunch of May flowers ...as well as shows and events happening not only in Chicago but elsewhere including London! SouthSide suspects it's going to be a very, very busy summer 2015 by the amount of events/shows/tours scheduled for the coming summer months ...she highly recommends checking out this month's calendar and attending a show or two.

Please note - all shows listed are 21+ unless otherwise stated.

May 1:
Moe’s Tavern – it’s M.P. May Madness with The Gold Web and Prom Date performing live at this Avondale neighborhood venue.

The End Zone Tap – get your taste of jam fusion (funk, rock, psychedelic, etc) with Digeometric!

Livewire Lounge – rock out with Private Instigators, Michael Braves, Jay Schraub and B-Movie Monsters.

Brauerhouse Lombard (Lombard, IL) – Armored Assualt shares the stage along with Two Ton Anvil and Speed Freak
18+ / 9p / $5 adv / $9 dos

Quenchers – Mayday Mayday! performs live with Cassettes On Tapes and Wired Minds
9p doors / $7

Gabe’s Backstage Lounge (Highwood, IL) – rock out with Thunderdriver, The Miners and The Caped Canaveral’s.

Red Line Tap – it’s M.D.C. (Millions of Dead Cops? or Multi-Death Corporation? or Millions of Dead Children? – take your pick in what the initials mean) from Austin, TX will be performing live along with Channel 3 (CA), Deathwish (WI), Destroy Everything, and Spare Change …special set by DJ Bashert.

Livewire Lounge – check out Michale Graves acoustic show with other  performing bands to be announced soon.

GRANDBAR – it’s Fatal Havoc with Control!
$5 / 6:30p doors

May 2:

Montrose Harbor – celebrate Kids & Kites Day
For more information, visit http://www.ChicagoKidsandKites.us
FREE / 10a

Double Door – Shoeshine Boy presents Graham Czach’s “Star by Star” EP record release featuring Cellars, Backyard Cohort and Todd Kessler (special solo acoustic performance).
8p / $10 adv / $12 dos / $20 VIP

27 Live (Evanston, IL) – Pink Floyd fans, spend a fantastic evening with In the Flesh, a premiere Pink Floyd tribute show.

Copernicus Center – Majowka – Mega Koncert Gwiard!
8p / $20 - $60

Bottom Lounge – Villains of the world unite! Mr. Agitator and his villainous crew will be rockin’ this venue!
17+ / $10

The Loaded Buffalo Bar & Grill (Mundelein, IL) – “Badge” and “Strangers” bring their Cream and UFO tribute shows to this venue.

Door No. 3 – it’s Deep Turnt with Olin (Smart Bar), Studio Casual (Smart Bar), special guest Gunnar Haslam (Argot, L.I.E.S. – NYC)
9p / $5 before 11p / $10 after 11p

Logan Theatre – check out Propeller, a VANS Skateboarding video.
8p & 9:30p show times

Subterranean – have some fun with Candy Town and Bubbles Brown!

Red Line Tap – attend Dance Paty with Expo 76!
$7 adv / $10 dos / 8p doors

10:30p / $8

May 3:
City Winery (Chicago) – spend a special Sunday brunching with Charming Axe and Sunnyside Up.
11a doors / $12 GA

May 4:
GRANDBAR –Stars Wars “May the fourth be with you” Libations event hosted by JoJo Baby …come a galaxy far, far away to party celebrating all things Star Wars!
No cover with music by Peter Propaganda

May 6:
Sidetrack – attend a Spring Wine Tasting Party …sample more than 100 wines (bottles and cases available for purchase).
6:30p / $20

May 7:
Concord Music Hall – Faith No More will be rockin’ the stage here!
18+ / 7p

May 8:
Double Door – it’s The Red Cartel (formerly Eat That Plastic) with Anthony Dario performing live here.
FREE show / 9p

Door No. 3 – PUSH Beats with DJs tba
FREE / 9p

Red Line Tap – Husker Du’ Grant Hart will be performing live along with Bear With Hawkfist, Adam Rebellious, Exploding Head Syndrome and Brandon Harrod featuring DJ Bashert.
$7 adv / $10 dos / 8p

The Throne Room - TAFKAVince Band will the rockin' the stage with The Demertis and The Polymer Twins!
$5 adv / $8 dos

