Friday, November 30, 2012

CD review

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide finally took some time away from the venues and bands for a couple of days of relaxation and clearing the mail clutter of new CDs that arrived in the mail. She highly recommends the following selections as noteworthy stocking stuffers or something to enhance your personal collection this holiday season.

Dying & Falling

Photo0357 Photo0353

This 13 track (11 tracks with 2 bonus remix tracks of The Shake and Swimmers Can Drown) literally rocked this reviewer's ears even after recently attending this band's live taping at JBTV studios in Chicago. Opening with the fast pace and speed of danceable dark electronica/industrial (as featured in Swimmers Can Drown) that's coupled with the intensity of lead vocalist, Brittany, to which smooths out the raw music edginess by adding a touch of feminie sexuality and fiery passion as well as dynamic vocals, it's not too hard to find a song or two where you'll find yourself strutting some powerful dance moves on the floor at the next Nocturna, blogspot readers, especially when listening to songs like Ammunition (track 3) and Worth the Wait (track 4). What's not included in this album (but she wishes it was) was the heart-wrenching War To Win that was featured during i:Scintilla's live JBTV taping. According to Brittany, this particular song is featured in an upcoming documentary soundtrack. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the title track (#6) where the band adds a touch of dubstep/dreampop to their haunting electronica/industrial music and the vocals. Though projected in a slight downtempo groove, this reviewer enjoyed the rhythms floetry before moving quickly to the upbeat dark electronica of Face the Kill (track 7). Want to really hear how dynamic and powerful Brittany's vocals can be, blogspot readers? Then listen to The Shake (track 8) in this band takes a melodramatic turn for a ballad that features piano (piano/string arrangement by Robert Mantz)-cello (by Kitty Thompson) driven production sound which beautifully spotlight this vocalist and her voice. Here she shines the most, in SouthSide's honest opinion, sans the industrial edge bringing out more of the soulful gusto of heart-wrenching emotions to the lyrics within the eclectic mix of electronica and orchestrations that you will literally feel (as well as hear). Loved the haunting string ending to this particular song. And while listening to this CD, take a few moments to admire the lovely yet dark artwork designed by Brittany for i:Scintilla's album cover.

Release 3: Brides/Canoe
Soccer Mom

Not what SouthSide was expecting when receiving this two-track CD from her friends at 100m Records yet she's glad it was a totally unexpected experience for her. Might sound confusing, blogspot readers, but it was the unexpectedness by this Boston band in which this reviewer thinks Soccer Mom's going for ...among other thing like not being able to physically categorize their uniquely eclectic music and sound. For example, check out track 1 - A Canoe Shy where this band features a harsh sounding 80s Brit pop/rock influence and sound especially on the vocals that's meant to be played and heard LOUD! Definitely crank up the volume ...go ahead and scare your neighbors while basking in the rawness of the jamming guitar riffs and percussion rhythms blasting your ears away. If that the band's intention at the time of recording, they thoroughly have succeeded in this task, blogspot readers. Meanwhile track 2 - Brides opening with a repeated calming tribal beat before shocking the system with a blaring blast of guitars and drums before finally moving into the song. As SouthSide mentioned earlier, it's hard to categorize this band since they do draw from a lot of genres and influences especially during this particular song. You will hear LOUD electric guitar rock, 80s pop/punk rock and more that's entirely meshed into a seemingly and confusing chaotic mess as the loudness of the music overshadows the vocals a bit. Yet once again, this reviewer has the distinct feeling this song was designed that way to get your head banging to the beat, blogspot readers.

evolve or die
V Is For Villains

Beware, blogspot readers, Villains have taken control of their minion scene ...especially here in Chicago! It's not even a passing fad either. This band is here to stay now that they have (finally) released a full album in between making appearances at local anime shows to rockin' out Steampunk festivals (near and far). Besides villainizing venues like Reggie's Rock Club, House of Blues (Chicago), and Metro, this band also features a merch which goes beyond the standard buttons and stickers ...they have trading cards, masks and more to complete your acceptance of their villainous control over you. Even SouthSide rather Eva Trixx has had the extreme pleasure of interving the master Villain himself of V Is For Villains, Mr. Agitator in two separate interviews. Yet now that this band of musical villains have a full-length CD declaring their villainy intentions on the world titled Evolve or Die, it's time to pick a side, blogspot readers - do you evolve with the band or die? This CD features a sexually-charged intensity within its opening song Just A Sinner in which Mr. Agitator must bow to the whim of the femimine wiles  and power of Veronica Jade that he can never escape from as well as two villain anthems - Rise Above (track 3) and the title track (#9), where all villains are called to unite and heed to the call of their villainous master for world domination! Resisting will be futile ...simply just join them while they take your listening ears down a dark road of face pace electronica/steampunk/industrial rock music. Tracks flow right into each other without pausing for a moment's breath which is almost like attending one of Villains' shows except there's no Pink Elephants (a Midnight Minion, i.e. V Is For Villains fan, favorite) on the album. Still there's a love (villain-style) ballad - track 8 The Black Swan Love Song (one of SouthSide's personal favorite). Yes, villains do have emotions, blogspot reades, and can love but that love can also lead to heartache and pain. Plus check out the instrumental March of the Villains and feel the thunderous orchestrations of the minion army of many overtaking the world ...sadly it's a short track. Perhaps there will be a Part II featured in the next V Is For Villains album.

One final note, check out the fascinating artwork done by Carlos Santiago - The Headmaster of all Villains as well as manager and more for the band.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, November 26, 2012

17 Nov 12

Photo0317 ~ Corey King & The Ohio Weather Band

Hey, blogspot readers, halfway through a long 4-day adventure around town. And tonight, SouthSide returns "home" (i.e. Elbo Room)! There she was to spend an evening upstairs in the acoustic lounge to interview as well as review her new friend from IN - Me In Radio. But first she highly recommends checking out the intense energy of this "youthful" trio from Ohio that rocked as the opening act for the main stage downstairs. Corey King & The Ohio Weather Band (or simply The Ohio Weather Band for short) set the Elbo Room stage ablaze with an energized blast of rockin' Americana blues/rock sound and soulful falsetto from the band's front man, Corey King, especially he displayed a strong force of vocal powress to certain songs. He had that certain "young" soulful sound which made this reviewer take interest in the band in which complemented the style of performing the music - sometimes performed in a downtempo rhythm. The audience were treated to an upbeat swing homage to the early days of rock and roll at one point before truly impressing them with an acoustic performance where Corey demonstrated the mighty power of how emotionally heartfelt his vocals could be, blogspot readers, as well as the imagery in his songwriting style. Here, SouthSide enjoyed listening to the pictureseque lyrics laced throughout his two-song acoustic set in which the words were designed to touch not only the soul but the heart especially during White Chariot when his voice popped the words to life amidst the downtempo acoustic riffs. She also recommends listening to The Ohio Weather Band's The Whole Damn Town. For more information about The Ohio Weather Band, visit

Photo0325  Photo0319

Meanwhile back upstairs in the acoustic lounge, blogspot readers, SouthSide had the unfortunate encounter with a very bad opening act known as Kitty Cat Kitty Cat and does have some advice for the duo who performed before Me In Radio was scheduled to perform. First, the female vocalist needs singing lessons or needs to learn how sing when accompanied with an acoustic guitar ...and this reviewer means this in the nicest way possible since one's ears shouldn't be assualted with a horrible cover of an Adele hit (from the outside of the venue). Second, if going to cover popular 80s and 90s one-hit wonders, please sing all of the lyrics not mumble your way through the songs or loudly announce "...let's go to the Marconi part of the song ...that's my favorite part..." - it shows how disrespectful you are to the song and its composer. And lastly, (and still SouthSide means this in the nicest way possible), she would have rather enjoyed hearing a set of original songs than an entire performance full of covers and some originals.

