Friday, May 31, 2013

31 May 13

Hey, blogspot readers, are you looking for new music to spice up your hot summer party or iPod? Well, SouthSide has been busy listening to new music just for you.  She highly recommends checking out the following artists.

The Rose Phantom (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Described as "...dramatic ...emtotional ...moody ...intense...", this reviewer recommends fans of electronica/darkwave/piano-driven powerpop checking out this dark composer of music for the night known as The Rose Phantom. SouthSide found his music quite moving as if he was a tortured poet who essentially wears his heart on his sleeve. According to The Rose Phantom (sorry, this reviewer has been sworn to secrecy about his true identity), his lyrics are personal to which she could clearly hear it in such songs like All I Want, Emotional Closet and Once In A While. " could say they are straight out of my diary ...but it's the mood of the music that conjures up the lyrics for me..." states this artist in a recent interview with SouthSide, "...If the music holds a melancholic feel it will naturally conjure up the lyrics. So the mood of the music has a great impact on how I write the words..." SouthSide definitely could see when reading the lyrics to track 5 - Destiny Wants My Heart where he painfully sings "...I feel alone and scared / I watch the walls and stare / I need to run straight out / And stare at the sun to blind my doubt..." She was moved by the symphonic downtempo that nicely complimented the phantom's deep vocals before subtly switching to rhythmic powerpop/synth pop dance vibe taking his vocals to a falsetto tone. If you're looking for dramatic haunting music of the night, check out Take Me where whispers gradually end the song into a lullaby-like lull. *shivers* Track 6 - New Dreams, SouthSide could this particular song rockin' the next Nocturna meeting to which she enjoyed the attention-grabbing "Wake up" amidst the energize momentum of rhythmic synth pop/darkwave sound. The Rose Phantom is planning a west coast tour with possible stops in Seattle/Portland area ...also places in California in mind.

Social Focus
Social Focus

FINALLY! That's how this reviewer felt upon hearing the news this local bands was finally doing a debut album - LONG OVERDUE in her opinion. For a couple of years, she has been exclusively rockin' to one particular track off their demo that she found at Elbo Room yet that version pales in comparison to revised version off Social Focus' self-titled debut album. This 11-track album features fan favorites like Classic Me, Safe Word, Telephones In The Skies (TITS for short) and her favorite, Merry-Go-Down which receives a fresh electro-pop intro and vocal harmonies in a softer tone but still keeping the rhythmic beat and programmed voice-overs ...yes, it's even dreamier than the original. Compared to the live performances, she found the production side of Social Focus' retaining that same hint intense energy of psychedelic rock while adding more electro/powerpop sound like in Dreamcatcher (love the thrilling shrill of the guitars) or Safe Word (in which you will definitely hear that angst in the vocals).  Picking which song to highlight proved to be difficult since the entire album is rockin' good but she did like the downtempo ballads of By Your Side and Solitaire which demonstrates the "softer" side to Social Focus in which harmonizing vocals are the main focus at the chorus. Actually in most songs off this album, harmonies are the main focus to Social Focus' rising local success, blogspot readers, amidst a varying range of music genres interwoven in the songs. Like Merry-Go-Down - you just night hear a bit of The Beatles psychedelia ...or intense electric/powerpop  rock in Of Mice and Men ...hint of guitar rock in Telephones In The Skies. If you're in Chicago, SouthSide highly recommends heading out to the Double Door on Tuesday June 4 when Social Focus rocks the stage with a live performance of their album along with Fersher and Blue Eyed Jesus.

"Give It Up"
Another Day
Black City Lights (New Zealand)

All the way from Wellington, New Zealand, this duo (Calum Robb and Julia Catherine Parr) is making pop music with a dark twist, blogspot readers especially in this track off their debut album - Another Day - which is due on August 6. Though haven't hearing the entire album, this reviewer could easily deduce that Black City Lights' music was made for creatures of the night while listening to the dreamy electro wave track amidst the aria-like toned vocals dramatizing the lyrics. The intro did have that sci-fi-like starry entrance to instantly enwrap you inside its floetry of dance electronica sound. If the rest of the album is similar to this, it sounds quite promising that she might hear a track or two at the next Nocturna after its release.

We Are Temporary (Brooklyn, New York)

If you're a fan of dreamy, blissful, electronica music that's quite ambient ...almost meditative, then you should check out the title track to We Are Temporary's Satellites, blogspot readers. It was a relaxing soundwave to which SouthSide could hear a bit of Crystal Castles influence within the music as the music allowed her to float along with We Are Temporary haunting yet deep vocals of Mark Roberts. Besides previewing this particular song, this reviewer did check out his two versions of the demo song - Carry On. It's not as dreamy or blissful like Satellites but in a pop alternative way, it does have that same effective while listening to his "quiet" vocal tone.

Christley Block
The Differents

If you're looking for something light, airy and basically quite different within your eclectic music taste, then you should turn to the melodic third album, Christley Block, by The Differents. Featuring 13 tracks, the band name truly says it all, blogspot readers, since this was unique kind of alternative/pop rock heard by this reviewer while enjoying the simplistic rhythms and upbeat groove of Prettiest Face (track 2) before rockin' to lively fun summertime song - Summer School (track 9) and Here For Me (track 10). SouthSide liked the Christley Block sample to which she went to the band's bandcamp website to preview the other selections in the album and recommends checking out Mi Lagro (like the Latin-influence meshing within their alternative rock sound ...danceable groove in this song and Cold Caring Man (a downtempo acoustic-like track spotlighting a heartfelt range of falsetto vocals). You can see this band perform live on June 14 when they will be rockin' Beat Kitchen.

Until next time, support your local scene,


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Riot Fest & Carnival 2013

Hey, blogspot readers, mark your calendars for the following dates in September:

13 - 14 - 15

Because that's when the Riot Fest & Carnival 2013 returns to Humboldt Park with a lineup that will rival this year's Lollapalooza.
Check out who's coming (so far) - Blink 182, Violent Femmes, Sublime with Rome, Rancid, AFI, Fall Out Boy, Public Enemy, Guided By Voices, Pierce The Veil, Devotchka, GWAR, The Devil Wears Prada, Dinosaur JR, Dessa, Maps and Atlases, Empires, Peelander Z ...and the list goes on with more lineup announcements as it comes.
Tickets start at $23 / for single day
Visit or for more information.
Until next time, support your local scene,

Gaelic Storm's Rag and Bone Workshop!

