Tuesday, November 29, 2011

28 Nov 11

Hey, blogspot readers, do you want to be in a video? This local band, Unplugged and Reborn (an indie electronic trio) is currently searching for people to participate in an upcoming video shoot happening on Dec 17th.

They will be shooting a video for Khandi Kids off their debut album Promise Me This Day ...it's FREE and open to all ages (though BYOB) starting 8p. They also ask that you dress retro, neon colors, underground rave themed clothing (if possible).

The house party will feature DJ sets by Sickboy, Rude Gentlemen, Blowclerk and Erok 69.

That's Saturday, December 17th, 8p at 4447 S. Karlov in Chicago.

For more information, visit Unplugged and Reborn at http://www.unpluggedandreborn.com.

HOWEVER, if unable to make the shoot, Unplugged and Reborn will be rockin' the stage at Beat Kitchen on Thursday, January 12th along with Cold Kid Blue, Videotape and Smoke & Magic at 17+ show. Admission $10.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

22 Nov 11 - Part 2

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' Wicker Park now! After a quick CTA ride ont he Red and Blue train lines, this roving party girl about town arrived in time at Double Door to welcome home her friend, Illusions Fate. Returning safely from their travels deep in the wilds of Michigan, this hot local band headlined this hip neighborhood venue's stage which also featured performances by friend Sutured Psyche and Conflux during this free pre-holiday show. Blogspot readers should be aware that Sutured Psyche will be rockin' the stage again (as well as with a bit of striptease by guitarist Ryan Reilly) on Dec 17 at Live Wire with Beneath The Stares and then at Elbo Room on Jan 28 for their anniversary show.

Intense primal industrialized metal music - the best way to sum up this Illusions Fate show, blogspot readers. Joel (front man on vocals and guitar) and the guys rocked out Double Door with such of an animalistic blood-curdling battle cry and sound that instantly attacked the senses. There was an energizing spirit and momentum felt during Illusions' opening song which stayed throughout the set that also included an encore - a first time for the guys. SouthSide literally could sense the primal nature and heat as Joel pumped venomous screamo fx especially while singing "...won't you die..." into the mix in between his natural falsetto voice. Yet while performing Stain, this particular song featured more of his natural vocals in which the audience clearly heard the emotions off the lyrics and less screamo. Another song, an Illusions Fate ballad, truly spotlighted Joel's voice within the "mellow" metal sound as the electric volume and tempo gradually increased towards the chorus until the end. Hardcore industrial and metal fans will thoroughly bang their heads to the intensity of Illusions' rockin' sound featuring wicked electric riffs, a melodic bass and thunderous percussion. Sometimes the band will also include a funky stax sound to crescendo-ing crash and bang song finishes to leave their fans hungry for more. SouthSide suggests rockin' the ears to Fear - not for its intense metal sound bur for the unexpected calming lull (nearly a minute though) before Joel pumps more rage and angst after the bridge and fan favorite Dying Anthem which had Mr. Agitator (of V Is For Villains) dancing along with other Illusions' fans. This reviewer also suggests checking out new song - Unborn (off new album comingo ut in March 2012) for the raw intensity coupled inside a metal sound and vengeful vocals on lyrics. A perfect head banging anthem with a blood-curdling sound ...definitely the next Illusions Fate hit single, blogspot readers. For more information about this band, visit http://www.myspace.com/illusionsfatemusic or on Facebook.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

22 Nov 11 - Part 1

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has officially lost an "On The Town" V-card! Her recent adventure on Tuesday night took this roving reviewer inside Chicago's hip hop/rap scene for the first time at Reggie's Rock Club. There, she attended an all-ages show presented by Wolf Ho Inc featuring up-n-coming hip hop/rap artists like Blackout Cliq and Kosha Dillz (and friends) with Kid Ink (CA) headlining.

However, SouthSide soon discovered something was terribly wrong with this particular Reggie's show upon her arrival. And mostly it was the audience, blogspot readers, as she observed them being nonresponsive especially during Blackout Cliq's performance. This reviewer doesn't think it was the music per se (mostly classic R&B/soul and DJing turntables) that caused this "dead" silent atmosphere amongst the all-ages crowd. Though noting there was energy and momentum felt from the MCs' lyrical verses, it wasn't enough to spark an instant cheer or anything when the song was over. They were simply overworking themselves into exhaustion trying to get this crowd hyped. Even being billed as "the only Jewish rapper in Korea town" didn't score any winning points for Kosha Dillz and his guest rap artists either. This listless atmosphere continued at the beginning of his (Kosha's) performance until he had to literally instruct the crowd on how to "behave" while attending a hip hop/rap show. Despite that slow start, this artist did finally win them over when performing a song about garage sales and then demonstrating his lyrical freestyle skills about ordinary objects such as a folder and mobile phone. SouthSide did like Kosha's Hebrew-Spanish-English mixed song but honestly felt it merely confused the crowd (since they had to respond by saying "Yes Yes" to his Hebrew-Spanish lyrics) more than entertained before rockin' out the set with a humorous tune about sweatpants.

Suddenly that - the listless atmosphere and the crowd's mood - seemed to change once headliner Kid Ink took control of the stage. POW! The mood and atmosphere immediately jumped to spontaneous life as this charismatic hip hop/rap artist burst into his opening song. It was the first time SouthSide had seen this crowd come to life without any prompted instructions. Kid Ink worked his magic by spinning fast lyrical verses amidst lively rhythms and fresh beats/music to which everyone from the front of the stage to the back began partying and rockin' to the music. You could literally feel the excitement being generated in the air, blogspot readers, by this artist ...he definitely had a commanding stage presence while keeping everyone hyped song after song. At times, you could also hear the some rapping along with him especially during the songs Blackout and Hannah Montana (not your Disney-friendly song about Mylie Cyrus). Kid Ink had this energizing as well as intense persona about him that couldn't be stopped. That's what this reviewer liked most about this artist besides his lyrical verse abilities and etc. He kept his performance moving continuously which in turn had the momentum flowing while he worked every inch of the Reggie's stage ...charming the ladies (plenty of eye candy when having his shirt off) and shaking hands with eager fans. For example, during one particular song, he had the crowd soaring high through the hip hop skies as they were on top of the world with him. Though unable to stay til the very end of Kid Ink's performance, SouthSide enjoy the exciting, highly intense Kid Ink performance, blogspot readers, and suggests hip hop/rap fans checking out this up-n-coming artist at his next show. For more information about Kid Ink, visit http://www.kidinkmusic.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

December 2011

Hey, blogspot readers, the busy holiday season is now upon us. However, in between the crowded mall shopping, fighting for that parking space or hot gift item of the year and parties, SouthSide highly suggests taking a break to attend one (or more) of the following shows/events rockin' Chicago's local scene.

Dec 1 @ Lincoln Hall 6:30p
Warm, Safe & Sound
SouthSide kicks off her December calendar by joining others in donating a coat or sweater for a good cause (besides getting a discounted door admission) in which Cornerstone Community Outreach will give all donations to the homeless and/or needy low income families.
Admission: $10 (or $5 w/sweater or coat donation)
Music performances by Hawley Shaffner and The Kickback along with friends The Bright White, Blane Fonda and The Steepwater Band.

@ Burlington Bar 9p
Friends Jon Drake & The Shakes and Chaperone will be rockin' the venue's new stage area.
Admission: $5

Dec 2 @ Elbo Room
Upstairs on the Acoustic stage - singer/songwriter Kelsey Montanez will be opening for A Thousand Julys.
Meanwhile downstairs on the Main stage - friend Bambi Raptor will be opening for The James Brown.

Dec 3 @ Celebrity Salon (located in Evanston) 7p
SouthSide will be attending this BYOB holiday Toys For Tots charity event. If attending, the organizers have asked that you bring an unwrapped toy - no stuffed toys or toy guns.
FREE adminission with donation.
Music performances by friends The Telepaths and WhiteWolfSonicPrincess All-Stars along with The Rut, Crocodile Children, Hannah Frank, Longbottom Leaf and Kavus.

@ Drake Hotel 9p
Join SouthSide afterwards for more holiday cheer with her friend Jesse Charbonier who will be performing a Jazz holiday show at Coq d' Or until 1a.

Dec 5 @ Nite Cap
It's Devil's Playground One Year Anniversary Party! Hosted by David Bates who will be spinning metal/rock/industrial/punk/Goth tunes all night long. PLUS Ms Ammunition will be performing a tempting burlesque show while Skinwalker performs on stage.