"...bands and artists starve everyday ...have to love what you do..." ~ Me In Radio


This singer/songwriter describes his one-man band, Me In Radio, as "...very eclectic, very different and theatrical...", blogspot readers. Yet what makes this particular so eclectic and different as well as theatrical, well according to Richie Versace "...[it] started with a 40-piece band called Soup Kitchen [but] after taking a break from the band, I started playing the piano drawing on influences like Tori Amos, Ani D'Franco, Over The Rhine and Rufus Wainwright..." and then adding "'s different than [a] traditional rock setting ...every show is different depending on the my mood..." What Me In Radio forgot to add, blogspot readers, was how dramatic his live performance can be just like he said - depending on his mood. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this one-man band theatrical performance in where he fuses a set of acoustic guitar and/or piano-driven songs amidst an intensely strong vocal powress. His voice does command your immediate attention that's laced with more than just heartfelt emotions but also with dynamic falsettos especially when performing his own compositions. Still there's another interesting thing about Me In Radio, blogspot readers, he's not a trained pianist which at times during his double set performance was hard to believe until making minor mistakes here and there. Yet, Richie plays it with a certain intensity and passion as he immerses himself into each and every melodic note and rhythm. As he described the first part of his show, "...a lot of piano and keyboard ...[almost] a Tori Amos-esque type of show..." meanwhile the second part of the show would feature songs off his album, Baptized In Fire where he says "...[it's] about unrequited love, how it's broken and how we rediscover it ...closure..." He hopes use part of the album with the book he's working on about growing up and his life.

Here's another interesting fact about Me In Radio - he grew up in a conservative home not listening to music and though missing out on the pop/rock of the times, Richie does have a fond appreciation for music and artists like Madonna (depending on which Madonna era). Me In Radio wonderfully demonstrated that love and appreciation for music of the times when performing a powerful rendition of REM's Losing My Religion. You, blogspot readers, won't know how deep and meaningfully philosophical Michael Stipe's lyrics could get until hearing Richie perform this particular with a sense of emotional angst and passion as if he was immersing his entire being into each word that was almost dramatically spoken like a Shakespearean soliloquy. It was the most soulful experience just from this one song that it nearly moved SouthSide to tears. Or listen to his version of Brittany Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time, blogspot readers, and you get more than the sexual overtones woven throughout this pop song done acoustically on piano with a powerful amount of intense passion. It was mind-blowing before covering the theme song from the original Muppet Movie - The Rainbow Connection. Despite doing a short version of the song, it's hard to believe that he never grew up listening to these songs yet can project a strong emotion connection each of these three examples that brought the lyrics to life.


And when not on the piano, blogspot readers, his acoustic guitar side to the show is equally powerful. His voice did take on a different style and tone ...more dramatic than what was heard on the piano. Still emotionally deep but darker to bring out the soulful and dynamic tone off the guitar riffs accompanying him. This was where most of his theatrics come into play as he strums and sings before returning to the piano to perform with more a dramatic flare and intensity. One thing, SouthSide did notice about his first set was the shortness of each song but that wasn't a bad thing., blogspot readers. Each song wasn't given a quick run-through of vocals and music yet Me In Radio performed them with emotions and passion that they really didn't seem short at all besides adding a bit of comedy or stories in between them. Now the second set was where the eclectic, avant garde and theatrics came into play with a slight twist when performing songs off his album. Dressed in Christmas lights, Me In Radio powerfully took command of the stage with emotionally intensity that was not only felt but also heard in his songs like Baptized In Fire and Music in which the listening audience was sucked into his angst and tortured soul of pain. SouthSide felt the words dramatically and powerfully touching the dark of his life wonderfully projected through his words ...and again, she felt the urge to weep and/or ache from a broken heart along with him. Another song, Do You Remember John was a loving tribute to his friend where Richie tries to find a way to cope after his friend's death ...definitely there was pain in his voice. And though he wasn't performing on either guitar or piano, blogspot readers, there was plenty of intense energy floating around the acoustic lounge off his programmed music for the songs. Nothing was held back as far as emotions went especially while performing his closing song - Goodbye (about packing up your shit and moving on).


When doing some research about Me In Radio, SouthSide found an interesting point about this artist - the name is in reference to " on words ...a representative long lasting emotion that transmit a signal called music..." Definitely the emotions were there as well as the music throughout this performance. Yet don't expect Me In Radio to venture into the label (ie record company) game. He intends to stay indie because when "...the label takes over, the artist loses their creativity and their art..." That's why he was performing in Chicago in hopes of gaining a fanbase besides moving out of his comfort zone to which he added "...Chicago is a new experience for me..." "...Indie bands..." says Me In Radio, "...count on people for support ...and also it's about getting into the moment where you're at..." And he doesn't mind if he's performing for 50 or just SouthSide as long as someone appreciates what he's doing. This reviewer asked Dave Cook, owner of Elbo Room, what he thought about Me In Radio's performance and he said "'s avant garde..." That's totally true - it was more than just a "one man performing on stage", blogspot readers, you got an entire theatrical production from beginning to end in two powerful acts. Not to worry, Me In Radio will be performing again on Dec 15th at The Monkeys Tale and on Dec 20th at Birdy's Bar & Grill. Take note that if you buy the album - Baptized in Fire and/or any other merch, 15% of the proceeds will be donated to Big Give Back charity fund. For more information, check out

Until next time, support your local scene,

Saturday, November 24, 2012

December 2012

Well, blogspot readers, we have come to the end of another rockin' year of shows/events happening around town (as well as other places including some across the pond). Yet before saying goodbye to the old year, SouthSide strongly advises spreading a little holiday cheer at some of these events and shows. Who knows just meet that special someone under the mistletoe for a New Year's kiss!

All shows are 21+ unless noted.

Nov 30th:
725 Maple Ave (South of Callett Park in Terre Haute, IN) – Papa J Otis House show for Eugene V Debs Memorial Fund

Metro – Nocturna with DJ Scary Lady Sarah

Dec 1:
Nite Cap – The Mid-Night Rock Express rolls into this venue

Martyrs' - Furious Frank will be presenting an all new version of their Hobocamp Mud show featuring The Howl and Velocicopter
$8 / 9p

Silvie's Lounge - Check out Esh The Singer as she rocks the stage at this venue

Double Door - Kid Koala rocks the stage

Dec 2:
Tonic Room - The Schiavos with Brett Dignan will be rockin' the stage

Dec 3:
Rock’N Chicago Live’s first show! Tune in at 7p at

Dec 4:
L& L Tavern (near Belmont and Clark) - the Mutts will be celebrating their "God, Country Grave" video premiere (off the band's most recent LP Separation Anxiety)

Act One Pub (located inside Mayne Stage) - CAU (Chicago Acoustic Underground) presents "Singing for Your Supper" Songwriter Showcase

Dec 5:
Ultra Lounge – check out I:Scintilla along with 8MM and The Dead Room rock the stage

Beat Kitchen – Walking Shadows will be rockin’ the stage

River Rockhouse - Paragon and (hed)p.e. will be rockin' the stage

Kaufman Center (New York) - attend the last Intelligence Squared Debate of 2012, blogspot readers. Choose a side during this much anticipated heated argument God vs Science

Tonic Room - Genome 1st Wednesday with EGI (Ethereal Groove, Inc) and Kobrakai
8p / $5

Schuba's Tavern - Sons of the West will be opening for Reignwolf

Dec 6:
Double Door – Mos Scocious along with Four Star Band and The New Balance will be rockin’ the stage
8:30p / $7

Visual Art Network presents: Verge and Light Assembly

Dec 7:
Martyrs’ – The Buddies with T. J. Kong & The Atomic Bomb. Also The Buddies will be rockin’ a live television appearance on WGN-TV’s Midday Music Lounge

Amore – Joe Marcinek Band CD Release show

Sammy’s Pizza – Digeometric along with Todd Hazelrigg will be rockin’ this tasty venue

Beat Kitchen – The Damn Choir will be supporting A&M/Octone recording artists, Churchill