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide remembers this one time in band camp when...
You don't remember that happening?
Well, now you can when attending Gaelic Storm's Rag and Bone Workshop at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York!
From July 29 to Aug 2nd, you can enjoy the scenic view of the Catskills Mountains while camping under the stars as well as take classes from expert camp counselors and instructors, hear music and tell spooky (or not so spooky) stories with other musicians and members of Gaelic Storm.
How cool is that? 
All levels of musicians are welcome including you nonmusicians who simply want to hang out with the band and share a couple of pints around the campfire.
Hey, bring the whole gang ...or band! Hurry, fast before the family and friends discounts sign-up is over.
Take 10% off per registrant of groups 3
Take 15% off per registrant of groups 4 or more
50% off children 10 and under
This discount is only available until May 31st, 2013 - be sure to include the total number in your group (including yourself) as well as all the names of each person when filling out the regristration form.
For more information and registration - visit
Have fun, campers!
Until next time, support your local scene,

June 2013

* - denotes updated information added

Hey, blogspot readers, are you ready for summertime fun? It's going to be a HOT one this year ...and SouthSide's not talking about the weather either. 2013's summer scheduled (especially here in Chicago) is about to heat up with the many neighborhood and outdoor music festivals rockin' around town and most of them are free!  Please, remember you must be 21+ older to drink and/or enter following events unless otherwise noted.

June 1:
Do Division festival begins featuring Hemmingbirds rockin’ the stage at 5p supporting Archie Powell & the Exports, He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister and Tilly & the Wall.
For more information, visit for music lineup

House of Blues (Chicago) – it’s Hammerfest 2013 featuring Vintage Blue opening for Marty Casey and The Lovehammers

Bada Brew – Queens of Metal presents Legions: Massacred by Queens featuring 10 kickass amazing local bands ALL which have at least 1 female member. Plus be seduced by industrial burlesque performances by Jezzibel Bates and crew while Jeremy Link will be providing fire performances and receiving beatings from the lovely ladies all night (yummy!). The lineup includes Bloody Mary, Today’s Wreckage, Kor, Sinister Fate, Violet Kill and many more.

Beat Kitchen – Victorian Halls, Farraday, Workout Music and The Nightbeast will be rockin’ the stage
Elastic (2830 N. Milwaukee, 2nd FLR) - Black Dot Music presents "An Evening With the Pastor" featuring Pastor Funkpleez & The Pulpit Players, Tina M. Howell & The Fellas, and Noah, the Genius
$8 / 8p

June 2:
District Bar and Grill – check out Rival Sons along with Calico Flamingos and Empty Pockets performing live.
$10 / 7p

Reggie’s – Esh the Singer and Devil By Design will be performing here

*Red Line Tap - it's Music Gear Swap Day ...swap something old (and still useable) for something else
2p - 5p

*June 3:
Buckingham Fountain (Grant Park) - welcome activist Cindy Sheehan while on her "Tour de Peace" bike journey as she headlines the International Week of Action for Bradley Manning

June 4:
Social Focus releases its debut album

Double Door – rock with Social Focus on the release of their EP along with Blue Eyed Jesus and Fersher
8:30p / $7

*June 5 - 30:
Collaboraction Theatre (Flat Iron Arts Building) - it's the 13th Annual Sketchbook Destination ...a festival of 14 world premiere theatrical works.
For more information, visit

June 5:
Schuba’s Tavern – 1833 presents live performances by Beacon, The – Drum and Taught Abroad on stage
18+ / 9p
For tickets, go to

Lincoln Hall – Sons of the West’s *Kick off the Summer* show
Preservation Club (Knoxville, TN) - cheer on Skytown Riot as this band wages "war" against Hudson K, The Crumbsnatchers and Soulfinger. Winner moves to the final round in August on the Market Square Stage!

*The Fallout (2230 S. Ashland) - Hivesmasher (MA/NH) Pig Champion, La Aramada, Thieves and 5100 Massacre rockin' the stage

June 6 – 9:
Millennium Park – Blues Festival

June 6:
Mr. Brown’s Lounge (2301 W. Chicago) – attend this congregation featuring Pastor Funkpleez and The Pulpit Players

Elbo Room – hey, party animals, check out Even the Jackals rockin’ the stage

*Montrose Beach - Wishing Well performs during the Tropical Addition series featuring DJ Radio Peter and Gypsy Circus Tribe

June 7 – 8:
Cobra Lounge – Red Bull Sound Select and Riot Fest presents The Stranglers! Tickets are only $3 featuring other performances by Mike Martin (both days), Radkey and The Crombies on June 7 and Death and Memphis and Big Sur Jr on June 8

June 7 – 9:
Northcenter (Irving Park and Lincoln) – Ribfest Chicago featuring Rib Mania IV where professional eaters will chow down on yummy bbq-ed pork products

June 7:
Elbo Room – cheer on Jack Rabbit as they advance to Round 2 of the I AM Fest Battle of the Bands also featuring Make It Tonight, Upsin Hounds, Brandon James and The Middle City Sound

Bay Billiards (Fox Lake, IL) – check out the debut of Enemy of My Enemy which features members of Losing Scarlet and Dirge Within rockin’ live on stage along with Arcane Framework, Indolent and Another Day

House Show (Minneapolis, MN) – the Folk Catastrophic Tour begins for John Davey and Brett Newski
For more information, visit

27 Live (Evanston, IL) – Wrecking Ball presents punk night at 27 Live featuring Headspins (CD release set), This Obsession and Solution Unsatisfactory
$5 adv / $8 dos / 9p prompt show time

*Beat Kitchen - rock with Private Instigators
$6 adv / $8 dos

*Reggie's Music Joint - get your groove on with The Woggles, Krol Kleks and The Demertis

*Chicago City Limits (Schaumburg) - check out Model Stranger along with Element performing on stage

*Music Box Theatre - DePaul Premiere Film Festival featuring "Damnburgular" and a short Oscar-like awards ceremony with prizes in nearly 20 categories!
6:30p / no ticket required but arrive early for a seat

*Threadgill's (Austin, TX) - rock with a couple ghosts at this show featuring Whit Ghost Shivers and Ghost Along the Brazos
$10 adv

June 8:
Shark City (Glendale Heights, IL) – rock a birthday celebration along with Spyderbone and 80s Proof

Bottom Lounge – Slink Entertainment and RollingStoned Productions present JMB (Joe Marcinek Band) rockin’ the stage with very special guest Steve Molitz (of Particle) on keyboards and the Family Groove Company rhythm section featuring Janis Wallin on bass and Pete Koopmans on drums! Plus Stephen Cook of Fresh Hops will be joining on violin and Nicholas Gerlach on saxophone. DJ My Boy Elroy will be spinning tunes between performances by Genome, Shapes and Colors and Digeometric.

