Tuesday, February 28, 2012

23 Feb 12

Happy Birthday, Kelsey...

"...tonight, we are young / so let's set the world on fire..."

Hey, blogspot readers, no threat of snow or wind can stop this reviewer from rockin' her weekend fun. SouthSide kicked off a long three-day weekend of local events with a two-night stay at her home away from home - Elbo Room. Tonight, she was there to celebrate a special birthday with good friend, Kelsey Montanez (who recently turned 21) as she covered both floors of this popular venue.

Upstairs, the audience was delighted to the soulfully dynamic yet sultry vocal styling by singer/songwriter, Bridget Lyons amidst an organic acoustic sound and feel. SouthSide enjoyed the lively mix of music genres incorporated throughout this set in which complimented the way Bridget would pop the lyrics to life underneath a fiery sound. She popped the upstairs with such fiestiness and powress in her voice that you were meade to feel each what she's feeling when writing a particular song. The music itself lent its own "voice" (besides Bridget's equally dynamic backing vocalist) to her songs that at times, the rhythms could be gentle like a lullaby as well as fiery temptress within the fervor of the guitar riffs. The percussion rhythms off the congo drum did add sparks of energizing momentum (and some Latin flavor) to truly liven up the stage, blogspot readers. Each of Bridget's songs were performed passionately yet staying within the poetic range of the words which spoke to the soul especially when the group added some blues and country to the mix. Though not liking the lull between songs, this reviewer was definitely fired up to hear more from this artist and the band backing her. And as special treat for the honored birthday girl, Bridget and band performed an extra special birthday song for Kelsey which fit the mood and general theme of the night.

ER 1

Meanwhile downstairs, Erica Iozzo and her band were totally rockin' the basement main stage with their lively performance before good friend Kona Villamill of Trainwreck Symphony acoustically performed on stage. SouthSide has seen the entire band, Trainwreck Symphony, amplied and rockin' hard on stages around town however this was the first time to hear the same TWS songs under an acoustic vibe. And guess what, blogspot readers? The songs translated very well under an acoustic guitar sound yet more powerfully intense by the emotions attached to the words in which this reviewer had never felt before when they (the songs) were amplied. It was amazing how Kona under this intense vibe and setting would become more bodily animated ...expressive while on stage mesmerizing the audience with his performance whenever he felt the "spirit" of the song moving him. Each TWS song performed amidst the acoustic sound took on a whole new meaning and definition that wonderfully complimented Kona's dynamic falsetto tone espcially when performing a touching song dedicated to his sister. SouthSide immediately felt the love and concern he has for her ...advising that she never change and to stay true to herself. Another highlight of the night came when he performed sololy on stage covering The Backstreet Boys' Bye Bye Bye - loved how he took the original pop vibe and brought it down to a more personal level truly popping the words behinds the lyrics with his voice. Closing out this set, Kona paid tribute to a dear friend who was killed by a train while trying save another from committing suicide with his version of Hallelujah ...the most moving version SouthSide has ever heard, blogspot readers. This reviewer highly recommedns catching Trainwreck Symphony this Friday at House of Blues (in Chicago) on March 2nd.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

March 2012

Hey, blogspot readers, spring's in the air with partying green leprechauns throughout this rockin' month of March! SouthSide has plenty of exciting events/shows happening around Chicago and elsewhere this month and highly recommends attending one or few.

March 1 @ Reggie's Rock Club
Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols & Rich Kids) and Hugh Cornwell (of The Stranglers) will be rockin' the stage with their semi-punk hits with Blondie's Clem Burke on drums. SouthSide's friend, The Handcuffs, will be opening,
17+ show / $16 adv / $20 day of show

March 2 @ Double Door
Get Lit! Launch Party and Reading - it's a FREE 21 and older show
Doors at 6p

@ Red Line Tap
Good friend, Trip Effect will be rockin' the stage there.

@ Metro
Nocturna returns to Metro with Carnivale fun and fashion show at midnight (DJ Scary LadySarah says "DO NOT be late for that") ...dressing your finest Goth/steampunk/punk/etc is advisable.
18 and older / $10 / 10p

March 3 @ SubT
Windy City Winter Ball will feature Briar Rabbit on stage.

