Friday, August 3, 2018

28 Jul 18 - Lockdown Block Party

"Stay calm and metal on..."

Hey, blogspot readers, time to enjoy good music, hang out with great friends, eat delicious food, drink beer and just have a great time on a
gorgeous Saturday afternoon! Today's adventure took SouthSide to her neighborhood dive bar - Lockdown Bar & Grill for its annual "All Day Family Friendly Metal" Block Party. This event was raising money for nearby Clemente High School's Art and Music program. However, this wasn't your ordinary block party ...not with PJ inviting very special guests to rock until duck as well as inside the bar. It was a kid-friendly and dog-friendly affair, blogspot readers.

The lineup of the day featured local acts like We Killed The Lion, A Birdsong Valentine (yes, they came out of  "retirement" to wow the audience with the infamous belly-busting screams), NOLA, Everything Must Die, Speedfreak (definitely one band SouthSide recommends checking out for its wild and crazy stage performance ...she was blown away), Killmister (Motorhead fans should check out this cover band ...lots of head banging thunder rhythms), PJ's Band (PJ and gang rockin to blues to Motorhead and more), Black Actress and Judas Rising. Oh yeah, this was SouthSide's kind of speed as well as show...

We Killed The Lion

A Birdsong Valentine


PJ's Band 


Until next time, support your local scene,