Friday, June 29, 2012

July 2012

Hey, blogspot readers, summer's truly heating up with a July full of fun, food, entertainment, fests and of course - music! Check this rockin; calendar of happenings near and far.

*note - all shows 21+ unless duly specified*

July 1:
The Sometimes Family CD Release show @ Double Door featuring Lindsay Weinberg and Wait, What?

Vanattica featuring Reverse Order @ Hard Rock Cafe (as part of their Summer Patio Series)
5:30p / All Ages

Greg Gunn (of Black Flag) and Royal We featuring Owleater @ Red Line Tap

July 2:
Time For Livin': Tribute to MCA & The Beastie Boys @ Lincoln Hall
(proceeds from this star-studded local collaboration  event will go to Benefit Students For Free Tibet)
8p / $10 adv / DOS

Daniel Knox & featuring a string quintet and world's greatest horn player, Ralph Carney with Joan of Arc @ Millenium Park (Jay Pritzker Pavilion - as part of Downtown Sound Series)
Free / All Ages

July 3:
Makeshift Prodigy @ Mojoes
7p / All Ages (21+ to drink) / $10

Teen Wolf Tuesdays @ Debonair Social Club
guest DJ for July 3rd - DJ Jimmy Con (of Ghosthouse)

July 4:
The InnerVisionists featuring BasiQ lyrical painter, Sorfrito & Mayonnaise, Cochise Soulstar @ Underground Wonder Bar

July 5:
The Prep School Tragedy's It's All A Show CD Release show featuring Aesthetic Perfection and Kink Ador,  X-Rx and Blakopz @ Reggie's Rock Club
6p / All Ages /  $13adv / $15 DOS

July 6:
Syncronicity / Discipline @ Ultra Lounge

Carnal (Friday edtition) @ NEO NightClub

Northwoods Music Presents Jammin' On The Wolf Pre-Party featuring Electric Boogaloo, The New Fuse, Brothers Rage and Taggant Transcontinental @ Double Door
8p / $8

Watson Peace Fest Pre-show featuring Helium Fuse, Bizaarro, Closing In, Copper Harbor and Red Deer Cave People @ Gasthaus (located in Elgin, IL)
6p / ALL AGES / $10

Southside Underground DJs event - Let's Glow! @ Crisp Pizzabar (Milwaukee, WI)

Mia LeBlon along with Joe Corley & Joshua Shiffman with Ben Johnson @ Uncommon Ground (Wrigleyville location)
No Cover - donations accepted / 10p

July 7 & 8:
Vlado Music & Art Fest @ Vlado's (located 10011 S. Commercial AV - SE of Chicago)
Noon / 21+ / $8 adv / $10 DOS

July 7:
WhiteWolfSonicPrincess rockin' Tim's B-day Party @ Cal's Bar

Sutured Psyche & Persistence of Memory @ Underground Wonder Bar

A Chicago Style Sound Party @ Goose Island (Wrigleyville location)

Jammin' On The Wolf Jam Off featuring Digeometric, Sneaky Gene & The Schiavos @ Volcano Room (located inside Bottom Lounge)

The Bright White with Rockit Girl and The Jetbirds @ Double Door

The Livest Show in the Corridor - a Southside Underground DJs event @ Hide House Lofts (Milwaukee, WI)

Strange Arrangement @ Dixon Petuntia Festival (Dixon, IL)

Nocturna @ Metro
10p / 18+ / $10

Sick Idiot with Mona Mur, En Esh and Promonium Jesters, Go Fight featuring DJ Mr. Bobby @ Cobra Lounge

V Is For Villains @ Anime Midwest (will be hosting a panel as well as performing 2 shows at Lisle, IL)
$25 (for one day wristband) / $35 for entire weekend

July 11 - 15:
Taste of Chicago
Check out Mucca Pazza and Kids These Days performing Thursday, July 12 (at Bud Light Stage), My My My  performing Friday, July 13 (at Bud Light Stage) and The Waco Brothers (sings Johnny Cash) & Robbie Fulks (sings Lynyrd Skynyrd) performing Saturday, July 14 (at Bud Light Stage)

July 11:
Project .44 returns to the stage @ Double Door

Paragon & Hoobastank @ River Rockhouse (located in St. Charles, IL)

Ideamen @ Elbo Room
(will be kicking off their two tour schedule to promote upcoming sophomore [untitled] album due out this fall - visit for more details)

July 13 - 14:
Rock 'n The Valley 2012 @ Pecatonica, IL

July 13:
Produce, a multi arts experience in four parts returns @ Fasseas White Box Theatre (located inside The Drucker Center)
every Friday until August 3rd / 8p
Friday the 13: the Party @ Cigars & Stripes (located in Berwyn, IL)

As Built Presents: Reuben Bettsak's event - Tiger Mountain with Infinite Jeff, Future Carnivores, Young Adults and more @ Radio (Somerville, MA)

We Killed The Lion @ Elbo Room

July 14:
Cirque De La Femme presents - Peep show / Freak show @ Lincoln Tap Room

Back to the Grave @ Darkroom
(all goth/deathrock/postpunk party hosted by DJ Scarylady Sarah)

Aryk Crowder with S. Joel Norman @ Underground Wonder Bar
8p / $10

Nate Z @ Metrospace (Lansing, MI)

July 15:
The Frantic @ Fitz's Spare Keys

July 18:
Hammers of Misfortune with Gates of Slumber @ Reggie's Rock Club
8p / 17+ / $16 adv / $18 door

July 19:
Shoeshine Boy Productions Present - Mason's Case, Soulfix, Polarcode, Andrew Fraker & Sons @ Double Door
8p / $5 (w/flier) / $8

July 20 - 22:
Peace Fest Campout @ Hide-A-Way Lakes Campground

July 20:
The Unknown Pleasures @ Grace Street Tap

July 21:
Do It Local Music Fest @ Capitol Night Club (4244 N. Milwaukee)

July 22:
Waynestock 2012 @ Parrish Drive Firehouse (Wayne, NJ)

July 25:
Mutiny on the HMS Bone @ The Mutiny

July 27:
Adam & Stubhy Story Tellers Acoustic Show (a LBC event) @ Fitz's Spare Keys

July 28:
Chicago featuring Doobie Brothers @ Charter One Pavilion (as of  a 25 Date Coast to Coast Summer Tour)

MOBCORE - Delta 9, 8cylinder, Sir Vixx, Common Dominator, CCDM, Idiom and Tooth_Eye @ Underground Lounge

July 29:
Trash_Audio: Synth Event 12 @ Empty Bottle

Nonpoint @ Mojoes

Wicker Park Fest Down at Akasha Presents Simmer Down Sunday with resident DJs The Grad of Illumanti Congo, Rad Brian of Impala's Sound and movies by Odd Obsession @ Double Door
FREE / 10p

Also ...starting July 9, The Shams Band will begin their July residency at Schuba's celebrating the release of their sophomore album - Cold City! Each Monday, they will feature opening acts like Derek Nelson & the Musicians (July 16) and Archie Powell & The Exports with Young Hines (July 30). For more details and show lineup schedules, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

23 Jun 12

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' a FREE-weekend! In celebration of Wicker Park's Green Fest, the hippest rock venue on 6 Corners lined up 3 spectacular days of free shows all weekend long featuring DJ sets and hot music acts in their effort to continue the spirit and fun of the fest happening next door.