@ Double Door
Friend Esh along with Natalie Oliveri will be opening for Jerome Holloway.
21 and older / $8 / 9p

@ Ultra Lounge
Friends Panther Style and Wally Dogger will be rockin' the venue with Dead On TV and Fathom Blue.
$5 cover

March 6 @ Murphy's Bleachers
SouthSide will be part of a video shoot with good friend Nate Zaremba for his song, Lake to Moon.

March 8 @ Reggie's Rock Club
Jefferson Starship (Jefferson Airplane to most of us) will be landing in Chicago to rock the stage with such memorable hits like Jane, White Rabbit, Somebody To Love, Miracles and more. The Luck of Eden Hall will be opening this ALL AGES show.

March 9 @ Martyrs'
Terrible Spaceship crash lands there to rock the stage plus watch the debut of the vintage sci-fi classic Zontar: The Thing from Venus!

@ Mayne Stage
Las Guitarras de Espana (The Guitars of Spain) will be performing as part of Surabhi: A Melting Pot of Music event.

@ Cobra Lounge
Unholy Empire featuring Cause For Revelation (from Milwaukee), Mara and more will take over the venue and stage.

@ Double Door
Lez Zeppelin along with The Mag 7 and Young Distractions will be rockin' the stage at this 21 and older show.

@ Reggie's Rock Club
Longtime friend Andreas Kapsalis and Goran Inanovic Guitar duo will be opening for Snarky Puppy at this 17 and older show
$10 adv / $15 day of show

March 10 @ Hideout
It's an early afternoon show featuring good friend Paper Thick Walls at their SXSW kick off party!

@ Live Wire
Join friend (and crazed "stalker") Ryan Reilly and other musicians for Raqa n Roll which will feature burlesque (by Cruel Valentine) to bellydancing and fire eating/glass walking for the following three dates March 10, 17 and 24.
No cover HOWEVER donations are welcome.
21 and older

March 11
Turn your clocks ONE HOUR AHEAD

@ Darkroom
Good friend from Boston, MA - Grownup Noise will be returning to Chicago as part of their SXSW tour schedule.

March 13 @ NYU Skirball Center
Intelligence Squared US Debates poses this month's motion: China Does Capitalism Better Than America. Speaking FOR the motion will be Orville Schell and Peter Schiff meanwhile speaking AGAINST the motion will be Ian Bremmer and Mihxin Pei.
Visit http://www.iq2us.org for more information and tickets.

March 15 @ Double Door
Friend Skinwalker will be headlining the stage with other friends Denial Machine and Losing Scarlet plus El Diablo joins the lineup during this 21 and older $1 show.

March 16 @ Fearless Radio
Friend Beneath The Stares will be rockin' the airwaves during their live interview between 5p and 6p. Listen online at http://www.fearlessradio.com

@ Township (formerly known as Panchos)
SouthSide's friend Welcome To Ashley will be rockin' the stage there.

@ Elbo Room
New friend We Killed The Lion will be rockin' the stage

March 17 @ Elbo Room
SouthSide gets a wee bit Irish during this St. Patrick's Day celebration.

March 22 @ Nite Cap
It's the official kick off party for Indie Horror Film Fest 2012! There's NO COVER for this event however it's 21 and older (sorry, kids). Hosted by Mr. Willy and DJ David Bates will be spinning.

March 23 @ Nite Cap
Horror Is Dead, First Jason, and Something Beautiful will be rockin' the stage.
21 and older / $8

@ Portage Theatre
It's the 2012 Indie Horror Film Fest and it's hosted by Kitsie Duncan. Visit http://www.indiehorrorfest.com or http://www.spookshowentertainment.com for more information.

March 24 @ Nite Cap
Friend Sinister Fate will be rockin' the stage with Saence and Thorn Flesh at this 21 and older show
$8 cover

@ The Hideout
Jonas Friddle and The Majority rocks the stage.

SouthSide will be rockin' this year's Klas Rockfest in Cicero (at Klas Restaurant) with her friends Beneath The Stares and Bloodstream Parade. The event is ALL AGES however you must be (with proof of ID) 21 and older to drink - DJ Defin 666 will be at the bar!

Also this event is hosting a food drive for THE GREATER CHICAGO FOOD DEPOSITORY.

$5 admission with a food donation to the Greater Chicago Food Depository
$8 without a donation*

visit http://www.waterlifemusic.com for more information.