Fitz's Spare Keys - Hi Infidelity will be rockin' the stage

The Bowery Electric (New York) - Stone Cold Fox with These Animals, Alex Vans and At The Moment will be performing
8p / $8

Neo - it's the ReDe Fundraiser / New Wave Party! iRon, Chris Quinn, DJ Pauly, Shon Dervis, and TCHTNRL will be spinning Reggie's favorite records. It's FREE before 10p ($5 after - all proceeds donated to the Destin Family)

Dec 8:
SubT – Shimmer happens! Dance to the best in shoegaze and dreampop with Scary Lady Sarah & Philly Peroxide

Reggie's Rock Club - Control along with Creature Feature (headliner), Curio, The Horrids and Umbra & The Vulcan Siege will be rockin' the stage
All Ages / 6p / $10 - $20

Quencher’s – Hero Monster Zero along with Shift, The Wild Finish and Jackpot Donnie
$5 / 9p

Elbo Room – come out and support Chords for A Cure 2012

Red Line Tap – Toys For Tots Show

2722 W. Jackson – rock out with Dead Steelmill, Blastoff, Cellar Rats and more

River Rockhouse - XFactor makes its debut on the stage

Dec 10:
Reggie's - check out SouthSide's friends Cheer Up Moon Cat rockin' the stage featuring KALEIDOSCOPE

Dec 11:
Double Door – RAW Natural Born Artists present: Holiday Rawk

Mojoes - OTHERWISE and more happens

Dec 13:
Elbo Room – Jack Rabbit will rockin’ out its final show of 2012
8p / $8

Batavia Academy of Dance - check out the Artisan Collective December Market
Dec 14:
Double Door – Matthew Morgan and the Lost Brigade Record Release show featuring The Future Laureates, Goodbyehome and Jeff Brown

Ace Bar – J.J. & Dre’s presents: J.J. & Dre with The Schiavos and Dog 1

House of Blues (Orlando, FL) – Traverser performs

Elbo Room – Red Mercury Sky performs along with R. Mutt, The BOB Band and OUTLIER

Neo - 2nd Fridays' are dubbed as TRANSMISSION. Dance the night until closing to music spun by Lolly Gagger, Mr Automatic, Mr Bobby and Pink Machine featuring guest DJ Macaulay Vulcan
10p / FREE before Midnight (with RVSP at Do312)

Dec 15:
Cobra Lounge – Riot Fest & Cobra Lounge presents: The Business with Anger

Another Hole In The Wall – it’s the Dark Days of Christmas featuring Janus, Blue Felix and Denial Machine

Penny Road Pub – Hellwagen’s debut show

Reggie’s Rock Club – Angelspit’s Wall Street Massacre 2012 Tour featuring Cyanotic, My Parasites, Shotgun Zombie or Sutureself
5p / All Ages

City Winery – Donna the Buffalo returns to Chicago featuring an opening performance by Steve Dawson
8p / $18 – 20 / $25 VIP

Red Room (Portland, OR) - check out Barbie Saint's band, Die Robot, as they rock the stage
8:30p / $5

Dec 16:
Double Door – The Lake Effect Release Party featuring The Retar Crew
9p / FREE

Reggie’s Rock Club – Battle of the Bands featuring PJ’s My Cousin Too

Des Plaines Theatre – it’s Music Making A Difference event

Dec 19:
Mayne Stage – Chris Greene Quartet performs
For more information and tickets, visit

Dec 20:
Schuba’s Tavern – Panther Style will be rockin’ along with Panda Riot and The Bright White during the 2nd Annual Warm, Safe and Sound event, a concert and clothing drive.
7p / $8 (with donation of winter gear for the needy)

Bowery Ballroom (New York) - Sky White Tiger will be performing

Birdy's Bar & Grill (Indianapolis, IN) - When The World Ends show featuring Me In Radio (read SouthSide's recent review of this amazingly eclectic artist) along with Just Plain Paul and Alcki
9p / $5

Reggie's - attend this very special event, blogspot readers, Chicago - RIP Jason Lockwood Benefit. FREE entry however donations are encouraged. The lineup includes Jason's band VOA (Voice Of Addiction), Slaves To The Pavement, She Likes Todd and Deyv Dee performing

Dec 21:
The Coffee Grounds (Terre Haute, IN) – Papa J Otis performs

Tonic Room – Spare Parts with Digeometric, Spread and Kobrakai

Rockford, IL – V Is For Villains will be appearing at Anime Apocalypse

SubT – Red Novella rocks the stage

Touche - It's The End of The World And I Feel Rad!!! event

Dec 22:
The House CafĂ© (DeKalb, IL) – it’s the 2nd Annual Brage Holiday Bash

House of Blues (Chicago) – Lovehammers rock this All Ages show

Quenchers Saloon - it's the XXX-Mas show featuring The Polkaholics and Pervisions

Reggie's - it's the 15th Annual Macabre's Holiday of Horror 2012! The lineup features Macabre, Avernus (reunion show), Stone Magnum and Jar D'Loose

Dec 27:
Underground Wonder Bar - party and dance to Afrobeat jam-funk, blogspot readers, featuring Jugo De Mango, Esso and Vivian Garcia at this World Wonder event

Dec 28:
Symphony Center – 20 Years Young: Midwest Young Artists Concert in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association

Double Door – HTC presents: Pre-New Year’s Hip Hop Party with Special Guests TBA
8p / $20

Dec 29:
Double Door – The Giving Tree Band along with The Shams Band and Ed Anderson will be performing
9p / $12

Dec 31
Empty Bottle – Marked Men with Bad Sports, Mucca Pazza, White Mystery and Jon Drake & The Shakes
Tickets on sale now

Mayne Stage – JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound
For tickets and information, visit

House Of Blues (Chicago) – Full sets by Third Eye Blind and Mutemath
Tickets on sale now

Fitz’s Spare Keys – get sauced with The Hot Sauce Committee with special guest DJ

Cobra Lounge – Riot Fest & Cobra Lounge presents: Naked Raygun & The Dwarves at this New Year’s Eve party

Double Door - Rockabilly Queen, Wanda Jackson, will be ringing in the new year with her performance here featuring Soul Summit DJs Dave Mata and Duke Grip spinning house music
$55 (General Admission) / $100 (host bar tickets) - both include midnight champagne toast
For more information, visit

The Castle (632 N. Dearborn, Chicago) - check out this legendary artist, Paul Oakenfold rockin' the New Year at Chicago's finest megaclub - The Castle. Join over 3,000 party goers in four different rooms of music with a 4 hour open bar, interactive countdown, midnight champagne toast and more!

Look for updates as more New Year's Eve parties are announced!

Until next time, support your local scene,

16 Nov 12 - Chicago Roots Collective fest

Photo0307 ~ Andy Metz performing

Hey, blogspot readers, it may be a bit chilly to hold a festival but it's not too chilly to attend night one of Chicago's hot rockin' 2-day event. Tonight at Beat Kitchen, this reviewer was there for the opening festivities of the 4th Annual Chicago Roots Collective in which features some of the best singer/songwriters and bands performing on two floors. 