Dec 9 @ Beat Kitchen 8p
Friend Makeshift Prodigy will be rockin' the stage at this 17+ show, blogspot readers.
need to be 21+ to drink
Admission: $10

Dec 10 @ Elbo Room
It's The Andy Metz Explosion Live show! The band lineup will feature Seth Williams, B-Amp, and Magatron rockin' the stage with Andy. Also performing that same night, friend 20 Mark Helga.
Admission: $10

@ La Salle Power Company 8p
Friends Social Focus and The Walking Shadows will be rockin' the stage at this River North club.
Admission: $7

Dec 13 @ Elbo Room
SouthSide will be rockin' as well as reviewing Rockford's own Trip Effect.

Dec 15 @ Double Door
Friend Red City will be painting this stage bright red along with Board of Governors, Farewell Captain and The Melismatics.
Admission: $6

Dec 16 @ Reggie's Rock Club 10p
Misstallica! SouthSide will be attending this show featuring the world's only and greatest female tribute band to Metallica at this South Loop venue.
Admission: $10 advance / $12 door

Dec 18 @ Double Door 9p
SouthSide suggests joining her with Friend Akasha as they present Simmer Down Sunday featuring "The Graduate" and guest DJs spinning classic reggae at this FREE event.

Dec 22 @ Double Door 8:30p
It's a VERY Retar Christmas Holiday Extravaganza featuring Retar Crew at this FREE event.

SouthSide has yet to decide where she's ringing in the New Year ...so stay tuned, blogspot readers.

Until next time, support your local holiday scene,

Monday, November 21, 2011

16 Nov 11

"...could you watch my purse..." ~ An "I Lost Control" fan

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' a FREE show tonight! Deep within the heart of the hip Wicker Park neighborhood, Double Door hosted an all-star lineup featuring friend, I Lost Control headlining its stage with The Beez Neez and Burial At Sea (CA) opening. This reviewer despite not truly enjoying the performance still recommends blogspot readers checking out the lively Americana/alternative sounds of The Beez Neez (http://www.beezneezchicago.com) for its energizing tempo and dynamic male lead vocal falsetto. Though also enjoying the varying music of country/rock or bluegrass sometimes woven inside Beez songs, SouthSide felt the female backing vocalist lacked some hear, depth and soul as well as energy in her voice to compliment the male lead (on guitar) thus making the lyrics sound somewhat flat. This reviewer also had trouble feeling the sentimental emotions in the heartfelt ballad Lose Myself In You due to the overwhelming bass rhythms that drown out rhythm guitar performing as an electric violin.

A taste of Califormia surf amidst a hot powerpop/rock sound and energizing momentum set the Double Door stage ablaze during Burial At Sea's performance, blogspot readers. This rockin' trio instantly perked up the venue's atmosphere with its intense guitar work that at times featured dramatic pauses to conclude certain songs with an abrupt BANG for the audience. Such intensity did produce a lively melodic electro sound that definitely kept each Burial member animated of nonstop body movement while on stage. Even while taking the energy and guitar intensity down a bit, this reviewer still found herself deeply immersed inside the twitterpating riffs and dazzling sound to tickle the ears. Plus the music wonderfully (at this downtempo style) highlighted the male lead's (also on guitar) raspy yet soulfully heartfelt vocals. Burial's cover of Bruce Springteen's I'm On Fire featured more than an electro-pop sound but a change from the original composition of the 80s hit like turning the ballad into a slightly fast-paced rock song. This rockin' version perfectly spotlighted the lead's deep voice that sent shivers down SouthSide's back, blogspot readers. Another fine example of his voice style occurred while performing one of their own original ballads in which one could literally feeling the heartfelt emotions dripping off the lyrics. SouthSide highly recommends checking the electro California sound during Burial At Sea's next show. For more information, visit http://www.myspace.com/burialatseamusic.

SouthSide highly recommends losing control of your music sanity while rockin' out with friend I Lost Control, blogspot readers. This hot local quartet rocked the Double Door stage with a fast-paced, Brit pop/rock sound on this side of the pond. This reviewer immediately liked the lively tempo and intense guitar work which complimented front man Toby's vocal style of wit and humor off the lyrics (especially during opening song Hard To Get) and animated stage presence. Throughout Lost's performance, he reminded SouthSide a little bit of another animated yet charismatic front man, David Byrne of Talking Heads while performing Confliction. However there was another side to Toby when not behind the guitar. This reviewer enjoyed the "serious" side and tone of his voice which added more body movement and hand gestures to amplify his vibrant falsetto style (for example - Runaway Train). Listen out for The Doors' The End towards the end of this particular song that featured Toby hauntingly voicing Jim Morrison's spoken yet intense poetry. That "serious" act also wonderfully complimented the hardcore riffs as heard in Bloodline and Mathias (but with a slightly upped tempo to draw out more of his David Byrne-like voice). Not worry, blogspot readers, I Lost Control soon retained control once again when it returned to its energizing momentum within the electro-pop sound of Lawless and the two encores, Rockstar and Transmission. For more information about this local band, visit http://www.ilostcontrol.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

13 Nov 11

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another late show for this special On The Town review. SouthSide ended her LONG four-day weekend of party (and lack of sleep) at Lakeview's popular local venue, Elbo Room to see Adema rock out the Sunday lineup featuring a performance by old friend, Emiss.

She honestly would like to say that she did enjoy Adema's headlining set however not in the way she could have thoroughly enjoyed it. This reviewer knows that last statement sound a bit contradictory and probably confusing. Yet if you could have seen how exhausted the band appeared on stage, you would completely understand what she's saying. In her opinion, it was a good show but due their tired appearance, it wasn't definitely their best. Adema was still able to deliver their diehard Chicago fans a rock show full of instant thrilling excitement and head banging momentum amidst the shred-tastic guitar riffs and intense heavy metal music. She felt the excitable rush of the thundering metal sound and vibe during Kill The Headlights that vibrantly pulsated throughout this particular. This song had the music energy but it was starting to lack something else, blogspot readers, vocal energy. This reviewer liked the vocals pouring out the emotional angst and pain ...sort of heart-wrenching at times especially when lead vocalist cried "...is it trust..." during the third song. But that distinctive dynamic vocal style was only momentary as the energy began to wane considerably during other songs except for Do What You Want To Do in which the band not revitalized the music but voices too. Even added some intensified screamo in the mix to generate some fan response amongst the late night audience. Also this reviewer recommends listening to The Way You Love Me (for its awesome metal-tastic sound of shredding guitar riffs and hardcore vocal emotion poured into the lyrics that also started some in the audience to start singing along with Adema) and closer Give It Away (that featured original band member Mike on guitar ...generating wild momentum and excitement at last with shred-tastic riffs).

Those were the only good highlights of Adema's Chicago show, blogspot readers, but constantly hearing shouts for Freebird (at a metal show? seriously that joke is getting stale now) somewhat deminish the fun experience for this reviewer besides the lack of energy during certain points of the set. There wasn't much rockin' out to their own music ...basically the energy level was low. SouthSide supposes if the stage was a bit wider and longer perhaps the band would have the need to rock out the venue like the rockers they are. Though what the band lacked in some areas of its show, SouthSide does recommend catching Adema while currently on tour. For more information, visit http://www.myspace.com/adema.

Until next time, support your local scene,

12 Nov 11 - Afterparty

It seems SouthSide's "job" is never done when the show's over, blogspot readers! Surprisingly she still had enough strength and stamina left to party some more this time with the hip late night Reggie's club scene. This hot party hosted by good friend, Jason aka Magicks, featured DJ performances by White Collar Crime, Robot Ears, of course the mysterious Magicks himself and more. Though lasting almost til sunrise, SouthSide stayed for a couple of hours to soak in the music, vibe and Tron-like atmosphere thanks to a hefty supply of neon green glowsticks.

Judging by the hot music wafting throughout the venue, it looked to be another fun night sweatin' to the bumpin' sounds of electronica/dance again. As the late crowd arrived, the music was warmly inviting and entertaining to the ears which immediately hand many hitting the dance floor. SouthSide liked the blended mix of techno rhythms and beats intertwining with a world fusion sound. After tossing some neon green glowsticks into the crowded dance floor, soon Reggie's was aglow amidst the semi-darkness of club lighting and trance-like electronica music. What a sight seen from where SouthSide was ...bodies rhythmically moveing to the contagious beats and nonstop melodic wizardry vibe until White Collar Crime took center stage. His DJ set featured some mixes that had a hip hop feel but within a lively dance/electronica flare. Even though the tempo and energy changed to a slower pace, there was still enough energy and momentum being pumped to keep this party going as the two o'clock hour began.