On this particular night, Double Door entertained the fest goers with hot remixes of retro to pop modern classics and hits to keep everyone amidst the summertime momentum until The Retar Crew took over the stage. This 4 piece hip hop / rap crew 's set featured a few special guests joining them tonight on the bill as well as other performances by Knowaries and DJ Adrienne Sanchez. To add to tonight's central club theme, there were dazzling light effects to greet each person entering the venue. However, one thing was quite different for SouthSide - she didn't hang out at her usual spot in the balcony. It was stifling hot up there, blogspot readers, to feel the cool breeze that was blowing on the main floor.

Let's get one thing straight about SouthSide - she's not a fan of any kind of hip hop / rap whether it be Gangsta  or West Coast to whatever she has to endure being blasted from her noisy neighbors' cars. Though enjoying The Retar Crew's performance, she also didn't enjoy it at the same time. Let's touch on what she liked about this local group's Double Door show first before highlighting the bad, blogspot readers. The Retar Crew featured a lively mix of lyrical verse within their hip hop groove and fun beats to the delight of their fans and others to get them dancing to the funky rhythms especially when opening with their Retar theme song - a little ditty poking fun at themselves complete with in sync (sexy) dance moves. Yet, there's one thing you must know about this rap crew - they truly don't take themselves or anything (ie pop culture, life, et al) too seriously. However, there's a message hidden their whimsical lyrics to songs like Dead Celebrities (Too Soon?), Jig n' Fin and Social Media Blues. Prime examples of how Retar takes pop culture turning them in social messages especially Jig n' Fin (about a girl with a nasty you know what down there, so fellas beware) and Social Media Blues (plenty of f-bombs being dropped to which they demonstrate their distaste for everything from Obama [yes, this received the biggest cheer when saying "...fuck Obama..."] to media/entertainment icons). Still there are fun tunes when they're not being "serious" like Awesome (here's when you shouldn't believe the hype about them) or A-A-A Don't Hate (a hardcore hip hop tune than the others performed).

Now, as SouthSide mentioned earlier, she didn't like The Retar Crew's show for a few reasons. First, there was an intermission to which surprised this reviewer but also, in her honest opinion, brought down the excitement of their show to a crashing halt, blogspot readers. She's all for promoting and allowing others to share the stage during your special (free) show. However, she couldn't comprehend what possess Retar to add a pantomime puppet show. Granted the puppet show was okay ...she did enjoy the use of Bing Crosby's The Moon Got In My Eyes for this quick 5 minute performance but it somewhat lost the crowd's excitable high and energy dragging it down to a "let's grab a beer" lull. Besides the performance being a bit confusing as well as beautifully artistic, it honestly didn't fit within Retar's central performance theme of the night and didn't really spark any fun interest from the where SouthSide was observing unless you were close to the stage. The second thing which totally lost SouthSide completely during this show was the addition of a Detroit rap group. Now, the show totally came to a grinding halt, blogspot readers. This trio of hip hop artists (including their own DJ) couldn't get this Retar crowd hyped for their short performance especially at the beginning when they hit the stage. This set was incoherent mesh of lyrical verses (the rhymes bouncing off each MC on the mic were garbled whenever they spoke at the same time instead of timed individually to be understood) and of beats that were very uninteresting (sounding like the stuff this reviewer has to suffer through - the excruciating loud thumping one-note bassline). SouthSide can honestly say some (and she means - some) did enjoy this set but most were impatiently waiting for Retar's return to close out their performance.

If this show was just about The Retar Crew (minus the special guests), SouthSide would recommend checking out this local hip hop/rap crew whenever they perform again. Yet, since this featured special guests, she does have her reservations, blogspot readers. This reviewer does plan on giving them another try at a later date.

For more information, visit The Retar Crew at

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One on One with Nate Z

Hey, blogspot readers, meet an electrifying singer/songwriter who wants to take you from the lake to the moon ...and back with his music. This reviewer had the pleasure of covering her long time friend, Nate Z when he was rockin' the stage with the band Bona Verba as front man/guitarist. He has thrilled audiences with his intense guitar fingering during his performances which would end  in break strings and bloody fingers. Now as a solo artist, times have changed, blogspot readers, and so has the direction and intensity of his music. Describing it as "...folky rock-n-roll with [some] popness...", Nate Z recently gave SouthSide an exclusive peek inside his music from his upcoming album, his thoughts about the local scene and My Chemical Romance and more during an interview before his local showcase set at Elbo Room.

Q: If you had to compare yourself with another singer/songwriter, who would it be and why?
A:  Kurt Cobain ...that was my band [Nirvana] when growing up songwriting can be compared to kurt's however I can't sing like him ...I have tried. I'm now into "old school" folk (think Woody Guthrie) from the 30s and 40s.

Not a big fan of cover bands/artists however I'm a big fan artists who enjoy being themselves. Be yourself musically. I also like Mozart and Beethevon ...composers creating music from within.

Q: Single or taken?
A:  Taken

Q: What was the inspiration behind the catchy tune Lake to the Moon?
A: When I wrote it, I had the opening riff but no lyrics til I got to the chorus and then put them both together. Basically I wanted to keep it as a simple song. For the most part it's about boozing or being under the influence and I lived close to the lake ...enjoyed looking out at moon. So it's simple and the riff is repetitive and I didn't want to sing over the riff - just want to play it. Then too I wanted the song to clever and witty. I take pride in my lyrics to ...they're poetry.

Q: So you can somewhat call yourself a modern age troubadour?
A: *laughs*  Modern age troubadour? That's if what people want to say.

Q: What are the inspirations behind your other songs like On The Train to Chicago?
A: I actually met a girl on a train heading to Chicago. We had must had a good conversation during the ride ...I already had the music set [for this particular song] but needed the lyrics.

Q: So you write your music first before adding the lyrics?
A: Lately, yes - I have the music ready ...simply need the lyrics to complete the song. Sometimes I have the melody in my head ...humming it or singing jibberish until the lyrics finally form.

Q: SouthSide would like your opinion about Chicago's local scene.
A: I should go out more to support the local scene. There are good and bad bands/artists. Personally, I have been it for a few years now ...started at Elbo Room and they do a good job promoting the music scene. I wish there was more comradorie between bands/artists. People - get out and support the local bands. There will be shitty ones but there also will be some good ones to meet and befriend. Keep in contact with the bands too. Also singles guys - it's way to meet hot chicks. *laughs*

Q: Do you find it less constricting to perform as a solo artist than with a full band?
A: Yes, I would like to have a full band but also it has made me a better guitar player. A two piece band is nice yet as a solo artist, I have more freedom and not having to worry what the other guys are doing. Plus this keeps me on top of my game to be a better bassist/electric player. I enjoy it.

Q: Will Nate Z perform with a ful in the near future?
A: Yes, I hope so.

Q: What's next on Nate Z's calendar?
A: I will be performing at Rockapalooza in  Jackson, MI at the Jackson County Fairgrounds and will be the Razor & Die show on WLUW 88.7 FM on July 27th.