Upstairs, SouthSide did check out a part of the acoustic acts where her friends Bassel and Andy Metz (bassist of Hero Monster Zero)were performing along with others featured in the lineup such as Kathy Greenholdt, Matt Burke, The Western and Anthony Galdino with Jarryd Scott Stemier headlining. After opening his set with an emotionally charged tune called Death and Taxes (in which Andy's voice projected such vocal fervor on the lyrics while highlighting a heartfelt tone), this singer/songwriter entertained the listenting audience with some selections from his band Hero Monster that also included a song inspired by an epic poem. There was where Andy did rock the stage with his vocally charged tone and furious acoustic riffs to match the energized momentum felt surrounding the upstairs room. And even while performing in a melodic downtempo rhythm, Andy wonderfully projected such emotion and fervor on his lyrics that he made you feel what he was feeling at the time of composition before including the audience to help him out towards the end. SouthSide highly recommends checking out Andy Metz and his rockin' band - Hero Monster Zero at

Meanwhile downstairs, bands like The Future Laureates, Jeff Brown and Band Called Catch were rockin' the stage opening for Molehill and Ewing Theory. Despite missing her friend's, The Future Laureates, set, SouthSide did enjoy  the final few minutes of her other  friends, Band Called Catch ( and their hot performance which included fun songs like Moon Pie and Done It Again as well as the customary frisbee toss where some lucky fans were able to win cool band merch prizes before turning the stage over to her friends - Molehill for their show. After thoroughly frightening the audience a little with the blaring sound of an air raid siren, this local band kicked off their set with a boisterious clash of piano-driven alternative/rock sound.  After not seeing this band for over two years, blogspot readers, SouthSide noted the distinct change in sound and intensity Molehill projected throughout the set thus immediately liking the band's "new" look and music especially the emotionally charged energy featured in the chorus (during No Reprieve) when the vocals were combined with heartfelt and dynamic tone. Nope it wasn't the same band she had seen on stage at Joe's On Weed St. Molehill definitely upped their rock sound (as well as image) for more powerful energy and fury to electrify the stage with intense guitar riffs and crescendo rises that (at times) left you breathless for that burst of momentum at the bridge. Such energy did have this crowded back room rockin' to the heart-racing tempo especially during Almost Broken. Featuring other songs like I'm Okay, Money Life and Wildfire, Molehill did project a certain amount of profound sadness to their highly energized performance when performing the song The Fall (dedicated to an old friend) where this reviewer honestly felf the pain and angst experienced from the lyrics. Yet what truly made this song quite special was the energized gusto that rocked out the conclusion of the song. Also, Molehill got a little futuristic and space-like with their music during F# to which had this crowd dancing to the electronica soundwaves before rocking the stage to an epic-sounding intro to Control which suddenly had this venue overheated from the bodies moving to the rhythmic beat especially while dancing along with the band to Interlude. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' to the "new" electrifying soundwave projected by Molehill at their next performance, blogspot readers. For more information, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, November 23, 2012

15 Nov 12 - Double M Gala: Fund Raise the Roof


Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's in the cinematic spotlight! For tonight's adventure around town, this reviewer took a break from the bands to lend her support for a charitable fundraiser which pits music and movies together under one rockin' festival in the spring. CIMM Fest (Chicago International Movies & Music Festival) brings together just more than movies and music from all corners of the world but it's celebrating the "...inseparable connection between music and movies..." This four-day springtime event features premiere, music-centric films and live concerts at venues like Double Door, Debonair Social Club and The Hideout as well as DJ/VJ sets, Q&A sessions and live film-scoring performancs. Plus there's also Rock and Roll art exhibits and professional and entrepreneurial conference ...but more importantly, a mind-blowing experience that's fun! What's really makes this festival quite unique, blogspot readers, is that each of the venues (18 in all) are located quite close to one another along 5 CTA Blue line rail stops where each one will be hosting either one of  70 films (from 25+ countries) and/or 130 bands. The 2013 CIMMfest will run during the weekend of April 18th through 21st. Blogspot readers can expect SouthSide covering parts of this festival for a future On The Town review.

Photo0299 - Derek's masterpiece in motion

Yet to put on a festival of this size and magnitude, there needs a bit of help from people within the business or interested people supporting their love of unique combination of movies and music. Tonight, CIMMfest organizers held a fun fundraising party on the second level of The Zhou B Art Center (located in the Bridgeport neighborhood) where supporters, artists, producers, directors, DJs/VJs and more were able to converge and raise funds for this upcoming springtime event. There was live art in motion, blogpspot readers, by Derek Carier who was working on his huge masterpiece of intricate triangular shapes of all sizes and colours. SouthSide did take a moment or two to view the other interesting artwork around this room. She like one piece (sorry, don't have any information about it) where various classic albums were displayed on the floor to the mattress springs hanging overhead like a canopy or being used as a makeshift tent. You had to be careful of the sharp hangers of circled-punch out metal sheets that hung overhead in various locations throughout the venue.


Elsewhere inside this former industrial warehouse, there was free flowin' music from the many DJs like Derek Carter (who truly got this event feeling as well as reeling from the hardcore tribal mixes), Justin Long , SHUT EYE and 8FATFAT8 - just to name a few while attendees could mingle around with friends or watch on two huge screens various movie/music projects from last year's CIMMfest. Some being shown were documentary to narrative films or music videos by international artists/bands. SouthSide found some of the movies to be very intriguing and thought-provoking to quite humorous in nature. For example, one (by A Wrong Way Productions) featured a rather interesting look into what happens inside a series of bathroom stalls ...a weird expose of people doing everything from gangland style murder to a Nazi preaching his politics and more besides going to the bathroom. Another in which she liked though not being able to hear this particular video (featuring music by Young Circles)  the images on the screen ran almost in sync with the featured DJ's club remix of Sugar Hill Gang's Lala Song.


Attenion, filmmakers, bands, artists, et al, there's a call for entries for CIMMfest's happening April 18th through 21st. Visit or on Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube sites for more information.

Without your support, blogspot readers, CIMMfest wouldn't be able to celebrate the inseparable connection between music and movies for over four years. This organization needs your help in making Chicago International Movies & Music Festival 2013 the best ever! They want you to be a part of something extraordinary. CIMMfest is a 501(3)c non-profit your donation is tax-deductible. Visit for information on how you can help.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

10 Nov 12


Let's country rock, blogspot readers! SouthSide's kicking up her heels tonight in the West Loop area for some hardcore country/Americana rock during this latest adventure around town. Tonight, she paid a visit to Cobra Lounge to review the return of Catl (from Toronto, Canada) along with The Not So Good Ol' Boys (from Cleveland, OH), Hammerdown and Rivals of the Peacemaker as the featured lineup of the night. This reviewer highly suggests grinding your teeth into some of the grittiest electric country rock ever heard around town by The Not So Good Ol' Boys. This band definitely rocked the stage as one of the loudest performances ever reviewed of 2012 to which SouthSide enjoyed the raw yet emotionally deep vocals heard Hard Road and Darker Than The Devil (off their myspace page). This band's blood truly runs deep with the Southern rock sound that can be heard in other bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Johnny Cash, Creedence Clearwater Revival and more to which they draw some influences from their mentors' music and sound. SouthSide got chills from front man Zac on vocals when his voice vividly pumped heartfelt as well as emotional angst on the lyrics (listen to Nashville and Hard Road as good examples). For more information, visit

From Toronto, Canada, this rockin' trio gave their Chicago audience a return performance featuring a boisterous sound and thunderous pockets of energy within their nostalgic homage to early rock-n-roll. Combined with a backwater blues/punk/Americana vibe, Catl, blogspot readers, thrilled this reviewer with some exhilarating yet raw vocal falsetto (from male lead Catl himself) and emotional yet soulful feminine voice (from Sarah on piano/organ/tambourine too) as well as Johnny (on drums) adding that rump-shaking, foot-stompin' sound to each song. Under this cloud of this rhythmic music, you could hear (besides feeling it) the fire and passion especially within the band's the pseudo gospel tune titled Gospel Song. Then while picking up the tempo a bit for 5 Miles (track two on Catl's Soon This Will All Be Gone Side B), South Side couldn't help feel hot energized momentum surrounding the venue as the trio released a fury of clashing percussions and vibrant organ  amidst the rockabilly/country rock mesh. Hearing such music, blogspot readers, does tend to get the blood pumping when listening to the intense sound though the melodic organ rhythms gave that same intensity a defining balance for you to tap the toes to. The rest of Catl's Chicago performance also featured a swingin' dance full of a swampy blues/rock tune for Gotta A Thing For You (track 4 on Side A of their current CD that will definitely make you shake, rattle and roll) to a sultry little number where SouthSide enjoyed the gradual build up during the lyrics before rockin' out the stage with thunderous conclusion that rocked out Catl's show. Check out Catl, blogspot readers, for this band's bumpin' grind of Americana/rockabilly music at their next performance. For more information, visit

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

02 Nov 12

***SouthSide sincerely apologizes for the lateness of this review***

" ovaries hurt..." ~ Jeffree Star

Hey, blogspot readers, the scene is dead! It was self-proclaimed during this rockin' tour that rolled through Chicago this evening at this Southside venue - Reggie's Rock Club. This was where SouthSide and her daughter, Sunday (not her real name) joined many of fashionably dressed tweens, teens and adults converged to see Blood On The Dance Floor! The lineup also featured the return of New Year's Day as well as Jeffree Star and Davey Suicide with  a DJ spinning the hottest industrial/metalized mixes before and in between acts during this all-ages spectacular. For many attendees, it was return seeing their favorite bands and meeting them after the sets while for others (especially for some parents) it was an experience this reviewer is certain they would never forget.