The dancers were cheering ...chanting to the pulsating beats during one particular track before moving into an instrumental remix of the soul classic hit If You Don't Know Me featuring a wicked electronic rhythms. Dancing continued as the DJ switched between different variations of electronica mixed containing varying tempo speed and techno beat. This reviewer also dancing along enjoyed the track variations that kept the party scene alive and fresh especially when one had a Tron-like sound. The dancers were certainly fired up when Jason began dancing to the music while on stage. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Daft Punk-inspired sound containing ear popping, catchy hooks until gradually moving into Magicks' DJ set around 2:30a. Though taking the highly energizing sound down to a calming lull, this set included one special element besides the soothing music and rhythms. The ambient electronica music also featured Jason's quiet aria-like vocals intertwining with the pulsating sound and beats. There was a moment of a livelier tempo yet it retained a melodic vibe inside the music ...so hypnotic at times, blogspot readers. However the "cool" down didn't last long when DJ Robot Ears took over. Suddenly the party jumped back to its original energizing atmosphere as the dancers returned to their nonstop fun amidst the heart-pounding, vibrant sound. The music was so contagious that it instantly had everyone including SouthSide dancing to the electronic vibe but sadly this rockin' party vampire had to get some sleep ...she had one more show to complete later that night...

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

12 Nov 11

"...eat shiza..." ~ Hanzel Und Gretyl

Guten Tag, blogspot readers, frau SouthSide wants to know - who's ready for a Fukken Uber (Death) Party aboard the SS Deathstar Supergalatick? She hopes you are because that's what happened to her recently. The essence and spirit of Deutschland was definitely felt on Saturday especially inside South Loop's Reggie's Rock Club as hardcore industrial/metal fans packed the venue to attend the "More German Than German" show of Hanzel Und Gretyl (NY)! Besides being so excited to see this legendary duo rockin' the stage, this reviewer was also excited to see longtime friend Sinister Fate along with Control, Veritae and Strange Karma (Australia) opening. To keep everyone in the mood amidst the night's lineup theme, DJ Dominion spun a fantastic mix of industrial and metal songs before the show and in between sets.

SouthSide highly suggests checking out the melodic yet dramatic hardcore rock sound of Veritae, blogspot readers. This reviewer enjoyed the crescendoing energy and momentum as heard in the band's rhythms and guitar riffs thus setting up that heart-pounding drama in its head banging rock. Coupled with this music style was the powerfully dynamic falsetto vocals which truly added heartfelt emotions and passion into the lyrics of Veritae's songs. SouthSide does suggest to the band to work on smoothing out the finisheds on the first three songs - the abrupt ending after such dramatic melodies didn't fit inside the music style. For more information, visit http://www.veritaemusic.com. Meanwhile, check out the rip-roaring, furiously fast combination of punk/metal sound of SouthSide's friend, Control. This quartet of rockin' musicians literally tore up the Rock Club stage with such heart-stopping energy, venomously primal female angst (Jen on guitar) and continuous flow of music that featured hard hitting riffs and thundering drum work. This reviewer liked Control's one-two punch of "wham bam" song presentations which kept the crowd in tuned to their intensified sound and momentum featured during this short set. She does recommend adding more mic power for the male vocalists in order to be heard above their own guitars especially during the song Raw With Alcohol. For more information, visit http://www.controlrock.bandcamp.com.

They maybe from the land down under (Men At Work reference) ...desperately seeking Oprah (for a music guest appearance) but this Aussie band definitely knew how to rock the stage with twitterpating guitar riffs of AC/DC and epic songs (featuring some electronic piano) of RUSH. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' out with new friend Strange Karma while they're currently touring stateside before having to return home soon. Though a brief opening set, this reviwer enjoyed the gritty guitar sound full of metal riffs, thunderous drum rhythms (complete with gong - the drum set looked awesome) and intense vocals by front man Martin (also on piano and guitar). SouthSide was literally blown away by the head banging music that featured plenty of excitable momentum amongst the non-stop flow of rock music but watch out for Strange's sudden chord changes. They quickly took the ears (and mind) to another plateau whether the riffs called for were slow and steady or wickedly racing fast. This reviewer suggests listening to song Devil From The Moon (off Strange's debut album) ...not only did it have the best shred-tastic sound of hardcore riffs within the band's devilishly wicked guitar work but Martin while performing embodied a little of the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne with his stage presence. Plus this sinfully delicious song featured the electronic piano at the end that led straight into the epic closer, Dreams. This particular song wonderfully meshed classical (electronic) piano with metal guitars, blogspot readers, totally rocking out the stage with such a tour de force of energy and fiety conclusion of sound. SouthSide chatted with some of the members of Strange Karma after Sinister Fate's set and discovered they really love Chicago. They also love its rich history from Al Capone to President Barack Obama (according to the guys, he's the best US President to history) and of course Chicago's dining experience. Though disappointed that O (as in Oprah) has moved to California, they hoped the Queen of Chicago's Local Scene (aka SouthSide ...their words not hers) could give her a call about getting them a guest appearance on her network. *smiles* They're such charming flatters these Aussie guys. *blushing* But more importantly, they LOVE music especially Motown and its music greats, blogspot readers. For more information about Strange Karma, you can visit them on Facebook or http://www.strangerkarma.net.


The last time SouthSide saw this longtime friend, front man David would make some kind of dramatic entrance to start Sinister Fate's shows. There was the time in which this reviewer received the shock of her life when he popped out of a body bag laying on the Metro stage. however that was then, blogspot readers. Time has changed this local band ...matured if you would say to its member lineup and music. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the "new" and "improved" Sinister Fate at the band's next scheduled show. It's still the same band (sort of) but this "new" Fate band had a tighter hardcore yet sinister music and intensified yet energizing momentum. One thing did remain - David's "surprise" entrance to kick off the band's opening song but not as dramatic as the body bag. Tonight, he delighted the crowd and reviewer with his German gestapho-theme look amidst the loud apocalpytic air raid sirens and creepy metal-tastic riffs. Compared to the past shows, this Fate performance had totally thrilled the crowd (especially those near the front of the stage) with shredded guitar riffs and thundrous drums rhythms. These angels (demons to others) took everyone on a Hellbound (plenty of head banging metal sound and David's horrifyingly raw vocals to terrorize and chill the soul ...in a good way) journey and then to a Brave New World (twitterpating riffs and more raw vocals). Plus it wouldn't be an awesome Fate show if they didn't perform their favorite word (Fuck) song which included exploding metalworks (the best part of the show) that pumped a wild response and excitement amongst the crowd. Don't be surprised if David seemed a bit unstable when seeing him change into a straitjacket or caress one of the (plastic) heads on a spike before beating it to death on stage. One final word (not of caution) to live by - besides accepting your fate, blogspot readers, Sinister wants you to know that sin is in and give into temptation. Then and only then can you be reborn again with them. For more information about, you can visit http://www.sinisterfate.com or on Facebook.

"...thank you for not going to see Judas Priest..."

Billed as the "...greatest German band ever NOT from Germany...", Hanzel Und Gretyl rocked out this highly intense lineup with more intensity and aggression out of all the other bands before them within their industrialized metal show. With the aid of digital programming, this nonGerman duo (the lyrics were in fully in German) thoroughly impressed SouthSide as well as had her rockin' to the head banging guitar riffs and raw primal feminine angst (wonderfully done by Vas Kallas). She enjoyed the loud thunderous sound that accompanied many of Hanzel's anthem-like songs and use of vintage German/SS national anthems to keep the spirit of Da Fatherland going strong amongst its diehard fans. Now there's the matter of the theme represented in many of Hanzel Und Gretyl's songs which might offend some because if listening closely the duo do show their interest in the Third Reich. However that part didn't matter to SouthSide - she was there for a good time with this band. This reviewer immediately found herself rockin' along to songs like Hail To The Darkside (the most raw and animalistic female vocals ever witnessed and heard to pump such rage and angst at the same time amidst the shred-tastic guitar finish at the end) and Number #1 In Deutschland (this song totally fired up the crowd into a frenzy as everyone felt the rush throughout the super charged sound). Wearing boots is one thing, blogspot readers, but have you tried drinking beer out of one? Neither has this reviewer but if attending a Hanzel Und Gretyl show, it's highly recommended that you volunteer to be the lucky fan to drink beer out of another fan's boot while on stage with the band. Tonight's lucky fan was Eric and not only did he drink beer from the boot but Kaizer Von Loppy kept feeding him more beer throughout the song Das Boot. Hanzel Und Gretyl prided itself in keeping their audience in a constant state of frenzied motion song after song even while taking a beer break (they love their German brew, blogspot readers) on stage before continuing with other songs like Third Reich From The Sun (which included more exploding metalworks sparks on stage) and SouthSide's personal favorite SS Deathstar Supergalatick before ending the show on a high note with Fukken Uber Death Party. And, wow what an uber party it was! It was the most intense industrialized metal performance this reviewer has ever attended this year and she highly recommends rockin' out Hanzel Und Gretyl's next Fukken Uber (Death) Party soon. Be an honorary German like SouthSide! For more information about this band, visit http://www.hanzelundgretyl.com and on Facebook (look for the official page).

