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17 Feb 12

"...Is this real life?" ~ a poster sign in the crowd

Midnight Conspiracy3

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' a Friday night dance/dubstep party! Tonight, she's deep in Wrigleyville at Metro for an extra special show featuring her friend, Midnight Conspiracy during Dead Fame Bass event. This 18 and older show featured dance/dubstep/remix DJ sets by other artists on the lineup including Cenob1te, Ruckus and Enoptix until wee hours of the morning.

When this reviewer arrived, the main floor of Metro was already filling up with party people ...some dressed in their finest costumed attire for the occasion from the anime to J/K pop wear and glow sticks. All night long the main floor was in a constant state of motion while on stage with the DJs were hoop girls showing off their best hula hoop tricks and dancers underneath the neon glow of the dazzling lights. Openers like White Muhammad had this crowd groovin' to the lively yet downtempoed dubstep of old school reggae/ska remixes with a bit of techno inserted into the rhythms. This particular DJ had the entire venue under his infectious beats especially when rockin' the stage with "I Guess I Got My Swagger Back" track, a hardcore dubstep rhythms within the robotic tone. DJ Enoptix continued where White Muhammad ended who kept this crowd hopping and more the electronica sound thus turning the scene into one wild chaotic spontaneous frenzy of clubsters. SouthSide enjoyed the techno mixed with a haunting Goth sound that was very energizing at time ...very a excitable in momentum as Enoptix wowed the fans with a couple of new tracks and originals.


SouthSide's friend, Midnight Conspiracy has their "eye" on you, blogspot readers. This gigantic "eye" (actually a DJ booth for the duo) has LCD lights pulsating to the music as well as a laser lights thus adding to the already dazzling effects within Metro. Though the balcony was the best (and safest) place to view the "eye" and its special effects, the main floor of Metro seemed to be the perfect place to bask amongst the excitement and frenzy of the crowd now that club atmosphere was on full blast. There were body surfers (Midnight Conspiracy DJs included) floating around the crowd though against the rules. Besides, body surfing, there was also brief periods of moshing and slam dancing on the main floor. Yet, how can one contain such energy felt as well as heard from the music when each Midnight track pumped more excitable momentum keeping everyone captive within the nonstop motion of dancing? The crowd really felt the dazzling light effects when Midnight Conspiracy performed both The Eye and remix version (of the song) ...and boy, did SouthSide feel the earth move during the uncontrollable wildness around her. It was insane inside the music membrane, blogspot readers. This had to be one of the wildest shows seen so far in her reviewing career.


Overall, SouthSide sees Midnight Conspiracy and the "Eye" becoming a huge hit with their legion of fans. Tonight as she watched the crowd's reaction to each track performed, it was a clear indication that this new project was a definite success and will be quite popular throughout 2012, blogspot readers. SouthSide highly recommends catching Midnight Conspiracy's next scheduled performance that features the "Eye". Prepared to be amazed while vibin underneath their space cadet glow all night long. Visit http://www.midnight-conspiracy.com for more information.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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