May 9:
Double Door – Shoeshine Boy’s 15 th Anniversary show featuring live performances by The Central Standard, Bumpus, Mer, AyoH and Jordan Engelhardt.
7:30p doors / $10 adv / $15 dos / $20 VIP

The Throne Room – celebrate at Digeometric’s album release party featuring Shapes & Colors and Rusty Gates.
$9 adv / $12 dos

Beat Kitchen – rock out with Hero Monster Zero, Magatha Trysty, and She Rides Tiger.
6p doors / $8

Bada Brew Bar and Grill (Crest Hill, IL) - Central Disorder and Michael Angelo Batio will be performing live here.

Red Line Tap - The Locals along with Lifeaftersix and My Pal Val will be rockin' out this Rogers Park venue.
$5 adv / $7 dos

May 10:
Mother’s Day

Grant Park – Race for the Cure Chicago 10k / 5k / 5k timed run / 1 mile fun walk
For more information and registration, visit http://www.KomenChicago.org.

Lincoln Hall – attend this live performance featuring Young Fathers!
18+ / 8p

Red Line Tap - Foster Pussycat will be sharing the stage with 4Without, The Prowl and Lynch featuring set by DJ Bashert.
$12 adv / $15 dos

May 11:
Subterranean – William Control will bring his “Punishment Tour” to Chicago along with special guests The Neuromantic Boys, Requiem and Justin Symbol.
7p / $15 / 17+

Limelight Eventplex (Peoria, IL) – it’s Marilyn Manson performing live here.
$48 adv / $50 dos / 18+

GRANDBAR - Wormwood Collective Poetry Night moves to this venue.

May 13:
Door No. 3 – FABITAT: Safewords with Friends 2 nd Annual IML edition featuring live DJ sets by Adam El and Ldy Prblms with live performance by Modern Day Rippers with drag shows by Lucy Stoole, Joan Waters, Betty Kyle and Curlene Ribbon.
9p / FREE

Concord Music Hall – check out The Story So Far along with Four Year Strong, Terror and Souvenirs.
AA / 5p

Martyrs’ – it’s another dance party with Chicago Semi Sweet and Kreyol Roots!
8p / $7

May 14:
CafĂ© Mustache – Midwest Action presents Joyeux sharing the stage with Jesse W. Johnson and Matthew Kennedy

Double Door – rock out with Brewski with Triple S-Slang, Emmtee, Karma, Pyrothename, Jacoby, Gzus Piece (Treated Crew), Blacky Chan, Gordon Miller and V.
5p show / $10 adv / $15 dos / $20 VIP / AA

May 15 & 16:
Empty Bottle – it’s the annual HoZac Blackout Fest featuring live performances by The Real Kids and Cozy (on Friday) and The Avengers and Grosse Pointe (on Saturday) …and many more!

May 15 – 31:
London, UK (various venues) – it’s the 9 th annual London Burlesque Festival 2015 …17 days featuring 17 signature events and over 100 star performances!
For more information http://www.londonburlesquefest.com.

May 15:
Concord Music Hall – React presents Azealia Banks performs live!
6:30p / AA

Double Door – check out The Damnwells sharing the stage with Trapper Schoepp, The Cringe and Boh Doran.
$15 GA / $25 VIP

Martyrs’ – it’s Quiet Company sharing the stage with The Rocket Boys and Wally Dogger.
Visit http://www.martyrslive.com for tickets.

House of Blues (Chicago) – attend this event which pairs the ultimate craft beer and the best of Chicago’s local music …Local Brews Local Grooves featuring live performances by Windy City Duo, Keithen Banks Band (full band), The Shams Band, The Hemispheres, Bassel & The Supernaturals and many more.
VIP sampling and music begins at 4:30p
GA door time 5:30p
VIP $60 / GA $10

Firehouse Community Arts Center (2111 S. Hamlin) - attend We May'd It 2nd Annual showcase which spotlights deserving artists in the city such as AC, Henny B, Thomas DaVinci, Jinx, EMP and many more.