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11 Nov 11

"...Can we get funky now?" ~ Room 11

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a soulfully hot and funkedelic blast of the past! Tonight, SouthSide spent her Friday On The Town adventure catchingup with old friends while rockin' with new ones deep within the heart of Rogers Park's popular night spot, Morseland. And what a HOT night indeed it was as she was there attending the Room 11's CD release party. Hosted by the esteemed Pastor Funk Pleez (aka Big Ced of Room 11), fans crowded this restaurant/bar to see Mos Scocious, Esh the Singer (WI) and Super Moon with of course, the guest of honor - Room 11 tear down the venue with their soulfully funk/R&B/rock groove performances. Blogspot readers are highly encouraged to check out all acts mentioned in this review at their next scheduled show.

When seeing this act performin on stage, think of Mos Scocious as the indie version of jazz-soul-rock fusion band, Spyro Gyra, blogspot readers. Mos kicked off this rockin' CD release celebration with a set full of vibrant music genre combinations from R&B/soul to funk/rock and some Latin flavor on the side to spice things up. Even though this was a short performance, the trio that make up Mos Scocious packed plenty of upbeat tempos, melodic rhythms, classical funk/jazz riffs as well as intense energy into each song played which kept this lively crowd feeling the pulsating beat of music until the very end. Plus it left them wanting more. More of that spicy funk cover version of Eurhythmics' Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) featuring a lively rhumba/samba mix that made you want to dance ...or more of that hot electricity felt during the closer - Disco Ball which included a taste of the unknown from the X-Files theme woven inside the instrumental bridge. SouthSide was lucky to find a Mos Scocious CD laying around Elbo Room recently and highly recommends rockin' to original tracks 3 - Shamburger and 5 Garmonbozia (The Alligator Song) as well as their cover version of Gnarls Barkley' Crazy. All tracks on this CD are worthy of a listen however the three mentioned are her personal favorites. For more information about Mos Scocious, you can find them on Facebook or http://www.myspace.com/mosscocious.

"...let's burn this place down..."

With Mos Scocious lighting the match to tonight's hot lineup, Esh the Singer definitely set the stage ablaze with powerful yet dynamic vocals amidst the flaming fusion of rock/soul/and more during her performance. How hot was this performance you might ask. It was SO hot even SouthSide's Sprite couldn't cool off this reviewer after it was over. That's how hot. Esh literally burnt Morseland down to its foundation with her vibrant vocal style, spunky diva-tude, and intense energy that the artist almost embodied the essence, soul and stage presence of the legendary rocker herself - Tina Turner. Adding a bit of feminine sexiness here and there as well as deep vocals sometimes, Esh had this presence, blogspot readers, throughout the set as a tough as nails woman with plenty of heart and soul especially during one particular song in which she clearly stated "...I don't need any boyfriends now...I had to let all of the boyfriends go..." (from Leave). It's not how she sang those lyrics that instantly gave her the rank of Bitch (not in a negative way, mind you) in SouthSide's book but the way Esh expressed them with such fiery spite and passion ...when saying it, she truly meant it. The highlight of this set was her steamy ...smoldering hot version of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. A Zeppelin fan like SouthSide hasn't lived and breathed in this classic rock epic until seen it performed by Esh ...she totally owned this song adding such fire and passion into the lyrics and vocals. It's hard to describe Esh's body movements and facial expressions unless you were there basking in the opulent Kashmir glow. What an excitable rush of nirvana of finally reaching the House of Holy (another Led Zeppelin reference) as SouthSide rocked out to this cover. For more information about Esh the Singer, you can find her on Facebook or http://www.eshlive.com.

"...y'all want more? Let's give them more..."

How does one add more funkedelic fuel to the fiery flames already set after Esh the Singer's performance? By keeping it going with the spontaneous combustion of female vocal lead Talonie and her smooth yet soulful male counterpart, Jorge with the sparks of the band behind them. Super Moon without any warning, blogspot readers, popped onto the Morseland stage with a rockin' bang ...not a little firecracker bang. SouthSide's talking about a HUGE M80 explosive BANG which kept this roaring fire going amongst the hyped crowd. This set was very intense as well as energizing from start to finish ...and believe it or not, this was Super Moon's third show! To say this local band had continuous momentum would be a gross understatement. Even while in a downtempo pace and/or Jorge taking center stage on lead vocals, Super constantly had everyone tightly wrapped inside the furiously sounding, upbeat tempo and rhythms as heard amidst the band's soul/R&B/rock music. There was even some pseudo-ska felt during the song Killer and a "ghetto" vibe during Oh Baby which featured Super's friend Mandy as guest vocalist. What SouthSide liked most about Super Moon besides its eclectic rock themes and sound was the dynamic presence of female lead Talonie who adds a certain musical style ...flare ...je ne sais quoi to the stage especially while interacting with Jorge. She was an absolute joy to behold but also there's a natural chemistry between the two vocalists that this reviewer loved as seen while performing the intensified primal heat of Different Creatures. Lyrics be damned, blogspot readers, - these two sounded so raw and animalistic over the mic that SouthSide thought they were exorcising their sexual demons on stage amidst this rockin' jam. Yet on the flipsife, under a much calmer tempo (almost a lullaby groove mix as heard in Life Could Be A Dream), the two vocalist wonderfully feed off each other's energy and vibe before really rockin' out the show with Kick Out The Jams. For more information about Super Moon, you can find them on Facebook or http://www.supermoonsounds.bandcamp.com.

By now, blogspot readers, this fire was rage was WAY out of control when longtime friend Room 11 took the stage yet it was the steamy hot funkified type of fire (the kind that will sweat out your perm). And though it has been a very LONG time since, SouthSide basked in this band's eclectic mixture of funk/soul/R&B/hip hop rock glow, she had no problem slipping back into that psychedelic groove again. This reviewer loved Big Ced's (aka Pastor Funk Pleez) sanctified look as he stepped onto the stage in his decked out robe and shades to open with Bad Baggage and Dip Wit' Me featuring extended ending. Plus SouthSide must give mad props to the Soul Sisters (Room 11's backing female vocalists) for adding a whole lot of spunk and sexiness as well as diva-tude to the stage. Word of caution, fellas, don't mess with these women while they're getting their funk on especially when harmonizing under such powerfully dynamic vocals. Also liking the male vocal addition Bro African to Room 11's ever expanding lineup during certain songs - he definitely fits in nicely within the "choir" of voices bringing that brotherly soul as the band jammed. With some frizzy curls forming on this reviewer's head, she automatically knew it was about to get seriously funky inside Morseland when Room 11 hit the middle of their party set with Let's Ride (the fog machine wonderfully added more steam to the already funkified groove featuring a classic Stax sound and non-rush ending ...hence the "ride") and The Storm (featuring guest guitarist Luke and Bro African on vocals which truly took the funk energy down to spotlight the power of the Soul Sisters' vocals ...listen closely to the positiv message inside the lyrics, blogspot readers). This reviewer could see why Room 11 chose to include this classic track on their CD - it was powerfully as well as spiritually moving amidst the wicked guitar riffs during the instrumental bridge. There was another message to be heard, blogspot readers, "...sometimes things ain't what they seem..." (Cherri) which SouthSide liked how the band started nice and slow (to highlight the lyrics) before driving home the message raw and rough during the chorus and finish. Yet it wasn't just about the funk all of the time with Room 11. They exhibited a retro rock side to funk within an upbeat tempo in Nah-Stay and lyrical hip hop in the encore G.O.M.F. (Get Out My Face) ...and she not only literally meant it on stage but clearly demonstrated it was well. And of course no Room 11 show would be complete if they didn't perform fan favorite (that features a Frank electric guitar intro) Rock Fever that ultimately burnt Morseland to a crisp. No one ...not even SouthSide escaped the flames as the crowd wanted more. What a HOT way to end a funkedelic night On The Town. For more information about Room 11, you can find them on Facebook or http://www.roomoneone.com

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, November 11, 2011

10 Nov 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' a long four-day weekend around town! She's busy hitting four local hot spots to cover exciting shows from the Rogers Park to Southside with other points in between ...and sleep definitely will not be an option for this roving party girl. Tonight, her first stop was at Empty Bottle for a free show (door cover if didn't rsvp-ed) that featured long time friend, The Reptoids opening for Mr. Gnome (OH) with Ornery Little Darlings.