Q: Tell SouthSide a little something about the new CD? What's the title?
A: No title yet. If all goes well, the new CD will come out this fall. It will have 10 tracks featuring singles like From the Lake to the Moon, Lithuanian Princess (a love story in a way about wanting to achieve that happy ending) and Keep The Faith (which started off as 3 separate songs but soon took parts from each and rollled into one. This particular song is meant to be an inspirational song.) ...also included in the album Have a Nice Day.

Q: Which song (or songs) should fans familiarize themselves about Nate Z and his music?
A: Lake to the Moon and Have a Nice Day - those two separate songs display my different personality is my mellow side while the other is my strange rock-n-roll side. Basically all of my songs are short love stories. However check out Lake to the Moon on You-Tube (which also features SouthSide in it) however the one used for the video is a demo version. I will re-release the video with the final album version.

Q: Any last words ...shameless self-promoting plugs about yourself?
A: Come to a show ...just enjoy music and just enjoy life ...without music life wouldn't be the same...

For more information about Nate Z, visit this singer/songwriter at

Until next time, support your local scene,

Friday, June 22, 2012

16 Jun 12

Hey, blogspot readers, welcome to the sauciest, finger-licking fest in Chicago! Today, SouthSide and  her sidekick (her 10 year old daughter) attended the 6 Corners (Irving Park -Milwaukee - Cicero) BBQ Fest within the heart of Portage Park. The block long, two day festival featured an array of delicious offerings of ribs to burgers as well as pulled pork (and much more) smothered in some lip smacking bbq sauce from local restuarants in the area. Besides the tasty eats (and of course drinks), there were local vendors and businesses out in support of this family orinted event. And do you know what goes great with all this good food  and fun? Great music, of course, blogspot readers! This fest boosted an amazing lineup of performances by The Future Laureates, Waco Brothers, Charlie Baran & The Grupo Gringo, The Shams Band, Andrew Diehl & The Nightmen, Magic Box as well as Voodoo Kings (on the main stage) and The Polkaholics (on the north stage).

"'re on fire tonight..." ~ August Forte of NoVo Arts, Inc.

Want to add some sizzle to your BBQ, blogspot readers, try a little Voodoo Kings next time. This local band not only electrified the stage with its unique "hot" (in a good way here) mesh of rockin' combination of punk/soul/glam/retro and more but also wowing the early evening crowd plenty of uplifting as well as spirited orgran-driven rhythms and tempos, twitterpating guitar riffs and (at times) 4-part harmonies (especially during American Lights) that melted the mic. This band constantly had feet moving to the beat and bodies (no matter the age) dancing which left many wanting "one more" song. Even while in a downtempo riff, one could still hear the boisterious energy flowing from the music straight down to the hot electric sound wrapped around the heartfelt vocals inside this toe-tappin' feel good music. This wasn't "sit down and enjoy" type of music, blogspot readers. Oh, no. Voodoo Kings certainly worked their magic in keeping most dancing throughout the set. Yet, what truly fascinated SouthSide about this particular band besides the "hot" music and rockin' sound, was the pictureseque imagery used during certain songs. For example, for American Lights - she vividly got the sense of being on a road trip with the Kings as they described different destinations along the way. Or listen to the anthem-like theme running inside Strong Will Survive ...or feel that Voodoo animialistic powress and roar when listening to Animal ...or feel that sultry as well as soulful vibe (especially inside the vocals) in When I See Her. But, beware, blogspot readers, Voodoo Kings will toss in some "hot" funk sounds at you too as heard during Last Child to which definitely had this crowd feeling (besides hearing) each vibrant guitar riffs to the thundering percussion and rhythmic blast on the organ. *fans self* The funkified sound was so hot Mother Nature rolled in the clouds and strong breeze to cool everyone down - now that's voodoo music magic at work. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' your next fest with her new friends, Voodoo Kings and bring your dancing shoes with you too. For more information, visit

"...Polka is the new punk..." ~ The Polkaholics

Now, after having some of the tastiest BBQ in the 6 Corners area with Voodoo Kings, you need to wash it down with something - like beer and polka! Don't laugh, blogspot readers, but SouthSide has special place in her heart for polka ...and who better rock a fest featuring their favorite thing in the world - The Polkaholics. This lively, energetic trio of over 50 year olds (who says you have to be young to rock a stage) once again brought their brand of polka/punk rock music creating a fun and danceable atmosphere for all ages as they performed their hits like Beer Barrel, Too Smart Polka, Blue Haired Lady and more. Yet, what makes this polka music quite special as well as unique is how they incorporate classic rock/punk sounds to the polka rhythms. Yes, it's true - polka is the new punk especially with this trio converting songs, for example, out of Iggy Pop's Lust For Life to Lust For Beer (which includes There's No Beer In Heaven) or the gospel song Revive Us Again (Hallelujah) into swinin' polka songs, blogspot readers. No song and/or genre is untouchable. Not with The Polkaholics making new converts one fan at a time. Even ever popular Chicken Dance gets its own polka sound as well as Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop (turned into Blitzkrieg Bop Polka). During your experience with her polk-loving friends, you might also hear some Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, and KISS - yes, this reviewer did say KISS as "...I want to rock and roll all night and party every day..." but here it's "...I want to polka all night and eat ribs every day..." Besides educating everyone about classic rock through polka, The Polkaholics also taught the crowd a thing or two about other polka styles or history such as German polka during Existentialist before dedicating Polka Celebration to the Chicago's polka king, Eddie Blazonczyk, who recently died at the age of 70. However, for The Polkaholics, every day is a celebration for their love of polka and of course, beer. And they did show their love for the malty brew by performing their one and only love song about it titled Old Style (then again - most of their songs has a mention or two about beer). You might think it's weird polka-ing, blogspot readers, but if you were at this performance, you could hear the impact this local trio has on its fans by the requests for songs being shouted throughout the performance as well as dancing bodies.  They even performed an encore, KISS My Polka - the band's first song written, and the crowd wanted more. "...America needs people like The Polkaholics..." according to one fan. So, beware ...The Polkaholics are bringing back the polka craze into the 21st century. For more information, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

14 Jun 12 - CD review

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' her stereo speakers with a couple of new CDs from her friends, Relations and local band - Goodnight Criminals. Each CD, though slightly on the opposite ends of the techno/electronica rock spectrum, offer its fans an intense experience of rhythmic beats and danceable tracks amidst a touch of 80s nostalgia (i.e. new wave, shoegaze, et al) on the electronica side. Both are worthy additions to any club scene and/or private collection.