DSCN3656 DSCN3641

Kicking off the night of rockin' music and fun was a suicidal riot of pent up teenage frustration and loud "...glam goth monster..." rock, blogspot readers. Davey Suicide opened the lineup with a hardcore bang of  metalized guitar rock coupled with primal screamo vocals and thunderous percussion rhythms which seems to frighten some of the parents sitting in the balcony. However, their kids weren't appalled or shocked by this band's "scary" appearance. Rather, Davey touched on what today's youth are thinking and clearly this band highlighted the discord through songs like Generation Fuck Star (which disses reality music competition shows such as The Voice, X Factor and American Idol) and Fear Is a God. "'s the idea of creating something larger hand life with 80s and industrial influences such Guns N Roses, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie..." Davey told SouthSide adding "'s a preference but not so much 80s music ...there's more 80s influence within Davey's [music] than Zombie or Manson..." During her interview with Davey Suicide himself, this reviewer did ask him what other songs should blogspot readers check out off his new album, Put Our Trust In Suicide. "...Hide Your Morals and Kids of America..." according to the band's front man and songwriter because "'s a band staple ....[plus] they're big anthem-like songs..." If you have seen the official video for Generation Fuck Star (if not, check it out on Davey's YouTube page), blogspot readers, you might notice a cryptic message that reads "...the name Suicide is a constant reminder that unless we kill ourselves, there is no ceiling for what we're capable of. Dreaming keeps us alive..." Davey explained to SouthSide that's a powerful motto ...a self belief in which "...too many people have crutches and they rely on their crutches too many times instead of relying on themselves..." So true indeed. Yet while watching Davey's opening performance, this reviewer couldn't help there was more to this band's performance than what was seen on stage. She did get a chance to ask him about that and he replied " was a typical 20 minute set ...[we] had to trim songs for tonight ...some are more melodic and there's one sleazy song..." Also Davey added "...[we] put together a B-side set ...there's a theme song we didn't get to walk on stage to ...[it's] hard to get into a groove within 20 minutes..." And even though it was a mere twenty minutes, this band put a lot into their set that truly had their fans screaming loudly for more. Also - believe it or not, blogspot readers, Davey Suicide is a HUGE (Chicago) Bears fan! Somewhere under his black makeup that coated his arm is a tattoo of Da Bears. Davey also disclosed during the brief interview that if given the opportunity he would like to collaborate with Eminem because "...lyrically he paints things like no one else can..." before adding (Rob) Zombie and (Marilyn) Manson to the mix "...just to learn and get inside their heads to understand their creativity..." SouthSide highly suggests checking out Davey Suicide who's currently touring the Midwest and West coast until mid December as well as snag the album which was released on November 6th. For more information about Davey Suicide and music, visit the official website .

DSCN3627 DSCN3653
Hey, IL creeps (ie New Years Day fans), your favorite band kicked some serious hardcore rock arse on stage after beginning the set with a pseudo-Clockwork Orange theme (Funeral Music for Queen Mary) to officially announce the death of the scene! Despite being saddled with a shorter set time, New Years Day utilized every minute for their fans advantage by giving this screaming crowd what they wanted - an awesome, fast paced performance. It was heart pounding fury of energizing intensity within a dark pop/rock vibe at its best, blogspot readers. You could feel the grit off the guitar riffs and thundering percussions in between the feminine gusto on vocals (by Ashley) and her male counterpart who added a bit of testosterone to the lyrics. Once again, this band thoroughly spoke to this generation of rock teens through their songs like Razor and current singles Do Your Worst and Two in the Chest, One in the Head (off the band's Mechancial Heart EP).  For more information about New Years Day, visit the band's Myspace page at or on Facebook. Meanwhile, Jeffree Star continued the energizing momenum with his fast pace performance of electronica/club rock atmosphere in which he rocked the stage with two DJs and female dancers. Under the spectacle glow of the electric light and fx, Jeffree turned Reggie's Rock Club into one of the hottest scenes from Hollywood thrilling the delight of his screaming fans on the main floor. Fan will probably recognize this model turned fashion designer now singer/songwriter  from his days on Buzznet or his singly  Lollipop Luxury with Nicki Minaj.  Despite missing most of his set (due to her interview with Davey Suicide), this performer certainly fired up this crowd for the headliner Blood On The Dance Floor with lots of intense music and dazzling sound and lights. And afterwards, he even graciously met with every single fan (including this reviewer) after his set on the balcon for autographs and pictures. For more information about Jeffree Star, visit him at or on Facebook.

"...I love you times infinity..." ~ Blood On The Dance Floor

DSCN3647 DSCN3651

After opening to the thrill of excitement and screams of their fans, Blood On The Dance Floor surprised SouthSide with a rather "tame" performance compared to the one she remembered from last year at Reggie's. There wasn't any elaborate costumes or music videos accompanying this hot teen scene band instead there was confetti cannons and soapy bubbles added to the messy mix of sweaty, screaming fans singing and dancing along to their favorite BOTDF song, blogspot readers, though still shocking the parents a little with their full guy on guy lip-locked kiss. That moment right there truly had their fans wildly screaming for more. Featuring an array of songs from Scream For My Ice Cream to Unforgiven and Yo Ho! (A Pirate's Life Is For Me) [Bewitched is still SouthSide's favorite off their All The Rage CD], Dahvie and  Jayy rocked the stage with just more than dance pop for this performance - they even tried something new for instance electric violin(for a love ballad) and female vocals to spice up their already fast paced, sexually-suggested music and sound when featuring songs off their current CDs - Evolution and The Anthem Of The Outcast. SouthSide noticed they have taken a less pop venture for this album and went a bit more hardcore within the subjects of love and death, blogspot readers, when performing Hell On Heels (Givin' In To Sin) and Your Sorry Life. This band does win the award for the best use of  the Home Alone 2: Lost In New York scene where Kevin plays part of the Dirty Angels movie to escape Tim Curry and his hotel staff as part of their lead-in to Design To Kill (SouthSide's not really sure). Yet this clip almost had the fans in near riot stage while the audio was playing. Checking out both albums, this reviewer suggests rockin' to the title track to Anthem Of The Outcast (not the radio edit), D.U.I. (Dancing Under The Influence) and La Petite Morte as well as Frankenstein and The Bride and Mother Earth (off Evolution CD). Check out BOTDF's YouTube page for videos (especially the enchanting Bewitched which gets lots of play on SouthSide's iPod) and also visit for more information and music.

DSCN3655 DSCN3649

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

01 Nov 12

***SouthSide's sincrerest apologies for the lateness of this review***

Photo0284 ~ DJRC

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome the rockin' start to one HOT weekend happening around town. SouthSide's schedule is going to be extremely tight trying to fit as many shows as possible into two solid days of local and touring performances. Tonight, she's at the heart of Lincoln Park area rockin' the Tonic Room for the premiere performance of Great Divide's residency. During the next three weeks, this local band will be headlining the stage while featuring support from other bands like Cole DeGenova & The Peoples Republic and Vitek (from Nashville, TN) with DJRC rockin' the house sound before and between sets with his vibrant collection of neo soul/R&B tunes. Other performances will include Harrison Hudson and AyoH (on November 8th) and DJRC and other special guests (on November 15th). 