Though it seemed the lead vocal was out of place compared to the hard-hitting flow of the music during the opening song, SouthSide's friend, The Reptoids rocked their Empty Bottle set full of boisterious guitar sound and momentum. Plenty of drama of shredded guitar riffs, crashing cymbals throughout the set as well as darker themes and tones in the songs than the last time she her rockin' friend. Plus SouthSide enjoyed hearing the raw feminine spite and fervor that sometimes accompanied the primal screamo vocals featured in a couple of Reptoids songs. She felt the thrilling rush of the crescendo rise amongst the furious flying chords which set off changes to elevate the rock experience for the audience. Heart-pounding ...thunderous razor sharp metal-tastic sound with a slight punk edge especially when performing their epic instrumental piece (though in this reviewer's humble opinion should be a little longer). SouthSide highly recommends snagging a Reptoids 3.0 Demo at their next show which contains two hot tracks - Fire In The Hole and Kitty III full of gritty guitars and hardcore sound for the ears. For more information about The Reptoids, visit http://www.reptoids.net.

SouthSide's no stranger to the offbeat and eclectic music acts and Ornery Little Darlings certainly fit inside that group. Not to be critically mean, blogspot readers, but this trio of musicians were certainly rockin' the stage outside of the "normal" genre box. This is the second time in On The Town history in which a band completely stumped the reviewer with their music. Was the music alternative/pop or punk/rock? Who truly knows except these Darlings. Ultimately, this local group rocked the stage and she recommends giving them a listen at their next show. Though the sound (off the bass) was a little distorted at times during their set, this reviewer enjoyed how the somewhat confusing mesh of genres, rhythms and sound pleasingly rocked her ears. The lyrics, at best if you can call them lyrics, were quite simplistic, short and blunt to the point nothing overly complicated especially during one song in which both vocalist furiously shouted "...so fuckin' lazy..." Yes, it was "childish" yet it came out strong amdist the music that accompanied such heated emotional spite. This reviewer enjoyed the retro/early rock-n-roll feel to one particular song before the Darlings moved into some shred-tastic guitar riffs to blow her mind away. For more information about Ornery Little Darlings, visit http://ornerylittledarlings.bandcamp.com.

Continuing where Ornery Little Darlings left off, the duo known as Mr. Gnome led the gathered crowd down the same primrose path of eclectic music and sound. SouthSide had no complaints about the music which rocked out tonight's lineup for she enjoyed the thunderous percussion sound that matched the intense guitar riffs. The music itself had its own distinct melodic tone and vibe that certainly sparked audience momentum at times. However, her only complaint was the vocals (by Nicole also on guitar) because her voice style didn't truly compliment the music at hand, blogspot readers. Mostly it was the reverb/echo mic fx used to highlight Nicole's soft chantenuse-like vocals which really didn't and SouthSide had a difficult time hearing the lyrics and voice where she observed the show. For example, during Mr. Gnome's second song, the dreamy electric riff somewhat overshadowed her voice until Nicole upped the vocal volume at the chorus or during the third song in which didn't call for that mic fx at all since she was totally drowned out by her own rockin' guitar riffs. Plus the vocal style, in SouthSide's honest opinion, was lacking volume and variation that it sometimes made the songs sound the same despite differing music rhythm and tone. Judging by the audience size gathered tonight, Mr. Gnome does have a solid fanbase here in Chicago but as hard as she tried, this reviewer wasn't feeling the music vibe from this band. For more information about Mr. Gnome, visit http://www.mrgnome.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

05 Nov 11

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to an extra special On The Town "club scene" review. Tonight, party along with SouthSide as she rocks a late night show featuring Designer Drugs (NY), PLS DNT STP (Please Don't Stop in text speak), Black Matter and friends Gemini Club (live DJ set) during the Sex Cult Initiation Tour. Presented by React & Wolf Ho Inc., Reggie's Rock Club was instantly Reggie's "the hottest electronica/dance party" Club on the Southside when this fashionably dressed reviewer arrived. This venue had everything for the hip dance/club fan would ever want under one roof - the right atmosphere and mix of music and spectacular glow of Reggie's lighting fx (which also included outlandish yet tripped out random video images on the screen).

The dance floor (as well as the balcony) stayed in constant state of motion throughout the night as dancers were vibin' to remixed industrial/electronica DJ sounds and dazzling mind-trippin' images. Some dancers added their own sparkling glow to the scene with glow sticks and/or finger glow rings. At the bewitching hour (midnight), the party totally rocked to life within the energizing intense nonstop action and music of the DJ team - PLS DNT STP. The music itself, blogspot readers, immediately pumped more vibrant momentum and energy amongst the already hyped crowd amidst the frantic fervor of heart-pounding music and rhythmic beat. The sound was quite infectious as well as contagious to which SouthSide enjoyed the mad crazy digitalized music of this DJ performance. Continuously, PLS DNT STP kept this party scene under its hypnotizing electronic fun especially when the track "Charlie Sheen" played and that truly intensified the scene below SouthSide. Most of the wildness happening at this time was primarily contained close to the stage while mesmerizing the party with a remixed classic 80s pop hit - Crush On You.

Between 1a and 2a (and yes, this reviewer was still dancing), things were seriously getting wild ...crazy and almost out of control on the main floor while many were having a good time when Desinger Drugs (http://www.Designer-Drugs.net) finally took over. Now the heart of the party scene had commenced, blogspot readers, as this rockin' duo energized the party within their furiously fast excitable remixes and club beats. This new wave of sound not only pumped momentum and ensnared the crowd within its music but also caused a series of stage diving and body surfing. This crowd was insane! Definitely the wildest party this reviewer has ever attended. She enjoyed the intense vibe and sound ...momentum that rocked the Designer Drugs set from the music pulsating throughout the venue. During the nonstop excitement of this DJ performance, fans had invaded the stage area rockin' out with all the DJ performers. However, SouthSide hadn't seen crazy yet until Designer Drugs closed out their set with Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. Moshing ...rioting ...more stage diving and body surfing (until security snagged the person) ...sprayed water over the crowd as well as free stuff goodies tossed into the crowd. Whoa ...what a euphoric rush that was.

Sadly, the party had to come a crashing close, blogspot readers, but not until Black Matter sent us home with a rockin' new track specially mixed for tonight's (short) show. SouthSide liked the vibrant sound that featured melodic yet dramatic crescendos, heart-pounding bursts of music and vocal arias intricately woven inside the beats. Overall it was a fantastic party ...yeah it was a bit crazy and wild - that's how SouthSide likes rock out a fun Saturday night.

Until next time, support your local scene,

04 Nov 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's ranching at home on the range with Buffalo and "the herd". On Friday night, she made another appearance at Martyrs' to join this "herd" of fans to see Donna The Buffalo (NY) perform live on stage. Opening for this roaming Buffalo band was the lively acoustic/rockabilly/county duo Kris Nowak and Wavey Dave of Cornmeal. This pair kicked off the night's entertainment with classic covers like Everly Brothers' Wake Up Little Susie and Buddy Holly's It's Alright to a selection of originals such as Scattered Brain even though someone in the crowd kept requesting for Lynyrd Skynyrd towards the end of their performance. Fans can see this duo again when performing with the rest of the band, Cornmeal, at Martyrs' on November 27.

