Thursday, November 17, 2011

13 Nov 11

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another late show for this special On The Town review. SouthSide ended her LONG four-day weekend of party (and lack of sleep) at Lakeview's popular local venue, Elbo Room to see Adema rock out the Sunday lineup featuring a performance by old friend, Emiss.

She honestly would like to say that she did enjoy Adema's headlining set however not in the way she could have thoroughly enjoyed it. This reviewer knows that last statement sound a bit contradictory and probably confusing. Yet if you could have seen how exhausted the band appeared on stage, you would completely understand what she's saying. In her opinion, it was a good show but due their tired appearance, it wasn't definitely their best. Adema was still able to deliver their diehard Chicago fans a rock show full of instant thrilling excitement and head banging momentum amidst the shred-tastic guitar riffs and intense heavy metal music. She felt the excitable rush of the thundering metal sound and vibe during Kill The Headlights that vibrantly pulsated throughout this particular. This song had the music energy but it was starting to lack something else, blogspot readers, vocal energy. This reviewer liked the vocals pouring out the emotional angst and pain ...sort of heart-wrenching at times especially when lead vocalist cried " it trust..." during the third song. But that distinctive dynamic vocal style was only momentary as the energy began to wane considerably during other songs except for Do What You Want To Do in which the band not revitalized the music but voices too. Even added some intensified screamo in the mix to generate some fan response amongst the late night audience. Also this reviewer recommends listening to The Way You Love Me (for its awesome metal-tastic sound of shredding guitar riffs and hardcore vocal emotion poured into the lyrics that also started some in the audience to start singing along with Adema) and closer Give It Away (that featured original band member Mike on guitar ...generating wild momentum and excitement at last with shred-tastic riffs).

Those were the only good highlights of Adema's Chicago show, blogspot readers, but constantly hearing shouts for Freebird (at a metal show? seriously that joke is getting stale now) somewhat deminish the fun experience for this reviewer besides the lack of energy during certain points of the set. There wasn't much rockin' out to their own music ...basically the energy level was low. SouthSide supposes if the stage was a bit wider and longer perhaps the band would have the need to rock out the venue like the rockers they are. Though what the band lacked in some areas of its show, SouthSide does recommend catching Adema while currently on tour. For more information, visit

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