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02 Nov 12

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" ovaries hurt..." ~ Jeffree Star

Hey, blogspot readers, the scene is dead! It was self-proclaimed during this rockin' tour that rolled through Chicago this evening at this Southside venue - Reggie's Rock Club. This was where SouthSide and her daughter, Sunday (not her real name) joined many of fashionably dressed tweens, teens and adults converged to see Blood On The Dance Floor! The lineup also featured the return of New Year's Day as well as Jeffree Star and Davey Suicide with  a DJ spinning the hottest industrial/metalized mixes before and in between acts during this all-ages spectacular. For many attendees, it was return seeing their favorite bands and meeting them after the sets while for others (especially for some parents) it was an experience this reviewer is certain they would never forget.

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Kicking off the night of rockin' music and fun was a suicidal riot of pent up teenage frustration and loud "...glam goth monster..." rock, blogspot readers. Davey Suicide opened the lineup with a hardcore bang of  metalized guitar rock coupled with primal screamo vocals and thunderous percussion rhythms which seems to frighten some of the parents sitting in the balcony. However, their kids weren't appalled or shocked by this band's "scary" appearance. Rather, Davey touched on what today's youth are thinking and clearly this band highlighted the discord through songs like Generation Fuck Star (which disses reality music competition shows such as The Voice, X Factor and American Idol) and Fear Is a God. "'s the idea of creating something larger hand life with 80s and industrial influences such Guns N Roses, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie..." Davey told SouthSide adding "'s a preference but not so much 80s music ...there's more 80s influence within Davey's [music] than Zombie or Manson..." During her interview with Davey Suicide himself, this reviewer did ask him what other songs should blogspot readers check out off his new album, Put Our Trust In Suicide. "...Hide Your Morals and Kids of America..." according to the band's front man and songwriter because "'s a band staple ....[plus] they're big anthem-like songs..." If you have seen the official video for Generation Fuck Star (if not, check it out on Davey's YouTube page), blogspot readers, you might notice a cryptic message that reads "...the name Suicide is a constant reminder that unless we kill ourselves, there is no ceiling for what we're capable of. Dreaming keeps us alive..." Davey explained to SouthSide that's a powerful motto ...a self belief in which "...too many people have crutches and they rely on their crutches too many times instead of relying on themselves..." So true indeed. Yet while watching Davey's opening performance, this reviewer couldn't help there was more to this band's performance than what was seen on stage. She did get a chance to ask him about that and he replied " was a typical 20 minute set ...[we] had to trim songs for tonight ...some are more melodic and there's one sleazy song..." Also Davey added "...[we] put together a B-side set ...there's a theme song we didn't get to walk on stage to ...[it's] hard to get into a groove within 20 minutes..." And even though it was a mere twenty minutes, this band put a lot into their set that truly had their fans screaming loudly for more. Also - believe it or not, blogspot readers, Davey Suicide is a HUGE (Chicago) Bears fan! Somewhere under his black makeup that coated his arm is a tattoo of Da Bears. Davey also disclosed during the brief interview that if given the opportunity he would like to collaborate with Eminem because "...lyrically he paints things like no one else can..." before adding (Rob) Zombie and (Marilyn) Manson to the mix "...just to learn and get inside their heads to understand their creativity..." SouthSide highly suggests checking out Davey Suicide who's currently touring the Midwest and West coast until mid December as well as snag the album which was released on November 6th. For more information about Davey Suicide and music, visit the official website .

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Hey, IL creeps (ie New Years Day fans), your favorite band kicked some serious hardcore rock arse on stage after beginning the set with a pseudo-Clockwork Orange theme (Funeral Music for Queen Mary) to officially announce the death of the scene! Despite being saddled with a shorter set time, New Years Day utilized every minute for their fans advantage by giving this screaming crowd what they wanted - an awesome, fast paced performance. It was heart pounding fury of energizing intensity within a dark pop/rock vibe at its best, blogspot readers. You could feel the grit off the guitar riffs and thundering percussions in between the feminine gusto on vocals (by Ashley) and her male counterpart who added a bit of testosterone to the lyrics. Once again, this band thoroughly spoke to this generation of rock teens through their songs like Razor and current singles Do Your Worst and Two in the Chest, One in the Head (off the band's Mechancial Heart EP).  For more information about New Years Day, visit the band's Myspace page at or on Facebook. Meanwhile, Jeffree Star continued the energizing momenum with his fast pace performance of electronica/club rock atmosphere in which he rocked the stage with two DJs and female dancers. Under the spectacle glow of the electric light and fx, Jeffree turned Reggie's Rock Club into one of the hottest scenes from Hollywood thrilling the delight of his screaming fans on the main floor. Fan will probably recognize this model turned fashion designer now singer/songwriter  from his days on Buzznet or his singly  Lollipop Luxury with Nicki Minaj.  Despite missing most of his set (due to her interview with Davey Suicide), this performer certainly fired up this crowd for the headliner Blood On The Dance Floor with lots of intense music and dazzling sound and lights. And afterwards, he even graciously met with every single fan (including this reviewer) after his set on the balcon for autographs and pictures. For more information about Jeffree Star, visit him at or on Facebook.

"...I love you times infinity..." ~ Blood On The Dance Floor

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After opening to the thrill of excitement and screams of their fans, Blood On The Dance Floor surprised SouthSide with a rather "tame" performance compared to the one she remembered from last year at Reggie's. There wasn't any elaborate costumes or music videos accompanying this hot teen scene band instead there was confetti cannons and soapy bubbles added to the messy mix of sweaty, screaming fans singing and dancing along to their favorite BOTDF song, blogspot readers, though still shocking the parents a little with their full guy on guy lip-locked kiss. That moment right there truly had their fans wildly screaming for more. Featuring an array of songs from Scream For My Ice Cream to Unforgiven and Yo Ho! (A Pirate's Life Is For Me) [Bewitched is still SouthSide's favorite off their All The Rage CD], Dahvie and  Jayy rocked the stage with just more than dance pop for this performance - they even tried something new for instance electric violin(for a love ballad) and female vocals to spice up their already fast paced, sexually-suggested music and sound when featuring songs off their current CDs - Evolution and The Anthem Of The Outcast. SouthSide noticed they have taken a less pop venture for this album and went a bit more hardcore within the subjects of love and death, blogspot readers, when performing Hell On Heels (Givin' In To Sin) and Your Sorry Life. This band does win the award for the best use of  the Home Alone 2: Lost In New York scene where Kevin plays part of the Dirty Angels movie to escape Tim Curry and his hotel staff as part of their lead-in to Design To Kill (SouthSide's not really sure). Yet this clip almost had the fans in near riot stage while the audio was playing. Checking out both albums, this reviewer suggests rockin' to the title track to Anthem Of The Outcast (not the radio edit), D.U.I. (Dancing Under The Influence) and La Petite Morte as well as Frankenstein and The Bride and Mother Earth (off Evolution CD). Check out BOTDF's YouTube page for videos (especially the enchanting Bewitched which gets lots of play on SouthSide's iPod) and also visit for more information and music.

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