Within Relations self-titled, four (4) track debut EP, SouthSide immediately loved this duo's throwback to the 80s underground new wave/electronica rock scene yet with a modern twist featuring some hardcore electro guitar riffs. While Take No Sides has that club vibe and atmosphere within this opening track, this reviewer enjoyed the other three tracks which in their own way represented three different tones of a new wave sound. For example, track 3 - Careless Days had a dark electronica tone before moving quickly into a rhythmic dream-like trance beat though the hard guitar rock sound gave this song a nice razor-sharp edge to balance out the electronica. SouthSide could see this particular track remixed to fit within the underground new wave scene due to its energetic feel and shoegaze representation. On the flipside, track 4 - Songbirds is a cool example and homage to the early days of new wave music(think New Order), blogspot readers, but still does retain some of that new millennial rhythms of shoegaze intricately woven inside the vibrant electro sound. Darker than the previous track but fans will definitely enjoy the danceable vibe and beats as well. SouthSide, personally, recommends beginning your Relations experience with track 2 - A Savage Way To Live to first immerse yourself into the gritty guitar riffs (featuring a strong rhythmic bassline) and rockin' percussion sound that had her replaying over again. For more information about Relations, visit

On the other end of this music spectrum, SouthSide also recommends snagging Goodnight Criminals's five track CD Liars, Thieves and Pretenders that features a hard electronica sound to grab your immediate attention (as heard in opening track Cage). This reviewer had her ears rocked from the vibrant energy and pulsating momentum from this local band's music which had all the trappings and feel of being at a River North club amidst the fast paced strobe lighting and glow. This particular CD was designed to be the life of any summertime party while giving its fans cool digital electro wizardry, some tones of 80s pop nostalgia and rhythmic beats to keep you dancing, blogspot readers. For example, listen to track 3 - Reason for its downtempo electronica rhythms that spotlighted the vocals more even while providing enough music intensity at the chorus for that new wave sound. On the flipside, track 4 - Pretenders had a distinct mix of new wave and electronica to give this particular track its unique blend of music pulse amidst strategic blasts of digital rhythms and hardcore guitar riffs. Yes, this track like the others will keep you dancing despite having less of an energetic feel. However, SouthSide can see this particular being remixed in two different ways - darker for the new wave fans and lighter for electronica fans ...either way, Goodnight Criminals like Relations are keeping that underground scene alive and well, blogspot readers. You can check out this local band when they perform live at Martyrs' on Aug 4th. For more information, visit

More CDs reviews to come, blogspot readers...

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

08 Jun 12

Hey, blogspot readers, hot fun in Chicago's music scene this summer! Fests, street fairs and and more will be rockin' the upcoming months this year that SouthSide has lost count of how many (especially new ones) there are. And this also means, she will be extremely busy trying to cover as many as she possibly can just for you.

Earlier today, SouthSide attended an awesome live taping of The Parlotones ( making their debut on JBTV ( with her good friend and host, Jerry Bryant. This local icon has been rockin' the local television airwaves bringing what's hot and new in music from acts like Semi Precious Weapons and 30 Seconds to Mars to local faves like Janus and Dandy Warhols from his River North studios. This South African band performed a special 40 to 50 minute intimate set in front of an audience featuring songs Life Design, Stars Fall Down, Honey, Shoule We Fight Back and new one Brave And Wild before having to get ready for their Schubas appearance later that evening. SouthSide doesn't know when this episode will air (she wants to tape it), blogspot readers, however hopes to see her friends again sometime later in 2012 for another On The Town review.

Then later was off to rock her night away at Wicker Park's hippest rock venue on six corners (Damen, Milwaukee, and North) - Double Door with her friend Board of Governors. But before the headliners took the stage, this reviewer did check out the opening acts and was sadly disappointed to see this band supported by weak performances, blogspot readers, that she wasn't impressed to review them. Despite arriving nearly the end of The Deeper End's ( set, SouthSide's ears here horribly assualted (before even entering the venue) by the band's front man and his vocals which were either hoarse (due to strain) or off key. In her honest and best opinion, his vocal tone threw off the band's hardcore guitar rock sound during this particular before their closing number. Meanwhile, King By Friday ( during their EP release performance was busily doing too much within their allotted time leaving this reviewer quite confusted. She did like the band's energy and momentum however the cross-genre hopping (one minute they were a rockin' alternative band and then the next a Shelia E mixed with Miami Sound Machine knock off) really didn't appeal to SouthSide. She tried to figure out what they were and what was their core rock sound but gave up after the fourth song. The female lead vocalist while on her conga drum set had a few miscues here and there and failed to "bring it" as promised while performing the closing number. Lastly, Fly Over State ( truly had SouthSide cringing in her balcony seat not from the band's rock sound but from their bad Blondie knock off stage presence, blogspot readers. There's only one Debbie Harry in this music scene and the female lead vocalist for this band performed a horrible imitation with her lifeless, soft vocals on lyrics. You couldn't really tell if she was actually there on stage singing because the band would constantly overshadow her time after time - meaning there was no emotion or dynamic powress to state "yes, I'm here ...notice me..." popping on the mic. She was in desperate need of more vocal umph to stop sucking dry the band's energy. Even while in a downtempo rhythm in a ballad, she didn't "bring it" to pop the lyrics with momentum or anything. If the vocalist was going for sex appeal during this performance, that failed miserably. Though somewhat liking the 80s/rock fusion, it wasn't truly working for this band especially it's mostly keyboard/synth driven meshing a hardcore guitar rock sound. Now, SouthSide understands there are fans out there for each of these bans mentioned. Yet, in all honesty, blogspot readers, this reviewer cannot give her stamp of approval for any recommendation since they didn't bring their A-game to this show tonight.

When it came for Board of Governors to take the stage, the stage area on the main floor immediately swelled to capacity with excited fans ready to rock out with this band. Opening with a harmonizing aria of vocals full of melodic floetry, this band soon flipped the script and began the task of giving their fans one heck of rock show, blogspot readers. And what a show it was. This trio besides the wonderfully complementing vocal harmonies packed their headlining performance with plenty of fist-pumping, gritty Southern guitar rock. Out of very little, these three musicians created enough sound as if they were a four or five piece guitar rock band. And judging by the enthused reactions from their fans (espeically those by the front of the stage), this reviewer immediately knew this crowd was ready for all of the excitement and space-cadet glow of this BOG set complete with sequenced lighting effects for each song. So what makes this band so good to be asked to perform at this year's Summerfest (in Miwaukee) or I AM Fest (Aug 25th at House of Blues Chicago)? Well, honestly, this trio gives their fans a performance filled with simplistic views about the world around them without any added rock fillers or preservatives. Just pure alternative rock music that will chill and thrill your soul with excitement especially during the instrumental bridges where they soak the ears with plenty of twitterpating riffs or heart-pounding crescendo rises to then POW you with a blast of energetic momentum. Yes, it was that kind of show happening on Friday night, blogspot readers. Performing songs like Lines, Bleed, and Dirty, BOG wowed this reviewer with one powerful punch of original music after another which kept their die-hard fanatics screaming for more. Yet still, SouthSide was mainly fascinated by their infamous trio of vocal harmonies that melodically tames the wild rock side of this band. Amazing isn't it how vocals can do that and more to Board's core rock vibe? And it works too. The vocal melodies match the band's guitar sound offsetting (a little) hardcore rhtyhms ...not by much to turn them into a contemporary band but still retain that gritty Southern feeling. Even while taking the energy down a bit to highlight the vocals, Board still can retain that energetic momentum within the guitars with some dramatic pause to lure their fans into that build up of excitement found inside the twitterpating riffs. There are plenty of opportunies this summer to see this local rock the stage and SouthSide highly suggests attending their next performance. For more information, visit Board of Governors at

Until next time, support your local scene,

Monday, June 11, 2012

02 Jun 12 - Nocturna

Happy Anniversary, Nocturna!