May 16:
Bottom Lounge – Nocturnica returns with your resident DJs c-LOS and Scary Lady Sarah with special guest DJ Venux …devoted to your current and future dark electronic music.
10p / $7

Bada Brew Bar & Grill (Crest Hill, IL) – rock out with Sinister Fate, Metamorphis and Grain Shifter.
Screams begin at 9p / $7

Double Door – dance the night away at Soul Summit: Free Dance Party with DJs Sloppy White, Dave Mata and Duke Grip …guest DJs tba.
9p / FREE / $10VIP ticket available

May 17:
House of Blues Chicago - rock out with Hatter's Riddle here!

Beat Kitchen - Concert for Kids present The Hamburglars! Robble Robble fun!

May 18:
Door No. 3 – Phantom Note Productions presents Otto Man sharing the stage with Box Sledder, Adults and Lust
FREE / 8p

May 19:
Double Door - Lo-Fang will be performing live at this venue.
7:30p / 18+ / $15 GA / $25 VIP

Liar’s Club – get punk’d with Butchered, Bottle Kids, Crab Legs (ND) and Welfare Beer League.

May 20:
Double Door – Rock Sin Anestesia and Riot Fest presents Kinky with Daniela Spala!
AA / 6:30p / $44.98

Door No. 3 – Rouge! Chicago’s Premiere Night of Electroswing with DJs Vourteque and Mr. Automatic with burlesque performance by Lady Lennox.
9p / FREE

May 21:
Uncommon Ground (Clark St loc) - check out Matt Feddermann and Luke Underhill performing live.

May 22:
27 Live (Evanston, IL) – locals whitewolfsonicprincess will be opening for The Rolling Clones.
$9 adv / $12 dos

The Throne Room – enjoy some dark symphonic rock by The Walking Shadows and Shutterline with Grace Kulp

Liar’s Club – punk out with Voice of Addiction, Get Up & Go, The Involuntarys (IN) and Rhetoric Vendetta

Red Line Tap - it's FUNKADESI rockin' this venue!
$18 adv / $20 dos

Double Door – attend this Sweetwater Session featuring Burnside & Hooker’s record release with Mason’s Case, Furious Frank and Felix & Lyons
8p doors / FREE with rsvp at http://www.do312.com

May 23:
Elbo Room – join Aryk Crowder along with Erthe  St. James and Brittany Lee Moffitt at this latest Sweetwater Sessions. Sweetwater Brewing will be hand with samples of some their finest brews.
RSVP at http://www.do312.com/sweetwatersessions for free entry.

Jurassic Park – hey, ladies, let’s show the boys how it’s really done at this ALL Girl Punk Show featuring Mandatory Abortions and Graffiti Box …Mandatory Abortions will be shooting a music video …be a part of the all-girl mosh pit!
Girls – FREE / Boys - $5 / 7p

Subterranean – RADKEY will be performing live along with Dead On TV, Wax TV, and War On Women (acoustic set).
6p / AA

Cubby Bear – check out the Sacred Monster EP release show with Savagery, Wizard Castle and Armored Assault.
9p / $7 adv / $10 dos

Lizard’s Liquid Lounge – rock out your Saturday with Vintage Blonde!

Arcada Theatre (St. Charles, IL) – legendary multi-instrumentalist Edgar Winter will be performing with his band (featuring Doug Rappoport on guitar, Koko Powell on bass and Jason Carpenter on drums) along with Rick Derringer co-headlining at this special show.
Tickets start at $39

May 27:
The Frequency (Madison, WI) – rock out with Cowboy Winter along with Smoking Flowers (TN), Cigarette Burns (CA) and Not Dead Yet
$5 – 18+ / $8 - under 21

Door No. 3 – FABITAT with DJs Adam El and Ldy Prblms and drag performances by Lucy Stoole and Curlene Ribbon.
FREE show / 9p

May 29:
Reggie’s Rock Club – get “MAD” with Honey & the 45s with Chicago Cloud 9, Low Down Brass Band and Ethan Butler.

Concord Music Hall – check out Little Dragon with special guest tba
8p doors / 18+

May 30:
Double Door – Shoeshine Boy Productions presents Revolt Coda with The Maharishi, My God, The Heat and The Tyme Machines performing live on stage.
8p / $8 adv / $10 dos / $18 VIP

May 31:

Red Line Tap – it’s whitewolfsonicprincess variety show featuring live comedy sketches and live music by Gunnel Pumpers, The Rut and more