Brother’s K (Evanston, IL) – attend this Rolling Stones Tribute show featuring performances by Hanna Frank (performing Miss You), whitewolfsonicprincess (performing Satisfaction, Paint It Black, Dead Flowers), Shine A Light (performing Sister Morphine, Far Away Eyes), The Rut (performing Mother’s Little Helper, Ruby Tuesday, Let’s Spend The Night Together) and many more including the closing sing-a-long song You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Union Park – Naked Bike Ride
Visit for more details on time and meeting place / clothing optional

Livewire Lounge – it’s the 2013 Late Night Laughs! The Official After Hours of The Laughs Or Die Comedy Festival with comedians Marcos, Jay Washington, Adam Grabowski with live music by False Hope Fades and Deadman’s Hand

*Congress Theater - CRTF Showcase
$15 adv / 12p

*Phyllis' Musical Inn - JD3 will be performinig live

*St Norbert Block Party (Northbrook, IL) - Vintage Blue will be rockin' stage at this fest

*June 10 - 14:
Bike Chicago 2013
For more information, visit

June 10:
Schuba’s Tavern – React presents Kate Boy to Chicago for their debut performance
Get tickets at
18+ / 7:30p

June 12:
The Jazz Showcase (Plymouth Court) – check out Paul Marinaro’s CD release “Without A Song” (a concept album in tribute to his father) show.
shows are at 8p and 10p

Art Bar-Riverwest (Milwaukee, WI) - check out Mike Felten as he performs live on stage here

Intermission Lounge (Pittsburgh, PA) – rock with Mason’s Case with Sun Hound and The Brushfire
$5 / 9p

June 13:
Congress Theater – rock with Latin star Juanes at his Loud and Unplugged concert

Livewire Lounge – psst, conspiracies are real! Join others coming out of the shadows and into the night for Conspiracy: Live Industrial Musick featuring The Obscene Kiss, Cobalt Core and Flood Damage with Peter Propaganda spinning. There will be Leather Strip ticket giveaways amongst the other planned activities but you have to attend to find out what they are. BTW – membership has its privileges within this society join them
$5 suggested donation

*Schubas Tavern - rock out with Grades and Big Black Delta (from Los Angeles)
18+ / $10 / 9p

*Cigars and Stripes (Berwyn, IL) - the acoustic duo Some Velvet Evening will be performing punk covers from the Dwarves to Steve Earle with a twist

*Cobra Lounge - On Your Marx will be sharing the stage with Night Gaunts, The Independents, the Ridgelands and Mustard Plug

*Abbey Pub - check out The Ragbirds (MI) rockin' the stage
9p / $10

*June 14 - 15:
Montebello, Quebec - it's the Amnesia Rockfest 2013!
For more information, visit

June 14 – 16:
The Willow Ranch Center and Gallery – it’s Hoodilidoo Five!

Soldier Field – Spring Awakening Music Fest

Taste of Randolph

June 14:
Uncommon Ground (Devon location) – Scott Schaafsma (of High Energy Physics), Francis Graf, Derek Lee Bishop and Jet W Lee will be performing here
$6 / 10p

The Monkey’s Tale (Indianapolis, IN) – The Mundies along with Papa J. Otis performing live on the outside patio stage

Beat Kitchen – check out Phil Angotti, The Safes and The Handcuffs along with Differents “Christley Block” album release

June 15 – 16:
Wrigleyville (on Sheffield between Addison and Waveland) – hang out with Abe Froman at the annual Sausage Fest

June 15:
Humboldt Park – attend the Puerto Rican Peoples Parade along Division Street at noon

Double Door – rock with Board Of Governors, The Scissors, Bambi Raptor and Band Called Catch
$7 adv / $10 dos

Reggie’s – rock out with 4 of Chicago’s top tribute bands that will pay homage to one of the greatest concerts of ALL time! It’s the BIG 4 part deux featuring Damaged Justice (Metallica), Hell Awaits (Slayer), Hangar 18 (Megadeth) and Among The Living (Anthrax)
17+ / 8p / $10 cover

Nitecap – rock to your favorite Cream songs performed by Badge as they join the lineup featuring T.N.T. and Veilside

The Back Bar (Janesville, WI) – rock out with Sinister Fate, Today’s Wreckage and Deadman’s Hand
$5 /9p

The Cottage (Crystal Lake, IL) – it’s the 4th Annual Beatles Blast British Invasion! Come celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles and British Invasion with bands like Cavern Beat (Beatles), In The Flesh (Pink Floyd), Robert Mer (Elton John), and American English (Beatles) ...bring the family for the fun, face painting and more!
Tailgaters Sports Bar (Boilingbrook, IL) - Hellwagen will be rockin' the stage with Metallica tribute band - Blackened!

*Martin's Corner - there's going to be a little punk and metal with a whole lot of partying at this event featuring performances by Cenobites, Flagass, Mandatory Abortions and more rockin' the stage

*Cubby Bear - Shoeshine Boy presents Verona Red with Em & Them, Mike Goldem Friends and another band to be announced
$6 adv / $9 dos

*Otto's DeKalb - Spook Show Entertainment presents First Jason and Killstone rockin' the stage at the Sister of the Wolf Benefit ...come out and support indie music and film

*Taste of Randolph - Ryan Powers and the Secret Weapons will be performing on the East stage between 4:30p - 5:15p

June 17:
Double Door - it’s Killer Moon along with Rabble Rabble, Creepy Band and Plastic Crimewave Syndicate rockin’ the stage

The Jazz Showcase (Plymouth CT) – check out Abigail Richards’ Chicago CD Release party

June 18:
snag a copy of Green River Ordinance’s newest release – Chasing Down The River

Schuba’s Tavern – React presents Giraffage + Mister Lies during their North American tour
18+ / 8p doors
For tickets, visit

*Elbo Room - check out the MOBfest Battle of the Bands 2013 featuring Psycho Sister, Monk 9 and many more

June 19:
Uncommon Ground (Devon Location) – check out the Folk Catastrophic Tour continues featuring John Davey and Brett Newski

Ronald Reagan Building (Washington D.C.) – Intelligence Squared US joins forces with the McCain Institute for International Leadership for a complimentary debate – Cutting the Pentagon’s Budget Is a Gift To Our Enemies. This debate will be recorded live for NPR and online streaming. Choose sides as you decide yay or nay 2011, US spent $711 Billion dollars on its defense more than the next 13 highest spending countries combined ...could this sequester be a rare opportunity to overhaul the armed forces OR will this damage military readiness and/or endanger national security?
4:30p reception / 5:30p debate

