Friday, November 9, 2012

One On One with Courrier

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to another edition of One On One interviews featuring SouthSide's latest guest, Phillip Edsel, lead guitarist and vocalist of Courrier, via the use of modern technology (mobile to mobile) discussing the band's music in popular television shows to interest in Chipotle and everything else in between.

SouthSide: How would you describe your band, Courrier in five (5) words or less?
Phillip: "...inspiring cinematic emotional honest..."

SouthSide: Interesting choice of words especially "...honest..." Why do you choose those words to describe Courrier?
Phillip: "...because the songwriting process takes on different forms ...our songs end up with that vibe from those words ...[Courrier's] trying to create an honest experience while trying to connect with fans on their level ...we enjoy talking, meeting and establishing those relationships ...also as a band we don't put on a facade..."

SouthSide: Your music has been featured on CW's Vampire Diaries and 90210 as well as ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. Is there any particular show (cable or otherwise) in which your music could be featured? Which song would it be and why?
Phillip: "...House [even] though it's not a show anymore and Grey's Anatomy ...our song Hospital World would be perfect for Grey's..."

SouthSide: Now, what's this about Chipotle as the band's only interest (as seen on their Facebook page)? Is Chipotle Courrier's favorite place to eat?
Phillip: [laughs] "...[it's] one of our favorite restaurants ...we try to eat well [especially] while on the road ...and try to find Panera Bread and Chipotle ...Austin [lead singer, keyboardist, and guitarist] is a real good chef ...we were in Chicago two weeks ago and had Lou Malnati's...."

Here SouthSide and Phillip discuss where to eat pizza since it depends on what type of crust you want, blogspot readers. Also, SouthSide did inform Phillip that ketchup is not allowed on a hotdog in Chicago ...just in case they decide to order one.

SouthSide: Besides SXSW, how would the local/indie scene in Austin, TX?
Phillip: "...SXSW is kinda good representation of Austin's local music scene but also kinda isn't where it's gotten to the point it's so overcrowded and packed with bands performing on stages ...the music scene seems to be oversaturated..."

SouthSide: Do you think SXSW will turn into Lollapalooza-type music festival?
Phillip: "...I think it will [stay] the opposite of Lolla ...people have gone there [SXSW] to find obscure bands they have never heard of..."

SouthSide: Is there a strong fan as well as fellow band support for the scene?  And is there one particular genre that's having a strong presence?
Phillip: "...yes, definitely ...[that's the] one cool thing about Austin, TX ...we have friends in bands and we put on shows together to give the fans a chance to see multi-bands at once ...[the] music [here] is so diverse ...there's country, singer/songwriter, soul ...unlike Dallas where it's hardcore rock ...Austin has everything..."
SouthSide: Courrier lists Radiohead, Coldplay, Switchfoot and Death Cab for Cutie as its influences. Which of the influences (or combination) would best represent Courrier's music?
Phillip: "...our [current] sound is Death Cab for Cutie meets Coldplay meets [Bruce] Springsteen ...[it has] synth elements than synth bass ...[we] some 80s influence..."

Note the band is listening to a lot of music from the 80s i.e. the Boss (Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson) SouthSide did ask if Courrier's music had an 80s influence since that's sort of the trend she's seeing lately from other bands.

Phillip continues "...not much of an 80s sound ...[Courrier's] influenced by the vibe of 80s not the music Michael Jackson, Phil Collins [without Genesis] and Bruce Springsteen..."

SouthSide: Which selection of Courrier songs do you highly recommend for blogspot readers to listen to first? And why did you choose those songs?
Phillip: "...interesting question..." before continuing with "...newer stuff ...Love Is A Fire [in which was featured in season 5 episode of Gossip Girl, blogspot readers] - the new single off new album [coming out in February] ...personally, Paper Ghost ...[it] has an incredible music video..."
SouthSide: If given the opportunity to work with any artist and/or band (living or dead), who would it be and why?"
Phillip:"...that's difficult [to answer] ...definitely in the future with Michael Brower [mix engineer for Coldplay], Brian Eno [musician, composer] and Chris Martin just to pick his brain about the way he treats melodies and rhythms ...[I'm] huge Sinatra fan ..would like to talk to him ...people try to immitate him but no one can be like Frank..."

SouthSide: Any final words or thoughts ...shameless plugs about Courrier and/or your upcoming show happening November 17th at SPACE (located in Evanston, IL) you wish to share with blogspot readers?
Phillip: "...come out on Nov 17th to SPACE in Evanston, IL if you like Arcadia Fire, Coldplay sound alternative rock album [Cathedral of Color] will be out first week of February single, Love Is A Fire is in top 50 in AAA radio..."

SouthSide highly recommends visiting Courrier's YouTube page to check out the videos for Love Is A Fire (one emotional anthem-like song) and Paper Ghost (a touching endearment of a loved one lost). Both songs did touch this reviewer on a personal level, blogspot readers.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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