*Food you can donate: Whole Grain Cereal, Rice, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Mac and Cheese, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Beans, Canned Meat, Stew, Soup, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruit

March 25 @ Live Wire
Vicarious (Tool tribute band) and Catalyst will be rockin' the stage to close out this year's Indie Horror Film Fest.
$7 cover

March 28 @ Lincoln Hall
Fanfarlo will be rockin' the stage there.

March 29 @ Reggie's Rock Club
Peter and The Test Tube Babies will be performing their ONLY Midwest show! Friends The Cenobites and Modern Day Rippers along with I Love Rich and Kobanes will open.
21 and older show / $15 adv / $20 day of show / 7p

March 30 @ Ultra Lounge
Friend Telepaths will be performing on stage

@ The Painted Door (1505 W Chicago Av)
Kmang Kmang will be performing tracks off debut EP "Drifting". According to the artist's press release, the music contains "...songs without words mixed with Flamenco guitar, Indie Rock and Cambodian roots..." It's ALL AGES with a $10 suggested donation.
Hopefully, SouthSide is able to cover this show as well.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

17 Feb 12

"...Is this real life?" ~ a poster sign in the crowd

Midnight Conspiracy3

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' a Friday night dance/dubstep party! Tonight, she's deep in Wrigleyville at Metro for an extra special show featuring her friend, Midnight Conspiracy during Dead Fame Bass event. This 18 and older show featured dance/dubstep/remix DJ sets by other artists on the lineup including Cenob1te, Ruckus and Enoptix until wee hours of the morning.

When this reviewer arrived, the main floor of Metro was already filling up with party people ...some dressed in their finest costumed attire for the occasion from the anime to J/K pop wear and glow sticks. All night long the main floor was in a constant state of motion while on stage with the DJs were hoop girls showing off their best hula hoop tricks and dancers underneath the neon glow of the dazzling lights. Openers like White Muhammad had this crowd groovin' to the lively yet downtempoed dubstep of old school reggae/ska remixes with a bit of techno inserted into the rhythms. This particular DJ had the entire venue under his infectious beats especially when rockin' the stage with "I Guess I Got My Swagger Back" track, a hardcore dubstep rhythms within the robotic tone. DJ Enoptix continued where White Muhammad ended who kept this crowd hopping and more the electronica sound thus turning the scene into one wild chaotic spontaneous frenzy of clubsters. SouthSide enjoyed the techno mixed with a haunting Goth sound that was very energizing at time ...very a excitable in momentum as Enoptix wowed the fans with a couple of new tracks and originals.


SouthSide's friend, Midnight Conspiracy has their "eye" on you, blogspot readers. This gigantic "eye" (actually a DJ booth for the duo) has LCD lights pulsating to the music as well as a laser lights thus adding to the already dazzling effects within Metro. Though the balcony was the best (and safest) place to view the "eye" and its special effects, the main floor of Metro seemed to be the perfect place to bask amongst the excitement and frenzy of the crowd now that club atmosphere was on full blast. There were body surfers (Midnight Conspiracy DJs included) floating around the crowd though against the rules. Besides, body surfing, there was also brief periods of moshing and slam dancing on the main floor. Yet, how can one contain such energy felt as well as heard from the music when each Midnight track pumped more excitable momentum keeping everyone captive within the nonstop motion of dancing? The crowd really felt the dazzling light effects when Midnight Conspiracy performed both The Eye and remix version (of the song) ...and boy, did SouthSide feel the earth move during the uncontrollable wildness around her. It was insane inside the music membrane, blogspot readers. This had to be one of the wildest shows seen so far in her reviewing career.


Overall, SouthSide sees Midnight Conspiracy and the "Eye" becoming a huge hit with their legion of fans. Tonight as she watched the crowd's reaction to each track performed, it was a clear indication that this new project was a definite success and will be quite popular throughout 2012, blogspot readers. SouthSide highly recommends catching Midnight Conspiracy's next scheduled performance that features the "Eye". Prepared to be amazed while vibin underneath their space cadet glow all night long. Visit http://www.midnight-conspiracy.com for more information.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

11 Feb 12

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide knows an event where one can dance to retro tracks by Ministry and The Cure to current music like Grimes and Ladytron under one roof. For over 23 years, good friend DJ Scary Lady Sarah had kept Chicago's underground Goth/Punk/Steampunk/etc scene alive and fashionably well by hosting a monthly Nocturna. Yet, Nocturna is more than just any ordinary local event ...it's a party ...congregation of like-minded individuals of all ages (18 and older), genders, race and backgrounds mingling and having fun until early dawn. Recently this reviewer took a semi-break from reviewing to join her fellow festive Nocturna group members at Bottom Lounge for a pre-Valentine's New Love & Broken Hearts event.