Donna The Buffalo wants everyone to know that they are "...original danceable excessible memorable postive..." as well as able to rhyme four out of five words during the first question. Before their Martyrs' headlining set, SouthSide spent a few fun minutes inside the band's coach bus for an exclusive On The Town interview with Tara (vocalist/multi-instrumentalist) and Mark (drummer) of Donna The Buffalo. And during the course of this chat, she learned a few more things in which some fans may not know about their favorite band. Besides being "...pleasuable, infectious-able [a DTB patent pending word] and (not) terrible...", did you know Donna The Buffalo has two songs on best-selling horror novelist Stephen King's top twenty iPod playlist? Well, it's true. It seems he's such a fan of this band that he even has a character in his latest novel, Under The Dome (on page 359), wearing a Donna The Buffalo t-shirt. Other fun facts about this Buffalo include starting and running a successful music festival known as Fingerlake Grassroots Festival of Music & Dance (currently there are three offshoots of this festival that place in North Carolina and Florida), being together as a band for 22 years and having wonderful, loyal fan following called "the herd". Yet, SouthSide had barely touched the tip of the iceberg about Donna The Buffalo, blogspot readers, by asking who is Donna The Buffalo and what makes this eclectic Americana/folk band so popular with the Boomer age set?

This reviewer asked Donna The Buffalo how the band got its unique moniker to which Tara instantly replied "...it's a boring story..." As the story goes, band members wanted the "buffalo" somewhere in the name and soon came up with Dawn Of The Buffalo though thinking the name itself was too serious for a band that hadn't had a gig. However when performing a gig, the band was mis-introduced as Donna The Buffalo instead of their original name. And thanks to that little mistake, Donna The Buffalo name has stuck with the band ever since. That being said, SouthSide somewhat stumped her interviewees by asking what kept bringing "the herd" (i.e. DTB fans) back to their shows. It may have been a hard question but Tara and Mark offered a variety of reasons why such as "...music ...energy ...community spirit ...[it's] a very postive social gathering..." That was something SouthSide immediately noticed throughout DTB's headlining performance at Martyrs', blogspot readers. At most of her On The Town adventures, fans normally don't mingle with other fans unless they personally know each other. ...not the case with this "herd" of fans. They greeted and mingled amongst others like longtime friends instead of complete strangers while enjoying the rich yet eclectic DTB Americana/folk sound. "...[they] feel they're belonging to something political..." according to Tara, "...gives people meaning in their lives..." meanwhile Mark jokingly added "...[they're] part of a cult ...keep coming back for the kool-aid..."

And that "kool-aid" would be DTB's infectious-able music. This unique band combined a variety of genres such as Louisana zydeco/cajun, blues, rockabilly and more inside their Americana/folk rock sound thus creating a vibrant burst of energizing music to which many danced to all night long. Though mostly organ-driven, its soulful rhythms added that energizing momentum DTB's songs even while taking a secondary position at times. Then there was Tara and her multi-instrument change throughout this rockin' jamboree, blogspot readers. Besides vocal duties, this talented musician switched between violin and acoustic guitar to accordion and washboard thus adding her own lively melodic flavor to this band's colorful sound. For example during Postive Friction (featuring Tara on washboard), her rustic sound wonderfully intertwined with the upbeat tempo and energizing momentum amidst a touch of gospel/soul from the organ inside this rockin' zydeco song. Meanwhile during Family Picture (featuring Tara on lead vocals), she added a Southern country dialect and sound while in a downtempo yet lively rhythmic folk/rock vibe. During this particular song, the organ wasn't as powerful as the previous but you still felt it's subtle presence within the harmonizing background. Donna The Buffalo highly recommends listening to these two signature songs first because of their catchy tune (as heard in Positive Friction) and the message pf what the band stands for (especially in Family Picture). SouthSide would like to add one more recommendation to the mix. She personally recommends DTB's Twilight Mystery for its organ rhythms mixed with a bluesy electric riffs in which Jeb (on lead vocals and guitar) truly emitted his emotional side during the chorus. Many in this "herd" crowd were slowly rockin' and groovin' to this dreamy ballad's melodic sound featuring a sweet electric wail that spotlighted the song's hidden yet unspoken lyrics during the instrumental bridge.

So what's next for Donna The Buffalo? Well, the band's in the beginning stages of a new album (at the time of the interview - already had a meeting about album title) but Tara recently released a solo album of her own titled Wood & Stone (produced by Larry Campbell). Finally DTB closed out this interview with two more special facts about them - they LOVE Indian food and own their 1996 Eagle coach bus. SouthSide recommends getting to know "the herd" that follows this roaming Buffalo at their next scheduled performance. For more information about Donna The Buffalo, visit http://www.donnathebuffalo.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Saturday, November 5, 2011

04 Nov 11 - Open Performance Dates at Elbo Room

Hey, blogspot readers near and far, SouthSide's good friends at Elbo Room sent her the following message:

We got some open dates (some being last minute cancellations) that we are trying to fill up. Review the dates and let me know which ones you would be interested in. First come first served so please give a couple dates you are interested in to avoid going back and forth (2-5 choices would be great). If you know of any other bands or artists that would be a good fit as well, please feel free to forward.

Please make sure you are able to comply with the following before reviewing/responding to this show offer:·

If you have “ANY” underage band members, you can only play the 8p-8:45 or 9p-9:45p slot in the VENUE. NO underage band members can perform in the COCKTAIL LOUNGE. ALL shows are 21+·

- Artists performing in the VENUE must use the “partial” house backline [Speaker Cabs/Drum Shells/Hardware]·
- Artists performing in the COCKTAIL LOUNGE need to keep it an acoustic setting.

- Music should not be loud. Small Combo Amps, Hand/Aux Percussion and keys fine. NO DRUM SETS! ·

- Elbo Room is unable to do guarantees, gas money, free drinks/dinners, and/or lodging at this time·

- Artists are NOT permitted to play venues in the city of Chicago 2 weeks before/after their ELBO ROOM show·

- Artists performing in the VENUE are asked to bring in a minimum of 10 people to any performanceo

- Elbo Room looks for artists to bring in the following number of people for their performances:
SUN-WED draw of 10-20+per act
THU draw of 20-30+ per act
FRI/SAT draw of 30-50+ per act·

If an artist draws 100 or more people for their show, they will be considered for a main stage act at I AM FESTo 8 Bands a year from Elbo Room are asked to perform at the annual I AM FEST at House of Blueso More info: http://www.IAMFEST.com

VENUE (downstairs live room)



COCKTAIL LOUNGE (upstairs acoustic artist)
***looking for acoustic soloists, duets, trios, small bands to perform in the lounge of Elbo Room. Mackie PA, Sennheiser vocal mics, and instrument inserts supplied by Elbo Room.



There will be $5 show and artist(s) will get 100% of what they draw at the door with no production taken off.



We have several outside promoters we work with for other days of the week at ELBO ROOM. Below is their contact information if you want to reach out to them about some other opportunities during one of their showcases:

Kayla Chaffee | Booking Agent , The Elbo Room
kaylaelboroom@gmail.com | 773-549-5549

Joanne Cobar| Promoter, Echo Soul Entertainment
joanne.cobar@gmail.com | 773-549-5549


UNDER AGED BAND MEMBERS: This is a 21+ show and everybody must have a VALID ID to gain entry. If a member of your band is under 21, ELBO ROOM needs to know via E-MAIL to BRIAN BENDER | Brian@elboroomchicago.com These band members must be PERFORMING ON STAGE in order to be in the club. UNDER AGED BAND MEMBERS are not allowed in the club before or after their set with NO EXCEPTIONS. It is important that when you book a show with an UNDER AGED BAND MEMBER to notify BRIAN BENDER so you can play the beginning of the night. ALL BAND MEMBERS will check in with the door guy before doors open and UNDER AGED BAND MEMBERS will get marked and asked to leave the club before their set. FANS, GROUPIES, MERCH CHICKS, CHILDREN, RECORDING / VIDEO / PHOTOGRAPHY PEOPLE, ETC. cannot be in the club if they are under the age of 21. NO EXCEPTIONS.

DRAW: Bands performing in the VENUE are asked to draw a minimum of 10 people to ensure production is covered and the band is able to make money for their performance. It does no good for the club and no good for the band if there is nobody in the venue. This is not a rehearsal space; it is a live music venue. 1st time bands start on a weekday, then move to a Thursday and then a weekend show based on their draw. Artists performing in the COCKTAIL LOUNGE are asked to try their best to draw. There is no production cost for this stage so the artist will get 100% of what they pull at the door.

BOOKING OTHER VENUES: BE SURE NOT TO HAVE ANOTHER SHOW BOOKED 2 WEEKS PRIOR/AFTER YOUR ELBO ROOM SHOW IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO. Your draw at the club will suffer because of this. You get paid based on your draw. You also want to play in front of people. There is NO NATURAL DRAW AT THE CLUB! The draw is based on THE BANDS THAT PLAY.

