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11 Feb 12

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide knows an event where one can dance to retro tracks by Ministry and The Cure to current music like Grimes and Ladytron under one roof. For over 23 years, good friend DJ Scary Lady Sarah had kept Chicago's underground Goth/Punk/Steampunk/etc scene alive and fashionably well by hosting a monthly Nocturna. Yet, Nocturna is more than just any ordinary local event's a party ...congregation of like-minded individuals of all ages (18 and older), genders, race and backgrounds mingling and having fun until early dawn. Recently this reviewer took a semi-break from reviewing to join her fellow festive Nocturna group members at Bottom Lounge for a pre-Valentine's New Love & Broken Hearts event.

And what a grand event it was, blogspot readers. Under the dancing neon glow, DJ Scary Lady Sarah and her crew decorated the Bottom Lounge within the holiday theme to set the atmosphere while the carefully chosen tracks for the night (some requested) wonderfully provided the Nocturna mood of love. Adding to the fun, the cool photographers of Glitter Guts were on hand to capture everyone's fashionable red carpet moment with free pictures. Plus there were delectable vegan chocolate treats (homemade) by Lady Sarah ...before you say "ew, yuck", blogspor readers - SouthSide was daring enough to try the candy treats and found them to be a little sweeter yet very delicious. Tasted way better the chocolates she got on Valentine's Day. Also partygoers were able to peruse and try out the lovely selection of masks as well as buy Valentine's (for that special someone) mirrors and more created by local craftsman Eliza Stockfish. This reviewer hopes to add a couple of her mask creations soon to her collection.

Upon SouthSide's arrival, Nocturna was already in full swing however the real fun didn't truly start until close to the bewitching hour. The dance floor was always in a constant state of motion from the enchanting yet cat-like moves by the mysterious phantom to couples and individuals displaying their unique dancing skills to each selected track. Even Lady Sarah took a quick break from the booth to dance with the crowd did SouthSide from time to time throughout the night. There were no wrong or right way to dance, blogspot readers. Simply move as the rhythmic tone and beat affected you to move whether it was to The Crux Shadows' Marliyn, My Bitterness ...or Depeche Mode's I Want It All (the roland remix version) ...or Eisenfunk's Conquer. With the right song and/or genre, the dance floor was the life and soul of Nocturna fun especially when Soft Cell's Tainted Love was played. Can't have a Valentine's dance without that infamous "love" song. And to honor the memory of Whitney Houston, Lady Sarah rocked the party by featuring the deceased artist's break out hit - How Will I Know as part of the night's music linuep.

If dancing isn't your cup of tea, blogspot readers, you can do major people watching during your stay at Nocturna. This reviewer, between resting from the dance floor, spent some time meeting her Facebook followers and blogspot readers as well as observing the costumed world around her. Nocturna may project an Euro club/dance atmosphere yet to truly experience it one should "dress" up in their Goth/military/steampunk/punk/etc finest. SouthSide observed many of the retro punk with colorful mohawks to Villainized wear (Mr. Agitator and Fallon Flynn of V Is For Villains) as well as military and industrial. Plus many like this reviewer creating their own style to add into the Nocturna mix. Somewhere lurking amongst us was Ceila Sin - a haunting ghostly figure who necromances and necrotizes everyone ...everywhere with her kiss.

SouthSide highly recommends NOT missing the next Nocturna event which will take place at Metro on Friday 2 March - it's Carnivale fashion and fun from 10p to 4a. SouthSide plans on making another Nocturna appearance ...maybe she's pass out her stash of authentic Mardi Gras beads to partygoers. ALSO: Friday 17 February at Lucky Number (1931 N. Milwaukee - upstairs) from 9p to 2a, it's Back To The Grave - all deathpunk/goth/post punk! The Pirate Twins (Scary Lady Sarah and William Faith) and Dirt Nap will be spinning your favorites. 18 and older - $8. Want more? Then return to Lucky Number on Saturday 25 February for Noctronica - a sister version of Nocturna where along with Scary Lady Sarah - Jessie, Carlos, Sarah B., Alpha-Omega will be spinning current and future to electro and noise and more from 10p to 3a. 18 and older $7.

Also happening on February 25 - The 1901 Gallery/Theatre (located on Belmont and Wolcott) presents Sleepier Cinema "The Wicked Winter Edition". For 12 straight hours (8p til 8a), the 1901 will be showing rarely viewed horror flicks and rarities like "Spider Baby" (shown at 10p) and "Andy Warhol's Blood For Dracula" (shown at 1:30a). The event is BYOB with a $5 entry fee. Also return on Sunday 4 March for the next craft fair and say "hi" to SouthSide's new friend, Eliza, while there. For more details about these two events, visit http:///

Until next time, support your local scene,

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