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16 Nov 12 - Chicago Roots Collective fest

Photo0307 ~ Andy Metz performing

Hey, blogspot readers, it may be a bit chilly to hold a festival but it's not too chilly to attend night one of Chicago's hot rockin' 2-day event. Tonight at Beat Kitchen, this reviewer was there for the opening festivities of the 4th Annual Chicago Roots Collective in which features some of the best singer/songwriters and bands performing on two floors. 

Upstairs, SouthSide did check out a part of the acoustic acts where her friends Bassel and Andy Metz (bassist of Hero Monster Zero)were performing along with others featured in the lineup such as Kathy Greenholdt, Matt Burke, The Western and Anthony Galdino with Jarryd Scott Stemier headlining. After opening his set with an emotionally charged tune called Death and Taxes (in which Andy's voice projected such vocal fervor on the lyrics while highlighting a heartfelt tone), this singer/songwriter entertained the listenting audience with some selections from his band Hero Monster that also included a song inspired by an epic poem. There was where Andy did rock the stage with his vocally charged tone and furious acoustic riffs to match the energized momentum felt surrounding the upstairs room. And even while performing in a melodic downtempo rhythm, Andy wonderfully projected such emotion and fervor on his lyrics that he made you feel what he was feeling at the time of composition before including the audience to help him out towards the end. SouthSide highly recommends checking out Andy Metz and his rockin' band - Hero Monster Zero at

Meanwhile downstairs, bands like The Future Laureates, Jeff Brown and Band Called Catch were rockin' the stage opening for Molehill and Ewing Theory. Despite missing her friend's, The Future Laureates, set, SouthSide did enjoy  the final few minutes of her other  friends, Band Called Catch ( and their hot performance which included fun songs like Moon Pie and Done It Again as well as the customary frisbee toss where some lucky fans were able to win cool band merch prizes before turning the stage over to her friends - Molehill for their show. After thoroughly frightening the audience a little with the blaring sound of an air raid siren, this local band kicked off their set with a boisterious clash of piano-driven alternative/rock sound.  After not seeing this band for over two years, blogspot readers, SouthSide noted the distinct change in sound and intensity Molehill projected throughout the set thus immediately liking the band's "new" look and music especially the emotionally charged energy featured in the chorus (during No Reprieve) when the vocals were combined with heartfelt and dynamic tone. Nope it wasn't the same band she had seen on stage at Joe's On Weed St. Molehill definitely upped their rock sound (as well as image) for more powerful energy and fury to electrify the stage with intense guitar riffs and crescendo rises that (at times) left you breathless for that burst of momentum at the bridge. Such energy did have this crowded back room rockin' to the heart-racing tempo especially during Almost Broken. Featuring other songs like I'm Okay, Money Life and Wildfire, Molehill did project a certain amount of profound sadness to their highly energized performance when performing the song The Fall (dedicated to an old friend) where this reviewer honestly felf the pain and angst experienced from the lyrics. Yet what truly made this song quite special was the energized gusto that rocked out the conclusion of the song. Also, Molehill got a little futuristic and space-like with their music during F# to which had this crowd dancing to the electronica soundwaves before rocking the stage to an epic-sounding intro to Control which suddenly had this venue overheated from the bodies moving to the rhythmic beat especially while dancing along with the band to Interlude. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' to the "new" electrifying soundwave projected by Molehill at their next performance, blogspot readers. For more information, visit

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