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01 Nov 12

***SouthSide's sincrerest apologies for the lateness of this review***

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Hey, blogspot readers, welcome the rockin' start to one HOT weekend happening around town. SouthSide's schedule is going to be extremely tight trying to fit as many shows as possible into two solid days of local and touring performances. Tonight, she's at the heart of Lincoln Park area rockin' the Tonic Room for the premiere performance of Great Divide's residency. During the next three weeks, this local band will be headlining the stage while featuring support from other bands like Cole DeGenova & The Peoples Republic and Vitek (from Nashville, TN) with DJRC rockin' the house sound before and between sets with his vibrant collection of neo soul/R&B tunes. Other performances will include Harrison Hudson and AyoH (on November 8th) and DJRC and other special guests (on November 15th). 

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This reviewer arrived in time to catch the rest of Cole DeGenova & The Peoples Republic's opening set and she highly recommends checking the neo-soul/rock alternative sound of what this local band is vibin', blogspot readers. The music was hip-swaying, butt shakin-licious and toe tappin' under the melodic tones of the piano/synth rhythms and funkified guitar riffs especially the band performed a fresh (as in 2 hours old) new song which perfectly highlighted the rawness heard in Cole's (front man/keyboardist) vocals. With music and voice combined like this, dancing to People's songs is strongly advised and encouraged even when it's to get very deep and funky. SouthSide was swept away by the infectious melody and rhythm as well as loved feeling the boisterious finishes of a funky riff sound. Watching Cole get emotionally and dramatically expressive, especially during the song Rich Man's Money where his body language executed the lyrics while singing, had her feeling the energized momentum of music and words off the songs. At times, his voice could be heartfelt meanwhile during others, he was soulfully expressive that the words moved you to tears. SouthSide highly suggests rockin' the ears to Blues No More, Nowadays and Radio Hero. For more information about Cole DeGenova & The Peoples Republic, visit or on Facebook.

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Though having a bit of minor technical problems at the start of their Chicago appearance at Tonic Room, blogspot readers, this band hailing from Nashville, TN, pulled off one amazing show featuring lively, upbeat tempos and rockin' horn section (horns and saxophone) with a rhythmic synth vibe. SouthSide enjoyed Vitek's spin the neo-soul sound with a slight R&B/alternative groove even while in a downtempo, this band still kept the soundwave fresh and hip for you move to the beat. Music - despite hard to describe unless you attended the show, had a way of being simple and melodic yet very complex as well as intricately complicated at the same time especially they blended different genres together. The eclectic combination, blogspot readers, certainly had an organic feel at times (when harmonizing with each other) amidst the dual synths and keyboards to add that dream-like melody and the horns for that upbeat spark of life. Then on the other side of Vitek, there was some neo-jazz/soul mixed within the alternative rock sound if listened very closely which makes this band's vivid use of genres not so easy to classify or box into one category. Having those many layers like an onion, Vitek's music does make you vividly feel the vibin' soundwave and vivacious rhythms all at once. For example, during one particular song, the different sections of the band were on differect octave levels of rhythms and melodic groove while taking the audience on a space-like ride as if you were soaring high across the night skies. During another, they got organic and tribal in music and rhythms which brought out the members being totally immersed into their rhythmic sound and dance moves. Overall, this reviewer enjoyed Vitek's uniqu floetry of cross-genres and dimensions that's to be experienced live than hearing on a CD will grab you soufully as well as spiritually, blogspot readers. For more information about Vitek, visit

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You truly know you have fans at a venue who enjoy your music when everyone starts shushing everyone else as your band steps onto the stage. That's what happened when Great Divide finally began their headlining residency at Tonic Room, blogspot readers, with the vibrant yet soulful gospel/alternative rock song, Shine (track  5 off Great Divide). This featured song as well as many others definitely had their fans including SouthSide feeling the energized momentum off this upbeat tempo. Combined with the heartfelt but emotionally dynamic falsetto vocals (by Jeff and Teddy) wonderfully highlighting the "feel good" sensation to which had fans grooving to the vivid sound (especially off Great's horn section). Song after song, this local band had the venue jumpin', jivin' and swayin' to the rhythmic beat. Featuring other songs off their new album like Ain't No Roads (track 1), Great Divide rocked Tonic Room with a combination of soulful R&B groove, jazzy rhythms, some Philly funk (for the song Freedom Love) and downtempo melodic ballad that brought out the emotions and sentimental heartache during another particular song. Like the two previous bands, Great put on a powerful appearance to kick off the start of their residency at this venue. SouthSide wished she could have stayed til the end of their set yet did check out Great Divide's latest CD suggesting you listen to the vividness found in the picturesque song Autumn Leaves (track 6) and the vibrant feel that things will be okay in It's Alright (track 9).  For more information about Great Divide and it's music, visit


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