Brian Bender
Talent Buyer/GM
2871 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60657
773-549-5549 (o)
773-435-6324 (f)
info@elboroomchicago.com (e)


Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, November 4, 2011

1 Nov 11

"...you're so fuckin' beautiful in so many ways..."
Blood On The Dance Floor to the screaming crowd

Everyday is Halloween for SouthSide, blogspot readers. And tonight was no different as she and her young daughter aka Sunday (not her real name) joined an eager crowd in seeing the touring electronica duo, Blood On The Dance Floor (AZ). This all-ages post holiday show at Reggie's Rock Club (located in the South Loop area) also featured other rockin' electronica/industrial/metal rock performances by Angelspit (NY) and New Year's Day (CA) with her friends, The Prep School Tragedy opening. Besides reviewing all performances, blogspot readers, SouthSide along with her daughter sat down with Jayy of Blood On The Dance Floor for a brief interview before rockin' the stage in front of this near sold-out crowd.

Though rockin's a short opening set, SouthSide's friends, The Prep School Tragedy (http://www.myspace.com/theprepschooltragedy) pulled off another exciting classroom session of heart-pounding yet intense electronica/industrial rock. Performing hit songs like Thought I Toldja (SouthSide highly recommends watching the official video for this TPST song), Seduqtion (pronounced "seduction"), and title track - It's All A Show, Tran Q and Ignited with the band (Wolfie and cheerleaders included) were truly warming up this crowd with high energy and momentum to last throughout the other acts until BOTDF took command. Visit http://www.fearlessradio.com and hear the podcast of TPST's recent appearance on the airwaves. Also Sunday would like to say that she thinks TPST's set was very cool. Next it was New Year's Day (http://www.myspace.com/newyearsday) to rock out the crowd, blogspot readers. And instantly this reviewer enjoyed the highly energizing ...hardcore momentum this metal-tastic rock band performed under while on stage. They totally had this all-ages crowd feeling its intensity of guitar sound amidst the venomous spite and fiery emotions off the lead vocals. Performing songs like It's A Lie and I Was Right, Sunday liked the spectacle of NYD's light show which accompanied the performance. Mwanwhile, Angelspit's keyboardist had the coolest mohawk hairstyle ever seen while he and the band rocked out the opening lineup. This crowd immediately swelled to life amidst the constant energizing vibe of Angel's industrial/electronica rock sound that the music could have started an ugly riot (not to worry ...everyone was well-behaved). Yet it had that momentum and feeling, blogspot readers, within this hardcore performance which also featured random video images being shown on the screen behind them. Besides more intense rock music and venomous emotions running high during this set, both SouthSide and Sunday enjoyed the dazzling light show running in sync with each song performed. Even while taking the energy down a notch or two, there was still plenty of metal-tastic industrial sound to bang your head until the energizing finish. For more information, visit Angelspit at http://www.angelspit.net.

Blood On The Dance Floor, blogspot readers, is all about "...youth obscenity sex truth rebellion..." according to Jayy during the exclusive interview with SouthSide. Yes, this popular electronica/dubstep/industrial pop/goth rock band are outlaws as well as rebels without a cause but with a not-so hidden agenda - to dominate the dance world with their electronica music. After tonight's incredibly awesome headlining performance of BOTDF videos (shown on the screen), dazzling special fx of lights and fog ...plus more, Dahvie and Jayy had two new converts joining the already hundreds of fans packed inside Reggie's Rock Club. SouthSide asked Jayy what made Blood On The Dance Floor's shows so excitable that it keeps bringing fans back for more. He replied saying it had do with more than putting on an awesome show for their fans. Believe it or not, blogspot readers, BOTDF stays behind after each performance to meet and greet their fans ...sometimes even before the show too. Something according to Jayy "...a lot of bands could take a lesson..." in their example. This reviewer was totally amazed how well these two musicians professionally handled themselves while being constantly mobbed by fans following them wherever they went around the venue ...never once turning down requests for pictures and/or autographs. "...[we] give them advice ...hope ...they are [simply] more than fans but acquaintances in the end..." And the fans certainly do more than love and adore their rock heroes, blogspot readers. Some went as far as showing their appreciative devotion like an artistic depiction of Jayy (in which he autographed and snapped a photo with the fan) and creating a homemade t-shirt that had the lyrics to BOTDF's current hit, Bewitched, written on the back.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of Blood On The Dance Floor, this reviewer then asked Jayy what the inspiration behind the band name. According to him, some think it might have to do with Michael Jackson ...partly but not entirely, blogspot readers. It's all about Dahvie's and Jayy's take on the dysfunctional dance music scene which draws from many influences like "old school" industrial (i.e. Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry) mixed with 80s/90s goth, Lil Wayne (for the hiphop sound) and Britney Spears (for the pop sound). SHOCK ...and pleny of AWE for SouthSide when she heard that scoop. Yes, Jayy did actually credited Britney for giving BOTDF their pop influence that sometimes dominates the current album, All The Rage. However, Jayy gave this reviewer an exclusive scoop about BOTDF's new album to be released in 2012 to which he stated the new stuff is "...very dark..." Plus, SouthSide's friend, Tom, whose agency, Tag Publicity that represents them was definitely right about one thing - the guys do put on one heck of a show. SouthSide had never experienced an intense ...energizing rock performance like she did during Blood On The Dance Floor's headlining set, blogspot readers.

Performing tracks off current album, All The Rage, the entire main floor of the Rock Club stayed in a constant state of fan frenzy song after song ...many crowding the stage to reach out and touch their rock idols as well as singing along with the band. According to Jayy, when asked which song to listen first if unfamiliar with BOTDF, "...Bewitched is a real good icebreaker..." And SouthSide wholeheartedly agrees with that suggestion because that's where she started when checking out BOTDF's official youtube page. The song itself is a haunting electronica/goth love ballad while the next suggested song, Star Power featured a fun video game atmosphere amidst a hiphop/dubstep sound. Sunday's favorites included the energizing arrrgh-ed of Yo Ho! (A Pirate's Life For Me) and sweet-tasting energy of Candyland that featured clips of The Simpsons episode where Homer romps happily through his imagination of German chocolate. Final Fantasy fans should look into the dreamy live version of BOTDF's song Nirvana (SouthSide's not truly sure) which included scenes from the video game on the screen. Other songs rockin' the stage included the classic BOTDF song Screamin For My Ice Cream, PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect, the firt hit single off All The Rage album), the dark haunting mind trip of Dark Dreams (which wonderfully opened the show) and Find Your Way as well as the title track off upcoming album Le Petit Mort (Little Death). Jayy was absolutely right, blogspot readers. This new song was slightly darker than their other current songs amidst hardcore screamo and electronica sound. Plenty of intense head banging rock too.

Hey who tossed their bras onto the stage?!?! That (and more) was part of the nonstop action going on and around the stage (balcony included) throughout this highly intensified performance to which BOTDF said Chicago was the best orgy they ever had wanting to take each and every one of us home with them. BUT please, ladies, DO NOT squeeze the guys' family jewels. Blood On The Dance Floor's new album, Le Petit Mort, will have a Valentine's Day release but in the meantime check out their current hit album, All The Rage. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' your electronica/dance world with the band live at their next show to experience all of the magic, action and fun that happens while they perform. Sunday cannot wait until they return again.

SouthSide would like to thank Jayy for spending a few minutes with her for the interview and Tom for setting up for her. For more information about Blood On The Dance Floor, visit http://www.ilovebotdf.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Calendar update

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has new updates to post for November which include this special video done by her friends, Yellow Jacket. They'll be rockin' the stage at Goose Island on Nov 12th.

Also on Nov 10 at Tonic Room, Sunny Shadows will be hosting a record release show of their debut album - "Coupled Lux Influx". It is a fuse of Paul Heintz's (a.k.a. Pierogi) "space-motown" grooves, melodic and noisy treated guitars and synths with Nick Biscardi's (a.k.a. Circadian Bliss) pulse-pounding beats.

On Nov 16 at SPACE (in Evanston, IL), The Sweetback Sisters will be rockin' the stage there. Show time is 8p / tickets are $10/$14 at door.

Though this next piece of news is MONTHS away but start making plans now for the Winter Music Conference that will be happening in Miami, Florida on March 16 - 25, 2012, blogspot readers. Registration for this event is going on now. Registering for this event will include the following: access to panels, seminars
featured Q&A's
the 27th Annual IDMAs
WMC official poolside events
South Beach Sessions
Record Collectors Show
WMC Rocks, trade show & exhibits and workshops (with the exception of the Remixing and Editing Workshops)
DJ Spin-Offs
VJ Challenge as well as complimentary or reduced admission to WMC official and sanctioned events for the full ten days of programming.

