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04 May 13


There are Robots and Hamburglars invading SouthSide’s next On The Town adventure!

That’s right, blogspot readers, recently this reviewer had the pleasure of meeting the local scene’s “Robble Robble” burgers thieves again and an army of “tripping balls” robots along with warrior and a guy named Rich rockin’ the stage at Martyrs’. Though not a “typical” SouthSide evening out, it was totally fun as she went from one extreme music to the next during tonight’s lineup featuring Captured! By Robots, I Love Rich and Beast Warrior with Hamburglars opening.

Beast Warrior (http://www.myspace.com/beastwarriormusic) somewhat reminded SouthSide of another band that incorporated the narrating of epic / heroic tales and battles but without the British glam and makeup as they rocked the audience with intense steel metal music, blogspot readers. With some flare, this band rightly paid homage to their glorious gods of rock and the olde kingdom of metal by blasting the ears with high-pitched vocals and energizing intensity off the guitar riffs especially during the epic-sounding instrumentals which many were head banging to. Oh there will be animalistic grunting in between lyrics for you to be fully immersed into that Beast Warrior mode with the band. There were a couple of things from this band she could have done without like their take on Medieval English as the ancient “scrolls” (in her opinion were not that imaginative) and the constant high-pitched screaming that was starting to get a little annoying after a few minutes. Also, this reviewer noted something must have been lacking either in the warrior gimmick or performance if Beast had to work hard in generating some type of reaction from the audience. Despite not fully liking Beast Warrior, SouthSide does suggest checking them out when they perform their next battle on stage. Meanwhile, I Love Rich (http://www.ILoveRich.net) was sort of the “lighter”, non-hardcore capacity to the metal genre yet don’t be fooled by that, blogspot readers, because this band can definitely rock with intense energy. Though not really having a noticeable gimmick, Rich did shimmer and shine while on stage in the glittering gold jacket ensemble to enhance the King Of Rock-n-Roll character portrayed. Fans will be sure to find themselves rockin and rollin to other songs like Makeout City, Let’s Fuck All Night, Are You Going to Love Me Tonight? and more featuring strong blasts of energy and fierce momentum especially when the band zips through its punk sound full of twitterpating riffs that at times drove this crowd wild for more. SouthSide like the fact I Love Rich had everyone having fun within their party atmosphere.

“...much safer to steal burgers...”

No one ...not even SouthSide actually knows what “...robble robble...” means in English, blogspot readers, but all this reviewer knows is that this local band LOVES their cheeseburgers! It’s the main subject in many of their songs. The Hamburglars, always dressed in their finest black and white striped jailbird suits with matching capes and masks, are a quartet of robbling musicians sing in this robble language throughout their set. And they have a lot of fun doing it too. Performing songs like Pies Lies, Damn Burger, Hamburg-A-Lor and Creep, Hamburglars had the audience enjoying their “robble robble” this and that in the lyrics (basically that’s ALL they use as lyrical words, blogspot readers) while entertaining them with other delightful tunes such as Shake and Supersize amidst their retro punk/rockabilly combination. Someday, this reviewer will have the band translated to what “robble robble” means but be on the lookout for Mic Burglar to jump off stage to steal a dance with you besides trying to nab your juicy two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese on a sesame seed bun. There were moments during this opening performance when the ears might be dazzled by the lightning fast riffs to rockin’ to the Hamburglars’ Robble-A-Go Go before their homage to AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds during the song Done With Cheese. If you’re lucky, they just might let you play in Ronald’s Playland, blogspot readers. For a “robble robble”good time with Hamburglars at their next cheeseburger-lovin show near you, visit http://www.hamburlgars.com.

“...are you ready to trip on balls?...”

SouthSide highly recommends checking out this band live in person because it was TOO incredible ...TOO tripped out ...and WAY beyond the norm of being ordinary. For the first time, blogspot readers, this reviewer found a whacked out concept that not only works within its own little weirdness but it was also she had never seen before to which there won’t be many spoilers in this review. Hence her recommendation in seeing this one-man band (and his robots) live at their next scheduled performance. Captured! By Robots (from CA) isn’t the first band to pique her immediate interest for a review or have a gimmick / concept for its live rock performance yet it’s the first band she has ever reviewed that mainly features animatronics rockin most of the band instruments with a human on vocals and guitar. Strange and unbelievable as this may sound, blogspot readers, Captured! will definitely capture your imagination as well as your mental stability while “tripping balls”. Don’t even try to fight the last part of the previous statement ...trust SouthSide because you will be “tripping balls” throughout the entire performance. After opening with a video statement (something about tripping balls), you shall be greeted with a costumed guy riding a motorized dildo unicorn while playing the tune When The Saints Go Marching In on trumpet. That’s when you know you have arrived and now can begin tripping balls. Before, this reviewer forgets, the lone human of Captured! By Robots would like you to know that he’s a douchebag (his words when standing beside her ...first time this reviewer has been spied upon) and all lobes and sides of the brain will be nonfunctioning for about hour or so as you’re dazzled by the montage of video images on the screen and robotic music performance rockin’ the stage. Tripping balls does require that you toss your senses out the door and trip out to the psychedelic punk rock sound in between the randomly crazed images running in sync with the music. It was a TOTAL freak out of the robotic kind as the band performs songs like In The Maze, Baby Po Po (a song about a baby possum) and I Hate You. During his “Milwaukee” performance (don’t ask, blogspot readers, for some reason he thought he was in Milwaukee, WI all night), one lucky woman got to be rammed by the dildo unicorn in front of the crowd while the band performed the theme song for this act. “...I see things you only dream about...” to quote the lone (costumed) human behind Captured! By Robots ...and yes, you will too when tripping balls during this strange yet fun performance. For more information about Captured! By Robots, visit http://www.capturedbyrobots.com.
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