And what a grand event it was, blogspot readers. Under the dancing neon glow, DJ Scary Lady Sarah and her crew decorated the Bottom Lounge within the holiday theme to set the atmosphere while the carefully chosen tracks for the night (some requested) wonderfully provided the Nocturna mood of love. Adding to the fun, the cool photographers of Glitter Guts were on hand to capture everyone's fashionable red carpet moment with free pictures. Plus there were delectable vegan chocolate treats (homemade) by Lady Sarah ...before you say "ew, yuck", blogspor readers - SouthSide was daring enough to try the candy treats and found them to be a little sweeter yet very delicious. Tasted way better the chocolates she got on Valentine's Day. Also partygoers were able to peruse and try out the lovely selection of masks as well as buy Valentine's (for that special someone) mirrors and more created by local craftsman Eliza Stockfish. This reviewer hopes to add a couple of her mask creations soon to her collection.

Upon SouthSide's arrival, Nocturna was already in full swing however the real fun didn't truly start until close to the bewitching hour. The dance floor was always in a constant state of motion from the enchanting yet cat-like moves by the mysterious phantom to couples and individuals displaying their unique dancing skills to each selected track. Even Lady Sarah took a quick break from the booth to dance with the crowd ...so did SouthSide from time to time throughout the night. There were no wrong or right way to dance, blogspot readers. Simply move as the rhythmic tone and beat affected you to move whether it was to The Crux Shadows' Marliyn, My Bitterness ...or Depeche Mode's I Want It All (the roland remix version) ...or Eisenfunk's Conquer. With the right song and/or genre, the dance floor was the life and soul of Nocturna fun especially when Soft Cell's Tainted Love was played. Can't have a Valentine's dance without that infamous "love" song. And to honor the memory of Whitney Houston, Lady Sarah rocked the party by featuring the deceased artist's break out hit - How Will I Know as part of the night's music linuep.

If dancing isn't your cup of tea, blogspot readers, you can do major people watching during your stay at Nocturna. This reviewer, between resting from the dance floor, spent some time meeting her Facebook followers and blogspot readers as well as observing the costumed world around her. Nocturna may project an Euro club/dance atmosphere yet to truly experience it one should "dress" up in their Goth/military/steampunk/punk/etc finest. SouthSide observed many of the retro punk with colorful mohawks to Villainized wear (Mr. Agitator and Fallon Flynn of V Is For Villains) as well as military and industrial. Plus many like this reviewer creating their own style to add into the Nocturna mix. Somewhere lurking amongst us was Ceila Sin - a haunting ghostly figure who necromances and necrotizes everyone ...everywhere with her kiss.

SouthSide highly recommends NOT missing the next Nocturna event which will take place at Metro on Friday 2 March - it's Carnivale fashion and fun from 10p to 4a. SouthSide plans on making another Nocturna appearance ...maybe she's pass out her stash of authentic Mardi Gras beads to partygoers. ALSO: Friday 17 February at Lucky Number (1931 N. Milwaukee - upstairs) from 9p to 2a, it's Back To The Grave - all deathpunk/goth/post punk! The Pirate Twins (Scary Lady Sarah and William Faith) and Dirt Nap will be spinning your favorites. 18 and older - $8. Want more? Then return to Lucky Number on Saturday 25 February for Noctronica - a sister version of Nocturna where along with Scary Lady Sarah - Jessie, Carlos, Sarah B., Alpha-Omega will be spinning current and future to electro and noise and more from 10p to 3a. 18 and older $7.

Also happening on February 25 - The 1901 Gallery/Theatre (located on Belmont and Wolcott) presents Sleepier Cinema "The Wicked Winter Edition". For 12 straight hours (8p til 8a), the 1901 will be showing rarely viewed horror flicks and rarities like "Spider Baby" (shown at 10p) and "Andy Warhol's Blood For Dracula" (shown at 1:30a). The event is BYOB with a $5 entry fee. Also return on Sunday 4 March for the next craft fair and say "hi" to SouthSide's new friend, Eliza, while there. For more details about these two events, visit http:///www.the1901.com.

