Saturday, November 26, 2011

22 Nov 11 - Part 2

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' Wicker Park now! After a quick CTA ride ont he Red and Blue train lines, this roving party girl about town arrived in time at Double Door to welcome home her friend, Illusions Fate. Returning safely from their travels deep in the wilds of Michigan, this hot local band headlined this hip neighborhood venue's stage which also featured performances by friend Sutured Psyche and Conflux during this free pre-holiday show. Blogspot readers should be aware that Sutured Psyche will be rockin' the stage again (as well as with a bit of striptease by guitarist Ryan Reilly) on Dec 17 at Live Wire with Beneath The Stares and then at Elbo Room on Jan 28 for their anniversary show.

Intense primal industrialized metal music - the best way to sum up this Illusions Fate show, blogspot readers. Joel (front man on vocals and guitar) and the guys rocked out Double Door with such of an animalistic blood-curdling battle cry and sound that instantly attacked the senses. There was an energizing spirit and momentum felt during Illusions' opening song which stayed throughout the set that also included an encore - a first time for the guys. SouthSide literally could sense the primal nature and heat as Joel pumped venomous screamo fx especially while singing "...won't you die..." into the mix in between his natural falsetto voice. Yet while performing Stain, this particular song featured more of his natural vocals in which the audience clearly heard the emotions off the lyrics and less screamo. Another song, an Illusions Fate ballad, truly spotlighted Joel's voice within the "mellow" metal sound as the electric volume and tempo gradually increased towards the chorus until the end. Hardcore industrial and metal fans will thoroughly bang their heads to the intensity of Illusions' rockin' sound featuring wicked electric riffs, a melodic bass and thunderous percussion. Sometimes the band will also include a funky stax sound to crescendo-ing crash and bang song finishes to leave their fans hungry for more. SouthSide suggests rockin' the ears to Fear - not for its intense metal sound bur for the unexpected calming lull (nearly a minute though) before Joel pumps more rage and angst after the bridge and fan favorite Dying Anthem which had Mr. Agitator (of V Is For Villains) dancing along with other Illusions' fans. This reviewer also suggests checking out new song - Unborn (off new album comingo ut in March 2012) for the raw intensity coupled inside a metal sound and vengeful vocals on lyrics. A perfect head banging anthem with a blood-curdling sound ...definitely the next Illusions Fate hit single, blogspot readers. For more information about this band, visit or on Facebook.

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