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27 Apr 13 - Nocturna

They come out at night ...that’s when these fashionable vampires party especially til dawn at the monthly Nocturna meeting, blogspot readers. SouthSide highly recommends attending the next one happening in May at Bottom Lounge (more details on date when it comes) if you want to be seen and/or dance to the requested playlist of classic and modern music featuring industrial and post industrial to shoegaze and more. Hosted by the fabulous DJ Scary Lady Sarah for nearly 25 years, this monthly event gathers cross-generational spectrum of partygoers from all walks of life under the space cadet glow while she spins from the stage. It’s a fantastic way to hang out with likeminded people as well as meet new friends free from any social competition. Yet, tonight’s Nocturna meeting was a little special for this reviewer – she was officially celebrating her 44th birthday.
One of the main things this reviewer enjoys about Nocturna is that you don’t have to outdo the next person while in your punk, military, steampunk or whatever the creative mind desires, blogspot readers. Personally, this is your night to strut the style that’s designed and fitted to you as well as your personality. For example, SouthSide went for her classic boyish look in her tuxedo t-shirt (from The Alley) ...perhaps for the next one or the 25th anniversary one, she’ll wear something different. Here, while people watching (a favorite past time amongst some of the Nocturna attendees), you can also draw inspiration from what the others are wearing. What’s popular? Well, the color black and leather seems to be the popular trend (even in summer) but also the 50s look ...the military and of course, the post industrial and punk were present. No matter the fashion that was represented tonight, there was plenty of creativity rockin’ the dance floor.
Speaking of dancing, blogspot readers ...there’s NO dance competition! Trust, SouthSide on this fact. Seriously, everyone here in attendance does their own thing on the main floor. Whatever or however the song moves you to move – that seems to be the basic rule amongst the Nocturna regulars. You have plenty of space on the main floor to show off your fancy footwork, blogspot readers. There was a couple doing an tango during one song while one woman was seductively enchanting a few with her belly dancing. As this reviewer noted earlier, the songs aren’t personally picked by DJ Scary Lady Sarah but by Nocturna attendees. Here’s a tiny sample of the songs recently featured on Saturday night – The Cure’s Fascination Street, Zola Jesus’ Vessel, Nine Inch Nails’ Wish, Duran Duran’s Planet Earth, Project Pitchfork’s The Longing, New Crayon’s Pitch Black ...even Psy’s latest Gentlemen was requested. And don’t think SouthSide spent her entire evening reviewing the fun. Oh no, she was out there with the others dancing too. But do take a break and enjoy the sweet candy from the cauldron (located near Sarah’s booth) to replenish you sugar level.
Besides the music, dancing and hanging with your friends, Nocturna’s also about supporting local artisans and vendors, blogspot readers. Tonight’s special focus was on Paul Stefanik representing Phantasm Interiors ( – a home decorating design business for those who want that “Everyday is Halloween” feel and decor or something vintage to your personal taste; and the other was Dreaded Jenocide ( – “...the place for lovely spooky things...”. This reviewer highly suggests checking out the fashionable hair accessories (hair clips, bows and handmade wig pieces) to leather skirts, ear bobbles and much, much more. All pieces displayed Saturday night were reasonably priced for purchase.
Stay tuned to this blog for details of when the next Nocturna meeting will be held at Bottom Lounge. However, please make plans to attend the 25th anniversary Nocturna party happening Saturday June 22 at Metro’s 18+ to enter / 21+ to drink / $10 entry fee.
Also every Wednesday night at the Smarbar (located in the underbelly of Metro), there’s another dance event but geared for the 21+ crowd (sorry, kiddies) that starts at 10p known as Machina. This free event features a crew of rotating DJs (like Scary Lady Sarah – 1st Wednesdays only, Greg Corner and Trancid on May 8, and DJ Psycho Bitch Teri Bristol on May 15) spinning the best from the 80s and 90s of new wave, industrial, classic house and techno until 4a! SouthSide will be there Wednesday to review the happenings at this mid-week party just for you, blogspot readers.
Until next time, support your local scene,

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