Yes, blogspot readers, that monthly dance event recently celebrated its 24th year at Metro where the Mistress of the dark underground scene, DJ Scary Lady Sarah and host William Faith welcome the vamps to Goth and many others in between to this rockin' celebration. Created for those who simply enjoy more than dressing up in dark fashionable wear, Nocturna is more like a social community where one can dance as well as hang out with friends (or make new friends) or people watch til dawn to a solid yet unique playlit of music created by members of Nocturna.

Tonight at Metro, SouthSide and her guests along with many others turned this popular Wrigleyville venue into a hip underground club for its special event that featured a raffled giveaway - 5 pairs of Ministry tickets to see them live on Jun 28th at Vic Theatre. Plus GlitterGuts was on hand snapping away at the dancers or at their photo booth to capture how eleborately dressed the Nocturna members looked. And what truly makes this event special, blogspot readers - it's an environment where there's no judgement or prejudice amongst the attendess ...not towards how you're dressed or dancing. Everyone is made to feel welcome and safe especially by Sarah and William. Besides the music and community gathering of friendship, Nocturna is all about supporting local business and artists too, blogspot readers. This month's local business was Do Bats Eat Cats ( which featured the latest fashionable jewelry and more to accessorize your dark Goth look. SouthSide highly suggests checking out the lovely skull dangle earrings to neckpieces on the website.

Nocturna always features the best in what's current and new from underground and/or indie / alternative artists. So don't expect to hear any big named pop star on the dance floor, blogspot readers, but you might hear Ministry ...or Depeche Mode to Ladytron (like Destroy Everything You Touch - SouthSide's latest "that song is stuck in my head" of the month) and Frontline Assembly to entice you to show off your fancy footwork on the dance floor. This months's playlist (as hard as Sarah tried to accommodate everyone's request) featured a rather interesting spectrum of songs some of which SouthSide hasn't heard since her youth - like Siouxsie & the Banshees- Peek a Boo, The Cure- In Between Days, Peter Murphy- I'll Fall With Your Knife, and David Bowie- Scary Monsters. Yet she did enjoy others played during the night such as BlutEngel- Über den Horitzon, Helium Vola- Omnis Mundi Creatura, Crystal Castles- Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith), My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult- A Daisy Chain 4 Satan and many many more. Sarah usually via member requests taps into her HUGE playlist of shoegaze, ethereal, post-punk, new wave, darkwave and beyond to keep Nocturna dancers on the floor until dawn (around 5a). But do pace yourself. If you're running low on sugar, Sarah has a cool cauldron of candy sweets handy on stage by her DJ booth.

And you don't have to be a "professional" dancer to rock the dance floor, blogspot readers. Create your own steps as the floetry of any particular or favorite song moves you. Or simply watch the others showing off their fancy footwork might even catch SouthSide dancing like she did on Saturday to Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus or Ashbury Heights- I Can Kill You So Easily. However, if dancing's really not your "thing", try people watching, blogspot readers. SouthSide does it when resting between a group of songs. It's fun watching the parade of fashion on display whether happening on the dance floor or moving around Metro because you never know what will appear on a given month perhaps a Villain or VVasher (woman). Last month, someone was fashionably dressed as a dashing pirate ...another month, this reviewer was entranced by the mysterious Phantom and his seductive dance movements. This month was no different. Many, dressing to impress themselves and not others, spared no expense with their clothes came in a lovely corsetted dress ...a few others were in their post-industrial look complete with gas masks. Yes, blogspot readers, fashion is whatever you make of it for Nocturna. The fashion reflects the style and/or who you want to represent which is truly the beauty of Nocturna. You're free to be who (or dress) what you want to be.

It was an exceptional turnout for this month's Nocturna "meeting", blogspot readers. The dance floor was at a constant state of movement with fashionable people having a great time amidst the hot playlist of songs keeping them there. Yet don't fret if you missed this Nocturna. There's other offshoots you can attend like Nocturnica (dark underground electronica version of Nocturna), Back to the Grave and The Lonely Tarts Club. If you live and/or around Chicago, join the Nocturna Chicago Facebook Group to get information about and pertaining to the American Gothic Productions club event, Nocturna as well as meeting other members.

Until next time, support your local scene,

31 May 12

"...everyone knows Rob..." ~ Paige DeChausse

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' the scene - NOLA style! The sweet lively rock alternative (and more) sounds and the party life of New Orleans paid a visit recently at North Center's hip venue Martyrs'. There, this reviewer had the extreme opportunity to meet, interview, and hang out with a soulfully jammin' nomadic band of musicians spreading the "good gospel word" of fun and rockin' music known as The Revivalists. But before meeting these wonderful yet funny guys, SouthSide highly suggests befriending The Paige DeChausse Band. This local band, blogspot readers, literally blew her (and the ears) away from the amazing spitfire sound from Paige's soulfully dynamic voice and hot upbeat tempos that made you groove to the rhythmic beat. This reviewer liked how Paige's vocals had the dramatic effect of not breaking just the heart bu also melting the soul especially when in a downtempo rhythm. To say this vocalist was hot would be an understatement. She was sizzling while electrifying the stage during such songs Jolene, Treat Me Right and up Above My Head to which she popped the lyrics to life amidst a vibrant sound. The band of DeChausse Band totally matched their female leader and her sultry voice style. They excitedly wowed this crowd with a variety of melodic tones as well as rhythmic groove featuring a cross blend of rockabilly under a bluesy tone or a fast-pace tempo with a gospel-like feep to get you seriously moving amongst the infectious toe-tappin' sound. Paige's moving tribute to The Band's Levon Helm during The Weight where a trio of vocals(Paige, Nick on guitar and bandmate on organ) soulfully rocked the ears before closing out this set with a rousing cover of Sam Cooke's class - Bring It Home. For more information about Paige DeChaussse Band, visit

"...get low, Chicago ...I know the floor is dirty..." ~ The Revivalists

The Revivalists could be described in five words or less in six different ways: "...honest songwriting with honest arrangements..." (Andrew on drums), "...continually fresh and energetic..." (Ed "Steel" on pedal guitar), "...the band your parents also likes..." (Rob on saxophone), "...vibrant songwriting rockin' jamful deepness..." (Zack on guitar), " soulful powerful love..." (David on guitar and vocals), and "...rockin' jammin' soulfully slammin'..." (George on bass). Yet that's barely the tip of the iceberg, blogspot readers, after beginning this interview. If you truly want to know who The Revivalists are besides "...dashing saxophonist with five [5] other guys ...lots of van driving mileage ...shit changing tires and truckers ...[featuring] Party Bust George..." SouthSide highly suggests checking out this nomadic troupe of musicians from New Orleans at their next performance. And be prepared to party the night away with this down-to-earth group of nice guys. Or as The Revivalists put it "...great dance songs ...that word your ass and heart ...butthole and butt-soul..." type of show awaits your arrival. As you see, this band was quite open to SouthSide about anything and everything during the interview before their headlining performance. And they didn't disappoint her or their many fans tonight either.