June 20 – 22:
Darboy Community Park (Appleton, WI) – it’s the Chicken Fest – a FREE family festival. Check out Rebalmann rockin’ the stage on June 22 from 2p to 3p
Visit for more information

June 20 – 23:
Millennium Park – Gospel Fest
June 20 - 29:
Toronto Jazz Festival

June 20:
Beauty Bar – Chicago’s Original Rap Karaoke 6! sign-up begins at 9p featuring music by DJ Trew and E. Brown

June 21 – 22:
downtown East Lansing, MI – it’s the 17 Annual Summer Solstice Jazz Festival featuring a high-caliber ensemble of local, regional and national jazz performances

June 21:
Franklin House (Valpraiso, IN) – check out Digeometric as they make their Valpo debut at this FREE show

*The Mutiny - Wrecking Ball Productiosn presents Eponymous (NE), Rotten Finko, Eruptors and Mystery Action to the stage

*Cubby Bear - Shoeshine Boy and Swizzle Steve presents Hero Monster Zero with 8090 rockin' the stage along with Jackpot Donnie, Sarah Vonderhaar and Fletcher Rockwell
$6 adv

June 22 – 23:
Wicker Park – be more eco-conscious at the annual Green Music Fest

Boystown – support and/or show your LBGTQ pride this weekend at Pride Fest featuring a pet parade on Sunday

June 22:
Underground Lounge – Queer Fest America’s TRUE Pride showcase! Join Lair Scott and others at this rockin’ event featuring QFA Comix Troup (Kate Cullin, Marcos, Darren Marshall, Vickie Lynn and Thomas Bottoms) and live music by Blackjack Sass, Kez Ban, Evil Twin Sister, The Dollar Drafts and many more to be announced. Plus this showcase will be benefiting El Rescate – Chicago’s only LGBTQ youth shelter in which attendees are asked to donate bedding, clothing, socks, underwear, backpacks and school supplies
$5 cover with ID / 4p

Abbey Pub – check out Red Rebel County, Don’t Speak (No Doubt tribute), Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly rockin’ the stage

Lincoln Hall - Shoeshine Boy Productions presents Mason's Case featuring Upsin Hounds and Polarcode (CD release)
18+ / 7:15p showtime / $8 adv / $10 dos

*LunaR Brewing Co (Villa Park, IL) - it's the Berto and the Lizard's Full Moon Meltdown as this unique duo will be performing three solid sets just for you

June 23:
Reggie’s Rock Bar – cheer on the bands featured in Chicago’s Battle of the Bands Finals. Good luck to PJ’s My Cousin Too!

June 24:
Cobra Lounge – The Flight of Sleipnir, Atrum Inritus and Crusader will be rockin’ the stage
$6 adv / $8 dos

June 26 – July 7:
Milwaukee, WI – it’s SummerFest featuring top acts like Fun., Violent Femmes, Tom Petty and more however don’t forget to get out the local/indie acts rockin’ the stages too!
Visit for lineup and more

June 26:
Double Door – AfterWERQ presents WERQout early show
doors 5:30p
For tickets,

*June 27 - 30:
It's Socialism 2013 - a weekend full of radical politics, debates and entertainment
For more information, visit

June 27:
Spyners Pub (4623 N. Western) – Join the 1 Annual Organized Chaos Chicago event by aiding associate member (and SouthSide’s friend) Lauren Warnecke reach her goal while helping a great and organization – RFAC (Ride for Aids Chicago) at TPAN (Test Positive Awareness Network) – by riding her cycle 200 miles along with many others. There will be special music performances by Girl Band at 8p.
$15 suggested donation (which includes food and one raffle ticket)

June 28 – 29:
Frontier Ranch (Pataskala, OH) – warriors unite for Warriors of Metal Fest VI featuring a headlining performance by Flotsam and Jetsam, Meliah Rage, Attacker, Steel Assassin, Seax, Eden’s Fall, Dawn of Valor and many, many more
Visit for lineup information
Ticket information - $50 Adult weekend / $40 Adult 4-pack weekend (must purchase 4 to get this deal) / $30 Adult Friday and Saturday single ticket price / $25 (ages 11 – 16) weekend / $15 (ages 11 – 16) Friday and Saturday single ticket price / under 11 – FREE
Camp free (with admission)

June 28:
LiveWire Lounge – Rock In Chicago’s Summer Metal Showcase. This is your chance to check out some of the best metal bands Chicago’s local scene has to offer featuring Miles From Exile and Something Beautiful

Otto’s (in Dekalb) – Spook Show Entertainment presents Sinister Fate and Royal rockin’ the stage

June 29:
The Mutiny – Skull Fogger along with Number 9 Hard (WI), Fosterhome and more bands to be announced

Orchestra Hall – it’s the Windy City Youth Choral Festival featuring singers from Roanke College Children’s Choir, Crystal Ensemble, New Jersey Youth Chorus to name a few as they perform selections from Handel, Delibes, Stroope and more

*Reggie's Music Joint - check out Dam That River (members of Los Bastardos): Chicago's tribute to Alice in Chains, Elephant in the Room, InAeona, and We Killed The Lion on stage
$6 or FREE with wristband for The Skull: Live in the Rock Club

June 30:
snag a prime viewing spot along the parade route in Boystown for the annual Pride Parade

Reggie’s – Thunder Driver will be opening for King’s X and The Steepwater Band

Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, IL) – Digeometric will be rockin’ the theme park while you ride the coasters! The band will be playing multiple sets between 12p – 5p. Contact the band for half priced tickets (deadline June 15!) at or
Look for updates, blogspot readers, to this blog as more events happening in June come to SouthSide's desk!
Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

05 May 13 - Makeshift Prodigy

Hey, blogspot readers, ready to experience a fusion of symphonic rock that will uplift and motivate not only the body and mind but your spirit as well? SouthSide highly recommends checking out her good friend Makeshift Prodigy ( online or livve at their next show. Recently, she and her daughter were guests at their JBTV taping (which will be aired locally soon) as they performed songs off the band's latest album - Illuminate. This reviewer highly recommends snagging a copy before they sellout when Lollapalooza comes to town in August.

Here are some pictures from the JBTV taping...


Until next time, support your local scene,

04 May 13


There are Robots and Hamburglars invading SouthSide’s next On The Town adventure!

That’s right, blogspot readers, recently this reviewer had the pleasure of meeting the local scene’s “Robble Robble” burgers thieves again and an army of “tripping balls” robots along with warrior and a guy named Rich rockin’ the stage at Martyrs’. Though not a “typical” SouthSide evening out, it was totally fun as she went from one extreme music to the next during tonight’s lineup featuring Captured! By Robots, I Love Rich and Beast Warrior with Hamburglars opening.