Until next time, support your local scene,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

08 Feb 12

Hey, blogspt readers, SouthSide highly recommends checking out what's new and rockin' lately at Lakeview's popular bar - Elbo Room. This venue (SouthSide's home away from home) besides featuring hot local/indie acts and acoustic singer/songwriter shows now has special midnight movie showings, admission prices and daily drink deals that won't break your wallet. Included with your FREE admission after midnight, watch a nighly movie theme ...for example on Sundays, it's Kung Fu while on Thursdays, it's Westerns. Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for live concert footage on the big screen upstairs. Or join the hip party/club crowd downstairs to dance to the latest DJ remixes from midnight until closing (on Fridays and Saturdays only). Daily drink deals include $1 SH!T cans every Monday night to Friday/Saturday specials like $5 Sailor Jerry Rum drinks, $4 Tallboys and beer of the month, $3 Miller Highlife and Jameson shots. Plus as another added bonus, every night there's half off admission cover into Elbo Room before 9p. Must be 21 and older to enter Elbo Room and drink.

On this particular night, blogspot readers, SouthSide attended the Local Music Showcase held every Wednesday at Elbo Room. Hosted by good friend, Matthew Alfano (of Mason's Case), this FREE "open mic" type of show allows artists/bands to mingle and network with each other as well as jam on stage. Plus it gives music lovers and fans to hear a tiny sample of what's rockin' the local scene here in Chicago. After the host rocked the stage with some classic Radiohead and his originals, singer/songwriter Peter opened tonight's lineup with a few songs wrapped inside a vibrant acoustic sound and Tom Petty like vibe in his voice. This reviewer enjoyed hearing the strong voice powress of emotional angst heard during the song Art of Being meanwhile wowing the ears again with a rousing dream-like lyrical prose found in Evening Sun. Fans can find more Peter with his other project, Audio Aura band.

The duo Neverwhere (Kristen on electric/vocals and Steve on drums) rocked the stage with an intense punk/rock guitar style (mostly off the electric) in which the energizing sound that complimented Kristen's raspy/pop voice. Opening their set to the song, The Struggle, this local band popped vibrantly amidst thundering rhythms drawing out more hardcore guitar rock sound especially during Hide-n-Seek though it was a bit subdue but still vocally fierce. For more Neverwhere, blogspot readers shouldhead to Idle Hour Lounge (located 8501 W Grand in River Grove) on March 2nd. It's a FREE 21 and older show. Then it was time to groove to the rhythmic sounds of lyrical hiphop/rap fused to a lively mix of R&B/soul/rock by Party At The Moon Tower. This reviewer enjoyed 99.99% of this rockin' band however .01% (coming from Party's female lead vocalist) didn't appeal to the ears. She was putting too much effort into being a soulfully dynamic vocalist that her pitch wasn't complimenting and/or in tune with her male counterpart (Party's MC) during the chorus of the band's opening song. Yet on the other hand, she did display some lyrical verse skills during the song Night School Booty or during a bluesy tone in which she allowed her natural falsetto shine without overworking the voice.

Rounding out SouthSide's visit to this Local Music showcase was the blues fusion of Brody (on acoustic guitar) and good friend Leonard (of We Killed The Lion) accompanying him on drums. This reviewer liked the raspy blues voice amidst this artist's energizing acoustic sound that was vibrantly passionate within an upbeat tempo as heard in the opening song. Even while in a downtempo rhythm, this singer/songwriter's deep falsetto vocals were emotionally filled with tenderness off the lyrics though had some difficulty hearing him sing because he was rockin' to the beat on the stool. Yet the mini jam session at the end of Brody's set (featuring Peter and bassist of Party At The Moon Tower) rocked the stage until the last riff had died. You certainly don't know what will happen during the next Local Music showcase at Elbo Room, blogspot readers. Come out and support local music - it's alive and well ...rockin' every Wednesday from 8p to 1a - it's a FREE show!

For more information, visit http://www.elboroomlive.com.

