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12 Nov 11

" shiza..." ~ Hanzel Und Gretyl

Guten Tag, blogspot readers, frau SouthSide wants to know - who's ready for a Fukken Uber (Death) Party aboard the SS Deathstar Supergalatick? She hopes you are because that's what happened to her recently. The essence and spirit of Deutschland was definitely felt on Saturday especially inside South Loop's Reggie's Rock Club as hardcore industrial/metal fans packed the venue to attend the "More German Than German" show of Hanzel Und Gretyl (NY)! Besides being so excited to see this legendary duo rockin' the stage, this reviewer was also excited to see longtime friend Sinister Fate along with Control, Veritae and Strange Karma (Australia) opening. To keep everyone in the mood amidst the night's lineup theme, DJ Dominion spun a fantastic mix of industrial and metal songs before the show and in between sets.

SouthSide highly suggests checking out the melodic yet dramatic hardcore rock sound of Veritae, blogspot readers. This reviewer enjoyed the crescendoing energy and momentum as heard in the band's rhythms and guitar riffs thus setting up that heart-pounding drama in its head banging rock. Coupled with this music style was the powerfully dynamic falsetto vocals which truly added heartfelt emotions and passion into the lyrics of Veritae's songs. SouthSide does suggest to the band to work on smoothing out the finisheds on the first three songs - the abrupt ending after such dramatic melodies didn't fit inside the music style. For more information, visit Meanwhile, check out the rip-roaring, furiously fast combination of punk/metal sound of SouthSide's friend, Control. This quartet of rockin' musicians literally tore up the Rock Club stage with such heart-stopping energy, venomously primal female angst (Jen on guitar) and continuous flow of music that featured hard hitting riffs and thundering drum work. This reviewer liked Control's one-two punch of "wham bam" song presentations which kept the crowd in tuned to their intensified sound and momentum featured during this short set. She does recommend adding more mic power for the male vocalists in order to be heard above their own guitars especially during the song Raw With Alcohol. For more information, visit

They maybe from the land down under (Men At Work reference) ...desperately seeking Oprah (for a music guest appearance) but this Aussie band definitely knew how to rock the stage with twitterpating guitar riffs of AC/DC and epic songs (featuring some electronic piano) of RUSH. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' out with new friend Strange Karma while they're currently touring stateside before having to return home soon. Though a brief opening set, this reviwer enjoyed the gritty guitar sound full of metal riffs, thunderous drum rhythms (complete with gong - the drum set looked awesome) and intense vocals by front man Martin (also on piano and guitar). SouthSide was literally blown away by the head banging music that featured plenty of excitable momentum amongst the non-stop flow of rock music but watch out for Strange's sudden chord changes. They quickly took the ears (and mind) to another plateau whether the riffs called for were slow and steady or wickedly racing fast. This reviewer suggests listening to song Devil From The Moon (off Strange's debut album) ...not only did it have the best shred-tastic sound of hardcore riffs within the band's devilishly wicked guitar work but Martin while performing embodied a little of the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne with his stage presence. Plus this sinfully delicious song featured the electronic piano at the end that led straight into the epic closer, Dreams. This particular song wonderfully meshed classical (electronic) piano with metal guitars, blogspot readers, totally rocking out the stage with such a tour de force of energy and fiety conclusion of sound. SouthSide chatted with some of the members of Strange Karma after Sinister Fate's set and discovered they really love Chicago. They also love its rich history from Al Capone to President Barack Obama (according to the guys, he's the best US President to history) and of course Chicago's dining experience. Though disappointed that O (as in Oprah) has moved to California, they hoped the Queen of Chicago's Local Scene (aka SouthSide ...their words not hers) could give her a call about getting them a guest appearance on her network. *smiles* They're such charming flatters these Aussie guys. *blushing* But more importantly, they LOVE music especially Motown and its music greats, blogspot readers. For more information about Strange Karma, you can visit them on Facebook or