This was one hot rockin' "...energetic ...powerful..." performance from start to finish, blogspot readers, which also included not one but four extra songs during their encore. To say The Revivalists rocked the stage would be a gross understatement as well as not an accurate account of the Martyrs' show. This band electrified the stage with a cross blend of music genres which did soulfully jam besides keeping their fans in a constant state of movement to the infectious swing of vibrant rhythms and beats. There were plenty of booty shakin' moments that fired up the crowd (especially those near and around the stage) into having a real good time NOLA style. Yet there were also moments when the mood and pace was quite low key ...subtle to allow David's voice to be more heartfelt and to surround everyone listening into the band's melodic vibe. Then, there were moments when either sound and/or band was being neither but just simply rockin' the stage so hard that SouthSide had to stop writing and enjoy the Dixieland fun especially when they performed Chase's House where David and Rob mingled around the floor with the crowd for a bit. In a way, you could say, blogspot readers, this show was almost like attending one of those tent meeting revivals - nonstop dramatic thrills and chills to excite your soul.

So what inspired the band name? That, blogspot readers, is an interesting tale. The Revivalists got their start while New Orleans was in amidst of a rebuilding period after Hurricane Katrina where Zack ran a couple of band names with co-member David. They both liked the name The Revivalists which part of the name came from watching a 60 Minutes segment about Bruce Springsteen and how he described his tour (at the time) as a revival. Yet, historically, the band feels it's fitting how they envoke other styles of music like Bob Marley, jazz, rock, funk, hip hop and more within their own sound. And coincidentially, the members aren't from NOLA as in born and raised there. They, like many after Katrina, are transplants who helped rebuilded that music centric town. Still they, they embodied the spirit and vibe of the place they all now call home. Then SouthSide wondered what's the local scene like New Orleans and according to the band "...[it's] awesome..." where like Chicago "...there's [something going on] any day of the week anytime of the year..." Within NOLA, besides the support between musicians especially for new bands and artists, there's also "friendly" competition meaning "I'm kicking your ass on this guitar solo kind" at times during jam sessions. In the end, the scene in New Orleans is all about inclusion which also includes fans during performance.

You definitely could feel that "inclusion" during The Revivalists peroformance, blogspot readers. Spreading the love and spirit of their hometown in Chicago, this band instantly had "included" their crowd of fans and friends into their "feel good" music. Many were not only dancing but also singing along to their favorite song like Concrete, Catching Fireflies and Monster. SouthSide hadn't truly attended a show like this where the band rocked the stage with a firecracker spirit that constantly made her want to dance instead of writing notes in her imfamoust notebook throughout the set. For example, during Common Cents, it was a nonstop wave of music full of lively antics coupled with exuberant excitement shared by both band and fans as the venue was filled with hints of jazz/hip hop/funk/rock and soul. Or try Concrete where The Revivalists rocked the stage of highly intenstified hype and energetic momentum which totally had this party pumped even in the back where this reviewer observed the action. Even while in a heartfelt downtempo rhythm, this band still found a way to continue surrounding its audience with energy and momentum amist a soulful vibe as heard in Monster and Pretty Photographn. Believe it or not, blogspot readers, there wasn't a moment when this crowd wasn't still or unethusically responding (ie clapping, screaming, whistling, etc) during The Revivalists' set. Whenever the mood called for it, there was some type of reaction letting the band know they were an intregal part of this performance as well as showing their love for the music.

In SouthSide's honest opinion, they should be billed as the "hardest workiing" band, blogspot readers, due to their constant presence on the road. Last year, The Revivalists did 150 shows (almost as much as SouthSide did) and this year, it looks to be a busy one for them again as they are set to do approximately 200 shows. However, don't think they're always on the road touring. The band reassured this reviewer that they do stop home from time to time ...and honestly admitting that touring is hard on relationships. The Revivalists find it easier to perform at places where they know people "...who can show us around town..." or vice versa where people know them and open their homes to rest. "...we have friends in big cities like Chicago ...and the last time we were here, we stayed for four days..." And as SouthSide promised - The Revivalists highly recommend grabbing a slice of Piece Pizza (located on 1927 W. North Ave in Wicker Park) "'s not pizza - pie..." becaue they are nice to cool bands. After their Martyrs' performance, Piece supplied them and guests with pies. The band, when asked which songs fans should listen to, came up with a list of songs since they are the ones to which many respond to the most. Already mentioning Catching Fireflies, try Soul Fight (off The Revivalists EP), Up In The Air, When I Die, Navigate Below and Criminal (off The Revivalists' latest CD - City of Sound) and Not Turn Away (from Vital Signs CD). Lastly since all good things including this interview had to come to an end, The Revivalists wanted everyone to know about their new album - City of Sound and that "'s cool...". They will be on tour at a city or town near you this summer, blogspot readers, so check out for more information and tour dates.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

30 May 12

Hey, blogspot readers, the local scene's exploding with new and undiscovered acts! Tonight, SouthSide's taking a break from her regular schedule to check out a local music showcase at Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville location). Presented by 312 and hosted by friend Mer, this weekly FREE event allows up and coming talent to briefly rock out this stage whether it was acoustic or something you can't really box into one specific genre. The lineup on this particular evening featured acoustic performances by Mer and Stephen Leonard both whom wowed the Wednesday night audience with powerful as well as dynamic display of vocal powress. Mer at one point performed an intense Latin-driven sound which not only matched the fiery tone and spirit of his fingerwork on the strings but also his voice before performing Bulletproof (off his upcoming new album). This hot-tempered song offered calm words of inspiration if listened closely yet this reviewer enjoyed the fast-flying fingering that made his music pop with life. Meanwhile, Stephen Leonard regaled the audience with a few bars to the iconic song Somewhere Over The Rainbow however this version wasn't like he was trying to imitate Judy Garland but rather put his own spin and heartfelt vocals into the famous lyrics before moving into his original song. After mellowing out a bit with Like A Dog, this singer/songwriter closed out the acoustic portion of this showcase with a spirited ballad set to a downtempo rhythm that showed off how amazingly dynamic (besides heartfelt) his voice could get, blogspot readers. Though not able to catch the song title, it had emotional warmth coupled with energetic momentum for that dramatic umph heard within Stephen's vocal projection. Both artists are highly suggests in checking out at their next show.

