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14 Jun 12 - CD review

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' her stereo speakers with a couple of new CDs from her friends, Relations and local band - Goodnight Criminals. Each CD, though slightly on the opposite ends of the techno/electronica rock spectrum, offer its fans an intense experience of rhythmic beats and danceable tracks amidst a touch of 80s nostalgia (i.e. new wave, shoegaze, et al) on the electronica side. Both are worthy additions to any club scene and/or private collection.

Within Relations self-titled, four (4) track debut EP, SouthSide immediately loved this duo's throwback to the 80s underground new wave/electronica rock scene yet with a modern twist featuring some hardcore electro guitar riffs. While Take No Sides has that club vibe and atmosphere within this opening track, this reviewer enjoyed the other three tracks which in their own way represented three different tones of a new wave sound. For example, track 3 - Careless Days had a dark electronica tone before moving quickly into a rhythmic dream-like trance beat though the hard guitar rock sound gave this song a nice razor-sharp edge to balance out the electronica. SouthSide could see this particular track remixed to fit within the underground new wave scene due to its energetic feel and shoegaze representation. On the flipside, track 4 - Songbirds is a cool example and homage to the early days of new wave music(think New Order), blogspot readers, but still does retain some of that new millennial rhythms of shoegaze intricately woven inside the vibrant electro sound. Darker than the previous track but fans will definitely enjoy the danceable vibe and beats as well. SouthSide, personally, recommends beginning your Relations experience with track 2 - A Savage Way To Live to first immerse yourself into the gritty guitar riffs (featuring a strong rhythmic bassline) and rockin' percussion sound that had her replaying over again. For more information about Relations, visit

On the other end of this music spectrum, SouthSide also recommends snagging Goodnight Criminals's five track CD Liars, Thieves and Pretenders that features a hard electronica sound to grab your immediate attention (as heard in opening track Cage). This reviewer had her ears rocked from the vibrant energy and pulsating momentum from this local band's music which had all the trappings and feel of being at a River North club amidst the fast paced strobe lighting and glow. This particular CD was designed to be the life of any summertime party while giving its fans cool digital electro wizardry, some tones of 80s pop nostalgia and rhythmic beats to keep you dancing, blogspot readers. For example, listen to track 3 - Reason for its downtempo electronica rhythms that spotlighted the vocals more even while providing enough music intensity at the chorus for that new wave sound. On the flipside, track 4 - Pretenders had a distinct mix of new wave and electronica to give this particular track its unique blend of music pulse amidst strategic blasts of digital rhythms and hardcore guitar riffs. Yes, this track like the others will keep you dancing despite having less of an energetic feel. However, SouthSide can see this particular being remixed in two different ways - darker for the new wave fans and lighter for electronica fans ...either way, Goodnight Criminals like Relations are keeping that underground scene alive and well, blogspot readers. You can check out this local band when they perform live at Martyrs' on Aug 4th. For more information, visit

More CDs reviews to come, blogspot readers...

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