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15 Nov 12 - Double M Gala: Fund Raise the Roof


Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's in the cinematic spotlight! For tonight's adventure around town, this reviewer took a break from the bands to lend her support for a charitable fundraiser which pits music and movies together under one rockin' festival in the spring. CIMM Fest (Chicago International Movies & Music Festival) brings together just more than movies and music from all corners of the world but it's celebrating the "...inseparable connection between music and movies..." This four-day springtime event features premiere, music-centric films and live concerts at venues like Double Door, Debonair Social Club and The Hideout as well as DJ/VJ sets, Q&A sessions and live film-scoring performancs. Plus there's also Rock and Roll art exhibits and professional and entrepreneurial conference ...but more importantly, a mind-blowing experience that's fun! What's really makes this festival quite unique, blogspot readers, is that each of the venues (18 in all) are located quite close to one another along 5 CTA Blue line rail stops where each one will be hosting either one of  70 films (from 25+ countries) and/or 130 bands. The 2013 CIMMfest will run during the weekend of April 18th through 21st. Blogspot readers can expect SouthSide covering parts of this festival for a future On The Town review.

Photo0299 - Derek's masterpiece in motion

Yet to put on a festival of this size and magnitude, there needs a bit of help from people within the business or interested people supporting their love of unique combination of movies and music. Tonight, CIMMfest organizers held a fun fundraising party on the second level of The Zhou B Art Center (located in the Bridgeport neighborhood) where supporters, artists, producers, directors, DJs/VJs and more were able to converge and raise funds for this upcoming springtime event. There was live art in motion, blogpspot readers, by Derek Carier who was working on his huge masterpiece of intricate triangular shapes of all sizes and colours. SouthSide did take a moment or two to view the other interesting artwork around this room. She like one piece (sorry, don't have any information about it) where various classic albums were displayed on the floor to the mattress springs hanging overhead like a canopy or being used as a makeshift tent. You had to be careful of the sharp hangers of circled-punch out metal sheets that hung overhead in various locations throughout the venue.


Elsewhere inside this former industrial warehouse, there was free flowin' music from the many DJs like Derek Carter (who truly got this event feeling as well as reeling from the hardcore tribal mixes), Justin Long , SHUT EYE and 8FATFAT8 - just to name a few while attendees could mingle around with friends or watch on two huge screens various movie/music projects from last year's CIMMfest. Some being shown were documentary to narrative films or music videos by international artists/bands. SouthSide found some of the movies to be very intriguing and thought-provoking to quite humorous in nature. For example, one (by A Wrong Way Productions) featured a rather interesting look into what happens inside a series of bathroom stalls ...a weird expose of people doing everything from gangland style murder to a Nazi preaching his politics and more besides going to the bathroom. Another in which she liked though not being able to hear this particular video (featuring music by Young Circles)  the images on the screen ran almost in sync with the featured DJ's club remix of Sugar Hill Gang's Lala Song.


Attenion, filmmakers, bands, artists, et al, there's a call for entries for CIMMfest's happening April 18th through 21st. Visit or on Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube sites for more information.

Without your support, blogspot readers, CIMMfest wouldn't be able to celebrate the inseparable connection between music and movies for over four years. This organization needs your help in making Chicago International Movies & Music Festival 2013 the best ever! They want you to be a part of something extraordinary. CIMMfest is a 501(3)c non-profit your donation is tax-deductible. Visit for information on how you can help.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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