Get ready to jam with this next band, blogspot readers, because they're about to rock you with a little bit of Southern blues rock on superly charged high octane gasoline. Or think of them as a local version of ZZ Top (without the long beards) that can never get enough of energy. No matter how SouthSide says it, Jimmy Nick and Don't Tell Momma rocked her ears off with an electrifying, intense performance. This mini performance had everything from heart-pounding thunder of percussion rhythms to fast paced guitar riffs that could set the stage on fire packed within their allotted time slot. And if given the opportunity, Nick and his band would have rocked longer than 30 minutes. It that kind of set - lots of head banging, booty-shaking music to make you groove, jump, jive and perhaps wail like you have never done before with this band. From their opening song to Sex Slave, this band wasted no time in making sure everyone within the listening distance (inside as well as outside) of the Cubby Bear feel and hear the intense electricity of their blues/guitar rock sound. As a hot rockin' trio, Nick and the guys definitely popped this reviewer's earplugs with enough sound and rip-roaring riffs as if they were a five-piece band. Even while taking that same energy down for a moment to hit the excited audience with its funky yet gritty rock, watch out, blogspot readers, you're going to need a shower or two after feeling the sexually-driven raw rock sound. Not your parents Motown funk/rock fusion electrifying the stage tonight but it will leave you a whole lot funkier than when you first entered this set. Another word of caution for the single ladies - Nick does shake the hips while on stage for that added sex appeal. For more information, visit

This next band is "weird" ...but in a good way, blogspot readers. Yet as SouthSide observed this particular band, she noticed one distinct thing - they didn't sound like anyone she had seen or reviewed before. That's why Top Shelf Lickers is the latest bunch of "weirdos" to make a sizable dent in Chicago's music scene in recent months. This reviewer has heard the "nasty" rumors about this band and she has to admit some of them are true though not confirming or denying about getting "licked" by the bands' members. That's WAY too much information to be broadcasting on this blog, blogspot readers. SouthSide does have a solid reputation to uphold and maintain but more about that later in her scandalous tell-all novel... ANYWAY, Top Shelf Lickers is definitely a band you have never seed or quite heard because the members have created it to sound unique and not be like everyone else who uses a "cookie cutter" rock format. So, yes in a way being the "weirdos" of the local scene does have its advantage since you cannot really box their core sound and/or music into one genre or category. SouthSide tried but gave up after their third song , I'll See You Then (a strange yet eclectic song about a bad trip from eating the shrooms). Oh before this reviewer forgets - those who know and/or worked with Shawn Kellner (on keyboards) - he does have a voice. Top Shelf during this performance zigged then zagged covering a wide range of genres from punk to retro rockabilly and also some pseudo ska (as heard I Don't Remember). This band covered it (mostly) all. Still what this reviewer enjoyed about Top Shelf (besides getting "licked" by the sound and upbeat tempo) was the differing sound presented in each song featuring either a melodic vibe within a downtempo rhythm or intense guitar-driven rock. And as an added bonus, they rocked the stage with a Top Shelf cover of Bush's No One Knows. Discover Top Shelf Lickers at their next performance ...perhaps they'll "lick" you too. For more information, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

27 May 12

*SouthSide sincerely apologizes for the delay in posting this review*

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's spending part of her holiday weekend resting well as rockin'. She attended part 2 of this special doubleheader concert at Wicker Park's hippest rock venue - Double Door featuring local favorite Poi Dog Pondering. Though hot and steamy outside, there was a cool atmosphere for fans packed inside to enjoy the smooth flow of soulful vibrations provided by friend DJRC. His DJ set got the party off on a good note with his mix of retro and classsic as well as neo-soul collection of R&B/Funk and more. Just what this crowd needed to warm up for Poi Dog tonight.

After being thoroughly prepped for tonight's main event, WXRT welcomed the crowd of excited Poi Dog fans to the show which the band was met with a rousing show of cheers and whistles. These fans certainly loved their Poi Dog music and songs based on the type of different reactions witnessed by SouthSide while observing them throughout the concert. Some were reliving many happy romantic fun times ...others following this band since day 1 as they sang along to each and every song. For many years, Poi Dog Pondering has rocked and grooved their beloved fans to their eclectic vibrations of a unique blend of genres that include Acoustic/Americana/Folk/R&B/Soul/Funk/Electronic/Disco and the list could go on and on, blogspot readers. And it was this type of sound along with lively, upbeat tempos and dynamic vocals (by Frank Orrall and Charlotte Wortham) that constantly kept many swaying, dancing, and etc to the rhythmic beat. Believe it or not, there wasn't a single moment during this near two hour (or so) party in which this crowd was motionless. Each song performed whether it was Space Dust, Living With The Dreaming Body or Be The One, Poi Dog fans were groovin' to the luscious vibes flowin' all around them. A few times the Poi Dog music was quite infectious that the entire venue was alive with happy people compared to the times where fans simply swayed to their selected favorite Poi songs. Yet ...actually every song was a favorite song.

Besides rockin' fans with vibrant yet explosively dynamic music and sound from their original songs, Poi Dog Pondering is also known for their cover renditions, blogspot readers. Check out their hot rockin' version of Stevie Wonder's Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) featuring exuberant bursts of excitement and energy. Yet that wasn't the ONLY thing popping the roof off this venue with such momentumous life. There was also the soulfully hot dynamic voice (by Charlotte) excitedly singing the lyrics that drove many loyal fanatics wild. This band totally owned this classic R&B song as well as the sultry version of Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On. *fans self* It was about to get all sexed up with sensual heat inside Double Door, blogspot readers, due to the very very male falsetto vocals (by Kornell Hargrove) igniting the sizzling flames throughout the venue. He totally made this cover too hot to handle for SouthSide while Poi Dog upped the contemporary funk sound within the R&B groove which gave it a smooth tempo and rhythmic beat for everyone to "get it on". That right there, blogspot readers, was one memorable cover rendition this reviewer has ever witnessed. In between the covers, Poi Dog rocked out the venue with a mix of classic and new songs featuring a hot disco setting (lights off and the Double Door's disco ball glowing) as well as heartfelt downtempo moments that brought out the dynamic powress of Frank's vocals.

Now, this reviewer would like to share every tiny detail of this hot show with you, blogspot readers, however she feels it wouldn't be fair. How can she properly capture the intense emotions expressed on each fan's face when hearing that favorire Poi Dog song ...remember that romantic time when first hearing it ...or how this orchestral band jumped and jived on stage with the very little room they had. It was an amazing night of music happening here. And not to take away your own personal experience, SouthSide highly suggests attending Poi's next show to experience and create your own memories with this legendary band prepared to party all night long too.

For more information about Poi Dog Pondering, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2012 - update

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's desk has received MORE happening events rockin' around Chicago as well as other places in which she highly suggests you should check out.

Hey, SouthSide's friend Green River Ordinance is currently on tour in the West Coast (with singer/songwriter Jesse Thomas) in support of their new album, Under Fire . On Jun 6, they will be rockin the stage in Phoenix, AZ at Martini Ranch meanwhile on Jun 7 they will be in San Diego, CA at Anthology. Visit the band's website at for more details and ticket information.

If you haven't heard, the latest book sensation of the day is "50 Shades of Grey" (SouthSide's honest opinion - not worth your reading time). However she does recommend joining this workshop on Wednesday, Jun 6 to truly understand and learn about the REAL shades of BDSM 101 at Taboo Tabou (located 854 W. Belmont) from instructors Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg. They have held previous classes about Sex Toys and Safe Words & Consent ...other future classes will include Rope Bondage for Beginners and Networking for Kinky People.

Visit for more details and how to sign up for classes.