The last time SouthSide saw this longtime friend, front man David would make some kind of dramatic entrance to start Sinister Fate's shows. There was the time in which this reviewer received the shock of her life when he popped out of a body bag laying on the Metro stage. however that was then, blogspot readers. Time has changed this local band ...matured if you would say to its member lineup and music. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the "new" and "improved" Sinister Fate at the band's next scheduled show. It's still the same band (sort of) but this "new" Fate band had a tighter hardcore yet sinister music and intensified yet energizing momentum. One thing did remain - David's "surprise" entrance to kick off the band's opening song but not as dramatic as the body bag. Tonight, he delighted the crowd and reviewer with his German gestapho-theme look amidst the loud apocalpytic air raid sirens and creepy metal-tastic riffs. Compared to the past shows, this Fate performance had totally thrilled the crowd (especially those near the front of the stage) with shredded guitar riffs and thundrous drums rhythms. These angels (demons to others) took everyone on a Hellbound (plenty of head banging metal sound and David's horrifyingly raw vocals to terrorize and chill the soul a good way) journey and then to a Brave New World (twitterpating riffs and more raw vocals). Plus it wouldn't be an awesome Fate show if they didn't perform their favorite word (Fuck) song which included exploding metalworks (the best part of the show) that pumped a wild response and excitement amongst the crowd. Don't be surprised if David seemed a bit unstable when seeing him change into a straitjacket or caress one of the (plastic) heads on a spike before beating it to death on stage. One final word (not of caution) to live by - besides accepting your fate, blogspot readers, Sinister wants you to know that sin is in and give into temptation. Then and only then can you be reborn again with them. For more information about, you can visit or on Facebook.

"...thank you for not going to see Judas Priest..."

Billed as the "...greatest German band ever NOT from Germany...", Hanzel Und Gretyl rocked out this highly intense lineup with more intensity and aggression out of all the other bands before them within their industrialized metal show. With the aid of digital programming, this nonGerman duo (the lyrics were in fully in German) thoroughly impressed SouthSide as well as had her rockin' to the head banging guitar riffs and raw primal feminine angst (wonderfully done by Vas Kallas). She enjoyed the loud thunderous sound that accompanied many of Hanzel's anthem-like songs and use of vintage German/SS national anthems to keep the spirit of Da Fatherland going strong amongst its diehard fans. Now there's the matter of the theme represented in many of Hanzel Und Gretyl's songs which might offend some because if listening closely the duo do show their interest in the Third Reich. However that part didn't matter to SouthSide - she was there for a good time with this band. This reviewer immediately found herself rockin' along to songs like Hail To The Darkside (the most raw and animalistic female vocals ever witnessed and heard to pump such rage and angst at the same time amidst the shred-tastic guitar finish at the end) and Number #1 In Deutschland (this song totally fired up the crowd into a frenzy as everyone felt the rush throughout the super charged sound). Wearing boots is one thing, blogspot readers, but have you tried drinking beer out of one? Neither has this reviewer but if attending a Hanzel Und Gretyl show, it's highly recommended that you volunteer to be the lucky fan to drink beer out of another fan's boot while on stage with the band. Tonight's lucky fan was Eric and not only did he drink beer from the boot but Kaizer Von Loppy kept feeding him more beer throughout the song Das Boot. Hanzel Und Gretyl prided itself in keeping their audience in a constant state of frenzied motion song after song even while taking a beer break (they love their German brew, blogspot readers) on stage before continuing with other songs like Third Reich From The Sun (which included more exploding metalworks sparks on stage) and SouthSide's personal favorite SS Deathstar Supergalatick before ending the show on a high note with Fukken Uber Death Party. And, wow what an uber party it was! It was the most intense industrialized metal performance this reviewer has ever attended this year and she highly recommends rockin' out Hanzel Und Gretyl's next Fukken Uber (Death) Party soon. Be an honorary German like SouthSide! For more information about this band, visit and on Facebook (look for the official page).

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