Photo0277 Photo0271

This reviewer arrived in time to catch the rest of Cole DeGenova & The Peoples Republic's opening set and she highly recommends checking the neo-soul/rock alternative sound of what this local band is vibin', blogspot readers. The music was hip-swaying, butt shakin-licious and toe tappin' under the melodic tones of the piano/synth rhythms and funkified guitar riffs especially the band performed a fresh (as in 2 hours old) new song which perfectly highlighted the rawness heard in Cole's (front man/keyboardist) vocals. With music and voice combined like this, dancing to People's songs is strongly advised and encouraged even when it's to get very deep and funky. SouthSide was swept away by the infectious melody and rhythm as well as loved feeling the boisterious finishes of a funky riff sound. Watching Cole get emotionally and dramatically expressive, especially during the song Rich Man's Money where his body language executed the lyrics while singing, had her feeling the energized momentum of music and words off the songs. At times, his voice could be heartfelt meanwhile during others, he was soulfully expressive that the words moved you to tears. SouthSide highly suggests rockin' the ears to Blues No More, Nowadays and Radio Hero. For more information about Cole DeGenova & The Peoples Republic, visit or on Facebook.

Photo0278 Photo0281

Though having a bit of minor technical problems at the start of their Chicago appearance at Tonic Room, blogspot readers, this band hailing from Nashville, TN, pulled off one amazing show featuring lively, upbeat tempos and rockin' horn section (horns and saxophone) with a rhythmic synth vibe. SouthSide enjoyed Vitek's spin the neo-soul sound with a slight R&B/alternative groove even while in a downtempo, this band still kept the soundwave fresh and hip for you move to the beat. Music - despite hard to describe unless you attended the show, had a way of being simple and melodic yet very complex as well as intricately complicated at the same time especially they blended different genres together. The eclectic combination, blogspot readers, certainly had an organic feel at times (when harmonizing with each other) amidst the dual synths and keyboards to add that dream-like melody and the horns for that upbeat spark of life. Then on the other side of Vitek, there was some neo-jazz/soul mixed within the alternative rock sound if listened very closely which makes this band's vivid use of genres not so easy to classify or box into one category. Having those many layers like an onion, Vitek's music does make you vividly feel the vibin' soundwave and vivacious rhythms all at once. For example, during one particular song, the different sections of the band were on differect octave levels of rhythms and melodic groove while taking the audience on a space-like ride as if you were soaring high across the night skies. During another, they got organic and tribal in music and rhythms which brought out the members being totally immersed into their rhythmic sound and dance moves. Overall, this reviewer enjoyed Vitek's uniqu floetry of cross-genres and dimensions that's to be experienced live than hearing on a CD will grab you soufully as well as spiritually, blogspot readers. For more information about Vitek, visit

Photo0291 Photo0290

You truly know you have fans at a venue who enjoy your music when everyone starts shushing everyone else as your band steps onto the stage. That's what happened when Great Divide finally began their headlining residency at Tonic Room, blogspot readers, with the vibrant yet soulful gospel/alternative rock song, Shine (track  5 off Great Divide). This featured song as well as many others definitely had their fans including SouthSide feeling the energized momentum off this upbeat tempo. Combined with the heartfelt but emotionally dynamic falsetto vocals (by Jeff and Teddy) wonderfully highlighting the "feel good" sensation to which had fans grooving to the vivid sound (especially off Great's horn section). Song after song, this local band had the venue jumpin', jivin' and swayin' to the rhythmic beat. Featuring other songs off their new album like Ain't No Roads (track 1), Great Divide rocked Tonic Room with a combination of soulful R&B groove, jazzy rhythms, some Philly funk (for the song Freedom Love) and downtempo melodic ballad that brought out the emotions and sentimental heartache during another particular song. Like the two previous bands, Great put on a powerful appearance to kick off the start of their residency at this venue. SouthSide wished she could have stayed til the end of their set yet did check out Great Divide's latest CD suggesting you listen to the vividness found in the picturesque song Autumn Leaves (track 6) and the vibrant feel that things will be okay in It's Alright (track 9).  For more information about Great Divide and it's music, visit


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Friday, November 9, 2012

One On One with Courrier

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to another edition of One On One interviews featuring SouthSide's latest guest, Phillip Edsel, lead guitarist and vocalist of Courrier, via the use of modern technology (mobile to mobile) discussing the band's music in popular television shows to interest in Chipotle and everything else in between.

SouthSide: How would you describe your band, Courrier in five (5) words or less?
Phillip: "...inspiring cinematic emotional honest..."

SouthSide: Interesting choice of words especially "...honest..." Why do you choose those words to describe Courrier?
Phillip: "...because the songwriting process takes on different forms ...our songs end up with that vibe from those words ...[Courrier's] trying to create an honest experience while trying to connect with fans on their level ...we enjoy talking, meeting and establishing those relationships ...also as a band we don't put on a facade..."

SouthSide: Your music has been featured on CW's Vampire Diaries and 90210 as well as ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. Is there any particular show (cable or otherwise) in which your music could be featured? Which song would it be and why?
Phillip: "...House [even] though it's not a show anymore and Grey's Anatomy ...our song Hospital World would be perfect for Grey's..."

SouthSide: Now, what's this about Chipotle as the band's only interest (as seen on their Facebook page)? Is Chipotle Courrier's favorite place to eat?
Phillip: [laughs] "...[it's] one of our favorite restaurants ...we try to eat well [especially] while on the road ...and try to find Panera Bread and Chipotle ...Austin [lead singer, keyboardist, and guitarist] is a real good chef ...we were in Chicago two weeks ago and had Lou Malnati's...."

Here SouthSide and Phillip discuss where to eat pizza since it depends on what type of crust you want, blogspot readers. Also, SouthSide did inform Phillip that ketchup is not allowed on a hotdog in Chicago ...just in case they decide to order one.

SouthSide: Besides SXSW, how would the local/indie scene in Austin, TX?
Phillip: "...SXSW is kinda good representation of Austin's local music scene but also kinda isn't where it's gotten to the point it's so overcrowded and packed with bands performing on stages ...the music scene seems to be oversaturated..."

SouthSide: Do you think SXSW will turn into Lollapalooza-type music festival?
Phillip: "...I think it will [stay] the opposite of Lolla ...people have gone there [SXSW] to find obscure bands they have never heard of..."

SouthSide: Is there a strong fan as well as fellow band support for the scene?  And is there one particular genre that's having a strong presence?
Phillip: "...yes, definitely ...[that's the] one cool thing about Austin, TX ...we have friends in bands and we put on shows together to give the fans a chance to see multi-bands at once ...[the] music [here] is so diverse ...there's country, singer/songwriter, soul ...unlike Dallas where it's hardcore rock ...Austin has everything..."
SouthSide: Courrier lists Radiohead, Coldplay, Switchfoot and Death Cab for Cutie as its influences. Which of the influences (or combination) would best represent Courrier's music?
Phillip: "...our [current] sound is Death Cab for Cutie meets Coldplay meets [Bruce] Springsteen ...[it has] synth elements than synth bass ...[we] some 80s influence..."

Note the band is listening to a lot of music from the 80s i.e. the Boss (Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson) SouthSide did ask if Courrier's music had an 80s influence since that's sort of the trend she's seeing lately from other bands.

Phillip continues "...not much of an 80s sound ...[Courrier's] influenced by the vibe of 80s not the music Michael Jackson, Phil Collins [without Genesis] and Bruce Springsteen..."