WMC registration can be purchased on line at http://www.WinterMusicConference.com

Until next time, support your local scene,

29 Oct 11 - part 2

"...we [The Hot Sauce Committee] promise to pick up where Jerry left off..."

"...tonight, we're Nirvana ...tomorrow Prince ...the next day, your mother..."
Stephen of Model Stranger as Kurt Cobain

After an afternoon of polka at the library, it was time for some hot sauce at Elbo Room, blogspot readers. Dressed in her Halloween costume, SouthSide rocked the night away with other costumed (and non-costumed) revelers who were excited to witness the debut of The Hot Sauce Committee. This new local cover band features Serv (formerly lead vocalist of Moxxy) on vocals, Brian (formerly lead vocalist of The Branded) on guitar and backing vocals, DJ Volley (aka Matt the loveable Elbo Room door guy) on mix tables and backing vocals, and Pauly on drums. Also rockin' the stage to help celebrate THSC's debut show was The Who (aka The Plastic Boots), Sly & The Family Stone (aka Bullet Called Life), Nirvana (aka Model Stranger) and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (aka Lucid Ground).

The Plastic Boots drummer Aaron won a SouthSide Halloween award for the BEST Keith Moon impersonation throughout Plastic's performance as legendary The Who while covering classic hits like Can't Explain, Pinball Wizard, Behind Blue Eyes, Who Are You and Won't Get Fooled Again (complete with the famous primal Jimmy Page scream ...it wouldn't have been the same without it). Bullet Called Life won a SouthSide Halloween award for the BEST soul/funk band impersonation of 70s Sly & The Family Stone, blogspot readers. Dressed in in a Charles Schultz Peanuts theme (she liked last year's Star Wars theme), this band totally nailed the vibrant music and funkified sound that also featured a smokin' HOT rhythm section while performing classic hits like Dane To The Music, Everyday People, Everybody Is A Star, Hot Fun in the Summertime and Thank You For Lettin' Me Be Myself. The classic song, Higher, wildly blew the roor and fired up the creowd thus nearly topping their Pink Floyd impersonation which included the song Echoes. Meanwhile Model Stranger front man Stephen won a SouthSide Halloween award for the BEST impersonation of dead grunge rocker Kurt Cobain during Model's performance as Nirvana. His blonde hair and mannerisms brought this raspy vocalist back to life as they re-created that 90s Seattle music scene with such hits like Rape Me, Heart Shaped Box, Lithium, Come As You Are and All Apologies. Many heads were banding to Terrorital Pissings as Stephen did the best backward flop onto the drum kit to end the show. Not to worry, blogspot readers, he didn't injure himself. And Lucid Ground won two SouthSide Halloween awards - one for front man Karl for looking so hot (and tall) in his Tom Petty impersonation and BEST duet with Kurt (Model Stranger front man Stephen) on Last Dance With Mary Jane. As Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Lucid covered a wide variety of hits that included Great Wide Open, Wreck Me, Won't Back Down, Refugee, and Free Fallin before closing with Running Down A Dream.

"...who loves hot sauce ...we're going to sauce all over your face..."

It's a known fact taht SouthSide doesn't review cover bands. However she promised The Hot Sauce Committee she would bend this one rule by reviewing them despite her doubts about the guys (especially Brian) being able to perform as a hiphop/rock cover band. Besides, this reviewer gives each cover band seen and/or reviewed (which is not many) the worse kind of scrutiny possible because if the cover band doesn't know their stuff (i.e. music, songs being covered, etc) better than SouthSide, she's going to notice, blogspot readers. And with that, she was ready and prepared with pad and pen to review The Hot Sauce Committee's headlining debut after being told she would be blown away. Was SouthSide blown away by THSC and its hiphop/rock show? Honestly, blogspot readers, this reviewer was "blown" but not "away". She enjoyed Hot Sauce's cover selection of popular hits by Beastie Boys (Intergalactic, Sabotage) and Limp Bizkit (Faith, Nookie) as well as other artists like Young MC (Bust A Move), Tupac (California Love), Jay Z (99 Problems), and P Diddy (Mo Money). The band nicely re-created the original energetic momentum and spirit of each song performed during this extra long set for the excitable late night crowd. For example, Hot Sauce rocked the stage with a lively cover version of Digital Underground's Humpty Dance featuring DJ Volley (Matt) demonstrating his lyrical rap verse chops (who knew Matt could rap!?) meanwhile Serv on lead vocals during the cover of Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back was more manly and sexier than the original JT hit. Serv certainly put some extra umph into his sexiness while on stage. There's no disputing, blogspot readers, that The Hot Sauce Committee knew their stuff ...plus thses guys (especially Brian whom SouthSide has seen go from screamo/metal to rock vocalist) can rap. By now, you're probably wondering why SouthSide wasn't totally "blown away" by THSC's debut performance. Overall, it was an excellent show from silly string during Sabotage and tossing Hot Sauce dollars during Mo Money to Fight For Your Right and closer Jump Around. SouthSide did have fun yet this only their first performance. And it was also quite different in music venture and experience she has seen them perform under. This reviewer, however, is more interested in seeing them tap into that same energetic momentum and vibe like they do for their covers and create an original hiphop/rap song. Still, she's very certain The Hot Sauce Committee will have an audience and fan following as a cover band especially when they begin rockin' the stage at Durty Nellies every Thursday night. For details about that and their Black Wednesday show there, visit http://www.thehotsaucecommittee.net.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

29 Oct 11 - part 1

"...who knew you could come to the library and dance..."

The library, blogspot readers, is more than a place where you can check out books and movies or surf the net. Did you know you could also rock out to lively energetic live entertainment (say polka) there too? Polka? Inside the library? Well, yes, you can ...unless you attend the annual Polkaholics Halloween show at the Austin-Irving branch of the Chicago Public Library. This free, kid-friendly version of their adult show (later that same night on North Lincoln and Foster) was open to anyone of any age to attend the hour long (or so) set as part of the branch's Polish-American Heritage celebration. And that's what SouthSide and her young daughter did on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out her rockin' polka-loving friends, The Polkaholics, wherever and whenever they perform again. Not a big fan of polka? No problem, this trio combined the basic element and music of the polka sound with other rhythmic genres (mainly rock) that might include punk, metal, classic rock ...even country and Irish too. Don't know much about polka history? Her friends during their performances will slip a fact or two about the song or person who wrote it in which they borrow the tune to perform under a different name (for example The Cleveland Polka by Frankie Yankovic was turned into the Transylvannian Polka). You can say The Polkaholics' mission within Chicago's local scene is to spread the word about polka to everyone around the world through their unique polka-style music. And you're absolutely correct. Polka is a good foundation in getting children (especially the pre-school age) interested in music since there's more than one type of polka, blogspot readers. Besides Polish, there's Mexican, Bavarian, German ...and the list could go on of how many versions of polka there are in the world.

The Polkaholics, during this special show dressed in their costumes, performed classic polka favorites but with a spooky, kid-friendly Halloween theme attached to the song titles. For instance, they turned the Leichtenstein polka into the VFW (Vampire/Frankenstein/Werewolf) polka, The Baby Doll (in memory of the Baby Doll dance hall on the Southside) was called Voodoo Doll polka and the famous Who Stole The Kishka (also by Frankie Yankovic, written by Walter Solek) was Who Stole The Candy. For the parents and other adults in the audience, The Polkaholics mixed a bit of Ramones's Blitzkrieg Bop with polka into a song titled Kids Want The Candy meanwhile Iggy Pop's Lust For Life was Lust For Blood. And for everyone, there were fun songs in which we were encouraged to dance along with the band. Yes, that was SouthSide doing the Hokey Pokey polka with a few of the audience members as well as enjoying polka versions of The Munsters and Addams Family theme songs to Living Dead polka (you don't have to be alive to have a great life). Other popular favorites during this special afternoon show included The Monster Mash, The Polkaholic original Happy Halloween and There's No Candy In Heaven (which is why we go trick-o-treating, according to the band.

Visit http://www.thepolkaholics.com to find out where they'll be performing again - be prepared to dance and have a fun time with SouthSide's friends. Also say "hi" to the friendly staff and people of the Austin-Irving branch of the Chicago Public Library. SouthSide's looking forward to next year's show.

Until next time, support your local scene (and library),