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16 Nov 11

"...could you watch my purse..." ~ An "I Lost Control" fan

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' a FREE show tonight! Deep within the heart of the hip Wicker Park neighborhood, Double Door hosted an all-star lineup featuring friend, I Lost Control headlining its stage with The Beez Neez and Burial At Sea (CA) opening. This reviewer despite not truly enjoying the performance still recommends blogspot readers checking out the lively Americana/alternative sounds of The Beez Neez ( for its energizing tempo and dynamic male lead vocal falsetto. Though also enjoying the varying music of country/rock or bluegrass sometimes woven inside Beez songs, SouthSide felt the female backing vocalist lacked some hear, depth and soul as well as energy in her voice to compliment the male lead (on guitar) thus making the lyrics sound somewhat flat. This reviewer also had trouble feeling the sentimental emotions in the heartfelt ballad Lose Myself In You due to the overwhelming bass rhythms that drown out rhythm guitar performing as an electric violin.

A taste of Califormia surf amidst a hot powerpop/rock sound and energizing momentum set the Double Door stage ablaze during Burial At Sea's performance, blogspot readers. This rockin' trio instantly perked up the venue's atmosphere with its intense guitar work that at times featured dramatic pauses to conclude certain songs with an abrupt BANG for the audience. Such intensity did produce a lively melodic electro sound that definitely kept each Burial member animated of nonstop body movement while on stage. Even while taking the energy and guitar intensity down a bit, this reviewer still found herself deeply immersed inside the twitterpating riffs and dazzling sound to tickle the ears. Plus the music wonderfully (at this downtempo style) highlighted the male lead's (also on guitar) raspy yet soulfully heartfelt vocals. Burial's cover of Bruce Springteen's I'm On Fire featured more than an electro-pop sound but a change from the original composition of the 80s hit like turning the ballad into a slightly fast-paced rock song. This rockin' version perfectly spotlighted the lead's deep voice that sent shivers down SouthSide's back, blogspot readers. Another fine example of his voice style occurred while performing one of their own original ballads in which one could literally feeling the heartfelt emotions dripping off the lyrics. SouthSide highly recommends checking the electro California sound during Burial At Sea's next show. For more information, visit

SouthSide highly recommends losing control of your music sanity while rockin' out with friend I Lost Control, blogspot readers. This hot local quartet rocked the Double Door stage with a fast-paced, Brit pop/rock sound on this side of the pond. This reviewer immediately liked the lively tempo and intense guitar work which complimented front man Toby's vocal style of wit and humor off the lyrics (especially during opening song Hard To Get) and animated stage presence. Throughout Lost's performance, he reminded SouthSide a little bit of another animated yet charismatic front man, David Byrne of Talking Heads while performing Confliction. However there was another side to Toby when not behind the guitar. This reviewer enjoyed the "serious" side and tone of his voice which added more body movement and hand gestures to amplify his vibrant falsetto style (for example - Runaway Train). Listen out for The Doors' The End towards the end of this particular song that featured Toby hauntingly voicing Jim Morrison's spoken yet intense poetry. That "serious" act also wonderfully complimented the hardcore riffs as heard in Bloodline and Mathias (but with a slightly upped tempo to draw out more of his David Byrne-like voice). Not worry, blogspot readers, I Lost Control soon retained control once again when it returned to its energizing momentum within the electro-pop sound of Lawless and the two encores, Rockstar and Transmission. For more information about this local band, visit

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  1. Reviewer wishes to apologize to Steven for not mentioning him in the review ...he's the vocalist of the band who reminded SouthSide of David Byrne in this review not Toby.


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