SouthSide: Which selection of Courrier songs do you highly recommend for blogspot readers to listen to first? And why did you choose those songs?
Phillip: "...interesting question..." before continuing with "...newer stuff ...Love Is A Fire [in which was featured in season 5 episode of Gossip Girl, blogspot readers] - the new single off new album [coming out in February] ...personally, Paper Ghost ...[it] has an incredible music video..."
SouthSide: If given the opportunity to work with any artist and/or band (living or dead), who would it be and why?"
Phillip:"...that's difficult [to answer] ...definitely in the future with Michael Brower [mix engineer for Coldplay], Brian Eno [musician, composer] and Chris Martin just to pick his brain about the way he treats melodies and rhythms ...[I'm] huge Sinatra fan ..would like to talk to him ...people try to immitate him but no one can be like Frank..."

SouthSide: Any final words or thoughts ...shameless plugs about Courrier and/or your upcoming show happening November 17th at SPACE (located in Evanston, IL) you wish to share with blogspot readers?
Phillip: "...come out on Nov 17th to SPACE in Evanston, IL if you like Arcadia Fire, Coldplay sound alternative rock album [Cathedral of Color] will be out first week of February single, Love Is A Fire is in top 50 in AAA radio..."

SouthSide highly recommends visiting Courrier's YouTube page to check out the videos for Love Is A Fire (one emotional anthem-like song) and Paper Ghost (a touching endearment of a loved one lost). Both songs did touch this reviewer on a personal level, blogspot readers.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, November 5, 2012

27 Oct 12

Good evening, ghostly ghouls and goblins, it's that festive time of the year again! And this fashionably costumed reviewer doesn't mean that jolly guy in a red suit either. nope, creatures of the night, it was time to celebrate with a frosty mug of your favorite witch's brew at the 16th Annual Halloween Bash. Held at Double Door, local bands like Panther Style, Hessler and AM Taxi got decked out in their costumes performing as legendary rock bands such as The Cult, Iron Maiden and The Replacements in which fans heard classic hits and B sides. Yet, it wasn't just the bands and fans dressing for the holiday spirit, some of the Double Door staff were in their finest attire including an Alice Cooper-looking DJ spinning tunes to get the growing crowd in the mood for tonight's show. Creativity was the word of the night as many fans went above and beyond this year. SouthSide noted many pirates in the audience as well as an "Audrey Hepburn" from Breakfast In Tiffany's with her "Johnny Depp" Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas escorting her to a "Mitt Romney" and Mad Hatters with a few Alices. The one costume that stole the entire show was person who dressed as Satan. He stood towering over people (due to stilts) with his staff and fierce red makeup paint. There were some notable "dead" rock stars at the Double Door too like Jerry Garcia and Amy Winehouse. Now, on with the show...

"...we're The Cult and you better like it..."

Kicking off this Halloween Bash was The Cult (aka local rockers Panther Style) in which they destroyed the stage with thundering excitement and heart-pounding electric classic punk riffs especially during the second song, Fire Woman. This reviewer enjoyed how Panther brought some kick-arse sound to the venue coupled nicely with twitterpating riffs that some heads banging to the beat. Other songs performed wereWild Flower, Lil Devil and Love Removal, The Cult's hit. Meanwhile, dressed in matching red jackets, Beck (aka The Sweeps) made a rare appearance on the Double Door stage, blogspot readers, performing their selection of hits which included Where It's At, Gamma Ray and Loser. Also the band brought the crowd back to its 2001 days during the performance of Golden Age yet it was the song Loser in which the crowd truly came to life when singing along with the band. Rockin' the stage next was Social Distortion (aka Blackbox) and the band's lead singer did a kind gesture by passing out roses to a few lucky ladies near and around the stage before kicking off the set with Mommy's Little Monster. "...Just trying to see if the all of the kittens are noticing me..." quipped the singer in between songs that featured a punk verion of Rolling Stones' Under My Thumb and a spirited version of Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire besides others like I Was Wrong and Story of My Life.

Halfway through this rockin' Halloween party, blogspot readers ...and oh look, it's Tom Petty (aka Ryan Powers) with his Heartbreakers appearing on stage! Immediately this crowd took to the task of singing along with Tom and his band to hit tunes like Refugee, Runnin' Down  A Dream, Won't Back Down and Last Dance With Mary Jane. You could really hear people singing during Free Fallin' and American Girl which closed out the set. Following after Tom Petty was the heavy metal gods, Iron Maiden (aka Hessler)! Though needing more umph in the vocals to really the crowd into the headbanging zone, this performance was truly for the Maiden fans in attendance, blogspot readers, not for SouthSide.  She felt there was something missing from the performance even though there was energy generated from the epic songs, screaming metal riffs and thundering rhythms to delight any metalhead. Featuring songs like Run To The Hills and Number of the Beast, Maiden did thrill the crowd with the appearance of the Iron Maiden  to close out the set. Next to appear on stage, The Replacements (aka AM Taxi) rocked the stage with their hits like Alex Chilton and Unsatisfied as well as their no nonsense approach to the set. For this particular Chicago appearance, the band performed straight through without breaking between songs which this reviewer can only suppose they didn't want to lose the crowd's momentum and energy especially during this late hour. And closing out this festive party was "...I'm Billy fuckin' Idol..."! Yes, blogspot readers, that bad boy from the UK, Billy Idol (aka The Last Vegas) made another rare Chicago appearance to perform his hits like Dancing With Myself, Cradle of Love and White Wedding. There was a lot of fist pumping excitement ...and what's a Canadian flag doing here? Who knows. The late night crowd really came to life during Billy's rock anthemy song - Rebel Yell as they rocked, danced and sang along with him.

What a night, blogspot readers!

Until next time, support your local scene,

One On One with Sid Yiddish


Sid Yiddish – the local scene’s mysterious throat warbler ...a former America Got Talent contestant ...Denmark’s favorite non-Dane celebrity ...leader of his Candy Store Henchmen band ...and now. a “Ludacris video extra turned college grad student”. Yes, blogspot readers, you read correctly. Sid Yiddish, that man of mystery sometimes dressed his infamous Jewish costume for shows, was part of the Ludacris video for “Jingalin’” over the summer. And spotting Sid in it won’t be too hard either ...he’s the only non-practicing Orthodox Jew hanging out with the ladies. After a long busy summer and beginning of fall, SouthSide was finally able to snag a few moments with the space alien from Saturn, Texas in his “office” at Columbia College recently to chat about what’s new within his universe to how he landed that role in Ludacris’ video and more.

After settling into his underground lair, SouthSide began the interview with Sid’s description of himself today compared to a year ago within five (5) words or less. According to him “ comparison...” but he kindly added “...educational adventurous inspiring innovative tuqueish...” Tuqueish, blogspot readers, was Sid’s new word of the day.  So what evil plots or schemes does an “...educational adventurous inspiring innovative tuqueish...” have planned for unsuspecting earthlings? Well, he’s learning how to use the universe then he’ll eventually teach his method to others well as “...take over the solar system then [the] universe ...maybe the world...” IF it’s still here after 21 Dec 2012. So what’s new and happening in Sid’s world, you might wonder, blogspot readers. Believe it or not, this former AGT contestant has a publicist! Recently, he met with the “team” who will be handling everything which includes getting “...gigs and world wide fame...” This package also includes putting together a Wikipedia page  that might have a mention (or two) of SouthSide. Don’t believe any of the rumors about Sid and her doing a waltz across Wabash towards State St, blogspot readers. Even though he couldn’t say (“...hush hush...” says Sid), the “team” is currently working on some stuff for the upcoming holiday season.