Beast Warrior ( somewhat reminded SouthSide of another band that incorporated the narrating of epic / heroic tales and battles but without the British glam and makeup as they rocked the audience with intense steel metal music, blogspot readers. With some flare, this band rightly paid homage to their glorious gods of rock and the olde kingdom of metal by blasting the ears with high-pitched vocals and energizing intensity off the guitar riffs especially during the epic-sounding instrumentals which many were head banging to. Oh there will be animalistic grunting in between lyrics for you to be fully immersed into that Beast Warrior mode with the band. There were a couple of things from this band she could have done without like their take on Medieval English as the ancient “scrolls” (in her opinion were not that imaginative) and the constant high-pitched screaming that was starting to get a little annoying after a few minutes. Also, this reviewer noted something must have been lacking either in the warrior gimmick or performance if Beast had to work hard in generating some type of reaction from the audience. Despite not fully liking Beast Warrior, SouthSide does suggest checking them out when they perform their next battle on stage. Meanwhile, I Love Rich ( was sort of the “lighter”, non-hardcore capacity to the metal genre yet don’t be fooled by that, blogspot readers, because this band can definitely rock with intense energy. Though not really having a noticeable gimmick, Rich did shimmer and shine while on stage in the glittering gold jacket ensemble to enhance the King Of Rock-n-Roll character portrayed. Fans will be sure to find themselves rockin and rollin to other songs like Makeout City, Let’s Fuck All Night, Are You Going to Love Me Tonight? and more featuring strong blasts of energy and fierce momentum especially when the band zips through its punk sound full of twitterpating riffs that at times drove this crowd wild for more. SouthSide like the fact I Love Rich had everyone having fun within their party atmosphere.

“...much safer to steal burgers...”

No one ...not even SouthSide actually knows what “...robble robble...” means in English, blogspot readers, but all this reviewer knows is that this local band LOVES their cheeseburgers! It’s the main subject in many of their songs. The Hamburglars, always dressed in their finest black and white striped jailbird suits with matching capes and masks, are a quartet of robbling musicians sing in this robble language throughout their set. And they have a lot of fun doing it too. Performing songs like Pies Lies, Damn Burger, Hamburg-A-Lor and Creep, Hamburglars had the audience enjoying their “robble robble” this and that in the lyrics (basically that’s ALL they use as lyrical words, blogspot readers) while entertaining them with other delightful tunes such as Shake and Supersize amidst their retro punk/rockabilly combination. Someday, this reviewer will have the band translated to what “robble robble” means but be on the lookout for Mic Burglar to jump off stage to steal a dance with you besides trying to nab your juicy two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese on a sesame seed bun. There were moments during this opening performance when the ears might be dazzled by the lightning fast riffs to rockin’ to the Hamburglars’ Robble-A-Go Go before their homage to AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds during the song Done With Cheese. If you’re lucky, they just might let you play in Ronald’s Playland, blogspot readers. For a “robble robble”good time with Hamburglars at their next cheeseburger-lovin show near you, visit

“...are you ready to trip on balls?...”

SouthSide highly recommends checking out this band live in person because it was TOO incredible ...TOO tripped out ...and WAY beyond the norm of being ordinary. For the first time, blogspot readers, this reviewer found a whacked out concept that not only works within its own little weirdness but it was also she had never seen before to which there won’t be many spoilers in this review. Hence her recommendation in seeing this one-man band (and his robots) live at their next scheduled performance. Captured! By Robots (from CA) isn’t the first band to pique her immediate interest for a review or have a gimmick / concept for its live rock performance yet it’s the first band she has ever reviewed that mainly features animatronics rockin most of the band instruments with a human on vocals and guitar. Strange and unbelievable as this may sound, blogspot readers, Captured! will definitely capture your imagination as well as your mental stability while “tripping balls”. Don’t even try to fight the last part of the previous statement SouthSide because you will be “tripping balls” throughout the entire performance. After opening with a video statement (something about tripping balls), you shall be greeted with a costumed guy riding a motorized dildo unicorn while playing the tune When The Saints Go Marching In on trumpet. That’s when you know you have arrived and now can begin tripping balls. Before, this reviewer forgets, the lone human of Captured! By Robots would like you to know that he’s a douchebag (his words when standing beside her ...first time this reviewer has been spied upon) and all lobes and sides of the brain will be nonfunctioning for about hour or so as you’re dazzled by the montage of video images on the screen and robotic music performance rockin’ the stage. Tripping balls does require that you toss your senses out the door and trip out to the psychedelic punk rock sound in between the randomly crazed images running in sync with the music. It was a TOTAL freak out of the robotic kind as the band performs songs like In The Maze, Baby Po Po (a song about a baby possum) and I Hate You. During his “Milwaukee” performance (don’t ask, blogspot readers, for some reason he thought he was in Milwaukee, WI all night), one lucky woman got to be rammed by the dildo unicorn in front of the crowd while the band performed the theme song for this act. “...I see things you only dream about...” to quote the lone (costumed) human behind Captured! By Robots ...and yes, you will too when tripping balls during this strange yet fun performance. For more information about Captured! By Robots, visit
Until next time, support your local scene,

03 May 13

“...possession is 9/10 of my cock...” ~ Joel West of Illusion Fate

Hey, blogspot readers, let’s rock!

