Thursday, November 17, 2011

12 Nov 11 - Afterparty

It seems SouthSide's "job" is never done when the show's over, blogspot readers! Surprisingly she still had enough strength and stamina left to party some more this time with the hip late night Reggie's club scene. This hot party hosted by good friend, Jason aka Magicks, featured DJ performances by White Collar Crime, Robot Ears, of course the mysterious Magicks himself and more. Though lasting almost til sunrise, SouthSide stayed for a couple of hours to soak in the music, vibe and Tron-like atmosphere thanks to a hefty supply of neon green glowsticks.

Judging by the hot music wafting throughout the venue, it looked to be another fun night sweatin' to the bumpin' sounds of electronica/dance again. As the late crowd arrived, the music was warmly inviting and entertaining to the ears which immediately hand many hitting the dance floor. SouthSide liked the blended mix of techno rhythms and beats intertwining with a world fusion sound. After tossing some neon green glowsticks into the crowded dance floor, soon Reggie's was aglow amidst the semi-darkness of club lighting and trance-like electronica music. What a sight seen from where SouthSide was ...bodies rhythmically moveing to the contagious beats and nonstop melodic wizardry vibe until White Collar Crime took center stage. His DJ set featured some mixes that had a hip hop feel but within a lively dance/electronica flare. Even though the tempo and energy changed to a slower pace, there was still enough energy and momentum being pumped to keep this party going as the two o'clock hour began.

The dancers were cheering ...chanting to the pulsating beats during one particular track before moving into an instrumental remix of the soul classic hit If You Don't Know Me featuring a wicked electronic rhythms. Dancing continued as the DJ switched between different variations of electronica mixed containing varying tempo speed and techno beat. This reviewer also dancing along enjoyed the track variations that kept the party scene alive and fresh especially when one had a Tron-like sound. The dancers were certainly fired up when Jason began dancing to the music while on stage. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Daft Punk-inspired sound containing ear popping, catchy hooks until gradually moving into Magicks' DJ set around 2:30a. Though taking the highly energizing sound down to a calming lull, this set included one special element besides the soothing music and rhythms. The ambient electronica music also featured Jason's quiet aria-like vocals intertwining with the pulsating sound and beats. There was a moment of a livelier tempo yet it retained a melodic vibe inside the music hypnotic at times, blogspot readers. However the "cool" down didn't last long when DJ Robot Ears took over. Suddenly the party jumped back to its original energizing atmosphere as the dancers returned to their nonstop fun amidst the heart-pounding, vibrant sound. The music was so contagious that it instantly had everyone including SouthSide dancing to the electronic vibe but sadly this rockin' party vampire had to get some sleep ...she had one more show to complete later that night...

Until next time, support your local scene,

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