Heads up, Brett Newski & The Corruption is still on tour but has plans to tour US with a show in Chicago! On Jun 8, they will be rockin' Prince of Wales (Little India) in Singapore and then Jun 9 at Prince of Wales (Boat Quay). However on Jun 29, check them out rockin' Reggie's Music Joint (Chicago) before heading to Summerfest (on the Cascio Stage) in Milwaukee, WI. More tour dates will be announced soon. For more information, visit

Also return to Reggie's, this time on the Rock Club to rock out with friend Earthen Grave featuring violinist Rachel Barton Pine sharing the stage with Black Cobra and Gaza! This is a 17+ show / tickets are $13 adv and $15 dos /
It's a late show - so doors are 10p / show to begin promptly at 10:30p

Recently Rootwire released its round two of artists scheduled to perform during this August 3-day event (16th thru 19th). Check out these latest bands ready to rock you: DubConscious, UV Hippo, Snarky Puppy, Damn Right, The Coop, Eumatik, Skeetones, Third Nature and many, many, many more! Pre-Sale tickets are still $85, blogspot readers.

For more information, visit

On July 1, Intgelligence Squared will hold its first debate in Aspen, CO, blogspot readers, where the subject "The Natural Gas Boom Is Doing More Harm Than Good" will be debated. FOR the motion is DEBORAH GOLDBERG, Managing Attorney at Earthjustice and KATHERINE HUDSON, Watershed Program Director at Riverkeeper meanwhile AGAINST the motion is JOE NOCERA, Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times and SUSAN TIERNEY, Managing Principal at Analysis Group; Former Assistant Secretary for Policy at
U.S. Dept. of Energy.

This event will be held at The Aspen District Theater / TICKETS ARE $25 for the public and will be available June 21st at

Though months away, SouthSide says start preparing NOW for this year's Riot Fest & Carnival! Opening night is September 14 at Congress Theater and the most the event will take place on September 15 & 16 at Humboldt Park (Division and California Ave.). Check out this exciting lineup - Rise Against * Iggy and the Stooges * The Gaslight Anthem * GWAR * Teenage Bottlerocket * Off With Their Heads * White Mystery * Alkaline Trio * Gogol Bordello * Descendents * The Offspring * Elvis Costello
* The Jesus Mary Chain ...and just the tip of the iceberg thus far, blogspot readers. More bands to be announced soon...

Multi passes start at $36 (compared to the $18 single day).

For more information, visit

Lastly this arrived on SouthSide's desk from Elbo Room - they're seeking bands/artists for upcoming shows!

Read the following if interested:

Booking at Elbo Room…

drumset (aux percussion is fine)… please contact KAYLA as she
handles all the bookings for this genre and our cocktail lounge. You
get 100% of what you draw at the door with no production taken out:

NEW ACTS/BANDS are asked to come to the IN-HOUSE AUDITION NIGHT @
more. We just ask that your material is ORIGINAL! We supply a full
backline, stage, lights, sound. You are asked to play 3 songs for a
FREE SHOW/NO COVER. If you are able to bring 20 people to see you, we
will give you an opening slot on a weekend. If you bring 30 or more
people, you will get your own weekend showcase. For more information
or to sign up for a DATE, please contact Matthew Alfano:

If you are interested in playing the festival that ELBO ROOM
produces: I AM FEST ( [4]). This will be SAT AUG 25TH
AT HOUSE OF BLUES IN CHICAGO, please e-mail both Steph and Kayla for
more information: [5] |

| Here is the new format we are
doing for the main room:






We got some open dates (some being last minute cancellations) that we
are trying to fill up. Review the dates and let me know which ones
you would be interested in. First come first served so please give a
couple dates you are interested in to avoid going back and forth (2-5
choices would be great). If you know of any other bands or artists
that would be a good fit as well, please feel free to forward them
this e-mail:

Here are the open dates, slot position and expected draw we have
available at this time....




If you do not see a date listed above or looking for JULY and beyond,
we are not booking it at this time and you can check back in 2-3 weeks
to see if something opens up. If you have a Chicago 21+ draw of 50 or
more and have references from other clubs (ie: Phil @ Double Door,
Emily @ Hard Rock, Brendon @ Reggies, Matt @ Schubas/Lincoln Hall,
Bruce @ Empty Bottle, etc) please e-mail us the date you played there,
your draw and who you booked the show with. We will follow up with
them and work with you on a weekend showcase date.


Elbo Room is changing formats and only hosting bands from 8p-12a. On
the weekends we are looking to host DJ’s from midnight to close (1:30a
on FRIDAY and 2:30a on SATURDAY). It is free admission and in our
main music room with a full 3-way Electro-Voice sound system. DJ
would be on stage and would have to bring in their own decks, vinyl,
CD, etc. Elbo Room will have a Folding Table, Stage, Mics, DI boxes,
XLR cables, Monitors, Lights and Sound System.

We are looking to work with DJ’s to build these nights and find a
resident DJ for each night. We are looking for DJ’s to spin TOP 40
along with their own flare and mixes in between. Essentially get
people dancing, excited to party and DRINK! DJ’s will be compensated
with a $50 bar tab and 10% of the bar ring from MIDNIGHT to CLOSE in
the MAIN VENUE where they will be spinning. If a DJ has a good
following and can combine that with the in-house crowd and get people
drinking, they can make anywhere from $50-$250 for working 1.5 to 2.5
hours and getting the room packed and getting the party going.

1. FRI MAY 25th
2. FRI JUN 1st
3. SAT JUN 16th
4. SAT JUN 23rd
5. SAT JUN 30th
6. FRI JUL 6th
7. SAT JUL 7th
8. FRI JUL 13th
9. FRI JUL 20th
10. SAT JUL 21st
11. FRI JUL 27th
12. FRI AUG 3rd
13. FRI AUG 10th
14. FRI AUG 17th
15. SAT AUG 18th
16. FRI AUG 24th
17. SAT AUG 25th
18. FRI AUG 31st


UNDER AGED BAND MEMBERS: This is a 21+ show and everybody must have a
VALID ID to gain entry. If a member of your band is under 21, ELBO
ROOM needs to know via E-MAIL to BRIAN BENDER |
[9] These band members must be PERFORMING ON
STAGE in order to be in the club. UNDER AGED BAND MEMBERS are not
allowed in the club before or after their set with NO EXCEPTIONS. It
is important that when you book a show with an UNDER AGED BAND MEMBER
to notify BRIAN BENDER so you can play the beginning of the night. ALL
BAND MEMBERS will check in with the door guy before doors open and
UNDER AGED BAND MEMBERS will get marked and asked to leave the club
VIDEO / PHOTOGRAPHY PEOPLE, ETC. cannot be in the club if they are
under the age of 21. NO EXCEPTIONS.

DRAW: Bands performing in the VENUE are asked to draw a minimum of 10
people to ensure production is covered and the band is able to make
money for their performance. It does no good for the club and no good
for the band if there is nobody in the venue. This is not a rehearsal
space; it is a live music venue. 1st time bands start on a weekday,
then move to a Thursday and then a weekend show based on their draw.
Artists performing in the COCKTAIL LOUNGE are asked to try their best
to draw. There is no production cost for this stage so the artist will
get 100% of what they pull at the door.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns.

2871 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60657
773-549-5549 (o)
773-435-6324 (f) (e)

Until next time, support your local scene,