Wednesday, February 8, 2012

07 Feb 12

The Claudettes_1

"...On guest list? $5.00 Fee..."

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' at a Blockbuster near you! Yes, it was family fun night at the Wicker Park location with that mysterious bar and house band known as The Claudettes. Somehow, the unseen bar owner was able to convince the manager and staff to host an hour show at their Blockbuster store. SouthSide was told Claudette has her ways as she struggles to regain her license. However this is time since it was a kid friendly show, they couldn't sell the best tasting Buds in town but had to settle on selling soda, snacks and of course Blockbuster movies besides the t-shirts and CDs available at cheap, low prices. According to Claudette's text message to bar girl, Lizbeth, they could sell soy milk and milk shots next them do a family show.

Jamming near the Blue Carpet Releases section, Ig (on piano) and Mike (on drums) entertained the audience as well as the curious customers inside the store with lively jazz/swing tunes. SouthSide's daughter, Sunday (not her real name) liked the fast furious piano playing and the improvision on the drum rhythms which brings out the danceable feel song after song. Though not wanting to dance, she liked the hot jazz music especially when upping the tempo for more a swing sound than jazz. Even while taking the rhythm and tempo down a bit, the rockin' duo still kept the lively pulse going throughout one particular song despite its shortness before moving quickly into a fast-paced tune. And always, Claudette was watching what was going on throughout the show, blogspot readers. She noticed Ig needed to smile more ...poor Mike was docked pay because he had the wrong shoes on. She's like Big Brother - she has a snitch amongst the audience and it was not SouthSide.

The Claudettes_2

Be on the lookout, blogspot readers, The Claudettes will be appearing somewhere around town again. Who knows - they might appear at your local grocery store or K-mart near you!

Until next time, support your local scene,

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