After spending an afternoon at the SAIC Fashion Show 2013, SouthSide spent her Friday night rockin’ West Loop’s Cobra Lounge to see Italian rockers Dope Stars Inc and Canadian band The Rabid Whole perform live on stage. This hot lineup also included local support from Illusions Fate and The Obscene Kiss with Radio Creeps opening the show. This reviewer was briefly able to check the first two acts – Radio Creeps and Illusions Fate before exclusively chatting with the member of Dope Stars Inc and The Rabid Whole before performing later in front of a late night crowd.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out all bands mentioned in this review. She enjoyed the angered frustration conveyed during Radio Creeps’ (on Facebook) performance that also featured a highly intensified industrial rock sound by front man Kryss KReaper. This type of rock music wasn’t solely limited to the industrial side, blogspot readers, since it also incorporated the that hardcore metal vibe and some alternative rhythms. So go ahead and rock out to this band’s loudness of the heart-pounding music while feeling the rawness of heated rage dripping over the microphone which had this reviewer banging her head. Meanwhile Illusions Fate ( appears to have found their rock niche after taking a year to tour outside the Chicago area, blogspot readers. Pumping the audience with their signature alternative/metal sound, Joel and the guys kicked it up a notch in which you felt more of the music’s fierce intensity off each guitar riff and percussion rhythm as well as Joel’s vocals. This reviewer liked the “new” feel to his pure rage and aggression flowing from the microphone that at times she got “smacked” in the face though the backing vocals harmonized a little to cut into the Joel’s razor sharp edginess in his voice. This also brought more depth and dimension while popping the lyrics to life especially while performing SouthSide’s favorite Illusions’ song – Dying Anthem. Compared to the other versions of this song, this reviewer enjoyed this one the best because Joel’s voice had a way of becoming hauntingly creepy and evil before bringing you to the knees with his fierce scream at the bridge during “...let me die...” Lastly, The Obscene Kiss ( took more of a dramatic approach with swirls of misty fog lured SouthSide to their dark music while opening their set, blogspot readers. The subtle atmosphere like the fog was merely a smoke screen just when the band shocked the ears with a frightening blast of intensified sound and energy that surrounded front man Michael’s haunting presence (think Marilyn Manson) on the microphone. Here is where he pounded raw, primal rage into the Obscene’s lyrics despite noticing moments when the band’s hardcore mnetal sound nearly having the tendency to overshadow him. Still this front man didn’t disappoint fans as he vented fierce anger especially while ripping pages out of a Bible during a song about the rigid politics of religion merely demonstrate a point of how it tries to control us. He even fed a page or two to his guitarist to his right before quipping “...judge that...” to the crowd.

Billed as “...21st Century high energy rock...”, this Canadian band have what “...a lot of other bands haven’t [got]...”, blogspot readers. However, don’t take that opening statement by The Rabid Whole as being conceited but as the sense they feel “...there should be more progression...” in one’s music instead of trying to be their influences. “...a lot of people say we feel fresh...” said Andreas, front man and guitarist of The Rabid Whole during SouthSide’s interview with him along with other Rabid members Chalsey (keyboards/backing vocals) and Oscar (bass). Also according to the band, they do try to make each show even while constantly looking at areas to improve their stage performance. Also you may not notice this but the band does watch the audience to see if you’re digging the music or not. During Rabid’s Chicago appearance, this reviewer noticed they were big on making dramatic yet thunderous intros to not only gain your focus but also to get your energy levels pumped and ready to rock to their intensified hardcore electro sound. She did have some difficulty hearing Chalsey on the microphone because she was being overshadowed by the rest of the band sometimes (mostly the drums) but there were moments during Rabid’s set when she aided with Andreas pumped intensity into their songs yet not to the point where it was primal animalistic screaming. Through the unique combination of piano-driven synths rhythms, fans will like how this band uses it to balance (a little) the sharp industrial rock sound though keeping you energized within the electro momentum. SouthSide says you’ll definitely feel it during Rabid’s two “get up and go” song – Future and Stargazer in which was richly enhanced by the band’s lighting fx running in sync with the songs. Even while taking the energy down a bit, Andreas and Chalsey had the musical appearance of a haunting Evanescence-like essence on stage that this reviewer felt chills down the spine in between the bursts of energy to keep the energy flowing throughout the lounge. In the near future, blogspot readers, be on the lookout for a music video for Stargazer on The Rabid Whole’s Youtube page as well as seeing them on tour again with KingDoom (featuring ex-Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna!). For more information about The Rabid Whole, visit

Ciao to my Italian blogspot readers! SouthSide recently had the extreme chance in meeting three handsome men who described themselves as “...young loud [with] synthesizers...” before adding they would be “...soon old loud [with] synthesizers...” During her interview with Dope Stars Inc.’s Darin (Bass), Victor (front man) and Mark (acoustic drums), this reviewer was told (repeatedly) how much they love this country (especially when passing by the cows and yellow school buses on the highway) though still loving Italia. Being here, US DIY (do-it-yourself) musicians have one major advantage over their Italian counterparts – we have a music scene.”...not so many rock [bands] ...not so much of a music business going on... or real agencies [in Italy]...” according to the guys of Dope Stars Inc. that they have been touring 4 times as much in Europe. Their last tour was in Russia in which they did 5 shows “...[it’s] a cool country ...their [Russia’s] scene is growing compared to Italy...” Besides wanted to move here, the band also told SouthSide they love everything about the 80s! From sci-fi / action movies like Terminator, Aliens, Blade Runner, and many more as well as bands like Depeche, Mode, Duran Duran, New Order and Bow Wow Wow, this band can easily switch from syn-pop and punk to industrial, rave and more in a blink of an eye while performing on stage, blogspot readers. For this tour, the entire band couldn’t be together (due to bureaucratic entanglement) however, don’t despair ...Dope Stars Inc. promises to be in full force when they return to the US the next time. “...we miss them so much ...have a good time with them...” Oh yeah, at the time of this interview, they wanted to know what happened to Chicago’s spring weather because it was too cold for the guys saying it was similar to their Christmas-time weather in Italy. This reviewer highly recommends seeing Dope Stars Inc live, up close and personal at their next scheduled performance at a venue near your. Even without the entire band there, this trio managed to produce high energy and rock momentum to rock out the evening’s lineup after stepping on stage to John Williams’ Imperial theme song (from Star Wars) to psyche up the crowd. Quickly, Dope Stars Inc moved straight into their playlist which covered a wide spectrum of rock genres as promised during the interview and didn’t stop rockin’ until the very end ...whew – it was nonstop excitement and action featuring a hot drum solo number even though the stage wasn’t large enough for them to really move about like they usually do during their live shows. Performing songs like Can You Imagine (listen for the Depeche Mode influence in this particular song), Phantasma Black and Fire Defcon 5, Dope Stars Inc knew how to appeal to the music senses of their audience with their unique genre combination, blogspot readers, that had many rockin’ along with the band. Even SouthSide wasn’t sitting still while reviewing them ...she spent a good deal of time rockin’ out a few songs like one dedicated to Michael J. Fox and another to JP Morgan and other banks. Beware of the F-bombs (which are the same in Italian) flying around whenever front man Victor gets a little political in the lyrics while the music gets intense and dramatic. For more information about Dope Stars Inc, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, May 9, 2013

03 May 13 - SAIC Fashion Show 2013

“...Alright, designers, make it work...” ~ Tim Gunn

Hey, blogspot readers, let’s see tomorrow’s fashion trendsetters today! 

