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31 May 12

"...everyone knows Rob..." ~ Paige DeChausse

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' the scene - NOLA style! The sweet lively rock alternative (and more) sounds and the party life of New Orleans paid a visit recently at North Center's hip venue Martyrs'. There, this reviewer had the extreme opportunity to meet, interview, and hang out with a soulfully jammin' nomadic band of musicians spreading the "good gospel word" of fun and rockin' music known as The Revivalists. But before meeting these wonderful yet funny guys, SouthSide highly suggests befriending The Paige DeChausse Band. This local band, blogspot readers, literally blew her (and the ears) away from the amazing spitfire sound from Paige's soulfully dynamic voice and hot upbeat tempos that made you groove to the rhythmic beat. This reviewer liked how Paige's vocals had the dramatic effect of not breaking just the heart bu also melting the soul especially when in a downtempo rhythm. To say this vocalist was hot would be an understatement. She was sizzling while electrifying the stage during such songs Jolene, Treat Me Right and up Above My Head to which she popped the lyrics to life amidst a vibrant sound. The band of DeChausse Band totally matched their female leader and her sultry voice style. They excitedly wowed this crowd with a variety of melodic tones as well as rhythmic groove featuring a cross blend of rockabilly under a bluesy tone or a fast-pace tempo with a gospel-like feep to get you seriously moving amongst the infectious toe-tappin' sound. Paige's moving tribute to The Band's Levon Helm during The Weight where a trio of vocals(Paige, Nick on guitar and bandmate on organ) soulfully rocked the ears before closing out this set with a rousing cover of Sam Cooke's class - Bring It Home. For more information about Paige DeChaussse Band, visit

"...get low, Chicago ...I know the floor is dirty..." ~ The Revivalists

The Revivalists could be described in five words or less in six different ways: "...honest songwriting with honest arrangements..." (Andrew on drums), "...continually fresh and energetic..." (Ed "Steel" on pedal guitar), "...the band your parents also likes..." (Rob on saxophone), "...vibrant songwriting rockin' jamful deepness..." (Zack on guitar), " soulful powerful love..." (David on guitar and vocals), and "...rockin' jammin' soulfully slammin'..." (George on bass). Yet that's barely the tip of the iceberg, blogspot readers, after beginning this interview. If you truly want to know who The Revivalists are besides "...dashing saxophonist with five [5] other guys ...lots of van driving mileage ...shit changing tires and truckers ...[featuring] Party Bust George..." SouthSide highly suggests checking out this nomadic troupe of musicians from New Orleans at their next performance. And be prepared to party the night away with this down-to-earth group of nice guys. Or as The Revivalists put it "...great dance songs ...that word your ass and heart ...butthole and butt-soul..." type of show awaits your arrival. As you see, this band was quite open to SouthSide about anything and everything during the interview before their headlining performance. And they didn't disappoint her or their many fans tonight either.

This was one hot rockin' "...energetic ...powerful..." performance from start to finish, blogspot readers, which also included not one but four extra songs during their encore. To say The Revivalists rocked the stage would be a gross understatement as well as not an accurate account of the Martyrs' show. This band electrified the stage with a cross blend of music genres which did soulfully jam besides keeping their fans in a constant state of movement to the infectious swing of vibrant rhythms and beats. There were plenty of booty shakin' moments that fired up the crowd (especially those near and around the stage) into having a real good time NOLA style. Yet there were also moments when the mood and pace was quite low key ...subtle to allow David's voice to be more heartfelt and to surround everyone listening into the band's melodic vibe. Then, there were moments when either sound and/or band was being neither but just simply rockin' the stage so hard that SouthSide had to stop writing and enjoy the Dixieland fun especially when they performed Chase's House where David and Rob mingled around the floor with the crowd for a bit. In a way, you could say, blogspot readers, this show was almost like attending one of those tent meeting revivals - nonstop dramatic thrills and chills to excite your soul.

So what inspired the band name? That, blogspot readers, is an interesting tale. The Revivalists got their start while New Orleans was in amidst of a rebuilding period after Hurricane Katrina where Zack ran a couple of band names with co-member David. They both liked the name The Revivalists which part of the name came from watching a 60 Minutes segment about Bruce Springsteen and how he described his tour (at the time) as a revival. Yet, historically, the band feels it's fitting how they envoke other styles of music like Bob Marley, jazz, rock, funk, hip hop and more within their own sound. And coincidentially, the members aren't from NOLA as in born and raised there. They, like many after Katrina, are transplants who helped rebuilded that music centric town. Still they, they embodied the spirit and vibe of the place they all now call home. Then SouthSide wondered what's the local scene like New Orleans and according to the band "...[it's] awesome..." where like Chicago "...there's [something going on] any day of the week anytime of the year..." Within NOLA, besides the support between musicians especially for new bands and artists, there's also "friendly" competition meaning "I'm kicking your ass on this guitar solo kind" at times during jam sessions. In the end, the scene in New Orleans is all about inclusion which also includes fans during performance.

You definitely could feel that "inclusion" during The Revivalists peroformance, blogspot readers. Spreading the love and spirit of their hometown in Chicago, this band instantly had "included" their crowd of fans and friends into their "feel good" music. Many were not only dancing but also singing along to their favorite song like Concrete, Catching Fireflies and Monster. SouthSide hadn't truly attended a show like this where the band rocked the stage with a firecracker spirit that constantly made her want to dance instead of writing notes in her imfamoust notebook throughout the set. For example, during Common Cents, it was a nonstop wave of music full of lively antics coupled with exuberant excitement shared by both band and fans as the venue was filled with hints of jazz/hip hop/funk/rock and soul. Or try Concrete where The Revivalists rocked the stage of highly intenstified hype and energetic momentum which totally had this party pumped even in the back where this reviewer observed the action. Even while in a heartfelt downtempo rhythm, this band still found a way to continue surrounding its audience with energy and momentum amist a soulful vibe as heard in Monster and Pretty Photographn. Believe it or not, blogspot readers, there wasn't a moment when this crowd wasn't still or unethusically responding (ie clapping, screaming, whistling, etc) during The Revivalists' set. Whenever the mood called for it, there was some type of reaction letting the band know they were an intregal part of this performance as well as showing their love for the music.

In SouthSide's honest opinion, they should be billed as the "hardest workiing" band, blogspot readers, due to their constant presence on the road. Last year, The Revivalists did 150 shows (almost as much as SouthSide did) and this year, it looks to be a busy one for them again as they are set to do approximately 200 shows. However, don't think they're always on the road touring. The band reassured this reviewer that they do stop home from time to time ...and honestly admitting that touring is hard on relationships. The Revivalists find it easier to perform at places where they know people "...who can show us around town..." or vice versa where people know them and open their homes to rest. "...we have friends in big cities like Chicago ...and the last time we were here, we stayed for four days..." And as SouthSide promised - The Revivalists highly recommend grabbing a slice of Piece Pizza (located on 1927 W. North Ave in Wicker Park) "'s not pizza - pie..." becaue they are nice to cool bands. After their Martyrs' performance, Piece supplied them and guests with pies. The band, when asked which songs fans should listen to, came up with a list of songs since they are the ones to which many respond to the most. Already mentioning Catching Fireflies, try Soul Fight (off The Revivalists EP), Up In The Air, When I Die, Navigate Below and Criminal (off The Revivalists' latest CD - City of Sound) and Not Turn Away (from Vital Signs CD). Lastly since all good things including this interview had to come to an end, The Revivalists wanted everyone to know about their new album - City of Sound and that "'s cool...". They will be on tour at a city or town near you this summer, blogspot readers, so check out for more information and tour dates.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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