Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Music Review

Hey, blogspotr readers, more new music poised and ready to heat up your summertime fun with inspiration, dance/club. shoegaze and more.

She highly recommends checking out the following artists mentioned below...

Femme Fatality (Los Angeles)

“…I’m the pleasure to you pain…” such chilling words that will give goosebumps , blogspot readers. SouthSide’s friends from LA recently released their 5-track album – Stranger and she must say she got spine-tingling chills from the dark electronic pop tone throughout the entire album. The sound has the feel of Marilyn Manson yet it’s all Femme as this band takes the ears into the mysterious world of a creepiness with a “stranger” especially while listening to the opening title track. This particular song sets the mood and pace before giving you some dance electronica during “Old Fashioned and being haunted by Femme’s “Ghost” (loved the slink, sexiness and vibin’ sound.). Word of caution, be careful while venturing into the “One Man Town”.

“Let Go!” (single)
Structure (Boston)

Even though not really a big fan of House Jam genre, this reviewer recommends checking out this latest single by DJ Structure. She enjoyed the rhythms flowing within this track. Plus, she liked the NOLA-inspired bounce style combined with the crowd-pleasing bass drops and rises that will get your club/party clientele excitedly bouncing to the digital twists and turns throughout the electronic beats. Expect to find this single at a club this summer near you, blogspot readers.

“My Favourite” (single)
Danny Darko (Italy) ft Jova Radevska

Here’s another club/party dance track in which SouthSide liked, blogspot readers. Danny’s latest single – “My Favourite” featuring the soft pop vocals from Macedonian singer Jova Radevska (UK). Awesome combination of her voice breathing life to the words against Danny’s unique techno style …a funky beat that will get the party jumping even though it’s somewhat laidback. More like a cool down track in between a fast, lively and more bass.

“Get Higher” (single)
Palaye Royale (Nevada)

If you haven’t heard about this band (like SouthSide first did), you’ll probably hear more about them soon, blogspot readers. Perhaps, you might recognize the name as the first unsigned band to win an MTV award or heard this single in a Samsung commercial. What this reviewer liked about this band (after watching the video to this song) was their unique fashion art rock style and sound. They’re definitely NOT trying to imitate or be like anyone. SouthSide liked the rousing yet intense energy felt throughout this track from beginning to end. Hopefully as this band embarks on a national tour, they make a stop in Chicago before returning to the studio to work on a full length album.

“No Ringer” (single)
Grounders (Canada)

When you want to something to mellow out within a dreamy yet a drenched reverb sound, SouthSide suggests checking out Grounders’ latest single – “No Ringer”. She thoroughly enjoyed floating this band’s melodic, meditative-like soundwave, blogspot readers, amidst the gritty synth and psychedelic, space age guitar work. There are moments when the sound shimmers with an homage to The Velvet Underground and The Zombies however it’s not wise to compare them to the two. Grounders reinvents the best of the two and incorporates it especially for this particular track (featuring front man Andrew on vocals). He has a haunting and quite mysterious way of lulling you into the band’s dreamy trance-like rhythmic vibe.

Note – if you’re in Chicago, Grounders will be performing live at Fizz Bar & Grill on June 20.

“Black Swan” (single)
Astrid’s Tea Party (UK)

SouthSide would like to invite everyone to check out this post-punk, electric shock single by the British band, Astrid’s Tea Party. Their “Black Swan” immediately grabs your attention with an intense blast of electronic punk rhythms before soothing the ears to cool femme fatale vocals in front of a vibrant electro-punk sound. It’s a rockin’ mix of vocals and electricity …a funky combination of piano synth and guitar rock to provide that “shock” of music, blogspot readers, that will have you dancing to the beat. Plus Astrid’s lead vocalist does add plenty of “wow” factor towards the end of the track when pumping some soulful power of vocal angst into the chorus – Adele has nothing on her in this department.

“Feel Alive” (single)
Aleks Grey (UK)

Need some inspiration in your life? Need to feel alive? SouthSide suggests take a listen to this new single by Aleks Grey (Aleksander Raftevold) and his latest single “Feel Alive”. This song bursts with such vibrant inspirational lyrics (“…clap your hand and sing the words you like / it doesn’t matter now / nothing matters now / you’re born to feel alive…”) and energy that makes you feel alive (no pun intended) with Aleks and his band. Having a catchy tune full of melodic rhythms and vocal harmonies, this particular song was designed and written to help lift up your spirit …to give you hope …to make you appreciate each and every day you’re living on this earth. On a personal note, this reviewer’s daughter gave this song her own thumbs up after taking a listen while having a bad day, blogspot readers.

“Don’t Fool Yourself” (single)
Pop Noir (UK / Los Angeles)

Within this particular single, SouthSide can hear a bit of her favorite electronic/dance duo, The Pet Shop Boys (maybe a bit of Depeche Mode too), in this duo’s “Don’t Fool Yourself”, blogspot readers. Yet, she’s not comparing Pop Noir to them because with this track, this reviewer was dancing along to their unique rhythmic club/techno beat especially at the bridge (where you’ll hear a bit of PSB homage). Expect to hear this track at a club near you all summer long …it’s a fun track to be suave, sexy within Pop Noir’s tight club scene rhythms that’s sure to keep you dancing all night.

“Voices” (single)
Lights That Change (UK)

SouthSide has found a new song to be played at the next Nocturna / Shimmer event, blogspot readers. Shoegaze / dreampop / ethereal wave fans, this reviewer highly suggests checking out this single “Voices” by Lights That Change. Though finding herself slowly moving along to the haunting yet mysterious vocals by Mandy, it was mainly the music behind the hypnotic siren that truly caught SouthSide’s immediate attention. Think The Cure mixed with a dash of Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins when listening to this particular song – it’s an homage to the three not imitating them. The dreampop sound with a touch of ethereal wave punk will definitely keep you flowing within the mystic melodic rhythms.

Until next time, support your local scene,