In his weird Furby voiceover for SouthSide’s daughter as entertainment. Sid briefly relayed the story on how Lee Klawans of Dr. Evil Publicity ( approached this local space alien and take him on as their very first client. So far, he has met an entertainment attorney, social media person and many others who are hard at work on his image and future gigs. At Columbia College, Sid is listed as a First Year Interdisciplinary Media & Arts Immediary grad student under its three (3) year program in which he loves. Funny thing is, blogspot readers, he’s not the only Sid in class. He also  added that his advisor (for the year) is Paul Catanese and “...[the] teachers are great...” He had done three (3) presentations that two had featured The Henchmen performing in classroom with him. As you can imagine, it did attract curious onlookers on those particular days. “...[we] did a parody of Mack The Knife as Stake The Knife...” that showed off Sid’s patented hand movements to direct the band. Also, he did another one titled Ninety Minute Delay on the Eisenhower. Then recently, he got a little dicey with a “blue” film called Blinded By Masturbation (in which has received over 70 views thus far on YouTube, blogspot readers). Briefly, Sid told SouthSide the censored story of how he caught his female Terrier, Nutters, doing the act (while using her tail) ...and believe it or not, the dog’s fixed. Sid does have respect when it comes to underage kids in the room and did his best to control his language.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there, blogspot readers. Sid has been busy doing things with MultiKulti like Fractulation where in one part he’s plunging to earth and PSAs Volume I 2011 – 2012 (came out over a month ago) that features another SouthSide friend, General Patton. Besides that, Sid has been busy with new releases such as Sid Yiddish Live @ Mr. Earl’s Funhouse (it’s a short run – 31 copies under the label, Human Burial Records (located in Kenosha, WI) ...sometime next year, there’s Covered Wagons (under the Trash Fuck Records), Stentor Radio Interview (a 2010 interview with Denmark’s Clean Boys) and then off Placenta Recordings (located in MI), Danish Viking Astronaut. Here’s what Sid had to say about that “...they approached me ...wanted to record me if you can believe that...” PLUS, there will be a box set of Sid Yiddish, blogspot readers! It will feature early Sid (before Sid became the Sid Yiddish we know today) dated from 1979 to 1999 (Vol. 1) and 1999 to 2009 (Vol. 2) “...who does this?!” Sid excitedly exclaimed. And like the Sid Yiddish Live CD, this box set will be limited-run too. That’s not all, Sid fans! Sid Yiddish and his Candy Store Henchmen have a new album titled – Leather Strawberries Live On WZRD (according to Sid the title has nothing to do with sex’s about fruit rollups). He thought it was a great title since aliens like him (especially those from Saturn, Texas) eat and LOVE Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks. “...[It] gives you energy to zap more people...”

And, we’re still NOT done, blogspot readers. In the meanwhile, Sid’s working on a return trip to Denmark for the Summer where he’ll be part of a book project of translated Danish poetry. The exchange program will include 3 to 5 dates here as well as there but Sid hopes his extremely busy schedule will allow it. There’s another project in which Sid posed for a photographer/artist, Ed Patterson as the biblical figure, Abraham sacrificing Issac for a church located in Greenwood, IN. The photographs were taken at Indiana Dunes and here’s another interesting fact, blogspot readers, Jason “Evil” Covelli (of Human Burial Records) portrayed Noah. “...hopefully I’m able to attend the opening [happening sometime in Spring of 2013] ...will start a Kickstarter program to go...” And if that’s not enough Sid Yiddish news you can use, there’s more. He was an extra (an spectator) in a 17th Century period piece about Daniel Mendoza, the first Jewish world champ boxer when he beat Sam Martin, the Bath Butcher ...according to UK Boxing History, King George III was a fan of Menoza. On Oct 6th, one of Sid’s cover songs, Man Titties, was aired on the Dr. Demento Show, blogspot readers. Then with Torque Monks, Sid hopefully will have the album Behold The Pale Monk, Healthy Poison and Live @ Solarium De Luna  released sometime in 2013. As if that’s not enough, he also has more compilations that were TOO many to name during this interview. However, expect to see Sid Yiddish somewhere ...anywhere and/or everything next year.


So how did Sid land a role in Ludacris’ hit video, Jingalin’ (and he LOVES saying that word, blogspot readers)? In his Ferbie voice again, he told SouthSide the brief version of this long, interesting story. About eight (8) months ago, Sid sent out emails to land various gigs until a casting agent contacted wondering if he wanted to come down to Atlanta for a video shoot. At first, he declined the offer but his label, Aleatory Records flew him down. That’s when he found out why the famous rapper/hip hop artist Ludacris wanted him – “...what Jew works on Sabbath [Saturday]?” Plus, they thought he was a practicing Orthodox Jew. Sid did tell this reviewer that they did cut the one scene where he’s playing a dice game with the sheik which is almost a set for the “ a Jew, Sheik, etc enter a house party” type of joke, blogspot readers. He even showed her the actual dice that was used for the video ...a notable keepsake from his mark within hip hop/rap world. Yet, it wouldn’t be Sid Yiddish if he didn’t do a parody of Ludacris’ Jingalin parody where there’s an alternate version by Jew-dacris by MultiKulti. Despite Sid’s recent as well as future accomplishments, Sid Yiddish is quite humble. And that’s the honest truth, blogspot readers. “...[It’s] gotten me open to more doors ...more coverage [including] more Facebook fans, gigs and records...” Those who have recognized him (from the video) on the “L” (Chicago’s elevated public transit system) ask him “How can I meet Ludacris?

With Sid’s enormous and busy schedule between recording, show appearances (sometimes with the other local masked man, Flabby Hoffman) and school, you might wonder how he can add one more on top of what he has on his plate. He was part of the Great Fire & Traveling Truck Show in which he and others traveled around town as sideshow acts (an homage to the traveling sideshow acts of the early 19th Century) performing feats of amazement and more. Sid told her it contained a bunch of actors and actresses, a tarot card reader and also a bearded bee lady to entertain the audience. Sid, though trying his best to describe what his performance was, told this reviewer that he does something with banjos ...something that’s never been done before at a Sid Yiddish show. SouthSide wished she could have attended the final show (held in Pilsen) since ABC’s 190 North (a local news/entertainment program) was going to be there to film.

Before ending this interview, Sid did reveal that he’ll be an election judge for the upcoming Presidential election and his considering a spec for a commercial (he let SouthSide see the email ...sorry, blogspot readers, she can’t reveal that secretive tidbit to you.) Also, coming soon on the internet – and despite currently under construction, there are photos of Sid on there. PLUS – he’s going back to the studio with Tom Repentry (of Monk 9) where they’re working on a parody of that popular song – PSY’s Gangnam Style.

You can find Sid (as well as His Candy Store Henchmen) on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2012 update

Hey, blogspot readers, more hot and events happening this month. Please, remember all shows listed are 21+ and older unless noted.

Nov 6:
Cobra Lounge - GlitterGuts Photobooth The End of the World Election Throwdown featuring The Hamburglars and Octavarius.

Makeshift Prodigy's Atlantic Records debut Illuminate drops. Pre-orders are now being taken for $3.99 at

Nov 8:
Reggie's - Viva La Muerte presents Screaming Mechanical Brain, W.O.R.M., Flood Damage, Gabriel & The Apocalypse featuring DJ Peter Propoganda.

Nov 10:
Cobra Lounge - Rock with Punk-Rock Blues band from Toronto, Canada - Catl (described as "...ragged, raucous irresistibly raunchy rhythm-n-blues in the classic sense...") featuring Rivals of the Peacemakers, The Not So Good Ol' Boys (Cleveland, OH), and Hammerdown.
$7 / 9p

The Ace Bar - Black Bridge CD Release party

Nov 12:
Chicago Dramatists - The Real Jane Martin in an early show (8p) with a $5 cover charge that features a spectacular show in three acts with TRJM.

Nov 23:
Social 219 - Floyd Farms presents Rogue Gallery Entertainment's event - A Black Friday with Rogue Gallery.

Nov 24 - 25:
World Source presents Planet Rock IV Chicago Thanksgiving Weekend. Location TBA

Nov 30:
Double Door - Red Rebel County's last show of 2012!

And go to Pinto and The Bean's YouTube page to check out their latest Halloween video for their song Night Rider.

Until next time, support your local scene,