SouthSide’s rockin’ an extra special On The Town adventure exclusively just for you, her loyal blogspot readers. Thanks to friend Billy Dec she was able to attend the afternoon fashion show of SAIC Fashion show 2013. Held at the fabulous Chicago’s Millennium Park, this annual event in it’s 79th year featured a taste of fashions to come from the minds and students attending School of the Art Institute of Chicago. And throughout the show, this reviewer noted a common theme amongst all of the designers – it was all about texture and splashes of color as well as updating the re-modernizing the classic, standard and retro looks.

After a short welcome, the show began with the Sophomore designers showing off their best designs done in white, blogspot readers. Designs by Joshua Kim (the eclectic cocktail/bridal dress), Zhi Chen, Victoria Peterson (the flared skirt look), Sojeong Hwang, Eunni Lee, See Sin Leung – to name a few had the look and feel of incorporating organic materials with either wide lapels or high collars. Some had the sense of what corporate wear would look in the near future but SouthSide could see a few being worn today. So whether it’s puffy sleeves (no not the Senfield pirate shirt look!) or something with a native tone, these designers wowed this reviewer with their fashion vision for the next decade and beyond.

Next to take the runway were the Junior designers starting with Irina Wang and her look of native-inspired fashion that was bursting with texture and colors while her models were in black (to put more emphasis on her collection not the models). There were some notable designers during this part of the show in which SouthSide like such as Tosha Sherman’s collection featuring a futuristic or anime fashion, Shay Troy and the idea of re-modernizing the classic by adding unusual flare and playing with colors and textures and Julia Chang’s using Asian influence in her collection within the color gray. Meanwhile, a few others (like Jee Hye Kim) did have SouthSide scratching her head in what the designer was trying to convey to the audience yet she was definitely impressed by Youjin Lee and her redefinition of business wear for the modern woman, Rachel Garcia and her incorporating goth and kink together and Erika Landry (in SouthSide’s opinion) who stole the show with her flaming red collection sizzled! Plus there were some fun themes to behold from designers like Jelisa Brown with her Chicago-theme in her collection, Kirsten Anderson with a Lady Gaga-inspired look and Kendal Kennedy’s fun with colorful sweets done in plastic and candy bows, blogspot readers.

Lastly, it was the Senior designers’ turn to show the audience what we could be wearing next fall and beyond, blogspot readers. Opening with Savannah Cipriano and her collaboration with Zeke Raney of redefining the business woman look with bolder colors, SouthSide was excited by the breathtaking view of the collections walking the runway that not only played with textures and colors but also a few redefined the look for the modern man. For example, take Marie Froehlich’s theme Shifting Shadows in which she paired black and blue leather with other textures (including faux fur) that had elegance and style (like the evening gown of rustic copper or gold walking the end of her show).  Meanwhile, Marianne Finneran’s theme We’re All Stories collection had a sleek blue and white style that this reviewer could see the hip 20somethings or even the young 30somethings wearing today yet Krystle Thomas’ The In-Between collection took risks by pairing black with bold colors for a look and style and Kristie Breitfuss’ Art of Noise showed how we woman can go from business to evening in a snap with neutral colors. Personally, SouthSide liked designers Courtney Schneider’s Toska collection for combining the modern style with an post-industrial look for both men and woman featuring wide shoulders and sleeves with hand pockets, Gnat Brilmeyer’s Lqqk Qreate Werq! collection rocked the sporty look for the hip young adult within an Asian-influenced style that featured a mesh of colors and patterns, Elizabeth Crum’s Moby Dick collection was a redefinition of the 70s paisley / prairie style done in neutral and macramé and Caroline Hougen’s Becky collection gave the 50s retro look and style a much more updated and modern feel, blogspot readers. Oh, this reviewer hasn’t forgotten about the men not with designers like Brian McIntyre’s Neither Here Nor There collection featured the modernized punk look (that included a skirt) with longer coattail and Asian influence, Sam Salvo’s Private Vices, Public Virtues’ collection also not featured longer coats but styled the male to look good even in darker tones ...more like redefining the punk-inspired style with elegance, and Tess Olson’s Paradisal collection featured texture along with an Asian-inspired influence but she used the texture as the patterns for her designs.

SAIC’s Fashion Show 2013 ended with a final walk on the runway featuring both models and designers as the audience gave them hearty applause for a job well done, blogspot readers.

For more information about School of the Art Institute of Chicago and its fashion design program, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Set Music & Camping Festival

Hey, blogspot readers, time to make plans for another camping trip featuring music, fun, food and more at Somerset, WI!

SouthSide doesn't do the "camping" thing but she does recommend checking out this music fest rockin' the Wisconsin area on August 9 thru 11 known as Summer Set Music & Camping Festival at the beautiful Somerset Amphitheater. 

Billed as musical diverse, this three-day outdoor event welcomes artists from every genre from all over the world to perform live on three stages which includes headlining acts Passion Pit, Colorado duo Big Gigantic, mashup maestro Girl Talk, and the legendary jam quintet Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) with hip hop icons Common and Big Boi. 

And that's just a tiny sample of the lineup that will also feature performances by Digital Tape Machine, Flosstradamus, Griz, Krewella, Papadosio, SBTRKT (DJ set) and many, many more, blogspot readers.

Believe it or not, blogspot readers, this unique festival welcomed over 30,000 people to this amphitheater with 40 national and international artists last year! That being said, the organizers are anticipating over 45,000 people this year snag your tickets now.

For more information about the Summer Set Music & Camping Festival, ticket prices and more, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

Elbo Room news

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has some news releases coming from her good friends at Elbo Room.

First, they would like you to know that they have OPEN (in BOLD) May and June Dates at the venue. If you're a member of a band and/or acoustic artist, you should check out the following for an upcoming show:

Friday May 17, 2013
12:00AM - DJ Throwdown | Mouse Meat (FREE)
11:00PM - OPEN
10:00PM - Sona Bliss
9:00PM - Snow Globe Mules
8:00PM - Homer Marrs

Sunday May 19, 2013
11:00 - Closed - OPEN ($5 SHOW 100% OF Door)
10:00- 10:40PM - Plan 9 Burlesque
9:40 - 10pm - Intermission
9:00 - 9:40 - Plan 9 Burlesque

Wednesday (JAM BAND NIGHT) 3 BAND ($5 COVER) May 22, 2013
11:00 - Closed - Dave Cavalier
9:45 - 10:45PM - OPEN
8:30 - 9:30PM - OPEN

Sunday May 26, 2013 - Rock N Roll
11:00PM - OPEN
10:00PM - Romantic Rebel (UA)
9:00PM - OPEN
8:00PM - OPEN
Wednesday ( JAM BAND NIGHT) 3 BAND ($5 COVER) May 29, 2013
11:00 - Closed - OPEN
9:45 - 10:45PM - OPEN
8:30 - 9:30PM - OPEN
Sunday June 2, 2013 - Alternative/Rock
11:00PM - OPEN
10:00PM - Craving Strange (T)
9:00PM - OPEN
8:00PM - About Nothin'