***Attention band/artists - contact SouthSide's good friend, Brian Bender (sound guy, member of The Hot Sauce Committee and more), talent booker of Elbo Room to perform during a feature genre night (ie Americana/Bluegrass/Country, indie/folk, DJ). Send your electronic press kit to BRIAN@elboroomlive.com.***

Until next time, support your local scene,

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

07 Feb 12

The Claudettes_1

"...On guest list? $5.00 Fee..."

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' at a Blockbuster near you! Yes, it was family fun night at the Wicker Park location with that mysterious bar and house band known as The Claudettes. Somehow, the unseen bar owner was able to convince the manager and staff to host an hour show at their Blockbuster store. SouthSide was told Claudette has her ways as she struggles to regain her license. However this is time since it was a kid friendly show, they couldn't sell the best tasting Buds in town but had to settle on selling soda, snacks and of course Blockbuster movies besides the t-shirts and CDs available at cheap, low prices. According to Claudette's text message to bar girl, Lizbeth, they could sell soy milk and milk shots next them do a family show.

Jamming near the Blue Carpet Releases section, Ig (on piano) and Mike (on drums) entertained the audience as well as the curious customers inside the store with lively jazz/swing tunes. SouthSide's daughter, Sunday (not her real name) liked the fast furious piano playing and the improvision on the drum rhythms which brings out the danceable feel song after song. Though not wanting to dance, she liked the hot jazz music especially when upping the tempo for more a swing sound than jazz. Even while taking the rhythm and tempo down a bit, the rockin' duo still kept the lively pulse going throughout one particular song despite its shortness before moving quickly into a fast-paced tune. And always, Claudette was watching what was going on throughout the show, blogspot readers. She noticed Ig needed to smile more ...poor Mike was docked pay because he had the wrong shoes on. She's like Big Brother - she has a snitch amongst the audience and it was not SouthSide.

The Claudettes_2

Be on the lookout, blogspot readers, The Claudettes will be appearing somewhere around town again. Who knows - they might appear at your local grocery store or K-mart near you!

Until next time, support your local scene,

Calendar Update - Feb / Mar 2012

Hey, blogspot readers, please take notice of these two upcoming events happening soon.

Gents, let SouthSide tell you a secret - ladies get tired of the same old V-Day (Valentine's Day) gift - card, box of chocolates, lingerie, flowers, and the boring dinner. Why not getting that special gift from the latest Urban Folk Circuit marketplace for something that's homemade ...and most importantly SEXY! Come celebrate love and lust at Clark and Belmont as they occupy the empty store front adjoining Architectural Revolution on Sunday, February 12 from noon-5 p.m. Besides music performances by acoustic musicians Lydia Landor and Jonathan Houghton, also enjoy the burlesque performance by Chicago sensation Titty Perkins (she puts on awesome tantilizing show!) - to put you the mood for love. All this and more - for the amazing admission price - FREE!

Visit http://www.urbanfolkcircuit.com for more information.

If you like the roar of Monster trucks and country music, then this upcoming event is the one for you, blogspot readers. Snag your tickets NOW for the E3 Spark Plugs Monster Truck Nationals featuring the Toolpusher Records' artist Jason Sturgeon on March 9th and 10th at The Sears Centre Arena (located in Hoffman Estates). According to the press release this E3 Spark Plugs Monster Truck Nationals presented by Lucas Oil, will feature "...six, 10,000+ pound top Monster Trucks in side-by-side drags, wheelie competition and axle-wrenching freestyles including BIGFOOT vs. BIGFOOT, TRANSAURUS, the car crushing, fire breathing dinosaur, the brand new cow truck BIGFOOT BESSIE, the World’s Youngest Monster Truck Drivers, (including 8-year old “Kid KJ”, 6-year old Jake and 14-year old “Cassie”) and a chance for fans to get up close and personal with both the trucks and drivers!" Cool is that? Jason Sturgeon will be performing both days as well as the fan-favorite FREE Pit Party and Driver Autograph Session in which happens 2 hours prior to each show, where the monster truck drivers will meet the fans, pose for photos and show off their incredible machines up-close (Pit Pass only valid with the purchase of an event ticket).

Start time 7:30p Friday & Saturday

Tickets start as low as $15 in advance and are on sale now at The Sears Centre Arena KIA Motors box office or charge by phone at 1-888-SEARSTIX or online at http://www.searscentre.com or http://www.MonsterNationals.com

Until next time, support your local scene,