Sunday May 12, 2013 - Elbolesque Show
11:00 - Closed OPEN ($5 100% to band)
10:00- 10:40PM - Ties & Tassels Burlesque
9:40 - 10pm - Intermission
9:00 - 9:40 - Ties & Tassels Burlesque

Wednesday June 5, 2013 (JAM BAND NIGHT) 3 BAND ($5 COVER)
11:00 - Closed - OPEN
9:45 - 10:45PM - Kangaroo
8:30 - 9:30PM - Mr. Goodtimes

Saturday June 8, 2013 - Blues/Rock
12:00AM - Closed - Guilty Pleasures (DJ) (FREE)
11:00PM - OPEN
10:00PM - One 2 Many (Bus)
9:00PM - Harmonic Blue
8:00PM - Opaque Stutters

Saturday June 15, 2013
11:00PM - OPEN
9:00PM - OPEN
8:00PM - OPEN
Wednesday (JAM BAND NIGHT) 3 BAND ($5 COVER) June 26, 2013
11:00 - Closed - OPEN
9:45 - 10:45PM - OPEN
8:30 - 9:30PM - OPEN

Please email your band name to if you
would like to play one of these shows.

2871 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60657

Also, starting Saturday, May 11, Elbo Room will be operating on their summer schedule. Please note that Mondays thru Thursday, they will be open from 3p to 2a; and Fridays thru Sundays, they will be open from noon (12p) to 2a/3a.

ALL shows are 21+ older.

For more information, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

02 May 13 - North Coast Music Festival

Hey, blogspot readers, this recent press release came across SouthSide's desk about the North Coast Music Festival and she thought she should pass along the news to you!

On August 30th to September 1st, the 4th annual North Coast Music Festival will be rockin' Chicago's Union Park (located on Ashland Between Washington and Lake) again featuring headliners the legendary Wu-Tang Clan and they will be performing their seminal album in FULL - Enter the Wu-Tang Clan-36 Chambers. Also there will be performances by DJ and Producer AfroJack, Colorado duo Big Gigantic, NaS, local guys JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound, Claude Von Stroke, Just Blaze, Stream, Paper Diamond - just to name a few of the first wave artists.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates about the lineup as they come to SouthSide.

For more information about tickets and more, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,


02 May 13 - Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide’s rockin’ inside a historic movie palace with a group of friendly neighbors! Tonight, this reviewer is lost amongst the crowded main floor while rockin' with Nashville’s Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors who were opening for Need To Breathe’s “Drive All Night” Chicago tour stop.
This reviewer highly recommends rockin’ with this singer/songwriter duo and his lively neighbors at their next scheduled performance, blogspot readers, for the heartwarming emotion wrapped inside an uplifting “feel good” Americana rock sound. Performing songs off their latest release, Good Light, this band impressed SouthSide with plenty of danceable fast-paced tempos and the sentimental lyrics that at times burst to life especially whenever front man Drew and co-vocalist Ellie sung together. She enjoyed how this vocalist pair not only complemented but also fed off each other in both lyrics and music. For example, take their acoustic duet towards the end of the performance in which SouthSide felt the heartfelt words pouring into the microphone ...never had she heard such tender words while Drew and Ellie expressed their deepest thoughts to their fans. This, in SouthSide’s opinion, was the highlight of Drew’s rockin’ set.
And this reviewer doesn’t want to forget about the entire band either, blogspot readers. Each Neighbor member truly captured the fun mood and/or tone of the songs performed in order to make the vivid imagery pop to life for this crowd. It was as if you weren’t the audience but part of the neighborly jamboree rockin’ the stage. Besides immersing you within the heartfelt tenderness in which you felt moments of longing and heartache, Drew and the band also made you feel alive within its energizing spirit and Americana sound. A word of advice, blogspot readers, dancing is allowed when seeing this band perform especially when they closed with a vibrant bang. Just by watching a few of SouthSide’s “neighbors” around her during the show she could tell that people (even the younger audience members) were having a good rockin’ time with Drew Holcomb and his music.
For more information about Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, visit
Until next time, support your local scene,

29 Apr 13 - Motive

Hey, blogspot readers, it’s a busy week of fun adventures On The Town for SouthSide! She’s rockin’ around the local scene near and far covering shows and events at Millennium Park to Cobra Lounge and more. Her first stop happened recently at Schuba’s Tavern where she got the chance to check out the Brooklyn, NY band, Motive and Fall Classic.
SouthSide highly recommends rockin’ to the eclectic alternative rock sound by this local band at their next show which had a simplistic style amidst heartfelt voice on lyrics. Lyrically, she found them to have a similar songwriting style to Peter Gabriel in brought out the powerful emotions in the words thus complementing Fall’s one of a kind rock music. Though hearing some Lenny Kravitz music influence, don’t spend time classifying the band’s core sound since it combines more than one genre flipping it into something new for the ears. This reviewer suggests listening to Fear – you may get the feeling the notes/rhythms are somewhat out of place yet in reality, they’re not. For more information about Fall Classic, visit
Incorporating the taste of their hometown, Seattle, WA with the rock sound of Brooklyn, NY, Motive performed a highly energized headlining set of “...good classic [indie] electric rock show...” Though Chicago is still a new territory for this band, they have performed at other venues such as Wise Fools Pub and Pancho’s Bar (now known as Township) so this was a “...little miniature run before going home to Seattle...” for their west coast tour this summer. Sadly, this would be the band’s only Chicago appearance but you might see them rockin’ a local fest or two on their way back to New York. After opening with the rhythmic floetry of Summer Solstice, Motive didn’t waste any time popping the stage to life within a lively tempo that was little reminiscent of 70s ballad rock-n-roll, blogspot readers. This reviewer enjoyed the band’s energy that was not only projected in the music but also in the lyrics from other songs like Somber Days and Dance For Your Maker (lots of vibrant energy in this particular song that had SouthSide dancing). Yet amidst the fun and momentum, there was a moment of a slight political overtone heard in Mammals or a poetic imagery in the words in What’s So Bad?. While conducting a recent interview with Nick (front man and guitarist), SouthSide asked him which Motive song did he recommend listening to which he replied It’s Illicit and suggested checking out the Youtube video for it. He did hint that the remix version of It's Illicit (a bonus track on the EP) will also have its own video too. For more information about Motive, visit
Until next time, support your local scene,